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[Automatic translation follows] Innovative marketing specialized in language and international... We are a language solutions company. Our raw material is words. We specialize in digital branding, content writing, copywriting and translation. We work on your content to make it relevant on the French-speaking market but also internationally. We also provide training on our key themes (web communication, social networks, international pitching, public speaking, export and international, intercultural management). Translation, Writing, Consulting, Interpreting, Events, Proofreading / correction, export consulting, storytelling, branding, social networks, Marketing, Public speaking, Training, Communication, and AR

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting martech

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LuxCarta LuxCarta

Mapping YOUR world in 3D LuxCarta was established by the merger of ComputaMaps and GEOIMAGE in 2014, creating the world’s largest wireless geodata vendor. In 2016, the legacy corporate entities were dropped to create a single global geodata provider: LuxCarta. LuxCarta provides digital map data and related geospatial software, products and services to customers around the world operating in several vertical markets. As experts in cartography and software development, we specialize in delivering quality fit-for-purpose products and services to non-specialist and expert end users. LuxCarta operates under the following business lines • LuxCarta Geodata • LuxCarta Software • LuxCarta Services …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Lutherie Urbaine 9.3 Lutherie Urbaine 9.3

[Automatic translation follows] make create play together Lutherie Urbaine 9.3 is dedicated to musical creation and the construction of instruments from recycled materials and/or diverted objects. A project dedicated to artistic creation which affirms its implication in terms of sustainable development, and in the educational and social fields. Music, Environment, Social, and creative pedagogy

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment Technologies: Decarbonization

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Linear axis, gantry robots LUCAS designs and produce in France a range of modular linear axis and gantry robots adjustable online via an exclusive configurator. Our know-how, resulting from more than 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing handling machines, today enables us to offer a complete range of cartesian robots and linear axes. Our products are used by integrators across Europe to build specific machines for Industry 4.0. Research & Development, Innovation, ingeniousness and a sense of service have been part of the DNA of the company as well as that of its managers for three generations, the Lucas …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing Technologies: Robotics

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Louis Pasteur Santé Louis Pasteur Santé

[Automatic translation follows] A medical center of excellence serving the patient Louis Pasteur Santé brings together the Louis Pasteur Clinics (Essey-lès-Nancy), Jeanne d'Arc (Lunéville), Ambroise Paré (Thionville), La Ligne Bleue (Epinal), the Pasteur Kléber Medical Center (Essey-lès-Nancy) and the Les Elieux Clinic (Seichamps). Thanks to their strong presence in the Lorraine region, our establishments come together around common values ​​and combine their skills to: - Offer local, cutting-edge medicine to the people of Lorraine. - Fight against medical desertification in our territory. - Fulfill our public service mission in optimal conditions. Proud of its independence, the Group is exclusively managed …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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Groupe Ippolito Groupe Ippolito

Together for a sustainable future. For more than 50 years, the Ippolito Group has built its corporate culture around 5 fundamental values: sustainability, proximity, performance, people and planet. This regional company has built its success on the quality of its services. With a customer-focused approach and a dense geographic network, the Group has succeeded in creating lasting relationships and has been working with a majority of its customers for over 15 years! Listening and offering solutions adapted to all types of requests is one of the major challenges of the Ippolito Group. Today, the Ippolito Group has four branches: automotive …

Type: SMB Activities: proptech Technologies: Decarbonization

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HBG Hélicoptères Groupe HBG Hélicoptères Groupe

[Automatic translation follows] Mont Blanc Hélicoptères - Hélicoptères de France - Swift Copters - Eagle Valais - Tahiti Nui Hélicoptères HBG Hélicoptères is a family group bringing together the following brands: Mont Blanc Hélicoptères, Hélicoptères de France, Swiftcopters, Eagle Valais & Tahiti Nui Helicopters. The HBG Group is positioned among the leaders in France. Strategically located on 4 continents, we are present in Europe, Africa, South America and French Polynesia. Our deployment allows us to cover as much ground as possible in order to meet your needs anywhere. Our efficient and professional teams will support you in all your projects. …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech

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Koppert France Koppert France

[Automatic translation follows] Partners With Nature Koppert Biological Systems has been a world leader in bio solutions and natural pollination for more than 50 years and applies its solutions in more than 100 countries. Its head office is located in the Netherlands and has more than 1,700 employees worldwide. Koppert France was created in 1984 and covers the national territory through its 4 agencies. Koppert contributes to the health of people and the environment. In partnership with nature and farmers, Koppert offers high-performance bio solutions for plant protection and nutrition to make agriculture and horticulture safer, healthier, more productive and …

Type: SMB Activities: agritech deeptech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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ARISTID Retail Technology ARISTID Retail Technology

ARISTID Retail Technology is a French tech leader specialized in retail. ARISTID is a French technology company dedicated to and leveraging is 30 years of experience in the retail sector. Thanks to its "data centric" software solutions, ARISTID supports French and international retailers towards the mass industrialization of their commercial operations to deliver localized and personalized content to shoppers across all channels – in-store and online. ARISTID structures and enriches the data "offered" by retailers in secure "data lakes", and automates the production of all types of promotional content through its powerful rendering engines. We provide the essential solution to …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Creator of values LORGEC, LORRAINE COMPANY OF ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT, is an accounting and consulting structure. We are located in 5 strategic sites, Metz, Pont-à-Mousson, Epinal, Toul-Ecrouves and Luxembourg, in order to provide local and quality services to our customers. Our company displays a real desire to surround itself with experienced collaborators and experts in their field. Our work reflects an authentic approach to respecting our commitments to our customers for 50 years. The ISO 9001 certification of our Metz site attests to our commitments to quality. The success of our accounting and tax accounting company is closely …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech fintech

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L'Orange bleue L'Orange bleue

[Automatic translation follows] Fitness leader in France 💪🏻 L'Orange bleue, founded in 1996 in Rennes by Thierry Marquer, has become in 27 years a major player in fitness and well-being, both in France and internationally. Recognized for its proximity to members, offering individualized support and an enriching experience, the brand stands out for the quality of its equipment, the diversity of its programs and the expertise of its professionals. With its four brands, Orange Bleue guarantees effective management of clubs, continuing training for coaches, and dynamic management of structures. Its global approach and commitment to innovation and personalized support make …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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Loopi Loopi

