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Saleor Commerce Saleor Commerce

#1 enterprise open-source commerce API for global brands. Microservices-based, GraphQL-first, Cloud-native SaaS. Saleor is an enterprise open source, headless commerce platform. Modern commerce requires developers to take commerce everywhere and Saleor's API solves this difficult commerce problem for developers freeing them to focus on delivering revolutionary frontend experiences. Saleor's vast GraphQL-first API, flexible apps architecture and powerful cross-border, omnichannel features make it the best choice for modern commerce. Saleor is leading the way in enterprise open source, which means offering open source as the core product plus a cloud option delivering enterprise-grade maintainability, security and performance. Enterprise brands select Saleor …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] is the first room buying and selling platform in the world. We allow young people to start saving while sharing a flat, converting their rental payments into savings, which allows them to pay for the down payment on their first home in just 5 years. We have created a new way of saving and investing that transforms the lives of young people.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Guidoio Guidoio

🚗 Guidoio is a digital platform that is redesigning the driving school experience in Italy. 🚗 Guidoio is a digital platform that is redesigning the driving school experience in Italy, enabling you to enrol in just three minutes and manage bookings and your training via app

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Choice Choice

Choice is an all-in-one SaaS solution for restaurants: QR payments, Table ordering, Take away & Delivery, Guest CRM & MM Choice is an all-in-one solution for communication between restaurants and their guests: QR payments, table ordering, digital menus, takeaway delivery web, table reservations, and guest CRM. We strive to become the main tool for restaurants for communication with their guests inside and outside of the restaurant. - in 25+ countries - 12500 + establishments registered - 85 + milion QR scans - 1,5+ milion orders made - 20+ milion views per year - $ 25+ milion turnover of our clients …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech Technologies: SaaS

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The most comprehensive dealership management system for automotive professionals. The largest Central Eastern Europe provider of the most comprehensive dealership management system for automotive professionals. Brings a completely new dimension and approach to operations, standards and processes from small garages to the greatest dealer networks.

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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MeetingPackage MeetingPackage

Helping venues to increase revenue and decrease costs in Meetings & Events sales MeetingPackage is a venue management SaaS solution that enables hoteliers and other venue selling stakeholders to sell meeting rooms & event spaces online with dynamic pricing across hundreds of distribution channels. Just like hotel rooms or flights are sold today. For customers who are looking to book meeting rooms, MeetingPackage is a platform for booking off-site meetings. We provide a wide range of meeting venues around the Nordic countries, UK and Europe. Feel free to try! And it's free too, for meeting bookers. - The best …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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GPS Tuner Systems Kft. GPS Tuner Systems Kft.

Your eMobility Service Provider GPS Tuner is playing an important role in creating a stress-free navigation experience for electric mobility. Our software has been reducing range anxiety for the past 7 years for hundreds of thousands of end-users, ranging from electric bikes to electric vehicles. Off-road GPS software development, Bicycle navigation solutions, e-bike specialist, and e-mobility solution provider

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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CAKE develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road and utility motorbikes and scooters. CAKE is a Swedish company with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility in its development of light, quiet, and clean high-performance electric motorcycles and mopeds. Its first model, the Kalk, debuted in January 2018 and received numerous accolades, including the 2019 and 2020 Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, Automotive Brand Contest Award, and “Best in Show” designation by several outdoor industry publications. In 2019, CAKE launched the Ösa, a utility platform with an integrated power station and off-road …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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Goodlawyer Goodlawyer

Where Canada's fast-growing businesses go for reliable legal counsel at a better price. Goodlawyer is a platform for fast-growing businesses that need reliable legal services at a better price. Clients can access our ever-growing network of rigorously pre-vetted business lawyers and complete a full range of legal services, including contracts, intellectual property, financing, corporate work, and more. Goodlawyer can be used for project-based work large and small, as well as long-term Fractional General Counsel engagements. Prices are always transparent and cost-effective. contract reviews, legal advice, incorporation, shareholder agreement, independent contractor agreement, employment agreement, privacy policy, terms of service, non-disclosure agreement, …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech Technologies: SaaS

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Unlock the Potential of your Vehicle Data. At, we are redefining mobility for the future. Our comprehensive cloud platform enables vehicle manufacturers to seamlessly manage interactions with their vehicles, dealers, and end customers. Equipped with real-time vehicle data, advanced management functions, AI-enhanced insights, and customized mobile and web applications, our platform is designed to significantly enhance your operational efficiency and expand your engagement across the entire ecosystem. Trusted by numerous OEMs, is pioneering the transformation of the mobility sector, unlocking new revenue streams and propelling businesses towards digital excellence. Join us in driving the evolution of mobility and …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech IT Services Technologies: SaaS Data Analytics

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ATOM Mobility ATOM Mobility

We help companies to launch their own white-label mobility platforms in 20 days. Multi-vehicle. Scalable. Proven. ATOM Mobility helps entrepreneurs and companies to launch and scale mobility platforms by providing all the technology needed in just 20 days. - More than 200 mobility projects launched since 2018; - From scooters to bikes, cars, mopeds, boats and even forklifts and golf carts; - From South Korea to the USA, from Saudi Arabia to Norway - we have worked with companies from over 40 countries; - From just 3 vehicles to 5 000 vehicles - we’ve supported projects on any fleet size. …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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Safened Safened

The Global Liquidity Platform, sourcing deposit funding for banks & offering clients diversified liquidity options! Safened is a regulated Fintech company that has developed a B2B deposit platform, serviced by our proprietary technology and delivered via an easy-to-integrate solution. The platform seamlessly connects Partner Banks with broker-dealers and their clients, providing banks with a wholesale funding tool and investors with convenient, diversified deposit options. U.S. based banks can now source balance sheet friendly, non-brokered deposits via our platform. For more information, please visit our website Deposits, Fintech, Basel III, API, US Broker Dealers, A1/P1 Banks, and Funding Strategies

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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The Selection Lab The Selection Lab

[Automatic translation follows] The Selection Lab's assessment software determines which employees fit best within your organization. The Selection Lab offers assessment software that allows organizations to easily find out which employees best suit their organization. Our assessments use the gold standard within psychometric science and make it much smarter with artificial intelligence. The result? An assessment, but one that is becoming increasingly smarter. ​ We are growing enormously as an organization. As a starter or experienced professional, do you want to grow rapidly in a mission-driven HR tech start-up? Then take a look at our open positions at HR, …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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JTL-Software-GmbH JTL-Software-GmbH

