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Colas Rail Colas Rail

International leader in rail infrastructures Passion, Purpose, Challenge : at Colas Rail, we are driven by change, this is why our employees imagine each day a world where innovative and eco-friendly contribute to the well-being of each and the future of all. Joining Colas Rail means evolving at the heart of the challenges of tomorrow, with an international leader present in more than 20 countries, alongside passionate and demanding women and men, to achieve, together, the impossible. Electrification, Projets et systèmes, Maintenance, Systèmes de sécurité, Equipements électromécaniques, Fret ferroviaire, Signalisation, and Tramways

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: entertainment

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Keran Keran

A global approach for sustainable development of our environment Keran is an independent group composed of four companies – Sce, Creocean, Groupe Huit and Naomis – with complementary expertise and unified by shared values and ambitions. This successful and innovative ambition started 30 years ago, with the wager to create a working synergy between urban planning, infrastructure, environment and digital technology. Expanding urban development, pressures on coastal zones, changes in rural areas create multiple and complex challenges: new mobility, resources preservation, risk management, energy transition, obsolete infrastructure… Keran has developed a truly unique panel of skills that enable public and …

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City cleantech greentech transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Alkante Alkante

[Automatic translation follows] 🚀 Passionately committed to serving digital technology 📍 Rennes, Saint-Malo, Brest ⚫⚪🟠 #opensource #solutionsnumériques The Alkante company specializes in the implementation of Information Systems and Geographic Information Systems. It offers consulting, engineering and training services in information and communication technologies. It provides its clients with tailor-made solutions for web projects (mobile, iPhone, Android), information systems (GED, ECM, etc.) and geographic information systems (GIS applications, geoportals, geolocation, etc.). .). An Operations Department is responsible for hosting the systems and all associated services (messaging, etc.).

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce IT Services Technologies: IoT

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MicroEJ MicroEJ

MicroEJ is bringing "software-defined everything" to IoT devices. Sustainable. Secure. Low-Footprint. Cost-Effective MicroEJ is a software vendor of cost-driven solutions for embedded and IoT devices. With MicroEJ solutions, smart device manufacturers transform electronic products from single-purpose to software-defined, increasing scalability, flexibility, and extensibility. Our flagship product, MICROEJ VEE, is an optimized standard software container used in millions of consumer and IoT products, such as smart home devices, home appliances, wearables, medical devices, smart meters, and industrial devices. Our solutions are designed to provide the same capabilities as leading operating systems but with a much smaller footprint that can fit even …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services constructiontech smart home Technologies: Embedded Systems IoT

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[Automatic translation follows] Towards more sustainable mobility: ecological, automated and shared | WE ARE RECRUITING >>> See you on our website! The VEDECOM Institute for Energy Transition (ITE) is a public-private partnership foundation dedicated to innovative and sustainable mobility, that is to say more ecological, more autonomous and better shared. It is commissioned by the State to support technological innovation and French industrial sectors engaged in the mobility of the future. Based on an unprecedented collaboration of more than 50 actors, it brings together academic establishments, local authorities and various private actors impacted by the evolution of mobility: automobiles, public …

Type: Public Activities: transporttech cleantech greentech

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Polyvia Polyvia

[Automatic translation follows] Union of Polymer Transformers Polyvia is the Union of Polymer Transformers. Born from the will of the interregional plastics industry unions, Allizé-Plasturgie, Gipco, Plasti Ouest, the Plastics and Composites Federation and the GPIC (Industrial Plastics and Composites Group), Polyvia will represent the plastics industry and composites throughout the national territory from December 31, 2020. Polyvia's mandate is clear: to accompany and support our members, and represent and promote their interests more effectively at the highest level, in order to build a visible and representative sector of all of our markets.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: entertainment

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Université Gustave Eiffel Université Gustave Eiffel

[Automatic translation follows] We are rethinking the university. Together, let's rethink the way we do our jobs. Multidisciplinary and national, the Gustave Eiffel University has the particularity of being the first establishment bringing together a research organization, a university, a school of architecture and three engineering schools. By pooling numerous strengths in terms of training and research, the ambition of the Gustave Eiffel University is to ensure its development through the affirmation of a strategy which is based on the complementarity of its founders. By creating better synergies, the University can offer its different audiences a richer range of skills. …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: edtech

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Storkcom Storkcom

Start transforming the way you work An IT subsidiary of Green Business International, Storkcom is revolutionising the way in which companies progress and develop by improving their operational efficiency. Storkcom offers connected and customised solutions to bring companies more simplicity and reliability in their processes, reducing costs and allowing them to make better decisions more quickly. RFID, IoT, Transformation Digitale, Objets Connectés, Sensors, NFC, Mobilité, Automatisation, Traçabilité, Identification, Intégration, Innovation, Digital, RTLS, Ecoresponsabilité, and Numérique Responsable

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT NFC Wireless

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Polytec France Polytec France

[Automatic translation follows] Optical measurement - Quality Control - Industrial vision - Sales, rentals, services Leader in electro-optical metrology since 1967, Polytec is present throughout the world thanks to its subsidiaries and representatives. Nearly 430 employees around the world participated in achieving a turnover of 86 million euros in 2022. The group devotes 8 to 10% of this figure to investments in R&D. Manufacturer and specialist, Polytec designs optical measuring equipment for non-destructive real-time testing: • Laser vibrometry • Laser velocimetry • Surface metrology • Online spectrometry Also a distributor, Polytec completes its own offering with complementary product ranges: • …

Type: SMB Activities: manufacturing Industry 4.0

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Neopolia Neopolia

[Automatic translation follows] Let's create value! For 20 years we have been finding together the answers to the industrial challenges of today and tomorrow For 20 years neopolia has brought together the skills and know-how of VSEs, SMEs and ETIs from Pays de la Loire. A unique and agile organization, capable of offering original or innovative solutions and responding to the challenges of tomorrow's markets and the expectations of users in the sectors: Aerospace, Land Mobility, Marine, Energy and Offshore Wind & MRE (Marine Renewable Energy)

Type: Incubators & VCs

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La French Fab La French Fab

Welcome to the official account of La #FrenchFab, the fast-moving French industry ! 🐓 French Fab is the voice of the fast-moving French industry. Follow our Blue Rooster community to discover French manufacturers and industrial services, brought together by one global ambition: building an attractive, modern, and sustainable industry of tomorrow. #FrenchFab

Type: Public

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Sécurité routière Sécurité routière

[Automatic translation follows] Live together Road Safety develops and implements the road safety policy and provides support for interministerial action in this area. Its main missions are: . the coordination of legislative and regulatory work for the Highway Code, . the definition of the rules and conditions for organizing driving license examinations as well as the provisions relating to the teaching of driving and road safety, . the animation of professional networks for driving and road safety education, . the animation of the road safety policy at the national and local levels and the implementation of partnerships at the national …

Type: Public

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Centre de recherche de l'EOGN (CREOGN) Centre de recherche de l'EOGN (CREOGN)