[Automatic translation follows] The Slowtourism solution for Destinations Loopi: Innovation in the Service of Sustainable Tourism 🌍 At Loopi, we are revolutionizing the tourist experience through our innovative digital solutions. We believe in environmentally friendly mobility and do everything we can to transform each trip into a memorable adventure. 🎧 Audio Guide: Immerse yourself in the history and culture of the places visited. Our Audio Guide offers a unique sound immersion, transforming each journey into a captivating experience. 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️ Tourist MaaS: Adopt an eco-responsible approach to mobility. We combine different modes of transport to offer optimized itineraries, while focusing on …

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Lomi Lomi

[Automatic translation follows] Roaster - tailor-made specialty coffee Lomi roasts specialty coffees sourced directly from producers in an artisanal manner in France. The know-how of our Roaster Paul Arnephy is rewarded with the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. A project dedicated to specialty coffee for professionals and individuals. A unique approach around two locations: the 18th arrondissement of Paris and Drôme Provençale. - An artisanal roasting - A coffee school - A coffee equipment center with integrated after-sales service www.percoequipement.com - A showroom boutique and its online version lomi.coffee - A tasting counter (coffee shop). In each of our …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Loisirs Enchères Loisirs Enchères

[Automatic translation follows] Your experiences at the best price, yours. Loisirs auctions is a French startup created in 2014, based on a concept that has enjoyed tremendous success in different European countries: offering leisure products and services at auction to our users. Originally from Bordeaux, we strive to provide our members with the best leisure offers available on the web. To achieve this, our team works hard to offer you the most attractive offers on its site. We strive to find quality partners who will make your moments of leisure and relaxation unique and pleasant. e-commerce, tourism, travel, Auctions, and …

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Logtrans Logtrans

[Automatic translation follows] Logistics specialist in container transport, isotank tanks, hazardous materials, conventional and warehousing A recognized player in transport since its creation in 2001, Logtrans offers you its expertise and know-how in the transport of containers and all types of goods, ADR included, throughout France and Europe. Thanks to our fleet operating on more than 200 tractors, including 65 ADR CLASS 1 certified, and a direct establishment in the ports of Fos / Marseille and Le Havre, we are able to provide you with an efficient and lasting solution for all your transport of containers and tanks. In addition …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech

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Logipro Logipro

[Automatic translation follows] Software Publisher, Logipro supports you in the design of innovative software adapted to your needs.🖌 Logipro mainly publishes software for the training professions (LMS-type distance training deployment software / SaaS learning platform) and information (notably road: Inforoute). Our software creation approach is Agile, cultural, scientific and tends to minimize the impact on the environment. software creation, Agile development, SaaS application creation, online training, elearning, traffic information, training innovation, and training research and development

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Logicités Logicités

consultancy office specialized in urban freight and last mile delivery Logicités is a consultancy firm, based in Paris, specialized in urban freight and last mile delivery e-commerce. Pioneer in urban freight solutions, Logicités brings an operational vision of goods mobility in the cities, based on consumption and public policy trends. It is because the town changes, because the consumption evolves, that Logicités imagines the goods mobility for the future. Logicités is an independant consultancy firm based in Paris, specialized in - Urban freight solutions - Last mile delivery solutions - Support of innovative projects concerning last mile delivery and logistics …

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce Smart City transporttech

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[Automatic translation follows] LOGÉAL IMMOBILIÈRE, a responsible and innovative Social Enterprise for Housing. LOGÉAL IMMOBILIÈRE, a responsible and innovative Social Enterprise for Housing. Our development dynamic positions us as a pioneer in Normandy social housing. Beyond our social dimension, our company offers opportunities in the construction, real estate, project management and support functions sectors. Founding member of the coordination company Territoire & Habitat Normand since 2020. We have joined forces with four Norman colleagues in order to share our expertise and contribute together to the well-being of tomorrow. project management, social housing, designer, social landlord, HLM, social housing, CSR, innovation, …

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech proptech

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[Automatic translation follows] The community of talents brings together in one place to serve consulting and communication for companies and institutions! Founded by Clara and Valentin Morel in 2018, LOCOMOTIV’ brings together and coordinates 70 experts with complementary skills in Bordeaux. This community of talents brings together freelancers, consultants and agencies with complementary skills in consulting, strat. branding, communication, marketing, web, management... An ecosystem that allows the company or institution supported to achieve efficient, simple and turnkey development via a single contact. Our added value? Challenge your ambitions! As a true Sparring Partner, Locomotiv’ supports you with frankness, expertise and …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting

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[Automatic translation follows] The little marcel brand was created in 2005 by Eric Schieven and his wife Lynda Leseigneur, Au grau du roi. The story begins with the creation of a “marcel” designed exclusively for Lynda. The model and the logo with a neo-vintage appearance immediately create enthusiasm among those around the two creators. They therefore decide to market it. They created their own design studio and launched production with product manufacturing located in Europe. Little Marcel first established itself in Metropolitan France, where more than 15,000 points of sale are active today. In 2006, given the success and demand, …

Type: SMB Activities: fashtech

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Link Solutions for Industry LISI is an international company specializing in the design and manufacture of high value-added assembly solutions and components in the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. Partners of the world’s largest players and forged by its long-term family values, LISI has been innovating and investing for over two centuries in its products and industrial facilities to meet current and future needs of its customers, particularly in terms of quality, safety and performance. Thanks to the commitment of its 10,000 employees in 13 countries over four continents, LISI generated sales of €1.7 billion in 2019. The Group is …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech manufacturing

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LINportant LINportant

[Automatic translation follows] Coop. manufacturing of organic linen T-shirts in large series, in Normandy, for brands and clients #LINportant is a SCIC (Collective Interest Cooperative Society) created at the end of 2019 to knit and make organic linen t-shirts for brands and clients, on a custom basis for large series (1000+) and as a brand white or co-branding for smaller orders. -> TEE-SHIRT: we are creating a single-product unit, in order to optimize production costs as much as possible and allow our customers to reconcile ethical commitments and a “classic” economic model. -> ORGANIC LINEN: linen is the most ecological …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Linoa Linoa

[Automatic translation follows] Rinoa is a web and mobile consulting and development company. It is appreciated for the technical qualities of its experts and the support of its clients throughout their projects. Support can be provided along three lines: - Full support Rinoa supports you by translating your needs into the technical solution that is best suited to you and takes full care of the technical implementation. - Hybrid support Rinoa works jointly with your internal teams to carry out your project and hand it over to you. - Strategic support Rinoa accompanies and supports your teams by providing advice …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services

