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NatureMetrics NatureMetrics

We’re global leaders in using eDNA to turn nature into data and our tech is pushing biodiversity up the climate agenda. NatureMetrics are world-leading providers of nature data and intelligence. Discover more at naturemetrics.com Metabarcoding, Metagenomics, qPCR, eDNA, Biodiversity monitoring, Species detection, Impact assessment, Fish Surveys, and Big Data

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Data Analytics

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LeadIQ LeadIQ

Make outbound work. The LeadIQ platform is built to help you prospect smarter and build pipeline faster. Find prospect data, track sales triggers, and personalize cold outreach all in one place with our smarter B2B contact database. We make outbound work. Sales Intelligence, Lead Intelligence, B2B Sales, Pipeline Generation, Sales Prospecting, and Data Hygiene

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Metropia, Inc. Metropia, Inc.

Making cities less congested and more connected. Metropia, Inc. is a technology-driven mobility technology solutions firm focusing on carbon reduction through behavior change via Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, mobility wallet, and behavioral economics-based intervention, Metropia’s Total Mobility platform, powered by AI‐based algorithms, provides a multidimensional framework that delivers personalized and contextually relevant mobility options to its users. Total Mobility transcends the traditional MaaS concept by integrating a powerful behavior engine powered by Metropia’s MODE®️ behavior approach. Metropia’s suite of products extends to Vanpooling and Demand Responsive Transportation Services as well, providing transit agencies and fleet operators with technology platforms that leapfrog …

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Shimmy Technologies, Inc. Shimmy Technologies, Inc.

Modern, industrial ed tech paving the way to Industry 4.0 and an equitable future of work. We're a tight knit team in NYC and Dhaka motivated by a future of work that's efficient, fun, and fair. We make industrial ed tech that helps factories run more efficiently and helps workers upskill and reskill at pace with Industry 4.0. Automation, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, data management, fashion, apparel, ed tech, gender equity, upskilling, reskilling, and UN SDG

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics

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Kin Insurance Kin Insurance

The world has changed. Why hasn't insurance? Kin. For Every New Normal. Kin is the home insurance company built for the future. By leveraging thousands of property data points, Kin customizes coverage and prices through a super simple user experience. Kin offers homeowners, landlord, condo, and mobile home insurance through the Kin Interinsurance Network (KIN), a reciprocal exchange owned by its customers who share in the underwriting profit. Because of its efficient technology and direct-to-consumer model, Kin provides exceptionally low prices without compromising coverage. Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Condo Insurance, and InsureTech

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Apptopia Inc. Apptopia Inc.

Outsmart your competition. Proud to be recognized by Forbes as one of America's Best Startup Employers of 2021! Apptopia is the leader in real-time competitive intelligence. Brands and financial firms use our platform to generate insights across mobile apps and connected devices. Powered by machine learning technology, we collect and analyze billions of complex data points to surface critical business signals. Leading brands including Visa, Target, and Microsoft rely on Apptopia to better understand consumer behavior and intent across app-based devices to gain a competitive advantage. Financial analysts access our data analytics via the Bloomberg Terminal to generate revenue estimates, …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics IoT

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Influencer Influencer

Uniting people power and platform power for influencer marketing with speed and impact. Influencer is a data-led, global influencer marketing business with a unique, end-to-end ‘people power & platform power’ approach. Their data-led ideation studio, brand platform, and creator app join forces to deliver impact at scale. Influencer is championing a movement towards ‘True Human Influence’ - the more tangible, scaled outcomes creators can drive beyond just likes and impressions. From big brand launches to shifting perceptions and from riding fast trends to driving footfall - Influencer’s creative minds let data ‘art-direct’ the journey to the outcome, while powerful technologies …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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LocalData LocalData

Better data makes better cities. Collecting and analyzing it should be easy! LocalData is a tool for non-experts to gather and manage spatial data online about land, buildings, infrastructure and more. Geospatial Mapping, Data Management, and Data Collection

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Mark Graban Mark Graban

Practicing Lean: Learning How to Learn How to Get Better… Better An anthology edited by Mark Graban There are multiple ways to buy: Amazon.com Paperback Kindle edition Apple Books Apple Books edition Leanpub.com PDF eBook ePUB format (Apple iBooks and more)…Read more ›

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

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Pentos Pentos

Take control of your TikTok analytics TikTok analytics made easy. Track users, videos, sounds, and hashtags on TikTok. Get notifications when content takes off. Build custom reports with live TikTok data via Pentos.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Triplemint Triplemint

The new standard of real estate. Delivering a better experience for buyers, sellers, and renters. We believe that people deserve a better real estate experience. That’s why, at Triplemint, we’re putting the power back in the hands of the client, enabling them and empowering them during one of the most important decisions of their lives. Pioneers in the industry, we’re revolutionizing the model to provide more service, deliver more data and offer more inventory than anywhere else. Led by a team of real estate experts, our innovative, member-centric approach offers greater transparency and unparalleled support, every step of the way. …

Type: Startup Activities: proptech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Snaplytics Snaplytics

The enterprise solution for all your story marketing needs Snaplytics supports teams and businesses to leverage story marketing by providing a full-service platform and actionable insights for Instagram and Snapchat. Get to work on your social media accounts right from your desktop! Curate, edit and schedule your stories in one place. Be able to see how your audience respond to each piece of content or to the influencers you work with, and watch your followers grow day by day. From opens and completion rates to follower count, Snaplytics has got you covered. On top of that, you get to listen …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Sensorly Sensorly

Sensorly brings transparency to the wireless telecommunication market by enabling it's users to view accurate mobile data coverage maps, compare carriers and test the speed of their data connection, all free-of-charge. Sensorly gives free access to 100% community-powered hyper-local coverage maps. Our crowd of mappers is collecting data around the clock using regular phones and producing a true picture of carriers'​ current coverage. With maps for 200 carriers in 40 countries, Sensorly helps you find the right carrier for you. Wireless Coverage, Crowdsourcing, and Smartphones

Type: Startup Activities: telecommunications Technologies: Data Analytics

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Layerise Layerise

Connect with your customers, boost your revenue. After-sales as it should be. Layerise is the industry leader with its cutting-edge After-Sales enablement tool, delivering unparalleled solutions for customer data insights, elevated product experience, effective marketing possibilities, and sustainable sales opportunities. Founded in 2019, Layerise was created to bridge the gap between brands and their end-customers. Our innovative platform acts as a liaison between consumer goods and customers, enabling brands to capture rich customer data, gain marketing leverage, and build long-term D2C revenue streams. At Layerise, we are committed to not only driving commercial value but also taking responsibility for our …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited

