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Underwater Autonomous Scanning 🚀We are an innovative team from the high technology area of autonomous underwater navigation.🛳️We perform scanning and inspection services for ship hulls, port walls and subsea structures. ⚓Thanks to our autonomous robotics drones technology we enable energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.🌍 Underwater drone, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Relative Object Navigation, Anomaly Detection, Ship inspection, Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, Port Inspection, Biofouling, and Predictive Maintenance

Type: Startup Activities: spacetech Technologies: Drones

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MWA Financial MWA Financial

Bespoke IFA partner MWA is bespoke acquirer of IFA practices in the UK. We establish, develop and succession financial advice businesses. Depending upon where you are in your journey, we have a solution. Cashflow support, succession planning and access to M&A opportunities.

Type: Startup Activities: fintech

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Orbital Eye Orbital Eye

Increasing safety on Earth l Sustainable Monitoring Based in Delft, The Netherlands, Orbital Eye helps critical infrastructure operators, asset managers, and government institutions transition away from monitoring solutions that impact the environment, to sustainable and user-friendly alternatives. Our flagship service is CoSMiC-EYE: a monitoring solution which detects Third-Party Interferences (e.g., excavation- and construction works) close to energy networks. The CoSMiC-EYE solution is based on data from multiple satellite sensors, combined with advanced AI analytics. We currently serve customers on four continents; mainly oil-, gas- and water-network operators, but also environmental agencies and governments. Third Party Interference Monitoring, Earth Observation (EO) …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics

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Driving Innovation for a Sustainable Future IVY TECH is a leading hard-tech developer specialising in providing innovative solutions to support factory optimisation, cost and CO2 emissions reduction. Our cutting-edge technologies and expertise enable us to deliver sustainable solutions that help factories achieve their full potential while reducing their environmental impact. Automation, Ultrasonic, Numerical optimisation, Robotics, NDT, Lean six sigma, Manufacturing, and Sonochemistry

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services manufacturing Technologies: Decarbonization

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Coolset Coolset

The integrated sustainability platform for growing companies. Coolset helps growing companies measure and improve on sustainability in weeks. Discover the leading software to streamline reporting and accelerate CSRD compliance with your team. Learn more → https://www.coolset.com/request-demo Climate tech, Carbon accounting, Carbon footprinting, Climate strategy, Sustainability, Duurzaamheid, Future-proofing, Carbon analytics, Scope 1-3, Carbon management, Decarbonization, and CSRD compliance

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Benchmark Gensuite® Benchmark Gensuite®

Unified Platform for EHS, Quality, Operational Risk, Sustainability & ESG Disclosure Reporting Award-winning EHS Software - Benchmark Gensuite® enables companies to implement robust, cross-functional digital systems for EHS, Sustainability, and ESG Reporting through a unified digital platform—locally, globally, and across diverse operating profiles. With intuitive, best-practice-based process functionality, flexible configurations, and powerful extensions, the Benchmark Gensuite® platform has helped companies worldwide manage their EHS, Sustainability; Quality; Operational Risk and Compliance; Product Stewardship, and Supply Chain Risks for over two decades; and now organically integrated with cutting-edge ESG disclosure reporting and management solutions. Join over 3 million users that trust Benchmark …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services greentech Technologies: SaaS

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BCAS Limited BCAS Limited

The complete compressed air solution. From design and supply to maintenance and repair, BCAS provides complete air solutions, including compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen generation. We supply premium brand products and are primary agents for CompAir, Hydrovane, JUN-AIR, GAST and Elmo Rietschle. We have a strong team of specialist engineers who have a wealth of industry experience which is delivered in a pragmatic and client-friendly manner. Contact BCAS for more information on how we can help your processes to run more efficiently and reliably. Compressed air, Vacuum pumps, and Nitrogen gas generators

Type: Startup Activities: spacetech

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Onshape, a PTC Technology Onshape, a PTC Technology

Onshape, a PTC SaaS technology, is a product development platform uniting CAD, data management and collaboration tools. Onshape is a next-generation SaaS design platform that speeds up product development. It’s an all-in-one system that combines CAD, release management, workflow, collaboration, analytics, admin tools, and an API with more than 50 engineering applications. Onshape helps extended design teams work together faster and helps executives make better business decisions with real-time analytics and unprecedented visibility into their company’s design and manufacturing processes. Thousands of companies rely on Onshape to modernize and streamline their product development cycle. Onshape users in 170+ countries have …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services manufacturing Technologies: 3D Printing Robotics

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100% recycled, 100% recyclable construction material 100% recycled and 100% recyclable construction material. Saving waste from incineration and giving it new life in the circular economy. 0 waste, 0 emissions, 0 additives, 0 water

Type: Startup Activities: greentech constructiontech cleantech Technologies: New Materials

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Loyoly.io Loyoly.io

The ultimate Loyalty and Referral platform for Shopify. Loyoly is a loyalty and a referral platform combined with UGC and reviews that enables your customers to engage with your brands through over 30 ways. Marketing Digital, Customer reviews, UGC, Ambassadors, Social Media, Micro-influence, Rating and reviews, UGC platform, Referral, Loyalty, Referral program, Loyalty program, Fidélité, Parrainage, Programme de fidélité, and Programme de parrainage

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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Sentante Sentante

Sentante - the first fully-robotic teleoperated system for endovascular interventions Developing robotic system for endovascular procedures - Sentante – a smart, sensory, teleoperated robot system which allows the procedure to be performed remotely, from a different room, thus protecting physicians from harmful X-rays and opening up tele-surgery possibilities. For more information, please visit our website: https://sentante.com/ Sentante is designed to be controlled in the same way as a manually performed endovascular procedure – by using the conventional endovascular instruments –guidewires and catheters. The proprietary patented technology is able to “sense” operators’ movements and provide close to natural haptic force feedback …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech healthtech Technologies: Robotics

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distedavim distedavim

[Automatic translation follows] Thousands of member dentists and clinics are on distedavim.com! Thousands of member dentists and clinics are on distedavim.com! With distedavim.com, dental clinics can manage all appointment processes on a single screen and offer flexible payment plans to their patients. Become a member of distedavim.com now and strengthen access to your services!