[Automatic translation follows] JTL-Software-GmbH is one of the leading providers of versatile e-commerce software in German-speaking countries. JTL-Software-GmbH is a provider of innovative software for multichannel trading. The abbreviation JTL stands for the initials of the brothers Janusch and Thomas Lisson, who founded the company in 2008. Today JTL-Software-GmbH employs over 200 people at four locations in Germany. The company headquarters is in Hückelhoven. With more than 50,000 customers and over 500 service partners, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of e-commerce software in German-speaking countries. JTL develops software solutions for all the requirements of modern retail. The …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Nova Global Nova Global

The best delivery solution for business and life Nova Global (Nova Poshta Global) - we create products and digital solutions for business and personal life; our key focus is the global B2C cross-border market for eCommerce and marketplaces. Nova Global's logistics solutions enable you to open up any country to your business through a single global API platform. Our regular intercontinental line hauls provide fast and reliable delivery between America, Europe, the United Kingdom, China and Ukraine. Since 2021 we have established our airline, Supernova, which guarantees delivery lead time and has the ability to arrange regular flights from anywhere …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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6 River Systems, Part of Ocado Group 6 River Systems, Part of Ocado Group

Increasing throughput, decreasing training time and delighting customers: we're leading the way to faster fulfillment. Founded in Waltham, Mass. in 2015, 6 River Systems is a leading wall-to-wall fulfillment solutions provider and part of UK-based technology company Ocado Group. The company strives to make warehouses more efficient with flexible, human-first and innovative products that deliver immediate value. 6 River Systems operates in more than 100 facilities in the U.S., Canada and Europe, fulfilling over a million units each week for companies including GXO, Tagg Logistics, DHL, and many others. To learn more about 6RS, please visit Fulfillment, Software, Automation, …

Type: Startup Technologies: SaaS

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Packeta Group Packeta Group

Global digital platform for e-commerce. As a leading tech company we are setting trends beyond the gates of logistics. Packeta is a global digital e-commerce platform providing complex tech and logistics services with 10+ subsidiaries present in 6 European countries, that delivers to 34 world countries. The holding—run by Simona Kijonková—currently has more than 10 000 company pick-up points (7K+ in the Czech Republic), 92 000+ partner pick-up points, and cooperates with over 32 000 European online stores which makes Packeta the perfect e-commerce partner offering an easy solution for the best price on the market. logistics, tech, innovation, e-commerce, …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce Technologies: SaaS

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Aequor Aequor

A Group of Companies - Global IT/Staffing, Healthcare/Clinical/Therapy, Education/Finance, S/W Solutions & Consulting. Since 1998, Aequor has provided exceptional workforce staffing services in multiple industries. Specializing in healthcare, we place nurses, therapists, allied professionals, physicians and medical technicians, as well as staff in the life sciences, technologies and schools. We believe in making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve by inspiring people and empowering growth both personally and professionally, which makes us better as individuals and as a company. We teach our team members to nurture positive and supportive relationships with our clients and candidates by …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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Huboo Huboo

We are an eCommerce fulfilment partner using great people and smart technology to enable businesses to grow. Huboo is an eCommerce fulfilment partner using great people and smart technology to enabling businesses to grow. We came to market because we could see an opportunity to do things differently. Our unique hub model creates service-led micro warehouses, putting people at the heart of an industry not known for it. For our clients that means higher quality service, and a human approach supported by flexible, end-to-end technology. We enable startups and SMEs to outsource the complications of fulfilment, effortlessly integrating with the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Chemstations Chemstations

Engineering Advanced For over 30 years, Chemstations and its chemical process simulation software CHEMCAD have been evolving with the highly dynamic chemical engineering industry. We believe in the value that chemical engineers bring to our world and we are dedicated to providing tools that help advance the field. The Chemstations culture is one based on innovation and integrity. From our inception, our highest priority has been the satisfaction of our customers. From sales to customer support to product development, everything we do focuses on meeting our customers'​ unique needs. How well we meet those needs is the standard by which …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Our engineering software is for industrial sectors with focus on plant construction, mechanical engineering and mobilty. AUCOTEC AG was founded in 1985. We develop engineering software for the complete life cycle of machines, plants and mobile systems. AUCOTEC's solutions range from flow diagrams via process control and electrical engineering for large-scale plants to modular harness design in the automotive industry. AUCOTEC achieves the interconnection of corporate processes with its unique data-centered cooperation platform. Non-stop cooperative – from design to operation The platform Engineering Base (EB) is the consequence of AUCOTEC’s wide experience with specialised solutions in the fields of machine …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: SaaS

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Gatekeeper Gatekeeper

Next Generation Vendor & Contract Lifecycle Management Platform (VCLM) Gatekeeper is a next generation contract and supplier management platform that was born in the cloud and works on any device. At Gatekeeper we have a strong focus on collaboration, clear actionable data, obligation and compliance tracking, email alerts and most of all ease of use. We have a ‘zero training’ mantra driving a fanatical focus on usability that results in an application internal stakeholders and suppliers can use effortlessly. Supplier Management Solution, Contract Management Solution, Vendor Management, Workflow Management, Procurement Technology, Contract Technology, Legal Technology, Third Party Risk Management, procurement, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Spendology Spendology

Delivering the world's most popular travel add-on - travel cash Spendology Cloud is powering online and instore foreign currency sales all over the world thanks to its franchise network. Franchises license Spendology Cloud to provide a white label service to the clients in their country, which can include travel agents, tour operators, banks, airlines, supermarkets, department stores, cruise lines, travel ancillary providers and bureaux de change. Our flexible tech powers a website, mobile app and intranet which allows those clients to sell currency online and instore, for home delivery or collection. We just plug in to local payment, delivery, AML …

Type: SMB Activities: traveltech Technologies: SaaS

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Sounds Market Sounds Market

[Automatic translation follows] The safest and most valued second-hand platform for musicians and DJs by its users. Sounds Market is the second-hand website specialized for musicians and DJs, with the safest and best-rated payment and shipping method for its customers. The thousands of users who make up our community use our website to buy and sell among themselves or buy our reviewed products with a one-year warranty. music, marketplace, guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums, and violins

Type: Startup Activities: Marketplace arttech Technologies: SaaS

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Sign of the Times Sign of the Times

Same day home collections for sellers in London and personalised shopping for buyers, all powered by WhatsApp. Sign of the Times is London's original resale brand, trading in our flagship Chelsea location since 1976. Fuelling the circular economy, we specialise in the resale of luxury pieces. We are passionate about democratising luxury fashion and reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We meticulously curate our selection to bring you the best in current season pre-owned fashion. Selling with us is hassle-free: contact us on 07801 535 153 to start your pre-owned journey with us. In response to the strength …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce Luxury Technologies: SaaS

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Next generation tech solutions. Everything as code. provides Cloud, DevOps, SysOps and automation solutions for large-scale and mission critical IT operations. Our consultants specialize in helping clients drive the inefficiency and unreliability out of their entire Development To Operations lifecycle. devops, sysops, aws, and security

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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material index material index

making material decisions simpler & convenient for designers We are working on reducing the impact of physical products by creating an open tool called Material Index that makes material decisions simpler. Because we believe that sustainable material decisions should be equally easy and convenient for all designers.

