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The place to be design by les puces du design The place to be design by les puces du design

[Automatic translation follows] First historical market for the general public exclusively dedicated to design from the 50s to today 1999-2022 20 years & + Les Puces du Design was the first historical market exclusively dedicated to design from the 1950s to 2000. Since fall 2016, Les Puces du Design has evolved with a more marked international dimension and an openness to contemporary design. A pioneering spirit Les Puces du Design was the first European market solely dedicated to vintage design. Today, The place to be design Requirement and expertise: Since 1999, Les Puces du Design has defended the original design …

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City uxtech

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[Automatic translation follows] Digital at the service of humans Digital at the service of humans. We design and develop business applications to simplify the lives of organizations and employees.

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Kernix Kernix

[Automatic translation follows] Design and development of applications, products & digital services. Kernix is ​​a digital agency expert in web and mobile application development: www.kernix.com Kernix offers tailor-made solutions and supports its clients throughout their project: strategy & design ; design & ergonomics; development & accommodation; maintenance & developments. digital, data, digital transformation, design, development, consulting, maintenance, hosting, business solution, tailor-made, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ui design, ux design, e-commerce, design, web, Maintenance, and mobile application

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning A.I. - Deep Learning

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Jujotte Jujotte

[Automatic translation follows] Each use has its reason 🐙 Jujotte is a digital design agency in Nantes. We support you in the design of all types of digital services, from business tools to mobile or web applications. We believe that each use has its reason and that is why we build your projects together so that they best suit you, as well as the needs of your users. Audit, interface design, training, design sprint, our team will be able to respond to your request. You will find here: - Our news - Advice and articles - Feedback from our partners …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech

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[Automatic translation follows] We design electronics of the future Inocess designs complex electronic devices mainly in the field of people flow and energy management. It benefits from expertise in embedded and IoT systems, wireless sensor networks, dynamic power distribution, USB Type-C, inductive energy transfer, GaN-based system, microcontrollers, radio communications, low consumption, ATEX design, Edge Computing, and embedded machine learning. The design is entirely carried out by Inocess' internal teams, from the most upstream R&D phases to prototypes and pre-industrialization. Aware of the strong growth of the IoT sector and the strategic issues linked to energy and communications of embedded systems, …

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Embedded Systems IoT

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SilverTech, Inc. SilverTech, Inc.

Change the game. SilverTech is a digital experience company that redefines how businesses understand and engage with their customers. Here, you’ll find a mix of consultants, analysts, creatives, engineers, marketers and other smart professionals. What do we all have in common? We get things done right, using real tech and real people to produce real results. Two convenient office locations centered around Boston and Indianapolis, we have helped national and international clients transform their business for the digital age and unlock new possibilities for growth. CRM Integration, Salesforce Development, HubSpot, Scribe Software, and Application Development

Type: SMB Activities: silvertech uxtech Technologies: SaaS Data Analytics

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Netmarketing Strategy & Research Netmarketing Strategy & Research

NetMarketing Usability Experts. Integrating usability and online (direct) marketing, strategy development, usability research, human computer interaction, developing and implementing online direct marketing processes, integrating online (direct) marketing and usability, user centered design, research based development, user centered conversion rate improvement. conversion improvement, online direct marketing, blueprinting, Strategie, Digital Strategy, and CX & UX Research

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech martech

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Netguru Netguru

Netguru builds software that lets people do things differently. Netguru is a digital acceleration consultancy founded in 2008. Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently – offering digital acceleration tools, resources and know-how to companies of all shapes and sizes – to make beautifully designed digital products in a way that’s fast and fits their needs. Netguru provides consulting services in product development, creating software solutions, and product design. Since our founding in 2008, our team has completed more than 1000 projects and has 500+ people on board working from all over the world. Currently, Netguru collaborates …

Type: Large company Activities: IT Services healthtech entertainment fintech uxtech

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Springload Te Pipītanga Springload Te Pipītanga

We make beautiful, usable, useful digital products and experiences that enable change for good. Thanks for stopping by. We’re Springload — Wellington’s largest independently owned digital agency. We’re changing the way businesses, government, and not-for-profits work and connect. We do this through the clever use of technology and by taking a human-centred approach to everything we do. We improve the lives of our customers, colleagues and communities by making digital experiences that matter, better. user-centred web design and development, web design, web development, responsive design, UX design, user testing, digital strategy, and job vacancies

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech

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Netprofiler Netprofiler

Improving Digital Performance Netprofiler is een snelgroeiend bedrijf in de online marketing en heeft momenteel 60 specialisten in dienst die werken vanuit het kantoor in Amsterdam. We streven er naar om de online resultaten van onze klanten te verdubbelen. Om dit te bereiken bieden we de volgende diensten: 1.Website traffic genereren (Google AdWords / SEA, Zoekmachine optimalisatie / SEO, Workshops, Long Tail campagnes, linkbuilding, social media advertising, RTB, display advertising, email marketing), 2. Web analytics (pakket selectie, implementatie tools, rapportage en dashboard ontwikkeling, detachering, interpretatie, analyse en workshops/trainingen), 3. Usability & Conversie optimalisatie (Expert analyse, usability onderzoek, eyetrackting onderzoek, online …

Type: SMB Activities: martech uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Harvest GBI BV Harvest GBI BV

Harvest is a Dutch company working globally. With a group of experienced specialists we offer services for large enterprises, investors and startups. Advice; mentoring, coaching & feedback Sourcing; strategic alliances, customers & suppliers Deal making; strategic, legal & financial support incl. program management Market Research, Concept creation, Innovation sourcing, Go 2 market management, eco-system building, Business modelling, New Business Development, Vision development, Opportunity scouting, Organizational Efficiency, Customer Experience, and Revenu Opportunities

Type: SMB Activities: martech IT Services uxtech

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Toomba Digital Agency Toomba Digital Agency

Websites, Web applications, API's and iOS/Android apps, AI Solutions with Watson AI, Official Digital Kit Agent As a digital agency, our mission is to collaborate closely with our customers to design, build, and nurture innovative web solutions. By merging the aspirations and business expertise of our clients with our own knowledge, we empower their growth and success. At our core, we value long-term relationships and take pleasure in getting to know the individuals driving the companies we work with. We strongly believe that genuine interest in one another is crucial for creating real value. In our work, we place a …

Type: SMB Activities: martech IT Services uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Proto Proto

We are a new innovation and design consultancy that helps companies in the face of disruption. We are a new innovation consultancy that helps companies in the face of disruption. We exist to help incumbents and startups understand what makes them meaningful and create new relevance in rapidly changing contexts. We came together because disruptive change is more complex and multifaceted than ever before. Traditional consulting separates strategy from design, and design from execution. We use intersectional innovation. MBAs alone won’t solve 21st century challenges. Proto’s team is built upon the diverse skillsets, backgrounds and perspectives needed to transform and …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting uxtech