[Automatic translation follows] The research center of the National Gendarmerie Officers School (CREOGN) aims to guide and lead research in areas corresponding to the needs of the gendarmerie, in particular ensuring the coherence of the work carried out within the institution with that of the various existing research centers in the fields of internal security and defense. Research, Events, Documentation, and External Relations

Type: Public

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Preditic Preditic

[Automatic translation follows] Making Data Talk Preditic offers a platform for collecting, valuing and analyzing data for its clients from the industrial world and the world of transport, particularly for its clients in the railway sector. Founded in 2014, Preditic comes from the Computer Science Research Laboratory of the University of Bordeaux (LaBRI). The company stands out through its extensive know-how on issues of data analysis and processing in complex environments since Preditic has more than 15 years of experience in R&D on these subjects. IT technologies, Digital solutions, Innovation, Interactivity, IoT - IIoT, big data, Interactive design, Communication protocols, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics IoT Sensors

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[Automatic translation follows] Green Mobility as a Lifestyle Nielsen Concept is a company based on user innovation, social innovation and Frugal innovation; through user groups, integration workshops and container transformation; Our B2B products: showroom, connected bicycle lockers, sorting room... Tailor-made: come and discuss it with us B2B and B2C: cargo bike and e-bike from the TRIO, CHRISTIANIA and ARCADE brands More information: Nielsen has designed a series of ready-to-install, multi-service, digital bike and scooter stations. The user will find secure bicycle parking spaces, lockers, a repair station and a compressor. To access it, he reserves a place from a web …

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City transporttech Technologies: IoT

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TransWay TransWay

[Automatic translation follows] Your sustainable business mobility solution TransWay publishes solutions to help create smart cities. Intended for transport networks, communities, and businesses, TransWay's services improve the quality of urban services while reducing their cost. Our services allow in particular statistical exploitation of data from our own tools, as well as external services (ticketing, mobile telephony, GPS, etc.). TransWay also provides assistance in the field of mobility and technologies associated with passenger transport. | www.gotoo.eu: ecomobility rewarded, GoToo is a travel and networking community that rewards good mobility practices. The service is sold to businesses (Pro version), cities (City version) …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Smart City Technologies: SaaS

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SEED-Energy SEED-Energy

[Automatic translation follows] With ODYSSEY, you decide your energy future SEED-Energy specializes in supporting energy players in their Energy Transition towards more intelligent, multi-energy (electricity, heat, natural gas, hydrogen, etc.) and multi-technology (conventional production, production renewable, energy conversion and storage). Using the Odyssey software platform, co-developed with CEA-Liten and used since 2013 in more than 15 projects, we give you the means to select the relevant technologies for your project, to optimize the sizing of the components of the energy management system and strategy, to evaluate the economic profitability of your investment decisions and the environmental impacts associated or avoided …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech Smart City greentech Technologies: Hydrogen

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Check and Go Check and Go

[Automatic translation follows] Specializing in the field of urgent transport since 2010, Check and Go is a company based on 85 and 53 and which has a network of partners throughout France. We provide, within the hour, a fleet of vehicles ranging from 3m3 to 22m3 for your departmental, national and international shipments. We offer dedicated and personalized transport, without interruption of load. Your imperatives are ours. We do everything we can to simplify your missions and guarantee the delivery of your products in perfect condition and within the requested deadlines. We are also able to offer group deliveries to …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Smart City

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Gouach Gouach

We provide clean energy storage for small mobility. Gouach invented and produces renewable lithium-ion batteries. Our batteries are designed to last thanks to our patented system of cell replacement. Since lithium-ion cells are now expendable, the BMS is connected and guaranteed 10 years. This way we reduce by 80% the environmental impact of lithium batteries.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech deeptech greentech Technologies: Batteries

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Zenbus Zenbus

[Automatic translation follows] We put data at the service of public transport. Public transport networks do not have the data adapted to the current evolution of mobility, which is increasingly connected and competitive. Their data lacks precision, openness capacity and is sometimes non-existent, due to the cumbersomeness and costs of the systems responsible for producing them. We created Zenbus to help all these networks, regular or ephemeral, public or private, to produce and promote their real-time data, and thus increase their attractiveness and performance. Popular with its users, Zenbus addresses the needs of all stakeholders:  Travelers asking the question …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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Klaxit Klaxit

#1 daily carpooling app in France Klaxit is a carpooling app focused on commuting. We bring together drivers and passengers to go to work. Klaxit is the biggest daily carpool network in France with 2 million rides offered each day and 300 clients, corporate and local authorities. covoiturage domicile-travail, applications mobiles, mobilité, and MaaS

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech IT Services

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[Automatic translation follows] Your inter-industrial skills operator OPCO 2i is one of 11 state-approved skills operators responsible for supporting professional training for company employees in France. It serves 32 industrial professional branches (70,000 companies, 3 million employees) with the mission of financing their apprenticeship and professionalization contracts, helping them build professional certifications and providing local support to VSEs. SMEs to define their training needs (network of 12 regional delegations). Training, Employment, Skills operator, Supporting the projects of companies and their employees, development of work-study programs, and Advising companies and meeting their skills needs

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: edtech

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Rencontres nationales du transport public Rencontres nationales du transport public

[Automatic translation follows] The strategic mobility meeting The RNTP 2023 will take place in Clermont-Ferrand from October 17 to 19, 2023, in the heart of the Grande Halle d'Auvergne. They will bring together all the players in the sector around the GART and UTP Congress and a show where nearly 200 exhibitors will come to present their latest innovations. public transport, mobility, and events

Type: Event

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Hyvolution Hyvolution

Come at Europe's outstanding event for the hydrogen field on Jan. 30-31, Feb. 1 2024 in Paris, Porte de Versailles ! 🚀 📅 In 2024, Hyvolution, the event for hydrogen for energy, industry and mobility comes back ! Take part in the unmissable gathering of hydrogen stakeholders in France and Europe. ✔️ 600 exhibitors and brands: production, distribution, storage, services — every solution for all carbon-free hydrogen markets. 🌍 ✔️ 3 days to develop your business, to boost your notoriety and to promote your innovations. 🚀 ✔️ HyVolution Connect: Save time at the exhibition with the free application and gain …

Type: Event

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Citroën France Citroën France

[Automatic translation follows] A birth in 1919, toasters in 2021, a 100% electrified range by 2025. Citroën is a French automobile manufacturer founded in 1919 by André Citroën and is part of the PSA Group. At the heart of the automobile market, Citroën has established itself since 1919 as a popular brand in a noble sense, making people and their lifestyles its primary source of inspiration. A spirit underlined by its signature ‘Inspired by You’ and embodied by cars combining unique design and benchmark comfort. Among generalists, Citroën also stands out for the unique experience offered to its customers (Citroën …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech

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[Automatic translation follows] All the solutions for signaling and security for your vehicles… SARR - SEE AND BE SEEN With more than 120 years of history in the automotive industry, SARR continues its tradition today. An essential automotive equipment manufacturer, SARR offers you a global solution for the lighting, signaling and security of your vehicles for several business sectors. RANGES AND PRODUCTS - Lighting Electrical accessories, exterior lighting, interior lighting, lights - Security Reversing alarms, fire inhibitors, camera kits, reversing radars, driving assistance system - Signaling >>> Active signaling > rotating lights, tailor-made warning triangle, light bars, scrolling arrows >>> …

