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autone autone

Reimagining inventory management We know there’s a smarter way to do inventory management, and it’s called autone. Our quest is to make our customers heroes so their brands can run better, so the retail industry can run better, too. We're the invisible, intelligent engine that will support teams in making accurate and confident inventory decisions to satisfy the end consumers leading to sustainable business growth. Retail, Consumer goods, Inventory management, Decision Intelligence, Demand Planning, Retail Merchandising, Merchandising Planning, Apparel, Item Planning, Beauty, Accessories, and SaaS

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: SaaS

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Modetic Modetic

[Automatic translation follows] Consume less, consume better! Modetic is a select store of committed brands created by Thomas Huriez in 2007. It is also four stores that support you in more responsible consumption of products from the fashion industry! Online and in stores, we have only one philosophy: let's consume better, let's consume less! Sale of ethical and eco-designed clothing and accessories

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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ARTISANS DU MONDE is a retail company based out of 20 RUE DE ROCHECHOUART, PARIS, France.

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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LoHo Le Local Shop LoHo Le Local Shop

[Automatic translation follows] The concept of our LOHO brand is the result of deep reflection which matured at the same time as Le Havre began its recent transformation. Our knowledge of the city has developed with experience in commerce, and our ten years of existence have allowed us to discover an essential element of life in Le Havre: the Le Havre people. And it is clear that any Le Havre resident worthy of the name necessarily grew up, like us, with the feeling that his city, despite its scars and the negative image it conveyed, had within it tremendous potential …

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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Groupe Chessé Groupe Chessé

[Automatic translation follows] “We work, consciously and with conviction, for the positive transformation of territories” A commercial real estate company for 30 years, the Chessé Group supports territories and local project leaders in the responsible and sustainable (re)dynamization of the hearts, entrances and peripheries of small and large towns in the West. Based in Nantes, the Group carries out multi-format projects: local commercial districts, commercial centers and the rehabilitation of urban buildings into experiential places. Development, Promotion, Investment, Marketing, Management of commercial spaces:, Retail Park, Local commerce, and Experiential Places

Type: SMB Activities: proptech retail Technologies: Decarbonization

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Fossier Distribution Fossier Distribution

[Automatic translation follows] Heir to a great line of delicacy makers who have made Reims famous, Maison Fossier has managed to preserve and develop the creative mastery that makes its biscuit recipes essential gourmet stops. Traditional biscuit forged by two and a half centuries of history, Fossier combines the good taste of yesteryear with the flavors of today to satisfy all gourmets and gourmands. Maison Fossier has 6 stores in the Champagne Ardenne region and 1 store in the Lorraine region. Reims Rose Biscuit, Biscuits, Cakes, Reims Gingerbread, Delicatessen, and Gourmet Composition

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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RPR1. Die RPR1. Die

RPR1. Die is a retail company based out of 10 Turmstraße, Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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Oysho Oysho

Oysho is an international sport and leisure brand committed to innovation, quality and sustainability. We offer a wide variety of technical collections designed to achieve maximum performance and comfort during sports practice. In addition, our free time collections are committed to functionality and versatility, adapting toany situation and need. At Oysho, our focus on sport and an active lifestyle motivates us to continue innovating and improving to always offer the best to our customers. fashion and retail

Type: Large company Activities: fashtech retail

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[Automatic translation follows] RETAIL GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, from idea to implementation! Our mission: to develop and implement point-of-sale service, management and animation solutions for players in organized network commerce. Every day, brands, retailers and point-of-sale networks are faced with new challenges and must constantly seek innovative solutions: operation of points of sale, provisional management, audit, advice, training, point-of-sale marketing, etc. . RETAIL GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is 3 companies with 100% Retail expertise at the service of your performance who will support you at all key stages of your development, from idea to operational... SODIGEST, the group's historic company since 1991, specializes in …

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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Ecocup Ecocup

The eco-friendly reusable cup Thirteen years ago, Ecocup was born in France with a clear objective: to do away with the single-use cup in music festivals. Today, we still have the same passion, the same vision and the same desire to change things and reduce waste, wherever it is, by offering alternative and innovative solutions. Vente et location de gobelets réutilisables, Production de gobelets personnalisés, Lavage de gobelets réutilisables, Dépersonnalisation de gobelets, Partenaire des festivals, fêtes, manifestations sportives ou incentives, and sérigraphie et quadrichromie

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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ZoEssentiels ZoEssentiels

[Automatic translation follows] ZoEssentiels - your zero waste store. It is a website that aims to bring together in one place all the products you will need on a daily basis to reduce your waste and the use of plastic. The chosen brands are carefully selected by tests carried out by the whole family! Have you wanted to learn how to make your own household or cosmetic products for a while but are you drowned in the flood of information on the internet? Organize a meeting at your home in Île de France and benefit from my expertise in this …

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech retail

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Wanimo Wanimo

[Automatic translation follows] The mark of affection Wanimo is the French expert in the Internet distribution of products and services for pets. Created in 2000, Wanimo offers: - the largest catalog on the market: from the essential to the unique! More than 5,000 products covering all species (dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents, birds, etc.), covering all animal needs (health food, parapharmacy, accessories, etc.), offering innovative and original products as well as All major health food brands (Royal Canin, Hill's Science Plan, Eukanuba, Proplan, Nutro, Nature's Best, etc.), delivered to your home within 24 to 72 hours (working days). - the advice@veto …

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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[Automatic translation follows] Images Corp is the French leader in printing on demand in the world of ready-to-wear, decoration and high-tech accessories. The group offers both BtoC and BtoB solutions through the deployment of dedicated e-commerce sites. Historically oriented towards BtoC with its Mydesign.com site, Images Corp has resolutely integrated the BtoB market with the creation of brands dedicated to distinct core targets: SchoolTouch, Deesport, CulturProd, Collec’Store.

