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[Automatic translation follows] A design, consulting and training office, AD FINE is committed to the transition to a sober and cooperative world. With recognized expertise, ISO 9001 and Qualiopi certified, AD FINE is an independent design, consulting and training office that has been supporting territories and organizations to integrate the energy and environmental transition for 10 years. For companies, AD FINE offers a strategic approach that considers site activities (energy, waste, water management, etc.) and the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle (eco -design). For the territories, AD FINE deploys a methodology anchored in the field to bring …

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ARP Astrance ARP Astrance

[Automatic translation follows] 🌱🏢 “CREATE REAL ESTATE AND CITIES WITH POSITIVE IMPACTS TOGETHER” 🏢🌱 Today ARP Astrance brings together more than 100 employees and acts as an advisor, AMO, project manager, environmental BE, ecologist on projects in development, renovations and existing buildings, as well as interior design. The company has set itself the objective of supporting the transformations of real estate in the face of challenges linked to new uses and changes in working methods, the quality of living together, the impacts and new trajectories due to climate change and from the decline of biodiversity, to the development and opportunities …

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Octarine Bio Octarine Bio

We're harnessing nature to drive sustainable solutions Pioneering new sustainable bio-based ingredients Synthetic Biology, Fermentation, Yeast metabolism, Plant metabolism, and Metabolic engineering

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Spacetek Technology AG Spacetek Technology AG

Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Technology REAL-TIME, IN-LINE, SENSITIVE! We bring compact and sensitive time-of-flight mass spectrometry from space to Earth to the control of industrial processes, product quality, and water safety. Through groundbreaking innovations, our instruments redefine real-time analysis of gases and liquids, enabling higher process efficiency, best product quality and a clean and safe environment. mass spectrometry, electronics, FPGA, software, time-of-flight, water quality, semiconductors, coating, vacuum, and chemical analysis

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Venterra Group Venterra Group

Helping Wind Power Grow Our purpose is to help the world’s energy transition through wind power. As the world decarbonises, demand for renewable energy, especially wind power, is soaring. In response, the scale and sophistication of renewable energy projects is increasing. Yet, the wind services market is highly fragmented, with many experienced but small thinly capitalised players needing support to grow and respond to expected demand. Venterra is building a best-in-class services company to meet this demand. We are acquiring and integrating select companies in the sector, adding our management expertise and capital to fuel expansion. Asset-light and technology driven, …

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Solsign Solsign

Powerful Location Intelligence for the Solar Industry Europe's only vetted solar origination marketplace - using AI and geospatial modelling to find land for solar projects. Solsign is a powerful, scalable and multi-channel location intelligence tool transforming how land is assessed, valued and marketed for renewable energy projects. The platform uses advanced geospatial techniques and proprietary algorithms to quickly give an indication of the viability of any piece of land as a renewable energy project.

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Marts Marts

Marts is the simple, more sustainable way to buy, manage, and reuse hardware at scale. Marts is the simple, more sustainable way to buy, manage, and reuse hardware at scale.

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T1 Solutions | Società Benefit T1 Solutions | Società Benefit

We sea the difference. T1 Solutions is an innovative Italian clean tech startup that aims to protect the marine ecosystem through the study and use of polyurethanes to address issues caused by hydrocarbon spills in water and land. T1 Solutions is the creator and owner of the innovative new technology of FoamFlex - an advanced spongy material capable of absorbing large amounts of oil, up to 30 times its own weight, quickly and effectively. FoamFlex represents an effective, efficient and sustainable solution that can be reused up to 200 times with a view to creating a circular economy, and capable …

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Planboo Planboo

Carbon Removal with Biochar Planboo is a biochar carbon removal company. We generate high quality carbon dioxide removal credits with biochar from bamboo and other plant waste. Our solution supports the scaling up of the carbon removal market with additionality and co-benefits in the Global South.

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algoWatt algoWatt

GreenTech Solution TerniEnergia is active in the energies from renewable sources business, particularly in the photovoltaic segment, where it operates as a system integrator. The Issuer, through a business model that provides for the integration and control of the entire process (marketing, design, installation and maintenance of systems) offers systems on a “turnkey” basis. Starting in 2007, the Company, through investees, added to the system integrator activity the production of electrical energy through the conversion of solar energy. The photovoltaic systems built by the Issuers generally have a power rating above 20 kWp. TerniEnergia mainly targets nationwide industrial groups, municipal …

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Groots Groots

[Automatic translation follows] 🌱 We are the green revolution: vertical agriculture, real sustainability, social impact. 🌱 We are the green revolution: vertical agriculture, real sustainability, social impact.

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EcoBean EcoBean

Turning coffee waste into sustainable chemicals We are a technology company, a start-up from Warsaw University of Technology, that extends the coffee value chain and makes it more sustainable by introducing a circular economy and reducing CO2 emissions. Our solution is based on spent coffee grounds collection service which we process into green raw materials and products. In EcoBean we believe in product innovations that drive large scale changes and improvements to the environment, people and the planet. Enjoy your coffee and help us turn waste into raw materials! Cup after cup, after cup.

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Eranovum Eranovum

We deliver the full lifecycle of clean and sustainable energy projects. Eranovum es un grupo empresarial español dedicado a acelerar la transición hacia una nueva era energética, en la que las energías renovables, el autoconsumo y la electromovilidad serán esenciales y predominantes. La actividad de la empresa como productor independiente de energía incluye la inversión, el desarrollo y la explotación de plantas solares fotovoltaicas, parques eólicos e instalaciones de almacenamiento. Como operador de puntos de recarga, la empresa ofrece soluciones integrales a sus socios inmobiliarios, que incluyen infraestructuras de recarga para vehículos eléctricos e instalaciones de autoconsumo en la misma …

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enzum enzum

Reducing energy waste through Machine Learning & AI Welcome to Enzum, where we're harnessing the power of advanced AI to revolutionise the energy sector. Founded by women, Enzum is at the forefront of innovation, providing highly accurate energy demand forecasts and grid optimisation solutions for the Eastern European market. Our Transformer-based AI models, customised dashboards and detailed reporting help energy companies to reduce overproduction and minimise wastage, leading to both economic and environmental benefits. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, we proudly champion equality, empowering all identities in tech and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

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powering the future AMPHERR AG is designing and manufacturing battery packs for buses, trucks, construction machines, energy sector and marine industry. All of our products have standart liquid thermal management with CAN 2.0A based BMS supervision. Starting from 20kWh going up to 120kWh on one package, based on different cell chemistries like LTO, NMC and LFP we are fulfilling the needs of OEM with and exact match to their requirements

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Διαχειριστής Ελληνικού Δικτύου Διανομής Ηλεκτρικής Ενέργειας Α.Ε. HEDNO S.A. Διαχειριστής Ελληνικού Δικτύου Διανομής Ηλεκτρικής Ενέργειας Α.Ε. HEDNO S.A.