Type: SMB Activities: manufacturing Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Anjou Maquettes Prototypes (AMP) Anjou Maquettes Prototypes (AMP)

[Automatic translation follows] To give form to your projects Anjou prototype models (AMP) accompanies you with its know-how for the realization from your 3D files: ✔ Parts in charged and non -loaded polyamide powder sintering. ✔ Stereolithography pieces. Our expertise in assembly, finishes and application of paintings, allows us to deliver you style models / prototypes and functional models in accordance with your specifications. For the realization of your products in small, medium or large series, Anjou prototype models arises: ✔ Low pressure injection means, called RIM ✔ Vacuum casting machines ✔ a very wide range of polyurethanes resins ✔ …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services

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Join us and Set your future in motion! Commitment, reliability, passion. Our 3 core values to help you Set your future in motion. Matériel de manutention, Equipement de manutention, Nacelles, Engins télescopiques, Chariot élevateur, services, logistique, finance, marketing, R&D, Informatique, Digital, Ressources Humaines, ventes, and distribution

Type: Large company

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Agri Startup Summit Agri Startup Summit

Le Sommet international de l'innovation agricole. Agri Startup Summit is an international event based on innovation of the agricultural world. This exhibition gathers startups and AgTech participants to imagine and build the agriculture of tomorrow.

Type: Event

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Instant System - Enabling MaaS Instant System - Enabling MaaS

MaaS solutions to manage local mobility. Instant System publishes and markets "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS) solutions for public authorities and transport operators. Our ambition is to simplify urban mobility thanks to a MaaS platform managed by public authorities and transport operators. We integrate all mobility offers in the territory (public transport, bike sharing, car sharing, carpooling, ride hailing, parking, etc.) in order to offer citizens a seamless, intermodal transport experience, from route finding to payment. A genuine tool for optimising mobility, this platform also aims to enable public players to manage all modes of transport on their territory. Instant …

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] The future through your eyes Pertech Solutions is the only French company to design, develop, produce and market Eye Tracking hardware and software solutions. Eye Tracking solutions from Pertech Solutions allow the study of user behavior through their ocular activity, on various types of media in 2D and 3D, in real or simulated environments. Whether in the field of automobiles (Renault, PSA, Samsung Motors), aeronautics (ISAE, BEA, Airbus, ASL Airlines), industry (Fives Pillard, Newtec Bag Palletizing, Clemessy SA) or still on the web, Pertech Solutions has established itself by offering innovative solutions based on numerous technological advantages.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Reveal your power of innovation: Hackathons, Start-up Weekends, Online Challenges Reveal your Innovation Power! Discover new horizons and bring out the best solutions to your challenges of today and tomorrow! #Hackathon #OnlineChallenges #Innovation #Creativity Our strengths : • Tailor-made: all our services are adapted to your company, your culture and your objectives. • Method: specially developed for the organization and running of innovation events, it is based on collective intelligence, flexibility and play and adapts to the context and culture of your organization. • ChallenKers Studio platform: essential tool for any innovation event for relevant, structured and …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Connected Technologies for Smarter Mobility The emergence of new modes of transport, awareness of environmental issues and the need to travel without wasting time and at lower cost has led to new uses. Industrial designer of intelligent road solutions for communities and businesses, LACROIX – City directs, optimizes and secures the flow of vehicles and people for a final objective: sharing the street and the road while taking into account the needs of all users and operators. Our mission: to guide, optimize and secure the flow of people and vehicles by meeting the needs of communities and …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Smart City Industry 4.0 Technologies: IoT

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Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port

Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port is a public enterprise corporation. The Port Authority works in partnership with the Region’s public-sector and private-sector stakeholders to deliver economic and environmental improvements on the Loire Estuary, on which the Port is located. As an industrial facility, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port provides the interface between land and sea, serving an entire Region and its economy. An international industrial and logistical platform, the Port is connected to several modes of transport, including sea, inland waterway, rail, road and air. Every year it receives close to 3 000 calls by merchant vessels, 1 200 goods …

Type: Public

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Waymo Waymo

Waymo is an autonomous driving technology company creating a new way forward in mobility. Waymo is an autonomous driving technology company with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around. With the Waymo Driver, we can improve the world’s mobility while saving thousands of lives. Waymo reaches out to candidates from official channels only (e.g. directly from @waymo.com email addresses, or through our recruiters or sourcers who are noted as such on LinkedIn). We do not contact candidates about career opportunities through instant messaging apps like Telegram, email addresses from domains other than …

Type: Large company

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Ville de Québec Ville de Québec

[Automatic translation follows] We bring the City to life. Attractive city Quebec City is renowned for its visionary projects, including the new multifunctional amphitheater, eco-districts and numerous tourist and cultural events. Whatever your expertise and field of interest, you can contribute to the development and realization of new ideas. In addition, Quebec City stands out as an employer of choice in the region by offering competitive working conditions and a stimulating work environment where exchanges, creativity and initiative are highly valued. efficient city The City is recognized for the diversity of its fields of activity, offering the opportunity for more …

Type: Public

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Cervval Cervval

[Automatic translation follows] We are hiring Cervval develops and implements complexity simulation tools. These real interactive models aim to immerse their users in a faithful and credible reproduction of their problem. This modeling makes it possible to study the entire ecosystem of a subject from different perspectives, in order to promote a decision-making process.

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech IT Services

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The leading innovation event for the automotive aftermarket and connected mobility services. See you from October 18 to 22, 2022 for the next edition of the automotive aftermarket and mobility services show at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles! EQUIP AUTO PARIS 2022 Reinventing Mobility Services Technological developments, new regulatory requirements, heightened societal expectations around energy and ecology... the automotive aftermarket and mobility services sector has been undergoing profound changes for several years. In this context, EQUIP AUTO has reinvented itself to better reflect the challenges of the market! With a new calendar, a broader positioning, a new signature and a …

Type: Event

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Chaire ETI - IAE Paris Sorbonne School Chaire ETI - IAE Paris Sorbonne School

Chaire ETI - Entrepreneuriat Territoire Innovation Chaire Entrepreneuriat Territoire Innovation de l’IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School | Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne | Think tank « Live in a Living city ». innovation, Entrepreunariat, and Territoires

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: edtech

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[Automatic translation follows] FIEV represents and defends automotive equipment suppliers and garage equipment manufacturers located in France. The Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries, chaired by Claude Cham, aims to represent member companies, both to public authorities and to customer sectors. She is the spokesperson for the equipment industry on issues where the common interest is engaged. - Collectively represent and defend the interests of member companies - Coordinate the initiatives of member companies - Advise and assist member companies - Inform member companies and promote the image of the profession Federation, Automobile, Automotive equipment manufacturers, Garage equipment manufacturers, Mobility, and …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: transporttech