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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magicpin magicpin

Discovery and savings for local shopping. Food, fashion, beauty, pharmacy and more. #ShopLocal magicpin: discover and save on local stores From large brands to small retailers; home delivery to store walkins; from food, fashion, grocery to chemists; online or offline. Pin a location on the map to find the coolest people, places and savings hidden all around you - from the hippest cafés, to the yummiest dimsums, the trendiest fashion boutique, luxurious spas, health clubs, best discounts on grocery stores and more. We drive $1B+ of annual business to retailers across the country. For our partners, we are the most …

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: SaaS

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Worth Wearing Worth Wearing

Online platform that helps people & nonprofit raising funds for good causes through a free service of t-shirt on-demand. Worth Wearing is one of the first 10 companies classified as Social Benefit in Italy. It’s an online platform that gives everyone the opportunity to raise funds for their social or ethical cause by using a free and on-demand service of customized t-shirt and merchandise. We know asking for money is hard, but we help make it easier. We also know how important is to not impact the environment. That’s why our t-shirts are ecological, fair-trade and sustainable. Social responsability, Social …

Tags: H2020 Type: Startup Activities: civictech fintech retail Technologies: SaaS

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ProfumeriaWeb ProfumeriaWeb

[Automatic translation follows] Reinventing the way people discover, choose, buy and experience beauty products and services ProfumeriaWeb is the No.1 online-only perfumery in the Italian beauty market. Founded in 2010, thanks to the collaboration of professionals with long experience in the areas of e-commerce and web marketing, in less than 10 years it has become the reference e-commerce site for quality, customer satisfaction, service and convenience. With more than 24,000 products available and a constantly evolving catalogue, ProfumeriaWeb has customer satisfaction as its primary objective, offering a wide range of brands and products, including perfumes, cosmetics, make-up, hair products, accessories …

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Sinplastico.com Sinplastico.com

[Automatic translation follows] Everything for a life without plastic - Tout pour une vie sans plastic sinplastico.com is an online store of ecological products for a life without plastic and waste. Company created in 2014 with an online store and a blog (www.sinplastico.com) where all the information necessary to live without plastic, tips, articles of interest, etc. are available.

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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fabulloso! fabulloso!

fabulloso! is an online store that sells a curated selection of apparel and lifestyle products. fabulloso! retails a selection of designer creations – both by established and emerging designers, wardrobe classics, shoes & accessories, personal care products, and home décor and furnishings. We bring to you a mix of brand names that are instantly recognisable, brands that are known to a smaller audience and products that are independently designed. Merchandise is available for as long as it lasts, fresh inventory is added on almost a daily basis. We aim to provide a fabulous shopping experience to our customers, be it …

Type: Startup Activities: fashtech retail

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LoveLocal LoveLocal

Digitising & Organising Local Retailers to deliver the Neighbourhood Shopping Experience of the Future. We're hiring! LoveLocal (formerly known as m.Paani) is bringing your Trusted Local Shops Online and empowering them to deliver the neighbourhood shopping experience of the future. Online Ordering, Fastest delivery, Exciting Offers and Savings, Digital Payments and much more. Order all your daily essentials in one place - groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, OTC Medicines, Dairy Products, Home & Personal Care Products and a lot more! Download the app and Order Now from LoveLocal. You can also place your Online Order from our website: www.lovelocal.in Our …

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: Data Analytics

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Pay1 Pay1

Redefining Unorganised Retail Pay1 is a technology company currently solving for the unorganised retail sector of India. Our companies’ technological offerings solve critical issues faced by the retailers by giving them access to additional services that they can provide to their customers through the same physical infrastructure. We have a wide array of services ranging from recharges, domestic and Indo-Nepal money transfer, utility bill payments, cash drop, micro-ATM, micro-loans, PAN card, insurances, travel bookings and many more. With a 300k+ strong merchant network already in place, Pay1 is at the forefront of combining retail, finance and consumer technology to create …

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: NFC

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Doog Doog

[Automatic translation follows] The online store that makes the manager sexy ✨ 🇫🇷 It’s eco-responsible. But above all it’s stylish. Doog is THE online store that brings together the best of responsible beauty, home and fashion brands. The objective: to help consumers adopt a lifestyle that is more respectful of the planet on a daily basis, through an offering of products that are both ethical and aesthetic.

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Focus Shopper Etudes & Conseil Focus Shopper Etudes & Conseil

[Automatic translation follows] Strengthen your shopper knowledge through qualitative studies, consulting, training and Immersive Retail Tours Focus Shopper makes its expertise available to advertising companies and distributors in shopper knowledge through 3 know-how: - Qualitative studies - The board - Training We are convinced that an exploratory qualitative study provides very rich shopper insights for your retail strategies. We evaluate all dimensions of the retail mix at the physical point of sale: layout plan, layout, sequencing, marking, theatricalization, event or promotional operation, etc. The point of sale is explored from all angles through shopper perceptions and behaviors and we recommend …

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Trezam Trezam

[Automatic translation follows] “Offering everyone the pleasure of consuming locally” Trezam is much more than an e-commerce platform, it is a new way of consuming. Our goal is to bring consumers closer to local businesses. Trezam is also aimed at communities wishing to promote and support their local businesses in digital technology. Let's act together to build a community sensitive to our values; those of service, advice, local and human. Digital, Application, Mobile, Proximity, Human, Consumption, click & collect, communication and media, and Collaborative Shopping

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce retail Technologies: SaaS

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Pile Ici - Application Mobile Pile Ici - Application Mobile

