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Orcan Energy Orcan Energy

We upcycle heat to clean electricity. Orcan Energy develops, produces, distributes and finances energy modules for the conversion of waste heat into clean and cheap electricity and constructs them on a turnkey basis, including the installation required for waste heat extraction. Orcan Energy's products tap into the enormous global waste heat potential and enable customers to save CO2 emissions and costs at the same time. Orcan Energy unlocks the energy potential of unused heat sources based on second-generation Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. By massively downsizing the established technology and developing a modular solution, Orcan Energy is turning small and …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: SaaS

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Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ)

Alelion is a power solution provider that helps you succeed with your electrification. Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) – enabling the sustainable use of energy through our lithium ion energy storage and intelligent control system solutions. Alelion drives sustainability in the load- and materials- handling industry. We’re powering up the future with our Alelion battery management ecosystem and its leading edge lithium-ion technology. We develop, manufacture and deliver tailor-made lithium Ion batteries, power electronics and control systems for the needs of today, whilst we design the power supplies of tomorrow. Alelion has proven expertise in delivery as well as a …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: Batteries

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Hex Energy Ltd Hex Energy Ltd

Heating and powering residential and commercial spaces using renewable natural resources. Our aim is to provide renewable energy systems for properties that would clearly benefit from them. We install, maintain and monitor heat pump and solar systems to ensure smooth operation for years to come. Our long-term goal is to grow the business into a reliable resource for homeowners, self-builders and local developers, for: Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) Photovoltaic (PV) systems Under Floor Heating (UFH) Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Systems (MVHR) There are very few companies in the …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Solar Technologies

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Recap Energy Recap Energy

Innovative capital structures and flexible financial solutions turn solar and energy storage projects into reality Recap is a lean, ambitious, and fast-growing company focused on renewable energy investments, with an established presence in 6 different countries. Recap works exclusively with sustainable projects and has the vision of becoming one of Europe’s main references in sustainable investments. Recap - Creating the future of energy. Energy Service Company, Solar investment, Distributed solar projects, Investment in Spain, Investment in Colombia, Investment in Brazil, Investment in Scandinavia, Investment in India, Green Energy, Energy Storage, and Solar Energy

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Solar Technologies Decarbonization

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Axle Energy Axle Energy

Decarbonising the grid Axle is an energy flexibility startup. Our platform connects EVs, batteries, and heat pumps to electricity markets to help kick fossil fuels out of the grid.

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Metris Energy Metris Energy

Turn sunlight into revenue. We help property owners to unlock the solar potential of their portfolio. Our innovative technology and expert guidance make navigating the path to solar energy quick and easy. Commercial property owners across the UK are joining the solar economy to play a part in securing a greener, more prosperous future for their portfolio and the planet. Power your profits, and reduce building emissions by up to 70%.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Solar Technologies A.I.

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[Automatic translation follows] ⭐ 1st Marketplace solidarity of 🇫🇷 France - 285.000 products - 13,000 traders and producers Citizen initiative 👏 100% volunteer 😇 100% free 🎁

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech

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Yepform Yepform

[Automatic translation follows] Solutions to simplify the management of businesses and communities Yepform is the solution to animate: . communities: businesses - associations - residents . businesses: events, competitions, surveys, shops Simple and powerful 💪 @frenchtech Facebook: event, communication, digital, retail, customer experience, market place, boutiques, market place, communities, and directory

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech

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Grenergy Renovables Grenergy Renovables

The Sky is the Limit Grenergy Renovables is a project developer and an Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) that generates energy through renewable sources. Our core business is the development, construction, operation, maintenance and sale of power generating solar photovoltaic and wind energy plants. Grenergy Renovables es un desarrollador de proyectos y productor independiente de energía (“Independent Power Producer”) a partir de fuentes renovables. Nuestro “Core Business” es el desarrollo, construcción, operación, mantenimiento y venta de activos de generación eólica y solar fotovoltaica.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Solar Technologies

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BIG MEGA Renewable Energy BIG MEGA Renewable Energy

creators of innovative energy networks, infrastructures, and solutions, aimed at promoting global sustainability. BIG MEGA Renewable Energy is a joint venture between two publicly held leaders in the real estate industry: BIG Shopping Centers Ltd, (“BIG”) and MEGA OR Holdings, Experienced developers and managers of capital-intensive income-producing assets, BIG and MEGA OR have further extended their activities to Renewable Energy to strategically complement their core real estate activities. Aligning with its founding companies' leadership traits and business accomplishments, BIG MEGA Renewable Energy aims for the forefront of the Green Energy Revolution.