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Enedis Enedis

[Automatic translation follows] Electricity distribution network manager Enedis is the manager of the public electricity distribution network over 95% of continental France. Its 38,859 employees ensure the operation, maintenance and development of nearly 1.3 million kilometers of network every day. Connection, commissioning, troubleshooting, change of supplier... So many operations carried out daily by Enedis. As manager of the public electricity distribution network, Enedis carries out numerous interventions each year: more than 11 million in 2014. The nature of the services differs depending on the customers: end customers, suppliers or electricity producers. Manager of the public electricity distribution network over 95% …

Type: Large company

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Poultry robotics for all poultry farmers Expert in poultry robotics dedicated to broiler poultry, OCTOPUS saw its range expand following the acquisition of the assets of the company Tibot in November 2022. Our mission: improve the daily lives of poultry farmers and the performance of farms. OCTOPUS now meets the needs of all poultry farmers: • XO robot XO improves animal welfare and productivity in broiler farms. This autonomous mini tractor ensures the treatment of the litter and contributes in particular to the reduction of pododermatitis. • T-Moov robot Its mission is to get your poultry moving, reduce the laying …

Type: SMB Activities: agritech deeptech IT Services Technologies: Robotics

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éolane éolane

Let’s build the future together… French leader in professional electronic services and solutions With 2,400 employees including 200 R&D engineers and highly qualified production teams, the éolane Group guarantees technological performance, proximity and customer intimacy with pragmatism and agility. Our profession is the design of advanced electronic PCBA produced in small, medium and large series, and their integration into a final product. We produce on 3 continents, as close as possible to the needs and markets of our customers. Concretely, we are an EMS (Electronic Manufacturer Services), designer, manufacturer, producer and maintainer of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies, and we have …

Type: SMB Activities: manufacturing IT Services Technologies: Solar Technologies

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Kereval Kereval

[Automatic translation follows] Software Test Engineering Lab #Interoperability #Cybersecurity KEREVAL independent test engineering laboratory is recognized as one of the specialists in software quality. With 10 years of experience, KEREVAL offers a range of tailor-made services to improve the quality of its customers' information systems and embedded systems. To get to know us better, go to our website: http://www.kereval.com Software quality, Web and mobile testing, Performance testing, Functional testing, Security testing, Requirements engineering, ISOBUS laboratory, Healthcare software testing laboratory, CFTL training, REQB training, and CMAP training

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity Embedded Systems

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Edixia-Automation Edixia-Automation

We ensure your quality EDIXIA AUTOMATION designs and develops vision systems for over 35 years. EDIXIA AUTOMATION guarantees zero-defect production, integrating automated inspection solutions directly into your production lines. Our high-performance systems can: • Identify defects invisible to the human eye, • Differentiate between conforming and non-conforming products, • Carry out adjustment and repair operations EDIXIA AUTOMATION designs inspection solutions for various industries, including: • Manufacturers of automobiles and headlamps, • Foundries and machine shops, • Aerospace, marine and railroad engineers, • Composite materials, • Any other industry requiring 100 % quality inspection of production. Feel free to contact us! …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 transporttech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Image Processing

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[Automatic translation follows] Specialty engineer We are a multi-specialist engineering company at the heart of the major issues surrounding mobility, energy, health and consumer products and goods. We are an undeniable answer for customers who need an agile, dedicated and reliable engineering team to allow them to focus on their objectives, to focus on bringing products and services to market. We are a team of women and men committed to customer issues, developing adapted methods and above all seeking the performance of the project and its management. For more than 35 years, we have been the historical partners of many …

Type: SMB Activities: HRtech Technologies: Embedded Systems

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Fondation AMIPI - Bernard VENDRE Fondation AMIPI - Bernard VENDRE

For more than 50 years, the Fondation AMIPI - Bernard Vendre has been enabling people with cognitive disabilities to progress through manual work and find their place in the workplace. 6 UPAI®, Learning factories, in the Pays de Loire and Centre Val de Loire regions, currently employ around 700 cognitively-impaired operators in electrical wiring for the automotive, textile and electronics industries. We're diversifying: would you like to work alongside us and make a commitment to a more inclusive society? Then get in touch! We have decided to spread our expertise by creating the social impact start-up 'AMI PI Conseil et …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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Smile Smile

European open-source leader! #SmileWithUs #DigitizeEuropeWithSmile We are 2000+ digital creatives and doers in 9 countries. Since we were born, our approach has been based on a deep understanding of your market specificities, your business, and financial perspectives, and your expectations from now onwards to the next years. Our open-source DNA is a huge guarantee of our value proposition. As fair-minded people, we do not want you to be trapped in a single or inappropriate solution: our recommendations always follow s your business objectives and organization. We support you in making reliable technology decisions that enhance your business, such as digital …

Type: Large company Activities: IT Services

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Caliplast : Ouvrons nos horizons Caliplast : Ouvrons nos horizons

[Automatic translation follows] Plastic injection and plastic innovation CALIPLAST is an innovative plastics processing company with three specialties: 1 - the design and production of functional parts and assemblies (6 patents in 6 years...), 2 - the combined mastery of plastic injection and the automation of our processes: we “ROBOCALISATE”, 3 - the production of “LOW-COST” tools according to a proven methodology guaranteeing their performance. Mastery of these specialties has allowed us to market two lines of exclusive products: - EMPILIS: stackable storage crates and boxes. - F.T.G.C. : shellfish farming systems. In 2000, after almost 30 years of expertise …

Type: SMB Activities: civictech Technologies: New Materials

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Laboratoire IBISC, Université d’Evry, Université Paris-Saclay Laboratoire IBISC, Université d’Evry, Université Paris-Saclay

IBISC is a research laboratory

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: deeptech

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Bluemarket Bluemarket

[Automatic translation follows] Further industry Dormant stocks and unused equipment are expensive and what's more, it's a waste for the environment when they are thrown away! Bluemarket offers you complete support to simplify your reuse process, we adapt to your challenges. With Bluemarket Connect, you can manage this approach between the sites of your group and with your partners. Bluemarket also allows you to sell and buy reuse from local manufacturers, which means less lost value and responsible purchases. We are currently designing a dashboard of financial and environmental impact indicators, to monitor the impact of each reuse transaction with …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: SaaS

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Emblock Emblock

Traceability solutions for electric mobility We build traceability solutions for electric mobility. Companies use Emblock software and API everyday to not only simplify access to charging stations, secure payment and reimbursement, but also trace precisely the usages and the sources of energy. blockchain and SAAS

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

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Hutchinson Hutchinson

Contributing to future mobility Hutchinson designs and produces customized materials and connected solutions to respond to the needs of its global customers, on land, in the air and at sea. A global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing system technologies, our Group stands out with a multiple market offering spanning multiple areas of expertise and delivering synergies and value-added. Hutchinson reported revenues of €4.4 billion in 2022 and has more than 38,000 employees in 25 countries. Our ambition is to contribute to safer, more comfortable and more responsible mobility for the future. Body Sealing Systems, Precision Sealing Systems, …