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1020concepts 1020concepts

1020concepts ( ten-twenty-concepts ) is owned by Evert Slagter a freelance Front-end Developer & Interaction designer, with over 10 years of experience. Clients variate from visual artists, photographers and architects to corporate clients like capitale investors, recruitment software developers and cyber security. ( VOC Capital partners, Connexys, Fox-IT ) Mobile website, Interaction Design, Front-end development, User Experience, Web development, Back-end development, Responsive website, Mobile first website, Tablet first website, and WordPress

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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DPDK Digital Agency DPDK Digital Agency

Transforming brands through exceptional digitalism. 20+ years of transformation, change, innovation, and adaptation. We saw tech emerge and disappear, trends come and go and customer expectations change and grow. Today more than ever, our clients count on us to be new every day. As an innovation partner, they rely on our experience and expertise dealing with continuous transformation and resilient adaptation. We help them answer and exceed customer expectations in an hyper-personalized landscape, keep them on the offense, and have their brand differentiate through customer experience. From 20+ years till now, and from offices in Rotterdam, New York, and San …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Consulting e-commerce IT Services martech Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics IoT VR

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Wonderment by DesignTM Wonderment by DesignTM

Creative XR Design Agency, Product development, Immersive Installations and content creation Wonderment by Design is an award-winning Xr agency with over ten years of experience working for a broad range of international agencies, museums and brands. Our dedicated team of Storytellers, Designers, Digital Artists, and Developers is committed to bringing digital assets and stories to life. By merging our love for digital IP with tangible reality, we create enchanting escapes from the ordinary, designing experiences that touch the hearts of people; creating Wonderment by Design Visual Effects, VR, AR, Stills, XR, Design, UI, UX, APP Development, Creative ideas, Concept art, …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Technologies: VR

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Guidion Guidion

[Automatic translation follows] Guidion provides and innovates technical services in and around the home. Guidion provides and innovates technical services in and around the home. We do this by carrying out installation and maintenance work together with our large network (700+) of certified technicians. We are mainly active in the telecom and energy industries. We are also specialized in installing smoke detectors, alarm systems and AEDs. Guidion not only strives for a satisfied customer, we fulfill the needs of everyone we work with. This also applies to partners, technicians and colleagues. In 2023, Guidion took over healthcare company Bleds. Happiness, …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech HRtech IT Services uxtech Technologies: Wireless

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Avery Dennison Smartrac Avery Dennison Smartrac

Pairing the physical with the digital Digital journey. Digital transformation. Digital evolution. Call it what you will, but the fact is we’ve all been living on ‘planet digital’ for a good while now. That’s why it’s time to change the narrative of digital simply being a thing we do, when in reality it threads through everything we do. Through leading RFID technology and capabilities, Avery Dennison bridges the physical and the digital - enabling businesses to add connectivity to any item. This means engaging consumers in new ways, boosting supply chain efficiency, harnessing the benefits of new legislation like the …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Technologies: NFC Wireless

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Ergon'Homme Ergon'Homme

[Automatic translation follows] Ergon’Homme helps you think about a useful organization and activate your power to act! We are convinced that work is useful when it is meaningful! We help you think about a useful organization and activate your power to act. We are addressing leaders who act to create economic, human, societal and social value! Through the design of human organizations (structured, intellectual, creative, multidisciplinary and humanist process), we aim for a double result: Plural performance and fulfillment for all the players in your ecosystem. By associating the word organization and human, we affirm our desire to work usefully* …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Praxis Praxis

[Automatic translation follows] Measuring and improving B2B customer satisfaction Praxis is a research institute specializing in BtoB customer surveys. Present for more than 20 years, we are constantly developing new methodologies around customer capital. What we do for our clients: Customer satisfaction barometers. Automated surveys at the event / Feed Back Automation / Continuous surveys Image and reputation surveys. Market analyses: market size, organization, market dynamics, key success factors, competition. Customer surveys on their attitudes, expectations and behaviors Surveys on competition, positioning, segmentation and targeting. Studies of new products or new services. CSR studies with company stakeholders Studies with suppliers …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech martech Technologies: Decarbonization

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A Design and Innovation Bureau. Spheres is an innovation & design firm. We help organisations shape their future. Design and Data is at the he(art) of our work. We bring a human centric approach augmented with data analysis to deliver a better customer experience and spread new ways to collaborate. We focus on delivering value and growth for organisations. We use our experience from various sectors and partner with our clients to the highest level of requirement, boldness & courtesy. They trust on us: BPCE, Chateauform, Europcar, Fluicity, Gedimat, Michelin, PSA, SNCF, Total. We are Spheres, let’s meet & talk. …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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piKs design piKs design

[Automatic translation follows] Co-building better futures. CO-BUILDING BETTER FUTURES! With 18 years in the world of industrial and strategic design, piKs design campaigns for the culture of sharing and collective intelligence, serving the virtuous transformation of businesses. Open our door, do not hesitate to provoke discussions, they will always be constructive. Challenge us, we will always be ready to take them on with you. piKs design I Co-building better futures. Member of 1% for the Planet 107B rue Montgolfier 59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul. FRANCE contact@piksdesign.com +33 (0)9 72 96 22 37 Product design, Design thinking, UX design, Service design, Product vision, Innovation, …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Peoleo Peoleo

[Automatic translation follows] Péoleo is the first Cross-Commissioning Consulting Agency, an original methodology from 5 years of research, allowing it to support the most ambitious brands of the Off and On Line operational devices.Péoleo is an independent and integrated agency that undertakes in many areas close to its core business.It employs 85 people exercising more than 30 trades on 3 sites (Paris, Lille and Nantes) Cross-communication, gaming, entertainment, web & amp;Mobile design, digital content, advertising, digital communication advice, e-commerce, digital marketing, UX design, and audiovisual production

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech e-commerce entertainment Games martech

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Enghouse Interactive France / Eptica Enghouse Interactive France / Eptica

[Automatic translation follows] Enghouse helps contact centers add value to customer conversations and deliver a unique experience. Enghouse Interactive France (formerly Eptica) is the leader in intelligent platforms for customer experience, a key link in the business value chain. More than 400 brands entrust Enghouse with the management of their customer relations (voice, self-service, email, chat, video, messenger, social networks) as well as the analysis of the voice of the customer thanks to vecko, the only intelligence solution customer in the French market. The Eptica software suite embeds a unique technology based on hybrid AI (Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning A.I. - Natural Language Processing

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Movetia Movetia

Consultoría, CX, diseño y tecnología para transformar procesos empresariales a través de los servicios digitales. Movetia is a consultancy company with more than 100 professionals who are experts in digital products and services designed to improve relationship between people and companies with data. We conceptualize, design and develop digital products for some of the most relevant institutions in Spain, and we provide them with reliability, innovation and results-oriented approach. We believe that data and processes are one of the most relevant spaces of relation between people and companies. Our mission is to simplify complexity and streamline processes in order to …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech IT Services fintech Technologies: NFC Wireless

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Dixa Dixa

Conversational Customer Service Platform Dixa enables companies to deliver customer service as it is meant to be. We help customer service leaders to create effortless experiences for customers and teams that unlock loyalty. Dixa’s Conversational Customer Service Platform combines powerful AI with a human touch to deliver a highly-personalized service experience that scales. Our dedicated customer success team ensures you are up and running quickly. Dixa powers more than 30 million conversations a year and is trusted by leading brands such as Interflora, On, Wise, Deezer, Rapha, Too Good to Go, Hello Print, and Wistia. Learn more by visiting dixa.com. …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing Generative A.I.