Connecting every corner of Greece through energy HEDNO was established in 2012 after the spin-off of the Distribution Segment of PPC S.A. Today it is a 100% subsidiary of PPC S.A., but organizationally and functionally independent Company. Through the Medium and Low Voltage networks, HEDNO delivers electricity to 7.49 million customers, while the Company manages the High Voltage networks in Attiki and in the Non-Interconnected islands. In terms of number of customers served and the total length of the network lines, 240,000 km-nearly six times the earth΄s perimeter- HEDNO is one of the largest Distribution Companies in the EU. HEDNO …

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FlexSea FlexSea

Redefining single-use plastic packaging with an innovative seaweed-derived material FlexSEA is a sustainable-packaging company aiming to replace traditional petroleum plastic film with an innovative natural material derived from seaweed. Our transparent, resistant material is degradable in marine, soil and home-composting environments and is also edible. We want to redefine the way people see plastic packaging. We want to innovate and change the way we see and use plastics. At FlexSea we believe the packaging of the future to be a packaging that is born in nature, serves its purpose, and returns to nature in a harmless way. A packaging that …

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technologies for decarbonization and direct air capture We manufacture and sell machines that capture CO2 from the ambient air (DAC). The ambient air is fed into the machine, the CO2 it contains is separated and kept ready for further use as a valuable raw material for the production of powerfuels.

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Voltan Lähienergia Voltan Lähienergia

[Automatic translation follows] Clean and cost-effective district heating and cooling for Finnish homes We are a Finnish producer of local energy for large residential properties. Voltan organizes clean and reliable heating and cooling based on geothermal energy for apartment buildings and townhouses. We finance and implement the systems, and are responsible for their operation and maintenance. As end users, the residents of the housing association only pay the bill for the energy used - without system investments of hundreds of thousands of euros or complex construction projects.

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BioTwin BioTwin

We design, develop and foster materials innovation to enable sustainable building for a better future. We are passionate about the spaces you don’t see in a building. This can be between the walls or behind the boards – all these materials have a huge carbon impact. But out of sight, out of mind. We want to change that. We want to innovate, collaborate and make a difference in construction. Our vision is to see the fabric of every building and structure in the world to be made up of less carbon intensive materials. From wall studs to plasterboards, beams to …

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Volta Groupe Volta Groupe

Energy solutions for territories The Volta group is a 100% renewable electricity producer with c. 100MWp in exploitation or under construction and a pipeline of c. 500MWp mainly in Europe and Indian Ocean. The group develops, builds and operates a portfolio of renewable energy projects around three major axes: - PV in France with a particular track-record on rooftops with more than 200 operating assets and a similar volume under construction/development ; - Wind in France with a focus on repowering situations ; - International (Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Poland) etc...

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DeakinBio DeakinBio

Advanced materials, inspired by nature. Taking inspiration from natural materials such as sea shells, ivory and pearl - we produce sustainable alternatives to ceramic tiles.

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Metalchemy Metalchemy

Revolutionising nanotechnology for a greener future, we enable technologies to reduce carbon emissions. Revolutionising nanotechnology for a greener future. nanomaterials, chemistry, chemical engineering, and nanotechnology

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Vivid Edge Vivid Edge

Delivering turnkey decarbonisation projects "as a service" At Vivid Edge, we're helping large organisations reduce carbon footprint at zero out of pocket cost. You could be wasting 15-30% of your energy by using inefficient equipment, based on industry norms. This means sub optimal: - Operational resilience - Carbon emissions - Wellness environments We help you tap into these lost savings and fund upgrades without using your capital. As part of our model, we upgrade your energy using infrastructure such as heating, cooling, lighting and control systems. You pay a monthly service fee that is covered by the energy savings otherwise …

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inoqo inoqo

We assess the impact of food products across 8 dimensions, so that F&B players can become sustainability leaders. In a world of over-, mis- or blurred information, inoqo provides retailers, brands, and their consumers with scientific data on the environmental, social, and biodiversity impacts of grocery products. Founded in 2020, inoqo is a Retail Solution which enables grocery retailers, Food and Beverage (F&B) brands and suppliers to calculate the socio-environmental impact of their products and ingredients, subsequently helping them optimize their assortment. We also assist with communicating the results of the assessment to the customer through product labels that convey …

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Ratio Energy Ratio Energy

Transform Your Energy We're Ratio Energy, and our aim is simple: to make renewable energy more accessible and efficient. Through our products, RatioSIM, RestEMS and TradeOpt we provide end-to-end energy optimization and simulation for energy storage and distributed energy resources. energy storage, microgrid, mining optimization, off-grid energy solutions, energy efficiency solutions, energy forecasting, energy optimization, Digital Transformation, Machine Learning, Energy AI, and Linear Programming

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Nala Earth Nala Earth

The Platform for Nature & Biodiversity Management Nala empowers companies to measure, manage and report their impact on nature & biodiversity. Become a force of nature and start your journey towards a nature positive business! >> Reach out to us, if you are interested in joining our Pilot Customer Programm with your Company! >> Make sure to check out our open jobs here: https://nala-earth.jobs.personio.com/ We are looking forward to hearing from you! Nature, Biodiversity, and Water

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The Landbanking Group The Landbanking Group