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[Automatic translation follows] Learning with pleasure, efficiency and sharing. At Link's, a training organization for 19 years, we are a team of 4 people in charge of skills development; whether by: - The skills assessment; - Coaching; - Collective intelligence; - Training ; - Conferences. Our educational conferences last an average of 1h30 with discussion time and provide educational tools and concrete learning. For us, a motto “we must learn through pleasure and share to establish our learning”​. It is also for this approach that we are multiplying approaches via co-development and collective intelligence. Conferences, Skills assessments, Training, Coaching, Management, …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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L'Industreet L'Industreet

[Automatic translation follows] Let's make the industry an opportunity for everyone! Industreet is a training center for new industry professions. We welcome young people aged 18 to 30, with or without qualifications, free of charge all year round. With us only motivation counts! Today, more than 200 young people have left with a qualification, a job or a desire to continue their studies. Our campus aims to provide training for rapidly changing industrial professions and, ultimately, to contribute to professional integration. Young people choose from a range of training courses lasting 8 to 18 months divided into 5 sectors and …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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SoftySoft SoftySoft

[Automatic translation follows] Intervention Management Software and Pointing Systems SoftySoft has been publishing software since April 2000. SoftySoft has been a Microsoft certified partner since 2005. SoftySoft exercises its expertise in modern IT development technologies. SoftySoft software makes it possible to manage organizations carrying out customer interventions. SoftySoft's customers come from sectors such as: after-sales service, maintenance, cleaning, personal services, 3D, security, guarding, maintenance of green spaces, administrations (particularly town halls). SoftySoft software users are companies employing from a few employees to several tens of thousands of employees, spread across France, Belgium, and Holland. To date, SoftySoft has equipped more …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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ubaldi ubaldi

ubaldi is a broadcast media company based out of France.

Type: SMB Activities: Games

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Les Clés du Midi Les Clés du Midi

Les Clés du Midi is a computer software company based out of 244 RUE CLAUDE FRANÇOIS, Montpellier, France.

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Eksaé Eksaé

[Automatic translation follows] Together, let’s bring public service to life. Eksaé offers suites of complete software solutions, SaaS or On premise, allowing management and steering of public action that is as innovative as it is efficient. Human resources, financial management, budgetary management, relations with citizens, Eksaé is the partner of those who bring the public service to life. With thirty years of experience and its 135 employees, Eksaé supports more than 2,500 clients and is established throughout France with communities of all sizes up to large administrations. More information on www.eksae.fr Eksaé is one of the administrators of the SDDS …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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"Ils sont foot ces Bretons !" LIGUE DE BRETAGNE DE FOOTBALL is a company based out of 29 RUE DE LA MAREBAUDIERE, St Gregoire, Bretagne, France.

Type: SMB Activities: arttech

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Libu Libu

[Automatic translation follows] ☀️ With Libu, bring the sun into your life! ☀️ Libu's mission is to enlighten people to work better, learn better and live better. Libu is lighting that improves health and well-being. Libu lighting solutions evolve throughout the day, like the sun, to give our body the right light at the right time. Libu has patents on this technology, and its products are designed and produced mainly in France. Already implemented in the tertiary sector, Libu lighting solutions have demonstrated their benefits through a study carried out in collaboration with occupational medicine and chronobiology researchers: improved sleep, …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Librairie papeterie Charlemagne Librairie papeterie Charlemagne

[Automatic translation follows] LOCAL ORIGIN SINCE 1927 Since 1927, our history, our experience and our culture of independence have guided our actions to adapt with serenity and agility to all changes in the world and markets. This strategy has ensured controlled and sustainable growth for several decades. Charlemagne Stationery Bookstore: Charlemagne welcomes you to 5 bookstores, ideal for discovering books and meeting people. The bookstores are members of the French cooperative group DALBE materials and supplies for the fine arts and of the independent French booksellers group LIBRAIRES ENSEMBLE. OUR GENERAL PUBLIC SALE POINTS (15): CHARLEMAGNE TOULON 5 points of …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Libertrip Libertrip

Tripbuilder + B2B Marketplace for Travel Libertrip is a travel platform to help travel makers to easily, quickly & efficiently plan & book door-to-door trips, with real-time collaboration and visual interface.

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech Technologies: SaaS

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LGP Conseil LGP Conseil

[Automatic translation follows] Creators of your human dynamics since 2002 LGP Conseil is a specialist in the management of human dynamics within work organizations. We are a Mission Company. Our purpose: to act for a world of work that drives human development. Our expertise: > Mobilize teams (strategy, governance, leadership, team-building, seminars, conventions, etc.) > Develop talents (training, coaching, skills assessments, assessment, etc.) > Thinking about work (GPEC/GEPP, Social engineering, QVT, RPS, Work experience, etc.) > Share knowledge (tutoring, internal trainers, knowledge exchange platform, etc.) We are a team of 14 employees and manage a network of 25 partners. Management, …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] LEXPLUS LAWYERS LAW AND MORE LEXPLUS AVOCATS advises and represents companies of various sizes with strong development potential (start-ups, growing SMEs, groups of companies, foreign groups setting up in France) in their various legal and judicial issues at national and international level. LEXPLUS AVOCATS benefits from a solid network of complementary skills (accountants, lawyers, investors, asset managers, lawyers) in France, Luxembourg and abroad. LEXPLUS AVOCATS is a partner integrated into the decision-making process of its clients by combining legal expertise and strategic advice. Corporate law, Litigation, Start-up, Taxation, Contract law, Intellectual property, Commercial law, Corporate law, business …

Type: SMB Activities: fintech legaltech

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Le Vestiaire Le Vestiaire

[Automatic translation follows] Strategy, creativity, team spirit are the bases of our gaming philosophy. ✏️💡 Le Vestiaire is an advertising agency with a creative play style co-founded by Alexandre Lataste & Etienne Fabaron. Our philosophy: Passing of brief, budget fixing, big strategic bridge, launching of ideas, creative leap, digital smash and point. Advertising, Audiovisual Production, Creation, and Brand Content

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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Level2 Level2

[Automatic translation follows] Communication & proactive solutions Level2, communication and proactive solutions, what is it? Well, we are a global agency operating across the entire range of BtoB and BtoC communication. Our team supports you in defining your communication strategy and communication plan, with creativity, technique, and control of deadlines and budget. It is made up of 3 partners on whom the agency's skills are based: A client director Maryline Viry who listens to you and advises you to propose suitable solutions, an artistic director Patrick Zoccola who designs and leads your graphic projects, from a web director Christophe Maillan …

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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Le Touquet Le Touquet

Le Touquet is a company based out of France.