Type: Startup Activities: greentech Technologies: New Materials SaaS

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Hailey HR Hailey HR

One place for all HR processes. With user experience and clarity your co-workers will love. Introducing Hailey HR's one-stop solution with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Save valuable time with intelligent automation and advanced analytics. Our solution includes core features and flexible functionality: - Amazing employee overview - Smooth onboarding experience - Automated tasks with workflows - Improved insight with analytics HR, HR tech, HRIS, Human Resource, HRM, and Tech

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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Kouten - MICY Kouten - MICY

[Automatic translation follows] Digital Consciousness Kouten is software for measuring and reducing the environmental impact linked to digital technology in companies. While engaging employees in the company's environmental strategy, our solution allows companies to more easily access certain standards and labels and to communicate on their environmental performance. Environmental impact reduction software, Environmental measures, and Responsible digital

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: SaaS

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ANA Healthcare ANA Healthcare

Innovation for You ! At ANA Healthcare, we provide an innovative platform designed to streamline the extraction, refining, and analysis of data from a diverse range of medical sources. Our platform specializes in processing both structured and unstructured data, including the complex information found in radiological reports. Utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, our platform refines raw data into actionable insights. This process effectively structures and cross-analyzes multiparametric information, ensuring high-quality data interpretation and analysis. Beyond data management, our platform offers comprehensive management and activity tracking dashboards. This facilitates effective trend analysis and eases the …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: A.I. SaaS Data Analytics

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Sparqle Sparqle

Last-mile delivery for a more sustainable world: efficient, sustainable, and reliable Sparqle is innovating the delivery space with technology to make shipping sustainable and efficient. We link retailers and e-commerce companies with sustainable shipping options, streamlining the process from order to delivery, all on a single platform. We operate our own rider fleet in the bigger cities and onboard external partner fleets elsewhere. We're committed to sharing our technology because we believe that's how we can create the greatest impact together, boosting delivery efficiency and minimizing carbon emissions.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] We create training to strengthen positive impact within companies and institutions 🔥 Our ambition: to give everyone the opportunity to make their organization sustainable for people and the planet 🔥 We are a training studio that creates training programs to accelerate action on the climate and environmental challenge! Our approach : - put impact at the heart of economic software by accelerating the development of skills and practices of companies and public organizations. - create a body of knowledge, tools and skills allowing us to think about and initiate the transformation of our economy towards an impact …

Type: SMB Activities: greentech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] App creator. ROKI is a web and mobile application creation agency. ROKI supports you in all stages of your project: ideation, models, UI/UX design, development, project monitoring, maintenance... Our specialties: - SAAS platforms, - internal company tools - automation of business processes Website creation, Nocode, Application development, Online store, SAAS, ERP, Automation, Web applications & Mobile, UI/UX Mockups, and Marketplaces

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Cynoia Cynoia

Unlock Your Team's Potential: Cynoia - Streamlining Communication and Workflows for B2B Success 🌟 Let's meet at Viva Technology ! See you at our booth M29-Hall 1 Welcome to Cynoia's official LinkedIn page! 🚀 Cynoia is a cutting-edge SaaS solution designed specifically for B2B businesses. Our platform revolutionizes the way companies communicate and manage workflows by centralizing them into a single, user-friendly interface. 🎯 Our Mission: To empower B2B companies with seamless communication and efficient workflows, enabling them to achieve higher levels of productivity and success. 🌟 What We Offer: Streamlined communication: We simplify team collaboration by integrating various communication …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Tekshelf Tekshelf

L'innovation au service du Retail L'innovation au service du retail. Iot, Hardware, Software, Retailtech, Service, Stocks, Smart shelf, and Optimizing

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT SaaS

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CrisiSoft - gestion de crise CrisiSoft - gestion de crise

[Automatic translation follows] Global and cooperative health crisis management platform. Alert, personnel recall, flow management... CrisiSoft is a startup specializing in the development of fullweb solutions for companies and organizations wishing to optimize and secure their crisis management procedures and organizations. CrisiSoft received support from: - the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region - the Public Investment Bank - the Busi incubator - Innovate -Inovizi Crisis management, Staff recall, Alert, Crisis management training, Strategic crisis management, and Plan Blanc

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Juggle Juggle

[Automatic translation follows] Providing efficiency and precision to professionals who support people with disabilities (ESMS) Preventing therapeutic errors in neurodevelopmental disorders: ✅ Faster evaluation ✅ More precise objectives and means ✅ Visualization of the course + practice ✅ Coordination of professionals + easy | OUR MISSION | The dissemination of scientific knowledge and the understanding of human neuro-sensori-psychomotor functioning are at the heart of Juggle's mission. | OUR TECHNOLOGY | Juggle has created the largest database of human functioning available in the world. | OUR SOLUTIONS | The Juggle team develops practical software intended to support people with neurodevelopmental disorders: …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] We develop what you deserve... better! JOLIFISH EUROPE is a computer software company based out of 32 RUE DU BASSIN D AUSTERLITZ, STRASBOURG, France.

