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    Satellite As A Service Specialist in the processing of satellite images, MEOSS develop value-added services for public institutions, their service providers and delegates. How can satellite imagery and new space programs help local governments to better manage their territory and enhance their skills? Spatial planning, town planning, tourism, resource management, …

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    Activities: IT Services Software Development

  • Really Clever

    Really Clever

    Buckle up. It’s time we got clever. The future's here. And it's powered by fungi. We’re a fungal discovery platform, pioneering new solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing problems - all with fungi that’s clean, sustainable, and naturally cruelty-free. From high-quality leather-like materials to clean fuels, we’re pioneering …

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    Activities: deeptech Biotechnology Research


    Digital Village, le premier lieu dédié au digital Digital Village is a co-working space in Roissy en Brie and Paris. It's a place created around digital jobs and companies addressed to freelances, small companies who are willing to share experience and develop strong synergies in their domain. Digital Village has …

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    Activities: IT Services Advertising Services