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TNT Digitalagentur TNT Digitalagentur

[Automatic translation follows] > Specialties - TYPO3 websites and solutions - News websites and portals (including www.Cashkurs.com) - Festival websites (Wacken Open Air, www.wacken.com) - Academic solutions (including www.law-school.de) - Headless and progressive web apps (PWA) instead of native app ballast > Design & Technology for your visions Future-oriented design for web & Print is the result of well thought-out analytical processes. Thanks to our team's many years of experience in the areas of online & Print on the channels relevant to you. > Analysis & Targeting: We analyze your visions and requirements, which are then compared with the wishes …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: VR

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Journey 2 Creation Journey 2 Creation

The future is human! Evolve your company. Evolve yourself. J2C - Journey 2 Creation GmbH, founded in 2013, is an international innovation company based in Berlin. The focus of our work is on the agile development of digital products and services, the cultivation of an "entrepreneurial mindset", and the support of companies in their transformation process. At our campus in Berlin we bring together a community for education in future skills, startups and innovation. Our consultants and coaches accompany individuals, teams and entire companies through the changing business context of the 21st century. This includes trainings, coaching and the application …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Consulting Technologies: SaaS

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Dark Blue Dark Blue

A Digital Production Studio in Shoreditch, East London. Are you a Start-Up, Brand or Agency? Then you'll know bad digital design inhibits growth. We're partnering with people like you and crafting user-centric digital experiences across web, mobile and interactive. Based in Shoreditch, East London, we're a small friendly team of designers and developers, bringing brands and consumers closer together. Thinking about what a digital solution could be like for your project, pitch or campaign? Get in touch. Web Design, User Experience, Branding Design, and Marketing

Type: Startup Activities: martech uxtech IT Services

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wild wild

We bring together innovation, design, technology and strategy to build award-winning websites, apps, and digital content Today we are a boutique of 20 strategists, designers, developers and producers focused on driving our client’s businesses forward with design and tech. We're based in Vienna/Austria and Berlin/Germany. Websites, Digital Content, Virtual Reality, E-Commerce, Mobile, Social Media, Design, strategy, creative direction, and UX

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: VR

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Dogtown Media Dogtown Media

Creating The Mobile Future Professional Mobile App Developers: Dogtown Media turns app dreams into reality. As a disruptive tech company developing cutting-edge mobile solutions to solve everyday problems and simplify frustrating activities, we constantly strive to innovate and push the boundaries of technology. Our organization is run by a team of mobile experts familiar with the twists and turns of app development. Mobile App Development: Coding a mobile application can often be the most tedious and lengthy part of the iPhone app development process. Programming requires a high skill level and finesse to ensure that a mobile app functions seamlessly …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: IoT

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Pegamento Pegamento

[Automatic translation follows] Innovation in contact Pegamento is a specialist in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) and focuses on optimizing customer interactions so that they are smarter, in less time but of high quality and with more personal attention. are carried out for the customer. Contextually correct information is essential. Your employees often have to struggle through a forest of applications and processes to fulfill what the customer sees as a simple task. Properly automating customer processes saves time and increases customer satisfaction. As a market leader in RPA, we …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: Robotics A.I.

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CX Lab CX Lab

Scientifically evidenced customer and employee experience We help organisations create and implement customer experiences using evidence based science rather than rhetoric and hype. We bring together the science of human behaviour, design thinking and a focus on how people learn. This enables us to design experiences for customers and employees that make a measurable difference. With up to 95% of human behaviour and decisions happening unconsciously, simply asking customers and employees about their experiences and why they do things does not get to the truth. At CX Lab we go beyond simple surveys and asking people about their experience to …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech

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We make Digital Marketing drive your Business! WE MAKE DIGITAL MARKETING DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS We are a full-service-agency for your digital marketing! Our range of services includes the conception, technical and editorial implementation, maintenance and further development as well as promotion of digital content marketing measures for leading brands. In accordance with our motto "We make content work for your business"​, we ensure the sustainable and measurable achievement of your marketing goals. Our work is extremely transparent, data-driven and success-oriented. Did we spark your interest or do you have further questions? Please contact us! Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Native Advertising, …

Type: Startup Activities: martech uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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CogNeed CogNeed

Live AI-Powered Insights for Better Customer Conversations. #ContactCenter #VoiceTech #AI #Startup Live AI-Powered Insights for Better Customer Conversations.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing Generative A.I.

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southpigalle southpigalle

Creating new business opportunities with technology, connecting people and data Creating new business opportunities with technology, connecting people and data Smart Assistant, User Experience, Conversational Solutions, Data Management, Social Learning, Knowledge Management, Chat, Collaboration, Collective intelligence, Task Automation, User Graph, Data and Insights, Customer Engagement, Data, Community, workspace, Oneapp, Design, and DataScience

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Yumigo Yumigo

[Automatic translation follows] Yumigo offers its clients personalized support in developing their digital strategy. Whether to conceptualize a brand identity or create a new website, the Yumigo team will use all its know-how and experience to shape a project in your image. Website creation, Branding, and UI/UX

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech

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Oneytrust Oneytrust

[Automatic translation follows] Identity Expert I Fight against fraud With 20 years of experience, Oneytrust is the French pioneer in the fight against online fraud and digital profiling. We offer innovative and multi-channel services for e-commerce, banking and insurance. Available internationally, our Oneytrust offer has already attracted more than 600 partners. Fraud Prevention, Ecommerce, Digital Profiling, and Customer Experience

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce IT Services uxtech

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Algonomia Algonomia

Algorithmics for tax, law and finance. Hello Algo ! Digital and algorithmic intelligence at the service of law and taxation. The world of tax and legal needs to be "digitized". Tax, finance and legal departments face complex environments and expect their internal teams to be precise, effective and efficient. However, these teams waste a large part of their time carrying out manual and repetitive tasks that can easily be automated. Digitizing in this technical and complex world requires : - the mathematical formalization of tax and legal mechanisms, on the one hand, whether directly through algorithms and heuristics or indirectly …

Type: Startup Activities: legaltech uxtech Technologies: A.I. - Machine Learning A.I.

