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  • Rapsodie

    Fantasy Record Label Game Rapsodie is the first fantasy record label game, focused on French rap for now. The player becomes a virtual label manager, and signs real-life artists. music and gaming

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    Activities: Games Computer Games


    [Automatic translation follows] Real estate. The new deal. Offer the best opportunities, in a targeted manner. Be the only one to receive the opportunities that suit you. Buy now with Brik Simple, fast, readable. Rental management of the future. Already more than a billion euros in assets, throughout France. Now …

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    Activities: proptech Real Estate

  • Vivero

    Sustainability / Healthspan / Community venture studio Vivero is an outcomes-driven venture innovation studio based in Antwerp. Our team focuses on identifying emerging global trends, developing distinctive value propositions, and commercializing transformational business models. Everything we do has a positive impact on the P&L and is designed to meaningfully shape …

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    Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting