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Louis Pasteur Santé Louis Pasteur Santé

[Automatic translation follows] A medical center of excellence serving the patient Louis Pasteur Santé brings together the Louis Pasteur Clinics (Essey-lès-Nancy), Jeanne d'Arc (Lunéville), Ambroise Paré (Thionville), La Ligne Bleue (Epinal), the Pasteur Kléber Medical Center (Essey-lès-Nancy) and the Les Elieux Clinic (Seichamps). Thanks to their strong presence in the Lorraine region, our establishments come together around common values ​​and combine their skills to: - Offer local, cutting-edge medicine to the people of Lorraine. - Fight against medical desertification in our territory. - Fulfill our public service mission in optimal conditions. Proud of its independence, the Group is exclusively managed …

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L'Orange bleue L'Orange bleue

[Automatic translation follows] Fitness leader in France 💪🏻 L'Orange bleue, founded in 1996 in Rennes by Thierry Marquer, has become in 27 years a major player in fitness and well-being, both in France and internationally. Recognized for its proximity to members, offering individualized support and an enriching experience, the brand stands out for the quality of its equipment, the diversity of its programs and the expertise of its professionals. With its four brands, Orange Bleue guarantees effective management of clubs, continuing training for coaches, and dynamic management of structures. Its global approach and commitment to innovation and personalized support make …

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Link Solutions for Industry LISI is an international company specializing in the design and manufacture of high value-added assembly solutions and components in the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. Partners of the world’s largest players and forged by its long-term family values, LISI has been innovating and investing for over two centuries in its products and industrial facilities to meet current and future needs of its customers, particularly in terms of quality, safety and performance. Thanks to the commitment of its 10,000 employees in 13 countries over four continents, LISI generated sales of €1.7 billion in 2019. The Group is …

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l'institut du thorax l'institut du thorax

Le patient au coeur de la recherche Founded in 2004, l’institut du thorax is devoted to patient care, research and higher education in cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases. From bench to bedside, our scope reaches from a basic research lab (Inserm UMR 1087/CNRS UMR 6291) to clinical department via a clinical investigation center (Nantes University Hospital). Based in Nantes –Western France- our 1000 clinicians, healthcare professionals, research scientists and professors share a common culture: cross-pollination to foster excellence and imagine innovative multidisciplinary projects to provide patients with high-quality treatments and medical care. Within just a few years, our clinicians and …

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Libu Libu

[Automatic translation follows] ☀️ With Libu, bring the sun into your life! ☀️ Libu's mission is to enlighten people to work better, learn better and live better. Libu is lighting that improves health and well-being. Libu lighting solutions evolve throughout the day, like the sun, to give our body the right light at the right time. Libu has patents on this technology, and its products are designed and produced mainly in France. Already implemented in the tertiary sector, Libu lighting solutions have demonstrated their benefits through a study carried out in collaboration with occupational medicine and chronobiology researchers: improved sleep, …

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Lezateliers du Yoga & de la Méditation Lezateliers du Yoga & de la Méditation

[Automatic translation follows] Yoga | Mindfulness Meditation | MBSR and Workwise programs with Cendrine Le Locat Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative) - Mindfulness Meditation Individuals, higher education and businesses Weekly group classes, thematic workshops, discovery courses, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR program in 8 weeks and Mind Workwise program Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Mindfulness, MBSR, Stress Reduction, and Restorative Yoga

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Les Vergers de Gally Les Vergers de Gally

[Automatic translation follows] The essentials of your subscription break areas Our mission is to bring life 🌱 to corporate convivial spaces with a solution that is simple and quick to implement and 100% customizable! With more than 15 years of expertise 💪, Les Vergers de Gally makes conviviality rooms fertile with: 🍎 Seasonal fruits, in a short circuit, from a sustainable and fair approach, and we know each other as producers 🌿 Plants and flowers to beautify places and put nature back at the heart of offices ☕ Specialty coffee beans and local tea to quench your teams’ thirst without …

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Les Echos Etudes Les Echos Etudes

[Automatic translation follows] All the sectoral study expertise of the Les Echos-Le Parisien Group at the service of your strategy Les Echos Etudes is the sectoral expertise center of the Les Echos Group (LVMH holding company). Assignment : We specialize in the production of market, marketing and strategic studies as well as in the economic and financial diagnosis of companies. We carry out ad hoc studies on behalf of public and private actors (Ministries, major accounts). Experts: Each study is carried out by a specialist consultant in the sector. We equip ourselves with the best experts capable of providing the …

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Les Blouses Roses Les Blouses Roses

[Automatic translation follows] For 75 years, 4,200 volunteers have brightened the lives of hospitalized children and adults and elderly people in nursing homes. Les Blouses Roses are more than 4,200 volunteers present in 91 committees across France who work daily with hospitalized children and adults and elderly people in nursing homes to make everyday life easier. Animations, games, fun, musical activities..., The Les Blouses Roses association has been recognized as a Public Utility since 1967. It is apolitical and non-denominational. Supporting hospitalized children was the basis for the creation of the Les Blouses Roses association in 1944. activities, volunteering, support …

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[Automatic translation follows] Our goal is to reduce inequalities in access to care MarSOINS is a social innovation system which is part of an approach to reducing inequalities in access to care. It is a converted former occupational medicine truck which offers free consultations, among others, in priority areas of the city of Saint-Nazaire but also in rural areas. This involves reaching out to those furthest from the care pathway, in order to support them and direct them towards the appropriate systems/approaches, with a view to a return to common law. MarSOINS offers dental, optical and hearing screenings as well …

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Le Groupe Orchidées Le Groupe Orchidées

[Automatic translation follows] The range of our solutions for aging better together —>5 luxury senior residences in Croix, Roubaix, Lannoy, Villeneuve d’Ascq and Tourcoing —>2 service residences in Croix and Bondues. Opening planned for spring 2020 in Croix and spring 2021 in Bondues —> Shared and inclusive housing welcoming elderly people affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Opening of the first 2 houses planned for the end of 2020 in Villeneuve d’Ascq —> Organization of holiday stays in Djerba for seniors, accompanying couples, intergenerational stays, EHPAD stays, etc. —> Home services

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L'Echo des Arenes L'Echo des Arenes

[Automatic translation follows] The web media for societal issues | Understand today to challenge tomorrow! L'Écho des Arènes is a free TV media website which combines local information and expert views aiming to promote and disseminate audiovisual and editorial content echoing current events as well as major societal and socio-economic issues. and prospective. Themes covered: Law, Justice, Health, Geopolitics, Digital, Enterprise, Management, Education, Europe, Politics, Culture and Media, Sport Business ... “Understanding today to challenge tomorrow” is the challenge that we propose to take on together. Media Web, Societal Issues, WebTV, Prospective, Digital, Health, Sport Business, Societal, Politics, Media, Europe, …