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Bruno Bruno

[Automatic translation follows] Digital Agency in Paris & San Francisco Our job is to support you in creating your identity, your product, your brand. Whether it is a birth or an evolution, we will put our expertise and our creative passion at the service of your project. Clients include: Qonto, Uber, Sendinblue, Chauffeur Privé, Blackpills, Mondocteur, Jobteaser etc. Product Design, Web Design, Web Development, Print Design, Branding, UX, UI, Logo, illustrations, Brand Design, Identity, and Full Stack

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech IT Services Consulting

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Abria Abria

[Automatic translation follows] Innovation for people by people Abria offers the advantages of traditional consultancy firms and pure design agencies. We introduce design as an essential discipline and stakeholder in service design, and we create the conditions for its integration with other disciplines engaged in design and production within the company. We involve all stakeholders to bring about innovation: end users, company know-how, external sources of inspiration. Our goal: to design and develop 100% useful, by bringing together user expectations and the designer's efforts. Innovation, Design thinking, User-centered design, Co-creation, Service design, and sociology

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech

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Almavia CX Almavia CX

[Automatic translation follows] We create optimal human experiences to support our clients’ growth THE HUMAN AT THE HEART OF THE EXPERIENCE * Our mission is to transform the customer experience by placing people at the heart of strategies * Our strength is our ability to work with and for our clients, building lasting and authentic relationships * Our belief is that a human-centered strategy always delivers an optimal customer experience WE CREATE OPTIMAL HUMAN EXPERIENCES TO SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS’ GROWTH We are 280 consultants specializing in customer experience. Our holistic and integrated approach allows us to respond to our clients' …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting martech uxtech Technologies: Cybersecurity Data Analytics

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innso innso

Type: SMB Activities: martech uxtech

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[Automatic translation follows] Digital Success Partner Expertime, Partner of your digital performance! With triple expertise, business, design and technique, Expertime puts the user experience at the heart of its achievements. • Expertime professions Collaborative & CSR E-commerce Digital communication Business Intelligence & Big Data • Expertime’s services Digital strategy AMOA-AMOE Design-ergonomics Graphical integration Development Change management Service Center-TMA • Expertise skills Technical/functional expertise Package / Management, Project governance Agile methods Responsive-web-design, mobility A/B testing Azure cloud computing ALS • The solutions / technologies implemented by Expertime SharePoint, Yammer SQL Server, BizTalk, Power Pivot, Performance Point, Bing Maps, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS …

Type: SMB Activities: martech uxtech IT Services e-commerce transporttech Technologies: Data Analytics

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ENSCI - Les Ateliers ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Exclusively devoted to industrial creation and all forms of design & innovation Founded in 1982, Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute (École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle) is the only French national Institute exclusively devoted to industrial design. A public commercial and industrial establishment supervised by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Industry, it broadened its activities to include two other degree programmes in 1985 and 1993: first the Atelier National d’Art Textile (ANAT), then a specialist Master’s degree in “Design and contemporary technology”, the denomination of which has recently been modified. Today the School covers not only the fields …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: uxtech

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Linxtera Design Linxtera Design

LinxTera Design provides services in all phases of FPGA, ASIC, System Design and SoC Design and Development. Our full service design and verification resources can assist you at any stage of the project development, ranging from concept to specification documentation to ASIC, FPGA and Board design to ASIC and FPGA verification and board bring-up. Design and Verification. ASICs, FPGAs, Boards, and Systems and SoCs.

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Nowhere srl Nowhere srl

We are an indipendent agency, focused on interactive web-based services. Company of different size and market refer to us for beautiful and functional solutions, ready for future development. We are settled in Bologna, Italy (a really nice place to be :-) Siamo un'azienda indipendente, specializzata in servizi web-based e interattivi. Aziende di ogni dimensione e settore si affidano a noi per soluzioni belle, che funzionano bene, pronte per gli scenari del futuro. La nostra sede è a Bologna. UI/UX design, Web Design, Responsive Design, CMS Content Management, E-commerce, Mobile Apps, WordPress, Web-based Apps, Server Hosting e Housing, Web marketing, Social …

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce IT Services martech uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Grottini Grottini

We Create Places Together. We elevate the human experience in retail, marine, hospitality and automotive Industries. We Create Places Together People are at the heart of what we do, from discovery to concept development through the art of execution. Our vision is to create places with people, through people, for people. From retail, marine, hospitality and automotive industries, our purpose is to elevate the human experience. Co-create with us, get in touch at www.grottini.com WE>Me retail environments, retail, customer experience, design, contracting, architecture, retail design, consulting and value engineering, project management, shop equipment, environments design, implementation, branding, turnkey solutions, flagship …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Var Group Var Group

Var Group, www.vargroup.it, with a 480 million euros turnover as of 30 April 2021, more than 2700 employees in 23 offices throughout Italy, 8 foreign offices in France, Spain, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Austria and China, is one of the main partners for innovation in the ICT sector. It supports Italian businesses’ competitiveness, offering dedicated solution to major Italian sectors: Manufacturing, Food & Wine, Industrial Mechanics, Automotive, Fashion, Furniture, Retail & Mass Distribution. Var Group constantly renews its offering thanks to continuous research activity and close collaboration with Start-ups and University Centers. Companies have to face increasingly complex challenges and they …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics Cybersecurity

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Osservatori Digital Innovation Osservatori Digital Innovation

Il punto di riferimento sull'Innovazione Digitale in Italia Il punto di riferimento sull'Innovazione Digitale in Italia. Gli Osservatori Digital Innovation della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano rappresentano una fonte unica di informazioni, dati e conoscenza sui temi chiave dell'Innovazione Digitale abilitata dall'ICT. Innovation, Management, Business, Digital , Big Data, Risorse Umane, Information Security, Digital Marketing, Mobile, Ecommerce, Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, Startup, Smart Working, Cloud, Fintech, ICT, Industria 4.0, Social Network, Customer Experience, Export, Mobile Payment, Blockchain, Privacy, and Retail

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services Consulting e-commerce fintech martech privacytech uxtech

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Andrea Petruccio – Design Studio Andrea Petruccio – Design Studio

[Automatic translation follows] Simple doesn't mean easy. I am a digital craftsman. I design and develop visual communication for brands, startups and companies. I combine my best skills, aggregating excellent businesses in the main digital areas: Advisory, eCommerce, Creativity & Brand Strategy, Content, Social, UI/UX & Design, Digital Transformation, Media & Performance and Technology.

