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Teaming Teaming

Changing lives with donations of 1€ per month because together we don't have limits. Teaming is the largest recurring fundraising platform for 100% solidarity. The more than 500,000 Teamers support one or more social causes with €1 a month. So far, we have managed to raise more than 41 million euros that have gone to the causes in full, because that is our purpose: to help social entities to move forward with the help of thousands of people without charging any kind of commission. Will you join us? From 1998 to 2011, Teaming is applied to several companies. From 2012... …

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Institut Guttmann Institut Guttmann

[Automatic translation follows] Helping start new lives The Institut Guttmann is a neurorehabilitation hospital whose main objective is to promote, encourage and achieve the comprehensive rehabilitation of people affected by a spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other disabilities of neurological origin, and provide the most appropriate support and services. to achieve a satisfactory social reintegration, while contributing to the full recognition of their rights and an effective equalization of opportunities. The Guttman Institute was inaugurated in Barcelona in 1965 by the businessman Guillermo González Gilbey. González Gilbey suffered a traffic accident in 1958 and became a quadriplegic. He …

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Gabinet Ceres Gabinet Ceres

[Automatic translation follows] Sociological and mercats research #mrx / Governance and Participation #governobert Our mission is to allow managers of companies and administrations to make decisions with a lower degree of uncertainty by obtaining rigorous information about their environment. We get to work side by side with the client, understanding what they really want to know, what they need, in what depth. Innovating in market research: new techniques, new tools (eye-tracking), new philosophy,... Market Research, Sociological Research, Citizen Participation, Administration Consulting, Open Government, Participation and Governance, and Environmental Management (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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IG Metall IG Metall

[Automatic translation follows] Good working conditions, fair pay, career prospects, secure jobs, co-determination and democracy: these are the goals that IG Metall is pursuing. We represent employees in the metal & Electro, Iron & steel, textile & Clothing, Crafts and Wood & Plastic. Imprint: www.igmetall.de/impressum

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Human Resource Specialties, Inc. Human Resource Specialties, Inc.

Providing Affirmative Action Plans and other related services to nationwide organizations of all shapes and sizes. Human Resource Specialties is celebrating 36 years of providing expert assistance for employers of all sizes, from coast to coast. Our team of highly skilled HR professionals, who have more than 180 total years of experience in all aspects of human resources, provide human resource consulting services for employers of all sizes. Human Resource Specialties has a nationwide reputation for excellence in equal opportunity and affirmative action, including written Affirmative Action Plans and OFCCP audit assistance for federal contractors, subcontractors and construction contractors. Human …

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SeeMeHired.com SeeMeHired.com

Automate your hiring processes to save time and effort when attracting, screening, evaluating and onboarding new staff. SeeMeHired enables our customers to hire more effectively by providing compelling careers pages, an enhanced candidate experience and detailed hiring insights. Learn more at seemehired.com

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VisibleThread VisibleThread

Language Analysis Platform. Improve the efficiency & compliance of RFPs, contracts & mission-critical business writing. The Language Analysis Platform.That Means Business. Improve the efficiency, clarity and compliance of RFPs, contracts and mission-critical business writing with quantifiable metrics. We empower global organizations with technology that makes a difference. VT Docs for proposal professionals working on RFPs and Contracts. Reduce risk, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance. VT Writer brings evidence-based improvements to business writing. For teams all across the Enterprise. VT Insights - Improve Customer Experience with Team Insights Measure quality improvement across all organization assets, both offline and online Bid and …

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Idiro Analytics Idiro Analytics

Providing advanced & predictive analytics, SNA, AI and Machine Learning for business Idiro Analytics is a pioneer in AI and data analytics with nearly two decades of experience. Throughout this time, we have analysed the data of more than 20% of the world's population, which gave us unique insights into human behaviour and paved the way for our expertise in customer analytics. Our data-driven insights have been invaluable to many businesses in their decision-making. From telecoms to major national banks - we helped clients to make sense of their data. Our commitment to responsible innovation makes us a trustworthy guide …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics

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SHANNONSIDE is a company based out of Ireland.

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Inselcare Inselcare

Your Complete Nursing Home Management Software Your Complete Nursing Home Management Software that is future proof. Easy, Simple and Powerfull to use. Save time, reduce errors, cut costs and get everyone engaged. The most technically advanced platform to deliver world-class quality healthcare, streamline your patient care and boost communications 24/7. nursing home solutions and Care home IT platform

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Talbot Pierce Consulting Limited Talbot Pierce Consulting Limited

Providing people solutions across the public, private and NGO sectors. Talbot Pierce Consulting was founded in 2015 by Karen Talbot and Desirée Pierce. Both Karen and Desiree have significant experience in the HR/OD/IR/Legal professions. They have worked together over the years and joined forces to develop this HR services company. www.TalbotPierce.com. We have tailored packages for different types of companies, from full HR support to the Start-up/SME that has no or limited HR function, to specialist external/objective expertise to the large company that has its own HR department. The latter includes, in particular, ADR (mediation, conciliation) and Disciplinary/ Grievance/ Dignity …

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The Agile Executive The Agile Executive

Helping business owners achieve their goals through our team of experienced executives - How can we help you? The Agile Executive helps business owners achieve their goals by helping to increase turnover, improve cashflow and increase the value of the company. This is achieved by working with experienced executives and partners and matching the right people to the right companies at a cost that SME’s can afford. We are experienced Programme Managers and have successfully managed a number of mentoring programmes delivering improved performance to the businesses that have participated. We help business owners - see what is going on …

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Dynamo Camp Dynamo Camp

[Automatic translation follows] Right to Happiness Dynamo Camp ETS offers specific Recreational Therapy programs free of charge, to children and adolescents affected by chronic diseases, in therapy or in the post-hospitalization period, to healthy siblings and their families. Dynamo Camp is located in Limestre in the province of Pistoia, in an oasis of over 900 hectares affiliated to the WWF, Oasi Dynamo, and is part of SeriousFun Children's Network: a camp association founded in 1988 by Paul Newman and active all over the world. The activities take place at the Dynamo Camp facility, in Limestre, in the province of Pistoia, …