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L'Arche en France L'Arche en France

[Automatic translation follows] Living together, with and without mental disabilities. For 60 years, L'Arche has created and led communities around the world where adults with mental disabilities live and work together and the assistants who accompany them, employees or volunteers in Civic Service. L’Arche is present today in 38 countries on 5 continents, with 154 communities welcoming more than 4,000 people with disabilities. In France, there are 39 communities which welcome 1,400 people with mental disabilities. Reception of people with mental disabilities, ESAT, Inclusion of people with mental disabilities, Reflection on fragility, Voice of people with mental disabilities, Mental disability, …

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La Maison Perchée La Maison Perchée

[Automatic translation follows] Community of singular minds. La Maison Perchée is a community supporting young adults affected by a mental disorder, as well as those around them. Led by people affected by the disease, the Maison Perchée adopts a non-medicalized approach open to all to encourage a better understanding and apprehension of these diseases. Psy, Peer-aid, Mutual aid, Social entrepreneurship, Association, Young adults, Psychiatry, and Inclusion

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[Automatic translation follows] Laeka. it is a solidarity mutual health insurance, a health record and support for associations LAEKA positions itself at the technological forefront in the pet sector. Combining expertise in deep tech, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we design revolutionary solutions to enrich the bond between pets and their owners. IOT, AI, Health, and pets

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech insurtech

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Association LABSPORT Association LABSPORT

[Automatic translation follows] Adapted Physical Activity at the heart of your health! The Labsport association, labeled Maison Sport-Santé in January 2020, aims to raise awareness among people about the issues of physical activity as a vector of health and well-being and to support people who are sedentary or have a pathology. or aging people towards a resumption of physical activity in a secure environment. Healthy Sport and Adapted Physical Activity

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Laboratoire Floralpina Laboratoire Floralpina

Dietary Supplements, phytotherapy, organic products, cosmetics and pet range. Laboratoire Floralpina is specialized in the development, manufacturing of dietary supplements, phytotherapy products and cosmetics. Operating in a dynamic sector, we offer conventional plant based and organic products in various galenic forms : capsules, liquids, tablets, oil capsules, herbal teas, cream and gel, as well as a range for pets. Aside from its wide branded ranges, we manufacture under private label with great reactivity and flexibility. Customers are pharmacies, naturopaths, herbalists, MDs, physiotherapists, ecommerce distributors, wellness shops, door-to-door and markets resellers. Growing SME employing 6 teammates, Floralpina has been in business …

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Aromalogie Aromalogie

Your well being is in nature! 🌿 Aromatherapy & Algatherapy 🇫🇷 Made in Brittany compléments alimentaires, algathérapie, algue, aromathérapie, and huiles essentielles

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La Bobine La Bobine

[Automatic translation follows] Social design agency La Bobine is a social design agency that offers its expertise on social and complex subjects, putting humans at the center of all reflections.

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Clinique de l'Anjou Clinique de l'Anjou

[Automatic translation follows] MCO clinic with 24/7 emergency service and level 2A maternity ward. The Anjou Clinic (CDA) was born from the merger in 2002 of three pre-existing clinics which are the Saint Louis Clinic, the Saint Martin Clinic and the Polyclinic of Hope. The clinic provides its patients with a range of hospital and local care, including in particular emergency reception 24/7 and their medical and surgical treatment. The clinic also has a level 2A maternity ward. Appearing for several years among the first in the ranking of the best French clinics, the CDA is also recognized for its …

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[Automatic translation follows] Let's fight against cardiovascular diseases together! Created in 2007, the Action Coeur association is engaged in research against cardiovascular diseases and primary and secondary prevention by conducting clinical studies for the scientific community at national and international level. The ACTION group has an Endowment Fund created in 2013, which has come to structure and accelerate the work carried out for more than 10 years by the Action Coeur association and carrying out academic research and prevention actions for citizens affected, or not, of cardiovascular disease. Recognized as being of public utility, the association and the endowment fund …

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Kinnernet Europe Kinnernet Europe

The Imagination Festival – Kinnernet-Europe, is a wild out of the box, irreverent, bottom-up innovation, creativity and cultural unconference created in 2013. innovation, VR, AI, AR, Health, and Education

Type: Event NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Juris Santé Juris Santé

[Automatic translation follows] Created in 2008, the Juris Santé Association was born from Dominique Thirry's awareness of the need for personalized legal support for patients and caregivers, in all areas of life that can be affected by weakening health. : work, insurance, social security, end of life, inheritance... At the same time, Juris Santé, very concerned by the issue of weakening, is developing socio-professional support for adolescents and young adults as well as adults within several health establishments or associations, in order to reduce the risk of educational or professional disintegration by helping them build a new life project. The …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Jeunes Médecins Jeunes Médecins

[Automatic translation follows] Meet the expectations and objectives of young doctors, without bias by specialty or mode of practice Created in 2018, Jeunes Médecins is a trade union organization, secular and independent of political parties. Membership is free and accessible to all doctors whatever their specialty: installed, replacements, employees, hospitalists, university hospitalists, contract workers or full members. Jeunes Médecins aims to study, morally and materially defend the collective and individual interests of young doctors and everything related to the exercise of the profession. Jeunes Médecins regularly offers supervisory ministries solutions on the status, exercise of functions and continuing training of …

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Jeanne Garnier Paris Jeanne Garnier Paris

[Automatic translation follows] Palliative care - Training and Research - Espace Alzheimer The Jeanne Garnier establishments in Paris are made up of a palliative care unit and a medico-social establishment. -the Maison Médicale Jeanne Garnier, a reference center in palliative care, is an ESPIC (Private Health Establishment of Collective Interest). For more than a century, it has relied on recognized know-how and affirmed human values, to welcome, care for and support people requiring early palliative care or in the advanced or terminal phase of their illness, and thus improve their comfort and quality of life. In addition to the 81-bed …

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URPS Médecins Libéraux de Bretagne URPS Médecins Libéraux de Bretagne

[Automatic translation follows] Liberal Medicine at the forefront The URPS MLB - Regional Union of Health Professionals Liberal Doctors of Brittany - was created by the Hospital, Patients, Health and Territories law, known as "HPST", of July 21, 2009. It is an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901. His missions in brief? The URPS MLB represents the 6,000 Breton Liberal Doctors established, practicing in a liberal capacity under the regime of national conventions, in town or in health establishments. She supports them on a daily basis in the implementation of their projects and by organizing, in the …

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[Automatic translation follows] The artisan specialist in dried Gascon beef. Made in Ariège. Maison MAGRADA products are made from characterful meats from farms in Ariège or Occitanie. Everyone benefits from meticulous and patient care, using artisanal processes that perpetuate the recipes of our elders. We are uncompromising in respecting time which brings the melting of flavors characteristic of exceptional products. The choice of spices, their dosage, their combination, is a matter of constant research and innovation.

