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Singularity UniversitySingularity University

A better future created by better leaders who use technology for good. Singularity Group is a global impact organization that looks into the future to better understand how technology will shape businesses and communities in pursuit of its grand mission to positively impact one billion people over the next five years. Entrepreneurial leaders partner with Singularity to better navigate a world of accelerating change, learn how technology can drive impact, and ultimately grow 10x businesses that create a better tomorrow for us all. From our inception in 2008, Singularity has empowered individuals from more than 85 countries to apply exponentially …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Société civile/Société commerciale/Autres types de sociétés Activities: IT Services Higher Education Technologies: Robotics A.I. - Others


[Automatic translation follows] Take control of your career! A major player in vocational training, Nextformation supports you in your choices and implements solutions to meet your needs: - Offer new career prospects - Realize your professional project - Secure your journey Nextformation offers short (DIF) or long and qualifying (CIF) training, as well as Professionalization Contract (Alternance), in the following areas of expertise: - HR and Management - Professional efficiency - Communication - Marketing and Sales - Sustainable development - Computer graphics and DTP - Audiovisual - 2D/3D - Web - Office - Computer science Nextformation delivers state diplomas from …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: edtech Professional Training and Coaching Technologies: A.I. - Others

ISUP JuniorISUP Junior

[Automatic translation follows] ISUP Junior is the study association of ISUP (Statistical Institute of the University of Paris), the oldest school of Statistics in France and one of the few training courses recognized by the Institute of Actuaries. ISUP Junior offers services to companies, implementing ISUP's know-how. It allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge, outside of internships or work-study programs. Client companies come from the fields of statistics, IT or even insurance. Its operation is similar to that of a “junior-enterprise”. The ISUP Junior is about ten ISUP students spread over the three promotions. The Monitoring Center ensures a …

Type: SMB Nonprofit Activities: edtech fintech Education Administration Programs Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others


Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Software Development Technologies: A.I. - Others

PC INpactPC INpact

[Automatic translation follows] PC INpact is a French site opened on May 5, 2003 which mainly deals with IT but also new technologies in general, in the form of daily articles and files, as well as broader subjects always related to IT or new technologies. It is managed by the PC INpact press SARL and has a constantly growing community of more than 150,000 members[1].

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: IT Services Newspaper Publishing Technologies: A.I. - Others Cybersecurity

Data Science GameData Science Game

Data Science Game is a French association run by volunteer data scientists and students, supported by Paris-Saclay University. Each year, we organize an international data science competition for students. For any question, don't hesitate to send a mail to: contact@datasciencegame.com, we will reply as soon as possible. Follow us ! Twitter : @datasciencegame #DSG16 Facebook : /Datasciencegame Google+ DataScienceGame DSG

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: edtech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: A.I. - Others Games

HUH corporateHUH corporate

[Automatic translation follows] Rethink professional training with our mobile-learning app tutored by artificial intelligence Rethink professional training with our "mobile only" tutored e-learning. Results 5 times superior to traditional e-learning platforms. Designed to support the transformation of your business, H.U.H. Corporate offers unique technology to inspire employees and create solutions tailored to your innovation and transformation needs.

Type: SMB Société civile/Société commerciale/Autres types de sociétés Activities: Consulting edtech E-Learning Providers Technologies: A.I. - Others

Alooma (acquired by Google)Alooma (acquired by Google)

Alooma enables businesses to use all of their data to make better data-driven decisions. With its Data Pipeline as a Service platform it provides Data Scientists and Data Engineers the ability to integrate, clean, enrich and bring together data from various data silos at any time to any destination. Connecting hundreds of destinations together including data sources, applications and data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Salesforce, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Looker and Tableau. Alooma’s secure modern Data Pipeline as a Service is designed to address the key data integration requirements of cloud data warehouses, modern analytics solutions, mobile, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Software Development Technologies: A.I. - Others IoT

aLook AnalyticsaLook Analytics

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Information Services Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others

Acheron AnalyticsAcheron Analytics

Machine learning and data science consulting. We solve business problems using industrial strength data science. Our mission is to enable our clients with the same big data and machine learning techniques that have made the world's largest enterprises successful. In addition to custom solutions, we can help assess and train your data practice and identify ways to improve the connections between your people, data, and business goals. machine learning, data science, analytics, consulting, Analytics, Data Visualization, Strategic Planning, and Auditing