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Niyati Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Niyati Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Helping businesses in their digital transformation through technology and experience design. Niyati Technologies is a design-driven technology company specializing in Enterprise Mobile Application Development, Web Applications, User Experience Design, and strategic consulting solutions for e-commerce, m-commerce and digital marketing services. Headquartered in Chennai, South India, Niyati also has branch offices in Bangalore and Singapore and strategic partner offices in Dubai. Incorporated in 1999, Niyati has over the years worked with industry leading clientele including Saint-Gobain Glass, TVS Motor Company, MRF Tyres, Syngenta, Aegon, Alcatel Lucent, GRT Jewellers, Tata Consultancy Services, ITC, IFMR and ICICI Foundation. We are privileged to have …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech martech Technologies: SaaS

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Intelegain Technologies Intelegain Technologies

Software Product Engineering | Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Azure Cloud Intelegain Technologies is an award winning Digital Transformation Company. Intelegain drives digital engagement and business value for Start-ups and Enterprises using cutting edge technologies building work class software and cloud applications. Intelegain helps businesses adopt and leverage the power of mobility in a fast changing mobile ecosystem by building products that provide great customer experiences. Intelegain LOB (Line of Business) covers the following services; - Custom Application Development - Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform - Azure Cloud Managed Services - Digital Marketing United States Intelegain Technologies Inc. North …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech IT Services martech Technologies: A.I.

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KMS Lighthouse KMS Lighthouse

The Way to Know KMS Lighthouse drives smarter, better business interactions with its knowledge management solutions. When customers and employees have issues, Lighthouse illuminates the path with instant answers. We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to build knowledge management solutions. Our knowledge system boosts productivity and efficiency with a powerhouse of digitized knowledge that’s easy to update, collaborate, share, or provide feedback in real-time. We have a SaaS knowledge management system with native integrations to social media, product catalogs, operational systems, chatbots, virtual assistants, and open API integrations with your existing applications such as CRM, ticketing, and …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing

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Motif Motif

Motif is a loyalty insights agency that specialises in decoding and building customer loyalty to drive business growth. We are Motif (formerly Network Research) and over the past 25 years, understanding customer experience has been our lifeblood and our passion. We help companies build profitable relationships with their customers and stand as one of the largest, independent insights agencies in the UK. Today, we see a new game afoot and it’s grounded on what defines customer loyalty. Simply put, we believe that defining, identifying and analysing customer loyalty is now increasingly central to brand performance. To help our clients understand …

Type: SMB Activities: martech uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Blu Digital Blu Digital

We are a professional, customer-centric Digital Recruitment agency placing candidates in the U.K. and globally. Blu Digital is a professional, customer-centric Digital Recruitment agency in the heart of London and is fast becoming one of the leading digital recruitment agencies in the industry. We strive to provide the best service and work to a high standard of service for both our clients and candidates. Join our email list: https://blu-digital.us20.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=d204f93d3601bb820efba76fb&id=80ca497a93 We work with a wide variety of companies which include Start ups, E-Commerce brands, FMCG, Blue Chip Organisations, Digital Agencies and Technology specialists. Our consultants specialise in several verticals; including Analytics, …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech IT Services e-commerce HRtech martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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William Joseph (B Corp) William Joseph (B Corp)

We create accessible products, services and brands that reduce inequality. Certified B Corp. We are a B Corp that creates accessible products, services and brands that reduce inequality. Branding & Identity, Websites & Apps, Print, Infographics, Campaigns, Film & Animation, Digital Strategy, Digital-transformation Programmes, User Research, and User-experience Journeys

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Hillside Product Design Ltd Hillside Product Design Ltd

We are a Devon based design consultancy, specialising in product design for manufacture. We are a Devon based product design consultancy, specialising in design for manufacture. Collaboration produces amazing designs and we work closely with our clients to bring them success. Over 20+ years of designing we have worked on over a thousand new products, made up of tens of thousands of unique parts, with tens of millions of products being manufactured. Learn about us and our portfolio at www.hillsidedesign.co.uk Product design, 3D Computer aided design, Product development, Mechanical design, Mechanical prototypes, Industrial Design, Innovation, Design for Manufacture, Engineering, Prototyping, …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Technologies: IoT

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Tessi France Tessi France

[Automatic translation follows] Business Process Services in a digital world Tessi documents services is the Tessi business center dedicated to processing document flows and means of payment. Representing 83% of the group's activity, with 6,700 employees and more than 1,500 clients, Tessi documents services supports banks, businesses and administrations in the dematerialization of documentary processes, management of electronic exchanges and outsourcing of back and middle-office operations. A precise vision, a clear strategy The opportunities now offered by digital and mobile technologies are forcing companies to review their business processes and their flow management plan, in order to successfully meet the …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services regtech fintech HRtech uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing RPA

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mangoo ID mangoo ID

[Automatic translation follows] mangoo ID offers a solution for retailers for post-purchase interactions with their customers through dematerialized receipts. With a reading rate of 60%, it is an opportunity to interact with them. We propose to create a scenario based on our marketing bricks: customer reviews, product ratings, product recommendations, etc. to enable us to offer consumers a unique and personalized experience. Extend the shopping experience right out of your stores! To find out more, contact us on 01 86 26 12 08 or visit our site: www.mangooid.com

Type: SMB Activities: martech uxtech

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[Automatic translation follows] Design and innovation support agenda Created in 2011 in Rhône-Alpes, NOVAM Group, an innovation and design thinking agency, supports manufacturers in the development of innovative projects (products/services) consistent with their strategy. For each project, NOVAM observes the company's practices and places the user at the center of the process. NOVAM supports you in: _ Understand the user experience _ Analyze your competitive positioning _ Make your products more attractive _ Position your brand image _ Increase your creativity _ Imagine your future with reflection groups Innovation, industrial design, Design thinking, Business strategy, Sensory marketing, Group facilitation, Conferences …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Les Sismo Les Sismo

[Automatic translation follows] Design with care At Sismo, we support the transformation of organizations to meet the challenges of the 21st century thanks to our method: design with careTM. A creative design method based on uses and taking into account individual, societal and environmental fragilities. Design, Industrial design, Service design, Innovation by design, Design Thinking, Training, Strategy, Organization transformation, Strategic design, Digital design, Object design, Organizational design, and Space design

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Degetel Degetel

[Automatic translation follows] Digital agency and digital services consultancy A historic player in digital for more than 15 years, Degetel has gradually expanded its offering to provide global responses to its customers, positioning itself from digital transformation consulting to the implementation of concrete solutions. We get involved in crucial issues for our clients, allowing them to open up to digital and reinvent themselves, all in a collaborative approach. Our fields of application are vast: technical development, information systems, e-health, connected objects, data management and user experience. Our philosophy, as on day one, remains to simplify the user experience. Our transversal …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: IoT