Type: SMB Activities: kidtech edtech

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Newsweaver Newsweaver

Newsweaver is an award-winning communications software provider. Our market leading email platform lets you send branded, targeted and personalized emails that employees actually want to read and Newsweaver Cross-Channel Analytics provides one central location from which you can measure all your internal channels - including email, intranet, video and enterprise social networks. Newsweaver’s powerful, easy and measurable communications software, helps over 4,000 users in 96 countries worldwide deliver relevant, targeted and engaging communications. Newsweaver clients range from large multinationals and government agencies to SMEs, charities and associations across the globe, and include Saudi Aramco, Shell, Zurich Insurance, Royal Mail, Aon …

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Water + juice + teas + vitamins = VITHIT, the ultimate way to hydrate & boost energy! VITHIT drinks is a healthy beverage company who produces low calorie, low sugar drinks. Each VITHIT drink contains less than 35 calories per bottle and just 6 grams of sugar. VITHIT is sold in over 15 countries worldwide and is the market leader in many. Always innovative, always creative, VITHIT is the future of beverages. organic, creative, and healthy

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Philip Lee LLP Philip Lee LLP

DUBLIN | LONDON | SAN FRANCISCO Philip Lee LLP is one of Ireland’s leading corporate and commercial law firms. We are recognised leaders in several areas of law, including corporate and M&A, competition, construction, data, employment, energy, environmental, EU, intellectual property, PPP, procurement, real estate and tax. The firm has offices in Dublin, London and San Francisco. We represent pioneering Irish and international private companies operating in the world’s leading sectors and public sector bodies with real vision. Philip Lee LLP is the only Irish member of Multilaw. With 10,000 lawyers and a combined turnover of $5bn, Multilaw is ranked …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech proptech

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Meas Media Meas Media

Outsourcing service in both marketing and sales for small to medium businesses. Are you generating enough leads to sustain a prosperous business? Our team will work with you to create a plan that is tailor made for you! Founded by Breandán Ó Heaghra who is known for his vision, strategic plan and his ability to communicate effectively, Meas Media will provide a variety of different services to help your business grow. Marketing and Sales solutions, Lead Generation, PR communication and training, Web Design & Brochure, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, and B2B

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StreamTech Virtual Solutions StreamTech Virtual Solutions

Dublin, Ireland-based company specializing in Virtual Events, Consultation and Technical Support StreamTech Virtual Solutions delivers Hybrid and fully remote event production and has packages to suit all budgets. • VIRTUAL EVENTS Our virtual event products deliver engaging, sophisticated and reliable online meetings, webinars, livestreams and conferences for audiences of all sizes • CONSULTATION & TECHNICAL SUPPORT We provide expert guidance & support to help you deliver the best experiences for your audience • TRAINING & EDUCATION Our consistent, easy-to-understand training will ensure your teams' success within your unique workflow Online Meetings, Webinars, Conferences, Live Streaming, Webcasts, Technical Support, Consultation, and …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech IT Services Technologies: VR

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interactive investor interactive investor

The award-winning investment platform that helps you take control of your financial future. ii is an abrdn business. We are interactive investor, the UK’s number one flat-fee investment platform. For a simple, monthly fee, we provide a secure home for your pensions, ISAs and investments. This comes with an industry-leading selection of investments and a team generating up-to-date expert insight. interactive investor has been helping customers for over 25 years. We have assets under administration approaching £55 billion and more than 400,000 customers. We are based in Manchester and, with offices in Leeds and London, employ more than 500 people. …

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Mathys & Squire LLP Mathys & Squire LLP

The premier European IP law firm | Delivering results that matter to maximise the value of our clients' innovations. Mathys & Squire is an IP powerhouse, putting our specialist knowledge to work to strengthen and secure what most modern businesses today treat as one of their most valuable strategic assets. Our agile team of attorneys, scientists and strategists are steeped in experience, working with IP-rich and high-growth industries leveraging complex technologies and sophisticated commercial models. IT, Telecoms, Biotechnology, Engineering, Litigation, Chemistry, Trade Marks, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductors, Life Sciences, Litigation, Agri-tech, Patents, Trademarks, Ligitation, Designs, Manufacturing, Fin-tech, and Aerospace

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech Technologies: Semiconductors

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Ms.Medicine Ms.Medicine

The only concierge model built for women by women Ms. Medicine is an innovative health care organization whose mission is to raise the standard of care of women’s health and address the unmet medical needs of women. Our vision is to become a national organization of specialty trained, women’s health experts setting the standard for exceptional, evidence-based women’s health care. As a concierge internal medicine practice model for women, Ms. Medicine offers comprehensive, longitudinal, evidence-based primary care as well as women’s-specific specialty care. Ms. Medicine offers both full-spectrum primary care (including urgent care, longitudinal care and preventative care,) as well …

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The Nourish App The Nourish App

Celebrating and supporting busy working parents with self-care, mental health and wellbeing. Download the Nourish App! Find more connection, compassion and calm in the chaos, pressures and turmoil of modern parenting. Jam packed full of practical, bite-sized, multidisciplinary self-care tools all created by a team of wellbeing professionals who are also mothers. Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Yoga, Breathing Exercises and much more - all in your pocket, accessible in any moment. Available on iOS and Android. Free Version Available for all. Download now: www.thenourishapp.com

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She Leads Change She Leads Change

Peer Learning for Women : Courage for Changemakers Peer Learning for Women. Confidence for Changemakers. She Leads Change is a transformative approach to leadership for women driving change and innovation. It is allows change-makers to better hear their own voice, inform their choices, navigate relationships and engage positively within existing systems. It offers participants a profound personal shift through a mixture of structured content, peer learning, co-creation and individualised coaching. Over a four-month curated journey, it provides a safe, nourishing space for reflection, realisation, experimentation and self-actualisation. Visit our website for more information and to apply: https://sheleadschange.org/about/ Mentorship, Leadership, Inclusivity, …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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Inlightened Inlightened

Healthcare innovation, executed expertly Inlightened bridges the knowledge gap between the boldest innovators and the brightest clinical minds. Our solution is the only SaaS marketplace of curated, vetted, and engaged clinicians and healthcare professionals, passionate about helping client companies succeed. Inlightened is committed to changing the way healthcare innovation works — or historically hasn’t worked — by prioritizing diversity, transparency, and quality. healthcare, health tech, biotech, consulting, due diligence, innovation, product development, expert knowledge, medical advisory, clinical consulting, market research, healthcare advisors, executive recruiting, knowledge platform, and expert network as a service

Type: SMB Activities: biotech deeptech healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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Aura Fertility Aura Fertility

Helping fertility clinics to deliver pioneering whole-person care, for every IVF cycle Welcome to Aura. We work alongside pioneering fertility clinics to support better emotional health and fertility wellbeing for IVF patients. We are evidence-based and expert-led. Our support is tailored to each person, to help them make better decisions, optimise fertility health and nurture emotional wellbeing throughout their IVF journey. With Aura, you're not alone.