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: Decarbonization

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j4energy j4energy

Forging a Decarbonized future by solving the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Gap paradox, through technology and AI We are forging a decarbonized future by resolving the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Gap paradox. Despite the availability of technologies capable of unlocking remarkable cost reductions and CO2 savings (10x order), these opportunities are mainly lost, due to the complexity and substantial resources required to harness them. Our transformative Energy Co-Pilot tackles both issues, by making Complexity straightforward, unlocking Savings (Co2 and Costs) with minimal time and (up to none) financial investment. By integrating best-in-class AI, cutting-edge hardware, and extensive data libraries, we …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: SaaS

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Colibri Energy SAS Colibri Energy SAS

[Automatic translation follows] Colibri Energy SAS is dedicated to green energy projects and we would like to inform you about options for: - Supply of green energy to companies with non-regulated electricity rates - Solar, Wind, Biogas hybrid systems with or without batteries - Self-generation with Solar or Wind Solar, Wind, Solar hybrid systems, Wind, Biogas with or without batteries, Self-generation, Wind, Energy, sustainability, and Colombia

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: Batteries

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Arkera Arkera

[Machine Learning, Human Thinking] AI isn’t a magic bullet. Without domain expertise and workflow integration, traditional machine-driven systems can only filter and categorise information. Arkera have successfully integrated decades of Top 5 quant hedge fund and banking knowledge with smart NLP to identify relevant intelligence, structure hypotheses and deliver near complete, near perfect intelligence. If you're interested in solving big problems, join our exceptionally talented team of machine learning, software engineering, and financial domain experts. Get in touch via Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Financial Services, Markets Intelligence, and Technology

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: A.I. - Machine Learning A.I. - Natural Language Processing A.I. Data Analytics

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Wonga Wonga

We are a pioneering international FinTech company, which is disrupting the traditional consumer lending space by providing solutions for “underserved” customers. Headquartered in London and backed by leading global investors, we employ over 500 people in four different countries. We believe in treating our customers fairly and take the time to listen so that we understand their lives. We collaborate to solve problems and use Agile & Lean principles so that we can be responsive to the needs of our customers and the marketplace. Continuous improvement is baked into everything we do and we constantly look for ways we can …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech

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People Matter Tech People Matter Tech

Our ethical data led platform Okina supports positive mental wellbeing. We exist to empower & protect people at work from the negative impact of stress, before it becomes a problem. When we communicate using technology, a rich data trail is left behind. This communication footprint provides a window into how we are relating to the environment around us. Using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies – People Matter offers early and highly personalised wellness interventions. Interventions that mitigate against short term problems becoming long term issues. Welcome to intelligent wellness. Want to get to know us more? Why …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning

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[Automatic translation follows] is a Software Publisher specializing in the development of Information Systems for Human Resources, within the Hospitality & Restoration. Our HRIS is an HR application suite in SaaS mode, including: - an automatic editing module for Employment Contracts, with archiving of contracts - a team planning and Time and Activity Management (GTA) module - a module for processing payroll preparation elements. And many other modules under development... All of these modules are available in SaaS mode on all web browsers on the market, and do not require any software installation. They have a system of online …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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WalkUnited WalkUnited

[Automatic translation follows] The app that converts your steps into donations 📲 🏃‍♀️🚶‍♂️ The WalkUnited application converts its users' steps into donations! 📲🏃‍♀️🚶‍♂️ In 1 year: 💸 €30,000 collected for 40 partner associations 📲 25,000 downloads ❤️+ 20 partner brands 1️⃣ Make your #ads an act of solidarity thanks to our general public application! #adsforgood 😍 Broadcast your advertising spots on the app while using it and allow our users to donate and discover your brand 👏 We work hand in hand to put your convictions at the heart of a concrete and meaningful community project. We will create tailor-made …

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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Tricerasport Tricerasport

Tricerasport, The Perfect Match Tricerasport revolutionizes traditional sports: the spectator becomes the 3rd man on the field! The spectator, whether in the stadium or on the other side of the world, takes part in a real sport match, live, via an app, which allows to rotate the team, suggest bonuses or penalties, with just one goal in mind: to make the team win! To learn more about Tricerasport, and ask for an invitation to the next Tricerasport match, do not hesitate to visit Triceasport website ( --------------------------------- Tricerasport concept, logo and name are registered and protected (INPI 2022) sport, Entertainment, …

Type: Startup Activities: sporttech

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Powertime Powertime

Powertime is a Value Added Services Reseller operating in South Africa. VAS services include prepaid electricity, airtime, data, bill payment, ticketing and more recently Zim prepaid electricity. Powertime operates its own B2C channel through the Powertime website and mobile apps, enabling South Africans to access these services in 1 click 24/7 all over the country. Powertime also has a B2B offering and work alongside partners to offer these VAS services.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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energysquare LLC. energysquare LLC.

ENERGYSQUARE LLC. (E2 ENERJI), is the innovative startup company specialized in energy distribution based on smartgrid infrastructure, electric vehicle(EV) charging unit manufacture and design, turbine prototypes and electric tariff utilities. Company has invested more than 5 million for r&d including projects in carbon emissions trading and energy business related automation on cloud computing systems. Energy, R&D, and Creative solutions

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Batteries

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Solar Tree Europ Solar Tree Europ

[Automatic translation follows] eTree is a very innovative, connected and solar-powered urban furniture inspired by Acacia. eTree is a very innovative, connected and solar-powered urban furniture inspired by Acacia. It captures solar energy during the day thanks to its 7 glass solar panels, stores it in batteries at the foot of the tree and offers a unique amount of services day and night. eTree is also an extraordinary communication platform intended for brands and organizations wishing to promote a responsible image through this completely autonomous, sustainable and “zero carbon” innovation. eTree is the first solar tree that offers so many …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: Solar Technologies

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Fuel For Planet Fuel For Planet

[Automatic translation follows] 1st French network of service stations with a positive carbon footprint The 1st French network of service stations exclusively distributing 3C Carburant Carbone Compensé fuel. 🌏 Fuel For Planet was born from the desire to allow everyone to continue to use their car while limiting their impact on the environment. Our idea? Distribute a fuel that offsets CO2 emissions kilometer after kilometer so that everyone can drive their car every day while contributing to CO2 sequestration and reduction projects. fuel, Carbon Offset, and 3C Carbon Offset Fuel