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others


Aardvark (www.vark.com) was founded in 2007 by top engineers and entrepreneurs from Google, Yahoo, and other major Valley tech companies. Their goal is to provide access to the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of your extended network in realtime. With Aardvark, there’s nothing to download or install: you just send Aardvark a question through a channel you already use (IM, email, Twitter, etc.) -- like you do when talking to a friend. Aardvark figures out who might be able to answer, and asks on your behalf, getting you answers from your network within minutes. We’ve been written about in The New …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: A.I. - Others

Quorum Control GmbHQuorum Control GmbH

We build lightweight, simple and scalable solutions for some of business' most difficult challenges. We build simple solutions for difficult challenges. Bird Level is our newest application designed to help organizations safely reopen their workspace. Built to scale, we tackle the entire reopening process and provide tools for HR teams to genuinely understand risk and then take meaningful, safe action to protect their community. We aren’t just building tech. We’re building simple, affordable, peace-of-mind. DLT, blockchain, distributed ledger technology, application development, platform, nft, non-fungible tokens, supply chain, real estate, and game development

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: transporttech Games proptech Software Development Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency A.I. - Others Games


An intelligent Receivable & Collections platform that makes Getting Paid Faster, Easier & Predictable Constantly improving the working capital is a prime goal of business heads especially the CFOs. Accounts receivables form a major chunk of that goal! No matter the size of the firm, AR is a constant WIP. According to PWC working capital study 2018, about USD 1.1 Tn is stuck in unpaid invoices. Euler Hermes 2018 Economic Insights further adds that 1 in 4 companies across the globe receive delayed payments! THIS is exactly where numberz comes to the aid of the enterprises – by making their …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: fintech Financial Services Technologies: A.I. - Others Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Data Analytics RPA

Resonance AI #500STRONGResonance AI #500STRONG

Resonance is a SaaS solution that allow third parties to turn their apps and services predictive aware. By aggregating data from connected devices and external services Resonance process such info through AI and offer a set of APIs in output to let third parties embed them and get useful insights about users'​ routines and habits. artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, deep learning, automotive, mobility, big data, and data analysis

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services transporttech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Deep Learning IoT A.I. - Machine Learning SaaS A.I. - Others


Meet people for real. Like going out with your best friends. Just better. Groopify is a leading social discovery platform and a new and fun way to meet people and cool places nearby. Thanks to our mobile apps our users can set up get-togethers between two compatible groups of friends that don’t know each other (but should!). We leverage the power of mobile technology, social networks and proprietary algorithms to revolutionise the way in which we establish social connections in the real world, by taking care of the last mile. No more endless browsing, no more endless chatting. Just awesome …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others

BangBit Technologies Private LimitedBangBit Technologies Private Limited

Software Development Company - #Blockchain Technologies, #AI Driven Solutions, #AR and #Mobile & #Web Apps. #ITServices BangBit Technologies is one of the principal IT service providers specialized in developing bespoke web, enterprise mobile and software solutions for a wide range of industries as well as businesses of various scale. We blend the latest technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Internet-Of-Things (IoT) to offer an impeccable customer experience and distinct business insights. We help you to build your future today. We promote innovation and help global customers apply it to their business model. BangBit offers pragmatic tools and business …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services e-commerce IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency A.I. - Natural Language Processing IoT A.I. - Deep Learning Data Analytics A.I. - Others VR A.I. - Machine Learning


Twizoo is the world’s largest, non-stop source of user-generated content from social media. When customers love your brand, product and services, they shout about it on social media-- like Twitter and Instagram. Displaying these engaging pieces of social content where it matters most gives your audience relatable experiences from real people. Our Social Content Platform uses artificial intelligence plus the unique information on your pages to gather and display the user generated content that will resonate most with your audience, inspiring them to convert. Twizoo is the only solution that can automate displaying highly-targeted social content across all of your …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: A.I. - Others Data Analytics

Prometheus AxPrometheus Ax

Prometheus Ax helps CEOs optimize their data science return on investment. With an estimated 85% of data science projects failing, companies need help better identify and manage their portfolio of projects and resources. As their Chief Data Scientist, Prometheus Ax first partners with the rest of the C-suite and help them define their data science strategy. Then, we build and grow their data science capabilities. Finally, by getting all the stakeholders involved, we make sure the data science products are put in production by IT and used by the business. Our team has a long track-record of using mathematics & …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: deeptech fintech healthtech HRtech insurtech Information Services Technologies: A.I. - Others