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Tidalflow Tidalflow

Empower Health, Empower Life Worry Less, Achieve More. What is Tidalflow? Your unique AI Personal Trainer. What do I get? Everything a personal trainer would give you online, only better and for a fraction of the cost. 10x more personalised & 10x more affordable. Why now? The rapid advances in ML solved the age-old paradox of scalability and hyper-personalisation. These are not mutually exclusive anymore. We bring to health navigation what the GPS brought to street navigation.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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change perspective, unlock knowledge, find innovative solutions Petra Hartmann-Quinet and Julien Quinet are the founders of As certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators, Petra and Julien use the method to guide their clients into refocusing on their business purpose and develop sustainable business strategies. supports their clients into implementing an authentic presentation of their busines, for more joy and commitment at work. Petra brings her experience of nearly 20 yrs. as project manager in the construction industry. She has a diploma in architecture, is webdesigner and online marketing manager. Julien has more than 20 yrs. of experience as software …

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech Technologies: SaaS

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Take care anytime every where Neovigie is a tech company that propose a full SAAS solution for loneworkers Sécurité, Protection travailleurs isolés, Gestion d'alerte, Mise en sûreté, Télésurveillance, and Gestion des risques

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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unea unea

We empower B2B partnerships and help you to drive revenue with your partners. unea lets you handle partnerships, collaboration requests, bookings, and payments – in one single place. Saas, Platform, Retail & eCommerce, Trade Spend, Market Development Fund (MDF), Werbekostenzuschuss (WKZ), Market Network, No-Code, Trade Marketing, Retail, Digital transformation, and Strategic partnerships

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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MECHANICAL SPARE PARTS WHOLESALER ITAFRAN, founded in 1976, is a French specialist in the industrial sector, recognised in the production and trading of power transmission components, bearings and belts through the largest brands on the market. CMW / NSK / KOYO / IKO / GATES / HUTCHINSON / FENNER / FENNER DRIVES Our logistics platform provides you with over 100,000 references for 3 million parts managed in stock. In a few words, Itafran is : - 43 years of experience - 45,000 references available the same day - 140,000 references available within 8 days - 20 km of shelving and …

Type: SMB Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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FlipElec FlipElec

[Automatic translation follows] Supplier of regulated instrumentation, tachograph data transfer and management software IT solution and high tech hardware embedded in VL, VUL and PL vehicles. A specialist for over 35 years in regulatory and on-board electronic instrumentation, Flip Elec offers solutions to individuals, businesses and communities. Our business: service to businesses: - Sale, repair of tachographs and other regulated instruments, - Repair of electronic boxes and heavy-duty technical parts, - Hardware and software for processing tachograph social data, simple or intelligent geolocation solutions, - Descaling of PL and VL engines - BIO FUEL adaptation kits. Who are our customers …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS Data Analytics

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Alert'Eau Alert'Eau

[Automatic translation follows] Flood and drought anticipation solutions and real-time alerts for local authorities. Alert’Eau offers local authorities real-time alert solutions to anticipate floods and droughts. Municipalities, EPCI with GEMAPI competence, ensure the safety of goods and people in your territory thanks to Alert’Eau tools: • Monitor the evolution of your waterways in real time via access in SAAS mode (system as a service) • Benefit from alerts to anticipate flood risks • Improve the management of water resources thanks to Alert’Eau hydrometric stations and the anticipation of water deficit risks (hydrological drought) environment, risk, flood, drought, water resources, and …

Type: Startup Activities: Water management cleantech greentech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Specialist in Sourcing, Pre-Selection and Qualification of candidates in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana Created in 2014, Antilles Recrutement is a specialist in sourcing, pre-selection and qualification of candidates - 1st digital recruitment platform in the Antilles combining quality and offer SMEs, Groups, simplify your recruitment! 👉 How? ✔️ Access the profiles of qualified candidates by registering on ✔️ Post your job ad or tell us directly the profile you are looking for ✔️ Stay tuned for exceptional candidates who make up our pool Select, meet, hire! Candidates, maximize your chances of being spotted by employers! 👉 How? …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

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Inside Tx Inside Tx

Revolutionizing nanoparticle and RNA-LNP production with innovate synthesis systems and formulation services. At InsideTX, we are revolutionizing nanoparticle manufacturing, to unlock the full potential of RNA-LNP therapeutics and nanomedicines. At the convergence of microfluidics and biotechnology, we strive to provide laboratories, biotech, and pharma companies with the ultimate nanoparticle synthesis capabilities by solving three of the biggest challenges of the RNA-LNP revolution: Easing screeening, ensuring seamless scalability all along the development process and allowing for continuous production. Leveraging our patented technology, our complementary team is developping the only end-to-end nanoparticle synthesis platform that accelerates your screening to production time while …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech biotech manufacturing nanotech Technologies: Synthetic Biology SaaS

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Die online Auktionsplattform für Young- und Oldtimer mit höchster Qualität. Transparenz. Sicherheit. Kickdown is the platform for qualitative young and classic car listings, with a full-service focus for buyer and seller. Kickdown only publishes cars that have been verified by our quality management. High standards, such as a detailed photo documentation, any manufacturer certificates and a complete vehicle history must be available. So you can be sure that the vehicle is in exactly the condition it is shown on our website. This service will help you achieve a higher range for potential buyers from a sellers perspective and the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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RetiNov RetiNov

Empower Your Eyes We provide a digital platform called MacuTest to predict your risk of progressing to the advanced stages of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), a blinding and incurable disease. According to your risk, we provide you with personalised lifestyle recommendations to help you preserve your vision. Our technology was developed by the Eye Risk consortium in the framework of the European program Horizon 2020.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Training specialist in the field of logistics, transport and construction. COLDEFY-IPFAC was born from the merger between COLDEFY FORMATION created in 1971 and IPFAC SEMAFOR created in 1989. COLDEFY IPFAC draws on expertise in professional training in the field of transport, logistics and public works developed for more than 50 years. training is at the heart of current concerns but above all it is a formidable lever for preparing current and future generations for societal challenges. Training provides responses to changes in professions and skills. COLDEFY-IPFAC is not just a simple operator but positions itself as an …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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Gaia Learning Gaia Learning

Inspiring, inclusive education - classes, content & platform to help neurodivergent children thrive. World class education for neurodivergent children and edtech gaialytics platform. Educating and inspiring todays learners - creating tomorrows leaders. home education, edtech, personalised learning, online learning, bespoke education, tuition, learning to learn, holistic learning, self directed learning, sustainable development, student mentoring, home schooling, independent learning, GCSE, A Level, British curriculum, 21st century skills, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, primary school, ADHD, and ADHD coaching

Type: Startup Activities: edtech kidtech Technologies: SaaS

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CompuGroup Medical France CompuGroup Medical France

Ensemble, nous créons le futur de la e-santé ✊🏽💪 CompuGroup Medical is one of the leading eHealth companies in the world. With a revenue base of more than EUR 550 million, its software products are designed to support all medical and organizational activities in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals. Its information services for all parties involved in the healthcare system and its web-based personal health records contribute towards safer and more efficient healthcare. CompuGroup Medical’s services are based on a unique customer base of approximately 400,000 doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other service providers in inpatient and outpatient facilities. With …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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DeftHedge DeftHedge