[Automatic translation follows] Buying locally has never been easier! Created in Puy-en-Velay (43) and located in Clermont-Ferrand (63), PILE ICI did not wait for the health crisis to take an interest in local, sedentary and itinerant traders, and in short circuits. Supported by many innovation players, regional institutional players and support organizations for the local trade profession, Pile Ici is developing from the “Village By CA Massif Central” incubator. While the challenges associated with "living" local commerce have never been so important, PILE ICI is today the only application in France offering a complete solution to reinvent the customer experience …

Type: Startup Activities: Marketplace retail

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Teekers SAS Teekers SAS

[Automatic translation follows] 📱Online too, I consume locally 🧡 Teekers (teekers.fr) operates in the territories where it has established local supply market places, which offers merchants, food artisans, service providers in our French cities and towns the omnichannel conversion model of the most efficient proximity in France. We distinguish ourselves from other marketplace models by having immediately considered that this change in marketing methods was not only technological: it is first and foremost cultural, must be part of the practices of merchants (training, support), attract consumers and promote this local and connected offer (marketing and communication of the offer). Some …

Type: Startup Activities: Connected Commerce retail

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[Automatic translation follows] The first personal online shopper, who helps you find the right product, in the right shop, in a simple, impartial and independent way. Launch scheduled for May 22, 2015 on high-tech products, follow us on www.ushopia.fr!. Personnal Shopping

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Little Panda Little Panda

[Automatic translation follows] The empty-dressing of well dressed children! Little Panda is first and foremost a community of parents who wants to consume more sustainably by giving a second life to quality clothing and baby care products. In our marketplace, parents who own pretty items can sell their own, signing up for our quality charter, or entrusting their items to Little Panda-trained ambassadors who will take care of everything for them. Our model is therefore for all parents: - Those who have full cupboards but busy diaries - Those who have time and seek additional income - Those who want …

Type: Startup Activities: civictech cleantech kidtech greentech retail

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ScanUp ScanUp

[Automatic translation follows] Food data expert ScanUp, an expert in data on food products, supports agri-food players in understanding their markets and their growth strategies. The company evaluates more than 450,000 products, nutritionally and environmentally, and carries out competitive benchmarks, market studies and category modeling to identify key performance factors. 📧 contact@scanup.fr Mobile Application, FoodTech, RetailTech, Innovation, DataAnalysis, Nutrition, and Product Development

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech IT Services retail Technologies: Data Analytics

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Rêve de Pan Rêve de Pan

[Automatic translation follows] Rêve de Pan offers an authentic and poetic universe. A selection of creative toys and games, educational games, children's fashion accessories and furniture for young children. Rêve de Pan also includes wooden toys and furniture for young children made in France in our workshop. Rêve de Pan is committed to placing creativity at the heart of play and providing a healthy and safe environment for our children. Ecological toys, Children's furniture, Birth gifts, French manufacturing, Creative hobbies for children, Children's books, and Creative games

Type: Startup Activities: kidtech retail Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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[Automatic translation follows] VIVO is a high-pressure toilet shower which allows you to replace the toilet brush and its inconveniences (drops, dirt, odors, bacteria). VIVO makes cleaning toilets more hygienic and fun. We are constantly improving the comfort of the home in order to be as comfortable as possible. However, there is one item that we use very often that has not been improved for over 100 years: the toilet brush. Without knowing it, we are using an object that does not meet the hygiene expectations we have for the rest of our home. In addition, the toilet brush has …

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Maison TFK Maison TFK

🇬🇧 Cuddly lingerie & loungewear for adults. 🇫🇷 Lingerie & homewear en fibres végétales. Made in Paris. 🇬🇧 Maison TFK is a lingerie and loungewear designer. Since 2014. Made in Paris. - Design, cut and tailoring are 100% French. Homemade prints by TFK Studio. - Natural and organic fibres only : bamboo, linen, organic cotton respecting your skin, Earth and your style ! We come with soft, comfortable and trendy pieces you can wear in & out ! Limited quantities and eco-friendly strong values. 🇫🇷 Maison TFK est un concept Parisien de lingerie et vêtements intérieur-extérieur qui existe depuis 2014. …

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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"Soyez fiers de vos origines, vivez pleinement vos passions" MARGGOT la passion Made in France MARGGOT is a retail company based out of 14 AV SOULEIADO, Generac, Occitanie, France. made in france, création bijoux, retail sport, and ecoresponsable

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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Camif Camif

[Automatic translation follows] Company with a mission, specialist in local and sustainable home development. 🇫🇷🌱 A COMMITTED COMPANY Camif is today a specialist in local and sustainable home design, offering furniture made in France that is good for people and the planet. This commitment to serving as many people as possible should allow everyone to have access to inspiring furniture and decoration products, in keeping with the times and above all of quality, to consume better and differently. Our mission : Offer products and services for the home for the benefit of people and the planet. Mobilize our ecosystem (consumers, …

Type: SMB Activities: retail Technologies: Decarbonization

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Wolf & Badger Wolf & Badger

The B Corp destination to discover independent, ethical & unique brands worldwide 🌎 Discover stores in LDN, NYC & LA Wolf & Badger is the B Corp marketplace to discover the best independent, ethical brands from around the globe. Founded in 2010 by Henry and George – the Graham brothers – Wolf & Badger is now home to over 2,000 of the world’s best fashion and design brands. Our mission is to introduce our stylish customers to limited-edition, sustainable and high-quality products while providing a much-needed platform for independent brands to thrive. Unique Design, New York Retail, and London Retail

Type: SMB Activities: retail Technologies: SaaS

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Intertoys Intertoys

[Automatic translation follows] Playing is the most fun there is! Playing is the most fun there is! Because when you play, anything is possible. And playing is not just a lot of fun. By playing you also discover who you are. What you can do and what you want to become later. This way you make the world even more beautiful than it already is while playing! We also absolutely love playing. That's why we always look for the best ideas and the best, most surprising toys. This way everyone can play as much as possible. The more, the longer, …