Nature delivers 140 trn USD worth of services every year - for free. She needs a better bank*. The Landbanking Group has been initiated as a moonshot project to revolutionize the way land is being valued and used by land stewards at a moment where ecosystem services are critical prerequisites for equitable, resilient and climate compatible prosperity and peace. The Landbanking Group is committed to the SDGs, the Paris Climate Agreement and the biodiversity targets of the High Ambition Coalition. It is a private, social-benefit company that brings together leading scientists, company builders, technology experts and investors. Disclaimer: The Landbanking …

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Beta Bugs Limited Beta Bugs Limited

Making Better Insects. Beta Bugs is a cutting edge biotechnology company that produces enhanced insect strains for the growing insect farming industry. The domesticated, optimised strains we produce provide benefits at all levels of the production chain ensuring the industry is both more profitable and sustainable. We accelerate the evolution of the organisms to create traits that ensure greatly superior final products. biotechnology, sustainability, circular economy, insectfarming, and blacksoldierfly

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Numbat GmbH Numbat GmbH

The most sustainable High-Power Charging station with integrated battery storage. HPC: anywhere & anytime! Numbat is a clean-tech company from Kempten (Allgäu). The competence lies in the development and production, as well as the operation of High Power charging solutions with integrated battery storage system. The goal is to establish Europe's densest High Power charging infrastructure to support e-mobility and its challenges. The battery storage reduces electricity costs and eases the burden on grids, while the integrated fast charging station allows customers/visitors/employees to fully charge their electric vehicles within 15 minutes. Depending on the location, the Numbats can be provided …

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Ampacimon Ampacimon

Ampacimon is a global leader in grid monitoring solutions to optimize T&D assets. Ampacimon is a global leader in grid monitoring solutions to optimize T&D assets. Ampacimon’s mission “Smart solutions for a Dynamic grid”, is to help grid operators unlock economic and operational value from their existing infrastructure by applying a range of technology products and services that safely maximizes their capacity and usage. Ampacimon’s products address grid infrastructure challenges such as aging assets, transmissions congestion, renewable integration, interconnectors. Ampacimon provides a range of products to T/DSOs and other energy-intensive industries to optimize high and medium voltage over-head lines, underground …

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Capalo AI Capalo AI

We offer AI-based multi-market optimization for battery energy storage systems. Unlock the Full Potential of Renewables. We are a sustainable tech company that maximizes the value of distributed energy storage systems across multiple markets. Our optimization platform controls battery fleets, finding the best revenues and balancing energy grids to enable more renewables.

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Skoon Energy Skoon Energy

Skoon Energy is the leading AI-powered software platform for clean mobile energy. Skoon Energy is a pioneering online marketplace that is reshaping the clean mobile energy landscape. Our mission is to drive the global transition to sustainable energy by connecting energy providers and consumers through our data-driven software platform. By facilitating the efficient utilisation and distribution of clean mobile energy systems, we empower industries, film sets, and grid operators to make significant strides towards a cleaner future. At Skoon Energy, we understand the urgent need for flexible and accessible energy solutions. Our cutting-edge platform serves as a digital hub where …

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Kausal Kausal

Turn climate goals into actions Kausal Watch web publishing platform collects all the data on the actions that your city is taking for climate mitigation. It helps your city to shift from traditional retrospective reporting into real-time monitoring. Kausal Watch works for both internal and external communication gathering all the relevant information in one place. Creating a common situation overview of the climate actions and emissions enables effective management of climate strategy. Kausal offers the platform setup, continuous maintenance and training.

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Purpose Purpose

End-to-end solution for energy renovation and long-term ESG management. End-to-end solution for energy renovation and long-term ESG management. Transforming properties into sustainable assets, providing energy-efficient upgrades, green subsidies & financing, and comprehensive, ongoing ESG management. Ensuring lasting value, reduced environmental impact, and peace of mind for property owners and asset managers. ESG, Sustainability, Green Building, Residential, Commercial, and Investment

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Klimate.co Klimate.co

On a mission to scale the carbon removal industry by connecting projects and buyers with efficient financing. We are in business to reverse climate change by removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as possible, as permanently as possible. At Klimate, we help companies achieve Net Zero by combining the world's best carbon removal methods into portfolios that match our clients' budgets and ambitions. Through Klimate's portfolios, companies can remove CO2 from the atmosphere that corresponds to their unavoidable emissions. This helps scale these much-needed carbon removal methods that are crucial to reverse global warming. carbon capture, biochar, and Direct …

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CMBlu Energy CMBlu Energy

🔋 Organic SolidFlow™ Batteries – Energy Storage Inspired by Nature CMBlu Energy develops and produces high-performance batteries for energy utility companies, grid operators as well as commercial and industrial demand. 🔋 Our Organic SolidFlow batteries use carbon-based molecules and are free from critical, flammable, or explosive materials, including lithium, making them: ✔️ safe, ✔️ scalable, ✔️ affordable, ✔️ recyclable, ✔️ and long-lasting. With the Organic SolidFlow battery, we deliver an extremely safe and sustainable key technology for the energy transition and a broad number of applications, including but not limited to: ☀️ Renewable power generation 🔌 EV charging infrastructure 🏭 …

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Citadia Citadia

[Automatic translation follows] Created in 1997, CITADIA is a major national player in studies and consultancy in town planning and development. Made up of 5 companies - Citadia Conseil, Even Conseil, Merc/AT, Aire Publique and Citadia Design - the CITADIA group works with public and private clients in all key areas of town planning, territorial strategy and projects. urban. The group has belonged to SCET (a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts) since June 2017 and benefits from the expert support of 5 subsidiaries with complementary skills: - Strategy & territorial planning - Urban project - Ecological and energy transition - …

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Alter_AnjouLoireTerritoire Alter_AnjouLoireTerritoire

[Automatic translation follows] Alter, concentrates in one place all the skills necessary to design the territory of tomorrow in Anjou Alter, a plural and singular company, is shaping the future of the region. It works for and with communities, to stimulate and support local dynamism. It is an actor of the general interest in perpetual movement in favor of territorial development. Three core businesses, the same consistency At the same time developer, builder and manager, Alter is a unique project owner serving the territory. Alter provides multiple responses to local authorities in Maine-et-Loire in terms of development, construction and management …