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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Daiichi Sankyo UK Daiichi Sankyo UK

Daiichi Sankyo UK is a pharmaceutical company with corporate origins in Japan. Daiichi Sankyo UK is a pharmaceutical company with corporate origins in Japan. We create and supply innovative products to help the NHS to deliver better patient care in the fields of cardiovascular disease and oncology. Our company was founded in 2006 through the merger of Japanese companies Daiichi and Sankyo in Europe. With a rich legacy of scientific expertise dating back more than 100 years, we are the pioneer behind leading pharmaceuticals that have contributed to the improvement of countless lives across the world. Our mission is to …

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech healthtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Speaker Express Speaker Express

Learn how to market yourself as a speaker, get on more stages & use speaking for business growth. We help thousands of professionals to speak on stages, grow their business or successfully raise investment – all through the power of public speaking. Learn how to market yourself as a speaker and use speaking for the growth of your business. We run fun and thought-provoking sessions that will change your perception towards PUBLIC SPEAKING. High-energy exercises guarantee you to learn practical tips & tricks but what you will value the most is that the skills demonstrated are immediately implementable.

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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Insight for Good Insight for Good

Bridging the gap between the world of insight and the impact economy. We believe socially focused individuals and progressive organisations are the ones changing the world, which is why we empower them to unleash their potential so that they can make a bigger difference in society. We do this supporting organisations measuring and managing their social and environmental impact by putting insight at the core of their social programmes. market research, customer insight, strategy, social impact, social change, behaviour change, and behavioural insight

Type: SMB Activities: civictech

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GetTransfer.com GetTransfer.com

The world’s leading transportation marketplace We are the largest global travel mobility marketplace for booking transfers and chauffered per hour cars expanding to travel taxi market, powered by best prices and car descriptions and photos before you go Airport transfers, Holiday transfers, Ski resort transfers, City-to-city transfers, International transfers, Group transfers, Event transfers, Client transfers, Business travel, Chauffeur Service, Limousine Service, Car rental, Hourly car rental, app for travel, Travel Logistics, Ground Transportation Services, Corporate Travel Solutions, Group Transportation, International Travel Services, and Business Transportation

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech traveltech

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Well Grounded CIC Well Grounded CIC

Award-winning social enterprise creating a diverse new pool of talent for the specialty coffee industry. Well Grounded is a series of Speciality Barista Training Academies, changing lives. We are London’s first social enterprise solely focused on developing talent within the speciality coffee industry, providing coffee training to the highest standards. We link local people to local specialty coffee jobs and provide ongoing professional development for all our Graduates. Working with over 120 employers we provide work placements for our trainees and amazing new talent for the coffee industry. coffee, specialtycoffee, training, hospitality , mentorship , consultancy, employability, coaching, recruitment , …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech HRtech

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Belfast Food Network Belfast Food Network

Belfast Food Network is a company based out of 123 York Street, Belfast, United Kingdom.

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Root & Leaf Root & Leaf

We are marketing experts making a difference, driving impact for mission-driven organizations and conscious enterprises Marketing gets a bad rap—and deservedly so. Marketers aren’t exactly known for moral fortitude, candor, or idealism. We’re building something different. Good causes deserve great marketing. You need a competitive edge to take on entrenched interests and industry titans. We’re experienced marketing experts with the knowledge and skills to make an impact for every company, brand, and organization who partners with us. The idea behind our agency is simple: What if we used our passion and experience in marketing for good? If marketing can be …

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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Prime Advocates Prime Advocates

Legal, business and ESG advisory firm; specialising in social finance and disruptive tech Prime Advocates is a not-for-profit a) Sustainability/ Impact business consultancy, b) ESG / Impact advisory firm, also providing ESG Assurance, and c) regulated law firm. Our specialism and passion is the provision of strategic advisory and legal services to corporates or investors or any entity engaging in Social Finance, ESG and Impact Investing. Prime Advocates has particular expertise in the financial services, equity finance, disruptive technology and financial regulatory legal arena. Prime Advocates applies legal, business and ESG acumen to: i) facilitate and further propagate impactful traditional …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech fintech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Farrer & Co Farrer & Co

Farrer & Co is synonymous with the highest quality legal advice and service. We advise individuals, families, businesses, financial services, educational and not-for-profit organisations on every aspect of the law, wherever the need arises. From our offices in London we work with trusted professionals around the world to deliver a seamless international service. Our clients present us with complex and varied challenges. Whether that's a complicated family trust issue, a multinational corporate transaction, or an emerging threat to their reputation, they need clear thinkers who can advise on the best solutions, fast thinkers when speed is of the essence and …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech

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Healthwatch Southwark Healthwatch Southwark

We are the independent champion for people who use health and social care services. Healthwatch Southwark is a hospital & health care company based out of 1 Addington Square, London, United Kingdom.

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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Power2 Power2

Unleashing the power of children and young people so they can build happy and fulfilling lives. Unleashing the power of children and young people so they can build happy and fulfilling lives. NEET prevention, Education, Skills Development, Youth Employability, Early Intervention, and Peer Mentoring

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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Together for Mental Wellbeing Together for Mental Wellbeing

National charity supporting people with mental health issues. (LinkedIn monitored 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri excl. bank holidays) Together for Mental Wellbeing is a national charity that supports people with mental health issues to lead fulfilling and independent lives. (Our LinkedIn page is monitored 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays.) We value people as experts in what works best for them, and each individual we work with influences and shapes the support they and others receive from us. Founded in 1879, today we work with approximately 4,500 people every month - at around 70 locations across England. Our services include support in the community, …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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AoEC - The Academy of Executive Coaching AoEC - The Academy of Executive Coaching

Transforming people globally through world-class, accredited executive coach training and coaching-based solutions. The AoEC transforms individuals, teams and organisations globally through world-class, accredited executive and team coach training and coaching-based solutions for organisations. We have successfully trained and deployed coaches throughout the UK and Europe since 2000. At the AoEC we combine business experience with a deep understanding of how people function, grow and change. We don’t just teach coaching methodologies, we work with you to develop your own model, your own style, your own 'signature presence'​. Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Coach Training, Gestalt Coaching, Neuroscience, Team Coaching, Continuous Professional …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Altum Consulting Altum Consulting