The world's leading MaaS tech platform committed to building sustainable solutions for cities and corporates. Founded in 2007, Trafi works with well-known cities and companies worldwide to create efficient Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms. Trafi powers Jelbi in Berlin, the world's largest MaaS network, and yumuv, Switzerland's intercity solution and the first regional MaaS network in the world. Trafi’s technology is also enhancing mobility products developed by Google, Apple, Lyft, and Gojek. Public transportation, Mobile, Transportation, Commuting, Mobility, MaaS, Shared Mobility, Mobility Services, Mobility Platform, Routing, Mobility Data, Technology, and Mobility as a Service

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: transporttech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: A.I. - Others


The provision of ressources within 4 days max !!! Enthusiasm, reactivity and satisfaction... all over the World ! Heytalent provides Talents and competencies to our clients and we have 2 business lines with plenty of synergies 1) an IT service offering in Switzerland, 2) and a global recruitement head hunter dedicated team. Heytalent is first of all a true dream-team which believes it can change the world. The Heytalent team has also been working for 2 years on their SAAS platform technology project to accelerate talent matching. e-HeyTalent is a collaborative professional network and a marketplace for our matchmakers all …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: HRtech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: A.I. - Others


Every year around 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer. More than two thirds of these are in the developing world, where many still do not have access to adequate treatment. Traditional insurance is unjustifiably expensive, overly bureaucratic and has a high percentage of rejections for genuine claims. To address the above issues, we created ‘Protectiq’ - a P2P critical illness insurance platform. This P2P Open Fund unites participants and bypasses intermediaries; ‘Protectiq’ takes only a small fixed fee to cover operating costs. It is based on Blockchain technology which ensures all transactions are carried out transparently and protected from …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: insurtech Insurance Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency A.I. - Others


AI & ART. We at Obvious wish to explore, use and share the different ways machine learning algorithms can catalyze our natural creativity. We wish to demonstrate that algorithms help us better understand how we function as humans, and push us to outsmart our current level of creativity. Through the creation of comprehensible artworks and by collaborating with the major actors that shape our society, our art collective wishes to shred some light on the emerging tools increasingly available for all types of creatives. We believe that a new generation of creators will rise, one that will know how to …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: arttech IT Services Artists and Writers Technologies: A.I. - Others A.I. - Machine Learning A.I. - Deep Learning


La bonne réponse en toute circonstance With TeamBrain, collect and spread your operational knowledge using machine learning. If your TeamBrain doesn't know, it will ask the concerned experts. Next time it will answer directly as it has learnt. learning, change management, consulting, project management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge management, architecture, SaaS, chatbot, FAQ dynamique, and SEO

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Software Development Technologies: A.I. - Others A.I. - Machine Learning


A SaaS software using AI to synchronize your Supply Chain planning with your suppliers and customers. Poor inventory management accounts for billions in losses. Responding to this need, Flowlity brings resilient planning to prevent overstocks and shortages. Our ambition is to make supply chain plans resilient to uncertainty, and help you shift from a deterministic model to a resilient one. With a unique approach based on artificial intelligence and supply chain expertise, Flowlity has been helping leading companies, such as Danone, La Redoute, Saint Gobain and Camif to plan and forecast their inventories since 2018. Our customers see, on average, …

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: transporttech Software Development Technologies: SaaS A.I. - Others

FFYN - Connecting Fund ProfessionalsFFYN - Connecting Fund Professionals

Reinventing how Asset Managers & Professional Investors work together We believe it’s time to roll out new and more collaborative ways of working within Fund Industry. We enable Professional investors to take full control on data and relationship on their selected funds while AMs have the opportunity to improve the impact of their distribution efforts. Our promise: Direct access to unbiased information and key people behind funds as Professional Investors need it as well as Real time and qualitative feedbacks available online for Asset Managers. Our ambition? Reinventing your future of work with Tech4Human Digital, Artificial intelligence, Automatisation, Fund Data, …

Type: Incubators & VCs Startup Privately Held Activities: fintech uxtech Financial Services Technologies: A.I. - Others