Manage the Foreign Exchange and Commodity Risk Without Effort DEFTHEDGE is an application addressed to business leaders, CFOs and treasurers facing volatility of foreign exchange market. The objective is to support companies in the management of their foreign exchange risk in order to achieve their goals: margin protection, reducing the volatility of the P/L, protecting against economics risk and/or loss of competitiveness. Risques de change, Pricer de change, Reporting de change, Algorithme de change, Treasury as a Service (TaaS), IFRS, Gestion des risques de change, Real-time data market, Foreign exchange, Valorisation de portefeuille de change, Formation risques de change, delta, …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

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PayTrip PayTrip

Payment and money transfers made easy. Send money instantly to loved ones, anytime, anywhere. PayTrip app provides IBAN accounts and instant transfers bridging Europe and Africa. Experience financial solidarity at its best with PayTrip. Payments, FinTech, and money transfers

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

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SCIC Les oiseaux de passage SCIC Les oiseaux de passage

[Automatic translation follows] cooperative platform for another journey, from human to human. Les Oiseaux de Passage is a platform that offers another way of traveling. It favors exchange and meetings between residents, professionals and travelers, human to human. Tourist accommodations, residents' collective, leisure providers, local producers, artists, natural park, visiting sites... Les Oiseaux de Passage is an ecosystem of partners from tourism, culture and the social and solidarity economy : Travel smugglers. Accommodation, sporting or cultural activities, good deals, craft creations..., become a member of the network now to highlight your offer very easily!

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] 1st support site for Self-Entrepreneurs in France. #NeverMoreAlone was launched in 2009, to support all Self-Entrepreneurs in France to create, manage and develop their Self-Business. 1st support site for Self-Entrepreneurs in France. The site that explains all the things you need to know to create and succeed in your Self-Business: the things you don't know where to find and that you have neither the time nor the desire to look for #NoMoreAlone. With its in-depth articles, advice, tools and services, is the leader in information dedicated to Self-Entrepreneurs and also publisher of, the 1st …

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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PulseLife (ex 360 medics) PulseLife (ex 360 medics)

[Automatic translation follows] PulseLife, for informed medical decisions. PulseLife instantly answers caregivers' medical questions and simplifies updating their knowledge. Medical search engine, clinical app ecosystem and scientific monitoring: instantly access information that allows you to make informed clinical decisions. More than 700,000 caregivers including 350,000 doctors using it worldwide. ____________ - Your new way to search for medical information Thanks to our medical search engine, finding the answer to your medical questions has never been so quick, simple and reliable! -> Do you have questions about a pathology and its associated therapeutic strategy? Access the latest recommendations and decision trees …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Socialshaker Socialshaker

[Automatic translation follows] Launch interactive digital marketing campaigns online or in person across channels. Socialshaker is a SaaS solution that accelerates the creation of interactive marketing campaigns, and manages their cross-channel launch, in order to meet the strategic objectives of brands. Our clients use it in particular to retain, attract, or recruit their audiences, while collecting valuable data. Optimize your costs and launch your operation in a few clicks on mobile, tablet, website, on your social networks, or even via email campaigns (Facebook tabs, embed on web page, microsite). Facebook Applications, Social Media Marketing, Engagement, CRM, Marketing Games, Inbound Marketing, …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Games Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Are you a SAAS founder? We help you to go from Idea to Product/Market fit as your Product Partner. 💡SAAS Studio for Startups - As a growth partner, we support you and secure your product investment during the most critical years of your existence, the first. - So that, like our customers, you have a product that appeals to its users and can bootstrap or raise funds easily. - Together we create quality products that users recommend, faster than others thanks to our unique HIGHSAAS methodology but not only... Looking forward to talking about it together.

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting Technologies: SaaS

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PeopleDoc France PeopleDoc France

[Automatic translation follows] PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software believes in putting people at the heart of its approach (“People First”). Its SaaS platform connected to the company's existing information systems allows HR to respond more quickly and more efficiently to the requests of employees and managers, and to automate HR processes from on-boarding to off-boarding. boarding, while guaranteeing their full regulatory compliance, in France and abroad. In 2018, PeopleDoc became a subsidiary of the American group Ultimate Software, a leader in the field of human capital management (HCM). Ultimate has a community of 4,500 customers who have collaborators in over 180 …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Software development analytics solution unifying data from the dev. stack to facilitate real-time flexible analytics. Keypup provides a SaaS software development analytics solution allowing engineering teams to overcome software development process challenges by combining and structuring data from their code collaboration and project management platforms. Striving to be the global leader in software development analytics, Keypup enables engineering teams and software development stakeholders at all levels to gain a better understanding of their development efforts, thus facilitating the scaling of their technical organizations without compromising quality or efficiency, ultimately leading to faster time to market with sustained growth. Keypup's unique …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics SaaS

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Wimi Wimi

Work better! Wimi is a sovereign and secure collaborative suite (SecNumCloud ANSSI qualification in progress) Wimi is the European leader in collaborative work and project management. Its attractive and easy-to-use solution brings together essential elements for team productivity within unified workspaces and communities. With over 55,000 clients worldwide, Wimi continues to grow thanks to the trust and recommendations of its clients. The combination of these skills has given rise to Wimi, a sovereign and secure collaborative suite dedicated to SaaS collaborative work. It is an easy-to-use and secure tool that simplifies the management of projects and activities for a company, …

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Karmen Karmen

Finance your growth in 48h. Without dilution. 📈 At Karmen, our mission is to unleash your growth potential by redesigning access to capital! Karmen accelerates the growth of digital businesses with non-dilutive financing. 💰 Our simple, fast (< 48h) and flexible debt line allows you to unlock funds to support your investments on key expense items such as: - Customer acquisition (ads, marketing) - Recruitment - Inventory and invoice financing With Karmen, you unlock immediate cash that boosts your performance, while keeping control of your business. 💡 We raised €22M from prestigious international investors to democratize access to non-dilutive financing …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

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Yelloan Yelloan

[Automatic translation follows] Yelloan, the first credit that speaks to you! Yelloan's objective is to make credit accessible to as many people as possible, and in particular to people excluded from the traditional banking system because they do not meet certain stability criteria. Fixed-term contract, temporary work, lack of seniority in the job or in the banking relationship are all reasons for refusal from banks. These people also do not find a satisfactory answer in traditional crowdfunding platforms or in lending between friends, the amount needed to finance the project being too large. We have therefore imagined an intermediate solution …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