Type: SMB Activities: arttech

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Les Vergers de Gally Les Vergers de Gally

[Automatic translation follows] The essentials of your subscription break areas Our mission is to bring life 🌱 to corporate convivial spaces with a solution that is simple and quick to implement and 100% customizable! With more than 15 years of expertise 💪, Les Vergers de Gally makes conviviality rooms fertile with: 🍎 Seasonal fruits, in a short circuit, from a sustainable and fair approach, and we know each other as producers 🌿 Plants and flowers to beautify places and put nature back at the heart of offices ☕ Specialty coffee beans and local tea to quench your teams’ thirst without …

Type: SMB Activities: agritech cleantech foodtech greentech healthtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Les vergers Boiron Les vergers Boiron

Ensemble, partageons le meilleur du fruit. Our mission: To contribute to professional Chefs, Bartenders and Pastry Chefs success, with a wide range of fruits and vegetables frozen purees, always in accordance with their needs. From the very beginning, Les vergers Boiron has gained its reputation and leader position from selecting the best produce from the world's best agricultural regions. We pick the fruits and vegetables at the peak of their ripeness to seize their optimal flavour. We transform them in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production facility in Valence (France) where the process of flash pasteurisation was perfected …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Les Salons Hoche Les Salons Hoche

[Automatic translation follows] Between business Paris and Prestige Paris, in a cozy and refined setting, SALONS HOCHE offer you four modular spaces combining prestige & confidentiality. A capacity of 30 to 600 people for dinner and up to 1350 people for cocktails. In order to always adapt to your most ambitious projects and meet all your requirements, personalized, efficient supervision with high-performance technical equipment are at your disposal. The unique location where connections are negotiated, strategies are defined, results are announced, the place for cocktails, lunches and dinners that count... Reception rooms, Wedding planner, Event planning, and Catering

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech

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Les Quadrants Communication Les Quadrants Communication

[Automatic translation follows] The Les Quadrants Communication agency was born in August 2001 on a simple concept: “Know your customer to clearly determine their expectations and better meet their needs” During its first years of existence, Les Quadrants Communication established itself as a recognized professional player in the world of “Business to Business” agencies specializing in the world of Industry and High Technologies. Since 2005, Les Quadrants Communication has opened up to other areas of activity such as social, insurance, packaging, logistics, etc. Press relations, Events, Digital strategy and web visibility, and Graphic design

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting martech

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The place to be design by les puces du design The place to be design by les puces du design

[Automatic translation follows] First historical market for the general public exclusively dedicated to design from the 50s to today 1999-2022 20 years & + Les Puces du Design was the first historical market exclusively dedicated to design from the 1950s to 2000. Since fall 2016, Les Puces du Design has evolved with a more marked international dimension and an openness to contemporary design. A pioneering spirit Les Puces du Design was the first European market solely dedicated to vintage design. Today, The place to be design Requirement and expertise: Since 1999, Les Puces du Design has defended the original design …

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City uxtech

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Les Petits Prés Les Petits Prés

[Automatic translation follows] Products from here, Ideas from elsewhere 📍Angers, 6 place du Ralliement 👨‍🍳 Open every day

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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LesMobiles.com LesMobiles.com

[Automatic translation follows] LesMobiles.com aims to provide you with the latest independent information to provide you with the best possible help and guide you in choosing your smartphone. Recognized for its editorial quality and the richness of its content, LesMobiles.com has become a reference site in the field of mobile telephony with nearly 2 million visits per month.

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT

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Les Infostratèges Les Infostratèges

[Automatic translation follows] Infostrategists work with businesses, individuals and local authorities. Pioneers of e-reputation, the founders of Infostratèges have developed methods intended to secure and defend the image of companies, brands and individuals on the Internet: image monitoring, "active surveillance", influence communication, cleaning of hostile and/or defamatory content on legal grounds, of which we were the inventors in 2004. All these skills can be viewed on our dedicated Your Reputation site (https://www.votre-reputation.com/) > Infostrategists specialize in tracking down and cleaning negative content against companies, managers, individuals, public authorities and in cleaning them on the basis of legal arguments, with a …

Type: SMB Activities: e-reputation IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Les herbiers Les herbiers

Les herbiers is a government administration company based out of France.

Type: SMB Activities: arttech

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Les Grandes Techniques de Vente Les Grandes Techniques de Vente

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Les Foodelles Les Foodelles

[Automatic translation follows] Friendly Gastronomy LES FOODELLES is a team of passionate people who cook, deliver and serve fresh, seasonal lunches and cocktails. Our cuisine is gourmet, spontaneous, it is a cuisine that does not know the show, a frank and direct cuisine, a cuisine with international influences with a mixture of flavors, herbs, spices and aromatics. It is a young startup which delights the taste buds of its customers and is already experiencing strong growth. Conviviality and deliciousness are our key words! shared meals, culinary events, buffets, grazing, cocktail dinners, plated meals, seminars, corporate events, private receptions, original catering, …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Les Filles et Les Garçons de la Tech Les Filles et Les Garçons de la Tech

[Automatic translation follows] Digital services company with a solidarity mission. Give meaning to your daily life, join us! Girls & Les Garçons de la Tech is simple, it’s joyful and it’s serious! We respond to your challenges and support you in reducing the operating costs of your information system, modernizing applications and infrastructures to finally get rid of legacy while securing your application delivery chain. Without forgetting the transformation of your organizations. But it is with our humanist vision of the economy that we make our employees and our customers proud. Tech and solidarity activism? This is our winning combination …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Les Echos Etudes Les Echos Etudes

[Automatic translation follows] All the sectoral study expertise of the Les Echos-Le Parisien Group at the service of your strategy Les Echos Etudes is the sectoral expertise center of the Les Echos Group (LVMH holding company). Assignment : We specialize in the production of market, marketing and strategic studies as well as in the economic and financial diagnosis of companies. We carry out ad hoc studies on behalf of public and private actors (Ministries, major accounts). Experts: Each study is carried out by a specialist consultant in the sector. We equip ourselves with the best experts capable of providing the …