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Jane Jane

Partagez votre électricité solaire simplement. The first energy exchange platform that combines energy transition and the fight against energy insecurity. SaaS, Autoconsommation collective, Énergie renouvelable, Photovoltaïque, Transition énergétique, Gestion énergétique, Collectivités locales, Innovation durable, Solutions énergétiques, Communautés énergétiques, Smart grids, and Énergie solaire

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: SaaS

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Tylko Tylko

Furniture that fits. For people that don’t. Customise perfect-fit storage you’ll keep forever. Founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, Tylko is a next-generation furniture company, improving homes through premium, customised storage furniture. Specialising in high-quality personalised shelving, buyers can customise their furniture down to the last detail. Democratising bespoke design through advanced tech tools and proprietary software, Tylko meets the needs of unique spaces through an intuitive online configurator and the Tylko Augmented Reality App. The traditional furniture-buying process reimagined, Tylko delivers fuss-free storage with both form and function at its core: beautiful products that make organisation simple and bring …

Type: Startup Activities: manufacturing consumer goods Technologies: New Materials

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OuiCycle OuiCycle

We Care, We Share, OuiCycle OuiCycle provides 4-wheel recumbent bikes with 250W of electrical assistance. Four people pedal to make the OuiCycle move, while up to three children (120 Kg) can ride along on a bench at the back, which can also be turned into a trunk. In total, the OuiCycle carries up to 400 Kg at a speed of up to 25 Km/h. It is meant to supply tourist businesses and public services with an innovative emission-free vehicle. OuiCycle allows passengers an open-air experience to enjoy each other’s company while riding through the city.

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

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FloWatt FloWatt

[Automatic translation follows] The Raz Blanchard water turbines Developed on one of the most energetic marine sites on the planet, FloWatt is the first French tidal turbine pilot farm and the most powerful in the world. Its 7 tidal turbines of 2.5 MW each will supply 20,000 residents with renewable and predictable energy. FloWatt is a project developed by Qair and HYDROQUEST, supported by ADEME via France 2030.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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OPALEAN - Pilote de palettes OPALEAN - Pilote de palettes

[Automatic translation follows] Digitalized management of your handling supports that is profitable and beneficial for the environment 🌱 Created in 2012, Opalean develops digital solutions to strengthen the circular economy linked to the management of European pallets, around a web platform which brings together all the players in the supply chain, for common and shared information in real time. 🎯 Our objective: Promote cooperation between users of the Europe palette It is to support all logistics players in the management of their equipment, and to simplify their daily lives, that we created our platform, whether they are distributors, manufacturers or …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Pennakem LLC Pennakem LLC

Renewable chemisty: R&D, pilot, manufacturing, developing new and innovative products and processes for our customers. Penn A Kem (Pennakem), an affiliate of MINAFIN Group, is a high-tech Specialty Chemical Company with over 60 years of Specialty and Fine Chemicals development and manufacturing experience, a wide range of expertise in vapor phase and liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation processing with a wide portfolio of high quality, value added intermediates/solvents. located in a modern, efficient manufacturing facility in Memphis, Tennessee with a strong and experienced staff of Research, Technical Support, and Quality Control experts on hand to support customer needs. Product portfolio is …

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 deeptech

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EcoXtract EcoXtract

An innovative bio-based extraction solution for the extraction of lipids, plant-based proteins and natural ingredients EcoXtract is an innovative and sustainable bio-based solution for the extraction of lipids, proteins and natural ingredients which contributes to a safer global food supply. Contrary to the traditional and reference petro-based solvent largely used by the industry, EcoXtract is a bio-sourced solvent which repurposes plant waste, notably corn cob or sugar cane residue. With our technology we support nutrition & personal care industries in manufacturing safe and sustainable products for people and the planet​. Our market segments are the oilseeds/grains processing industry, the specialty …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech manufacturing deeptech greentech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Nature Humaine Nature Humaine

[Automatic translation follows] Taking into account the human dimension in climatic, ecological and societal issues Understand, diagnose and put the human factor at the service of the ecological, climatic and societal transition

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech

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Enhancing Life, Enriching Communities Established in 2013, Alam Flora Environmental Solutions (AFES) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alam Flora Sdn Bhd (AFSB). One of the leading players in the country’s solid waste management industry, AFSB is a member of Malakoff Corporation Berhad (Malakoff). Offering total environmental solution, AFES has been delivering quality services to various corporations, government’s agencies and institutions, throughout the years. Sustainability Driven - AFES specialises in providing comprehensive environmental solutions to enrich the quality of life, focussing on value creation on sustainable development between human activities and the natural environment. - It strives to provide the highest …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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RéussirAvecUnMarketingResponsable RéussirAvecUnMarketingResponsable

[Automatic translation follows] Find here concrete cases of companies which have put CSR at the heart of their offer and have experienced significant success #Marketing makes it possible to connect, link consumer expectations and the know-how of a #company by giving birth to innovative products and services. But today, it must include a 3rd dimension: societal issues. The very ones that will ensure that we will still be here in 20 years without having completely exhausted the planet's resources. Marketing must integrate long-term issues to act in the short term. This marketing is essential today and the good news is …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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THE BELGIAN ECO-FRIENDLY LABEL THAT IS REINVENTING HOW KIDS DRESS WITH A PLAYFUL YET SIMPLE WARDROBE At bonjour maurice, our purpose is to empower children to develop their autonomy and self-confidence to live with joy the human adventure. We believe that it is important for them to make their own choices. To choose is to get to know oneself, to go forward, to become autonomous. As we believe in a purposeful wardrobe, the Belgian label designs useful and environmentally friendly reversible clothing - for babies and kids aged 0 to 10. Thanks to this, children can make their own choices, …

Type: Startup Activities: kidtech

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Chandam. Chandam.