Type: SMB Activities: Games retail

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Areas Iberia Areas Iberia

Areas es uno de los líderes mundiales en Food&Beverage y Travel Retail con presencia en 10 países en Europa y América. Areas is one of the world leaders in Food & Beverage and Travel Retail. Areas receives 348 million customers each year in its 1,900 stores in 10 countries in Europe, the US, Mexico and Chile. As a reference restaurant operator in the world of travel, focused on quality, Areas is present in large and small communication centers around the world (airports, train stations, motorway service areas), as well as in points key to fairgrounds and leisure centers. Based on …

Type: Large company Activities: traveltech retail

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Newegg Newegg

Tomorrow's Tech Delivered Today Newegg Inc. is the leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America, with a global reach in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Founded in 2001, the company offers its tens of millions of registered users a comprehensive selection of the latest consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home, gaming products, and much more! Newegg is consistently ranked as one of the best online shopping destinations, and the company regularly earns industry-leading customer service ratings. Newegg is headquartered in City of Industry, California, with North American distribution facilities located throughout the United States and Canada. Interested in …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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ESSENTIALLY BEAUTIFUL. Since 1975, TUMI has been optimizing world-class business, travel, and lifestyle essentials with elevated, considered product design to uncomplicate, beautify, and seamlessly complement our customers' lives on the move. Designed in America, our brand is sold in over 260 stores from New York and Paris to London and Tokyo, as well as the world's top department and specialty stores and travel retail in more than 75 countries. At TUMI, we are committed to a diverse and vibrant culture, welcoming people from all walks of life. We have people with unique backgrounds, skills and personalities in the workplace, making …

Type: Large company Activities: retail traveltech

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Karstadt Karstadt

[Automatic translation follows] From now on, please visit and follow us on the LinkedIn page of GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof. From now on, please visit and follow us on the GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/galeria-karstadt-kaufhof-gmbh/mycompany/?viewAsMember=true This profile of Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH will no longer be maintained.

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Coin Coin

[Automatic translation follows] It has always been the point of reference for shopping in the most important historic centres. The Italian Department Store. Coin is the Italian department store dedicated to the world of clothing, beauty and home decoration and establishes itself as the reference point for city shopping. Coin is present throughout the national territory in the most important historic centers and in the main shopping streets. In recent years, the brand has undertaken an intense relaunch plan which has seen the birth of a new Coin capable of giving customers back the pleasure of shopping: captivating, easily usable …

Type: Large company Activities: fashtech retail

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[Automatic translation follows] Emotion within your reach! A piano specialist (acoustic and digital) since 1942, Maison DESEVEDAVY PIANOS is based in ORVAULT in the immediate vicinity of NANTES, where in 2016 it created an exceptional showroom which was elected "Best Piano Store in Europe" in 2017. "​. With its parallel online sales activity (via its merchant site www.dorélami.fr), the company is today among the TOP 5 piano “factors” in France. Dealer of the biggest brands, and benefiting from a technical team labeled "Artisan Métier d'Art", DESEVEDAVY PIANOS is aimed at individuals (beginner, experienced or professional pianists), Music Schools and Conservatories, …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment retail

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Dreams Dreams

The most loved bed retailer in the UK 🛏 // Official Sleep Partner of Team GB, ParalympicsGB and Special Olympics GB We’ve been helping the nation find a bed to love for almost 40 years. We’re incredibly proud to be the UK’s most loved bed retailer. Most recommended, too, as it goes. We know finding that ideal bed can be tricky (and don’t get us started on mattresses!) but that’s why we’re here. We’ve got a team of over 2,300 Bed Experts here in the UK – at 208 stores nationwide, in 11 delivery centres and at our Bedquarters in …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Drybar Drybar

No cuts. No color. Just blowouts! Our philosophy is simple: focus on one thing and be the best at it. For us, that's blowouts! Either at one of our 125+ locations nationwide or with our line of styling products and tools crafted for the perfect blowout at home‎. Visit us at thedrybar.com to shop, book appointments or just get to know us better. Peace, love & blowouts! Please note that we are Drybar Holdings LLC, overseeing the 140+ blowout salon locations across the USA, not to be confused with Drybar Products LLC or any Helen of Troy brands, even though …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Label Emmaüs Label Emmaüs

[Automatic translation follows] activist e-shop At Emmaüs, we repair, we don’t break. In a web landscape that has gradually been taken over by giants, Emmaüs resists, with the freedom and pioneering spirit of the beginnings of the internet, to design a more inclusive and supportive e-commerce Emmaüs Label, the first online solidarity marketplace, is Emmaüs’ challenge to exist in its own name and with its values ​​in the e-commerce landscape. A new sales channel and showcase for around forty physical Emmaüs stores today, Label Emmaüs wants to become the online store for the 350 Emmaüs sales spaces and the solidarity …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: e-commerce civictech retail

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[Automatic translation follows] Is your plant sick? Find us on Instagram for plant advice #docteurplante After a great adventure with our plant store, we closed our doors. Find us on Instagram where we continue to answer all your plant questions #docteurplante Plant and Vegetable

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: retail

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Maisons du Monde Maisons du Monde

[Automatic translation follows] “Inspire everyone with the desire to open up to the world to create together unique, warm and sustainable living spaces.” For more than 25 years, Maisons du Monde has made style accessible to as many people as possible and unleashes everyone's creativity to shape homes here and elsewhere with Style, Pep's and fun. Today, there are 8,000 employees who, all together, put their energies, their personalities, their team spirit to make Maisons du monde a love brand: accessible, desirable and sustainable! Together, we capture the spirit of the times and imagine unique, warm and sustainable interiors. From …