Type: Large company

15 5 12 10,825
Le Mans Tech Le Mans Tech

[Automatic translation follows] Let’s invent sustainable mobility together! 🚗♻️ #LEMANSTECH On the basis of a dynamic policy in the field of digital technology and innovation, with a dedicated business incubator in the TGV station district, Le Mans has integrated the network of FrenchTech cities, by joining the network theme #CleanTech #Mobility. It is a true recognition of its technological skills and its capacity for progress. The city aims in particular to establish a multidisciplinary university chair and an international level hub, aiming to revolutionize the mobility of tomorrow: a universal societal issue. #LeMansTech is a brand carried and relayed abroad …

Type: Public

13 10 5 6
In Extenso In Extenso

[Automatic translation follows] A clear vision of accounting Created in 1991, In Extenso is one of the leaders in accounting expertise in France. With a network of 250 locations across France, In Extenso offers business leaders, craftsmen, traders, liberal professions and association leaders a local service covering all accounting, administrative, legal, tax and social aspects of their organization. A multidisciplinary firm, In Extenso also offers services in merger acquisition (In Extenso Finances & Transmissions), consulting in Tourism Culture Hospitality (In Extenso Tourisme Culture Hôtellerie), asset management (In Extenso Patrimoine), consulting with innovative organizations (In Extenso Innovation Croissance) and law (In …

Type: Large company Activities: Consulting

71 27 4 3,656
Clairitec Clairitec

French designer and manufacturer of all-in-one displays/Human Machine Interface A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is essential for any professional wishing to establish a communication between his solution and the end users. With more than 20 years of experience, Clairitec designs and manufactures, in France, graphic or/and tactile displays and HMI adapted to your needs: - Resistant displays for outdoor use: recharging stations, distributors, etc; - Displays for electric mobility: vehicles, VAE; - Graphic and programmable displays designed for industrial environments: measurement and control devices, automatons, etc; - Intelligent displays: medical and paramedical devices, analysis devices, etc. Its know-how in electronics …

Type: SMB Activities: manufacturing Industry 4.0 Technologies: Batteries

4 0 4 8
Mixenn Mixenn

[Automatic translation follows] Accelerate the energy transition transport of goods and people in Brittany Under the leadership of ADEME and the Brittany Region, Mixenn is a regional program led by Bretagne Supply Chain and CEEI Bretagne Compétitivité whose ambition is to accelerate the energy transition of road transport of goods and people in Brittany. Urban Mobility, Project Animation, Energy Transition, Road Transport, and Supply Chain

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: transporttech greentech cleantech

12 2 10 N/A
Le Mans Ville et Métropole Le Mans Ville et Métropole

[Automatic translation follows] Together for a sustainable, attractive and united territory. Are you looking for a harmonious living environment and a stimulating work community? Come to Le Mans and be surprised! Our city, known throughout the world for its 24 Hours, brings together many other assets. Rich in a long history, it conceals a treasure in its heart: the Cité Plantagenêt, 20 hectares of cobbled streets, bordered by a Roman wall which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Nature, very sporty and with a bustling cultural life, Le Mans offers a quality of life regularly praised in the media. Its …

Type: Public

22 11 11 538
Emitech Group Emitech Group

Visit our Linkedin page dedicated to international companies 👉 Emitech Group Worldwide We provide global testing services for automotive, aeronautic & defence industries : we perform environmental, mechanical, EMC and electrical tests. Our strength : a single partner for complete testing services 💪 🚗 We test all types of components, systems and complete vehicles according to international standards and to specific customer's norms. 👉 Field of application : batteries, lighting, powertrains, closures, embedded systems, onboard chargers, inverters, e-motors, fuel cell, hydrogen tanks... Contact Adrian Feder a.feder@emitech-group.com and Damiana Sannino d.sannino@emitech-group.com Test, certification et qualification de produits électroniques et mécaniques, Formation, …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: Batteries Embedded Systems Hydrogen

4 2 3 451
Mobilitains Mobilitains

[Automatic translation follows] Give everyone a credible travel choice, improve everyone's travel, even those who choose not to. Give everyone a credible travel choice, improve everyone's travel, even those who choose not to change.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

8 0 6 3
CarJager CarJager

The most advanced digital tool on the market for your searches and sales of classic cars, youngtimers and sportcars CarJager provides you with the most advanced digital tool on the market to help you in your searches and sales of classic cars, youngtimers and sportcars. New website will be released very soon, stay tuned ! automotive, carcommunity, automobile, automobiles de collection, supercars, and classiccars

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

30 9 23 36

[Automatic translation follows] With KIMEA, preventing MSDs has never been easier. Created in November 2018 and resulting from several years of research, Moovency is positioned as close as possible to professional reality with its KIMEA solution allowing, with a simple depth camera, to film, record, analyze the gestures and postures of operators in real situations to identify quickly identify the risks of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and remedy them. ✦ RELIABLE MEASUREMENTS ✦ KIMEA, our exclusive technology, provides objective and rapid measurement of MSD risk. Our data is reliable thanks to our algorithm unique, scientifically validated in the laboratory and on …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: A.I. - Image Processing A.I. Sensors

16 6 12 22

[Automatic translation follows] DEMS is a transport design office. Our role: Define a road vehicle, from specifications to approval. A vehicle development center, DEMS develops safe and sustainable mobility solutions. During our experience, we have developed processes and tools to validate design choices and consolidate the development of your vehicle project, up to approval. We master the requirements of the transport sector From mechanical design to implementation, our team of engineers is responsible for studying the feasibility and constraints linked to the technical specifications of your project. Through our experience of developing more than 100 products in the world of …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech Smart City Technologies: Decarbonization

3 3 2 67
Avatar Mobilité Avatar Mobilité

[Automatic translation follows] It’s not a bike, it’s not a car, it’s the future! Let’s design the vehicle of tomorrow together! Faced with socio-economic and environmental issues and the predominant place of transport in our societies, it is necessary to imagine new vehicles: low carbon, ultra light, very efficient, very affordable, versatile, easy to produce, maintain and to recycle! It is this general interest goal that the Avatar project pursues: using research, design thinking and participatory intelligence to revolutionize our daily mobility, by eco-designing then producing and widely disseminating this super-efficient vehicle architecture. Avatar is one of the founding members …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

10 6 3 7
Ville de Saint-Malo Ville de Saint-Malo

[Automatic translation follows] Port of the Channel, located on the Emerald Coast, Saint-Malo benefits from a privileged location which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brittany. While nearly 50,000 residents live in Saint-Malo all year round, no less than 200,000 residents occupy the city in the summer. A historic city, the Corsair City was originally a peninsula which was surrounded by ramparts built and rebuilt from the 12th to the 19th centuries, to which the architects Vauban and de Garangeau added island fortifications. Saint-Malo and its region have a complete tourist offer both in terms of …