[Automatic translation follows] Positively impact the world Chandam. is a committed and transparent fashion brand, fundamentally enthusiastic and positive, which values ​​natural raw materials from peasant know-how. We build virtuous and sustainable local processing circuits. For our first collection, we offer knitted pieces in French merino wool, sweaters and accessories for women. From the breeding of the sheep to the knitting of the models, everything is done between France and Italy.

Type: Startup Activities: fashtech Technologies: Decarbonization Bio sourced materials

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Farm-3D Farm-3D

[Automatic translation follows] Integrator of digital solutions. Specialists in Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and integrators of digital solutions, we have developed the Digital Mobile Workshop: a modular, scalable and projectable Industrial Additive Manufacturing micro-factory to manufacture and repair components essential to the continuity of critical activities or people's health. This mobile unit is an industrial response to vital issues encountered by actors operating in isolated and extreme environments in the following areas: INDUSTRY, ENERGY, DEFENSE, HEALTH, HUMANITARIAN, EDUCATION, RECONSTRUCTION, etc. Winner of the JAYAT MCO-Terre 2023 Innovation Competition Winner Defin Innovation SSF Marine Nationale MCO Naval 2024 Member of Generate, …

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: SaaS

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Humbird - Woodybus Humbird - Woodybus

Engagés pour une mobilité heureuse Committed to the energy transition, we aim to turn dreams into virtuous solutions for the environment. Mobilité douce, Ecoconception, Vélo électrique, Transports, Transport scolaire, Transports collectifs, and Innovation

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech greentech cleantech

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drop'n plug drop'n plug

[Automatic translation follows] A complete smart charging solution for your electric vehicle At drop’n plug, we are determined to support you in your transition to operational electromobility, by tailoring our control solutions according to your constraints and uses. Our mission is to revolutionize vehicle fleet management by offering electric charging and supervision solutions! At the same time, with drop’n drive, our trailer charging solution, we want to make electromobility accessible and limitless, whatever the context and event. We are convinced that the future of mobility relies on innovative, simple and flexible charging solutions. At drop’n plug, we are proud to …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech transporttech Technologies: Batteries Decarbonization

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Stopngo Car Stopngo Car

[Automatic translation follows] What if we really gave ourselves the means to carpool by setting up COVOIT STATIONS from Stopngo Car. STOPNGO CAR with its real-time carpooling application innovates by offering to install its COVOIT STATIONS in train stations, airports, out of town, villages to carpool not as public transport, but the most common mode of transport. more widespread. In the smallest village, as in the big city, for small or large trips, present everywhere, with permanent departures, and cheap. Stopngo Car and its COVOIT STATION are easy carpooling, without appointment, without delay, without detour, quick, easy and cheap to …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

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[Automatic translation follows] Hack your bike in Low-Tech mode! With Anthony Bordron Hello and welcome to VLOTEK, the committed manufacturer that hacks mobility in Low-Tech mode! No more exorbitant prices for cargo bikes manufactured on the other side of the world, make way for frugal and accessible mobility with VLOTEK and its first transformation kit. This kit transforms your bike into a longtail bike so that you can transport up to 2 children and all the gear of your daily life on your faithful steed without breaking the bank, with the added bonus of the smiles of your tribe and …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

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Oriway Oriway

[Automatic translation follows] Oriway weaves the way towards more responsible mobility Welcome to Oriway, the application that supports drivers of carbon-free vehicles in France and Europe. I am Natacha Burahee, I founded Oriway to respond to the problems encountered by drivers of low-carbon vehicles during their travels. I assembled a team of tech professionals to design an app that meets our needs. With Oriway, you can: • Adapt your stops according to your travel preferences: you are traveling as a couple, with family, for professional reasons. Optimize your stops to recharge by choosing the places that suit you best • …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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Anod Anod

[Automatic translation follows] Your next bike will be hybrid. Always electric, with or without battery.

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Batteries

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[Automatic translation follows] Deployment of Artificial Intelligence solutions in SMEs and ETIs, management, forecasts & help with the decision Deployment of Artificial Intelligence solutions in SMEs and ETIs, Data Valorization, Forecasts, Management & Help with the decision

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics A.I.

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Dynatos Design Dynatos Design

[Automatic translation follows] Recruit hidden talents! #Tech4Good #HRTech Solve recruitment problems Promote inclusion Optimize your ROI Manage your recruitment with KPIs in Real Time Stay connected to public and associative actors Become a pioneer in social innovation Technology, Human Resources, Sustainable Development, Recruitment, HR Communication, Corporate Communication, Digital, RH TECH, FRENCH TECH, and IA

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: A.I.