Type: SMB Activities: martech agritech transporttech constructiontech healthtech

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Les Dissonances Les Dissonances

Self-conducted orchestra, collective of classical musicians founded by David Grimal in 2004. We normally expect orchestra musicians to play under the baton of a maestro, however Les Dissonances, as an artistic collective, play without a conductor. The musicians meet for practice sessions in a casual context where each member is given the freedom to create their own role. Not only soloists, but also chamber and orchestra musicians and gifted students can develop together in a context that is meant to restore a dialogue between musicians and composers. Freedom of the musicians in their will to play together, freedom in the …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment

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[Automatic translation follows] Les Curieux is a place dedicated to an eco-responsible and ethical lifestyle: fashion, care, hairdressing, decoration, workshops, workspace and even a tea room. Located in the heart of the Lyon peninsula, this eco-concept store of more than 300m2, open since December 1, 2015, welcomes you on two floors. Much more than a boutique, Les Curieux is a cooperative (SCIC ALORS) which brings together players from the entire fashion and sustainable development sector: association, consumer actors, ESS companies, etc. Don’t hesitate to inquire about taking part in the adventure! Eco-responsible fashion, Organic cosmetics, Design and Up cycling, Creative …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech fashtech greentech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Les Compères Production Les Compères Production

[Automatic translation follows] The Les Compères Production association aims to create, produce, direct, publish, broadcast, distribute and promote these audiovisual works! The organization and participation in events, festivals, exhibitions and cultural or social events around our various projects; Propose and lead introductory workshops for all audiences, members or not of the association, in order to share our experience! Audiovisual Production and Cinema

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment

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LesCityZens LesCityZens

[Automatic translation follows] Do the city with everyone! LesCityZens supports promoters and developers in the programming and pre-marketing of their housing operations. With its Welcooom platform, LesCityZens delivers more than 120 programming indicators and qualified leads. programming, market study, participatory urban factory, housing, and participatory

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City Technologies: SaaS

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Les Carnets d'Eveil Les Carnets d'Eveil

[Automatic translation follows] We develop your Natural Leadership! We are creators of the future, enthusiastic and efficient. We offer businesses, communities and associations 3 types of support to initiate change: training within the framework of continuing professional or not team-building with Collective Intelligence and Relational Intelligence tools individual coaching and team coaching with a focus on professional and personal development We facilitate the realization of individual and collective projects of these leaders who serve teams and organizations. Twenty years of experience with changing organizations have taught us that the transition and transformation phases, if not supported, produce frustration and waste …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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Les Artisans du Changement Les Artisans du Changement

[Automatic translation follows] Talent cluster in the Greater West to support the transition of Organizations The collective “Les Artisans du Changement” brings together companies, talents and individuals based in Pays de la Loire and South Brittany, who through their offer, their services or their actions contribute to the transformation of companies and organizations. Change Makers recognize themselves in humanist approaches that put people at the heart of issues in organizations. Through their approaches and actions, they promote the spread of good practices and a positive vision of change in the service of people and organizations. Change makers share values ​​at …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: Decarbonization

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[Automatic translation follows] Blankets full of emotion to celebrate life's events Company producing 100 Wishes Blankets, an original, personalized, participatory and symbolic gift for all life events. Ideal for births, baptisms, weddings, civil unions,... Made in France, Made in Hauts de France, Isarian craftsmanship.

Type: SMB Activities: fashtech

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Le Roy René Le Roy René

[Automatic translation follows] A century-old and committed company which perpetuates its know-how while respecting French traditions and excellence. Created in 1920 in Aix-en-Provence, Le Roy René is a company specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of calissons, nougats and other Provençal sweets. Leader on the calisson market, the century-old company with the Living Heritage Company label continues to reinvent itself, and today offers a wide choice of sweets that illustrate the richness of our Provençal terroir: calissons with multiple flavors, nougats from Provence and creation nougats, almond biscuits, coated almonds, artisanal marshmallows, creams, spreads, fruit jellies, jams and even candied …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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le philtre le philtre

[Automatic translation follows] Cultural communications agency specializing in classical music. Our communications agency specializing in classical music supports artists and institutions in their promotion, on the web and beyond. Digital, Video, Marketing, Community Management, Photo, and Website

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment martech

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[Automatic translation follows] ​The trusted partner for managing your business LPDE: your strategic partner for efficient accounting and financial management Founded in 2016, LPDE has grown rapidly with a team that now has around thirty employees. Our commitment to permanent technological monitoring and our key strategic partnerships with software publishers allow us to promote customer relations and ensure the quality of our services, even remotely, using digital tools. A one-stop shop for business management At LPDE, we position ourselves as a one-stop shop dedicated to business management. We offer our customers a range of varied services to meet their needs. …

Type: SMB Activities: entrepreneurship fintech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Strategy, marketing, digital and design consulting firm on a human scale based in Rouen. #makeadifferencewithus We are a human-sized consulting firm that wants to know you intimately, to understand your audience, and what really matters to you. We don't know how to do it any other way because that's how we get incredible results. In reality, we are more than just a consulting firm: our mission is to help you develop. We truly care about the success of your business. We work alongside you to define your strategy and implement it operationally. From startups to major accounts, …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting

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Le Mans Sarthe Basket Le Mans Sarthe Basket

Toujours ensemble ! Club professionnel de basket évoluant en Betclic ÉLITE et en Basketball Champions League. basketball, Ligue Nationale de Basket, Sport, Spectacle, Sponsoring, Marketing, Famille, Hospitalité, Relations Publiques, and cocktail VIP

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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The MICHELIN Guide is the international reference for restaurants and hotels for discerning travellers looking for high quality, memorable experiences! Brainchild of brothers André and Edouard Michelin – founders of the tyre company of the same name – The MICHELIN Guide's aim is to support all travellers in their mobility experiences by offering them a selection of the best places to eat and stay. Each year, their famous team of anonymous inspectors travel the world in search of top-quality establishments that represent the local area and bring travel destinations to life. The MICHELIN Guide selections are produced by an international …