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Stereochromie Stereochromie

[Automatic translation follows] Multidisciplinary design studio based in Paris. StereoChromieTM is a creation studio based on a strategy of clarifying and simplifying messages to give them the strength of the obvious. Once the project has been essentialized, brought back to its core, we strive to explore its potential, its relevance, its singularity in order to synthesize the most accurate expression to define its essence. We work and question uses in detail to have a detailed understanding of how our customers' products work. This allows us to clarify, by choosing the essential information that must be conceptualized, designated, for future realization. …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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imagescreations, Agence web & mobile imagescreations, Agence web & mobile

AGENCE WEB & MOBILE + 28 ANS D'EXPERTISE +1000 RÉALISATIONS WEB ! Agence web & mobile depuis 1995, nous développons vos sites internet, vos sites et applications mobiles sur tablettes et smartphones (iPhone, Android, iPad) et vos chat bots Applications mobiles, Réalisation de sites internet, Hébergement web, Réalité augmentée, mobile, chatbots, ecommerce, Wordpress, Prestashop, Drupal, Modélisation 3D, Images de synthèse, iOs, Android, iPhone, web responsive, CMS, chatbot, vCommerce, Google Home, Assistants intelligents, Assistants vocaux, web design, Communication digitale, Agence de communication digitale, Audencia, Nantes, Agence Web, Angular, Symfony, hébergeur web, UX, Expérience utilisateur, SEO, Référencement naturel, Innovation, Design thinking, woocommerce, …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech e-commerce uxtech Technologies: VR

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Founded in 2012, l'Atelier Universel is a design consultancy agency located in Paris. From research, trend forecasting to ideation, design development and engineering liaison, we help our client partners to invent the products, experiences & services their customers need. Industrial design, Design consultancy, Product design, Service design, Interaction design, UX design, Building construction systems, and Architecture

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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Le design n’est pas là que pour faire joli ! ® Saguez & Partners is an internationally acclaimed, independently owned and minded design and branding agency, founded in 1998. A place, a spirit, a team. Part campus, part laboratory, part workshop, part school, part coworking, part café, part bivouac tent. Saguez & Partners built the new Manufacture Design headquarters in the Docks of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, a new eco-district in Grand Paris, to think and work differently. Here, the agency’s 150 collaborators imagine and create the design of tomorrow. Our areas of business : Strategy design Identity design Architecture design Retail design …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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iMDEO | Software & IT infrastructures iMDEO | Software & IT infrastructures

A dedicated team for your performance ! iMDEO is expert in the fields of IT infrastructure and tailored applications. iMDEO collaborates closely with its customers to developp tailored solutions for their specific requirements. From IT network projects to the implementation of advanced security measures, we ensure complete coverage of sites and protection of data and information flows. Thanks to our knowledge of building technical management, we support our customers in setting up efficient and secure network infrastructures, while offering cybersecurity and auditing services. Users are at the heart of our approach, we analize their needs, define appropriate strategies and ensure …

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Studio HB Studio HB

[Automatic translation follows] The tech and creative web agency specializing in the design of tailor-made web solutions since 2005 ❤️ Studio HB is a creative web agency specializing in Ruby On Rails and agile methods. Listening The creation of an effective website must meet all current standards. This is why we always offer you the most recent solutions best suited to your needs. Accessible We are a team on a human scale. This way, you will always easily contact the person responsible for your project. No more than a phone call or email to reach us! Involved Today, on the …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services proptech uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Le design n’est pas là que pour faire joli ! ® Saguez & Partners is an internationally acclaimed, independently owned and minded design and branding agency, founded in 1998. A place, a spirit, a team. Part campus, part laboratory, part workshop, part school, part coworking, part café, part bivouac tent. Saguez & Partners built the new Manufacture Design headquarters in the Docks of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, a new eco-district in Grand Paris, to think and work differently. Here, the agency’s 150 collaborators imagine and create the design of tomorrow. Our areas of business : Strategy design Identity design Architecture design Retail design …

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City uxtech

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Testbirds Testbirds

Real users. Real devices. Real impact: Take your digital products & services to the next level - fully remotely. With the motto ‘Testing Reality – Real users. Real devices. Real impact.’, Testbirds, a world-leading crowdtesting provider, helps clients create digital products that people really love. Testbirds’ crowdtesting services offer a comprehensive, high-quality testing experience adaptable to the individual needs of clients with a focus on the quality assurance and usability of digital products. It doesn’t matter if it’s apps, websites, Internet-of-Things applications (IoT) or the newest tech innovations – 1,000,000+ real users from all around the globe test on 1,500,000+ …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech IT Services Technologies: IoT

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Taxfix Taxfix

Fix Finance for All Interested in becoming a Taxfixer? Explore our open roles: https://taxfix.de/en/careers/ And learn more about us here: https://medium.com/taxfix https://www.instagram.com/teamtaxfix/ https://www.facebook.com/taxfix.de/ https://twitter.com/taxfix_de https://github.com/taxfix mobile development, user experience, tax declaration, software development, elixir, and internal open source

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech IT Services fintech Technologies: SaaS

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CBTW Product Design & Growth / Versett CBTW Product Design & Growth / Versett

Welcome to CBTW Product Design & Growth As CBTW's Product Design & Growth service line, we are committed to transforming visionary ideas into premier digital solutions. Our approach is carefully aligned with current market dynamics and tailored to your specific business objectives, thereby unlocking unparalleled global growth opportunities. This LinkedIn page serves as your definitive source for insights on product design, growth marketing, and digital transformation at CBTW. We proudly highlight our core competencies: Product Strategy & Innovation, Product Design (UX/UI), Growth Marketing, and Web & CMS Development. Why follow us? Our mission is clear: to transform innovative concepts into …

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting IT Services uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Craftzing Craftzing

We assist business leaders to unlock the full potential of digital transformation in their industry. Craftzing is a dynamic team comprising over 120 digital business consultants. Leveraging profound expertise in strategy, innovative digital experiences, and state-of-the-art technological solutions, we provide comprehensive guidance to organizations throughout their digital transformation journey. We cultivate sustainable value for both clients and end-users through long-term partnership. With a track record of successful collaborations, we have enduring relationships with key entities including Telenet, the government of Flanders, itsme, BNP Paribas, Philips TP Vision, Ahold Delhaize, Kom op tegen Kanker, and numerous others. Hiring! Do you want …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Huble Digital Huble Digital

A Growth Marketing Agency specialized in converting leads into prospects, helping you reach your business goals! Are you ready to take your marketing game to the next level? Look no further, because, at Digitag, we're all about delivering real results that drive growth for your business. But we're not your average agency. Our team of experts possess a broad mastery of growth marketing and each has a superpower that sets them apart. We believe in making data-driven decisions that put your customers at the centre of the journey. Happy customers lead to increased sales, loyalty, and referral business. Plus, we …

Type: Startup Activities: martech uxtech IT Services e-commerce Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