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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LUMA Vision LUMA Vision

We enable Cardiologists to save lives through exceptional decision-making accuracy. We enable Cardiologists to save lives through exceptional decision-making accuracy. Design and Research

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech healthtech

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Pacurion Pacurion

[Automatic translation follows] Pacurion - your procurement platform for loading equipment Purchasing optimization has never been so easy! Obtain loading aids such as EPAL Euro pallets, all types of disposable pallets, mesh boxes and wooden crates directly from the manufacturer. Set your individual needs on our platform, receive offers from the manufacturers and choose the conditions that are most favorable for you. Regardless of whether it is an individual order or a tender, Pacurion offers you the optimal solution for your purchase. Procurement, pallets, platform, digitization, and purchasing

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Sparkbox.ai Sparkbox.ai

Data-driven pricing and inventory decisions for busy merchandising teams. www.sparkbox.ai Sparkbox is a retail planning, price optimisation, and insights platform powered by machine learning. We help busy merchandising teams make data-driven pricing and inventory decisions to improve profitability and reduce waste. Our clients are using Sparkbox to improve full price sell through and to plan better markdowns and promotions. In a recent trial with a major high street fashion retailer, we improved cash margin by 34% in just 34 days - visit our website for a full case study. We're a team of former retail data scientists and merchandisers. Our …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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TEMO France TEMO France

Bliss of Boating TEMO is a french brand of electric powered outboards. The company became known in 2019 thanks to a first very innovative model, the TEMO.450. Revolutionary in the boating industry thanks to its light weight (5Kg), its unique tubular shape (built-in battery) and its ergonomics, it is inspired by urban mobility and propels all types of small boats (dinghies, sailingboats, tenders). TEMO is now accelerating its development with the expansion of its range of motors (1000W, 3KW, 5KW) for all types of sailing boats. Produced in France, in the Pays de la Loire region, TEMO engines actively participate …

Type: Startup Activities: manufacturing transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

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KSM Vision KSM Vision

AI-powered quality inspection in the service of your production. At KSM Vision, precision meets savings. At KSM Vision, we've positioned ourselves as a trusted partner of the quality control industry. Serving a diverse range of sectors - including woodworking, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food - we bring the reliability and precision you need. By fusing advanced machine learning algorithms with customized hardware, our solution isn't just an alternative to manual inspection; it's a superior approach. Since 2012, we've been providing AI-based quality control systems that translate directly into reducing manual labor costs and increasing the quality of your production lines. Our …

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: A.I.

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Videolity Videolity

We are creating shoppable videos! Videolity helps businesses to monetise their videos by auto-tagging and making them one-click shoppable. For businesses, we are providing: - one-click video shopping - natural product placement in videos - actionable video metrics (per clicks, per purchase information and more) Imagine you are watching Netflix/Youtube and you want to buy a sofa or a nice shirt you see. With our tech, you can touch/click on any items on the videos and buy them instantly.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I.

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idenfit idenfit

Cloud based human resources & workforce management software Idenfit online human resources and workforce management software brings a holistic approach to human resources functions and it helps you to review and manage hr processes all in one place. Idenfit is cloud based HR software for SMEs as well as international companies that have outgrown spreadsheets. We automate many of the most tedious HR functions and create time for you to do meaningful work. Whether you’re an employee trying to request time-off or an HR manager looking forward to grow and develop your company’s workforce, Idenfit is your all-in-one HR management …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Agence Cube Agence Cube

Creative No-Code Agency since 2019 - Bubble Gold Partner Since 2019, the Cube Agency has been helping more than 250 companies to make the move towards new AI and NoCode technologies. After a successful fundraising of $2M in December 2021, Cube is launching training bootcamp programs dedicated to NoCode and AI technologies. The Cube group is also behind the 1st European NoCode trade show: the NoCode Summit, the NoCode Series media and a founding member of the Syndicat des Professionnels du NoCode (SFPN). Product Management, Design, Visual Programming, Product Development, Business creation, Bubble, Webflow, NoCode, Make, and Airtable

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I.

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Bidtween Bidtween

[Automatic translation follows] A TV channel on Rare objects / a marketplace of beautiful Things Bidtween is an OTT channel dedicated to an innovative and never before exploited theme: the world of auctions. Its program: all auctions for all audiences, through interviews, videos and reports, broadcast in HD on the site www.bidtween.com Bidtween will give priority to live broadcasts and will also cover live events related to the world of auctions: collectors' shows, exhibitions, behind the scenes of auction rooms and meetings with experts. Among the functions and services offered on the www.bidtween.com platform, you will find expert advice on …

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City consumer services Technologies: SaaS

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PoiLabs PoiLabs

Connecting physical world with digital experiences. PoiLabs is the inclusive indoor positioning platform for smart buildings. PoiLabs creates accessible venues by its unique indoor navigation solution for visually impaired and blind. PoiLabs also digitizes physical spaces by providing indoor navigation indoor analytics, and location-based marketing services. These technology solutions enable businesses to make their spaces accessible to everyone, track and understand customer behavior, improve customer experience, and increase revenue through location-based marketing strategies.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: IoT

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The Next Generation of Mobility Solutions | Changing How the Planet Moves | Air & Ground Crisalion Mobility, a leading company in the design and development of advanced, efficient, safe, and sustainable electrical mobility solutions. With its cutting-edge technology, Crisalion Mobility is committed to improving people's quality of life and contributing to the preservation of the environment through smart air and ground mobility solutions. Founded in 2019, the company is a pioneer in the double commitment towards electrical air and ground mobility, using its own technologies to offer solutions designed for national and international operators. • Pioneers in Spain and …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Brite Payments Brite Payments

Goodbye slooooow payments. Hello super quick account-to-account payments. Brite Payments is one of Sweden's fastest-growing fintechs, based in Stockholm and operating in 25 markets across Europe. Brite leverages the power of open banking to offer an innovative instant payments solution that allows merchants and customers to make account-to-account (A2A) payments without creating an account, downloading an app, or being redirected to a payments page. Users can complete payment instantly using top of mind banking information – no cumbersome sign-up forms and no need for additional passwords. Driven by innovation We’re not just proud of our technology and products, we’re proud …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

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Unaric partners with and acquires Salesforce ISVs to help them grow and expand. We're an experienced team who have built and grown multiple companies in the SaaS and ISV space and are uniquely positioned to help bring smaller ISVs together to help them continue their journey. salesforce, software, SaaS, ISV, B2B, Enterprise, SME, cloud, AppExchange, CRM, Customer Relationship Management, SFDC, Dreamforce, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Independent Software Vendor, Trailblazer, Salesforce.com, force.com, lightning, and SF

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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adms.paris adms.paris

[Automatic translation follows] Creator of impactful influence(s) strategy. ADMS PARIS (formerly agencedesmediassociaux.com, founded by @Cyril Attias, is an award-winning communications agency that supports its clients in the creation of ROIst communications strategies. With more than 15 years of market experience, the agency is able to to understand the challenges of its clients and to provide proactive and effective solutions for the development of their campaigns. Community Management, Social media, influencers, Instagram, influence, Marketing influence, social media, tiktok, press relations, and events

Type: Media Startup Activities: martech

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Actionable intelligence for packaging materials sourcing and recovery. CIRT is a woman-owned, B2B SaaS company digitizing circularity. Our product suite is available on one dynamic platform for brands, organizations and consumer, keeping valuable materials in circulation, and out of the landfill, the environment and our ocean. Recycling, Solid Waste Management, Education, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Circular Economy, SaaS, and Procurement

Type: Startup Activities: greentech Technologies: A.I.