Your Digital Partner for China Marketing | Connecting Global Enterprises with Unparalleled Access to Chinese Audiences Founded in 2009 and listed on NASDAQ in 2017, iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ: ICLK) is a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform that specialises in providing a complete suite of data-driven China marketing, cross-border e-Commerce, smart retail and travel retail solutions for global brands to drive significant business growth across the entire consumer lifecycle. Headquartered in Hong Kong, iClick currently operates in 11 locations across Asia and Europe. Marketing Technology Platform, Data-driven Marketing, Omni-channel Marketing, Marketing Automation, Enterprise SaaS-based Solutions, Cross-Border E-commerce …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Binc Binc

On a mission to elevate recruiting, inside the top technology companies in the world 💚 We are excited to share the news that the entire Binc team has joined Robinhood. As such, Binc will no longer be available to provide recruiting services. We would like to thank our team, community, families, clients and partners for all their patronage and support during our 19 years in business. We’re grateful for the impact and innovation we’ve been able to contribute in the areas of recruiting performance, inclusion practices and people-first culture. All while working on the inside of the top technology companies …

Type: SMB Activities: civictech Consulting HRtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Smithers Smithers

Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Smithers is a multinational provider of testing, consulting, information, and certification services. With world-class laboratories and operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Smithers supports customers in the transportation, life science, packaging, materials, components, consumer, and energy industries. Smithers delivers accurate data, on time, with high touch, by integrating science, technology, and business expertise, so customers can innovate with confidence. Smithers invests in our scientific and engineering talent. Our scientists and engineers are key opinion leaders in many of the markets we serve. market research, testing, consultancy, quality, certification, events, compliance, reports, …

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Rightpoint Rightpoint

We are a global experience company and part of Genpact. Rightpoint, a Genpact company, is a global experience leader. Over 700 employees across 12 offices work with clients to drive growth by delivering experiences that transform how people, technology and businesses interact. We call this Total Experience. Our diverse teams lead with empathy, data and creativity—always in service of experience. From whiteboard to roll-out, we help our clients embed experience across their operations from front to back office to accelerate digital transformation through a human-centric lens. IT consulting, digital agency, user experience, sharepoint, microsoft technologies, web development, CRM, business intelligence, …

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech civictech constructiontech IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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TriNetX TriNetX

TriNetX is a global network of healthcare organizations and life sciences companies driving real-world research to accelerate the development of new therapies. Through its self-service, HIPAA, GDPR, and LGPD-compliant platform of federated EHR, datasets, and consulting partnerships, TriNetX puts the power of real-world data into the hands of its worldwide community to improve protocol design, streamline trial operations, refine safety signals, and enrich real-world evidence generation. Real World Data Network, Collaborative Research, Clinical Trial Design, Patient Recruitment, Federated Network, Principal Investigator Recruitment, EMR, Real World Evidence, Pharmacovigilance, Protocol Design, Clinical Trial Optimization, Site Selection, and Investigator Initiated Studies

Type: SMB Activities: biotech deeptech HRtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Extending Human Life Telemis is a fast growing healthcare IT company specialized in PACS/MACS (Picture/Multimedia Archiving & Communication System), Digital Pathology and Healthcare Business Intelligence solutions. Our solutions allow healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics, etc.), private practices and OEM partners to manage digital imaging and healthcare data more efficiently. While they move to a more efficient environment and reduce cost, Telemis helps them to provide patients with a better quality of care. The TM-MACS solution extends the traditional PACS from radiology to all the other clinical departments such as ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, surgery, and emergency. It can handle all image and …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Innova Market Insights Innova Market Insights

Cutting edge insights by professionals to help your business grow. Stay updated with our newsletters: bit.ly/Sign2IMI Innova Market Insights is a global leader in market intelligence for the food, beverage, beauty, and personal care sectors. Established for 30+ years, we work with leading consumer packaged goods companies around the world. Helping them to understand how fast-moving markets are evolving and what’s next. Our Insights 360° approach covers all angles. From what’s driving consumers and categories to the latest product, ingredient, flavor, and packaging trends. With insights that extend from macro to granular and global to local. Our customers partner with …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH

Österreichs größte Forschungseinrichtung auf dem Gebiet des Visual Computing. VRVis is Austria's leading research center for visual computing and conducts with more than 70 employees innovative research and development projects in cooperation with industry and universities. Visualization, Virtual Reality, Visual Analytics, Rendering, Programming, Augmented Reality, Visual Computing, Decision Support, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Big Data

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Deep Learning A.I. - Image Processing A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics VR

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ReadyTech Consulting ReadyTech Consulting

Intelligence-based business and regulatory consulting for CEE. We provide a wide array of business consulting services specialized on the healthcare, telecommunications and tech industries, focused on CEE companies. Our team is made of international experts with outstanding professional experience in logistics, administration and business development, as well as risk management and data protection, with relevant experience in international projects.

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

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Esri Canada Esri Canada

The Science of Where Esri Canada provides geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower people in business, government and education to make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of mapping and spatial analytics. Our solutions enable organizations to better manage their resources, plan their future and collaborate within and beyond their organization. Our products and services help advance successful digital transformation. In 2019, Esri Canada achieved Platinum Club status with the Canada's Best Managed Companies program by retaining its Best Managed designation for seven consecutive years or more. We encourage discussion about our posts. Please note we reserve …

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Intelligent Business Strategies Intelligent Business Strategies

Intelligent Business Strategies is an independent IT analyst and consulting company Intelligent Business Strategies are an independent IT analyst and consulting company specialising in data strategy, data management, business intelligence / analytics and business integration to build the data and AI-driven Intelligent Business. Our expertise includes hybrid and multi-cloud data strategy, data governance, data lakes, data catalogs, analytical databases, data warehouse, data warehouse migration to the cloud, data preparation, machine learning and advanced analytics, BI platforms, and enterprise architecture. Our expertise also extends to monitoring business operations in real-time, using event processing, as well as integration of on-demand BI and …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning

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Provalis Research: Text Analytics Software Company Provalis Research: Text Analytics Software Company

Provalis Research is a leading developer of Text Analytics Solutions used by more than 6000 organizations worldwide Provalis Research is a world-leading developer of text analytics solutions such as WordStat, a powerful software for computer-assisted content analysis and text mining, and QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-methods qualitative data analysis software. More than 6000 organizations around the globe use QDA Miner and WordStat to quickly extract meaning and categorize unstructured text data thanks to it’s AI based technology. The use cases are many including, analysis of open-ended questions of surveys, interview or focus group transcripts analysis, customer feedback analysis, social media …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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SingleStore SingleStore

The cloud-native database built with speed and scale to power real-time applications. Today’s data is complex and often siloed, presenting serious challenges for leading brands that rely on it — to make the right business decisions, to deliver exceptional customer experiences and to stay ahead of the competition. This reliance on data brings with it a need for simplicity, speed and scale. SingleStore delivers the world’s fastest distributed SQL database for data-intensive applications, SingleStoreDB. By combining transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStore eliminates performance bottlenecks and unnecessary data movement to support constantly growing, demanding workloads. Digital giants like Hulu, Uber, Comcast …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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KDconcept KDconcept

[Automatic translation follows] kdconcept the right partner for your digital projects Kdconcept a company specializing in the integration of open source solutions for the Web, web graphic design, design and hosting of websites and domain name registration including .dz in Algeria and referencing of websites. Founded in 2002, Kdconcept has made a name for itself in the Algerian market, ranked among the best Algerian web hosting companies. We have our own hosting servers in the Data-centers: OVH (France) and CERIST (Algeria). Kdconcept is a registrar accredited by CERIST for domain name registration under the .dz, and Red Hat certified partner …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Lynx Analytics Lynx Analytics

Data Analytics | Predictive Analytics | Artificial Intelligence At Lynx Analytics, we unravel a world of connections that hold the most paramount business intelligence; through the combinations of graph analytics, A.I. and machine learning. We live in a massively connected world - with new lines of connections rapidly forming every millisecond. And with this, newer and more relevant data that can either make or break businesses. Founded in 2010, Lynx Analytics is the brainchild of a group of INSEAD students and professors. Today we are home to an extremely talented team of data experts from top academic institutions like INSEAD, …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics

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Open-source JavaScript library designed to easily create animated data visualizations and data stories. We develop open-source technology designed to easily create animated charts and data stories in Javascript & Jupyter/Python. More info: https://github.com/vizzuhq/

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Nextent Informatics Co. Nextent Informatics Co.

From DATA we create INFORMATION, and from that we create REAL VALUES with the means of IT. Almost anything can be considered data which is created within a company during a day’s work – numbers, texts, phone calls, audio materials or even emotions. Information is something which all these entail – too many, too few, excessive, vehement, appropriate, satisfied, deficient, insufficient etc. Value is created when the above take the right shape and serve the effectiveness of the company i.e. they decrease response time and increase efficiency, have positive effect on sales and customer retention. For years, we have been …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Home Textiles Today Home Textiles Today

Home Textiles Today is a Writing and Editing company located in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

Type: SMB Activities: consumer services Technologies: Data Analytics

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We empower brands: make clothes fit better, create sustainable processes, and train their people more efficiently. Alvanon is a global innovations company reinventing the way fashion works. We don't make clothes, we make clothes fit better. #alvanon #alvaform www.alvanon.com Data Gathering and Analytics, Product Development, Design and Merchandising, Professional Development, Retail and Marketing, Supply Chain Tools, Retail, Supply Chain, 3D, Innovation, Technology, and Consulting

Type: SMB Activities: fashtech transporttech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Uniserv | Customer Data Experts Uniserv | Customer Data Experts

We Make Data Better. Every Day. #loveyourdata Imprint: https://www.uniserv.com/en/imprint/ Uniserv is an expert for customer master data. With our solutions, we support companies in reaching, analyzing and understanding their customers in a targeted manner. In this way, our customers increase the value and sustainability of their customer relationships and optimize their business processes. Our portfolio comprises four building blocks. 🔹 Our Data Quality solutions ensure a complete, valid, correct and accessible database. 🔹 Our Identity Resolution offerings ensure clear, transparent and legally compliant customer data. 🔹 With the Customer Data Hub, a 360-degree customer view is created as a reliable …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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HÄRTING Rechtsanwälte HÄRTING Rechtsanwälte

[Automatic translation follows] IP.IT.Law For almost 25 years we have been successfully advising our clients on IP and IT law as well as on all questions of commercial law. With our highly specialized teams, we find practical answers to your questions. We support short-term and think long-term. Together with you, we develop strategies to protect your rights and – if necessary – to enforce them. We know the industries and the market of our clients and know how important it is to speak quickly and clearly. For almost 25 years we have been successfully advising our clients in IP and …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech Technologies: Data Analytics

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econda GmbH econda GmbH

High performance in E-Commerce and Marketing is our daily bread - yours too? econda collects billions of E-commerce data from thousands of online shops for more than 1000 customers throughout the world, on a daily basis. We store the data, enrich it and provide instant reports – we compile the user profile and product recommendations and return this to the online shops in real time. Of course all in line with data protection – Made in Germany. We manage the flood of data for our customers using the latest methods and cutting edge technology, helping them to capitalize on their …

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce IT Services martech Technologies: Data Analytics A.I.

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Digitas Pixelpark Digitas Pixelpark

We are the Connected Marketing Agency and part of the international Digitas network within the Publicis Groupe. Digitas Pixelpark is the Connected Marketing Agency and part of the international Digitas network within Publicis Groupe as a holding company. More than 550 experts in Berlin, Cologne, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich help shape new and better ways for brands to connect with people, and people with each other in the digital age. Combining its extensive data, strategy, creative, media, and technology capabilities, Digitas Pixelpark delivers measurable results through modern marketing solutions that include Customer Experience, Connected Creativity, Relationship Economy, Direct Commerce, …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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b.telligent b.telligent

smart data. smart decisions. smart people. b.telligent is a consultancy company specializing in the introduction and development of business intelligence, customer relationship management, DWH and Big Data for businesses operating in mass markets. The focus of its activities in these areas is on the continuous optimization of business processes, customer and supplier relationships through the insights gained from the consolidation and analysis of business data across systems. The insights gained there can in turn be employed to increase margins, reduce costs and control risks better. b.telligent’s customers are industry leaders from the telecommunications, financial services, trade and manufacturing industries. Business …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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DiGennaro Communications DiGennaro Communications

DGC Exists to Shine a Light on the World's Best Innovators, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders Proudly and fiercely independent, DGC is an award-winning marketing and communications agency with a dynamic and diverse team of specialized B2B consultants, communicators, connectors and creators. We deliver colorful narratives and impactful programming for creative marketing, media, entertainment and technology companies. Our deep specialization extends reach, drives relevance and delivers targeted results for clients. Our team is driven by strategic creativity, grounded in data and fueled by innovation. We build trust through transparent collaboration and relevant results. As storytellers, we challenge ourselves and our …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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TWT Group TWT Group

Together We Thrive TWT Group Together We Thrive Die TWT Group vereint sieben Tochtergesellschaften und arbeitet mit über 360 Mitarbeitern leidenschaftlich als Full-Service-Dienstleister an der digitalen Transformation. Die Gruppe begleitet zahlreiche Kunden in den Bereichen Digital Strategy, kreative Konzeption, Technologie, Betrieb und Service. Über die Tochteragenturen vereint sie digitale Lösungen wie User Experience, Social Media, Digital Healthcare, Design Thinking, Enterprise Search, E-Commerce, Online-Marketing, E-Mail-Marketing, Data Analytics, Professional Hosting, IT-Services und E-Business. Mit starken strategischen Partnern verfügt die TWT Digital Group über ein agiles und leistungsstarkes Ecosystem. TWT Digital Group betreut renommierte Kunden wie Mondelēz, Nestlé, Commerzbank, Santander, Gothaer, Deutsche Bank, …