[Automatic translation follows] The platform for brands and events committed to sustainable marketing OUR PURPOSE Support companies to accelerate their sustainable marketing transformation by effectively inspiring them to implement priority best practices for success (Co-Construction, Eco-Design, Digital Sobriety, Carbon-Free Data, ROI Marketing AWARENESS and CONVERSIONS optimization) HOW? 'OR' WHAT ? * a collaborative DATA Marketing platform for decision support and management to support their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach * audit services, support, sustainable marketing training WHAT DOES IT GIVE YOU? Reconcile Marketing ROI Objectives with Sustainable Marketing Actions and Best Practices? Digital marketing, digital, machine learning, connected objects, Analysis …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: martech IT Services Advertising Services Technologies: IoT A.I. - Machine Learning A.I. - Natural Language Processing A.I. - Others

Social ObjectsSocial Objects

Acquired (2020) At Social Objects (www.socialobjects.ai), our core mission is to help brands connects more easily with their Audience. Our main product is a SaaS platform thats helps our clients prioritize the millions of Social Media messages they get every month thanks to criterias similar to Facebook ad-targeting. We are basically bringing targeting to conversations. Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, and Social Marketing

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: A.I. - Others

Paris Data SenseParis Data Sense

Paris Data Sense is a technology provider for BIG DATA analysis, processing and solutions-based products. Thanks to the rapid growth of data in the cyberspace, today, it is possible to obtain information, conclusions and solutions that were not available in the past. Our specialty it to process such data and deliver sophisticated, but simple and transparent conclusions to our clients. In order to maintain the quality assurance and big power of processing, we have developed the uniPerformer(TM), which is the platform to perform the BIG DATA related computing. The uniPerformer(TM) consist of the software, algorithms, methodologies and procedures and it …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: healthtech fintech IT Services martech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others A.I. - Machine Learning


Newscrush is a collaborative tool to share and read web articles and highlight core information. Post and share great articles and videos from the web with your team while highlighting the core information within. By using gamification leverages, Newscrush shows the activity on the platform: who read the articles, comment or rate them. The source of information is emphasized to invit the team to have a look at it and to learn where to find great articles or papers. Each article has specific tags that helps retreive and sort them. An advanced search engine sorts by source, time, user, text… …

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: edtech Education Administration Programs Technologies: Games Data Analytics A.I. - Others


[Automatic translation follows] Myplombier is the first website generating plumbing quotes quickly and easily. Finding a plumbing pro has never been so quick and easy. An intelligent algorithm calculates the price and duration of the plumber's intervention. A geolocation system makes it possible to find plumbers available around your home at the price set by our algorithm and much cheaper than market prices. Answer our questionnaire to generate an estimate and access honest plumbing prices with no bad surprises - Validate the payment, the plumbers of the Myplombier network closest to you will accede to your request, a plumber will …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: consumer services Consumer Services Technologies: A.I. - Others


MeetMeOut, meet people over fun activities in Paris! What is MeetMeOut? Whether you are an expat living here, a visitor passing by or a local, you are invited to join our community and access to greats and lively events to explore the city! How do we do that? Each week we send you a selection of recommended events fitting with your expectations and we try to match you with frenchies or fellow expats alike (we are using an amazing recommendation algorithm we are quite proud of). What kind of events is it? We want to keep you busy all week …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: traveltech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: A.I. - Others

Fertility Yoga TVFertility Yoga TV

Platform for feminine fertility Fertility Yoga TV is the first online channel with videos of fertility yoga class, fertility expert interviews, of the most prominent ivf fertility OB/GYN in Europe. Featured in ELLE, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitain, L'Express, Madame Figaro, L'Officiel, Parents, Vital, TOP Santé etc. > Platform is a monthly subscription model. > Founded by Charlotte Muller www.charlottemulleryoga.com Bien-Être, Fitness, Yoga, Fertility, Médecine, IVF, Wellness, and Lifestyle

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: consumer services fashtech healthtech Online Audio and Video Media Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others


GROOPTOWN is a Data Science Consulting group specialised in mining & analysing massive datasets. GROOPTOWN is already involved in the Digital Transformation of a french prestigious bank. We help our clients to start from crash a Big Data department with technical use cases with software of the Hadoop ecosystem (HBase/Cassandra, Spark, Hive, etc..) Other ways to connect with us: Twitter at: twitter.com/grooptown Faebook at: facebook.com/grooptown HortonWorks, Cassandra, Machine Learning, and Data visualisation