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Centre Hospitalier Dax-Côte d'Argent Centre Hospitalier Dax-Côte d'Argent

[Automatic translation follows] At all ages of life, your health is our core business. At all ages of life... Your health is our core business.

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Fondation Saint Pierre Fondation Saint Pierre

[Automatic translation follows] Because each child is the best reason to dare everything! 👌 By capitalizing on one hundred years of experience and continuous innovation of the Saint-Pierre Institute, the leading pediatric follow-up care and rehabilitation hospital in France welcoming nearly 10,000 children per year, the foundation helps all children who need innovations to multiply in the areas of care to be given to them. Today, we want to give even greater impetus to our actions. We must respond to public and institutional demand, adapt to a society that is constantly evolving and to the emergence of new needs. Our …

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CESU76A - Rouen CESU76A - Rouen

[Automatic translation follows] The Emergency Care Teaching Center (CESU) is a functional unit of the SAMU of Rouen University Hospital. The Emergency Care Teaching Center (CESU) is a functional unit of the SAMU of Rouen University Hospital. It provides emergency medicine teaching and training in emergency procedures and techniques. As part of the Medical Training Center, it implements innovative learning techniques through simulation, including in crisis management. The audiences concerned are: Staff working in health establishments, Students in initial training at paramedical or medical schools, Students in continuing education in different social-professional categories working in health establishments. Training, Simulation, Procedures, …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU Strasbourg) Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU Strasbourg)

The Institute is a unique medical and surgical center dedicated to the management of digestive diseases. The Institute is: • A healthcare center offering personalized treatment using the least invasive techniques; • A research center gathering teams to design and develop instruments and procedures for the future; • An international training center for professionals and students driven to learn the most advanced minimally invasive practices. The Institute is a non-profit foundation designated as part of the Program “Investment for the Future”. Soins, Centre international de formation, R&D, Pathologies digestives, Réalité augmentée, Innovation, Robotique, Chirurgie mini-invasive, and Imagerie médicale

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech Technologies: Robotics

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Institut d'Ingénierie de la Santé Institut d'Ingénierie de la Santé

[Automatic translation follows] Training of high-level executives in Sciences, Technologies and Management for Health The Institute of Health Engineering (2IS) of the UFR of Medicine makes it possible to offer an interesting range of opportunities to students sensitive to Biology and Human Health, particularly for those who come from technological training (DUT -HSE for example) and who want to obtain a license then a Master. The physiological, biomechanical, biophysical, ergonomic, radiological and physio-pathological approaches are all key elements of the educational coherence of this approach. For example, it appears obvious that the prevention and management of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), a …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: edtech healthtech

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Institut de Myologie Institut de Myologie

[Automatic translation follows] Innovate to Heal Located in Paris in the heart of the largest European hospital center, the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, the Institute of Myology was born in 1996 under the leadership of an association of patients and parents of patients, the AFM-Téléthon . Its objective: to promote the existence, recognition and development of Myology, science and medicine of Muscle, as a discipline in its own right. Whether healthy, sick, injured, sporty, aging... the muscle, on which our activity and vital functions depend, has become a true model of innovation for scientific and medical research and a public health issue. …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: biotech deeptech healthtech

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Institut Danone Institut Danone

[Automatic translation follows] What if we ate better tomorrow What if we ate better tomorrow? Eating better tomorrow means working to be born well, grow well, live well and age well, while preserving the planet and its resources... and this is what we are committed to. Chaired by Umberto Simeoni, the Danone Institute aims to develop and support any project of general interest in the fields of health and sustainable food. The Danone Institute, created in 1991, is an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901. Non-profit association, Association law 1901, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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[Automatic translation follows] The gift of being useful. As a non-profit general interest organization, the INNOVEO endowment fund aims to promote, develop and support health research and medical innovation in Western Brittany.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: deeptech healthtech

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Imaxio Imaxio

[Automatic translation follows] Prevention is our job. Protecting is our duty. IMAXIO is a biotechnology company specializing in vaccinology and the prevention of human leptospirosis. Often called “rat disease” or “swineherd disease”, this zoonosis is an emerging public health problem in Europe and particularly in France. Its incidence has doubled in mainland France since 2014 to reach more than 600 cases per year. 54% of leptospiroses among working people are of occupational origin. IMAXIO is committed to working alongside professionals and health authorities to prevent and raise awareness of the risks linked to illness in a professional setting, particularly through …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Ayana Therapy Ayana Therapy

We believe finding the ideal therapist is a right, not a privilege Ayana Therapy provides instant mental health services for marginalized and intersectional employees across the globe, erasing stigma, eliminating barriers. Diversity, Intersectionality, Therapy, Mental Health, Minorities, People of Color, Marginalized Communities, Counseling, Stigma, Mental Illness, African Amercians, Asian Americans, Latinos, Latinx, Middle Easterners, Arab Americans, Native Americans, Online Therapy, AYANA, AYANA Therapy, and LGBTQ

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech

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Humaniteam - design & healthcare Humaniteam - design & healthcare

[Automatic translation follows] Humaniteam is a design agency that supports organizations in their health innovation projects. Humaniteam is a design agency for health and accessibility. We support public and private organizations in their innovation projects to facilitate the patient journey and access to care. Our approach : - Innovation through use - Design as an innovation tool - Extrem Users at the heart of the design process - Everyday experience as a material for innovation You are a healthcare establishment, a community, a healthcare company: DO YOU HAVE AN IDENTIFIED INNOVATION PROBLEM? Through a use-based design approach, we co-design tailor-made …

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HOSPIMEDIA Réponse Expert HOSPIMEDIA Réponse Expert