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LegalPass SA LegalPass SA

[Automatic translation follows] The right for all. Get rid of your legal worries! Put an end to pressure from debt collectors, get your money back or contest a license withdrawal... you can do it yourself with LegalPass Assistant. Legal advice and LegalTech

Type: Startup Activities: legaltech

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Domelior Domelior

[Automatic translation follows] We simplify and secure renovation projects adapted to age or a disability situation Domelior aims to simplify home adaptation work. We offer individuals tailor-made support (financial aid, choice of craftsmen and products). We offer professionals the right tools to support this clientele. Selection of construction companies, Search for aid and subsidies, Referencing adapted products, Financial projections, Occupational therapy assessment, Administrative mandate, and Aesthetic renovation

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech

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Sarrada Sarrada

[Automatic translation follows] Sarrada optimizes medical image storage

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech

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elpyoo elpyoo

[Automatic translation follows] For caregivers 11 million people in France who support a loved one who is losing their independence on a daily basis. They are called caregivers. Half of them are employees of a company. The company therefore has a real challenge in supporting this population (1 in 5 employees). We therefore decided to create elpyoo, the digital platform allowing companies to best support their caring employees by offering a set of solutions that meet their different needs: information, organization, respite and social connection. Our ambition: to support companies and relieve helping employees, by offering them a “one-stop shop” …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Delivery of luggage and packages and transport of people: from the airport and the villages of the Island of Mayotte; Transport of luggage and packages and people from the airport and the villages of the Island of Mayotte. TRANSPORT OF BAGGAGE AND PARCELS and TRANSPORT OF PEOPLE

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

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The Cross Product (TCP) The Cross Product (TCP)

AI and 3D LIDAR for infrastructures The Cross Product offers railway and highway softwares performing inspections, inventories, reverse engineering and business applications. The combination of 3D LiDAR and AI allows to perform these processes automatically on a large scale. LiDAR, 3D point clouds, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Infrastructure management, railways, powerlines, motorways, BIM, highways, GIS, and digital twin

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. SaaS

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NGV Powertrain NGV Powertrain

Green Solutions from the Italian Motor Valley. NGV Powertrain is a global player in the development and sale of powertrain solutions powered by alternative fuel: natural gas (CNG, LNG, biogas, methanol, etc.), hydrogen, dual fuel, hybrids. The company has a strong heritage from former NGV Motori and NGV Gas in the conversion of diesel engines and repowering of a wide range of vehicles, machines, stationary applications, and boats. In our 'engine clinic' we support customers along the whole process, from pre-dev to industrialization, all the way to aftersales and spare parts supply. With a highly innovative powertrain lineup from 75 …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Hydrogen

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Celeste Airships Celeste Airships

Leading the future with eco-innovation: Transforming the skies for a sustainable tomorrow Celeste Airships pioneers in eco-friendly, long-endurance drones, like the dAS10, capable of day-long flights plus 6 hours on battery, ideal for environmental monitoring and agricultural surveying. Its unique wing design excels in windy or turbulent conditions, ensuring reliability for critical aerial tasks

Type: Startup Activities: spacetech cleantech greentech Technologies: Drones Decarbonization

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Transdev Touraine 37 Transdev Touraine 37

[Automatic translation follows] Transport of people by coach Operator of the Rémi 37 network Transport of people by coach Operator of the Rémi 37 network

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

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[Automatic translation follows] Move to electric Electrification of industrial vehicles and embedded systems Retrofit, Electric Vehicle, and Hydrogen

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Batteries Hydrogen

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Les Ateliers de l'Adaptation au Changement Climatique Les Ateliers de l'Adaptation au Changement Climatique

[Automatic translation follows] The method for collectively making the best possible choices

Type: Startup

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Hemengo Erlea Hemengo Erlea

[Automatic translation follows] The local bee: a green and supportive urban logistics solution. Hemengo Erlea “the bee from here” in French represents our values ​​and our work. We are a green and supportive urban transport and logistics company: we “collect” from different carriers, we pool flows to only send one truck per area served. Thanks to Hemengo Erlea, Less nuisance, more oxygen and more efficiency! Green, Ecological, Hybrid, and Abeille d’ici Transportation

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech cleantech

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BiomiTech-eu BiomiTech-eu

[Automatic translation follows] Smart carbon sinks, which thanks to bioreactors filled with micro-algae, are capable of purifying pollutants in the air.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT

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Programme Advenir Programme Advenir

[Automatic translation follows] CEE bonuses for electric vehicle charging stations. Created in 2016, the ADVENIR program supports the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. Thanks to the mechanisms of energy certificates, it complements public initiatives to support electric mobility. The system offers financial assistance for the deployment of charging stations on roads, in businesses and in co-ownerships.