Type: Large company Activities: retail consumer goods Marketplace

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Commerçant+ Commerçant+

[Automatic translation follows] City center revitalization operator and link generator Commercant+ www.commercantplus.com is the operator that accelerates the collective, commercial and digital revitalization of the city center by offering a turnkey shared solution and allowing communities, city center managers and merchants to adapt to the new challenges of commerce by combining digital, proximity, authenticity and a unique shopping experience. Commerisant+ wishes to become an operator of revitalization of the city center creating and operating new urban services which require new professions, expertise in marketing and digital, logistics and animation services sometimes in new places to offer consumption experiences innovative and …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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La Redoute La Redoute

Bringing beauty to family life 🌍 Founded in 1837, La Redoute is today a leader in e-commerce for fashion and home goods, with creativity, innovation, high standards and responsibility at the heart of its DNA. Today, we are weaving bonds with more than 10 million customers in 26 countries. Our mission: bringing beauty to families' lives - and yours! And it starts here :) Welcome home! Fashion, Home Furniture, e-commerce, online shopping, and Retail

Type: Large company Activities: retail consumer goods Marketplace

79 40 20 2,098

JP CYCLES is a retail company based out of 1413 AVENUE DE LA PLAINE, MOUGINS, France.

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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WeBuy WeBuy

[Automatic translation follows] The First On-Demand Shopping Platform The first on-demand shopping platform.

Type: Startup Activities: martech retail Technologies: SaaS

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Aura Print Aura Print

Our Story Since our beginnings in 2007, Aura Print has proven itself time and time again to go above and beyond what our customers expect. From starting off as a one-man operation now to a dedicated team of over ten experienced print professionals, we’re your friendly local printers based on Leeds Road in Huddersfield. The main goal has always been to provide high-quality print, that doesn't break the bank, with top-notch service to top it off, and we still think this rings true today and from our customer feedback, so do they. Products We Specialise In: - Business Cards - …

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Ubamarket Ltd Ubamarket Ltd

Ubamarket™ is the new must-have shopping app, which will turn your local supermarket into an Ubamarket™! Simply enter your shopping list and it will be magically rearranged into the order the items are displayed in the store. Find everything, fast. Scan items as you shop, receive automatic loyalty and checkout without waiting in line. It's that simple. retail, technology, app, shopping, loyalty, and scanning

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services retail

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Ksubaka Ksubaka

Delivering Digital Customer Engagements In-Store. Bring the benefits of cutting-edge technology into your retail store. Our solutions help you engage customers, facilitate offline-to-online (O2O) ordering and harvest rich insights into customer behaviour and attitudes. Using gamified experiences, playful surveys and our product discovery platform (Cloudshelf), you can give customers new reasons to visit your retail stores. Ksubaka combines the power of personalisation, the magic of play and the possibilities of technology to transform your retail store. We transform the way brands and retailers research and monetise their shoppers, while enhancing their overall journey. We help brands engage with shoppers at …

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: Data Analytics

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Key Infuser Key Infuser

Robots for Product Demonstrations & Personalization for retail & events. Created in June 2015, Key Infuser is a startup specialized in robotics in retail and events. The robot KiLine is our product personalization artist. He can draw and write on your products. Personalization is the new big trend in retail. According to Deloitte, 42 % of consumers are interested in technology to customize products. Add this to an entertaining robot and the customer experience is truly revolutionized. The robot KiOne is as tall as a smartphone and knows how to use it! It attracts your leads in Retail and events …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech martech retail Technologies: Robotics Embedded Systems IoT Wireless

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Smallable Smallable

The Family Concept Store Smallable is the world's leading Family Concept Store. Our selection includes more than 1000 international designer brands, as well as 60,000+ items ranging from fashion for all the family to décor, beauty & skincare, furniture, toys and books. Smallable's searches the globe for the world's most exceptional designers and items. We showcase the creations of top designer brands like Bobo Choses, Stella McCartney, See by Chloé, The Animals Observatory, Alexa Chung, Jérôme Dreyfuss, Michel Vivien, Roseanna, Hartô, Vitra, muuto, Nobodinoz, Petite Friture and more, while also offering dozens of limited edition products and exclusive collaborations, specifically …

Tags: FrenchTech120 Type: Startup Activities: fashtech e-commerce martech retail Technologies: SaaS

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Ô'Poisson Ô'Poisson

[Automatic translation follows] Ô'Poisson is a whole family that delivers the best experience of ultra-fresh fish to your home. Created in May 2014, Ô'Poisson is an online fishmonger that offers fresh, local and seasonal seafood (fresh wild fish, shellfish, crustaceans, artisanal preserves, etc.). The team selects the best products from our coasts every morning under the auctions of Vendée and Brittany. We are three cousins ​​from Ile d’Yeu, at the origin of this project, from a family of fishmongers and fishermen for three generations (50 years of experience). Thanks to our website, our customers are informed ​every week of arrivals​ …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech retail Technologies: Decarbonization

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Botfuel Botfuel

The Digital Shopping Chatbot for E-commerce that makes Customer Support profitable AI powered Livechat and Chatbot platform for customer care chatbot, shopping assistant, customer support, conversational marketing, e-commerce, and retail

Type: Startup Activities: retail uxtech Technologies: A.I. - Natural Language Processing A.I.

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SMALA, une aventure sans fin SMALA, une aventure sans fin

[Automatic translation follows] At Smala, second hand becomes child's play. Good plan, common sense and above all good advice. Smala is the family that dresses kids at low prices, favoring second hand.