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[Automatic translation follows] The association of energy professionals... for sustainable, controlled energy and environmentally friendly ATEE Technical Energy Environment Association comprising several activities: Energie Plus, specialist magazine on energy 4 Professional clubs: Biogas Club Cogeneration Club Energy Savings Certificates Club Energy Storage Club Biogas, Energy efficiency, Cogeneration, Energy storage, Energy management, Power to gas, Pyrogasification, PRO-SMEn, PROREFEI, Energy savings certificates, CEE, Energy, Environment, and Industry

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Delta Mu Delta Mu

Where Smart Metrology is born... Accompagnement, formation et logiciels de métrologie Services and softwares designed for metrology Established since 1998 in Clermont-Ferrand (France), Delta Mu develops high quality services and softwares for the management and calibration of measuring instruments. The company is a leading provider of solutions in metrology for improving quality and efficiency and offers a large range of products and services : - calibration, management of the measuring means, optimisation of the intervals of calbration, evaluation of the uncertainties - trainings to increase your knowledge of measurement uncertainty, interlaboratory comparisons, defintion of the Calibration Frequency (Interval) of Measurement …

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Clean Horizon Clean Horizon

The one-stop shop energy storage expert consultancy. Clean Horizon was started in 2009 as a one-stop shop energy storage consultancy. Headquartered in Paris, France, and with an office in Miami, Florida Clean Horizon has been one of the earliest entrants in the storage space worldwide. Clean Horizon is the only boutique consultancy worldwide to offer both market analysis and technical consultancy on storage and hydrogen projects. Energy Storage, Innovation, Market analysis, Business Development, Technical Consulting, Energy Storage Database, and Hydrogen

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Keran Keran

A global approach for sustainable development of our environment Keran is an independent group composed of four companies – Sce, Creocean, Groupe Huit and Naomis – with complementary expertise and unified by shared values and ambitions. This successful and innovative ambition started 30 years ago, with the wager to create a working synergy between urban planning, infrastructure, environment and digital technology. Expanding urban development, pressures on coastal zones, changes in rural areas create multiple and complex challenges: new mobility, resources preservation, risk management, energy transition, obsolete infrastructure… Keran has developed a truly unique panel of skills that enable public and …

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Gaz d'aujourd'hui Gaz d'aujourd'hui

[Automatic translation follows] 📰Daily-Specialized press Energy news Focus on the gas, renewables and hydrogen sector Gaz d’hui is a written and web press title specializing in energy. It delivers daily news on the energy sector and the public policies associated with it in France, Europe and around the world. The natural gas, renewable gas and hydrogen sectors are more specifically covered, as well as a number of cross-cutting themes linked to the energy transition. It strives to decipher national and international public policies and uses in terms of energy and climate. And more specifically those around natural gas, biogas, biomethane …

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Look Sharp PR Look Sharp PR

[Automatic translation follows] Tailor-made press and public relations for transition stakeholders Look Sharp is rich in the meeting between different personalities. From associated skills and experiences emerges a common vision of the communication professions: proactive, relevant and committed. Look Sharp is a start-up with the experience of large agencies. Our approach is motivated by a desire to serve the interests of our clients through campaigns intended to bring them closer to their audiences. The agency stands out for its global approach based on the business objectives of its clients. From there, we provide our advice, and can range from content …

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Alsace Nature Alsace Nature

Alsace Nature is a government administration company based out of 8 RUE ADÈLE RITON, Strasbourg, France.

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MAIAGE - Maintenance Industrielle Assainissement Gestion Environnementale MAIAGE - Maintenance Industrielle Assainissement Gestion Environnementale

[Automatic translation follows] Men and companies in environmental maintenance Through its 6 specialty unions or associations, the MAIAGE federation today brings together more than 600 companies and establishments, representing 80% of a profession employing 12,000 employees and generating a turnover of nearly 1.2 billion euros. . Companies in the sector specialize in three areas: Sanitation It is all the activities allowing the collection, transport, treatment and evacuation of residual water. There are two types of sanitation: collective sanitation for the evacuation of water in networks, and non-collective sanitation for the autonomous evacuation of this water. Operators can be hired in …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Water management

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Nous faisons aujourd’hui l’eau de demain At CHEMDOC our specialty is to design and manufacture high-tech equipment for the filtration, purification and demineralization of industrial water and for the treatment of drinking water. Our recognized expertise in membrane technologies and water chemistry enables us to meet all the needs of the industrial water cycle and drinking water for communities as well as desalination on seawater and brackish water This know-how in design and manufacturing is completed by a strong expertise in services and solutions for industrial cooling systems and heat networks. Our project engineering department allows us to respond to …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Water management

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Manutan-Collectivités Manutan-Collectivités

[Automatic translation follows] We are working for a better world with educational establishments, communities and the medico-social sector. Business Supplies and Equipment retailer and distance seller. 8 different locations all around France. Website http://www.manutan-collectivites.fr/ Sector Goods and equipment for businesses Kind Limited liability company (SRL) size of the company 201-500 employees professional office furniture and equipment for communities, educational and medical-social establishments

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[Automatic translation follows] An independent French company, VITOGAZ FRANCE is a distributor of propane gas, butane and LPG fuel. Independent French company, VITOGAZ FRANCE is a distributor of butane and propane gas in tanks and bottles, as well as the alternative fuel LPG-c. Working alongside our individual and professional customers for over 80 years, we are part of the French Rubis group. VITOGAZ FRANCE is: - an adjusted propane gas price, through our control of the entire gas chain, - local advisors who come to meet you and best define your needs, - Customer Service based in France and certified …

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[Automatic translation follows] Vegeplast specializes in the design and manufacturing of bioplastics. How to provide a solution for waste recycling? Bioplastics are part of environmentally friendly solutions thanks to end-of-life composting. Compost is an excellent fertilizer and soil builder. How to combat the greenhouse effect? By abandoning fossil resources for renewable resources. All this is an industrial reality, today Vegeplast or its partners produce capsules, trays, products for agriculture... bioplastic, thermoplastic injection, biodegradable plastic, and nespresso compatible capsules