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[Automatic translation follows] Manage Your Books, Track Your Reading, Find BuddyReads READO – All About Books is a book app that supports frequent readers and those who want to become one with a wide range of features. In the READO app you can manage your own library individually, track your reading behavior and view statistics, as well as discover tailor-made book recommendations, inspire with reviews or read and exchange ideas with others in BuddyReads. Book market, social media, recommendations, mobile app, statistics, and library management

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Membrane reactor for H2 generation H2SITE provides solutions to the hydrogen transport problem. We crack carriers like ammonia and methanol using integrated membrane reactors and separate hydrogen from low concentration gas blends. energy, ammonia cracking, hydrogen, methanol reforming, unblending, Deblending, Hidrogeno, transport, on site, biogas, syngas, innovation, membrane, palladium, logistics, manufacturing, specialist, start-up, supply chain, reactor, reformer, water gas shift, separation, purity, efficiency, technology, breakthrough , Euskadi, pais vasco, renewables, green, R&D, and I+D

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech manufacturing Technologies: Hydrogen

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Humani Humani

Human skills: The future power skills Receive timely and personalized advice, the moment you need it, to make the most of any conversation. Curated by experts and firmly rooted in psychological constructs, behavioural science and technology. More than just an app — it’s an interpretation engine seamlessly integrated with your communication tools. Sign up to get early access on https://www.humani.ai/#sign-up

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech

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Sand to Green Sand to Green

We cultivate deserts to create arable lands through desalination and agroforestry. Our plantations are green investment. Agriculture is the second bigger CO2 emittor sector, mainly because of deforestation and our need of arables lands to feed an ever growing population. From Sand to Green tackle this problem by creating new arable lands in desert through agroforestry and desalination. Carbon capture and certification, Seawater and brackish water desalination, Positive impact agriculture, Ecological modelling, Agroforestry, and Adaptive management

Type: Startup Activities: agritech cleantech greentech Technologies: Solar Technologies Decarbonization

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BeSafe Rate BeSafe Rate

BeSafe Rate is the must-have insurance rate for the hospitality industry that tackles the problem of cancelled bookings. BeSafe Rate allows tourism operators to sell stays and/or trips with insurance included in the cost of the booking, directly from their website, travel packages, and in hotels. The insurance included in the rate protects the traveller at no additional cost, guaranteeing him a refund in the event of cancellation and assistance in the event of unforeseen events, while at the same time ensuring revenue for the tourism operator who, once cashed in, will not have to deal with any claims for …

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech traveltech

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¡La Colmena Que Dice Sí! ¡La Colmena Que Dice Sí!

[Automatic translation follows] Eat local and fair The Hive That Says Yes! is a local consumption initiative that facilitates contact between local producers and consumers, through the creation of communities called Colmenas. Each Hive is created and managed by one person: the Hive Manager. The person in charge or facilitator is the one who manages the entire process so that the delivery day, which is repeated every week, becomes a unique consumer experience, in a relaxed atmosphere of an ephemeral market and neighbors who get to know each other. On a practical level, the process is very simple: you order …

Tags: H2020 Type: Startup Activities: foodtech Technologies: SaaS

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VRG Therapeutics VRG Therapeutics

Regional leader in preclinical R&D with a world-class protein evolution tech platform for CGT applications Our mission is to cure diseases via targets and MoAs that cannot be reached with traditional approaches. Leveraging our unique platform, we optimize peptides/proteins of natural origin using directed evolution to create cutting-edge CGT products or peptide-based pharmaceuticals. VRGT’s management and staff members were selected based on their international research experience and outstanding pharma industry achievements. Our people have outstanding professional expertise in preclinical/clinical R&D and scientific project management, pharmacology, business development and medical marketing. For years, they have worked in the most prestigious academic …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

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Entreprise de la communauté Entreprise de la communauté

[Automatic translation follows] A guarantee of your involvement The Community Business certification is dedicated to companies donating a percentage of their profits to non-profit organizations, whatever they may be, within their community. Certification

Type: Startup

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Type: Startup Activities: foodtech

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Bulle de Linge Bulle de Linge

[Automatic translation follows] " Like at home " Bulle de Linge: the expert in caring for residents’ linen and personal clothing. Bulle de Linge offers a complete outsourcing service for residents’ laundry maintenance. Within its 12 production units, Bulle de Linge maintains the daily laundry of more than 60,000 residents in 800 establishments. The purpose of this brand is to contribute to the well-being of dependent people by offering them a quality service for the maintenance of their clothing. Indeed, to date, Bulle de Linge is the national leader for the outsourced processing of residents' laundry.

Type: Startup

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Allier Bourbonnais Attractivité Allier Bourbonnais Attractivité

[Automatic translation follows] You have arrived at your destination. ✈️ Allier Bourbonnais Attractiveness welcomes health professionals and project leaders (small businesses, commerce, crafts, agriculture, tourism, health, etc.) wishing to settle in Allier. She offers personalized support including professional life and personal and family life. #allierbourbonnais

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech

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Vidora Vidora

Machine Learning Decisioning for Consumer Data Vidora offers an industry-leading real-time Machine Learning platform which focuses on consumer data. Vidora’s platform, Cortex, empowers businesses to quickly integrate machine learning into their marketing, ad-tech, and product workflows. The platform enables hundreds of use cases with a few clicks including predictions, prescriptions like Uplift Modeling, recommendations, look-alikes, next-best-action, and dynamic decisioning. Vidora’s platform is leveraged by some of the largest global brands including NBCU, Realtor, Discovery, and News Corp. For more information visit https://www.vidora.com/. Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Personalization, Optimization, Automation, No-Code Machine Learning, Uplift Modeling, and Churn Prediction

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics

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WorkBoard WorkBoard

The enterprise standard Strategy Execution Platform. WorkBoard’s Strategy Execution Platform powers the digital operating rhythm for companies around the globe, providing organization-wide clarity, alignment, and insights for growth. Intel, AstraZeneca, Ford, Humana, Boeing, Walmart, UBS, and many others rely on WorkBoard’s platform, playbook, and expertise to accelerate results by aligning OKRs, simplifying business reviews and scorecards, focusing weeklies on outcomes, and leveraging analytics. More than 10,000 people are certified in WorkBoard’s OKR coaching and Outcome Mindset MethodologyTM which enables their organizations to quickly gain the agility OKRs can provide. Based in Silicon Valley and founded in 2013, WorkBoard investors include …

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Hostfully Hostfully

We help vacation rental managers embrace automation and give the best experience to their guests. Hostfully is an all-in-one property management platform that allows vacation rentals & property managers to handle all aspects of their business in one easy-to-use space. Property Management Software, Digital Guidebooks, and Vacation Rentals Software