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech cleantech Technologies: Batteries

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Accounting for Nature Ltd Accounting for Nature Ltd

An Environmental Accounting Framework to inform better investment, policy and management decisions in natural capital. The Accounting for Nature® Framework is free to be used by any organisation or individual to measure the biophysical condition of environmental assets (e.g. native vegetation, soils, freshwater, native fauna, marine) in a project area, across an entire property or within a region, state or even across a nation. The Framework also provides an optional paid certification pathway for interested parties to have their environmental accounts recognised as either “Certified - AfN Verified” or “Certified – Independent Audit” by Accounting for Nature Ltd. Accounting for …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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ValueNature ValueNature

Making conservation everyone's business. ValueNature is creating a complete biodiversity investment opportunity for ESG fund managers in the form of a new class of nature-based commodity credits, a Biodiversity Credit representing the wildlife, from insects to frogs and the mammals to birds of an area, and a Natural Carbon Credit that represents the plant diversity and carbon that is needing to be protected.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech fintech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Cercarbono Cercarbono

Certified Carbon Standard We are a voluntary carbon certification program that facilitates the registration of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Savimbo Savimbo

Fair-trade carbon credits Savimbo sells fair-trade carbon credits. Buy direct from smallfarmers in tropical forests to go carbon neutral, for global good. Grow something great! We’re a B Corp. Our nonprofit arm helps smallfarmers in tropical forests with land rights, literacy, bank accounts, and silviculture. carbon-sequestration, fair-trade, biodiversity, indigenous-rights, reforestation, green-carbon, DAO, SDG, No poverty, blockchain, life on land, ethnobotany, Indigenous land rights, Columbian Amazon, Wildlife preservation, and silviculture

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

2 1 1 28
Ekos Ekos

Empowering craft producers of beer, wine, and cider to make more through our cloud-based business management software. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Ekos is the leading business management technology platform powering — and empowering — craft beverage businesses. With more than 15,000 users on six continents, Ekos helps beer, wine and cider makers drive efficiencies, power growth, streamline communication and improve visibility across their businesses. As a digital hub for all critical business information, Ekos makes it easy to manage day-to-day operations in inventory, production, sales and accounting. Ekos was named to the Inc. 5000 list in …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Atypicalist Atypicalist

A communication company committed to exclusively offering its services to organizations who work for the common good. Our philosophy goes against "mercenary" companies, which see no problem in working for the voluntary sector AND for companies responsible for the destruction of life, the exploitation of humans or tax evasion, and more generally , capitalism. We produce videos for many organizations around the world, including the United Nations Environment Program(UNEP), TED Talks, MSF, and many more. (see our website: at the section “they trust us”) Atypicalist (formerly is an audiovisual production company that is committed to exclusively offering its …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Canopée - Forêts vivantes Canopée - Forêts vivantes

[Automatic translation follows] We are Canopée and we campaign for living forests. We are "Canopée" and we fight for living forests. We are Canopée and we campaign for living forests. We are Canopée and we fight for living forests. Forests, Campaign, and Indigenous peoples

Type: Startup Activities: greentech

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Life Artisan Life Artisan

The life artisan vision is for us to collectively make this world a wondrous place to be in, by being conscious, deeply self aware individuals. Aware of our interconnectedness with each other, with our environment, and our planet.

Type: Startup

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Skravik Skravik

[Automatic translation follows] Cooperative that owns work sailboats - Work sailing ships Cooperative company that owns working sailboats (SCIC SAS) ⛵ Fleet: SKRAVIK and MORSKOUL 🔬 Maritime operator searching at sea on board sailboats 🐟 Sailing fishing 🗃 Training The Skravik cooperative aims to propose a new model of society contributing to better integration of social, societal and environmental issues in maritime activities. Skravik proposes to awaken to the potential of modern sailing work vessels to shape a sustainable future for coastal territories. The performance of sailing vessels has evolved significantly over the last 30 years and makes these vessels …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Movivolt Movivolt

[Automatic translation follows] Rental of useful and green vehicles. Long-term rental of electric vehicles for professionals. You manage your business, Movivolt takes care of your transition to an electric vehicle on LLD. professional car rental, long-term utility rental, and electric vehicle rental

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Batteries

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Experts en solutions de gestion de crise, INTERCEPTION propose des solutions d'alertes massives des populations, de sensibilisation et de formation mais également de conseil et d'audit. Alerte, Audit, Crises, Risques, Formation, Conseil, Sécurité, Sûreté, and Sensibilisation

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Redefining the battery for a beautiful energy world AESC is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The Company’s leading-edge technology and reliability are enabling and accelerating the transition to clean energy solutions. In the past 15 years, AESC has produced power batteries for more than 1,000,000 electric vehicles in 59 countries, achieving a record of 'zero critical battery malfunction.' AESC’s team works to continuously improve the company's global leadership in product development, quality, and sustainability. In June 2022, AESC was again named 'Global Tier 1 Battery Companies' by …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech transporttech Technologies: Batteries

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Agriviva Agriviva

[Automatic translation follows] Ready to eat, ready to cook The Agriviva vegetable store is a 4th range fruit and vegetable processing unit in Montpellier. Agriviva positions itself as the interface between local producers and central kitchens in order to offer healthy, local food while promoting local employment. Fruit and vegetable processing

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech

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Rapid Asphalt France Rapid Asphalt France

[Automatic translation follows] Specialist in high-performance ecological solutions for the production and repair of asphalt High-performance ecological solutions for the production and maintenance of asphalt. Rapid Asphalt is committed to accelerating the ecological and energy transition in the field of road construction and maintenance with innovative solutions that have an immediate and economically viable result.