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Caveo AG Caveo AG

Ready for a revolution in the insurance and pension insdustry?🚀 At Caveo, we're not just about making financial wellbeing accessible to all; we're also dedicated to empowering economically disadvantaged individuals to gain maximum financial knowledge and well-being. Our innovative platform offers tailored solutions and tools that assist people, regardless of their financial background, in shaping, securing, and planning for their financial future. Say goodbye to uncertainty and stress – with Caveo, we bring transparency and control to financial planning for everyone. With Caveo, you have Financial Wellbeing and Financial Literacy at your fingertips. We're driving fundamental financial change for individual …

Type: SMB Activities: insurtech Technologies: SaaS

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The Source The Source

The one-stop shop for mobile first content production, taking you mobile ads game to the next level. 70%. This is how much creativity accounts on the performance of your ads. Taking care of these 70% is our job. And our passion. We developed a unique methodology to produce faster, better, stronger, and cater to all your ads and content needs, with a social 1st mindset. From original production to revamped content, organic content to full-funnel ad campaigns. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of clients, be it top of mind global firms or edge-cutting start-ups, while also being a major …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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Influence at the heart of marketing performance. Reech is a solution, which professionalizes and optimizes exchanges between influencers and advertisers (brands and agencies). Reech enables advertisers to find their ideal communication channel, and influencers to increase their visibility, while monetizing their influence (reach) by promoting brands that they like. The platform is built on 4 pillars: an intuitive search engine, advanced matching, pre-negotiated partnerships, and a detailed KPIs. Reech is the extension of RocketLinks, the leading French platform linking advertisers and bloggers, which was launched in 2012 by the same team and company. Investors and board members: ➤ Catherine BARBA …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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Hubshare Hubshare

Hubshare promotes collaboration between teams & clients by storing & sharing documents & data within a secure portal We challenged how firms share files and data with clients by developing a simple, easy to use, value for money solution. Hubshare is a powerful collaboration and secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. Hubshare maximises your business's productivity with a dynamic portal that empowers colleagues and clients to communicate and collaborate, by creating a place to share files, information, project timelines, resources and knowledge. Increase your client engagement and enhance business efficiency. #collaboration #clientportal #digitalworkplace …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services legaltech Technologies: SaaS

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Cash in Time Cash in Time

[Automatic translation follows] Cash in Time is the only customer invoice payment solution that combines the simplicity and speed of a digital platform that can be used on demand and the expertise of a large banking group, the leading financier of the French economy. Because a need for cash does not wait, the Crédit Agricole group has created Cash in Time: the secure solution that pays your customer invoices in no time, thanks to a team of experts and the simplicity of a service 100% digital. factoring

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] WEB IDEA, website creation and digital marketing agency with strong expertise in #SEO subjects WEB IDEA is a digital marketing and communications agency based in Metz. Web developers, UX designers, SEO experts etc... In short, passionate about the web and new digital tools, convinced that digital solutions will allow you to achieve your objectives! We have four areas of expertise. The first step of any digital strategy begins with a first step on the web, which is why we develop or optimize all of the web solutions necessary for our clients (website creation, web solutions and software, …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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Kooklin Kooklin

[Automatic translation follows] Be cool, be clean! Much more than a simple system for recording self-hygiene checks, the Kooklin tablet supports you and guides you in your traceability procedures. Reminder and monitoring of daily tasks, temperature reading of refrigeration chambers, monitoring of the cleaning plan, production and life cycle of the product... Kooklin allows you to manage all hygiene indicators and is part of an approach quality of continuous improvement. Like a co-pilot, Kooklin informs you of the tasks to be carried out and allows you to ensure daily control, from your tablet, smartphone or computer. PMS goes digital! HACCP, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Aquídata Aquídata

[Automatic translation follows] A SaaS collection assistance platform & to the automation of open data publications in opendata. A SaaS platform to assist in the collection and automation of data publications in opendata

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Spoteo Spoteo

[Automatic translation follows] Simple Fast Compliant With Spoteo, free yourself from administrative constraints! Our online solution facilitates access to the dematerialization of your legal documents, such as the Single Risk Assessment Document or the Personnel Register. Discover our offers: - The FREE Welcome Pack to export your Personnel Register. - The Single Document to edit your DUER in just a few steps. Accessible everywhere, Spoteo allows you to save time on your edition of legal documents and facilitates their updates thanks to its intuitive use. As an innovative startup based in Perpignan, our goal is to offer you software that …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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LAZAR SOFT Distribution LAZAR SOFT Distribution

[Automatic translation follows] Empowering Security Access a new business dimension! In addition to saving precious time in their implementation, the SaaS products selected are designed for Customers, which means that they are easy to access and highly efficient, giving you the time you need to develop your business. Cybersecurity, Security, Cloud, MSP, ISV, EDR, XDR, Bitdefender, Securden, NinjaRMM, GDPR, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, RMM, Remote Monitoring Management, Password Management, Software Distribution, and Distribution

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity SaaS

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Ma Boussole Aidants Ma Boussole Aidants

[Automatic translation follows] The digital platform that centralizes solutions for family caregivers and their loved ones. In France, the quality of life of people in dependent situations relies heavily on family solidarity and the daily support provided by 11 million caregivers. A caregiver is a person who provides, in a personal capacity, moral or physical support to a disabled, sick or elderly loved one in carrying out everyday tasks. Being a caregiver requires spending time finding out, understanding the illness, finding solutions, putting systems in place, to offer the most normal life possible to your loved one. Unfortunately, many of …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech silvertech Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Eanqa, the first responsible and caring community in the field of psychology. EANQA is an intelligent tool for guiding the patient towards a suitable psychotherapist. Based on scientific research and the notion of therapeutic alliance, EANQA optimizes the psychological care of the patient and improves their care pathway. EANQA is: - qualitative referencing of psychologists (more than 1000 referenced) - relevant patient orientation in a few minutes - a reduction in therapeutic wandering - improved coordination and continuity of care psychology, community, publication, sharing, kindness, therapy, health, well-being, psychotherapist, psychotherapy, psychologist, guidance, support, and mental health

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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E-Messina Communication E-Messina Communication

[Automatic translation follows] E-Messina Communication boosts the projects of small and large companies Recruitment communication (recruitment and space purchase communication: - choice of the best media (press or site) depending on the target, the urgency of your need, the budget... - advice and negotiation of the purchase of space. - writing, creation of the ad, buttons, banners, etc.), Training related to the world of ICT and web 2.0, Studies & advice. Training, Media consultancy, Employer image, Brand platform, Sale of space purchases, Internal communication, External communication, and Social media