[Automatic translation follows] Legal information dedicated to healthcare establishments Human resources, patient rights, quality and risk management... health and medico-social establishments are confronted with legal questions on a daily basis. To respond to these issues and provide you with the legal information you need, HOSPIMEDIA Response Expert puts you in instant contact with lawyers and jurists specializing in the health sector. You thus obtain a detailed written response, between 24 and 72 hours, to the legal problems you face. The first question is free and without obligation: test us! Health law, Human resources, Risk management, Patients' rights, Responsibility of caregivers, …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech legaltech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Hôpital Européen Marseille Hôpital Européen Marseille

[Automatic translation follows] “Humans at the heart of our care” The European Hospital was born on August 19, 2013 from the merger of the Ambroise Paré and Paul Desbief hospitals, two health establishments renowned for the quality of care and human relations. We are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube! Respectively founded in 1846 and 1914, these two structures, which shared the same values ​​and whose skills were complementary, began a rapprochement in 2004. The European Hospital is managed by the Ambroise Paré Hospital Foundation. It is a private, not-for-profit healthcare facility. The Foundation was recognized as being of …

Type: Public Activities: healthtech

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Helite Helite

Airbag Technology Expert WHO ARE WE ? We are a french company specialized in airbag technology. With more than 120,000 airbags used today in 30 countries, we are the world leader manufacturer of wearable airbag systems. Our airbags are already in used in several high-risk activities such as motorcycling, horse back-riding, skiing ... and lately seniors and cyclists. We also develop specific airbag solutions for the industry including prestigious companies such as Alstom, Peugeot, Michelin, Brembo, Eurocopter, Vinci..... HELITE'S MOTTO : Innovation for a better protection HELITE'S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS : Innovation, technology, simplicity, made in France and a touch …

Type: SMB Activities: sporttech healthtech manufacturing

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HappyVisio HappyVisio

[Automatic translation follows] Referent website for health and well-being prevention by videoconference HappyVisio is an Internet platform offering videoconferences in prevention, health and well-being, live, for the general public. A pioneer and reference in remote prevention, HappyVisio contributes to improving the quality of life and preparing for the future. We are supported by a large number of local authorities, institutions, mutual societies and prevention players in the broad sense. We rely on a network of more than 500 experts from recognized establishments. During the activities, our HappyNautes get information, ask questions and chat in a friendly atmosphere on www.happyvisio.com. Launched …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Handitech Trophy Handitech Trophy

[Automatic translation follows] National competition rewarding tech project leaders in favor of disabilities 🏆 Powered by JobinLive and Bpifrance Founded by JobinLive and Bpfirance, the HandiTech Trophy is a national competition rewarding start-ups, students, associations, and research laboratories which develop inclusive technologies intended to compensate for disability or loss of autonomy. Disability, Innovation, Tech4Good, Employment, Health, Accessibility, and Digital

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Groupe Pasteur Mutualité Groupe Pasteur Mutualité

[Automatic translation follows] FOR US, HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. A leading mutual insurance and services group administered for over 160 years by and for healthcare professionals, Groupe Pasteur Mutualité is committed to working alongside its members, from the start of their studies, to provide them with solutions in perfect fit with their professional and private lives. The Group places innovation, prevention and solidarity at the heart of its development project. Its “Villa M” program has welcomed, since 2021, in the heart of Paris, the entire community of health professionals and all visitors wishing to learn, exchange, discover, pilot and test the latest …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Groupe Hospitalier Rance-Emeraude Groupe Hospitalier Rance-Emeraude

[Automatic translation follows] Together, for your health. The Rance Emeraude Hospital Group is made up of the Hospital Centers of Saint-Malo, Dinan and Cancale and represents more than 4,200 agents, including 300 doctors. It is the reference establishment for health territory no. 6 in Brittany (country of Saint-Malo and Dinan). It provides emergency and resuscitation activities, medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and care for the elderly.

Type: Public Activities: healthtech

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[Automatic translation follows] A reference establishment for your health! A reference establishment for your health! The #GHBS is the 3rd public health establishment in Brittany (after the 2 university hospitals). Located in South Brittany, it is the reference hospital for the health region and offers a complete range of care and accommodation. ✅ requirement, proximity, quality ✅ partnerships with health and medico-social sector stakeholders in the region ✅ 5,000 professionals serving the health of the population ✅ 2,300 beds & places ✅ implementation on 12 sites ✅ support establishment of the Territorial Hospital Group ✅ Institute for Training of Health …

Type: Public Activities: healthtech

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GHR Mulhouse Sud-Alsace GHR Mulhouse Sud-Alsace

[Automatic translation follows] GHR Mulhouse Sud-Alsace, 9 hospital sites serving your health. The Mulhouse and South Alsace Region Hospital Group is a public health establishment. It is recognized as the reference hospital for Health Territory IV of Alsace but also, thanks to its different sites, as a local hospital for the populations of the different basins. It is the largest non-university hospital center in France. The GHR Mulhouse Sud-Alsace was born from the desire to bring together public health establishments in South Alsace in order to maintain and develop the healthcare offer there, for all population areas. This is how …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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GET YOGi, expert yoga et méditation GET YOGi, expert yoga et méditation

[Automatic translation follows] Take care of yourself: yoga and meditation wherever and whenever you want! GET YOGi, French yoga and meditation specialist Our wellness services: yoga, meditation, breathing, pilates, chair yoga - Online: unlimited video sessions, 24 hours a day, computer, smartphone, tablet, more than 60 sessions, 7 different teachers, several styles of yoga and of different durations - In business: organization of sessions in the office + access to our video course platform for the well-being of all employees - Well-being events: design and organization of sessions in atypical places (outdoors, seminar, thalasso, hotel, lounge, airport, etc.) Yoga is …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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Santeos Santeos

[Automatic translation follows] Take the turn towards e-health! Santeos creates and operates digital services to promote the transformation of the world of health by responding to the challenges of Health IS. A health data host (HDS) with dual health and digital expertise, Santeos offers healthcare players secure and innovative services. We thus support health establishments, pharmaceutical laboratories, mutual health insurance companies, major health players as well as start-ups and innovation projects on subjects such as patient journeys, e-prevention, telemedicine, shared imaging and even data valorization. For more information, visit our website www.santeos.com e-Health, Approved hosting of health data, Telemedicine, BI …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Enovap Enovap

The power to control your nicotine Enovap has developed a unique and innovative electronic cigarette to offer smokers alternative solution to cigarette smoking. We believe that the products currently on the market are not meeting the needs of smokers. With Enovap’s patented technology, users can control the amount of nicotine delivered by the e-cigarette throughout the day, it is the first smart & connected personal vaporizer built to take control of nicotine consumption. MANUAL mode: This mode allows the nicotine concentration to be changed at the touch of a button throughout the day in order to increase vaping satisfaction. (Enovap …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech manufacturing Technologies: IoT