Type: Startup Activities: fashtech kidtech retail Technologies: SaaS

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La Boutique MOSO La Boutique MOSO

[Automatic translation follows] The MOSO Boutique is a 100% independent online store that offers a wide selection of natural beauty products The MOSO Boutique is a 100% independent online store that offers a wide selection of natural and organic beauty products, rigorously selected for their quality and their French manufacture. Its objective is to introduce as many good products as possible, while promoting small craftsmen and French companies on a human scale. The MOSO Shop is: - Artisanal products: We are committed to highlighting small artisans and small French businesses. A whole section of our site is reserved for them. …

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Meaningful jewelry, designed to connect and empower. Founded in Rhode Island. We create meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to positively empower and connect humanity. We share a passion for the wellbeing of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths. Jewelry, Positive Energy, Retail, Eco-friendly, Shopping, Lifestyle, Beauty, international, symbology, and meaning

Type: SMB Activities: cleantech greentech retail

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FatFace FatFace

MADE FOR LIFE. Considered style. Trusted quality. Responsibly sourced. Proud to be a B Corp™. MADE FOR LIFE. Considered style. Trusted quality. Responsibly sourced. Proud to be a B Corp™. FatFace is an active lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer proudly based in the UK. Born in 1988, FatFace has grown from selling just a few t-shirts and sweatshirts to become one of the UK’s most iconic, multi-channel retail brands stocking a wide range of Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear, Footwear, and Accessories. With over 200 stores in the UK, Ireland and the USA, together with established e-commerce and wholesale operations, FatFace customers …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Z Gallerie Z Gallerie

In 1979, three siblings—Joe Zeiden, Mike Zeiden, and Carol Malfatti—set out to create an art shop in Sherman Oaks, CA. 35 years later, that eye for design lives on in our stores and site. We empower everyone to live their most fabulous life with all the modern, glamorous finds that prove amazing style is a luxury we can all afford. Much like our products, we are unapologetically maximalist with our way of life. We are a fun, bright, hardworking team—we may be small in size, but we’re larger-than-life with our personalities. And we’re constantly in search of like-minded people who …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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American Girl American Girl

Inspired and driven by purpose, led by great stories, and fueled through immersive experiences. The story of American Girl started in 1986 with Pleasant Rowland, a writer and retired teacher from Chicago with a brilliant idea. Pleasant found inspiration to create educational dolls with historic backstories after a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Originally known as Pleasant Company, American Girl started with sending out catalogues until we opened our first retail location in Chicago in 1996. Pleasant Company was purchased by Mattel in 1998 and renamed American Girl in 2003. American Girl offers an inspiring world of dolls, content, and …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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La Vie En Rose La Vie En Rose

Experts en lingerie, maillots de bain et vêtements de nuit. La Vie en Rose is the leading Canadian specialty lingerie retailer catering to women aged 25-45. Known as bra specialists, La Vie en Rose also offers a range of lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, and swimwear. Acquired in 1996 by President and CEO François Roberge, the chain now counts over 170 boutiques nationwide, divided into three store concepts: La Vie en Rose, La Vie en Rose Aqua, and La Vie en Rose Outlet. Since the beginning of its international expansion in 2004, La Vie en Rose has opened more than 75 boutiques …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Ann Summers Ann Summers

At Ann Summers we strive to EMPOWER, live to PUSH BOUNDARIES, get kicks off MAKING IT HAPPEN and are ALWAYS INCLUSIVE. Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA. Stores nationwide, a strong online presence, thousands of direct selling ambassadors and a vibrant and growing third party business. We strive to continue pushing the boundaries, empowering people, changing perceptions and leading the conversation around female pleasure. For 50 years Ann Summers has had more experience, knowledge and authority to speak about sexual liberation and empowerment than any other brand. We strive to create a driven, empowered and inclusive culture, through collaborative relationships, …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Carpetright Carpetright

Welcome to the official Carpetright LinkedIn page. Follow us for company updates and exciting career opportunities. Before we get started, let us share our company values with you: • We’re honest and straightforward • We care about our customers and colleagues • We make things easy If this sounds like the type of environment where you think you would flourish, then read on. A little bit about us: We’ve been the UK’s leading flooring and beds provider for 30 years. Since our launch in 1988, we have grown into an international retailer, operating in four European territories; the UK, Netherlands, …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Rowohlt Verlag GmbH Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

[Automatic translation follows] Fiction and non-fiction at a high level and for a large audience. Rowohlt Verlag GmbH is a retail company based out of Hamburg, Germany.

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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HG Walter HG Walter

Exceptional meat since 1972 Independent family-run butcher based in London where traditional expert butchery, quality and consistency remain at the heart of our business.

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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Which? Which?

Which? is the UK’s consumer champion, here to make life simpler, fairer and safer for everyone. Which? is the UK’s consumer champion. As an organisation we’re not for profit and all for protecting consumers – a powerful force for good, here to make life simpler, fairer and safer for everyone. We stand up for what’s right for consumers, their experiences drive us to make things better. Our research gets to the heart of the consumer issues that matter, and our expert advice is completely impartial. Same goes for our product reviews – our rigorous tests and expert recommendations help consumers …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: retail

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Jardiland Jardiland

[Automatic translation follows] Cultivate your well-being Founded in 1973, Jardiland is the French leader in the Garden and Pet sector, with a network of 204 stores, including 84 branches and a presence in Spain with 10 points of sale, including 5 branches. The Group, which offers the entire range of products and services associated with Gardens and Pets, employs 3,000 employees directly (6,000 including franchisees). The Jardiland brand achieved a turnover of 720 million euros in 2013. The investment company L-Gam has been its new sole shareholder since January 31, 2014. Jardiland is managed by Thierry Sonalier, who is Chairman …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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[Automatic translation follows] French leader in the optical market and major player in hearing, KRYS GROUP sets itself apart through the cooperative values ​​that have supported it since its creation in 1966. Producer and distributor, it is the leading employer in the sector, with 6,000 jobs on French soil. The first glassmaker to obtain the “Origine France Garantie” label in 2012, KRYS GROUP is the only optical group to manufacture its own glasses in France, in Bazainville (78). In 2022, KRYS GROUP, leader in optics, is: 1000 associated opticians united in a cooperative. 4 brands (Krys, Le Collectif des Lunetiers, …