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xfive xfive

[Automatic translation follows] We help individuals, teams, organizations & territories to undertake their transformation challenges Innovation is our means, Your development, our purpose. We help individuals, teams, organizations and territories to tackle their human, technical and environmental challenges through 3 areas of intervention: - the design and animation of participatory dynamics - strategic consultancy - innovation and development xfive is a team that gets involved in your projects, that helps you to reinvent yourself: to dare new things, to innovate, to take a step forward, that supports you in bringing your ideas to life! Innovation is not an end in …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech IT Services uxtech

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1.21GWS (1point21gws.com) 1.21GWS (1point21gws.com)

Join our educational events to learn, network, sell/buy, prosper and grow. #StyaAHEADwith121gws 1.21GWS(1point21gws.com) is a technology consulting firm based in Australia, India and Americas. Why this unique name - 1point21gws? Our CEO Says – “1.21GWS (1point21gws), the name is inspired by the all-time hit time-travelling movie "Back to the Future"​. As in the movie, the protagonists required 1.21 GWs of power to move in time, this company provides the ‘right’ knowledge and content needed to build the world of the future.” What do we do? 1point21gws has strong expertise in the following areas: [1] Digital Transformation [2] Artificial Intelligence / …

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting IT Services uxtech Technologies: RPA Robotics A.I. - Image Processing IoT A.I. A.I. - Deep Learning A.I. - Machine Learning Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

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SkedGo SkedGo

Mobility innovator * Making transport more sustainable, accessible & safe for businesses & government * B Corp Certified Our commitment to seamless integration, localisation, scalability and innovation has established us as a top-tier Mobility-as-a-Service choice worldwide – for system integrators, cities and councils, transport agencies and corporations. With over ten years of experience, B Corp Certification and award-winning technology, we deliver tailored mobility solutions and modules, already covering 400+ cities and regions and integrating 4000+ transport service providers. Our vibrant partner ecosystem can give you access to a wide range of tools and resources, including extensive data analytics, active travel, …

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City transporttech uxtech IT Services Technologies: IoT Decarbonization

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Fueled Fueled

We are a technology consultancy that transforms businesses by generating ideas, building products, & accelerating growth Fueled is a leading digital transformation agency servicing a range of unicorn startups, global brands, and Fortune 500 companies. We strategize, design, and develop user-facing technology that wins in the marketplace. With the capabilities of an international agency and the ethos of a startup, Fueled builds uniquely innovative products that delight users and drive value for our clients. Our team consists of the types of hackers and rule-breakers typically found at startups instead of agencies, dev shops, or design studios. Awards include Apple’s App …

Type: Incubators & VCs Startup Activities: uxtech consumer goods IT Services

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Ginetta Ginetta

We craft digital experiences to create real value for people and businesses. Ginetta is a digital agency specialized in human-centered design and development. The experiences we create are fast, simple and beautiful. While we focus on the user, we talk business: Through our work, we help our clients thrive very successfully in a digital world. We offer a respectful, creative and result-oriented environment in which you can perform at your highest level. We work hard, sweat the details, and celebrate our progress with drinks at the end of the week. Product Strategy, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Interaction Design, Visual Design, …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech IT Services

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TORC Digital TORC Digital

Fractional / Consulting CTO and Technical Advisory Torc Digital provides Fractional / Consulting CTO, Technical Leadership and Board Advisory services to both startups and growth stage technology companies, on an interim or part-time basis. - Providing strategic technology leadership at board level - Implement best in class methodologies, architectures and working practices - Building an efficient technical capability Startups, SaaS, Software Development, Cloud, Technical Architecture, Technical Leadership, User Experience, UI Design, Innovation, Web Development, Product Strategy, UI / UX, Custom Software Design, Digital Product Design, Due Diligence, Technology Consulting, Chief Technology Officer, Interim CTO, Consulting CTO, Web Applications, Product Engineering, …

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting IT Services uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Machinery Agency - Software Development Machinery Agency - Software Development

Beautiful Design. Strong Code. ABOUT MACHINERY We are independent design and software development experts hungry to deliver beautiful, well thought out and performant apps. All of our developers have Master’s degrees in computer science / software engineering and will work on your product in the latest technologies. We work mostly with clients from U.S. and we offer a full service working on your product - from business analysis, UX design concepts, interface design, programming, quality assurance and project management. Our clients are our partners - small and big companies who need professionally designed and developed software, be it mobile&web applications, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Lukkap Lukkap

Transforming the future. Today. Somos una consultora de transformación de personas y empresas. Transforming people and companies generating future. Lukkap is a multinational consulting firm with differenciated Business Units: Outplacement, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Data & Analitycs. We work locally and provide service all around the world. Our values: PASSION “Ardor for life, passion for projects. Positive attitude. Joyfulness”. INVENTIVENESS "Fresh, smart an simple solutions for worth transitions”. TRASCENDENCE “Transforming vocation, active social commitment, social value delivering. We want to improve the society and business model”. Outplacement, Organizational Development, Human Resources, customer experience, employee experience, offboarding, Business Consulting, Experiencia …

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting HRtech uxtech Technologies: IoT

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UX Systems UX Systems

Make digital happen. UX Systems helps organizations build better digital solutions. Transform your organization's digital user experiences and go beyond near-term roadmaps. UX Systems can help your organization build better digital solutions and achieve better user experiences (at scale). Core competencies are digital transformation, strategic marketing consulting, digital project leadership, and management of the creation of new digital products and services. UX Systems is founded by Martin Schultz – a digital strategist and serial tech-driven entrepreneur. For more than 20 years, Martin has helped organizations develop digital strategies, better user experiences, and digital development methodologies in order to improve business …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech e-commerce IT Services martech

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Realized Realized

We are a strategic design studio. We create people-centric solutions and services that beautiful, easy to use and that convert. We design to generate empathy. + Digital Products + Service Design + Design Research + Realized Academy Design for understanding Design Thinking, UX/UI, Service Design, Innovation, Design Research, Digital Products, Facilitation, Google Design Sprint, Voice UI, Branding, User insight, Product Design, Creative technology, System Design, and Design Consultancy

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech

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ignitr ignitr

Type: Incubators & VCs Startup Activities: cleantech fintech greentech IT Services martech uxtech

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Mopinion Mopinion

All-in-One User Feedback Software for Digital Channels. In order to succeed in a more complex and digitising world, you'll need a helping hand when it comes to finding out exactly what your customers want and need. We provide you with an all-in-one user feedback solution that makes difficult decision-making easy across all your digital touchpoints (web, mobile and email). Join over 250+ enterprises with forward-thinking digital teams such as Bol.com, KPN, Colgate-Palmolive, KLM, T-Mobile, TomTom, Scania, and many more. Online Feedback Analytics, Data Visualisation, CEM Technology, Customer Feedback Metrics, Digital Experience, Closed Loop Feedback, Online Customer Feedback, Voice of the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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L'Œil au Carré L'Œil au Carré