Headquartered in London and Amsterdam, we are specialists in recruiting finance and transformation professionals. Altum Consulting, part of Altum Group, is a recruitment partner on a mission to do things differently. Established in 2013, we are dedicated to working in partnership with our clients and candidates to gain a deep understanding of their goals and requirements, allowing us to act as a trusted advisor to both. Our teams specialise in collaborating with clients to source finance and accountancy, and change and transformation professionals on a permanent, fixed term or interim basis. Operating out of London and Amsterdam we are well …

Type: SMB Activities: fintech HRtech

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GoodPeople GoodPeople

Tackling society's biggest challenges. Using the power of community to tackle society's biggest challenges We're on a mission to connect purposeful businesses and their opportunities to local people. We design and launch innovative social impact projects that combine technology with meaningful local partnerships - to unlock opportunities for diverse communities, and enable businesses to thrive. Co-design is at the heart of what we do. We know that one size doesn't fit all, so we will always align and collaborate with all stakeholders involved in our social impact projects from our partners, to the local communities. We work with employers, developers, …

Type: SMB Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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Lawrence Grant LLP Lawrence Grant LLP

Accounting for the Ambitious! We’ve been around for a while now, celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2020. As we’ve developed and grown, our priority has remained the same: to always listen and understand our clients’ needs so that we provide an accountancy service that perfectly “fits the bill” (and hopefully reduces it in the process too!). Our secret has been the importance of establishing long-term one-two-one client relationships, and making sure clients have numerous options in how they wish to communicate with us on a daily basis. We have implemented new IT/Cloud based systems, a CRM tax reminder service and …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech fintech Technologies: SaaS

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VerifiK8 VerifiK8

Digital verification technology for sustainable products. Ask for a demo on www.verifik8.com Verifik8 is a new compliance service which monitors and verifies environmental and social performance of smallholder farmers and aquaculture operators in Southeast Asia. It aims to engage stakeholders in agriculture and seafood supply chain to increase transparency and accountability. Verifik8 seeks partners who share the common vision and commitment to make compliance affordable and sustainability reachable for all. If we stand together, we can make a radical change and improve sustainable fishing and farming practices. With our Verifik8 tool, farmers can collect data about the production and social …

Type: SMB Activities: agritech cleantech greentech transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Outcast Films Outcast Films

Outcast Films is a film distribution company focused on environmental and social justice issue films. Outcast Films is a film distribution company focused on environmental and social justice issue films. We work with teachers, librarians, and community leaders to educate and empower their audiences on issues that impact all of us. Film Distribution, Documentaries, Educational Distribution, Social Justice, Education, LGBTQ+, Environment, and Progressive

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment

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King & Prince Seafood King & Prince Seafood

Sea. Taste. Enjoy! King & Prince® always delivers high quality seafood with reliable results. So you always have back-of-house success and happy customers. We have over 90 years experience in delivering quality seafood. www.KPseafood.com We adopted the Global Standard for Food Safety, the benchmark for best practices in the food industry; achieved certification according to BRC Standards; and were graded A for our company’s food safety and quality systems in our Brunswick, GA and Redmond, WA facilities. As a part of Nissui, the second largest seafood company in the world with three production facilities in the US, we can ensure …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Regal Springs Regal Springs

Headquartered in Zürich, Regal Springs® is the number one producer of sustainable, responsibly farmed premium tilapia. Available at thousands of retailers and restaurants worldwide, our naturally better tilapia is fed on a rich vegetable diet and raised in oxygen-rich deepwater lakes in Mexico, Honduras and Indonesia. It’s this commitment to rearing our tilapia to the highest standards that ensures our fish boasts an outstanding point of difference. Our premium seafood is also certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Best Aquaculture Practices, British Retail Consortium and the US Food and Drug Administration, to name a few. ‘Doing well by doing good’ …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech foodtech greentech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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CleanFish CleanFish

Fish you can trust with a difference you can taste. At CleanFish, we’re committed to aquaculture as an essential part of a sustainable future, and we advocate for the best, most innovative practices — one delicious meal at a time. We bring together visionary producers at the cutting edge of responsible farming and champion them in the marketplace under traceable, transparent brands for seafood that’s the best of the season, better every season. That's what CleanFish is all about — fish you can trust with a difference you can taste. - Winner of Social Venture Network’s 2008 Innovation Award - …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Eachmile Technologies Eachmile Technologies

Working at the intersection of technology, supply chains, and sustainability. Eachmile Technologies believes that our supply chains are at the core of some of the world's most pressing challenges. Many of the social, financial and environmental challenges we are facing as a global society stem from the often fragmented, complex, and disparate systems that have evolved to bring us our food. At Eachmile our mission is to apply technology to supply chains that enable them to be more efficient, equitable, profitable and sustainable. However we recognise that the challenges of today’s supply chains cannot be solved by technology alone, and …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Goatsbridge Trout Goatsbridge Trout

Goatsbridge Trout is a family run fresh water trout farm which produces fresh and ready to eat trout products. Goatsbridge Trout Farm is a third generation family farm in Co. Kilkenny. Goatsbridge Trout is a fresh water rainbow trout farm that produces fresh and ready to eat trout products.

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Contiki Contiki

Social travel for 18-35s. Travel Together. Travel Contiki. Don’t do it for the places. Do it for those shared moments. That widen eyes and fill up camera rolls. That turn shy hellos into tearful goodbyes. Do it for the memories. When you danced ‘til the sun came up, laughed ‘til you couldn’t breathe, shared a part of yourself with the world, and got so, so much more in return. Do it for a community you’ll be a part of for life. Welcome to social travel for 18-35s. Travel.Together.Travel.Contiki. Fun Travel Experiences, Group Tours, Hassle-Free Vacations/Holidays, and Youth Travel

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech

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byBrick byBrick

Vi hjälper dig att ta ut rätt strategisk inriktning och skapa nya digitala möjligheter och konkurrensfördelar. byBrick AB grundades 2004, utifrån en vision om att få människor och idéer att växa. Idag består byBrick av fyra bolag som verkar inom IT, Management och Kommunikation. Advertising & marketing, 3D visualization & simulation, IT management & leadership, Web & systems development, Integration, IT support, Social media, Design, Service Management, and Portfolio Management