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Coopérative Biocoop Coopérative Biocoop

[Automatic translation follows] 🖐🌱✊ Cooperative of 727 independent #organic stores in France 🇫🇷 #LaBioNousRassemble #BiocoopSolidaireAttitude Biocoop brings together more than 750 organic stores around a common objective: the development of organic farming in a spirit of fairness and cooperation. Leader in organic food distribution, Biocoop also stands out for its fair trade products and a very wide choice of eco-products and cosmetics. More than just a network of traders, Biocoop also wishes to influence societal choices and shares its project with other stakeholders: employees, consumers, producers and partners. It is the leading distributor of organic products and eco-products in France. …

Type: Large company Activities: foodtech retail

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Petit Bateau Petit Bateau

[Automatic translation follows] FREEDOM. QUALITY. SUSTAINABILITY. 🌍 FREEDOM. QUALITY. SUSTAINABILITY. Petit Bateau has been creating durable clothing for over 125 years.

Type: Large company Activities: retail

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Supercoop Bordeaux Supercoop Bordeaux

[Automatic translation follows] Cooperative and Participatory Supermarket of the Bordeaux Metropolis Supercoop is the cooperative and participatory supermarket of the Bordeaux Metropolis. Allowing everyone to eat well at an affordable price, is it possible? Yes ! Supercoop takes up the challenge by bringing together motivated consumers in a cooperative. Everyone can do their shopping there, provided they participate, 3 hours per month, in the operation of the supermarket. The key: savings, solidarity, sharing... Come and build with us an alternative to mass distribution! ESS, Super market, cooperative, and participatory

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: retail

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Boulanger Boulanger

[Automatic translation follows] So good together With more than 68 years of experience and 25,000 references available in its 191 stores, on its site boulanger.com and its application, Boulanger is today the specialist in home appliances and multimedia. Our mission ? Helping everyone to fully benefit from the connected world through fairer, more sustainable and more shared use. Our 10,000 employees work daily to build and enrich a virtuous and innovative ecosystem of offers and services that simplify life. At the heart of Boulanger’s human adventure, our employees carry and embody our values ​​“Pro, Simple and Nice” and our promise …

Type: Large company Activities: retail consumer goods Marketplace

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[Automatic translation follows] Seeing better is always possible! Visiole is an SME recognized among the major players in the low vision and visual disability market. It has more than 10 years of experience in providing electronic and computer technical aids for visually impaired seniors, the visually impaired and even the blind. By supporting them in defining their needs in order to offer them the most suitable solutions, Visiole demonstrates its expertise and its proximity to its customers. The products marketed are mainly video enlargers, electronic magnifiers, Braille terminals and specialized software. Low vision, Braille, Visual disability, Loss of sight, Blind …

Type: SMB Activities: retail Technologies: SaaS

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Thunderstone Thunderstone

Retail reinvented Reinventing the traditional retail-store experience through our self-order digital terminals in concept-stores

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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Percent Percent

Powering purpose in every organisation worldwide 🌎 Our mission at Percent is to power purpose in every organisation worldwide. Today, we are already working with many of the world’s biggest companies. This year’s aim is to facilitate over $500m of donations to good causes in over 160 countries. To achieve this, we are looking to partner with the most talented people out there 🔭. Nonprofits, SaaS, Big Data, Fintech, Machine Learning, B2B, Commission, Payments, Subscription, Enterprise Software, and Advertising

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: A.I. - Machine Learning

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Candy Kittens Candy Kittens

🍬 No Nasties. All Good. 🌱 Plant Powered & Carbon Neutral. 🌎 Proudly certified B Corp™ Hey there, we're Candy Kittens. Born in London, we make damn irresistible gourmet sweets. We believe that better is possible. In fact, we know it is. We're vegan, carbon neutral and have #NoNasties in any of our products. We strive to create the very best tasting sweets, by blending big flavours with honest ingredients to deliver more for our people and planet. We're also the first ever B Corp certified sweets brand. Pretty cool, huh? Find us in all major (and minor) retailers in …

Type: Startup Activities: fashtech retail Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Proximity Proximity

Increase engagement and the lifetime value of your customers with #TheRetailSuperApp Proximity is the Retail Super-App, designed to transform how you engage with your customers.​ The only tool you need to increase efficiency and personalisation with every interaction, our all in one app empowers your associates to quickly organise their day, easily curate every customer moment, and seamlessly transact wherever your stock and customers are. TANGIBLE RESULTS: +150% data capture 30% increase in ATV 50-70% email open rate 15% conversion rate MODULES: - Data Capture - Clienteling - Appointment booking - Mobile POS & Endless aisle - Event Management - …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce fashtech IT Services retail Technologies: Data Analytics

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Natural Baby Shower Ltd Natural Baby Shower Ltd

Leading retailer of eco, ethical & premium baby brands. We’re Natural Baby Shower, an award winning and leading retailer of ethical & premium baby brands. Our ethos is to provide products that are best for baby, best for parent and best for environment. We champion all things natural and organic, with carefully selected brands to offer children the very best start in life. Whether it’s each brand’s methods of production or materials used, right down to our own packaging - sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We know how exciting welcoming a new arrival is, so we …

Type: Startup Activities: kidtech retail Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Gift Off Gift Off