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VITA Accelerator VITA Accelerator

The leading digital health Acceleration Program in the Italian market VITA Accelerator is the Digital Health Accelerator of CDP National Accelerators Network, born from the initiative of CDP Venture Capital SGR together with Healthware Group and Accelerace. We are glad to announce the launch of a novel Program, aimed to support startups based in Italy or interested in expanding to Italy. We also pursue the objective of strengthening and nurturing the Italian digital health ecosystem, as well as promoting it internationally. On the way to this objective, we are proud to have the support of the Innovation Partner Zcube and …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Aiop Puglia Aiop Puglia

[Automatic translation follows] Italian Association of Private Hospitals - Puglia Aiop, the Italian Private Hospital Association represents 500 nursing homes operating throughout the national territory with over 53,000 beds of which 45,000 accredited with the National Health Service, 26 rehabilitation centers with 2,000 beds of which 1,800 accredited and 41 RSAs with 2,800 beds all accredited. In the context of southern healthcare, Aiop Puglia collaborates proactively in the healthcare policy decided by the Region, making the professionalism and production capacity of the associated structures available to the citizens of Puglia and their healthcare needs. In Puglia, Aiop represents 14 nursing …

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AIOP Emilia Romagna AIOP Emilia Romagna

[Automatic translation follows] Private hospitals are the driving force of economic development in Emilia Romagna AIOP Emilia Romagna includes 44 healthcare facilities present in Emilia Romagna that are AIOP members, equipped with 5163 beds and 8,031 collaborators. In 2018 they registered a total of 133,517 patients (of which 129,382 for hospital activities) for a production value of 758.7 million euros (+1.6% compared to 2017). President of the regional association is Dr. Bruno Biagi, national AIOP vice president. Private hospitals confirm themselves as "economic-social ecosystems" and are an indispensable driving force for an increasingly competitive regional economic fabric. “The AIOP structures, …

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AISI - Associazione Imprese Sanitarie Indipendenti AISI - Associazione Imprese Sanitarie Indipendenti

[Automatic translation follows] We represent the aspirations and interests of businesses across the country. AISI – Association of Independent Healthcare Companies brings together Mono- or Multi-Specialist Clinics, Residential or Semi-Residential Healthcare Facilities and Medical Practices existing on the national territory and authorized to operate by the competent bodies.

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SIGG - Società Italiana di Gerontologia e Geriatria SIGG - Società Italiana di Gerontologia e Geriatria

Promoting education and research on the health of older, disabled, and frail individuals since 1950. This is the official page of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SIGG). Follow us to stay updated on the national congress, insights on the latest scientific advancements in geriatrics and gerontology, and updates from our working groups.

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Senior Italia FederAnziani Senior Italia FederAnziani

[Automatic translation follows] Senior Italia FederAnziani is the federation of senior citizens' associations founded in 2006 Senior Italia FederAnziani is the federation of senior citizens' associations founded in 2006 with the aim of protecting the rights and improving the quality of life of senior people. Enhance the role of Seniors as an irreplaceable resource for the family and society; orient health and social policies towards the development of programs that promote healthy longevity and promote well-being throughout life; affirm the right to health as a fundamental right of the individual, enshrined in the Constitution, and raise awareness among the institutions …

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SoLongevity SoLongevity

SoLongevity. Lifescience for HealthyAging SoLongevity promotes healthy ageing. How? By developing treatments and products, validated through solid clinical studies that aim to preserve what the World Health Organization has defined “physiological reserve”, that is the individual “capital-longevity” with which we are born and which constitutes the potential for health and wellbeing for the years to come. Our solutions are intended to allow each person to reach and maintain their maximum potential, preventing the risk conditions related to aging diseases. “Pathological” ageing is a phenomenon that is not only multifactorial but also articulated in a different and specific way for each …

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Cuore Nostro Cuore Nostro

[Automatic translation follows] We believe in a world where the healing of the body passes through its most important engine: the heart Cuore Nostro helps people to recognize the symptoms, to manage pathologies in collaboration with healthcare professionals, to connect with other people who have had the same experience so that they can return to living an active and full life without feeling alone and unrepresented .

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One Health One Health

[Automatic translation follows] In-depth magazine At the center, human, animal and environmental health: an innovative and interdisciplinary perspective for unique health Enter the world of One Health! redazione@onehealthfocus.it director@onehealthfocus.it Newspaper registered at no. 107 of the Press Register of the Court of Rome on 21 July 2023 Editorial director: Giovanni Cioffi Responsible director: Andrea Camaiora Publisher: The Skill Srl – Benefit company health, healthcare, and medicine

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FocusCura FocusCura

There's more to care FocusCura has a mission to fill in the gap between technology and healthcare. Within this mission we provide healthcare professionals and their patients/clients with innovative technology concepts to deliver a high quality of care independent of time and place. Our products cAlarm and cKey are widely used throughout the Netherlands and in Belgium, Sweden and Germany. ICT, telehealth, and telemedicine

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[Automatic translation follows] Interest organization that accelerates emancipation. For equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender and sex. WOMEN Inc. is the network for women who want to strengthen themselves and each other. And the position of all women in the Netherlands. WOMEN Inc. helps you set a goal, organizes courage and inspiration and facilitates you with the network you need to take the next step. Know what you're worth! emancipation, diversity, increasing opportunities, networking, substantive discussions, platform, women, money, health, equal distribution, PR & (political) lobbying, imaging, campaigns, social change, and impact

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Zorgbelang Drenthe Zorgbelang Drenthe

[Automatic translation follows] Working together with residents on accessible, high-quality care and appropriate support in the social domain. Zorgbelang Drenthe is a progressive social organization that is committed to the interests of all residents of Drenthe with a care need. This concerns, for example, people who go to the doctor or who receive care in a hospital. But also residents who receive support from the municipality. And people who receive another form of care, such as clients who use youth or disabled care. We work on sustainable care for all residents of the province of Drenthe. We are also committed …

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Netguru Netguru

Netguru builds software that lets people do things differently. Netguru is a digital acceleration consultancy founded in 2008. Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently – offering digital acceleration tools, resources and know-how to companies of all shapes and sizes – to make beautifully designed digital products in a way that’s fast and fits their needs. Netguru provides consulting services in product development, creating software solutions, and product design. Since our founding in 2008, our team has completed more than 1000 projects and has 500+ people on board working from all over the world. Currently, Netguru collaborates …

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To improve maternal, new-born and child health in Punjab, especially of the poor thereby making real progress towards achieving health related MDGs and contribute to reduction in: 1. Maternal mortality ratio from 227/100,000 live births in 2006-07 to less than 140/100,000 live births by end 2016 2. Under-five mortality rate from 104/1000 live births in 2011 to 52/1000 live births by end 2016 3 .Total fertility rate from 3.6 in 2011 to 3.2 by end 2016 4. Prevalence of stunting from 36% in 2011 to 32% by end 2016

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Heartfile Heartfile

Heartfile is a non-profit health sector NGO think tank, which focuses on catalyzing change within the health system and broader systems of governance in order to improve health and social outcomes; the organization is recognized as a powerful and respected health policy voice within Pakistan and a unique model for replication in other developing countries. The organization also capitalizes on sharing experiences, internationally; most developing countries have Mixed Health Systems and can benefit from analyses and experiences of Pakistan. The organization has linkages with numerous local and international organizations, as outlined under Partnerships below and receives funding support from a …

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Heart Foundation NZ Heart Foundation NZ

Our vision is Hearts fit for life The Heart Foundation is New Zealand’s heart charity, leading the fight against heart disease - our country’s single biggest killer. Our purpose is to stop all people in New Zealand dying prematurely from heart disease and enable people with heart disease to live full lives. As the country’s leading independent funder of heart research, we have invested more than $85 million into research and specialist training for cardiologists since we started in 1968. We also perform a range of activities that help support people, and their whānau, living with heart disease and provide …

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ITG WELL Market Partner ITG WELL Market Partner

El Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG) es partner del International WELL Building InstituteTM (IWBITM) en España El Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG) es el partner del International WELL Building InstituteTM (IWBITM) en España. El objetivo de esta colaboración es acelerar la promoción de edificios y comunidades que ayuden a las personas a crecer sanos. Como el partner local del IWBI en España, ITG apoya la salud y el bienestar a través de mejores edificios y promocionando la adopción del WELL Building StandardTM (WELLTM). ITG desarrolla un programa educativo en España con el objetivo de formar en el WELL Building StandardTM …

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RENSON Ventilation - Sunprotection - Outdoor RENSON Ventilation - Sunprotection - Outdoor

Creating Healthy Spaces - Creating innovative products & concepts for a healthy & comfortable indoor climate. Renson, founded in 1909, is trendsetter in ventilation, sun protection & outdoor living solutions. This independent Belgian company develops and manufactures innovative solutions and concepts, which improve the working and living conditions of people, and at the same time cut energy costs. 'Creating healthy spaces' is always the main objective. RENSON counts over 1300 employees worldwide. The focus on innovation is one of the company's most important strongholds. wall cladding, façade cladding, screens, pergola, ventilation, sun protection, outdoor living, hvac, architecture, health, indoorclimate, solar …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech manufacturing Technologies: Solar Technologies

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Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

Serving over 70 countries worldwide, Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products is committed to providing innovations in prevention. Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products is a global healthcare company dedicated to providing innovations in pain prevention. We serve podiatrists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, other healthcare professionals, athletes and individuals in more than 70 countries world-wide. Our commitment is first and foremost to the efficacy of the products we offer. Each new product undergoes rigorous in-house testing and extensive evaluation by the most demanding healthcare professionals to ensure that they offer the highest quality of pain prevention available. But most importantly, we design them to make sure …

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Aqua Pharma Group Aqua Pharma Group

Systems and services for management of shrimp and fish health We are a shrimp and fish health services company , present in all major aquaculture regions. We develop and deliver innovative methods for improvement and control of animal health. Our systems combine minimum environmental footprint, high efficacy and maximum care for welfare. We develop concepts for different farming models. Aqua Pharma Group is structurally backed by two innovative parent companies: Solvay (a global leader in sustainable materials and solutions) and Aquatiq (a Norwegian reference in Food Safety). We operate globally, with around 50 employees across the world. Feel free to …

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Leger Uten Grenser Leger Uten Grenser

[Automatic translation follows] Independent. Neutral. Impartial. Medical Aid where it's needed the most. Doctors Without Borders is a neutral and independent aid organization that saves lives and relieves distress. We help those who need it most - no matter who, no matter where, no matter why. We work in more than 60 countries, with thousands of healthcare personnel, logisticians and administrative staff. Do you want to become a field worker? We need people with the following professional backgrounds: Technical subjects (engineers, mechanics, electricians, water and sanitation experts, carpenters, architects, IT), anthropologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, purchasing/supply/distribution/transport/warehouse management, midwives, bioengineers, management/ project management, …

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de Praktijk Index de Praktijk Index

De Praktijk Index (dPI) extracts valuable information from structured and unstructured medical data. This data is already captured by healthcare professionals. We use Artificial Intelligence techniques to automate registration processes. This provides insight in the quality of care delivered. And it lowers administrative burden, so more time is left for patients. Visualisation, Outcome measurement and monitoring, Quality of care, Dashboards, Medical coding, Textmining, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainable Valuebased Healthcare

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: A.I.

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Artsenfederatie KNMG Artsenfederatie KNMG

[Automatic translation follows] First for doctors and care. The KNMG Medical Federation is committed to the quality of the medical profession and public health. The KNMG (Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Medicine) leads the way for doctors and care. Why do we do that? Actually very simple: to ensure that doctors can provide the best care. The KNMG has been leading the way for doctors and healthcare for 170 years: In the quality of the profession by training, (re)registering doctors, providing peer support and drawing up rules of conduct. When guiding doctors with ethical legal dilemmas, consider euthanasia …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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ZonMw ZonMw

Working with knowledge to boost good health for all. Working with knowledge to boost good health for all. That's what ZonMw stands for. ZonMw programs and finances research and innovation in health, care and welfare, stimulates the use of developed knowledge and identifies where knowledge is needed. health, research, grants, implementation, knowledge transfer, gezondheid, onderzoek, subsidie, implementatie, and kennisoverdracht

Type: Public Activities: healthtech

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Artsen zonder Grenzen Nederland Artsen zonder Grenzen Nederland

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) offers emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, disasters and epidemics. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) aims to help people who are in need and desperately need medical aid, but do not receive it. Irrespective of their race, political conviction or religion. We aim to make a difference by intervening in situations that we find unacceptable. For instance, when people are receiving no aid or when their lives are threatened by disease. By taking action, we make a difference. We do this by offering medical aid, but also by appealing to governments, agencies, other organisations or …