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce IT Services martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Macaw Macaw

#Macaw | Follow us & stay up-to-date | Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Employee Empowerment, IT and Jobs The digital service provider Macaw helps major companies with solutions and services in the field of digital marketing (including social media, influencer, and content marketing), e-commerce, data and AI, working in the cloud and integrated business applications. By combining creativity, data and technology, Macaw helps companies to accelerate their digital transformation. And thanks to Macaw’s specialization in Microsoft and Sitecore software solutions, they can take advantage of the first-class technology and broad knowledge and experience of over 500 employees working from the head …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics

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morefire morefire

[Automatic translation follows] We burn for digital marketing. We burn for digital marketing. So that your sales department works up a sweat and your shop runs at full speed. – Focus on your goals. More traffic, more leads or more sales? We support you. From online marketing strategy to successful implementation. Our more than 100 strong, friendly and internationally experienced team is at your side for this. SEO, SEA, social media, content, marketing automation or web analysis - we have competent specialists on board for every area. If you are looking for a partner for effective online marketing, then you …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Channel Mum Ltd Channel Mum Ltd

The no. 1 female influencer marketing agency and the home of the UK’s best family talent. Insight X influence = impact! As specialists in the female and family vertical, we combine top influencer talent with unrivalled insight to give your campaigns maximum impact. Set up by former Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard OBE, our diverse all-female team offers over 200-years’ worth of expert experience in successfully marketing to every type of family. If you want to talk to women and families, then you need to talk to us. Get in touch at partnerships@channelmum.com Influencers, Insight, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Data and …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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schoene neue kinder GmbH schoene neue kinder GmbH

SNK is a digital agency based in Munich and Skopje, that develops outstanding digital customer experiences. schoene neue kinder is a digital agency providing an outstanding digital customer experience. We support companies in their digital transformations with a holistic approach encompassing strategy, design, technology and marketing. Our integrated Digital Customer Experience Services help companies digitize business models and customer relationships, automate processes and create a comprehensive user experience in both the online and offline world. This enables us to provide our clients with concrete competitive advantages, strengthen the interaction between companies and customers and bring their brands and products to …

Type: SMB Activities: martech uxtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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360xec Executive Search Ltd. 360xec Executive Search Ltd.

Executive Headhunters serving the marketing and communications industry, specialising in global C-suite roles. 360xec Executive Search specialises in placing highly talented c-suite individuals into some of the key positions across the communications industry globally. Covering Marketing, advertising, media, technology, data (In-housing functions), digital, brand and PR and across Clients, Agencies and media platforms, we focus on the roles that are game changers: CEO, CFO, CSO, CTO, HOD etc. When a company is looking to step change and needs less obvious but very special. We have the ability to interpret and provide. We have affiliates in each major territory around the …

Type: SMB Activities: HRtech martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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MightyHive MightyHive

Helping marketers take control of their data&digital media—now as Media.Monks. Follow us @Media.Monks to stay updated. MightyHive is the leading data and digital media consultancy that helps marketers take control. MightyHive delivers sustained results from the ground up through advisory for business transformation, privacy-first data strategy, and digital media services. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with a team of consultants, platform experts, data scientists, and marketing engineers in 20 countries and 29 cities around the world. In 2018, MightyHive merged with S4Capital plc (SFOR.L), a tech-led new age/new era digital advertising and marketing services company established by Sir …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Horizontal Digital Horizontal Digital

Horizontal Digital is an experience forward consultancy. Horizontal Digital is an experience forward consultancy that invests in understanding the needs, wants and ambitions of customers through the data they provide — data that is unlocked across every digital experience and engagement. We use this data to meet customers in the right moment, at the right time, on the right channel. And we amplify these moments with precise strategies, technologies and creative approaches to maximize their value. Founded in 2003, we are a certified Minority Business Enterprise that proudly invests in diversity and growth of our in-house talent as well as …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Decoded Advertising Decoded Advertising

We are not your agency. We are something better. An independent full-funnel marketing, advertising and design company, Decoded creates breakthrough campaigns that make brands perform. Challenging convention, it took some of the best talent from strategy, creative, media, design and the DTC world and put together a new way of working to bridge the gap between meaningful storytelling, data-led optimizations and commerce. Decoded services global clients like T-Mobile, Intuit, Visa, WW and SC Johnson from its offices in New York and Los Angeles. Advertising, Brand Strategy, Creative, Social Media, Communications Planning, Content Creation, Mobile, Digital Marketing, Product Innovation, Paid Targeting …

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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AVX Digital AVX Digital

A Dallas-based digital marketing agency focused on data and innovation to drive results. AVX Digital is a privately-owned, boutique digital marketing consulting and implementation agency located in Addison, Texas. According to Inc. 5000, AVX Digital is one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the past 5 years, and AVX Digital is within 0.5% of all Google agencies as a 5-time consecutive Google All-Star Partner. AVX Digital offers services across all digital aspects such as Web Design, Tracking and Data Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Local Listings Management, Paid Search, Organic & Paid Social, Social Community Engagement, Programmatic, Creative Development, and more. …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics

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MG Empower MG Empower

Global Integrated Marketing Agency. MG Empower is a global integrated marketing agency that empowers brands with data-driven storytelling to drive conversions, connections and conversations. The agency connects brands with consumers at every touch point: social, digital, livestreaming, events, out-of-home activations and beyond. Its journey started in 2017 when Founder and President Maira Genovese predicted that content creators would be the advertisers of the future. The agency has since grown bigger, better and smarter, expanding its team and ecosystem of marketing solutions to now provide brands with an integrated offering that spans influencer marketing, media planning and buying, content and experiential …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics

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Barbarian Barbarian

Create the future faster. We transform brands through creativity and technology. Barbarian is a full-service creative digital advertising agency headquartered in New York City. Since 2001, Barbarian has been creating the future faster and transforming brands through creativity, innovation and technology. Barbarian specializes in digital transformation and experiences, digital brand strategy, digital ecosystems, social media and commerce, and data-driven analysis. The agency is guided by an unwavering commitment to inclusive and courageous innovation and a focus on the future. Barbarian is a Cheil Worldwide company. Barbarian is also recognized for our gender quality efforts through our 3% Certification. NOTICE: It …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics A.I.