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others A.I. - Machine Learning



Type: Startup Partenariat Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: A.I. - Others


The 3D printed figurines factory Transform your iPhone into a 3D scanner: Digiteyezer is a technology company that develops 3D scanning applications based on "computer vision" expertise. The applications rely on "best in class" and "state of the art" algorithms and computer sciences which are embedded into ergonomic and easy to use interfaces. Digiteyezer's aim is to become a significant actor on the booming 3D market by allowing anyone to create 3D contents as simply as taking pictures and use them in the most possible usages. Digiteyezer answers to the crucial paradigm of the 3D emerging market. " 3D USAGES …

Type: Startup Public Company Activities: IT Services Software Development Technologies: A.I. - Image Processing Embedded Systems A.I. - Others

Gwennael GateGwennael Gate

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services retail Technologies: A.I. - Deep Learning IoT A.I. - Others A.I. - Machine Learning


Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Deep Learning A.I. - Others


[Automatic translation follows] AMX is a research and decision support engine that allows medical personnel to quickly access relevant and valid information.

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: A.I. - Natural Language Processing RPA Data Analytics A.I. - Others Robotics


[Automatic translation follows] AkerBis is a Startup founded by Arnaud de Mouhy and Bruno Dubois. AkerBis develops solutions for the creation and distribution of algorithmic musical programs with human sensitivity. "We know what you want to listen to, not just what you might like!" Our innovation: - Programming and profiling algorithms - Real-time music search integration - Adaptive broadcast system based on network quality and server needs - SAAS programming tools - Coming soon, predictive programming B2C: MyRadio Project is the new way to listen to the radio! On iOS and Android, MyRadio Project creates your individual Radio: the more …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: entertainment Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: A.I. - Others Data Analytics

My Beauty CommunityMy Beauty Community

[Automatic translation follows] Expert in profile qualification and customer centricity, we support beauty players of all sizes MBC is an innovative start-up in the cosmetics market located in inner Paris. She benefited from the coaching of Mercure HEC and won, in partnership with a laboratory, the Cosmetic 360 Awards in 2019, thanks to her "consumer centric" approach. Launched in September 2017, the MY BEAUTY COMMUNITY mobile application connects users according to their beauty issues and interests in order to be better advised and to collect authentic opinions. Every day, thousands of posts and comments in all categories are published by …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: IT Services Personal Care Product Manufacturing Technologies: Digital A.I. - Others


[Automatic translation follows] Manage your accounts in a snap! Is the administrative and accounting management of your self-employed activity a headache? Gest4U offers you to take care of everything to make your daily life easier. Saving time, money and an intuitive solution, it allows you to independently manage your legal constraints and your cash flow while you focus 100% on your professional activity. Managing your legal obligations, controlling your cash flow or producing invoices and estimates is no longer a source of anxiety! Whether you are a freelancer, micro-entrepreneur, liberal profession or even a commercial real estate agent, our intelligent …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: fintech Software Development Technologies: A.I. - Others


VIGIGLOBE turns the noise of social media into real-time smart content. VIGIGLOBE offers a SaaS Solution called WIZR powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms in order to answer to issues like online-reputation, digital marketing or Social CRM. VIGIGLOBE is recognised by Twitter as one of its Media Technology Partner. The company is also a Facebook Public Content Service partner and a Microsoft ISV member. Our key clients include media companies, TV channels, polling institutes, market research agencies, brands and governmental institutions. vigiglobe[at]vigiglobe.com or DM @vigiglobe ! Social Media Analytics, Social TV, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Digital Signage, and …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Affective Computing SaaS Data Analytics A.I. - Others A.I. - Natural Language Processing A.I. - Machine Learning


[Automatic translation follows] The Stadtquartett card game produced as part of the Science Year City of the Future shows a deviation in the map of the city of Hanover. In the category household waste savings per inhabitant 2011 - 2012 in kg, the correct value is 3. The value has been corrected. You are welcome to download the updated version of the card game using our

Type: Media Technologies: A.I. - Others

Vakvereniging i&iVakvereniging i&i

[Automatic translation follows] i&i is the Dutch trade association for teachers of information science and computer science and for ICT coordinators in secondary education. In addition to safeguarding the interests of its members, the association is concerned with the quality of the subject matter and the exams. The association is also consulted by the government and market parties on the development and updating of digital learning resources and subject content. information science, computer science, secondary education, and ICT coordinators