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech Technologies: SaaS

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DoctorPodcasting DoctorPodcasting

Reach new consumers through informative podcasts featuring YOUR doctors and healthcare staff. We help Hospitals, Clinics and other Healthcare Organizations reach potential customers through informative podcasts featuring their healthcare professionals. In the highly competitive world of healthcare marketing, we know the competition is tough and it's hard to cut through using traditional media. That's why we help leading hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country reach potential customers using digital and original audio content driving Physician engagement and consumers to your important service lines. "The increased reach and upward trend line of Podcast consumption is evident in every available measure …

Type: Startup Activities: martech entertainment

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Prevedere Prevedere

The world's leading provider of global intelligence and technology for enabling Advanced Predictive Planning Prevedere is an industry insights and predictive analytics company, enabling business leaders to make better decisions by providing a snapshot into the company’s future. Our predictive analytics technology allows business leaders to understand and quantify the impact of external factors as part of their strategic planning and forecasting. While most companies can easily report on internal performance, our external insights engine constantly monitors the world’s activity, identifying future economic threats or opportunities to business performance. Our team of industry experts, data scientists, and economists helps business …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Aircall Aircall

Aircall’s phone and communication platform drives the performance of SMBs by democratizing voice and AI technologies. Aircall is the customer communication and engagement platform, designed for sales and support teams. It is an entirely cloud-based voice solution, easy to use, reliable and integrated with all CRMs and critical business and conversational tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, Slack, Gong, and many others. Through a combination of its powerful software and dedicated people, Aircall helps SMBs drive productivity and turn customer and employee satisfaction into key growth drivers. Aircall has expanded its international footprint and currently has over 700 employees from …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Mercari US Mercari US

Your Marketplace Mercari launched in 2013 in Japan, and has since become the largest mobile marketplace in the Japanese market. Now we’re on a global mission to change the way people buy and sell. And with a fast-growing user base in the U.S. of over 50 million downloads and 350,000 new listings every day, we are on our way to doing just that. The work we do puts money in the pockets of sellers. It puts the things one person no longer needs into the hands of someone else who can use it, resulting in positive outcomes for our customers …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce

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Decide Decide

Crowdsourced decisions—a future-proof solution for a cookieless world. Decide is an AI company that crowdsources decisions to achieve better outcomes. Our flagship product, the Decision MarketplaceSM, is an ever-growing marketplace of intelligent models that gets smarter with every addition. Today, the Decision Marketplace is powering our ad platform to offer brands and publishers a future-proof solution for a cookieless world, but in the coming years we expect that the scope of our work will expand.

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech Technologies: A.I.

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Trade Coffee Trade Coffee

The Best Coffee Selection Guided By Your Taste Trade believes that every cup you drink should be the best damn coffee, period. Launched in 2018, we unite 50 of the nation’s top roasters directly with drinkers, matching them with one of our 400+ coffees so fresh they don’t even exist yet. Not a single morsel hits heat until it’s ordered, signaling our dedicated roaster to stop and make that coffee. Extra effort? Yes. Worth it? 100 percent. We’re here to wake America up to everything coffee can be — all in the name of turning coffee drinkers into coffee lovers. …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech IT Services

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RethinkCare RethinkCare

RethinkCare is the leading global behavioral and mental health platform supporting neurodiversity at work and at home. RethinkCare is the leading global behavioral and mental health platform supporting neurodiversity in the workplace and at home. We offer a digital experience and on-demand clinical consulting to empower employees across their parenting, personal and professional needs. Parenting Support, Behavioral Health, Health, Neurodiversity Support, Professional Resilience, Healthcare Technology, Team Performance, Company Culture, Digital Training, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Culture of Inclusion, and DEI

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech edtech HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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CardRates.com CardRates.com

Featuring credit card ratings, reviews, and guides from leading finance industry experts. Credit cards — more than 160 million Americans have one, and chances are you use yours regularly. But who's getting the better end of the deal, you or the credit card company? CardRates.com was created with a singular goal: to educate consumers about the benefits and perils of credit cards. We work with finance experts to share valuable and research-heavy advice, new,s and reviews about the latest credit card features and deals. That's what makes us the "Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards."​ Credit Card News, Finance and Banking …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: NFC

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Modo Modo Agency Modo Modo Agency

Agency people that think like business people We're a full-service B2B agency that's won an award about every 15 days for the last 16 years. You are a world-class company, with a high-value offering, perhaps in technology, healthcare, manufacturing or another complex or emerging market. Maybe you're struggling to connect your B2B and B2C brands effectively without teaching your agency the differences between the two. What makes us different is that while everybody else talks about "branding strategies"​, "marketing methodologies"​ and "creative processes,"​ we're more passionate about solving business problems in practical ways with marketing best practices. We don't think …

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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Trace Genomics Trace Genomics

Precision Soil Insights. Activated. Trace Genomics is a pioneer in the use of hi-definition genomics to activate the hidden insights in soil for healthier soils and a healthier planet. Through innovation in genomics, soil science and machine learning, Trace Genomics creates a pathway to deliver targeted database insights and actions at cost-speed-scale-accuracy for partners who are advancing modern farming solutions for a net-zero food production system. Where most companies deliver a partial picture, we provide a comprehensive and precise understanding of the soil’s composition—analyzing the soil’s biology, physical properties and chemistry. Trace Genomics has won several awards, including being selected …

Type: Startup Activities: biotech deeptech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning

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Kwant Kwant

Accelerating construction through workforce management, productivity, and safety. Kwant is a workforce management & safety platform built to accelerate construction through productivity and safety. Using smart wearables and plug-n-play sensors, Kwant connects jobsite data and provides real-time insights & reports. Visit www.kwant.ai to learn more about industry solutions. Construction Managment, Software, Project Management, BIM, Predictive Analytics , Analytics, Internet of Things, Construction Safety, Workforce Management, and Artificial Intelligence

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City constructiontech Technologies: Data Analytics Sensors IoT A.I.

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Health+Commerce Health+Commerce

Health+Commerce helps innovators in health tech, medical devices and biotech achieve their business goals. We're hiring! Health+Commerce helps innovators in health technology, medical devices and biotech achieve their business objectives through strategic communications and marketing programs. Current and former clients include Abbott, Alydia Health, Ardian, Auris Health, Bigfoot Biomedical, Cardiva, Claret Medical, Cognito Therapeutics, Edwards, GT Medical, Imperative Care, Intersect ENT, Levita Medical, Luma Therapeutics, Medtronic, MedTech Innovator, MedtechWomen, Moderna, NeoTract, NeuroPace, Nevro, Outset Medical, Oyster Point Pharmaceuticals, RenovoRx, Sarepta, Sight Sciences, Spry Health, Stoke, Verana Health, Virtual Incision, WhiteSwell, and others. “Having Health+Commerce as an extension of our team …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech deeptech martech Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

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Efficient Power Conversion Efficient Power Conversion

GaN...Changing the Way We Live EPC is the leader in enhancement mode gallium nitride (eGaN®) based power management. eGaN FETs and integrated circuits provide performance many times greater than the best silicon power MOSFETs in applications such as DC-DC converters, remote sensing technology (lidar), motor drives for e-mobility, robotics, and drones, and satellites. For more information, please visit www.epc-co.com Sign-up to receive EPC updates via email: http://bit.ly/EPCupdates or text "EPC"​ to 22828 Follow EPC on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/EPC_CORP Like EPC on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/EPC.Corporation GaN...Changing the Way We Live Gallium Nitride, semiconductor, transistors, power management, Moore’s Law, silicon, analog, compound …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech healthtech nanotech Technologies: Semiconductors Drones Robotics

10 0 8 114
Foundersuite.com Foundersuite.com

Software for raising capital and managing investors. Foundersuite (https://foundersuite.com/) makes software for raising venture capital and managing investor relations. Our core product line includes: i) a searchable database of 140k+ investors for building your funnel; ii) a "kanban style"​ CRM for managing your investor pipeline; iii) pitch deck hosting with view tracking; iv) a bulk email tool for doing personalized investor follow ups; and, v) an Investor Update tool for reporting and relations. Foundersuite also contains over 80 docs and templates and over 25 deals and discounts on other great products. Customers include 2,000+ monthly active startups + venture capital …

Type: Startup Activities: entrepreneurship Technologies: SaaS

11 2 10 10
POPi/o POPi/o

POPi/o is a Digital Communications Platform offering video, voice, chat, text, and more for financial institutions. This account is officially retired. Follow Eltropy to stay up to date on all bank and credit union news. video, web video, dashboards, support center, customer relationships, Video Banking, mobile video banking, Video Collaboration, Collaboration, Banking, Fintech, in-branch video, branch banking, Cobrowsing, Chat, AI Chatbot, Document Signing, KPIs and Reports, Digital Succss Platform, Consumer Engagement Platform, Digital Customer Engagement, and Virtual Notary

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing

1 0 1 8
Thinx Inc. Thinx Inc.

A healthier world through sustainable solutions to menstruation and incontinence. It’s about time we start talking openly and freely about our bodies. For as long as we can remember, periods and bladder leaks have been discussed in hushed tones behind closed doors. It’s time we end the stigma around these topics and create better solutions to manage leaking. From first periods to post menopause, and all the leaks in between, Thinx Inc. exists to create a healthier world through sustainable solutions to menstruation and incontinence. Women's Heath, Social Change, and Education

Type: Startup Activities: edtech fashtech Technologies: Decarbonization

10 1 5 133
Tenacious Ventures Tenacious Ventures

Driving change at the intersection of agri-food system transformation & climate solutions. Host of Agtech...So What? pod We drive change at the intersection of agri-food system transformation and climate solutions. Host of the AgTech...So What? podcast.

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech cleantech agritech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

11 3 7 1
Vrgineers, Inc. Vrgineers, Inc.

We deliver next-generation virtual and mixed reality pilot training systems for professional and military clients. Vrgineers Inc. is a leader in delivering next-generation virtual and mixed reality pilot training systems (Synthetic Training Environment, STE) for professional and military clients. The company develops and manufactures the XTAL, a virtual and mixed reality headset with the highest fidelity and the widest field of view available on the market. The XTAL VR headset won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2020. Vrgineers was also one of the finalists of the VR Awards 2021 in the VR Hardware of the Year category …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech Technologies: VR

3 0 2 48
Imandra Imandra

Imandra is the world leader in cloud-scale automated reasoning. Imandra is the world leader in cloud-scale automated reasoning. As our reliance on complex software grows, deep advances in AI are required to ensure the algorithms we rely on are safe, explainable and fair. Imandra's Reasoning as a ServiceTM platform is leading the way. Formal verification, Software safety and correctness, Trading systems, Financial infrastructure, Automated reasoning, Reinforcement Learning, Trading Venue, and Financial Market

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I.

1 0 0 21
CivicScience CivicScience

Attitudes change before behaviors do. That’s why we track consumers’ needs, wants, hopes, fears, and intentions at unprecedented speed and scale. Learn how by answering the polls that fuel our research: https://hubs.la/Q02dBkfh0. "CivicScience data is not only predictive, more importantly, it's actionable."​ - Mark Cuban CivicScience is a privacy-centric opinion analytics platform that translates real-time, consumer insights into market-changing business intelligence. In simple terms: We power the world’s opinions and quickly deliver that data to the decision-makers who care. But, how? We poll millions of (unpaid) Americans each week with questions related to thousands of topics, enabling people from all …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

8 0 8 92
indinero indinero

We manage your business finances, so you can realize your potential. Indinero is on a mission to help every business realize its potential. And that start with finance operations. Our integrated finance team of bookkeepers, accountants, tax advisors and CFOs serve clients all across the US. Indinero is powered by tech - our clients get access to their own dashboard with insights and financial summary. Our team can manage the finances so you focus on your core expertise. Be that scaling your business, reaching break even or finding efficiencies in your cash flow. We're an established firm but have great …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

0 0 0 171
Aire (FinTech) Aire (FinTech)

Credit where it's due. Credit where it's due. Backed by Experian. Credit and FinTech

Type: Startup Activities: fintech IT Services Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics A.I. - Machine Learning

17 3 15 17

#UnlockYourself with 24/7 insights from WHOOP Our mission at WHOOP is to unlock human performance. We believe everyone has an inner potential. A potential to perform at their highest level. We believe this potential can be harnessed by uncovering secrets your body is trying to tell you. #UnlockYourself with the all-new WHOOP 4.0 –Your personalized digital fitness and health coach. ABOUT WHOOP 4.0 No screen. No notifications. Nothing but nonstop data collection. Designed to be worn 24/7, the advanced WHOOP 4.0 is lightweight and minimal so nothing gets in the way of a snatch, swing, or stride. WHOOP APP The …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech Technologies: Data Analytics

24 5 17 775
Unbeatable Mind Unbeatable Mind

Big changes start with small commitments. Unbeatable is a path to self-mastery, self-discipline, strength, focus and service. It is a leadership program that unlocks the power of individuals and teams, with a community of like-minded, committed people that motivate one another. Our vision is to create a more conscious, courageous, connected world. The Unbeatable program can train anyone - of any age - and any experience - to reach their potential, achieve self-mastery and become the human they never before thought possible. Unbeatable represents the culmination of learnings and teachings by celebrated Navy SEAL Mark Divine. Commander Divine's career in …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech

2 0 2 32
Therabody Therabody

A new era of Theragun is here. Made for the Workout Called Life. Therabody is the wellness tech pioneer. We invent and develop products and services that optimize human performance and unlock the body's natural ability to achieve health and well-being. Founded by Dr. Jason Wersland to alleviate his own debilitating pain after a traumatic accident, he invented the category-defining percussive therapy device, Theragun which has been rooted in more than a decade of research and development. We empower people around the world to live healthier lives through a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds. Since our founding, the …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: IoT

6 1 1 439
KonMari Media, Inc. KonMari Media, Inc.

A lifestyle brand founded by @mariekondo. Tidy your space, transform your life. KonMari is a lifestyle brand founded by Marie Kondo. Marie introduced the KonMari MethodTM in her best-selling book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up."​ Her approach to tidying is rooted in a single question: Does this item spark joy? Identifying what sparks joy leads to a home filled only with items you cherish. It’s also a path to self-discovery, mindful living and fulfillment. Our goal is to help more people choose joy and complete their tidying adventures, and we are committed to developing the simplest and most effective …

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment

10 5 1 34
Shoonya Shoonya

Shoonya is game-based language and cultural learning platform for kids. Shoonya, is an edutainment & edtech start-up based out of Santa Barbara. Shoonya's mission is to create the next generation global citizens by exposing children to cultural diversity and world languages. We create uniquely designed content that is engaging, entertaining and interactive for young children. Our recent launch is the iOS app "Shoonya Farm Animals"​ an iOS app designed and tested in classroom and endorsed by teachers and parents. This app is the first in the series of apps that will be created to spark a child's creativity with interactive …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech IT Services entertainment Technologies: SaaS

1 1 0 8
Content Critical Solutions, Inc. Content Critical Solutions, Inc.

Driving Innovation of Mission Critical Business Communication Processes For over 100 years Content Critical Solutions has supported clients with printing, packaging and mailing services. Over the past few years, we dramatically redefined our business profile without losing touch with that legacy. A leading provider of mission-critical business communications services, Content Critical Solutions provides comprehensive custom solutions for transaction processing, including content management, compliance messaging and reporting solutions. CCS also offers a wide array of professional services such as website marketing portals, customer retention programs, IT custom solutions, inventory management, digital document archives, mailing, warehousing and database management. Content Critical Solutions …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

1 1 0 65
Celedon Partners (Now Ardalyst) Celedon Partners (Now Ardalyst)

Celedon Partners has become Ardalyst! This is an exciting time for us, and our clients. The name change is reflective of a number of investments we have made in our business in recent months. Over the last year we have brought together expertise in line of business applications, cloud infrastructure, and cyber defense. These investments have allowed us to further develop invaluable new capabilities across all spectrums of our business, while continuing to embrace a customer obsessed approach in our everyday operations. The name Ardalyst conveys the combination of our core values "ardent"​ [passion] and "catalyst"​ [change agent]. An Ardalyst …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services HRtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

0 0 0 9
StyleSeat StyleSeat

Where beauty gets booked StyleSeat is the premier marketplace for independent beauty, grooming, and wellness professionals to grow their businesses and where clients can quickly discover and book their services. Since its founding in 2011 by CEO Melody McCloskey, the company has powered more than 155 million appointments totaling over $10.6 billion in revenue for beauty professionals. StyleSeat has been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune. To make sure we can give our all to our professionals and clients, we take care of our internal teams. Creating a remote-first environment gives employees flexibility on when …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech martech Technologies: SaaS

10 3 6 213
Maven Group Maven Group

Your Proven Solution Partner Since 2010 Maven Group or simply Maven is not just another software development vendor. Maven offers full-cycle product development services combined with critical, strategic business thinking, a proven development process, and deep technology expertise. Maven delivers far more than just code. Our approach considers the long-term product development process from day one. We understand that there are stages of growth and small successes. We deliver solutions following the SDLC that deliver consistent value over time. To deliver maximum value to every client, Maven Group includes two distinct business areas that work in parallel. Maven Ecommerce focuses …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

6 0 6 42
Virgil Security, Inc. Virgil Security, Inc.

Data and password security developer toolkits for HIPAA and GDPR compliance, liability transfer, and peace of mind. Virgil Security, Inc., makes every software developer into an applied cryptologist. Virgil provides password-free authentication, encryption, distributed immutable data storage via Blockchain, and verification of data, devices, and identities that is quickly and easily integrated into developer products. Virgil provides this via a cloud-based service in combination with open sourced libraries that are available for desktop, embedded (IoT), mobile, and cloud / web applications with support for a wide variety of modern programming languages. • Finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 North America …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services privacytech Technologies: Cybersecurity Blockchain/Cryptocurrency IoT SaaS

0 0 0 15
CircleLink Health CircleLink Health

Care Management Simplified! CircleLink Health is the most effortless and clinically effective Medicare care management platform. With zero upfront cost and zero staff workload, CircleLink enables you to expand your Care Management services to patients in-between office visits and reach your financial goals. Additional Benefits: • Expand patient's care in-between office visits • Improves your patients’ experiences and outcomes • Generates new practice revenue with no added staffing • Integrates seamlessly into your workflow • Supports care coordination, MIPS, audits, and more In 2015, Medicare recognized the need for follow-up care between physician visits for patients with two or more …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

1 1 0 78
Spatial.ai Spatial.ai

We build modern segmentation systems to improve campaign performance and location decisions. Billions of people are sharing their mindsets, interests, and attitudes on social media every day. Yet companies still rely solely on demographics and surveys to understand their customers. Spatial.ai was born from the insight that—if captured and organized in a meaningful way—the massive amount of unstructured social media data publicly available can provide richer consumer insights. Since 2016, our data has been leveraged by hundreds of companies to better understand their customers, predict sales revenue, and inform critical business decisions. geospatial, data mining, social media, sentiment analysis, urban …

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City traveltech Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics A.I. - Machine Learning

0 0 0 7
Yubico Yubico

Yubico sets new world standards for simple, secure login. Yubico (Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm: YUBICO), the inventor of the YubiKey, offers the gold standard for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA), stopping account takeovers in their tracks and making secure login easy and available for everyone. Since the company was founded in 2007, it has been a leader in setting global standards for secure access to computers, mobile devices, servers, browsers, and internet accounts. Yubico is a creator and core contributor to the FIDO2, WebAuthn, and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) open authentication standards, and is a pioneer in delivering …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

5 0 5 463
1upHealth, Inc. 1upHealth, Inc.

We're redefining health data interoperability so you can acquire, manage, share + compute data with ease & speed. 1upHealth provides the healthcare industry’s most sophisticated FHIR-enabled health data platform for claims and clinical data acquisition, exchange, and compute. From leading health plans and state Medicaid agencies to innovative digital health organizations and top performing ACOs, over 75 health organizations rely on 1upHealth to meet evolving regulatory requirements and optimize claims and clinical data-driven initiatives. With the push towards digital quality measures, population health analytics, value-based contracts, and better healthcare experiences, the 1up managed platform helps our customers to meet the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

6 1 1 158

Specializes in Creating a Persistent Information Advantage for Business Executives, Business Valuation, Due Diligence. DISCERN specializes in advising business executives on: How to create a "Persistent competitive information advantage"​ for their business, and Valuation and Diligence of Data-Information entities and assets. Valuation, Due Diligence, Persistent Information Advantage, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Contextual Analytics, Alternative Data, Data Valuation, and Data Discovery

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning

0 0 0 10

LIKE NO OTHER UNYQ with headquarters in San Francisco with global reach creating products for prosthetics or what we call UNYQ Wears. We create industry-leading, data and biometrical designed wears, reimagining medical devices using 3D printing to create products that heal you or reflect you. UNYQ uses emerging technologies and creates next-generation of wears that are simultaneously aesthetically beautiful yet practical and functional, our wears living close to our customers every day. Our first line of wears was a range of prosthetic covers for upper and lower limb amputees. These covers offer amputees personalization (colors and style), symmetry and protection. …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech healthtech fashtech Technologies: 3D Printing A.I. Synthetic Biology

3 1 0 39
Hound Labs, Inc. Hound Labs, Inc.

SAFETY + FAIRNESSTM Hound Labs, Inc. develops advanced breath testing technologies to address leading public health and safety issues. The Company’s flagship product, the HOUND® CANNABIS BREATHALYZER, introduces the drug testing industry’s shortest cannabis detection window, giving employers a practical and objective solution to detect and deter recent use. The ultra-sensitive, analytical test identifies active THC molecules in breath, limiting cannabis detection to the workday. As cannabis legalization increases employee access to THC, employers are seeking a solution to continue testing for the drug while balancing workplace safety with employee fairness and privacy. Hound Labs’ groundbreaking innovation returns an objective …

Type: Startup Activities: biotech deeptech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

0 0 0 88
Asuragen Asuragen

People Deserve Better Answers Asuragen a Bio-Techne brand is a molecular diagnostic product company changing the way patients are treated in genetics and oncology. Asuragen’s diagnostic systems, composed of proprietary chemistry and software, deliver powerful answers using broadly installed instrument platforms. They are simple to adopt and expand the ability to serve patients. Asuragen is a product foundry rapidly and efficiently addressing current and emerging clinical needs, including cancer diagnosis and monitoring, reproductive health and aging, serving laboratories across a patient’s lifespan with its best in class diagnostic tests. Bio-Techne a global life sciences company providing innovative tools and bioactive …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech Technologies: SaaS

2 1 0 130
Rockport Rockport

Rockport provides mission-critical commercial real estate systems to the top financial institutions in the world. Rockport provides mission-critical commercial real estate systems to the top financial institutions in the world. Commercial Real Estate System, Software as a Service, DCF, SAAS, API, Excel, and CRE Investment

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

4 0 3 95
Ivy Exec Ivy Exec

Ivy Exec is an elite, online community that offers executive jobs, career advice, and paid market research studies. Ivy Exec is an elite, online community that offers executive jobs, career advice, and paid market research studies for business leaders and subject matter experts. Our diverse community is made up of over 500,000 c-suite professionals and 800,000 women in business. Eighty percent of Ivy Exec members are Director level and above, while 70% have advanced degrees. Today, more than 2.5 million members in 191 countries engage with our job listings, online classes, and research opportunities. Ivy Insights, our research business, partners …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech

2 0 2 114
Combat Flip Flops Combat Flip Flops

Bad for running. Worse for fighting. The Brand Combat Flip Flops creates peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict. Our willingness to take bold risks, build community connections, and distinct designs communicate our, "Business, Not Bullets"​ approach - flipping the view on how wars are won. Through persistence, respect, and creativity, we empower the mindful consumer to manufacture peace through trade. We're a team with a passion for making cool stuff in dangerous places. Our Journey The journey began with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Lee and Griff made their first trip to Afghanistan in the Winter of 2003. …

Type: Startup Activities: military retail

1 1 1 6
Butterfly Network, Inc. Butterfly Network, Inc.

The new image of health. Butterfly’s mission is to create access to valuable clinical insights using innovative ultrasound technology, made simple with artificial intelligence, to benefit all patients worldwide. Through the delivery of high-quality, affordable, easy-to-use, intelligently connected ultrasound, Butterfly Network enables better clinical decisions through better information and insight at the point of care. With Butterfly, seeing is knowing – in the hospital, community, or home. Electrical Engineering, Scientific Research, Numerical Computing, Ultrasound, Point of Care, Healthcare Technology, and MedTech

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech healthtech manufacturing Technologies: A.I.

5 0 2 402
KYOCERA Precision Tools KYOCERA Precision Tools

Build. Innovate. Revolutionize. KYOCERA Precision Tools (KPT) is a division of the Kyocera-SGS Precision Tools Group specializing in the manufacturing, servicing, and marketing of Indexable Cutting Tools. With over 40 years of cutting tool expertise, KYOCERA has become the market-leader in Japan and has an established global presence with manufacturing, technical centers and sales offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Cutting Tools, Grooving, Indexable Inserts, Milling, Manufacturing, Turning, Small Tool Machining, Drilling, Metal Fabricating, Threading, Tooling, Machining, CNC, Metalworking, and Industry Solutions

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing

0 0 0 121
Spontime Spontime

Meet Spontaneously. Anywhere, anytime. Offline. Spontime is an AI powered social networking app for spontaneous meetings with friends and people nearby. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Spontime connects two people who want to perform the same activity at the same time - e.g. coffee, jogging, or lunch. Recognized by The Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Digital Trends, WIRED, and more ( www.spontime.co/press ) as the first 'social media network that helps you to spend less time on social media'​. -"The social media network that helps you spend less time on social media."​ - Digital Trends …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning

0 0 0 3
Shortcut Shortcut

Project management without all the management. Shortcut is the first project management platform for software development that brings together every team across an organization to build better products. More than 10,000 companies worldwide use Shortcut to facilitate healthier planning and collaboration so teams can focus on what matters – creating software their customers love. A Great Place to Work-CertifiedTM company, Shortcut is headquartered in New York City with employees spread across the globe and is backed by Battery Ventures, Resolute Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and a number of other top-tier investors. Visit https://www.shortcut.com to learn more. software development, product management, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

37 11 5 81
Kard Kard

Making loyalty more rewarding Kard’s rewards-as-service platform makes loyalty more rewarding by simplifying the rewards experience for cardholders, financial institutions, and merchants. Utilizing the Kard API, financial institutions — including neobanks, traditional banks, and any other card issuer — can quickly and easily build their own customizable rewards program, driving cardholder engagement and loyalty by connecting users to the brands they love and rewarding them for everyday purchases. Powering rewards for over 45 million cardholders in the Kard issuer and partner network, Kard drives new customer acquisition and loyalty for thousands of in-store and online merchants across the US. Learn …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