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Digital Remedy Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy is a leader in data-powered technology and services for marketers. Digital Remedy is a digital media execution and technology company with a simple belief: create solutions that solve problems. Digital Remedy delivers advertisers, publishers, and agencies the innovation, technology, and customer service they need to make the most of their online advertising endeavors. From audience extension and targeting strategies, to campaign optimization and inventory monetization, Digital Remedy provides cross-channel efficiencies to solve any digital marketing challenge. Marketing, Advertising, Targeting, Internet, Online Advertising, Technology, AdTech, Digital Marketing, Media Execution, Digital Advertising, Optimization, Reporting, and Campaign Management

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Colenso BBDO Colenso BBDO

Colenso BBDO. creativity, brand, advertising, marketing, data, strategy, planning, innovation, and Customer Experience

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Stein IAS Stein IAS

We are the #B2BOriginals There are originals, and there are those that follow. From creating the UK's first specialist B2B marketing agency to being the first agency to win ANA Agency of the Year 6 times in a row – our culture is based in original thinking. We’ve invented the framework and model to enable our clients to accelerate intelligent growth. We call it the “Original Growth Model.” Weaving data, intelligence and disruptive technology with big, bold ideas that drive brand progression and revenue growth, we’re making our clients’ brands the most original, intelligent and profitable in their markets. And …

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Rogerwilco, Digital Marketing Agency Rogerwilco, Digital Marketing Agency

Multi-award-winning digital marketing agency in South Africa & the United Kingdom. Rogerwilco is a digitally-driven marketing agency providing marketing strategies, social media management, creative services, UX and web development, and search engine optimisation services to both local and internationally recognised brands. Performance is at the core of our existence. The work we deliver to our clients is built from the foundation of creating digital experiences that bring them closer to their customers. Our belief is that curiosity crafts growth; that asking ‘why’ is what reminds us that there is always something new to learn and to challenge us. We’ve acquired …

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160over90 160over90

160over90, part of the Endeavor network, is a full-service cultural marketing agency that elevates brands by connecting consumers to culture and their passions. With nearly 20 offices globally, 160over90’s capabilities span content and video production, cultural strategy, creative development, creator marketing, digital services, entertainment marketing, experiential, media planning, partnerships, public relations, and social media. 160over90 works with leading brands including AB InBev, Audi, DP World, Marriott International, T-Mobile, USAA, and Visa. The name 160over90 refers to an elevated blood pressure, honoring the agency’s mission of creating shared moments where people feel something real. Branding, Marketing, Research & Analytics, Strategic Development, …

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Telegraph Creative Telegraph Creative

A team of Ideators, Inventors and Creators empowering the world through creativity. We are a team of creative problem solvers who take pride in figuring out the best ways to make meaningful connections between brands and consumers. Branding, Creative Execution, Strategic Thinking, Brand Direction, Logo Design, Website Development, Packaging, Social Media, Story Telling, Public Relations, Digital, Brand Planning, Analytics, Videography, 3D Motion Graphics, Brand Strategy, and SaaS Incubation

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Van den Hoogen engineering Van den Hoogen engineering

[Automatic translation follows] Welcome to the Van den Hoogen engineering page! | WE ARE | Van den Hoogen engineering! We ensure a powerful unity. Not only among our people, but also in technology and the devices that we connect together in a smart way. In this way we connect people, technology and buildings so that they can work together optimally. | OUR TEAM | We form together! This results in a pleasant workplace where development, discovery and relaxation are central. Together we devise, install and maintain the best solutions. Various training options enable our employees to always deliver the best …

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Kneip Kneip

Data management. Investor disclosure. Document dissemination. We work with fund managers and administrators around the world to aggregate, format, and disseminate their fund data and reporting documents. We are where asset managers come for regulatory reporting and investor disclosure. We offer data management, reporting, filing and dissemination solutions that enable our clients to free up their time and resources, so they can concentrate on their core business. We help our clients provide consistent and accurate fund data documents to their distributors and meet their regulatory reporting obligations. KNEIP was incorporated in 1993 providing publication services to the fund industry. Our …

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We+ We+

[Automatic translation follows] Thinking and building the technological environment of tomorrow together 🚀 We+ is an expert IT consulting firm, member of the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem. With more than 380 experts in France, spread across 15 geographic sites in France and Monaco, we offer our clients, private sector companies and public administrations, advice and services in the field of Information Systems (IT). ). We support them through different expertise: audit and recommendation, business analysis, definition of master plans, implementation (architecture and management of IT infrastructures, project management and digital), with a common ambition: to facilitate flows and optimize information …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services privacytech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Netino by Webhelp Netino by Webhelp

Expérience Digitale & Social Media Concentrix + Webhelp Who are we? We help brands to better understand and manage their digital customer experience with a view to increasing satisfaction and revenue at each step. Netino by Webhelp is a specialised service provider, working for more than a hundred major customers around two major areas of expertise: - Social Media: Moderation (our historical core business), Community Management, Social Listening & Alerting, Social CRM (first level response). - Digital Content: Audio/Video editing, audio podcasting, zapping, clipping, graphical creation... We have many talented people, enough to adapt to (almost!) all the requests of …

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Equancy | Groupe EDG Equancy | Groupe EDG

Conseil autour de la transformation Digitale & Data • Accelerate your d*transformation • www.equancy.com Créé en 2002, Equancy est un cabinet de conseil au croisement de la stratégie digitale et de la data. Sa mission : adresser les enjeux de croissance et de performance des entreprises, en exploitant les nouvelles technologies, l’Intelligence Artificielle et la donnée sous toutes ses formes. Avec plus de 120 consultants répartis entre Paris et Dubaï, la force d’Equancy est d’allier des expertises en Stratégie, en Data science & technologie, en Marketing performance et média, avec des compétences sectorielles pointues (Auto & mobilité, Retail & e-commerce, …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting constructiontech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Gaches Chimie Gaches Chimie

Global Chemical Solutions Global Chemical Solutions Our mission: Bring, facilitate and make accept solutions and products made from chemistery in the industrial world Our Global Approach: From Technical Solutions to Services and Data Management, Gaches Chimie’s experts will provide the best response to our customers’ requirements. Our commitments: OSD, OQD and OTD Our pillars : 1/ Product and expertise Created by chemists, Gaches Chimie is composed of high level professionals who are able to offer services and solutions to address industrial problems and allow our customers to focus on their core business and to be released from the chemicals'​ constraints. …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Clémentine Clémentine

[Automatic translation follows] Specialist in recruiting digital and IT talents since 2000 Clémentine is a recruitment consultancy specializing in web, IT and telecoms professions. Major players in the digital economy trust us to recruit their marketing, technical and commercial resources. From middle/top manager to expert, Clémentine knows how to choose the most suitable research strategy. The assessment of skills and soft skills is one of the specialties of our firm: we offer an Assessment Center offering, with a range of tests and tools for the "in-student" assessment of your candidates or employees. . To guarantee always optimized service, our processes …

Type: SMB Activities: HRtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Synomia Synomia

[Automatic translation follows] Synomia is a data consulting company with a solid human and technological interface. We carry out actionable studies by the business lines which are transformed into strategic decisions and data-driven action plans. We analyze so-called hot and spontaneous data expressed by consumers, citizens, the media, competitors, or even employees to enrich the decision-making process and the implementation of Brands. We respond to the major challenges of our customers: • Identify and define conquest targets or enrich customer knowledge using personas • strengthen their position versus their competitors on a consumer journey • improve the effectiveness of their …