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AssistiveWare AssistiveWare

What will you say? We’re not just a company; we’re on a social mission to build a more inclusive world. A world where people who cannot use speech to communicate can fully participate in society. What sets us apart is that we dare to go our own way with a relentless focus on social change and strong personal connections to our user community. Assistive Technology, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Accessibility, AAC, iPad, iPhone, iOS, macOS, Disability , and Autism

Type: SMB Activities: civictech healthtech IT Services

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[Automatic translation follows] Your ally for a long and happy life ANBO is an active association of, for and by its members. We represent the interests of the growing group of elderly people in the areas of income, pension, the digital society, housing, safety and health. ANBO offers members information, advice and support on these themes and brings people together. We are the ally for the elderly for a long and happy life. elderly association, care collective, energy service, tax assistance, Member benefits, Services, Volunteer assistance, Telephone advice, Assistance with tax returns, and Advice

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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European Association of Urology European Association of Urology

Raising the level of urological care EAU: Raising the level of urological care in Europe The EAU is a non-profit organisation which supports medical professionals working in the field of urology through many of its scientific, professional, educational and awareness-building initiatives. Since 1972, the EAU has been organising scientific events, and today, many of these events are amongst the world’s most innovative and prestigious meetings dedicated to urology. Since its foundation, the EAU has been committed to the development of urological community and today it represents more than 18,000 medical professionals working in Europe and beyond its borders. urology, urology …

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Team V Architectuur Team V Architectuur

The strength of our architecture lies in the precision and character of our response. The architecture of Team V is effective and refined. Robust and functional. Expressive and original. Team V searches for an accurate and evocative solution to each brief. We give space and shape to the expectations and desires of all parties involved. The synergy of function and beauty. Team V puts the joint result first. We bring our collective expertise with complex projects to the table. And our personal experience as designers. Our own perspective. In every process we make use of the competencies of others. Together …

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech Smart City edtech healthtech

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Intrakoop Intrakoop

[Automatic translation follows] Together we make good care affordable Intrakoop is the largest healthcare purchasing cooperative in the Netherlands. More than 500 healthcare organizations with more than 7,000 locations use our services and purchasing solutions. With our knowledge of the healthcare sector, the supplier market and the purchasing process, we help our members to optimize their business operations. In this way, together we make good care affordable. Intrapurchase, The purchasing cooperative of Dutch healthcare Purchasing collaboration, Purchasing solutions, Purchasing strategies, Purchasing, European tendering, Supplier performance measurements, Benchmarking, Electronic purchasing, healthcare, SPP, Circular purchasing, Sustainable, Hygiene, Purchasing support, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Medical, …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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ANT Neuro ANT Neuro

Inspiring technology for the human brain ANT Neuro is a Dutch corporation specialized in the development, marketing and sales of medical and research applications. ANT Neuro was established in 1997 as a spin-off company of The University of Twente, Enschede. It now has offices located in Hengelo, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; London, UK; Philadelphia, USA; Melbourne, Australia; and Hong Kong, China. ANT Neuro specializes in being a single-source provider of high performance products within neuroscience research and neurodiagnostics. Applications include EEG, EMG, TMS and MEG technology. EEG/ERP Cognitive Neuroscience, TMS Neuronavigation and coil positioning, Neonatal EEG recording, TMS Neuromodulation, and Clinical …

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Its My Life Its My Life

[Automatic translation follows] Rewarding is better than cure! Rewarding is better than cure! The fitter the happier. We are convinced of that. We came up with Fitcoins based on that vision. With Fitcoins we help every organization to make vitality more fun, effective and measurable! Corporate & individual well-being, Corporate health, Performance, Coaching, Mental Health, Physical activity, and smart health communities

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: IoT

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Food Cabinet - creative agency for good food Food Cabinet - creative agency for good food

[Automatic translation follows] Creative agency for good food | B Corp Everything we do starts with our love for good food. As a creative agency for good food, we help brands and organizations make an impact. With our 360o campaigns we make the choice of good food irresistible. | B Corp Food, Network & Connecting, Creativity, Health, Sustainability, Marketing & Advertising, Consultancy, Innovation, Event production, and PR

Type: SMB Activities: martech cleantech greentech healthtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Hulphond Nederland Hulphond Nederland

[Automatic translation follows] We help people with physical or mental care needs through the use of assistance dogs and animal-assisted therapy. Hulphond Nederland believes in the effectiveness of the use of animals in helping people with physical or mental care needs. By using assistance dogs and animal-assisted therapy, we help people who are stuck in their lives to take back control. The foundation helps more than 1,000 people every year. We have more than forty years of experience in training and placing assistance dogs and more than 12 years of experience in animal-assisted therapy. Our foundation is a high-quality organization …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Fyzie Fyzie

Physiotherapy: Sympathetic, helpful, knowledgeable. Under inspired leadership of Menno Werrie & Michiel Boerendonk Physiotherapy practice located in several health centers with the objective of providing accessible physiotherapy care in the neighborhood. Specializations: General physiotherapy Manual therapy Pelvic physiotherapy Child physiotherapy Geriatrics physiotherapy Sports physiotherapy. Manueeltherapie, Sportfysiotherapie, Kinderfysiotherapie, Geriatriefysiotherapie, Bekkenfysiotherapie, Echografie, Schouderfysiotherapie, Knie, Schouder, Wervelkolom, Sport, and Dryneedling

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Mulier Instituut Mulier Instituut

[Automatic translation follows] Sports research for policy and society Mulier Institute: sports research for policy and society. For more information, visit mulierinstituut.nl research, sport, scientific, independent, exercise, health, policy, Sports culture, Learning to move, sports participation, and monitoring

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Transfermarkt Transfermarkt

Transfermarkt is a company based out of 21 Zwaardemakerstraat, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

Type: Media SMB Activities: healthtech

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Voedingscentrum Voedingscentrum

[Automatic translation follows] Healthy, sustainable and safe food | Wheel of Five The Nutrition Center is the authority that provides consumers with scientifically substantiated and independent information about healthy, safe and more sustainable food choices. This is done, among other things, through professionals. The Nutrition Center promotes healthy and more sustainable food among consumers and encourages the business community to provide a more responsible food supply. The starting point is to let 'the healthy choice be the easy choice'. We seek cooperation with local professionals and other relevant parties and act as a connecting factor. We try to strengthen and …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Difrax baby and kids items Difrax baby and kids items

All our products are developed with attention and utmost care, to support parents as much as possible. A. Little. Help. Difrax BV, founded in 1967, is the Dutch marketleader and an innovative manufacturer. Everything Difrax does is devoted to babies, children and their parents. With its innovative and fashionable products, Difrax aims to make the lives of babies and parents as convenient and pleasant as possible. Difrax stands for Happy Growth! Over the past few years, Difrax has earned a respectable international reputation for developing and launching ground-breaking, award-winning products. Difrax is global active and its product range can be …