Type: Startup Activities: manufacturing

3 1 3 3
Académie Des Mobilités Actives Académie Des Mobilités Actives

[Automatic translation follows] Program supported by FUB and ROZO, ADMA proposes to increase expertise in active mobility in France The Active Mobility Academy aims to provide France with real expertise in the integration of bicycle and pedestrian issues into all public and private policies. This expertise will allow stakeholders in “cycling and walking systems” to take into account the needs of all audiences, including the most vulnerable, in all the configurations encountered in our territories. This program, financed as part of the Energy Savings Certificates of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, is supported by the FUB. The ADMA program has …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] HLM Landmåling is Denmark's largest surveying company with offices all over the country and approx. 160 skilled employees HLM Landmåling is Denmark's largest surveying company with approx. 160 skilled employees and with offices all over the country. Specialized in land surveying technical tasks, HLM Landmåling covers everything from basic surveying and placement to advanced data handling using modern technology such as GPR scanning, drones and 3D laser scanning. The company delivers data, with a high degree of accuracy and detail, and works continuously to ensure quality in all phases of project planning, execution and documentation in collaboration …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics Drones

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Playtime Playtime

[Automatic translation follows] Custom game design! Custom game designer! Training, awareness, communication, group cohesion, scientific and cultural mediation, ... For all these challenges (and many others) Playtime offers you a tailor-made fun solution!

Type: Startup Activities: Games

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Mairie de Saint-Martin d'Uriage Mairie de Saint-Martin d'Uriage

[Automatic translation follows] Business hours : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Tel: 04 76 59 77 10

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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[Automatic translation follows] Cenecista College of Joinville

Type: Startup Activities: edtech

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Recycling Rugby Recycling Rugby

[Automatic translation follows] When rugby meets ecology. ♻️ Eco-responsible 🏉 Recycled rugby balls 🇫🇷 Made in France ♻️ Eco-responsible 🏉 Recycled rugby balls 🇫🇷 Made in France Recycling Rugby recycles worn or defective rugby balls into leather goods via an entire virtuous circle. In partnership with Serge BETSEN and the SBA. Contact us for more information ! ecology, sport, rugby, ethics, responsible, educational, humanitarian, local, MadeInFrance, eco-responsible, handmade, citizen, solidarity, and upcycling

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech

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Help the ecological transformation of organizations and people (coaching, training, inspiring conferences, workshops...) visit our website to see all our services:

Type: Startup Activities: edtech

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[Automatic translation follows] Carpentry. Locksmith. Glazing ➡ JANUS France, created in 2013 by Michel Meunier, an Isarian entrepreneur, employs ten employees and posted a turnover of €1.2M in 2018. ➡ The company promotes Made In France and French know-how. As part of its CSR policy, JANUS France adheres to the BIOM Attitude. The “% BIOM” indicator reveals the positive impact of the company and the common good it generates. It reveals the company’s added societal value, induced by its actions and good practices. maintenance, industry, locksmithing, and Building Maintenance

Type: Startup Activities: greentech

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Removall Carbon Removall Carbon

Helping organisations investing in a net zero future. We design carbon funds and ambitious carbon offset programs. Removall is a project developer designing and operating certified, high-integrity and high-impact carbon offset projects that contribute to achieving the Net Zero objective. We also support companies and organizations in their climate ambitions by allowing them to support, finance or invest in high-quality carbon projects. Removall develops and invests in projects that preserve existing natural carbon sinks, avoid or reduce GHG emissions, or increase the carbon removal capacity of natural ecosystems. Our approach allows us to develop high-quality carbon projects based on clear, …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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PLUME Vietnam PLUME Vietnam

The French-Vietnamese oceanographic campaign “PLUME” 🇻🇳🇫🇷 To better understand the transport of water, particles, natural and anthropogenic materials, their distribution along the river-estuary-ocean continuum, and their impact on the Vietnamese coastal zone, mainly in its 3 largest riverine systems: The Red River, Mekong River and Saigon-Dong Nai Rivers, during the wet (rainy) season Saigon-Dong Nai Rivers, during the wet (rainy) season.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech

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Lucid Realities Lucid Realities

Lucid Realities is a Digital studio specialized in Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Videos 360c°. The projects powered by Lucid realities studio are ambitious. They are designed to foreshadow the future of VR industry and innovated ways of VR production and distribution. For us, VR is more than technology: it’s an opportunity to create a new kind of experiences that offer an emotional and powerful way to connect with edutainment contents. CEO, Co-founder & Executive producer: Chloé Jarry Co-founder: François Bertrand A CLPB Media Group company Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and Videos 360c°

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment Technologies: VR

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PartiCitaE PartiCitaE

[Automatic translation follows] A scientific and participatory observatory to build knowledge of the urban environment PartiCitaE is a scientific observatory, which makes it a research tool in its own right but it is also a participatory device which ensures that societal needs are taken into account in this environmental research.

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech

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Composites for a lighter future... A composites manufacturer, with a view on development in the aerospace market

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: New Materials

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[Automatic translation follows] Composites specialist Resinium, the composite factory, relies largely on men and women. The techniques are artisanal, all our products are handmade, and our knowledge offers endless possibilities capable of meeting your needs. We have the capacity and knowledge to manufacture the production mold, the series and those always with the aim of optimizing quality and productivity.