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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Company specialised in the design of turnkey software solutions for the Digital & Pay TV market [CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM] Founded in 2017, Twise is a company specialised in the design and development of secured solutions for the digital Pay-TV market, mostly for products such as CI Plus Conditional Access Module (USB and PCMCIA form factors). Our team of over 13 highly experienced engineers are building software components for industrials eager to benefit from a pre-certified turn-key solution, with an efficient time to market. Based on a solid knowledge of this business and its main players (TV & Chipset …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services manufacturing Technologies: SaaS

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Digitalise Quality in the industry In all sectors (energy, mechanical engineering, oil, pharmaceuticals, construction) inspections, audits and quality controls are recurring activities that are essential to meet customer standards and requirements. Inspections are essential to the smooth running of your business, from the supply chain to production, installation, commissioning and maintenance activities. Facing too often outdated and time-consuming processes, many companies find it more and more difficult to overcome this recurring time losses and associated additional costs. As a specialist in the digitization of industrial processes, INSPECTO has developed an innovative software tailored to the specific needs of the industry. …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Astrée Software Astrée Software

Éditeur du logiciel MES Aquiweb, reconnu comme le plus simple et le plus intuitif du marché par les industriels. Player in the industry 4.0 and MES software editor, Astrée Software stands out by its strong capacity to innovate. We’ve always placed our founding values of innovation and simplicity in the heart of our development and our customer relationship. Its MES software Aquiweb is designed for operators and it’s saving managers at least 2 hours per day allowing them time to organization instead of data production collect and consolidation. Logiciel MES - Manufacturing Execution System, Logiciel Suivi de production, Logiciel Amélioration …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Glaze Glaze

Glaze is an innovative enterprise marketing technology that increases the ROI on digital properties, pre-login and post-login, to boost ROI. Already trusted by: POLE EMPLOI (French Unemployment Office), SNCF (French National Railway), MICROSOFT, MICHELIN, ENGIE, C-DISCOUNT, LA POSTE (French Postal Service), GRDF, OFFICE DEPOT, GAMESTOP, amongst many others. Saas Software editor

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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WorkIT Software WorkIT Software

WorkIT Software is now Wiser Solutions. Visit for more information. Trusted by the leading names of the industry, WorkIT Software provides leading competitive monitoring intelligence solutions, enabling brands, manufacturers and retailers to profitably manage channel issues and competitive situations. Our innovative web-crawling and product-matching technology benefit our clients, retailers and suppliers, in measuring and managing their price and product position. WorkIT Software’s solutions serve more than 180 customers in 17 countries, in diverse markets from domestic appliances or electronic devices to toys and fashion. Market Intelligence, Competitive analysis, Price Monitoring, Price intelligence, Minimum advertised price compliance, online product monitoring, …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Cuisine Aventure Cuisine Aventure

[Automatic translation follows] So that tomorrow, our children will be in control of their food… in conscience! Cuisine Aventure takes up the challenge of awakening in each child the awareness and ambition that they can contribute to making the world grow and transforming it positively. Created in 2016, the startup Cuisine Aventure aims to give all children the means and the pleasure of learning to cook and eat well thanks to personalized monthly packages. All this while maintaining a close relationship with subscribers through a platform allowing them to exchange with each other as well as with the Cuisine Aventure …

Type: Startup Activities: kidtech Technologies: SaaS

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ShareGroop ShareGroop

End-to-end payment orchestration platform for Enterprises End-to-end payment orchestration platform for Enterprises 🪄 ShareGroop is a full-service payment orchestrator that offers merchants and consumers the best payment experience over their whole journey. tourisme, événementiel, paiement, retail, fintech, impact, made in france, responsable, finance, payment, ecommerce, customerexperience, financialservices, and cx

Type: Startup Activities: fintech traveltech Technologies: SaaS

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Bookinou (by Pimely) Bookinou (by Pimely)

[Automatic translation follows] Bookinou's mission is to support children's first readings by replacing screens with books. Bookinou's mission is to give ALL children a taste for and access to reading. 40% of children have reading difficulties. These difficulties are discriminatory for all schooling since reading is the basis of all learning. Bookinou is hardware equipment and a collaborative platform that allows you to create, share and discover audio and educational content to give more reading time and develop the language skills of children from kindergarten onwards. The equipment part is a storyteller which allows children to listen to the audio …

Type: Startup Activities: kidtech entertainment Technologies: SaaS

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Leested Leested

[Automatic translation follows] The application that is revolutionizing hair salons Leested offers an innovative platform consisting of an intuitive mobile application and website, allowing everyone to make appointments easily and free 24 hours a day in hair salons, barbers or beauty institutes nearby . Our main mission is to support beauty professionals in the daily management of their activities with efficient SaaS software including an online calendar.

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Coastal Climate Core Services (CoCliCo) Coastal Climate Core Services (CoCliCo)

An open-source web platform that will improve coastal risk management, sea-level rise and adaptation decision-making. CoCliCo is an open-source web platform informing users on present-day & future coastal risks with the goal of improving decision-making on coastal risk management and adaptation, by establishing an integrated core service dedicated to coastal adaptation to sea-level rise. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101003598. coastal management, coastal risk, seal level rise, coastal risk management, and coastal risk assesment

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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[Automatic translation follows] Our desire: to simplify the daily lives of farmers! The first online agricultural trading platform, Cereapro allows farmers to sell their cereal harvests and buy their fertilizers, seeds and phytochemicals simply and quickly. Created in 2016 by Biagri, the company is managed by Pierre-Antoine Foreau and Vincent Guilhem De Pothuau. Our desire: to simplify the daily lives of farmers! Focus on the start-up... simplifies the process of buying and selling fertilizers and cereals thanks to its platform which allows farmers to know in a few clicks the selling price of their wheat ex-farm or the purchase …

Type: Startup Activities: agritech Technologies: SaaS

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Glady Glady

[Automatic translation follows] The pleasure solution of benefits and rewards for employees 🏆 4.1/5 with the WorkPlaceIndex ® 2023 label Glady is a Pluxee brand, resulting from the merger of the Gift activities of Pluxee France with the start-up Wedoogift in 2022. With 40 years of historical know-how, the Glady brand brings together TirGroupé - pioneer of multi-brand paper checks, Spirit of Cadeau, Pass Multi-Cadeaux and the digital expert Wedoogift. Gift vouchers, culture and holidays, discount areas and even ticketing: Glady's range of physical and digital solutions makes it the benchmark entity in its market. His mission ? Strengthen the …