Type: SMB Activities: kidtech healthtech

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Fundis Fundis

[Automatic translation follows] A network of healthcare and welfare organizations, active in the field of (vulnerable) elderly people and the chronically ill. Fundis participates in companies that provide care and services for health and well-being to the chronically ill and vulnerable elderly people. From home care to personal alarms, from welfare to dietetics and from nursing home care to domestic help. Fundis develops, facilitates and realizes innovation in healthcare. Together with partners, government and science. Brands within Fundis are Goudenhart, In Movement, Palet Welzijn, PlusZorg, Transmitt Rehabilitation, VariantZorg, VierSchoon, Vierstroom, WelThuis, Ziso, ZorgBrug and Zorgpension. Read more about Fundis at …

Type: SMB Activities: silvertech healthtech

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Access to Medicine Foundation Access to Medicine Foundation

Moving pharmaceutical companies to expand access to their products in low- & middle-income countries The Access to Medicine Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands. We seek to transform the healthcare ecosystem by motivating and mobilising companies to expand access to their essential healthcare products in low- and middle-income countries. Over the past two decades, we have demonstrated the power of data, collaboration and persuasion to trigger action by the pharmaceutical industry and scale up access to products. Our tried-and-tested approach involves defining the actions that healthcare companies should take, analysing what companies are actually doing, and …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech biotech civictech deeptech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

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Carer Support Wiltshire Carer Support Wiltshire

Local charity supporting unpaid carers in Wiltshire Carer Support Wiltshire is a local charity supporting unpaidcarers in Wiltshire. A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a family member or friend who could not always manage without their support. They might look after someone with a physical disability, long term health condition, mental health issue or a problem with substance misuse. We help carers to access support, services, information, education and training, and breaks from their caring role. We ensure carers in Wiltshire have a voice in policy making and planning for services, and we work with health and social …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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SolarAid SolarAid

Lighting up every home, school and clinic in Africa by 2030 using safe, clean, solar power. Established in 2006, SolarAid is the world’s first and leading non-profit organisation specialising in providing access to safe, reliable solar energy solutions to communities living without access to electricity in Africa. Our unique business model allows us to reach the most remote and disadvantaged communities to create sustainable markets. Collaboration and cooperation with others is fundamental to our approach and we ensure our work is supported by strong evidence and strengthened through the lessons we learn. Our mission is no one left in the …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: cleantech civictech greentech healthtech Technologies: Solar Technologies

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Giving What We Can Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can is a community of effective givers. We inspire people to give more, and give more effectively. GWWC is a community of effective givers. We’re on a mission to make giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. We help donors to find the world’s most pressing problems and identify the best charities working to solve them. We’re best known for The GWWC Pledge. Over 8,000 people people have pledged to give 10% of their lifetime income to the most effective charities. Together we’ve already given over 250 million dollars and pledged over 3 billion. We all have …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: civictech fintech healthtech

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Lifebox Lifebox

Saving lives through safer surgery and anesthesia Saving lives through safer surgery and anesthesia Lifebox is a global nonprofit working to make surgery and anesthesia safer worldwide. Through tools, training, and partnerships we address the critical gaps in surgical safety. Since our founding in 2011, Lifebox has worked in over 116 countries, trained more than 12,000 healthcare providers to make 181 million surgeries safer. Surgical safety, Equipment distribution to low-resource settings, Training & education, Safe surgery checklist implementation, Surgical Site Infection Reduction, Anesthesia, and Surgical Teamwork

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: healthtech

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Service Apotheek Service Apotheek

[Automatic translation follows] For so much more than medicine Together with more than 500 affiliated independent pharmacies, we are the largest franchise formula with the highest customer rating for eight years in a row. Our mission? Everything revolves around future-proof Service Pharmacies. We support our franchisees with quality management, high-quality (digital) pharmaceutical care and (online) binding of their customers to their own Service Pharmacy. So that the customer experiences top service through distinctive care, convenience and trust. In this way, the Service Pharmacist remains in her power as a hospitable expert in the primary care network in the neighborhood. Pharmacies, …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

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Inform | Custom Embedded Software & Medical Hardware Inform | Custom Embedded Software & Medical Hardware

Specializing in Medical & Health Devices, IOT, Web Apps & Embedded Systems Design Inform creates technology that transforms lives. Specializing in medical and health-related hardware and software, our team will be an excellent extension to your local engineering staff. Partnering with INform lowers your costs and allow you to hit your KPI's and get to market faster. Successful projects include the two heart monitor devices that received FDA 510(k) clearance, clean air monitoring solutions meeting EU specifications, mobile vital signs monitoring systems for field anesthesia and more. Satisfied partners span from Silicon Valley startups to the USAID (United States government). …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech deeptech govtech Technologies: Embedded Systems IoT

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Fount Fount

Health and performance advisor trusted by the world's top performers. The first truly comprehensive health and performance program. We are the advisor to the world’s top performers and deliver lasting results. We apply our expertise from optimizing health and performance of US Special Forces, professional sports teams, and top executives to design 100% customized programs to help people achieve their goals.

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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BMB Medical BMB Medical

[Automatic translation follows] BMB MEDICAL is a French company located near Lyon which specializes in the design and manufacture of medical furniture for hospitals and clinics. The range of products covers the reception and transfer of patients within an establishment. It consists of stretcher trolleys, ambulatory care chairs, transfer chairs, examination couches and operating stretchers. The company is strongly committed to a customer proximity approach with a particularly effective after-sales service materialized by a Customer Area, a real direct link between the user and the company. As one of the French market leaders, BMB MEDICAL now relies on exports to …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech deeptech manufacturing

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Theraclion Theraclion

Creators of extracorporeal robotic treatment platforms Theraclion is a French MedTech company committed to developing a non-invasive alternative to surgery through the innovative use of focused ultrasound. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) does not require incisions nor an operating room, leaves no scars, and allows patients an immediate return to their daily activities. Echotherapy, as the HIFU treatment method is called, concentrates therapeutic ultrasounds to an internal focal point from outside of the body. Theraclion has developed two CE-marked robotic platforms delivering echotherapy: SONOVEIN® for varicose veins and ECHOPULSE® for breast fibroadenoma and thyroid nodules. Each representing the potential to …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech deeptech Technologies: Robotics Synthetic Biology

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