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing Technologies: New Materials

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Together, let's protect the Earth for our children. Specialized in the collection and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, RVE is the first Reunion company to become a reference in terms of valorization of this waste and environmental protection on our island. waste treatment, déchets, industrier, D3E, waste, and Reunion island

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech

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Ixeo Ixeo

[Automatic translation follows] Ixeo designs and builds photovoltaic power plants for professionals Created in 2005 IXEO designs and installs photovoltaic power plants of all sizes, connected to the network or on an isolated site. Reunion specialist in power plants, IXEO is the first independent manufacturer of photovoltaic power plants in Reunion and has more than 300 power plants to its credit (including 45 MWp installed)! With the growing arrival of electric cars on the island, IXEO intends to be a major player in this revolution of electric mobility, in particular thanks to its self-consumption power stations! “Preserve what tomorrow will …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Solar Technologies Batteries

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Combrailles, Sioule et Morge - Communauté de communes Combrailles, Sioule et Morge - Communauté de communes

[Automatic translation follows] Combrailles, Sioule and Morge is a dynamic community that does everything it can to meet the needs of its residents. Born on January 1, 2017, Combrailles, Sioule and Morge are located on the northern edge of the Puys chain, on the edge of Limagne, 30 minutes from the center of Clermont-Ferrand. Made up of 29 municipalities, the territory has more than 19,000 inhabitants and benefits from the dynamism of the surrounding towns of Clermont-Ferrand, Riom, Vichy and Gannat. The community has 9 activity zones offering land available for sale for companies wishing to set up in this …

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment

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Communauté de Communes des Luys en Béarn Communauté de Communes des Luys en Béarn

[Automatic translation follows] The energy of a territory The CCLB today has 66 municipalities, with a total population of 27,385 inhabitants, over an area of ​​514 km2. It is located north of Pau, 2 hours from Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech

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Morlaix Attractivité Morlaix Attractivité

[Automatic translation follows] Jobs, talents, innovations at #MorlaixDesPossibles! The Breton territory where you can reveal all your potential! Here, we talk about successes, creations, talents, living well but also opportunities and recruitment needs in the territory of the country of Morlaix. We want to highlight what makes #LeMorlaixDesPossibles, a Breton territory that offers a sustainable alternative to reveal all its potential! Remember to mention us @MorlaixAttractivite in your own publications so that we can spot them and relay them here. You are the first players in the region! Contribute with us to make #LeMorlaixDesPossibles known and shine Are you looking …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech

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Communauté d'Agglomération Gaillac-Graulhet Communauté d'Agglomération Gaillac-Graulhet

[Automatic translation follows] Welcome ! Find on this page all the news and job offers from the Gaillac-Graulhet Urban Community. Bringing together 56 municipalities since 2017, it offers the essential skills for the development of a region. 93% of Tarn residents think it’s good to live there! A quality of life which is combined in both urban and rural modes, based in particular on the beauty of the landscapes, the rich heritage and the reputation of regional products. The Gaillac vineyard is also one of the oldest in France. Close to the Toulouse metropolis and the Albigensian, Montalban and Castres …

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment

4 2 1 155
Communauté de communes Vie et Boulogne Communauté de communes Vie et Boulogne

[Automatic translation follows] Supporting you every day In the heart of Vendée, Vie et Boulogne brings together 15 municipalities. More than 45,000 inhabitants are anchored there, 3,000 establishments and around fifty activity zones present, Intercommunal network of 17 media libraries, 1 tourist office, a Renaissance castle... A land where life is good.

Type: Startup

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Occitanie Numerique Occitanie Numerique

[Automatic translation follows] With us, optimize your digital processes and secure your data and equipment against attacks. Training and support in digital transition and digital protection. Digital is not your job, it’s ours and that’s good, we can help you!

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Vallespir Tourisme Vallespir Tourisme

The new Catalan sensation! Official account of the Vallespir Community Tourist Office.

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech

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Concept-Luoga Concept-Luoga

[Automatic translation follows] Guitounes and other social vehicles. To move forward, we know how to do it. public space, go-to training, digital space, mobile solution, energize public space, mobile devices, and digital workshops

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Pays de Châteaugiron Communauté Pays de Châteaugiron Communauté

[Automatic translation follows] The Pays de Châteaugiron Community is: - 5 municipalities: Châteaugiron, Domloup, Noyal-sur-Vilaine, Piré-Chance and Servon-sur-Vilaine - 27,551 inhabitants. An attractive area located at the gates of Rennes which is experiencing significant development linked to its demographic growth, its economic dynamism and its quality of life in a preserved environment.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Ville de Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe Ville de Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe

[Automatic translation follows] Town hall of Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe in Tarn (81). city ​​hall

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment

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Pyrénées Catalanes Pyrénées Catalanes

[Automatic translation follows] WELCOME TO THE CATALAN PYRENEES! The Catalan Pyrenees have 19 municipalities in a territory shared between the wild Capcir, the Haut-Conflent with its Mediterranean scents and the cross-border Cerdanya (Spain, Catalonia South). Traveled by the Yellow Train, this remarkable space is rich in culture and history, of which the Romanesque and Baroque churches but also the Vauban citadel of Mont-Louis, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, are witnesses. . This region in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Natural Park is made up of an astonishing diversity of landscapes, valleys, massifs, summits and lakes. Plateau …

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Hautes Pyrénées Hautes Pyrénées

[Automatic translation follows] Official page of the Hautes-Pyrénées destination. #DestinationPyrenees Want a great trip to a great destination to experience a real vacation? DISCOVER THE PYRENEES

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech

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Préfet de La Réunion Préfet de La Réunion

[Automatic translation follows] Official account of state services in Reunion Official account of state services in Reunion.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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