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech

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Robotdalen Robotdalen

Unique competence in innovative robot and application development. Robotdalen has a unique competence and long experience in robotics and application development. We create innovative solutions in welfare technology, industry, as well as in new areas. We have great knowledge and expertise as well as a wide network of product developers, researchers, suppliers and end end-users, which enables us to offer a wide variety of customized services. We develop new solutions and clarify how an investment in robotic automation can streamline the production and thereby strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish industrial companies. Based in Västerås and Eskilstuna, we also help innovators …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Industry 4.0 Technologies: Robotics

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Sensitive Cities Sensitive Cities

Descubre tus talentos reales, compártelos con la comunidad y crea un impacto positivo en el mundo Descubre tus talentos reales, compártelos con la comunidad y crea un impacto positivo en el mundo Social Impact, Human Talent, Sensitive Cities, Change Makers, Digital Social Innovation, Crowd Innovation, Citizen Centered Innovation, Design Research, Design Thinking, and Human Development

Type: SMB Activities: edtech HRtech

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Netigate Netigate

We help you understand the people who matter most to your business: Your customers and employees. Netigate is an established and rapidly growing SaaS company. Our purpose is to promote the customer, employee and consumer voice in everyday business decisions to help our customers focus on the right activities. Our feedback solution is trusted by over 1500 of the world's leading brands - such as Spotify, DB Schenker, Vodafone, Continental and EnBW. Since its establishment in 2005 Netigate has received several Swedish and international awards for its innovative drive - among others Deloitte Technology Fast 100 and European Business Awards, …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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EP&C Patent Attorneys EP&C Patent Attorneys

Your business first EP&C is a law firm specialized in protecting your ideas and commercial assets by patents and designs. From our offices in Rijswijk, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Sittard and Turnhout (BE), we work for clients who are based in Netherlands and Belgium, but also in other countries like the USA, China, Japan and Korea. Our patent attorneys are registered legal professionals, who are genuinely interested in your technology and your business. They are supported by teams of officially qualified formalities officers. We can help you to obtain patents and designs in practically every country you desire and defend your rights …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech

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Euro-Divers Worldwide Euro-Divers Worldwide

Diving With Friends With almost 40 years of providing impeccable service to divers and students in several exotic countries and over exciting dive sites vibrant with rainbow colored fish patrolling luxuriant reefs highlighted by spectacular soft and hard coral, Euro-Divers Worldwide is looking forward to make your diving holiday a most memorable experience. Scuba diving holidays, PADI dive courses, and Diving trips

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech

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Polarbröd AB Polarbröd AB

[Automatic translation follows] Together we make the world a little better. Polarbröd is a family business with centuries-old traditions in Norrland's bread culture. During the 51 years the modern company has existed, it has grown from a small family bakery to Sweden's third largest producer of bread. In 2022, the Polarbröds Group had a turnover of SEK 1.3 billion with the help of our 270 employees. Polarbröd sold roughly 29,500 tonnes of bread last year. We operate in Älvsbyn, Bredbyn and Umeå. Our head office is in Älvsbyn. In Bredbyn is Polarbröd's second bakery, which is the world's largest flatbread …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Decarbonization

3 1 1 134
Efva Attling Stockholm AB Efva Attling Stockholm AB

EFVA ATTLING has lived a multitude of incredible lives before returning to her original passion of jewelry making. Quite the star in her native Stockholm, Efva is recognized for her work as a model, her music, and her magazine industry stint. Efva made her first piece of jewelry when she was eleven years old. At the age of sixteen she was a pupil of one of Sweden’s greatest silversmiths, Bengt Liljedahl. Eileen Ford spotted Efva at the age of seventeen and a twelve-year modeling career began. Having music in her family and in her heart Efva next started a band …

Type: SMB Activities: Luxury entertainment

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Vodafone Enterprise Plenum e.V. Vodafone Enterprise Plenum e.V.

[Automatic translation follows] 💡 Understand. ✅ Decide. 💪 Do. Your companion into the digital future The Vodafone Enterprise Plenum represents the interests of Vodafone business customers in Germany. It connects companies across industries and markets and provides support for the major issues of our time: gigabit business, cyber security or the Internet of Things. The Vodafone Enterprise Plenum is the exclusive knowledge and competence forum for Vodafone business customers. With us you get interesting specialist articles, best practice reports, tailor-made events and access to a large network of experts. We accompany you on the way to the digital future - …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: 5G Cybersecurity Data Analytics IoT

12 1 12 6
Ephimera Ephimera

[Automatic translation follows] Direct and exclusive management of the best spaces for events in Madrid. At Ephimera we are specialists in locations, we offer you the most special spaces for events in Madrid and we manage them directly and exclusively. Spaces with a story to tell, promoted by social, entrepreneurial and creative projects. We have the space you need. Discover your energy. Event Space Management, Training Workshops, Art Gallery, Catering, and Innovative Project Management

Type: SMB Activities: martech

1 1 1 21
Oneclick Oneclick

Coding the future of education We have helped k12 text book publishing companies since 2008 increase their revenues and improve their competitive position, while improving lives of hundreds of thousands of kids. oneclick has done over 120 projects since 2008 in the UK, Spain, Mexico and Argentina. Impact in over 2.000 schools, 50.000 teachers, 600.000 kids. We aspire to be the best digital experience creative agency for K12 publishers educational projects. text book publishing, education, tec, technologies, learning technology, multimedia platforms, digital experience, educative project, blended learning, online/offline mobile learning, Gamification, content services, and e-learning

Type: SMB Activities: edtech Technologies: SaaS

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Maven Maven

Empowering the world's experts to offer cohort-based courses directly to their audience. Maven is a new platform for cohort-based courses started by the founders of Udemy, altMBA and Socratic. We partner with the world’s best instructors to offer live, online, community-driven courses to transform your career.