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Premices and co Premices and co

[Automatic translation follows] Interior design and architecture agency specializing in circular economy. Premices and co (design and ecology) 1. Interior design and architecture space design agency; object design; scenography; signage; research and development; manufacturing workshops. 2. An agency specializing in the circular economy, it favors responsible design based on the valorization of what is already reused; recycling ; reuse; participatory; renewable energies. The agency brings together designers Camille Chardayre, Amandine Langlois and Jérémie Triaire, all three graduates of the École Boulle. Created in 2012 in Paris, hosted at Ateliers de Paris between 2013 and 2015 under the name Collectif Prémices, …

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VALGO Groupe - Sites et sols pollués VALGO Groupe - Sites et sols pollués

[Automatic translation follows] Revitalizes polluted sites and soils An international mid-sized company, the VALGO Group's mission is to decontaminate and clean up industrial sites and wastelands. Since its creation in 2004 by François Bouché, VALGO has developed its offerings by offering a 360 solution: audits, services to industries and revitalization of sites degraded by pollution. The objective? Giving them a new life in a long-term ecosystem: that’s #revitalization ✅ The DNA of the VALGO Group? EARTH DOCTOR 💚 VALGO has developed its expertise both in active places such as hospitals, as well as in protected natural areas or even to …

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Veolia Eau d'Ile-de-France Veolia Eau d'Ile-de-France

[Automatic translation follows] Veolia Eau d'Île-de-France is the delegatee of the Syndicat des Eaux d'Île-de-France (SEDIF) in charge of the public drinking water service. At Veolia Eau d’Île-de-France, we have more than 1,400 employees. Our mission is to supply drinking water to more than 4.7 million inhabitants in 150 municipalities in Ile-de-France. We distribute more than 780,000 m3 (or 780 million liters/day) every day thanks to more than 8,700 km of regularly maintained pipes.

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It's not just oil analysis. It's what we do with it. IESPM GROUP is a leading player in Europe and the world in oil condition monitoring : Research, Testing, Analysis, Diagnoses on all types of fluids (oils, greases, fuels, dielectric fluids, coolants, brake fluids, etc.). 1 R&D laboratory in Belgium and 2 laboratories in France. Analyse d'huile, Analyse de carburant, Analyse des fluides diélectriques, Analyse de lubrifiants, Analyse de graisse, Analyse de soluble, Laboratoire d'analyse, Analyse de fluides industriels, Diagnostic, Expertise, Formations, Formations aux prélèvements, Organisme de formation, Analyse liquide de refroidissement, maintenance 4.0, laboratoire industriel, surveillance des équipements, maintenance …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Industry 4.0

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[Automatic translation follows] Business accelerator for energy renovation professionals! SFERENO is a software solution designed to facilitate energy renovation studies. The architecture chosen is that of a web application, offering numerous advantages and services (better interaction between users and development team; more frequent and automatic updates in order to be as close as possible to your needs; flexibility of use , etc.) We developed SFERENO to allow you to save time on your studies (Th-C-E Ex calculation method), while maintaining an impeccable quality level. It is this element that will make your activity economically viable, while best meeting the needs …

Type: Media SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: SaaS

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Groupe Brangeon Groupe Brangeon

[Automatic translation follows] Partner of the Future Created in 1919, the Brangeon Group, an independent family business, is present in the Greater West of France. The company specializes in 2 professions: Transport and logistics, as well as the collection, recycling and recovery of materials. The Brangeon Group offers its customers tailor-made and innovative services, while playing the role of local partner across all of its activities. Its 1,300 employees put their motivations and skills at the service of the company on a daily basis. Likewise, they share common values: Respect, Authenticity and Will to undertake. To support its growth, the …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: New Materials

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Enablon Enablon

Enablon, part of Wolters Kluwer's Corporate Performance & ESG division, is the world's leading provider of integrated software solutions for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management, Operational Excellence, and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). The business helps create a better world by making organizations responsible, productive, and safe through innovative technology. Hundreds of industry-leading enterprises and millions of users worldwide rely on Enablon's solutions to minimize risks, increase worker safety, prevent incidents from happening, achieve regulatory compliance, and reduce their environmental impact. Wolters Kluwer Enablon empowers leading organizations to make better decisions, every single day. …

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Banque privée Neuflize OBC. Conseil, financement et gestion d'actifs au service des entrepreneurs et des familles. A unique banking model Founded in 1667, Banque Neuflize OBC is linked to the great names of industry and private banking. True to the values established by its founders, it combines the profession of banker with that of civic responsibility. Banque Neuflize OBC stands out from the crowd through an all-round approach to wealth based on an integrated vision of private and business assets. Our advisory offering combined with our investment and financial offering make us the privileged partner of high-end clients with ten …

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[Automatic translation follows] The accelerator of start-ups and deeptech companies by Air Liquide 🎯 ACCELAIR's mission: to enable start-ups and deeptech companies to accelerate their development and the industrialization of their offering by benefiting from all of Air Liquide's expertise and an ecosystem of academic and industrial partners. These start-ups develop innovative technologies in areas linked to energy and environmental transition, industry 4.0, aeronautics, agri-food, green chemistry and even health. The ACCELAIR experience to boost the development of innovative projects: 📌Located at the heart of the Paris-Saclay innovation ecosystem ➡ ️Access individualized, equipped and secure experimental laboratories, facilities on the …

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Enosis Enosis

[Automatic translation follows] Converting waste and CO2 into methane through biological methanation ENOSIS develops and markets equipment that makes it possible to recycle CO2 and produce renewable gas, substitutable for natural gas in all its applications: mobility, heat and electricity production, industry. Renewable gas can be consumed on site, or injected and stored in gas networks for consumption elsewhere, later. CO2 can come from gases from the processing of waste (biogas, syngas) or be captured in chimney smoke. To convert CO2, ENOSIS is developing an innovative biological technology based on microorganisms: biomethanation. The equipment developed by ENOSIS can also serve …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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[Automatic translation follows] TRI-O offers you optimal management of your office waste. Specializing in the optimal sorting of office waste, particularly in the collection, sorting and recycling of cardboard and office paper, TRI-O supports you throughout the entire process of processing and recycling your waste. Office Waste Collection, Office Waste Management, Customer Advice, and Reporting