Type: Public

58 31 8 276
Saft Saft

For over 100 years, Saft, part of TotalEnergies, has manufactured batteries on land, at sea, in the air and in space! Saft specializes in advanced technology battery solutions for industry, from the design and development to the production, customization and service provision. For more than 100 years, Saft’s longer-lasting batteries and systems have provided critical safety applications, back-up power and propulsion for our customers. Our innovative, safe and reliable technology delivers high performance on land, at sea, in the air and in space. Saft is powering industry and smarter cities, while providing critical back-up functionality in remote and harsh environments …

Type: Large company

27 5 23 2,540
Chambre d'agriculture Pays de la Loire Chambre d'agriculture Pays de la Loire

[Automatic translation follows] PROS AND CLOSE TO YOU Within the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Agriculture, we act for a fair and supportive local organization with the aim of having a lasting impact on the transitions in agriculture. Most of our positions offer autonomy and initiative, with real freedom to organize your work. Collaboration in teams and networks, internal or external, local or national, is at the heart of our operation. These modes of action promote commitment, solidarity and conviviality. Within 25 branches, farmers and communities can find all the services offered by the Chamber nearby. The areas of …

Type: Public

37 13 15 427
Sidel Sidel

Performance through Understanding Sidel is a leading provider of equipment and services solutions for packaging beverage, food, home and personal care products in PET, can, glass and other materials. With over 40,000 machines installed in more than 190 countries, we have nearly 170 years of proven experience, with a strong focus on the factory of tomorrow with advanced systems, line engineering and innovation. Our 5,500+ employees worldwide are passionate about providing solutions that fulfil customer needs and boost the performance of their lines, products and businesses. Delivering this level of performance requires that we stay flexible. We continuously ensure we …

Type: Large company

6 2 2 5,106
Electric Road ⚡️ Electric Road ⚡️

[Automatic translation follows] 📍 ELECTRIC-ROAD SHOW From May 26 to 29 📍 ELECTRIC-ROAD BUSINESS & SEMINAR From June 29 to July 1 Electric Road is a professional congress/exhibition, dedicated to the electric street and road, with a broad spectrum of players and resolutely focused on innovation. It is an accelerator of viable and unconstrained clean transport ecosystems for people and goods. Conferences, debates, interventions by electric mobility experts but also presentations and tests of electric vehicles. 📍 ELECTRIC-ROAD SHOW From May 26 to 29, 2022 at the Parc des Expositions during the Bordeaux International Fair 📍 ELECTRIC-ROAD BUSINESS & SEMINAR …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: transporttech

33 4 29 2
Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking

Moving European Railway Forward! Europe's Rail JU is a public-private partnership in the rail sector, co-financed by the Horizon Europe programme, funding research and innovation and harmonising standards to deliver the railway system of the future. One of its main goals is to help create a Single European Railway Area.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: transporttech

19 3 12 49
Propulsion Quebec Propulsion Quebec

[Automatic translation follows] Quebec's Cluster for Electric and Smart Transportation Propulsion Québec mobilizes all players in the sector around concerted projects aimed at positioning Quebec among the world leaders in the development and deployment of land transport modes promoting intelligent and electric transport. An industrial cluster for electric and intelligent vehicles in Quebec, Propulsion Québec began its activities in 2017. The organization aims to be the gateway to collaborating with Quebec companies at the cutting edge of technology as well as with organizations at the heart of the development of the transport of the future. It brings together Quebec companies …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: transporttech

14 2 12 33
Solutions&co Solutions&co

[Automatic translation follows] The economic development agency of the Pays de la Loire region Solutions&co acts on behalf of the Region to strengthen the economic development of Pays de la Loire. To accomplish this mission, Solutions&co positions itself as the preferred contact for companies wishing to establish themselves in the region and those already established and wishing to accelerate their growth and competitiveness. Solutions&co builds integrated solutions by relying on all the players in the regional ecosystem. Solutions&co focuses its action on 4 areas of strategic activity: • TOURISM: increase tourist attendance and consumption in Pays de la Loire • …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: greentech

62 23 53 117

France’s exclusive manufacturer of electronic driving aids SOJADIS offers individuals and professionals a full range of smart and safe driving aids. SOJADIS draws on its expertise, capacity to innovate and the dedication of its team members, and today is the first port of call for drivers with disabilities, driving schools, adaptations installers and car manufacturers in France and nineteen countries worldwide. Aide à la conduite, Transformation auto-école, and Electronique embarquée

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech Technologies: IoT

3 1 2 22

Concepteur et Réalisateur d'Outils de presses de découpage et d'emboutissage des métaux pour l'Industrie SEFOP étudie, conçoit, réalise et met au point des outillages de presses de découpe et d'emboutissage des métaux. Spécialiste de l'outillage et de la mécanique de précision, SEFOP adore les défis complexes : son écoute active et à sa flexibilité / réactivité la positionne comme Apporteur de Solutions auprès de ses clients, en misant sur l'expertise, la créativité et l'ingéniosité mécanique. Forte de 40 ans d'histoire, fière de ses racines et tournée résolument vers l'avenir : en investissant en permanence dans le capital humain et dans …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0

3 0 3 12
SCOP Titi Floris SCOP Titi Floris

[Automatic translation follows] Transport of people | Vehicle rental | Sale of used vehicles Les Titis is a cooperative group made up of the SCOP Titi Floris and Titi Services. Titi Floris is a cooperative and participatory company specializing in the transport and support of people with disabilities. - Vehicle rental and sale of used vehicles. - Development of social innovation and mixed use projects: ESS third-party places, senior shared homes, solidarity catering, adapted lodgings, cooperative car sharing, etc. Head office in Orvault, on the outskirts of Nantes. Titi Floris departmental agencies throughout the Great West. Transport of people, Vehicle …

Type: SMB Activities: consumer services

9 5 3 322
SETUR - Ingénieur Conseil, Expert en SMART CITIES & Maîtrise d'Oeuvre Urbaine SETUR - Ingénieur Conseil, Expert en SMART CITIES & Maîtrise d'Oeuvre Urbaine

[Automatic translation follows] Design office specializing in urban engineering and land use planning. SETUR is a design office with 25 years of experience, specializing in sustainable development, offering services ranging from consulting to urban, landscape, environmental and infrastructure project management in sustainable development and water management. We work with developers, public or private promoters and industrialists. Our objective is to anticipate, innovate and above all, seek the balance between economic development, quality of life and the environment. These three axes allow us to work in the interest of future generations. Our motivation is part of a Quality approach: reliable, efficient …

Type: SMB Activities: Water management constructiontech Smart City Technologies: Decarbonization

4 3 0 22
Photon Lines Photon Lines

[Automatic translation follows] Creator and Distributor of Optical Solutions Photon Lines is a group whose mission is to provide innovative optical solutions for industry, research, security and telecoms. Our group plans to ultimately become a key player in the European market with subsidiaries active in the main countries of the community: Photon Lines Ltd (UK), Photon Lines Optica (Spain), See Fast Technologies (France). Distribution constitutes the historical source of our activities, a sector to which multiple services beyond sales were subsequently added: a technical service then an R&D service associated with a training service. Added value optical distribution, High Speed …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