Type: SMB Activities: martech HRtech Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics

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moonlike moonlike

[Automatic translation follows] Naturally social moonlike is a naturally social communications agency. We develop global communication strategies by placing social networks at the heart. And that changes everything : - We are "content makers". We produce quickly and well. We don't do, we do. - We integrate content creation and media buying into the heart of our teams. - We simultaneously align digital planning, social media, influence, and media buying, on the same engagement objectives. We call this symmetry of expertise. - We guarantee the effectiveness of our systems on social networks. To do this, we monitor the latest data …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Qwamplify SEA Qwamplify SEA

[Automatic translation follows] We are a Strategy, Content and Media consulting agency, which supports brands in search of distinction. We are a Strategy, Content and Media consulting agency, which supports brands in search of distinction. Our clients are unique, it is up to us to make them remarkable through our completely tailor-made support to reveal the singularity, intensify the desirability and visibility of brands. Google Adwords, facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEA, social Ads, consulting, tiktok ads, SMA, retail media, Branding, SEO, Consulting, Media, Analytics, social media, Influence, and Brand Strategy

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Neovian Partners Neovian Partners

Le spécialiste du conseil en stratégie pour les PME, ETI et le Private Equity Neovian Partners is a business strategy consulting firm specializing in Strategy, Strategic Screening, HR, IT and Business Due Diligence. Our mission is to support companies and investment funds in their growth and development strategies through a collaborative and technical approach. Our consultants operate across eight key markets: Tech (Software, IT & Data Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, Telecoms), B2B Services (incl. Financial Services, IT Services, Consulting), Health & Well-Being (incl. Medical Devices, Nutrients, Cosmetics, CRO, CDMO), Industry, Green (incl. Recycling, Renewable Energies, Circularity, Sustainability, Electronics & Optics), B2C …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

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Akajoule Akajoule

[Automatic translation follows] Energy efficiency and renewable energy design office: audits, studies, project management, data AKAJOULE is a design office specializing in energy and environmental support and engineering. For 12 years we have been involved in consulting and engineering in the sectors of energy efficiency, renewable energies and energy compensation with local authorities and industries. Our areas of expertise: - Business and energy - Photovoltaic solar energy - Territorial energy planning - Alternative transport and fuels - Renewable heat/heat networks - Energy renovation of buildings Energy efficiency, Biogas, Biomass, Photovoltaics, data analysis, ISO 50 001, Energy management, alternative fuel, energy …

Type: SMB Activities: Smart City cleantech greentech Technologies: Hydrogen Solar Technologies Data Analytics

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Medexprim Medexprim

Medexprim, Real-World Evidence for better Care. Medexprim is the European leader in secure imaging and clinical data extraction to accelerate medical research. As a Real-World data specialist, Medexprim builds bridges between European academic hospitals, and pharmaceutical, AI and medical device companies. In compliance with the GDPR, Medexprim helps hospitals boost their clinical research strategy and valorize their data, through a suite of software and services designed with and for clinicians. Medexprim provides its partners with secure access to complex, regulatory-grade, multimodal and multicentric datasets to serve oncology, neurology, cardiology and rare diseases, and help solve the "one patient, one disease, …

Type: SMB Activities: proptech Technologies: Data Analytics

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b2b marketing strategy b2b marketing strategy

Strategies to build & convert a targeted list of high-value prospects A digital marketing consulting and training company, AXIZ eBusiness helps its clients ask the right questions and build a global digital marketing plan to reach the right person at the right time in the right place. At AXIZ eBusiness, the satisfaction of the decision-maker is guaranteed. We always start by drafting your specifications and quantifying the commercial performance you expect. Audit & Optimisation de Référencement Naturel, Audit, Création et Gestion de Campagnes Google Ads, Audit, Création et Gestion de Campagne LinkedIn, Installation, Paramétrage & Reporting Google Analytics, Formations aux …

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COMvergence COMvergence

COMvergence measures the performance of major global Ad/Media agencies, top Independent firms & Managem't Consultancies. COMvergence is the only independent and international research bureau providing analysis and benchmarking studies of the creative, media and digital media firms owned by the global marketing services groups, leading independent agencies and management & IT consulting firms. Using quantitative measurement metrics, COMvergence provides high-quality reference data, guidance and support for MarCom professionals/chief rowth officers and spans the international marketing services groups in 50 countries. Through quarterly benchmarking reports and continuously updated databases, COMvergence keeps members informed of key 1) Agency/ advertiser relationships, and new …

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[Automatic translation follows] Entrepreneurship is a major art. The Talenz Network supports companies in their success! 🚀 🏆 For 10 years, Talenz has become a key player in its market, becoming the 5th French multidisciplinary network. 🌏 Bringing together 9 independent firms via 42 sites, our 1,200 employees work in the traditional professions of accounting, social consulting, payroll, auditing, legal and taxation, but also through services specific (international support, asset management, IS and data, Merger-acquisition, Market place, etc.). 🎯 Combining the agility of sites on a human scale and firms significantly anchored in their respective territories, with the limitless synergies …

Type: SMB Activities: fintech Technologies: Data Analytics

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BCZ | Becouze BCZ | Becouze

[Automatic translation follows] Knowing you are unique and measuring it. BCZ | Becouze is a completely independent audit, expertise and consulting company, member of the Crowe international network, ranked 8th in the world among audit entities - www.crowe.com. Knowing you well to serve you better is the philosophy that guides our action. Your needs are familiar to us, our responses are tailor-made and we have the ambition to go beyond simple know-how by defining specific and responsive solutions. BCZ is a team at your side to support the life of your organization, both in its daily life and in the …

Type: SMB Activities: fintech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Omnicom PR Group France Omnicom PR Group France

Impacting Opinion Impacting Reputation Omnicom PR Group Paris is a communications agency specialised in developing the reputation of organisations, from companies and institutions to brands. We operate across a complete range of fields, combining technical and sector expertise for each of our clients. We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing our clients and the environments in which they operate, including their relationships with the media, policy-makers, opinion leaders, the general public and institutions. We help our clients understand how opinions are formed. Based on a cross-analysis of social media conversations, business intelligence specific to each field of activity …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

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DIXER- Formations Digitales DIXER- Formations Digitales

[Automatic translation follows] Datadock training organization and QUALIOPI certified https://www.dixer.fr/les-formations www.dixer.fr Dixer is a digital strategy consulting firm and a 100% digital training organization based on two areas of expertise: - Monetization of web media: display, emailing, newsletters, programmatic advertising, commercial organization and yield management approach to different sources of income. Our approach is also based on a “service” vision of digital advertising to better respect visitors and their journey. - Web publishing and all issues of content sourcing, traffic creation, newsletters, Social Media, visitor journey with respect for key KPIs such as “viewability, brand safety and fraud” as well …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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starTech Normandy starTech Normandy