Type: SMB Activities: edtech Technologies: SaaS

3 0 3 145
Anakle Limited Anakle Limited

Anakle is a media marketing and services development company, based in Lagos, Nigeria, with core business interests including digital media sales, application development and social media. Anakle helps businesses promote brands and services online, and also helps media companies develop applications and advertising creative material targeted for the internet, social media and mobile screens. Internet marketing, Application development, Social media, and UX Design/Development

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech

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Quantgene Quantgene

Now hiring! Looking for ambitious self-starters. Help us transform the future of medicine. UNLOCKING THE DEEP HUMAN GENOME We're building the future of medicine by engineering the most advanced scientific and technological innovation that unlock the Deep Human Genome. THE DEEP HUMAN GENOME When a disease is developing in the body, the affected cells die and shed into the bloodstream. Life-threatening diseases like cancer leave a unique combination of mutations in the DNA of these dead cells. By investigating every single copy of cell-free DNA in a blood sample, we can gain a uniquely deep and comprehensive insight into the …

Type: SMB Activities: biotech deeptech healthtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Synthetic Biology

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Singerfy Singerfy

Playing music, doing magic! SINGERFY is a customizable music platform where people can get a custom song for free. We also help brands to improve conversion in capturing quality leads. Playing music, doing magic! customizable music, big data, lead magnet, and music

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment Technologies: Data Analytics

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Formplus Formplus

Formplus is a service that helps businesses gather and process data from their online and offline customers Form+ is a form building online software that allows anyone build forms really easily and receive responses in their cloud storage services. Anyone is able to build mobile friendly forms in seconds and collect any file type, of any size over these forms. form builder, data, software, SAAS, and Online Forms

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Seico Consultores Seico Consultores

[Automatic translation follows] "WITH YOU WE ARE MORE" SEICO CONSULTORES, was born from the union of Lorente and Lorente Asesores, Lazaro Zapater Asesores and Alberto Joven, with a total of 19 professionals in its two offices, who can advise directly in the TAX, ACCOUNTING, LABOR, COMMERCIAL and AUDIT areas. The objective of SEICO CONSULTORES does not stop at professional, personal and quality advice in these 5 matters, but goes much further, since through a series of carefully selected collaborators we will be able to provide many of the professional services in our offices. that your company needs. In addition to …

Type: SMB Activities: fintech Technologies: Data Analytics

3 1 3 23

[Automatic translation follows] We are an innovative firm specialized in business law that believes in building relationships based on trust, sincerity and commitment with our clients. We strive to establish a new model of legal services, personalized and close, that fights firmly to win. No matter how difficult the cases are. Business law, Specialized litigation, Corporate compliance, and Arbitration

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech

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Structur3dpeople Structur3dpeople

Structur3dpeople connects people to jobs in the tech industry. Our services help organisations attract and retain a talented diverse workforce. Our mobile learning platform Cajigo, provides women with support and guidance to develop skills and enter tech or leadership careers. Mentoring, Recruitment, Diversity, Strategy, Women in Tech, Women In Leadership, Careers Advice, Retention, Tech, and Resourcing

Type: SMB Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

10 3 6 1
Hygeia HMO Hygeia HMO

Live more life! We have health insurance for individuals, families, freelancers and small businesses. Talk to us. Hygeia HMO is the leading health insurance and medical aid provider in Nigeria, duly regulated by the National Health Insurance Scheme. We provide comprehensive access to healthcare for individuals, businesses and government departments, ensuring that they remain productive and are able to live more life. Since 1986, we have worked with a top notch network of hospitals and clinics across the country providing access to curative and preventive medicine, health risk management, occupational health management and employee wellbeing services. Hygeia HMO is Nigerian-run …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech insurtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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LEVEL UP Escuela de Negocios LEVEL UP Escuela de Negocios

[Automatic translation follows] Business School. Results factory. LEVEL UP is a Business School born out of love for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Our training has two lines: business and leadership. The combination of both is the spark that ignites CHANGE. 10 years of experience and more than 30,000 businessmen who have chosen LEVEL UP training to change their lives and businesses. LEVEL UP training is based on a revolutionary system created by its CEO and Founder, Carlos Delgado. The only advanced business model designed specifically for SMEs. "A business can only go as far as the management capabilities of its …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech HRtech

2 2 0 30
BAMBAM Comunicación BAMBAM Comunicación

[Automatic translation follows] "We do it and we see" BAMBAM Comunicación is an agency in love with the world of design, advertising and communication. We work to generate the "BAMBAM" impact in each of our projects, making brands connect with their clients in the only way we know how: with creativity, enthusiasm and work. We reinvented the COMMUNICATION concept. We are creative, publicists and designers, but we are also nonconformists, close and decisive. We have great ideas to develop your project. Events | Online | Design | audiovisual | Communication | media planning Paseo de la Independencia, 5 Floor 4º …

Type: SMB Activities: martech

2 1 1 18
Lake Wanaka Tourism Lake Wanaka Tourism

New Zealand regional tourism organisation. Lake Wanaka Tourism is the official regional tourism organisation tasked with promoting the Lake Wanaka region in New Zealand to the world. It is an incorporated society owned and governed by its stakeholders - 460+ businesses from the Lake Wanaka region. tourism, marketing, and new zealand

Type: SMB Activities: martech traveltech

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Harper Macleod LLP Harper Macleod LLP

Here with you, here for you. Leading independent Scottish law firm, offering a complete range of legal services. We're here to help We are one of Scotland's leading independent law firms with a unique office footprint in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Thurso, Elgin, and Lerwick. We offer a complete range of legal services for business, individuals & families, the public sector, and the modern rural economy in Scotland, the UK and beyond. Here with you, here for you At Harper Macleod, it's all about you, not us. We put your needs at the heart of everything we do. We believe that …

Type: SMB Activities: HRtech legaltech proptech Technologies: Decarbonization

6 1 5 334
Work.Life Work.Life

Private Offices. Hot Desking. Happiness. Private offices. Coworking. Meeting Rooms. Happiness. We're a certified B Corp! coworking, community, collaborations, shared office space, SME's, Freelancers, office space, agile working environments, hot desking, workspace design, flexible working, mobile working, and meeting rooms

Type: SMB Activities: proptech

6 2 5 71
ForYou Training ForYou Training

Training Designed For You ForYou Training is a company passionate about not only the Food and Drink Industry, but also the business behind that story. We offer training tailored for you and your future career in mind. We sit under the banner of our parent company "Farmer Jones Academy CIC" as a not for profit Social Enterprise Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered at Companies House SC557756 We are an SQA Approved Centre, Princes Trust Approved Centre, SDS Approved Delivery Partner and also approved for REHIS Delivery. Our range of services includes: In school - various classes from S1 to S6 …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech foodtech Technologies: Decarbonization