9 3 7 23
Neoloji Technopole Neoloji Technopole

[Automatic translation follows] Technopole, Incubator, Business incubator Labeled by the national Rétis Innovation network, Neoloji Technopole aims to develop the territory through innovation and bring together all of its companies and public actors. Our experts individually support innovative companies and project leaders in the incubation, creation and development phase. Our 2 incubators located in the Futuroscope area (CEI site) and in the center of Poitiers (H.TAG site) host these innovation players and are intended to be open places to liven up this constantly evolving ecosystem. The services offered by the Technopole are focused on the needs of entrepreneurs and managers. …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: Consulting IT Services

27 12 23 15
Armée de Terre Armée de Terre

[Automatic translation follows] 130,000 men and women, committed to defending France and the French through the profession of arms. Dare the Army! Dare the Army! The Army consists of 130,000 men and women who exercise a single profession, that of soldier, among more than 100 specialties: aeronautical mechanic, artilleryman, tank commander, computer developer, patrol leader, secretary, analyst, specialist cybersecurity, site manager, assistant financial controller... There are 20,000 soldiers permanently deployed on operations abroad or in France. Joining the Army means choosing to serve France through the profession of arms. It also means choosing to live an extraordinary human and professional …

Type: Public

22 16 3 18,404
Photonics Bretagne - Photonics Innovation Hub Photonics Bretagne - Photonics Innovation Hub

Un cluster et une plateforme technologique experte en fibre optiques spéciales, composants et biophotonique Photonics Bretagne is a Photonics innovation hub integrating a cluster supporting innovation in the field of Photonics and its applications in Brittany, and Perfos, a RTO expert in the development of specialty optical fibers (PCF fibers) and components. The cluster supports innovation and industrial and technological development of its members (companies, research centers and schools) in order to generate economic growth and create jobs in Photonics, in Brittany. The cluster gathers more than 100 members today [https://www.photonics-bretagne.com/cluster-annuaire-des-membres/]. Perfos, the research and technology organisation of Photonics Bretagne …

Type: Incubators & VCs

39 12 35 21
PCN Cluster 2 Culture, créativité, société inclusive #HorizonEU PCN Cluster 2 Culture, créativité, société inclusive #HorizonEU

[Automatic translation follows] Supporting research actors in the human and social sciences and cultural actors towards Horizon Europe The National Contact Point for Cluster 2 of the Horizon Europe financing program is your relay in France to obtain all the information about this program supported by the European Commission. Our team is at your disposal to make you aware of European funding programs, and to support you during the different stages of your application. The National Contact Points are coordinated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation financing and horizoneurope

Type: Public

57 10 51 N/A

[Automatic translation follows] BLACK STAR, Reconditioned tires 100% Made In France - 80% recycled materials Black Star is a French company specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of reconditioned tires for over 40 years. Reconditioning constitutes an important step in the circular tire economy. Good management of this industrial cycle is virtuous on an economic, social and ecological level: o Reduction in cost per mile and improvement in product longevity o Development of local jobs that cannot be offshored o Savings in raw materials, energy and late appearance of waste Black-Star has become essential in this sector with more than …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: New Materials

18 4 0 90
Humanising Autonomy Humanising Autonomy

Helping all products understand human intentions We teach machines to understand how people behave so that any human/machine interaction is safe, efficient and – most importantly – more human. By combining novel deep learning, behavioural psychology and statistical AI, we’ve developed powerful and ethical computer-vision software that predicts human decision-making. This means we can quickly, safely and accurately provide context around interactions between people and machines, whether it’s a consumer device, home appliance, vehicle, gaming equipment or any automated machine. We help you make better-informed decisions – just connect our Behaviour AI platform to your camera for real-time insights, or …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Smart City Technologies: A.I. - Machine Learning A.I. A.I. - Deep Learning A.I. - Image Processing Robotics

20 7 12 44
Akiani Akiani

[Automatic translation follows] The pure player agency for ergonomics and product and service design (UX research, UX UI design, Human Factors) Akiani is an ergonomics and design agency (UX research, UX design, UI design) based in Bordeaux and Lyon. We create more innovative, more pleasant and more efficient products, services and organizations by understanding the needs and expectations of users. Human Factors Engineering, User Centered Design, Research & simulation, UX Design, User Experience, Ergonomics, Human factors, Usability, UX Research, UX Strategy, UX Training, Organizational and Human Factors Training, Neuroergonomics, Risk Management, Artistic Direction, UI Designer, and UI Design

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech

10 0 10 13
Dilepix Dilepix

Artificial intelligence for high precision agriculture // Agronomic Image Analysis Dilepix know-how combines an expertise in artificial intelligence (neural networks developed by our engineers) with advanced skills in image analysis. The combination of these two technological bricks allows an ultra-robust and ultra-precise detection and localization of agronomic threats and opportunities. We are currently focusing on the development of robotics agricultural applications using vision-based control 🚜 In parallel, we are working on other applications for livestock monitoring : pigs - insects - cattle 🐖 🐛 🐄 computer vision, deep learning, precision farming, robotics, machinery, weed detection, livestock monitoring, larvae counting, insect …

Type: Startup Activities: agritech Technologies: Robotics A.I. A.I. - Deep Learning A.I. - Image Processing

21 5 17 7
Cluster Energies Stockage Nouvelle-Aquitaine Cluster Energies Stockage Nouvelle-Aquitaine

[Automatic translation follows] Serving the energy transition and mobility in New Aquitaine / ADI N-A In a context of accelerating decarbonization of the economy, materialized by the deployment of renewable energies, battery and hydrogen storage solutions, or the greening of mobility modes, the Energies Stockage Nouvelle-Aquitaine cluster, supported and animated by ADI N-A, aims to support and position regional players on these issues which provide prospects for industrial and technological development.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Batteries Decarbonization Hydrogen

27 6 22 N/A
Makershop Makershop

[Automatic translation follows] Makershop.fr, French leader in the sale of 3D printing solutions Makershop is an expert in 3D printing. Leader in the 3D printing market in France, our online store offers 3D printers as well as all the equipment for 3D printing (scanners, filaments, accessories). On Makershop.fr you will find the most efficient and innovative 3D printers on the market, including 3D printers from the Ultimaker, Formlabs, Zortrax, BCN 3D ranges and many others. Makershop is proud to continually offer you the flagship 3D printing products on its online store. Our expert teams offer training in 3D printing and …

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: 3D Printing

13 3 10 4
Kate Kate

Kate redefines everyday mobility by offering electric vehicles made in France. At Kate, we are specialized in lightweight electric vehicles that are made in France and meet today’s challenges in terms of sustainability and consumer responsibility. Our goal is to accelerate the sustainable transition towards environmentally friendly transport that’s tailored to the needs of users and the environment by promoting the use of micro-cars. With our model The Original, available to pre-order now, we’re working to revolutionize everyday mobility. Visit us to test drive tomorrow’s transport. #KateCars #KateTech.