4 1 4 60
SpaceVR SpaceVR

We bring space to humanity. SpaceVR’s innovative & immersive technology sails you into a sea of stars as you float weightlessly experiencing the awe of Earth. Discover the planetary perspective that only a few astronauts. Our mission is to launch the highest resolution, 360, virtual reality camera ever launched into space so the every person would have to opportunity to float in zero gravity like an astronaut. Inspired by "The Overview Effect,"​ we hope to bring this experience of awe to humanity. aerospace, satellite, virtual reality, space, and floatation

Type: Startup Activities: spacetech Technologies: VR

0 0 0 3
Alloy Alloy

Alloy solves the identity risk problem for banks and fintech companies. Alloy is the only end-to-end identity risk management platform for companies that offer financial products. Beginning with origination and account opening, Alloy provides banks and fintechs with a scalable, flexible platform to manage identity risk throughout the customer lifecycle. With configurable solutions for fraud, credit and compliance risk, dedicated expert guidance and the industry’s most extensive ecosystem of data partners, Alloy helps companies deliver great financial products to more customers around the world. Nearly 500 companies trust Alloy to take control of fraud, credit, and compliance risk, and grow …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech regtech Technologies: SaaS

5 0 5 280
Enlighted Enlighted

Smart Building technology and occupant experiences to turn everyday spaces into extraordinary places Enlighted is a leading proptech provider of IoT solutions at the intersection of people, space, and work. We offer a unique combination of cognitive environmental IoT sensors and lighting controls that connect to intelligent workplace experience apps, offering a singular, scalable, interoperable solution to address a spectrum of building, space, and productivity needs. Our customers leverage these solutions to enable occupant well-being, greater business efficiencies and momentum toward their sustainability goals. Enlighted is part of Building Robotics, Inc., a Siemens company. To learn more about Enlighted, visit …

Type: Corporate subsidiary Startup Activities: cleantech constructiontech Smart City greentech IT Services Technologies: Sensors IoT Robotics

8 4 3 244
SCADAfence, a Honeywell Company SCADAfence, a Honeywell Company

The Most Comprehensive OT & IoT Cyber Security Platform. A Gartner Cool Vendor. SCADAfence is the global technology leader in OT & IoT cybersecurity. SCADAfence offers a full suite of industrial cybersecurity products that provides full coverage of large-scale networks, offering best-in-class network monitoring, asset discovery, governance, remote access, and IoT device security. A Gartner “Cool Vendor”, SCADAfence delivers proactive security and visibility to some of the world's most complex OT networks, including the largest manufacturing facility in Europe. SCADAfence enables organizations in critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and building management industries to operate securely, reliably, and efficiently. OT Security, ICS Security, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity IoT

7 0 6 55
Tubular Labs Tubular Labs

Providing a unified view of content, interests and behaviors of audiences across social platforms. Tubular Labs, the social video intelligence company, is the only solution to provide a unified view of the content, interests and behaviors of audiences across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and more. With people presence across the United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Singapore, Tubular powers agencies, brands and media companies to make efficient decisions that grow their business. Tubular uses AI, machine learning and human analysis to see what no one else sees across 7.5 billion videos (and counting), more than 100,000 categories and over 15,000 …

Type: Media Startup Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning SaaS

8 0 6 101
Geniecast® - The Virtual Experience Company Geniecast® - The Virtual Experience Company

LIVE virtual speakers and expert talent. Pro VIRTUAL or hybrid event production. Exceptional client management. Geniecast, The Virtual Experience Company has the largest virtual marketplace of thought leaders, experts, authors, speakers and more. We produce best-in-class broadcast quality virtual and hybrid LIVE, interactive events for local and global businesses. Any platform. Anytime. Anywhere. 2021 Best Tech Startups in St. Louis -The Tech Tribune Video Production, Live Virtual Events, Talent Booking, Thought Leadership, Content Creation, Broadcast Media, Tech Startup, Hybrid Events, and Keynote Speakers

Type: Media Startup Activities: entertainment Technologies: VR

0 0 0 9
intermix.io intermix.io

intermix.io empowers data leaders to build better data products. Our performance monitoring products helps data teams monitor critical data flows, optimize resources, identify bottlenecks that impact query speeds, and perform root cause analysis of issues. The data teams at some of the world's innovative companies like Postmates, Udemy and Invision use intermix.io to "ship more data"​. Amazon Redshift, Data Engineering, Data Pipelines, Data Infrastructure, ETL, ELT, Data Streaming, Cloud Databases, Amazon RDS, data lake, and aws

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

4 0 4 1
CouponFollow CouponFollow

Never miss a discount code. Use our website or browser extension Cently to score savings on your favorite brands! ​​Established in 2010, CouponFollow is a fast-growing, international company with a headquarters in New York. With 10 million monthly users, our two primary savings tools, CouponFollow and Cently, have helped save shoppers over $400 million dollars by intelligently finding coupons, discovering deals and earning rewards. Cently, our free browser extension makes saving money a breeze! The extension automatically displays a list of all the store’s coupon codes whenever you checkout. Our Cently app was featured by Lifehacker and Good Housekeeping Magazine …

Type: Startup Activities: consumer services

3 0 2 61
SundaySky SundaySky

Rethink video with the SundaySky Video Platform. Efficient creation, easy personalization, infinite scale. Rethink video with the SundaySky Video Platform. Efficient creation, easy personalization, infinite scale — no video expertise needed. customer retention, customer engagement, customer lifecycle marketing, real-time video, customer acquisition, data-driven video, video advertising, customer experience, loyalty, social media, and video CMS

Type: Startup Activities: martech uxtech Technologies: SaaS

3 0 3 135
Betterworks Betterworks

The intelligent performance management solution that empowers your people to reach their highest potential. Betterworks is the intelligent performance management solution that empowers your people to reach their highest potential. Technology, Future of work, Performance and productivity, SaaS and cloud computing, Continuous performance management, Performance management, HR, Goals/OKRs, Employee Engagement, Employee Development, Leadership Development, Recognition, Conversations, Peer Feedback, and Objective and Key Results

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

2 0 0 224
SmartBooks SmartBooks

Empowering Healthy Business Small businesses shouldn’t have to choose between overpriced and over-sized solutions designed for much larger?companies, or cheap solutions that don’t really address their needs. SmartBooks works exclusively with small businesses and has designed a service offering with their needs in mind. Small businesses need more than bookkeeping. While clean books are a must-have for small businesses, owners need much more financial support than that to make key decisions in real-time to keep their business thriving. Small businesses can — and should get more for their dollar. Service packages and an operational model designed?specifically for small businesses change …

Type: Startup Activities: legaltech fintech HRtech

0 0 0 57