3 1 3 2
Telltale Research Telltale Research

Creative problem solving through human insight, strategic consulting and visual storytelling. Telltale Research was created to help clients get an inside perspective on how their service, product or brand lives with their users and to identify where opportunities lie, whilst bringing insights to life visually. We are a not a traditional agency, but a multidisciplinary collective of specialists who come together according to individual client and project needs. We currently consist of Brands Strategists, Ethnographers, Cultural Analysts, UX Researchers, Designers, Photographers and Videographers. What binds us together is our passion for going beyond traditional research boundaries, immersing ourselves in people's …

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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Newlink Education Newlink Education

[Automatic translation follows] LANGUAGES - BILINGUALISM - INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION | Specialists in languages, bilingualism and stays abroad. We are a company specialized in language teaching that has a wide range of international programs. Newlink offers you the option of choosing the program that best suits your possibilities. Before you have decided, we have already taken care of choosing for you the best schools around the world so that you can achieve your goal. At Newlink we are committed to quality so that the client obtains the best possible results adapted to their priorities. Summer courses abroad (children and adolescents), Bilingualism, …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech

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Brockley Stores Brockley Stores

Real, local food More than a farm shop, more than a deli… At Brockley Stores, we’re nuts about phenomenal food! We cook, bake, source and create fantastic real food from local farmers, suppliers and producers to ensure our vegetables are the freshest, our meat is the most flavoursome and our tantalising treats are the tastiest. We’ve put the love and scrutiny into creating, baking, growing, sowing, rearing and raising to make sure only the best reaches you. Delicious, fresh, local, ethical. That’s what real food means to us.

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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LegalEdge LegalEdge

Smarter legal. Faster growth. Your flexible in-house lawyer. LegalEdge is a practical, affordable legal solution for growing companies. We work very differently to law firms, whose approach can be too complex, expensive and/or impractical. We don’t do lengthy negotiations or contracts, and we don’t put the clock on and leave it on. We simply help businesses keep control of risk, workflow, priorities and budget by: - Managing legal budgets and strategy efficiently - Simplifying contracts and processes to bring in customers and revenue faster - Protecting your brand and other key assets - Helping add new products, services or technology …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech

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Kayfo Game Studio Kayfo Game Studio

A touch of Africa Kayfo is a video game studio based in Dakar (Senegal), that focuses on creating mobile games for africans. Our games are specifically tailored for the African markets, they offer content and contexts proper to the continent. We have released our first mobile game called "Afro Juggle" in July 2019, and are hard a work on our next games. Stay tuned! Mobile video game design

Type: SMB Activities: Games

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Divine Chocolate USA Divine Chocolate USA

Every bar helps to end exploitation in the cocoa industry. The only chocolate company in the world that is 100% Fairtrade and farmer owned. Divine Chocolate is also a Certified B Corporation. Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of over 100,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana, co-own the company. This means they receive 4 income streams from Divine: o Guaranteed minimum Fairtrade price for their cocoa ($2400/tonne) o Fairtrade social premium invested in their communities ($240/tonne) o 2% of Divine sales to Producer Support & Development (over $2m contributed to date) o A share of Divine profits, plus 2 members on the board …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

10 2 4 33

Nous accompagnons les succès de nos clients à travers le digital La dématérialisation est devenue une exigence aussi bien pour les économies en quête de compétitivité que pour les entreprises qui souhaitent maitriser leur organisation et assurer leur pérennité. Notre métier, c’est de vous accompagner dans ce processus en mettant à votre dispositions notre expérience, nos outils technologiques et tout notre savoir-faire. Nous remplissons cette mission depuis bientôt deux décennies pour des gouvernements et des organisations au Sénégal, en Afrique et à travers le monde. Notre engagement, c’est votre performance. Paperless formalities has become a requirement for both economies in …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services

5 1 3 220
Neegurap Music Group Neegurap Music Group


Type: SMB Activities: entertainment

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[Automatic translation follows] International Corporate Advisors IURISCORP is a corporate law firm specialized in corporate law, reorganizations, financial distress, estate planning, banking and finance, arbitration, strategy, and regulatory and risk analysis in the emerging countries in which we operate. The members of our Firm have carried out high-level projects in different continents, including countries such as: Spain, Venezuela, the United States, China, and several countries in America and Europe. The team formed in the organization is characterized by providing clients with specialized advice that involves a strategic analysis for all types of corporate requirements, with efficiency and innovation. The trajectory …

Type: SMB Activities: fintech legaltech

1 1 1 6
Globovisión Globovisión

[Automatic translation follows] Globovisión is the first and only television channel specializing in Information in Venezuela, and the only one of its kind that broadcasts in the world in an open signal. It is aimed at the productive class of Venezuela, the one that needs to be permanently informed to make intelligent, productive and timely decisions. Information is the backbone in the body of our programming. Informing is not giving news, that is just part of the job. The information is much more complex. The variety of newscasts, both our own and the international ones, as well as our special …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment IT Services

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Galanet Solution, C.A. Galanet Solution, C.A.

[Automatic translation follows] Your ally on the internet We are a service provider of Internet Access, Transport and Exploitation of Telecommunications Networks, oriented to the Corporate segment and SMEs, we have different Service Plans and Web Hosting according to the needs of each client. We have the most advanced telecommunications network, unifying fiber optic links with state-of-the-art wireless technology in the world. We operate with general authorization from CONATEL GST-001554 as a Telecommunications, Internet, Network and Data Transport Company. Dedicated Internet or CBR, Variable Internet or VBR, Data Interconnection, and Corporate Internet

Type: SMB Activities: telecommunications Technologies: Wireless

1 1 1 18
Dogma Marketing International Dogma Marketing International

Content Marketing Agency Agencia de Blended Marketing con sedes afiliadas en Caracas, Miami y Bogotá. Ofrecemos servicios de marketing integral, SEO, SEM, diseño gráfico y diseño web para nuestros clientes alrededor del mundo. Marketing, Estrategia, SEO y SEM, and Diseño Web

Type: SMB Activities: martech

1 1 0 12
IC Select IC Select

Oversight & Selection Specialists: Helping you navigate your financial world IC Select provides pension schemes with the detailed due diligence necessary to ensure that the highest standards of scheme governance are achieved when selecting and overseeing fiduciary managers and investment advisers. IC Select was established in 2007 initially to help trustees and pension managers select their investment consultant. The services were expanded in 2009 to include regular review and oversight of investment consultants and subsequently the selection and oversight of fiduciary managers. IC Select is a wholly independent organisation and does not offer investment advisory services. This places us in …