[Automatic translation follows] School and CFA of IT and web Training center and presentation space for new uses linked to digital technology. We are present in Normandy, mobile in France but also online. We offer training courses preparing for BAC+2 and BAC level qualifications in the field of web marketing and digital design. We also offer continuing training to professionals and job seekers. * Training on professional uses of the Internet: - Webmarketing (Social networks, websites, picture marketing, Google adwords and analytics,...) - Websites (Jimdo / WordPress / Joomla), referencing (SEO), Analytics, accessibility... - Dematerialization (electronic signature, EDM, electronic archiving, …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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[Automatic translation follows] Serving your real estate assets Since 2003, Provexi has supported owners and managers in the technical management of their real estate assets. From regulatory compliance to the management of ESG criteria, our services cover the entire technical management of all types of parks. Provexi is both IT tools personalized according to the needs of our clients and their working habits and a team that supports the client, both in the use of its tools and in the integration and control of its data. . Thanks to our services, clients have a solid technical and regulatory database and …

Type: SMB Activities: proptech Technologies: Data Analytics

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MC Factory MC Factory

[Automatic translation follows] Creator of innovative B2B content MC Factory, marketing & independent communication created by Majda Chaplain, supports the communication & of marketing in the definition and operational implementation of innovative multichannel strategies. MC Factory designs and produces debate spaces dedicated to professionals in the sector, to discuss the new challenges of their professions, share their expertise and build together the brand strategies of tomorrow, including the "Innovation & Cross-media" series. ​, created by MC Factory in partnership with Stratégies, and the Digital Marketer Toolbox Saga Emarketing, Digital Strategies, Ecommerce, and B2B

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Campbell Scientific France Campbell Scientific France

[Automatic translation follows] Foolproof monitoring Campbell Scientific equipment is the heart of many measurement systems around the world, transforming accurate, reliable measurement data into actionable insights. This data provides decision-makers with a basis for making important, informed decisions based on reference sources in most renewable energy, civil engineering and environmental applications around the world. Campbell Scientific Ltd is responsible for operations with the EU and operates from its headquarters in the UK and sales offices in France, Germany and Spain. In addition to a full range of sales and technical support services, the European branch has extensive R & D …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech manufacturing Technologies: Data Analytics

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delaware France delaware France

[Automatic translation follows] Integrator of innovative and technological solutions SAP & Microsoft, located in Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Paris. Integrator of innovative solutions & technological, recognized on the French and international market, we help companies in the daily use of their information system, thanks to our 350 experts based in Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux and Paris. We guide our clients throughout the transformation of their business. We rely on our local agencies and we deploy the solutions of our main commercial partners SAP & Microsoft. We provide after-sales service to our customers to ensure continuity and permanent improvement. In every …

Type: SMB Activities: fashtech IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics VR

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Rhapsodies Conseil Rhapsodies Conseil

[Automatic translation follows] Inspire Impel Impact Rhapsodies Conseil is a consulting firm recognized for its independence. Our mission is to support our clients in their transformation, from the definition of the information systems strategy to the operational implementation and change support stages. Whether in terms of urbanization, project management, process optimization, performance measurement and improvement, strategic sourcing or negotiation assistance, we help our clients ensure the quality of daily service at controlled costs, and to carry out transformations in alignment with business needs. Agile Transformation, DATA Transformation, IS Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Transformation Management, IT Economic Performance, Internal Digital Experience, Sourcing …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

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Qualitair Corse Qualitair Corse

[Automatic translation follows] Monitoring air quality in Corsica Qualitair Corse is the air quality observatory in Corsica. The missions of Qualitair Corse: - Monitor air quality through the use of fixed or mobile stations which allow continuous measurement of regulatory pollutants. This monitoring is also carried out by measurement campaigns requiring the use of passive tubes. - Use the data obtained by measurement means. This makes it possible to make short-term forecasts to anticipate pollution peaks, but also to assess air quality in the longer term. - Support decision-makers in assessing the impact on air quality of their planning and …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Food Service Vision Food Service Vision

Get a sharper vision, make better decisions Food Service Vision is the French and European expert in the entire food service value chain. Serving all market players (operators, wholesalers, suppliers, investors), Food Service Vision is able to analyze in real time the economic situation of the sector, to identify fundamental changes affecting all segments, and to assist compagnies in identifying and implementing their strategic moves. Market research, Product Innovation Research, Use and Attitude Research, Market sizing study, Strategy Workshops, “Turnkey” consulting, Shopper survey, Qualitative Market Research, Quantitative Market Research, Foodservice Data, Company profiles, Menu insignts, Etude de marché, Food Service, …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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PrestaConcept - Centre d'expertise Symfony PrestaConcept - Centre d'expertise Symfony

[Automatic translation follows] Tailor-made WEB development center for your specific projects. Agile-Scrum Masters - SensioLabs Bronze Partner Prestaconcept provides you with tailor-made services based on advice, expertise, support and quality. Prestaconcept differentiates itself from traditional integrators by adapting developments to your needs, instead of starting from an existing solution to which your business will have to adapt. We also master the different Sonata bundles and the CMF framework to address advanced back office issues, content management and publication workflows. To guarantee the success of our projects, we pay particular attention to: - Support our clients in the development of applications …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Wimbee Wimbee

[Automatic translation follows] Beyond Expertise A team at the heart of your Data & Digital. Business experts, functional experts, consultants and technical developers who master market innovations and solutions. A team with strong experience and major references serving your projects and programs around Data & of Digital. Our expertise - Data Strategy - Data Driven Transformation - Digital transformation, Web - Performance Management, Customer Intelligence, Risk & Compliance, Big Data, GDPR Digital, Data, Consulting, Systems Integration, Run, Change, Development, and Project Management

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Inferensia Inferensia

[Automatic translation follows] We are Data & Innovation Makers! Our signature: We are data and innovation makers! Our values ​​: For our employees and our customers: “Employees first, customer second” For our customers: “Uses before means” Made up of a team of expert consultants in Consulting, Data and Innovation recognized for their skills, including ex-Managing Directors, Directors of Operations, experts and architects from leaders in consulting and technology, Inferensia today supports organizations public and private in their transformation and performance research projects. Inferensia positions itself as the reference for augmented expertise around Data and innovation subjects to respond to the …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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NumAlim NumAlim

[Automatic translation follows] The platform of collective interest for all food data NumAlim is the 1st French digital platform for open, reliable and exhaustive data on food products. NumAlim is a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest, supported by all the players in the sector, agricultural production, processing, distribution, scientific community, providers of data solutions and by public authorities (via an aid contract with BPI France ). Our objective is to respond to the challenges of transparency and promotion of quality approaches, from farm to fork. Data, food, data, agri-food, training, and food