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Le Gaulois Le Gaulois

[Automatic translation follows] Join the historic center of Groupe LDC! https://recrutement.ldc.fr/fr/annonces Presentation : Founded in 1968 from the merger of the Lambert, Dodard and Chancereul families, the LDC group is today one of the European leaders in the poultry and catering market. In total, the group has nearly 23,000 employees, 93 production sites and a turnover exceeding 4.4 billion euros. The LDC Sablé division, bringing together several production sites and nearly 2,500 employees, specializes in the slaughtering, cutting and preparation of Loué & Gallic. Simplicity, Respect, Work, Performance, if these are your values, they are also ours so don’t wait …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Legallais Legallais

[Automatic translation follows] Your Multi-Specialist! LEGALLAIS is the independent leader in the distribution of products for the secondary work market. OUR OFFER is constantly evolving and always more adapted to our customers! > 60,000 references in stock, deliverable tomorrow, wherever you want! > 9 professional universes: Building, Layout and furnishings, Plumbing, Electricity, Climate engineering Consumables, Tools, Materials & equipment, Individual Production Equipment. > 600 suppliers committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach > A range of eco-responsible products with nearly 6,500 products with low environmental impact and respecting health > An own brand and 4 exclusive brands: Itecma, Aslo, …

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech Technologies: New Materials

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Le Fondant Baulois Le Fondant Baulois

[Automatic translation follows] An essential specialty of La Baule, Le Vrai Fondant Baulois is today imitated but still not equaled! Loyal fans of this incomparable gourmet dessert invariably recognize its unique texture, its powerful aroma of great chocolate combined with its delicious touch of salted butter caramel. Today distributed by nearly 250 partners, our ambition is to become the global reference for high-end Chocolate Fondant pastry, gastronomy, chocolate, Chocolate fondant, and Artisanal know-how

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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[Automatic translation follows] A family business at your side in carrying out your projects Lefeuvre Immobilier has been an independent family business since 1986. 🤝 Based in the Great West, we specialize in real estate services for individuals and businesses. 🏡 With their expertise and local knowledge, our teams support you in your various real estate projects: ✅ Trustee (Habitat & Tertiary) ✅ Purchase and sale of property (Old & New) ✅ Rental management ✅ Rental ✅ Shared housing solutions (Young professionals & Seniors) ✅ MyProximity to manage your residence and accommodation with ease Today, more than 200 employees support …

Type: SMB Activities: proptech

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[Automatic translation follows] Automobile and mobility law lawyers LE DALL AVOCATS is a team of lawyers entirely dedicated to your car and your driving license. The common denominator of the firm's files: a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a motorized vehicle traveling on a road open or not to traffic... Led by Jean-Baptiste le Dall, one of the pioneers of automobile law, the firm's team of lawyers and jurists provide both advice and litigation. The firm defends its clients before all jurisdictions in the territory. Whether it is a police hearing or a correctional summons, an appearance upon admission of …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech

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Le Comptoir Irlandais Le Comptoir Irlandais

Irish Ideas from Ireland and the World: Fashion - Cellar - Fine Food - Home - Gifts. #lecomptoirirlandais Since 1987, Le Comptoir Irlandais has been discovering artisans, textile houses and distilleries in Ireland, Scotland and England to offer the most beautiful selections of items through its shops in France and its e-shop. Born in Brest in Brittany and supported by a team of enthusiasts, Le Comptoir Irlandais owes its success to a rigorous choice driven by curiosity and a constant concern for quality and originality. caviste, whisky, irlande, mode, textile, rhum, bière, gin, spécialités alimentaires, thé, cadeaux, maison, épicerie, Bretagne, …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Le Ciré Jaune Le Ciré Jaune

[Automatic translation follows] Marketing and Communication Consulting. Tourism, Sustainable development, Health, Local know-how, Game changers. We are absolutely convinced that emotions shape human perceptions and decisions. We see our profession as an art. The art of transforming complicated things into simple things. The art of creating the right connection between a brand and its target. And why not, the art of transforming information into entertainment. And there is only one way to master this art: putting sharing and listening at the heart of our profession. Strategic consulting, Marketing, Identity & Advertising, Web & Mobile, and communication consulting

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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Le Chemin Moderne Le Chemin Moderne

[Automatic translation follows] The preservation of rights is a legacy in perpetual motion. Le Chemin Moderne is a law firm working with clients seeking the creation of values ​​or the preservation of rights allowing them to reconcile the freedoms to innovate and undertake with what is useful, private and collective life, heritage. in perpetual movement. We provide tailor-made auditing, consulting, conflict resolution and litigation for the preservation of assets (IP-IT-personal data), governance (corporate law and compliance, social law) and fundamental rights. #IP/IT #corporate #social right digital, innovation, GDPR, DPO, e-reputation, Cyber ​​risks, big data, brands, software, blockchain, AI, Intelligent robots, …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech Technologies: A.I. Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Robotics

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L’Échappée Bière L’Échappée Bière

[Automatic translation follows] Organization of corporate events (teambuildings, seminars, evenings & cocktails...), business trips, tourism Since its creation in 2013, L'Echappée Bière, the first tourism and events agency dedicated to beer, has offered innovative, educational and gourmet activities as well as turnkey packages and stays to discover the rich French brewing heritage and international. Event professionals, we support companies in organizing their seminars, teambuildings and corporate evenings in Lille, Paris and Strasbourg. Our promise? infuse the values ​​of the table into your events: conviviality, sharing, deliciousness. Planning an event ? contact our project managers: https://event.echappee-biere.com/ With our travel agency hat, …

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech

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Lean Construction by IMMA Lean Construction by IMMA

[Automatic translation follows] Building in the future We are a consulting, training and engineering firm in Lean Construction, and are a leader in our activity. Our job since 2007 has been to transform tools borrowed from the world of industry and adapt them to the world of construction, to aim for global, homogeneous and sustainable performance. Practicing Lean Construction means learning to see differently what we know by heart: this involves leading change, and this is precisely our added value in supporting our clients. Our methodologies promote collaborative practices, to go beyond particular interests for the benefit of the general …

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech Technologies: Decarbonization

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LeanCo LeanCo

Simplifions la Construction ! Depuis 2016, LeanCo édite une suite logicielle qui s'adresse aux promoteurs et constructeurs, dans le but d'optimiser les délais de chantier et d'accroître la productivité globale des acteurs du secteur. S'inspirant de la démarche Lean, ces solutions se veulent intuitives et adaptées à la construction. lean management, lean construction, management de projet, management qualité, lean office, lean manufacturing, coaching, formation, planification, planning, pilotage, construction, chantier, batiment, start-up, entreprise générale, promoteur, opc, and architecte