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: IT Services edtech Primary and Secondary Education Technologies: A.I. - Others

University 365University 365

[Automatic translation follows] Your Success. Every Day. Private online university specializing in IT and management of innovative digital companies. University 365 invented the UNOP (University 365 Neurosciences Oriented Pedagogy) methodology to take individual learner parameters into account by adapting and respecting the biological nature of the brain. The learning is then divided and structured in cycles of 20 minutes spaced out with breaks with times of guided relaxation and sleep for a maximum of 2 hours per day whatever the course (long or short). Studies at University 365 are therefore perfectly combined with a professional activity or a family life …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Établissement éducatif Activities: edtech Higher Education Technologies: A.I. - Others

Unione Industriali TorinoUnione Industriali Torino

[Automatic translation follows] Confindustria association for the representation, protection, promotion and development of companies and their interests The Unione Industriali Torino is a voluntary association of local companies adhering to Confindustria, for the representation, protection, promotion and development of companies and their interests. It was born in 1906 with the name of Lega Industriale, and from it, in 1910, the General Confederation of Italian Industry, Confindustria, was born. Today, 2,300 small, medium and large companies, with around 150,000 employees, belong to the Turin Association of Industrialists in 24 product groups. Of these, 19 have been members for over 100 years …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Privately Held Activities: cleantech Non-profit Organizations Technologies: A.I. - Others Robotics

TIB – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Technik und NaturwissenschaftenTIB – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Technik und Naturwissenschaften

Wir organisieren Information für das Wissen von morgen Die Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) ist die Deutsche Zentrale Fachbibliothek für Technik sowie Architektur, Chemie, Informatik, Mathematik und Physik. Aufgabe der TIB ist die umfassende Beschaffung und Archivierung technisch-naturwissenschaftlicher Literatur aus aller Welt. Der daraus resultierende umfangreiche Bestand steht allen Kunden im Rahmen des Volltextlieferdienstes zur Verfügung. In zahlreichen Projekten engagiert sich die TIB aktiv an der Entwicklung entsprechender Spezialtechnologien. Schwerpunkt ist der Aufbau einer Digitalen Bibliothek. Die TIB ist Mitglied der Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (WGL) und des Leibniz-Bibliotheksverbundes Forschungsinformation mit dem Namen Goportis. The German National Library of Science and Technology …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: deeptech IT Services Libraries Technologies: A.I. - Others


[Automatic translation follows] Festival of new technologies at UC3M 📅 March 2 and 3, 2023 💡 Call for talks open until Sunday 11 T3chFest is the non-profit computer science and new technologies fair held at the Carlos III University of Madrid. More than 2,000 attendees, both students and professionals, willing to learn and be excited about technology.

Type: Event NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: edtech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: A.I. - Others


L’IA sur mesure Since 2003 Probayes the AI expert powering your performance. Referents on the whole value chain, we collaborate with all sectors. We are multi-specialists, ready to serve you and your strategic challenges. We shape with you your customized solution. Thanks to our mastery of AI : - Machine Learning and Deep Learning : prediction, Interpretability, clustering, recommendation - Operational Research & Combinatorial Optimization : logistics & planning, industrial process, distribution networks, decision Making - Computer vision & sensor fusion : perception of the environment, detection classification, tracking - Natural Language Processing : perception, extraction, chatbot, document classification Data …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: healthtech insurtech IT Services military transporttech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: A.I. - Natural Language Processing A.I. - Deep Learning A.I. - Others A.I. - Machine Learning

Périclès GroupPériclès Group

Périclès Group, is a premier independent consulting group. It has a highly focussed and specific expertise in Bank, Finance, Insurance and Social Protection. Projects run from initial strategic review to full implementation. Périclès Group is present in France and internationally. The Group has over 300 blue chip clients. Our approach is to best support our customers by providing them expert advice and support using our offices in Paris, Luxembourg, Geneva and Hong-Kong. Since 2001, it built a substantial critical mass and a strong Brand and in Continental Europe, Périclès is pursuing further international development. Périclès Group is always looking for …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: Consulting fintech insurtech Business Consulting and Services Technologies: A.I. - Others