Type: SMB Activities: agritech IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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ThinkR (FR) ThinkR (FR)

Spécialistes du langage R - formation, coaching, déploiement, infra... Expertise, Consulting, Development and Training on R, RStudio and Shiny Logiciel R, Formation R, developpement R, Data Science, Big data, data engineering, R engineering, Shiny, and software engineering

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Sensibo Sensibo

Perfecting indoor climate today, for a better climate tomorrow Sensibo is building a first-class indoor climate and air quality consumer brand with international reach. We are launching new products and services in indoor air quality and climate control. We strive to make a real impact by supporting the green transition and zero carbon vision, by enabling customers to save energy, increase their comfort and improve their health. 1B air conditioners and heaters consume huge amounts of energy and are the #1 contributor to global warming. We're on a mission to make them more efficient, comfortable and sustainable. Our products connect …

Type: Startup Activities: consumer goods IT Services Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics Decarbonization IoT

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Trackener Trackener

Revolutionising equine care with data and technology. Trackener is revolutionising the equine care with data and technology. Our mission is to help horse care givers detect and prevent health issues as early as possible by learning more about the horses thanks to data analysis. Thanks to Trackener Life device worn by the horses 24/7, horse owners and carers can get unprecedented insights on the mobile app about the horses’ activity, sleep, anxiety and exercise sessions, and get real-time alerts in case of critical problem. This allows not only early detection of problems, but also helps identify what’s optimal for each …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: Data Analytics IoT

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Dashmote Dashmote

On a mission to lead people through an AI & data-driven world and democratize the power of big data. Join Dashmote. We are Dashmote. Our mission is to lead people through an AI & data-driven world and democratize the power of big data. Industry leaders leverage our data democratization platform to source, transform, and analyze publicly available data. Trusted by world-class enterprises like Coca-Cola, Philips, Heineken, Align Technologies, Red Bull, Diageo, and Nestlé. Google, McKinsey, and Rocket Internet named Dashmote the best B2B startup of Europe. computer vision, customer intelligence, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and marketing intelligence

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: A.I. - Image Processing Data Analytics A.I.

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Melodrive Melodrive

We help audio and music tech startups unlock the value of their audio data We're machine learning musicians with a clear vision: A world where humans and AI collaborate to create superhuman music. Our AI and data science experts are as adaptive as the music our AI system generates. Whether it's music information retrieval, game and behavioural AI, sound design or simply machine learning, we'll handle it with creativity, openness and ownership. These values are wired into our work, so that we continuously cooperate towards delivering you the output you deserve. We only choose promising projects at innovative companies looking …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics Generative A.I. VR

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Kontali Shrimp Kontali Shrimp

Kontali Shrimp is your global reference on the shrimp industry. Kontali is a global reference on aquaculture and seafood providing data and analyses covering large parts of global aquaculture and fisheries. With a focus on the shrimp industry, we strive to understand our customers’ needs, to provide relevant and correct insights, and to deliver the best possible foundation for decision-makers in all parts of the value chain. With our insights and intelligence, we aim to increase the transparency across the supply chain and encourage smart and informed decisions. Kontali publishes weekly shrimp farmgate price updates and monthly trade analyses for …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Data Analytics

3 0 3 11
Headai Headai

Coloring the World of Data – Cognitive Text Analytics for skill-related data infrastructures. Coloring the World of Data In order to use big data in complex decision making, such as investing in companies, infrastructure or education, we have to apply AI and natural language processing. Headai is developing Cognitive AI to enable secure, explainable and predictive decision making for labour markets, investment markets, education and training. Our current customers are e.g. governments & ministries, investment funds, global organizations, universities, educational institutes, corporates and private companies. Headai's tech helps our clients making transparent and explainable decisions in national, regional, company or …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Deep Learning A.I. - Machine Learning A.I. - Natural Language Processing Data Analytics

5 1 5 12
Minnowtech Minnowtech

A Precision Aquaculture Company Shrimp farmers need to be able to better control the health of their crop. To do that, they need better data. Minnowtech is developing a subsurface biomass reading technology that enables shrimp farmers to improve efficiency and profitability in Pacific White-Leg (Litopenaeus vannamei) aquaculture. Shrimp farming is a significant pillar of the global food chain, but it’s a tough business. Aquafarmers struggle with high risks and low profits. Existing industry technologies do not provide enough useful data, so farmers are often left guessing about how many shrimp to stock, or how much and how often to …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Sponsokit Sponsokit

Sponsokit is the data-driven software that marketers use to manage their influencer marketing from A to Z Sponsokit's suite of products enables you to stay ahead of competitors, scale your influencer network and run performance-based campaigns. We are currently hiring! * Junior Sales Manager * Junior Front end developer * Junior Full stack developer * Intern SEO / Content Marketing * Intern International Influencer Relations Reach out to gaelle@sponsokit.com if you're interested.

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

6 1 4 4
Funderbeam Funderbeam

Global Marketplace: Invest, Trade, Raise. In our tech-powered marketplace, anyone can buy and sell shares in ambitious companies, while founders can raise capital without borders. We believe our strongest asset is our team, and we hope you take a chance to meet us online. You can see what we are up to on Instagram (Instragram.com/funderbeamers), and find relevant job openings here: https://www.funderbeam.com/jobs * Investing in early-stage companies involves risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement. http://help.funderbeam.com/funderbeam-101/what-are-the-risks Private Syndicated Investing, Public Syndicated Investing, Equity Crowdfunding, Investment Trading, Asset Listing, and Funding and Investing Data

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: Data Analytics

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smartpatient smartpatient

Using the world's fastest-growing med mgmt app for highly effective patient support, activation and real-world insight We run MyTherapy, the world's fastest-growing medication and disease management app. Using MyTherapy we provide uniquely effective digital patient support, activation and real-world insight to leaders in life science and health care while comprehensively protecting our users' privacy. Several studies – such as those conducted at Charité Berlin, Europe's largest university hospital – show that MyTherapy improves medication adherence persistence. Building on the MyTherapy platform, we provide tailored and highly engaging patient offerings for our partners from life science and health care, spanning everything …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: Data Analytics

6 2 2 87

E.U. Leader in Machine Learning, AI, Big Data & BI, we enable everyone to extract knowledge and value from their data. Since 2007, we are creating the most powerful framework to push the barriers of analytics, predictive analytics and Big Data, while offering a helpful, fast and friendly environment. The TIMi Suite consists of four tools: 1. Anatella (Analytical ETL & Big Data), 2. Modeler (Auto-ML / Automated Predictive Modelling), 3. StarDust (3D Segmentation) 4. Kibella (BI Dashboarding solution). The "TIMi Company"​ was previously named Business-Insight. ROI & Sales optimization, Sale optimization through Predictive Analytic, Datamining Solution for Everybody, Predictive …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics

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