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Sésame Sésame

[Automatic translation follows] 🌎 For more than 20 years, Sésame has been supporting its clients internationally. Monitoring/Infrastructure/Compliance/Foot d’Elles Created in 1998, Sésame helps you decipher the international environment, identify commercial projects as early as possible, and analyze your image on the web. - Market/competition analyzes Sésame responds to the growing needs of companies to anticipate and react to rapid changes in their environment and competition - E-reputation Sésame helps you monitor and analyze the image of your brand on the Internet and supports you in your e-communication strategy - Sustainable development Sésame supports companies that wish to innovate in exercising …

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Junior CentraleSupélec Junior CentraleSupélec

Élue Meilleure Junior-Entreprise française en 2021 et 2022. Nous donnons vie à vos projets. Junior CentraleSupélec is one of the Junior-Entreprises of CentraleSupelec, merger of Centrale Paris and Supélec, which belong to the Top 5 French Engineering Schools. JCS is administrated like a consulting cabinet offering its clients the technical skills of more than 4200 consultants, future graduated engineers of CentraleSupélec, in a very large set of fields : computer sciences, electronics, energy, signal processing, audit and technical consulting, sustainable development and technical translation. Your stakes are ours. Our ambition : bring your projects to life. ● JE of the …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Carbon Revolution Carbon Revolution

Technology company & tier one OEM supplier of the world's first one piece carbon fibre wheel to the auto industry. Carbon Revolution is an Australian technology company, which has successfully innovated, commercialised and industrialised the advanced manufacture of carbon fibre wheels for the global automotive industry. The Company has progressed from single prototypes to designing and manufacturing lightweight wheels for cars and SUVs in the high performance, premium and luxury segments, for the world’s most prestigious automotive brands. Carbon Revolution is creating a significant and sustainable advanced technology business that supplies its lightweight wheel technology to automotive manufacturers around the …

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[Automatic translation follows] Towards more sustainable mobility: ecological, automated and shared | WE ARE RECRUITING >>> See you on our website! The VEDECOM Institute for Energy Transition (ITE) is a public-private partnership foundation dedicated to innovative and sustainable mobility, that is to say more ecological, more autonomous and better shared. It is commissioned by the State to support technological innovation and French industrial sectors engaged in the mobility of the future. Based on an unprecedented collaboration of more than 50 actors, it brings together academic establishments, local authorities and various private actors impacted by the evolution of mobility: automobiles, public …

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Le Normandurable Le Normandurable

[Automatic translation follows] The event to recruit, inform and energize the transition network in Normandy. THE SUSTAINABLE NORMANDY, THE EVENT THAT ACCELERATES THE TRANSITION • Act today to prepare for tomorrow The ecological transition is more than ever at the heart of general concerns. As an organization, you also have your role to play! Le Normandurable is the meeting place for professionals involved in the transition. A unique opportunity to discover concrete solutions, meet experts from different sectors (building, energy, food, textiles, etc.), develop your professional network, and recruit new talents! In 2022, the event is a partner of the …

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Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber

For a fair, equitable and environmentally sound natural rubber value chain. The Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber is an international, multistakeholder, voluntary membership organisation, with a mission to lead improvements in the socioeconomic and environmental performance of the natural rubber value chain. naturalrubber, smallholders, and sustainability

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Waterschap Rijn en IJssel Waterschap Rijn en IJssel

[Automatic translation follows] We take care of the water in your area. Safe, clean, not too dry and not too wet. The Rijn en IJssel Water Board provides the water in East Gelderland, the south of Overijssel and the southeast of the Veluwe. So that everyone can do business, live and recreate safely there. Safe, clean, not too dry and not too wet. We do this by managing the (ground)water level, purifying sewage water and ensuring clean water in streams, ditches and rivers. Dike management, Water quantity management, Water quality management, and Waterway management

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[Automatic translation follows] CHEC is currently classified as a mixed public service company, with administrative, patrimonial and budgetary autonomy, subject to the general regime applicable to public service companies and the special rules that govern companies in the electricity sector. The company's objective is to provide essential public energy services, including public home electricity service, through the Generation, Distribution and Marketing businesses. In addition, the marketing of all types of products, goods or services for the benefit or interest of users of public services, which may be marketed or sold with or without payment deadlines. CHEC's coverage area covers the …

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Amman Imman: Water is Life Amman Imman: Water is Life

Empowering and supporting Africa’s most vulnerable indigenous peoples Amman Imman empowers and helps preserve Africa’s most vulnerable indigenous peoples and engages students worldwide as socially conscious leaders. Through our Africa-based program, Oases of Life, we establish points of civilization that flourish, beginning with the construction of permanent water sources. Our programs emphasize the role of women and youth as a guiding force for societal stability, optimism, and resilience. Amman Imman’s Guiding Principles: * To serve as a leading advocate for Africa’s most vulnerable indigenous populations. * To raise awareness and garner the support of government and non-governmental partners, as a …

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ICRS | The Institute of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability ICRS | The Institute of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

The UK’s professional body for corporate responsibility and sustainability The Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) is the UK’s professional body for corporate responsibility and sustainability. ​ We help Individual Members develop their careers by setting professional standards, qualifying their experience, recognising their achievements, facilitating access to a network of peers, and supporting them through continuing professional development (CPD). We help Organisational Members demonstrate their commitment to responsible and sustainable business, share good practice, and build their understanding of CR and sustainability at our member events. Want to hear about the latest CR and sustainability news, events, learning opportunities …

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Energy Networks Association (ENA) Energy Networks Association (ENA)