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech Technologies: SaaS

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LeadSeed LeadSeed

It’s good to ask, it’s better to give back Increase engagement with next level surveys and generate personalized reports B2B Conversation As A Platform We help B2B enterprises to better engage with their audience, prospects, clients, partners and community. Marketing, Sales, Conversation as a Platform, High qualified leads, and Channel recrutment

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: SaaS

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Le 360 Le 360

[Automatic translation follows] The new Parisian place to create in residence, record, stage and broadcast in the heart of Barbès. The 360 ​​is a space for concerts and shows, film screenings, restaurant and café, training and transmission space. The rehearsal and recording studio, as well as the residencies, will allow artists to benefit from optimal conditions in their creative and production process. Created by Saïd Assadi, the founder of the Accords Croisés label and the Au Fil des Voix festival. It's the new place to create, record, stage and broadcast. A space open to the world and the neighborhood, in …

Type: SMB Activities: arttech entertainment

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LCA Audit LCA Audit

[Automatic translation follows] Auditing in innovative companies

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services

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La Vie Claire, S.A. La Vie Claire, S.A.

[Automatic translation follows] Family and independent brand, pioneer of #organic since 1948 ✊ More than 390 stores in France 🇫🇷 La Vie Claire, S.A. is a Retail company located in 1982 ROUTE DEPARTEMENTALE 386, MONTAGNY, Rhone, France. Organic products, Sustainable development, Organic stores, and CSR

Type: SMB Activities: fashtech retail Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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La Turbine.coop La Turbine.coop

[Automatic translation follows] Let's explore another digital! Open innovation, digital data and collaborative web for projects of general interest La Turbine.Coop is a collaborative factory of digital services of general interest. A cooperative company, it designs and manages digital and social innovation projects, essentially serving issues of general interest, and is actively involved in local life in connection with digital transformations. Our activities are divided into 3 components: the design and management of digital projects, the mobilization of digital data and finally, the animation of the La Turbine.Coop location in Grenoble which is both a shared work space and a …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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La Table de Cana Bordeaux - Traiteur Gourmand et Engagé La Table de Cana Bordeaux - Traiteur Gourmand et Engagé

[Automatic translation follows] La Table de Cana is the first gourmet and committed caterer who accompanies you in all your events. Recognized as an Integration Company, we support you in all your events with a quality and tailor-made service. Our cuisine is traditional, homemade and of quality: we work alongside local producers to offer you fresh local products. 100% of our fruits and vegetables come from organic farming 60% of which comes from local sources and our meats are of French origin. Our local responsible suppliers: Local'hall Bio, Hall Bio, Pain et Partage, Le Pressoir des Chartrons... Our strength lies …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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l'Art en direct l'Art en direct

l’Art en direct est une agence de communication par l’art contemporain spécialisée en stratégie, production d’événements et relations presse. Leader dans son domaine, l’agence propose une expertise interne, externe ou globale adaptée aux enjeux et objectifs des entreprises privées comme des institutions culturelles. Créé en 1992, cette agence atypique est devenue une référence incontournable dans son domaine. L’Art en Direct is an agency which uses contemporary art as a means of communication. We are specialized in strategy, event planning and public relations. Leaders in our field, our agency purposes an internal, external or global expertise adapted to companies or cultural …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting martech

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La Revue Automobile La Revue Automobile

[Automatic translation follows] The Webzine for big boys who live their mechanical passion as a way of life. The Automobile Review Sector: Communication and Media - Internet The main site of the company LR Media is www.larevueautomobile.com - After having conquered the rights to this very old renowned brand. We founders are doing everything we can to restore the position of this magazine, but this time as a pure WEB player. In a few figures (January 2011): 1,150,000 visits 1,000,000 visitors 6,000,000 pages 15,000,000 ad impressions 100% natural traffic (no purchases) Media agencies and advertisers will find Internet users 72% …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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La Relève du Futur La Relève du Futur

[Automatic translation follows] Together, let’s take over! Together, let’s ensure the next generation! We are convinced that talent exists everywhere, and that simple support can be enough to reveal it La Relève du Futur is an association that works for equal opportunities by making digital careers accessible to young people aged 12 to 17 from working-class neighborhoods. Digital professions cover a vast field of skills, combining creativity and technique, resourcefulness and rigor, patience and responsiveness... These are great tools to acquire to learn to defend ideas, lead projects, and succeed in emancipating yourself from your environment. We believe that by …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services

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[Automatic translation follows] LA PENDERIE DE CHLOE

Type: SMB Activities: fashtech

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La Minut'Rit La Minut'Rit

[Automatic translation follows] The corporate concierge service that makes you smile every day! Thanks to the La Minut'Rit corporate concierge service, employees can access goods and services at advantageous rates, delivered directly to their home or workplace. La Minut'Rit does for its customers everything they can't or no longer want to do! La Minut'Rit launched as a franchise in 2013. There are now more than 50 people working to grow La Minut'Rit. Minut'Rit regularly looks for dynamic people to develop the concept in different cities in France. Here are the qualities required: - great knowledge of the local area - …

Type: SMB Activities: consumer services

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[Automatic translation follows] Contact and Structural Mechanics Laboratory LaMCoS is a joint research unit of INSA Lyon and CNRS. Its aim is to conduct research on the mastery and control of the behavior of mechanical systems and structures by taking into account their interfaces. We innovate to improve the understanding of fundamental phenomena, to anticipate major societal challenges and to respond to technological issues linked to the fields of Transport, Energy, Health, Biomedical, Sport and Capital Goods. Research teams: - DCS Team - MIMESIS team - MULTIMAP Team - SMC Team - TMI Team Main axes: - Surfaces and interfaces, …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech

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Le maillon fort de la chaîne du froid. Nous innovons. Vous gagnez! #Innovations1st #Transports #Lamberet #Kerstner LAMBERET was founded in 1935, and is now THE European specialist bodywork manufacturer for refrigerated vehicles. Its range is suitable for all goods transport from 1 to 100 m3 – boxes and trailers, vans, platform-cabs and chassis cabs for utility vehicles; bodies for rigids, truck trailers, semi-trailers and swap bodies for industrial vehicles. It sells about 4500 vehicles per annum to 35 countries in Europe and the Middle-East from this unique range. The company has consolidated sales in excess of 120 million Euros, half …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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Super Flacon Super Flacon

[Automatic translation follows] 🧼 Made in Paris ♻️ zero waste ♻️ zero plastic ♻️ zero trucks. Delivery to Paris and 29 municipalities around Paris. Zero plastic laundry, zero waste, zero controversial ingredients, zero trucks.