[Automatic translation follows] Our playground: web content strategy — Street trainers, social media bosses & text obsessives 🤓 For almost 12 years, we have been specialists in content strategy on all media, web and print. Which means ? - Think about your project first (why communicate on the web, to whom, and how to measure the impact of all these efforts). - Then deploy your strategy, according to a precise roadmap, which still leaves room for spontaneity. - Prepare campaigns, produce and publish content that meets the expectations of Internet users (UX, for User eXperience or User Experience) and the …

Type: Startup Activities: martech uxtech e-reputation Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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KIDS Design & Innovation KIDS Design & Innovation

Ensemble, faisons de l’innovation un jeu d’enfant ! Users are more and more experts, markets are moving faster and new technologies change everything : all companies have to transform their offers. They try intensive innovation’s methods : continuous foreseeing, focusing on users instead of consumers, iterative design-thinking processes... K.I.D.S. is the agile, creative and pragmatic agency that puts the user experience at the hearth of the innovation process. We use our expertises in Design and Marketing to explore markets, find opportunities, create new valuable meaningful concepts and to design them into beautiful products, services or digital experiences. Our Services : …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech

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Virtual Room Virtual Room

[Automatic translation follows] The Ultimate Team-based VR Experience The first team-based virtual reality experience. EXPERIENCE A UNIQUE AND COLLABORATIVE ADVENTURE BEYOND REALITY Travel to the limits of space and time, in a unique experience in the heart of Paris. Enjoy the best of collaborative virtual reality, in a room specially designed and equipped with the latest technological developments. EMOTION, SENSATION, ESCAPE... It's up to you to take up the challenge to share intense moments of complicity, measure your reactivity, your spirit of deduction and cooperation, in an experience at the crossroads of the escape room and the Hollywood blockbuster. What …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: VR

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Kernel. Fair(e) Design. Kernel. Fair(e) Design.

[Automatic translation follows] Lead and promote the design ecosystem in Pays de la Loire. Our missions: • Create moments of exchange and sharing between designers from different fields. • Create synergies between the different areas of design. • Lead the Pays de la Loire design community throughout the year. • Bring together all the designers from Pays de la Loire. • Allow the general public to understand that design is not just an adjective.

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech

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Conshumeur Conshumeur

[Automatic translation follows] 1st solution that pays for customer reviews! Consavenir is a digital customer review platform!! Developed in the form of a mobile application and website, it stands out for its unique and patented, win-win model, which rewards the contribution of consumers to give their opinions, by providing physical establishments with returns in quantity and quality. Consavenir is the result of field observations, which aims to empower consumers to share their experiences, providing in different forms (comments, voice, photos, and videos) real content likely to enhance or improve the performance of physical establishments. The arrival of web giants has …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Groupe Milestone Groupe Milestone

[Automatic translation follows] We design innovative solutions for Events, Health, Industry 4.0...Join the team! The Milestone Group company produces high-performance digital solutions and high-tech connected objects. It also specializes in the design, development and maintenance of high-performance web and mobile applications designed to respond to complex technical issues. digital transformation, business applications, outsourcing, TMA, Server Maintenance, UI/UX Design, Audit & advice, digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Business application development, automation, design thinking, motion design, web development, and tailor-made solutions

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: A.I.

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Making virtual a real experience UNE AGENCE DIGITALE ET UN STUDIO D’ANIMATION (2D/3D ET SFX) Nous réalisons l’ensemble de vos projets de communication numérique avec l’objectif permanent de créer l’émotion et générer l’impact le plus adapté. Nous prenons en charge la partie créative de vos projets, que ce soit en termes de positionnement stratégique, de concept, de design et plus globalement de direction artistique. MOTION DESIGN /// INTERFACE DESIGN /// GRAPHIC DESIGN /// CONCEPT DESIGN Video Mapping, Motion Design, Application tactiles, Serious Gaming, Animation 2D, Motion Design et FX, Développement Unity 3D temps réel, Modélisation et animation 3D, Apllications intéractives …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: VR

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Cycle App Cycle App

Cycle is the fastest way for your team to capture product feedback and share customer insights – without the busywork. Cycle 3.0 – your product feedback, all in one place. The fastest way for your team to capture product feedback and share customer insights – without the busywork. Product Management, Development, and Design

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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bold-design bold-design

Industrial Design Studio by William Boujon & Julien Benayoun. Product & Space #design #product #space #research #3dprinting

Type: SMB Activities: uxtech

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playgrnd playgrnd

[Automatic translation follows] Sustainable design and innovation firm Playgrnd is a design and innovation firm, committed to the ecological and social transition. Limit negative externalities, contribute to the regenerative economy, strengthen resilience: We help organizations improve their performance and generate a lasting positive impact, to face new economic, societal and environmental realities. • SERVICE DESIGN - Design services that provide lasting value to all stakeholders • EXPERIENCE DESIGN - Define the ideal customer, employee and citizen experience • PRODUCT DESIGN - Designer of responsible digital products and interfaces • BUSINESS DESIGN - Imagine regenerative business models, and make them exist …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting uxtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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The Monachie Project The Monachie Project

Are your customers impulsive or compulsive? Are your customers loyal or fickle? What do they need, or what do they want? Most importantly, do you know your customers? If you do not know the answers to these questions, the chances are your customers don’t either. Worse still, they probably would not understand what you are really about, and their unique user experience of your product or service may suffer as a result!!! This is easy to say in words, not only coming at you from a web page, but also coming at you from someone you haven’t even met! We …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech martech Consulting

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Stratechia LLC Stratechia LLC

L.A.-based consultancy helping software scale-ups streamline operations and dramatically improve time to value. Stratechia is a Los Angeles-based specialized consultancy hyper-focused on helping software scale-ups streamline their operations, remove obstacles to growth, and dramatically improve time to value. We offer an exclusive portfolio of working sessions featuring proprietary facilitation methods and special frameworks designed to draw out our clients’ best thinking, develop solutions to their toughest problems, and rapidly transform their business. All of our working sessions share a common element: Unique, advisor-led, time-bound experiences custom-tailored to fit your company, culture and challenge. We integrate the most powerful business frameworks …

Type: Startup Activities: martech constructiontech Consulting uxtech Technologies: SaaS

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Brilliant Noise Brilliant Noise

We are a marketing innovation agency specialising in AI capability. Brilliant Noise is a B Corp marketing innovation agency specialising in AI capability. We unlock better, faster marketing performance for global brands including adidas, Asahi, Nike, Barilla and BMW. We use our deep experience of capability building, experimentation and knowledge of generative AI to accelerate high performance. We have 14 years experience helping marketers to create more effective, impactful campaigns, win back wasted budget and resources, build braver bolder faster marketing teams, and increase innovation and brand relevance. Our proven experiment-led method enables rapid gains. Test. Learn. LeadTM. www.brilliantnoise.com, +44 …

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting constructiontech martech uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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