We represent the companies which operate the electricity wires, gas pipes and energy system in the UK and Ireland. We represent the companies which operate the electricity wires, gas pipes and energy system in the UK and Ireland. EU and UK energy policy and regulation, engineering and standards, Electricity, Gas, netzero, energy, national infrastructure, energy networks, and UK energy policy

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LCP Delta LCP Delta

Supporting the energy sector to drive the transition. We are a specialist energy transition practice, supporting clients around the globe with a range of needs in the energy sector. Our key areas of focus are: power market modelling, power trading, flexibility and storage, networks, electric vehicles, the decarbonisation of heat, connected homes, PV, distributed power and hydrogen. We offer our clients a 360° view across the full value-chain: from demand-side consumer propositions through to power system modelling, and from short-term trading analysis through to long-term forecasts. We work with a range of organisations in the energy sector, including utilities, operators, …

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Keep Wales Tidy Keep Wales Tidy

Caring for our environment together, now and for the future We’re Keep Wales Tidy – the charity working across Wales to protect our environment for now and for the future. We know a good quality environment matters to people and the benefits can have a big impact on our communities, health and well-being and economy. We take action to make a positive difference and our work ranges far and wide! We deliver practical action, environmental education, training, business services and environmental solutions across Wales. We help set the standards high for parks, beaches, marinas and tourism in Wales through our …

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POWERful Women POWERful Women

PfW is working for greater representation of women at the top of the UK's energy industry. Chaired by Katie Jackson, and run by the Energy Institute as project partner, POWERful Women (PfW) is working for a diverse, inclusive and gender-balanced energy industry in the UK. The energy sector is tackling a wide range of important issues – from energy security and affordability to building a more sustainable low carbon future. Because industry competitiveness relies on being able to attract and retain a diverse pool of talent capable of bringing fresh perspectives, PfW believes much stronger female representation is needed at …

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CIWEM (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) CIWEM (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management)

CIWEM is the leading royal chartered professional body dedicated to sustainable management of the environment, globally. Involving, Informing, Inspiring Our aim is to work towards a safer, sustainable world Our Mission is to build a global community of water and environmental professionals dedicated to working for the public benefit CIWEM is the leading international Royal Chartered professional body dedicated to the water and environment sector. We represent and support a community of thousands of members and organisations in 89 countries. All our members are dedicated to improving water and environmental management as well as associated social and cultural issues, for …

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Extinction Rebellion UK Extinction Rebellion UK

To drive radical change, through nonviolent resistance to minimise species extinction and avert climate breakdown Tell The Truth We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making. Act Now We are unprepared for the danger our future holds. We face floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failure, mass displacement and the breakdown of society. The time for denial is over. It is time to act. Conventional approaches of voting, lobbying, petitions and …

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Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

Informed debate on energy and climate change. The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit is a non-profit organisation that supports informed debate on energy and climate change issues in the UK. Climate change presents important challenges and opportunities to Britons in the decades ahead, while the choices we make on energy have implications for society, the economy and the climate system. We believe that debates on these issues should be underpinned by evidence, and involve the full range of stakeholders. We support journalists and other communicators with accurate and accessible briefings on key issues, and work with individuals and organisations that …

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Groundwork Groundwork

Groundwork takes practical action to create a fair and green future in which people, places, and nature thrive. Groundwork takes practical action to create a fair and green future in which people, places, and nature thrive. linktr.ee/groundworkuk Community development, Green Space, Youthwork, Employment, Sustainable living, and Energy Efficiency

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RenewableUK RenewableUK

The UK’s leading renewable energy trade association. RenewableUK members are building our future energy system, powered by clean electricity. We bring them together to deliver that future faster; a future which is better for industry, bill-payers, and the environment. We support over 400 member companies to ensure increasing amounts of renewable electricity are deployed across the UK and access markets to export all over the world. Our members are business leaders, technology innovators, and expert thinkers from right across industry. Onshore Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Energy, Small Wind Systems, Wave and Tidal Energy, Corporate Membership, Renewable Energy, Energy Systems, Energy …

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Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition

Where Industrial Robotics / Drones / Automation / Data Ops: AI/ML & Digital Twins Connect. The EDR Coalition and Annual Summit are focused on innovating energy operations with dynamic UAV, Robotics, Data and Automation solutions. The EDRC brings innovators together to advance the industry through digital resource sharing (like the bi-weekly Energy Drone & Robotics Newsroom, resources on the IE website, research reports, blogs, podcasts and webinars), as well as live events (including the annual EDR Summit and smaller meetups throughout the year). The EDRS is the only event exclusively focused on the business and technology of unmanned systems (aerial, …

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Climate Solutions Climate Solutions

Accelerating the transition to our clean energy future Climate Solutions mission is to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides. Our regional organizing approach is transforming the global warming debate in the region and laying the groundwork for a successful, multi-stakeholder climate action agenda. We’re generating fresh political momentum for energy and transportation solutions that benefit the region’s economy and quality-of-life. Climate change, clean energy, Public policy, and Climate action

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Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) Environmental Council of the States (ECOS)

The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) is the national nonprofit, nonpartisan association of state and territorial environmental agency leaders. The purpose of ECOS is to improve the capability of state environmental agencies and their leaders to protect and improve human health and the environment of the United States of America. Our belief is that state government agencies are the keys to delivering environmental protection afforded by both federal and state law. Further, we believe that ECOS plays a critical role in facilitating a quality relationship between federal and state agencies in the fulfillment of that mission. State Environmental Protection

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Veterans Advanced Energy Project Veterans Advanced Energy Project

Driving U.S. leadership by empowering military veterans who understand the importance of the evolving energy landscape The Veterans Advanced Energy Project is designed to drive U.S. leadership in advanced energy by recruiting, equipping and empowering military veterans who understand the importance of the evolving energy landscape to our future security and prosperity. The Veterans Advanced Energy Project is a managed by the Global Energy Center within the Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit | www.AtlanticCouncil.org Veterans, Energy, Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship

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Governor Jay Inslee Governor Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee, governor of Washington state. Focused on jobs, education, clean energy, and building a Washington that works for everyone.