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech

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Protecthoms Protecthoms

[Automatic translation follows] Distributor of Excellence Specialist in #protection, #hygiene & #safety of people at work 1st French distributor in integration of services associated with PPE We support companies that place the performance and well-being of people at work at the heart of their success. We simplify the choice and management of PPE. We promote social connections and strengthen your company’s brand image. Key data • 200 employees • 61 salespeople • 12,000 active customers • €44.7 million turnover 2022 • 1 local network (metropolitan France, Reunion Island, Belgium) • more than 15,500 m2 of secure storage • 23,000 references …

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech Technologies: Data Analytics

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La Grande Récré La Grande Récré

[Automatic translation follows] La Grande Récré, a reference in toys since 1977. La Grande Récré, a reference in toys since 1977, is a French brand specializing in the sale of games, toys, parties, leisure and entertainment for the whole family. “The strengths of La Grande Récré lie in its history and its nature combining human values, entrepreneurial passion and commercial spirit.” La Grande Récré has more than 800 Parents Conseils - passionate employees, in a network of more than 130 stores, corners in 100 TOTAL motorway service stations, 30 Club Med villages as well as a lagranderecre e-commerce site .Fr …

Type: SMB Activities: Games

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LA GORGE FRAICHE CRAFT BEER FROM SOUTH OF FRANCE Launched in 2014, Les Piliers du Sud is a local leading company distributing its own craft beer brand "La Gorge Fraîche"​. In 2019, they create a new brewhouse of their dream, based along to the Canal du Midi in Béziers.

Type: SMB Activities: arttech

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L'agence sociale - Prestataire d’activités collectives et inclusives L'agence sociale - Prestataire d’activités collectives et inclusives

[Automatic translation follows] Provider of collective and inclusive activities The Social Agency is an Animation and Management Agency specialized in the organization and supervision of collective and inclusive activities. The Social Agency intervenes when and where you want and supervises all the activities you want. Sports | Leisure | Well-being

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech

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La Formidable Armada La Formidable Armada

[Automatic translation follows] Imagine new stories for our places of life, activate cooperation. La Formidable Armada is a social and urban design agency interested in the city of tomorrow, using creativity and innovation as tools. We advise and support public and private actors in “the making of the city” in the implementation of actions to improve the living environment through the prism of use. Our projects are committed to the ecological transition of territories and to the creation of a fairer and more equitable city for the most vulnerable. 1. Create living spaces and connections. In our opinion, the transition …

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City Technologies: Decarbonization

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Les Nouveaux Scooters Les Nouveaux Scooters

[Automatic translation follows] Specialists in 100% electric scooters and motorcycles since 2018 Les Nouveaux Scooters, the brand new 100% electric scooter dealer (50cc and 125cc equivalents) is arriving in Paris 12!! Quality scooters (technicality, design) AND removable batteries to recharge at home! electric, Scooter, electricscooter, mobility, mobility, CSR, and Better living in the city

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech Technologies: Batteries

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La Facilitation La Facilitation

[Automatic translation follows] Collective intelligence // Facilitation // Training // Fun in shape, square in the bottom In the news: access our online collective feedback manual - Step by step, our method for preparing and leading a team feedback workshop - Concrete tools - Practical resources - An online format To access the manual (free): https://www.manager-facilitateur.fr/manuel-feedback/ And every week, facilitation tools in your mailbox: www.manager-facilitateur.fr/newsletter Develop innovative management methods? Get everyone involved in a meeting? Transform a seminar to say STOP forever to the combo PPT + soporific speeches? We are committed to supporting managers and their teams to deploy …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting

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La Fabrique Vidéo La Fabrique Vidéo

[Automatic translation follows] From capture to broadcast, the art of transforming the moment into emotion. La Fabrique Video - Your Multicamera Live Capture Partner La Fabrique Vidéo, French specialist in multi-camera live capture, offering tailor-made solutions for a variety of events such as festivals, conferences, general meetings, product presentations, award ceremonies and shows. - Multicamera Live Capture - Retransmission on Giant Screens - Events: Festivals, Conferences, General Assemblies - Product Presentations - Prize Giving - Shows Why Choose La Fabrique Video: - A team of experts and enthusiasts. - Solutions adapted to your budget. - Creativity and flexibility to meet …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment Technologies: Drones VR

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La Fabrique Pola La Fabrique Pola

[Automatic translation follows] Created by and for the local artist communities, La Fabrique Pola is a common good. It is as much a cultural facility dedicated to audiences of 4000 m2, as a space dedicated to the professional structuring of the visual arts sector, based on the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy. From its new home port anchored on the right bank of Bordeaux, Fabrique Pola invests sustainably in the relationship with the territory it inhabits and is committed, in support of its inhabitants, to promoting the entry of art into the daily life of each person, or …

Type: SMB Activities: arttech

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Laëtis Laëtis

[Automatic translation follows] We create interactive solutions useful for everyday life Laëtis directs > websites, e-commerce solutions, > develops and distributes the Caravelis tourism information system > develops and distributes Diffusio, the solution to distribute your tourism offer on mobile web > has strong e-tourism and territorial expertise, > offers web business applications, > internet and collaborative solutions, > tactile solutions and interactive terminals websites, business applications, digital strategy, and Doing together

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services

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LACROIX - Electronics LACROIX - Electronics

Connected technologies for smarter industries Ranked among the Top 50 EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) worldwide, LACROIX’s Electronics Activity designs and manufactures electronic functions and equipment as well as industrial IoT solutions for its customers, combining advanced skills in both R&D and Production 4.0. Positioned in critical applications for the automotive, industrial, smart home and buildings, avionics and defense, and healthcare sectors, the Electronics activity has six production plants and a design and turnkey services office (Impulse), enabling it to serve its markets in Europe, North America, and the Maghreb. With 4,400 employees, it recorded a turnover of €522 million in …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing Technologies: Embedded Systems IoT

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