Type: SMB Activities: fintech

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300 Dev, LLC 300 Dev, LLC

We are a US based corporation working with Latin developers. We are software developers that help you build solutions from marketing, websites, mobile apps, and eCommerce to Cloud Server Migration, Management, and AI model development 👨🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻 Developers, Data mining, Sales and marketing, Machine Learning, and UX/UI Design

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics

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Brandwidth Brandwidth

Performance-driven digital customer experiences that help brands grow. Brandwidth is a digital customer experience agency that has been helping brands to grow through digital transformation for over 20 years. Specialising in digital strategy, experience design, engineering and storytelling to create beautiful digital experiences and products, our teams have deep expertise to improve performance at every layer of today’s marketing technology stacks. Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Web Transformation, Virtual Reality Production, App Development, Digital Strategy, Social Marketing, Online Research, branding, brand strategy, name development , trademark development , logo design, moving image, ar , ux design , social media , activation …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: VR

8 2 6 110
Koninklijke Bammens bv Koninklijke Bammens bv

[Automatic translation follows] Koninklijke Bammens has specialized in waste systems since 1850. We believe that things can be done in a more practical, cleaner and more sustainable way and we work hard on that every day. With passion and attention we always think one step further. For the citizen, for the street, for the men and women of the cleaning service, for the city architect and the waste processor.

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Revealix Revealix

Foot Health Made Simple | Smart Thermography & Risk Screening Software via Mobile App | #SimplySavingLimbs | Techstars Revealix is a digital health company on a mission to simplify foot health and make limb-saving preventive care more accessible through proactive, personalized and tech-enabled solutions. A risk-based foot health assessment is a vital first step in recognizing and managing risks preemptively, before complications and cost of care escalate. We help clinical teams streamline and scale their amputation prevention practices through real-time monitoring of skin temperature changes, custom risk scores and education. Real Science. Real Simple. Real-Time. #SimplySavingLimbs Revealix is a Techstars …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Data Analytics

5 1 4 3
Verb (A Company Of Paycor) Verb (A Company Of Paycor)

The people development platform that empowers L&D teams to design, launch, and track their soft skills programs quickly Verb, a company of Paycor, is a people development platform that empowers L&D teams to quickly design, launch and track their soft skills training programs. Through expertly built, ready-to-go programs and flexibility to adapt and customize, it's easy for customers to address the various learning needs across their company. With the support of Verb’s customer success team, customers also get L&D expertise throughout program strategy, design, and implementation. Verb measures the results that matter, giving a deeper understanding of learners’ behavioral data …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

2 1 1 22
WIVI vision WIVI vision

Visual assessment and training with videogames and Artificial Intelligence to improve your vision and quality of life WIVI vision by E-Health Technical Solutions is focused on the visual and cognitive enhancement. The system offers a complete cognitive visual function assessment and training, providing a personalized plan for each patient affected by visual dysfunctions. Training and assessment with WIVI is possible with freedom of movement, high accuracy, real time measurement at an affordable price using 3D technologies. visual training, cognitive algorithms, and cognitive and visual function assessment

Type: SMB Activities: edtech healthtech Technologies: A.I.

10 2 10 7
Elisa Videra Elisa Videra

Make the most of your Video Collaboration and Digital Signage. Elisa Videra provides Video Conferencing, Enterprise Voice and Digital Signage services worldwide, with global solution delivery and global managed services. We work with all leading video technologies to help our customers with the platforms and equipment they have chosen and compliment their environment with the best possible combination of equipment that is available. Our exceptional service and customer support is fundamental to our business. We help large multinational enterprises to meet their unique and often demanding requirements and needs with our international team of services experts. Our 24/7 follow-the-sun service …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

2 0 4 117
AlterBiblio AlterBiblio

[Automatic translation follows] We bring innovation to virtual medical libraries. Because a library is not its content, it is who it serves. Documentation at the service of research and clinical practice. AlterBiblio was born as a new concept in the management of scientific information. We support clinical practice, research, publication and training, promoting specialized learning in the search for and management of scientific literature. Health Sciences, Virtual Libraries, Research, Specialized Training, and Publication

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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Quirúrgica Cirujanos Asociados Quirúrgica Cirujanos Asociados

[Automatic translation follows] Treat the patient, accompany the person. We treat the patient, we accompany the person. Surgical, a unique model in Spain. In 1986 a group of surgeons founded Quirúrgica, based on a new model, unique in the country, a model that includes the best of public medicine (practical experience and permanent training) and the best of private medicine (efficiency and more beyond the disease) allows us to develop our work guaranteeing the quality that our patients deserve. We are currently a team of 19 surgeons. We care for our patients at the Teknon Medical Center, at the Dexeus …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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Instituto para la Experiencia del Paciente IEXP Instituto para la Experiencia del Paciente IEXP

[Automatic translation follows] Patient experience: clinical, quality of life and economic impact The first organization specialized in patient experience in Spain, we have developed co-creation methodologies in the health field, which allow us to design new services, tools and solutions to optimize resources, provide a better experience for patients and professionals, promoting an internal culture of communication and excellence. We provide training to professionals and/or patients and offer consultancy to achieve changes in the national health system aimed at placing the patient at the center. We research on Participatory Health practices. We work with the different health actors; Health administrations, …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

3 1 0 8
Adiper te cuida Adiper te cuida

[Automatic translation follows] Comprehensive and personalized home help, accompaniment and palliative care. Specialized services for the elderly and people with dependency and/or disabilities, with the aim that life at home is full of satisfaction. Our objective is to "Serve" with our technicians to improve the quality of life of the person and pleasant experiences at home, through specialized resources. Elderly Care, Family Care, Dependency Care, and Promotion of Personal Autonomy

Type: SMB Activities: consumer services

1 0 1 58
EuroGalenus Executive Search Consultants EuroGalenus Executive Search Consultants

Executive Search & Talent Assessment in: Industry, Service companies, Life Sciences, Digital Health, and other sectors. EuroGalenus is an International independent executive search and leadership consulting firm founded in 1992 and member of the ECI Group. Our searches are focused on the board and senior executive level of the organizations and we have a track record in fields such as Industry, Services companies, Health and Biosciences, Consultancy and Professional Services, etc. Most of our work is pan-european and we have an outstanding track record in international searches. Since 1994 EuroGalenus is also a member of the Association of Executive Search …

Type: SMB Activities: biotech HRtech

4 1 2 3