Type: Corporate subsidiary Activities: e-commerce IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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easylience®, a crisis management solution easylience®, a crisis management solution

A solution dedicated to emergency and crisis management teams easylience® is an "all-in-one" collaborative application dedicated to crisis situation management. Available from a smartphone, a tablet or a PC/MAC, easylience® strengthens the resilience of organizations and optimizes the cost of crises. Continuité d'activité, Résilience, Smartphone, Tablette, PC/MAC, iOS, Android, Urgence, Crise, SaaS, PCA, easylience, PCS, Sondage, Main courante, Cartographie tactique, Point de situation, Visio conférence, Piste d'audit, Messagerie de secours, ISO 27001, Kit de crise, and Alerte

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Tulip Tulip

[Automatic translation follows] Insurance for professionals in the rental of materials and equipment Your protected equipment fleet, a monitoring dashboard, reimbursement in 3 days, does that tempt you? Equipment rental professionals, Tulip has THE additional platform to save you time on the insurance part of your job. Becoming a Tulip partner allows you to offer breakage and theft guarantees to your customers for the day, month or year! You generate your contracts in 3 clicks, you declare your claims in 3 minutes and Tulip reimburses you in 3 days: simple, transparent and effective. Tulip is the full potential of insurtech …

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

9 1 9 24
Minalea Minalea

Minalea help insurers to make the difference Minalea provides commercial performance solutions and better customer care tools for insurance distribution physical networks, call centers, and websites. 1. Minalea develops the Smart Sales Assistant, a robo-advisor for sales forces in insurance distribution networks. Available as a SAAS solution, the Smart Sales Assistant improves immediately quality of customer advise and thus conversion and retention rates. The Smart Sales Assistant scans and analyzes permanently over market insurance offers. Its algorithms and calculation engine selects the most compelling product features for the customer, based on his profile. As a result the vendor get the …

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech martech Technologies: SaaS A.I.

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[Automatic translation follows] NextLevel is an SEO platform published by the company EasyRank. NextLevel is a natural referencing platform published by EasyRank. A unique solution for your positioning! With NextLevel, develop your visibility easily and quickly by purchasing links on already positioned articles. No more doubt about the value of the links, they are already referenced by Google! Independently or accompanied free of charge by our SEO consultants, boost your traffic by gaining positions in search engines. How does it work ? We start with an audit of your site to ensure the effectiveness of future netlinking efforts. We then …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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More than Microscopy Software. INSCOPER develops and sells automation and image acquisition solutions for fluorescence microscopes. Its customers are life science research teams and microscopy imaging center managers worldwide. INSCOPER's products can equip new or aging optical microscopy systems based on Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss stands. Microscope Automation, Live Cell Imaging, Fluorescence Microscopy, Image Acquisition Software, and Microscopy Control Software

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech Technologies: SaaS

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Cheflix Cheflix

Creating world's most popular online cookbook. Learn to cook from the greatest chefs in the world, at home. Cheflix is a brand new platform that allows everyone to learn how to cook like a real Michelin chef, whether it's a weekday meal or a special dinner with friends, family or your first date. Michelin, Food, Recepten, Chefs, Masterclasses, kooklessen, and masterclass

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech Technologies: SaaS

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MN santé (Nouveal et Maela) MN santé (Nouveal et Maela)

[Automatic translation follows] The partner of the connected and personalized patient journey. Resulting from the merger between two historical players in medical remote monitoring and the orchestration of patient journeys (Nouveal and Maela), MN santé markets to healthcare players a digital platform dedicated to optimizing the medical monitoring of each patient. MN santé, a subsidiary of La Poste santé et Autonomie, participates in the careside offer through its expertise in remote medical monitoring. ---- Our teams surround themselves with experts and are constantly looking for new talents. Are you looking for a new professional challenge or would you like to …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: SaaS

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Solutions Radon® Solutions Radon®

[Automatic translation follows] Specialist in radon treatment and indoor air quality work - ERP (schools...) & Individuals Solutions Radon® is a company specializing in radon treatment work and improvement of indoor air quality in ERPs (establishments open to the public), in workplaces and among individuals. We operate throughout the national and European territory (Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.) to offer our radon measurement services and install our technical remediation solutions. More information on: Advice and expertise, Radon diagnosis, Radon measurement, Radon mitigation work, Radon mitigation, Indoor Air Quality: diangostic & Works, and Radon Treatment & gaseous soil pollutants

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech Technologies: SaaS

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Le Backyard Le Backyard

[Automatic translation follows] We are an innovative digital agency, users oriented, data driven and results focused Le Backyard is a digital agency specializing in architectural and modular innovation through a user-centered methodology. Our expertise consists of creating, optimizing or rethinking business tools and processes as well as experiences with brands. Our interventions enable productivity gains, gain market share, improve your brand preference and build customer loyalty. Our recognized expertise in UX design, UI design and web and mobile development allows us to master the entire value chain of digital innovation. Mobile application, Website, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Interface …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech IT Services Technologies: SaaS

4 0 4 36
RandomCoffee RandomCoffee

Boost your people engagement with strong rituals. RandomCoffee's mission is to create meaningful connections between coworkers. For that, RandomCoffee developed a solution that connects coworkers based on matching rules predefined by the company. During COVID-19, RandomCoffee developed the "Virtual Coffees program" to fight against employees isolation & recreate a company culture in a work-from-home setup. Used in +30 countries by companies such as Uber, EY, Total, Warner Bros, TikTok, Deloitte, Danone, KPMG, Allianz GI, Schneider Electric, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Amgen, Henkel, HBO. RandomCoffee is a strategic Facebook Partner & SAP Partner. Employee Engagement, Employee Retention , Corporate Happiness , …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: SaaS

11 0 11 11
SquareScale SquareScale

Welcome to the hybrid infrastructure orchestrator SquareScale enables autonomous delivery of production-ready Cloud Native infrastructure and applications in a couple of clicks within minutes. Building upon past experience gathered by a team of seasoned system administrators, having faced a large variety of production environments in several geographies, reducing web infrastructure costs, scaling better and implementing the right technologies for major players on successful projects, SquareScale gives DevOps access to autonomous delivery of production-ready Cloud Native infrastructures and microservices-based applications in a couple of clicks and within minutes in any IaaS provider or in hybrid / private Cloud environment. Combining the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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