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

5 5 0 61

[Automatic translation follows] Engage the Dynamics. Share the result Silamir is a consulting firm specializing in the management of transformation projects delivering high-quality services on behalf of large group clients. We work on the following themes, which we articulate according to the needs and challenges of the transformation project: Process redesign (core business and support functions): development of procedures, mapping of roles and responsibilities, analysis of tools Design, development and implementation of innovative information systems: agile platforms, cloud computing Health and safety expertise: benchmark, RPS action plan, health and safety ERP Mapping and simulation of organizations: reorganization, position weighing, mobility, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

13 5 11 59
Qairos Energies | Biomass technologies and solutions Qairos Energies | Biomass technologies and solutions

[Automatic translation follows] Producer of green methane and hydrogen | bioeconomy and circular economy | Territories and campaigns | Sarthe, Fr Qairos Energies is a bioeconomy company, which imagines technical solutions exploiting biomass from short circuits, to reinject the products into the circular economy. Our engineers study the technical characteristics and human particularities of each of its biogas production unit sites, in order to bring personalized and concrete added value to the local socio-economic fabric. Because it is only by imagining virtuous processes that involve all the stakeholders in our territories that we will put the energies of tomorrow within …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Hydrogen

19 2 18 3
Geovelo Geovelo

The free navigation app for cyclists, designed to make cycling safer and reduce CO2 emissions. Geovelo has been driving ecological transition through active mobility for over a decade, developing three flagship products: - An app that offers safe bike routes to cyclists. Free and ad-free! - A SaaS solution that helps local authorities better understand bike commuting. - A corporate platform that encourages your employees to cycle to work. With over 1.5 million app downloads and a fundraising round in early 2022, Geovelo aims to expand internationally and unite cyclists worldwide within a committed community. Calcul d'itinéraire modes doux and …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Decarbonization SaaS

25 8 17 39
Eegle Eegle

La donnée au service de l'intelligence collective des territoires : intégrez, visualisez, collaborez, développez EEGLE is a data-sharing platform that aims at boosting territorial projects where local or regional public entities and private companies alike aggregate and visualise on a customisable map multiple sourced data-sets. Eegle offers a simple tool to generate personalised views of cross-data projects with an innovative and comprehensive approach of the territorial governance. As the platform is shared across players, it also encourages social and business interaction. And of course, because it is API friendly, app developpers are welcome to add value to it for the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Smart City Technologies: SaaS

14 3 12 7
Ecovelo : le vélo libre-service électrique Ecovelo : le vélo libre-service électrique

[Automatic translation follows] Company specializing in shared urban mobility Ecovelo, a turnkey self-service electric bike solution for all cities thanks to on-board technology and XXL ticketing. Ecovelo, self-service bike, is revolutionizing the use of self-service bikes. Available in classic or electric version, this bike-sharing system can be installed without civil engineering or native electrification of the terminals. Ideal for cities, businesses and developers, it adapts to the needs of customers and users. self-service bike, Eco-mobility, on-board technology, self-service electric bike, Soft mobility, and Electric bikes

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Decarbonization

14 4 7 21
Ecov Ecov

[Automatic translation follows] Carpool... Like we take the bus! Ecov deploys and operates carpooling lines for everyday journeys. With 1.3 people per car on average, free seats are a major collective asset. At ecov, we have only one ambition: to turn the car into collective transport by co-building the first local public carpooling service. To do this, we provide communities and businesses with turnkey solutions for connected carpooling stops. Ecov is also a social and solidarity economy start-up, created in 2014 and approved as a Social Utility Solidarity Company and recognized as a Young Innovative Company. carpooling, connected objects, local …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: IoT

26 3 25 125
Energiency Energiency

Turn your data into new CO2 & energy savings with artificial intelligence & Industry 4.0! ENERGY INTELLIGENCE FOR MANUFACTURING Energiency is the most innovative industrial energy performance analytics software on the market. Energiency is developed by 20 people in Rennes France, and was founded in 2013 by INRIA top data scientists and experimented engineers in manufacturing. Energiency is a technology dedicated to Industry 4.0, bringing together big data, cloud and artificial intelligence in order to enable big manufacturing companies to detect and achieve up to 20% new energy savings without Capex. In hyper-growth, winner of 30 Awards and designated Start-up …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics A.I.

23 5 21 30

[Automatic translation follows] The French union of industrial players in the agro-equipment and agro-environment sector AXEMA is the French union of industrial players in the agro-equipment and agri-environment sector. It brings together French manufacturers and importers of agricultural equipment from the different sectors of agricultural, plant and animal production, as well as producers and importers of equipment for the maintenance of green spaces. AXEMA has 240 companies divided between manufacturers (69%) and importers (31%). For any information relating to training and CQP Agroequipment, go to the page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cqp-agroequipement/

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: agritech

20 5 16 28
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

[Automatic translation follows] Science still matters! A place for sharing and meetings, the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie strives to help everyone, whatever their background, discover, understand and love science and technology, industrial know-how and their challenges. To this end, the City offers a rich and varied cultural offering aimed at audiences of all ages: fun and interactive temporary and permanent exhibitions, shows, a Science and Industry Library, a Children's City, a City of Health, a City of Trades, conferences, symposia and debates, spaces dedicated to new technologies and collaborative experiments with a Fab Lab and a Living Lab, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: deeptech

73 49 28 337
Pôle d'excellence cyber Pôle d'excellence cyber

[Automatic translation follows] Your trusted partner Cyberdefense / Cybersecurity The creation of the Cyber ​​Center of Excellence under the aegis of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Brittany Region, has the ambition to accelerate the construction of a sovereign cybersecurity-cyberdefense sector by promoting the achievements of the local Breton ecosystem. and by breaking down barriers and uniting structured universes (military/civilian, training-research/contractors, large groups/SME-ETI, etc.). The Cyber ​​Center of Excellence stimulates the provision of cyber training (whether initial, continuing or higher) so that each player has the necessary skills to meet the development needs of the sector. It promotes …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

36 16 20 28
Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes (LS2N) Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes (LS2N)

[Automatic translation follows] Joint public research unit (Nantes University, CNRS, Centrale Nantes, IMT Atlantique, Inria) The Nantes Digital Sciences Laboratory (LS2N) was created in January 2017 to meet the ambition of significantly advancing the visibility of digital sciences research in Nantes. The LS2N essentially results from the merger of the former UMR IRCCyN (Institute for Research in Communications and Cybernetics of Nantes) and LINA (Laboratoire d’Informatique de Nantes Atlantique). This new mixed research unit pools the research strengths in the digital field of three higher education establishments (Nantes University, Centrale Nantes, IMT Atlantique/Nantes campus), the CNRS and its partner Inria. …

Type: Public

11 7 0 75
Goupil Goupil

Electric utility vehicles Goupil is a company based in the South West of France created in 1996. Leader of electric utility vehicles, Goupil designs and manufactures tailored made solutions for local authorities, industrial sites, resorts and last mile delivery companies. Part of Polaris Group since 2011, Goupil vehicles (G2, G4 and G5) are distributed in 35 countries. Goupil key figures 17 000 vehicles produced / 1 100 clients in Europe 55M€ of turnover in 2018 / 70% of turnover from export market véhicule utilitaire électrique and constructeur automobile

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech

3 3 0 175