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Citizens'​ Climate Lobby Citizens'​ Climate Lobby

Our solution to climate change? Democracy. Nonpartisan | Nonprofit | #GrassrootsClimate Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. We lobby in support of our Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal by building friendly relationships with our federally elected representatives. We do so with respect, appreciation and gratitude for their service. We believe politicians don’t create political will, they respond to it. We believe citizens who are well-trained, organized by Congressional district and with a good system of support can more than influence the political process. climate change, lobbying, global warming, …

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Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Niedersachsen Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Niedersachsen

[Automatic translation follows] We are your competent contacts for climate protection and energy efficiency in Lower Saxony. The Lower Saxony Climate Protection and Energy Agency is an interdisciplinary team of experts that wants to advance climate protection and the energy transition. We offer support, networking and communication, provide inspiration and develop a wide range of offers for professional dialogue with experts and the general public - in close cooperation with many regional partners. The Climate Protection and Energy Agency Lower Saxony GmbH is an institution of the state of Lower Saxony. It sees itself as a center of excellence in …

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German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

Hydrogen for a green future The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association was founded in 1996.

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The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners represents state public service commissions. NARUC is a non-profit organization founded in 1889 whose members include the governmental agencies that are engaged in the regulation of utilities and carriers in the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. NARUC's member agencies regulate telecommunications, energy, and water utilities. NARUC represents the interests of State public utility commissions before the three branches of the Federal government. telecommunications regulation, water regulation, energy regulation, utilities regulation, pipeline safety, and LNG

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OurEnergyPolicy OurEnergyPolicy

OurEnergyPolicy facilitates and promotes substantive, responsible dialogue on U.S. energy policy. The ways that Americans produce, distribute, use, and think about energy are more important to our nation’s future than ever before. But despite rapidly evolving financial, national security, and environmental realities – and significant advances in science and technology – our nation’s energy policies are not evolving adequately to meet the challenges of our changing world. The mission of OurEnergyPolicy is to facilitate substantive, responsible dialogue on energy policy issues, and provide this dialogue as a resource for the American people, policymakers, and the media. By bringing together energy …

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Non-profit regional energy efficiency organization advancing adoption of energy efficiency as a low-cost energy resource SPEER’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of advanced building systems and energy efficient products and services in the South-central US. Our purpose is to advance the understanding and adoption of energy efficiency as a low-cost energy resource; and to design, implement, coordinate, and support regional projects to promote high energy performance and clean distributed energy in the built environment. Energy Efficiency, Education, Outreach, Building Codes, High Performance Buildings, Policy, and Local Government

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Georgetown Climate Center Georgetown Climate Center

A leading resource for state and federal climate policy. The nonpartisan Georgetown Climate Center seeks to advance effective climate and energy policies in the United States and serves as a resource to state and local communities that are working to cut carbon pollution and prepare for climate change. The Center informs the development of state and federal policies that: -Reduce carbon pollution from power plants and stationary sources. -Support clean and resilient transportation options. -Help communities adapt to climate change. As part of Georgetown Law, the Center works extensively with government officials, academics, and an array of stakeholders. It analyzes …

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Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)

Ideas. Insights. Sustainable Solutions. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) is a nonprofit organization established in 1984 by a bipartisan Congressional caucus to provide timely, credible information for policymakers and influential stakeholders, and promote innovative environmental and energy solutions. Today, our mission is to advance science‐based solutions for climate change, energy, and environmental challenges in order to achieve our vision of a sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. renewable energy, climate change, policy, renewables, biofuels, energy efficiency, green buildings, sustainability, clean energy, global warming, bioenergy, transportation, and transit

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Ashden Ashden

Supporting climate innovation and accelerating transformative solutions to help build a more just world. Ashden's mission is to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world. Our awards, events, networks and analysis support climate innovation in the UK and developing countries around the globe. We back outstanding organisations and initiatives because on-the-ground solutions will drive the system changes our planet needs. We understand that the best climate solutions deliver enormous benefits today – benefits such as better health, higher incomes and more equal societies. For two decades the Ashden Awards have accelerated the most exciting climate innovators. We …

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Milieudefensie Milieudefensie

[Automatic translation follows] for change makers 🌎 For climate heroes, climate pushers, climate experts, climate strikers and climate doers. For a good life for all of us on a healthy earth. Are you also participating? environment, environmental protection, climate, nature, climate change, air quality, activism, TTIP and CETA, fossil-free energy, animal feed from the Netherlands, sustainability, deforestation, fair transition, economy, fair transition, campaigning, sustainable agriculture, climate justice, climate march, climate plan, and justice

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Environment Park Environment Park

[Automatic translation follows] Environmental solutions

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Urban ICT Arena Urban ICT Arena

An arena for creating, testing and showing the solutions for tomorrow’s sustainable cities. Part of Kista Science City. Located in Kista Science City, one of the world’s leading ICT-clusters, we are an arena for creating, testing and showing the solutions for tomorrow’s sustainable cities. Urban ICT Arena is a non-profit organization part of Kista Science City AB.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: greentech

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Hydrogen Sweden Hydrogen Sweden

Make it h2appen 🌎 Vätgas Sverige är en plattform för att driva på utvecklingen av vätgas i energisystemet. Hydrogen will play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The non-profit organization Hydrogen Sweden is the leading platform for hydrogen in Sweden. Through collaboration, we drive the role of hydrogen in the transition to a renewable energy system. We are bringing together stakeholders within the industry, R&D, the academic world as well as the public sector. Together with our exciting and active network, we make it possible. Hydrogen Sweden leads several future-oriented projects with focus on hydrogen. The projects are …

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Houdini Sportswear Houdini Sportswear

An odd band of friends from Sweden on a quest to reimagine the future of circular sportswear. Led by women since 1993. Whether you’re sailing a boat, pitching a tent or starting a revolution, you will have better luck if you bring some friends. Together with an odd band of scientists, artists, designers and adventurers, we are pushing the boundaries of how outdoor clothing is made. Together with our customers, we are recycling, renting, repairing and reusing our way to a new, sustainable outdoor industry. Let’s climb a mountain. Run a mile. Eat a cake. Start a band. Save the …

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