The quick & easy way to buy digital gift cards in the UK & Europe. Welcome to the Gift Off LinkedIn page! Since 2014, we’ve been working hard to ensure buying digital gift cards is quick, easy & fun. We stock over 390 digital gift cards for the UK, Europe & USA, including brands such as: Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Tesco, Deliveroo, Spotify, M&S, John Lewis, H&M, Argos, iTunes & more. B2B Gift Cards We also offer special discounts for customers who want to buy gift cards in bulk, and can offer additional gift cards in our range, for those who …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce retail Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

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WeLikeShopping WeLikeShopping

WeLikeShopping is a UK-based company specialised in developing digital solutions for retail industry in the UK and around the globe. WeLikeShopping has two projects in its portfolio: SmartHighStreet App (formerly WeLikeShopping App) and SmartMall. retail software and digital solutions for retail

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: SaaS

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Bloom & Wild Bloom & Wild

Europe's #1 online flower company, home to the Bloom & Wild, bloomon and Bergamotte brands, trading across 8 countries Bloom & Wild is re-inventing the $60B global flower industry. Over a billion flower exchanges take place every year and industry satisfaction levels are low. Driven by our core belief that you can never care too much or be too thoughtful, we do things a little differently. From inventing letterbox flowers to founding The Thoughtful Marketing Movement. And we’ve seen impressive traction to date. We are Europe’s largest direct to consumer flower company. As the inventor of letterbox flowers, Bloom & …

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce retail

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poq poq

Be where your customers are Poq is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that empowers retailers and DTC brands to create highly effective and fully-customized mobile native apps to provide a superior shopping and engagement experience. With poq retailers and brands, sell more products, deepen customer loyalty and deliver highly relevant content, communications and rewards. Poq clients include global brands and retailers, such as Ardene, SNIPES, Cotton Traders, e.l.f. Beauty, Hotel Chocolat, and more. Mobile Apps, Mobile Commerce, App Commerce, Retail Technology, Native Apps, Retail, Shopping Apps, and Ecommerce apps

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce retail Technologies: SaaS

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MoonLook MoonLook

We help African creatives build global brands, harness the power of innovation, enact prosperity & build the legacy. Business strategies & innovations agency for African Cultural & Creatives industries. BRANDING , CREATIVES , AFRICA , DESIGN , FASHION , and BEAUTY

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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R-Store SpA Apple Premium Reseller R-Store SpA Apple Premium Reseller

[Automatic translation follows] Apple Premium Reseller, Apple Authorized Reseller, Apple Education Specialist and Apple Authorized Service Center Apple through and through. R-Store is your closest Apple expert. We'll help you choose the Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod model that's best for you. The entire range of Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod, along with a complete assortment of software and accessories are at your disposal. If, however, you are a professional and want to exploit the full potential of Apple products, you will receive qualified advice. A world of accessories. All the specialists in the store have undergone training directly from …

Type: Startup Activities: retail edtech Technologies: SaaS

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Tile Mountain Tile Mountain

Get the look, for less! The Tile Mountain Group Ltd is the UK’s fastest growing tile retailer. Founded in 2013 by Mo Iqbal along with fellow former Topps Tiles directors Jeremy Harris and Nick Ounstead, the company has expanded from its initial Tile Mountain online retail offering and now has multiple brands within the DIY sector including Bathroom Mountain, Walls and Floors, and Tiles 247. The company has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2013 and its success has resulted in Tile Mountain investing £10m in a purpose-built 120,000 sq ft warehouse, showroom and office complex, situated on a …

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Hirestreet Hirestreet

Sustainability Looks Good On You Hirestreet is a fashion rental platform committed to making style and sustainability accessible for all women. We are building a community of empowered individuals, with inclusivity, creativity and care for our planet at the forefront of everything we do.

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: SaaS

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Skinnydip London Skinnydip London

Fashion accessory brand with a little extra. Hand designed in London. London-based lifestyle and accessories brand born in 2011. Always down for a good time. Skinnydip London is a female-led, trend-driven brand fuelled by what’s going on both in real life and on social media too. Best known for our shockproof phone cases and standout accessories, since we started in 2011 we’ve grown and matured like a fine wine now selling everything from clothing to homeware, bath and body products and so much more. The heart and soul of Skinnydip from the very start has always been about serving up …

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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L'Exception L'Exception

L'Exception is the leading select store of creative and luxury fashion, for men and women, with more than 400 brands. L'Exception is the leading shop of creative and luxury French fashion, for men and women, with more than 400 brands. Our exclusive offer embodies the best of french creativity. We improve a full independence in choosing the designers and the products. Sometimes you might be surprised or amazed, but hopefully you will be marveled. At L'Exception, you also get the best customer service in France, awarded every year by FIA-NET, with ultra-fast delivery by Colissimo, DHL or even by courier …

Type: Startup Activities: Luxury fashtech retail

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The number 1 destination for women fashion and luxury accessories. Delivers Europe in 24 hours. Premium boutique offering the largest and smartest selection of women accessories online, with handbags from Burberry, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, Balmain...

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: IoT

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[Automatic translation follows] You can find us at 11 rue Thiers in Grenoble, from Tuesday to Saturday we make cupcakes, cheesecakes, muffins, scones, cookies, carrot cakes... depending on inspiration, the season, your requests and your ideas. Also find all the accessories to make your favorite cakes at home. Cake Design, Sugar Paste, Anglo-Saxon Pastry, and Pastry Utensils and Accessories

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Marché d'ici Marché d'ici

[Automatic translation follows] Buy French, without intermediaries Marché d'ici is an internet platform that connects producers, artisans, manufacturers in France and consumers around a virtual market, identical to the market in our villages. Marché d’ici makes many French products available in short circuits without intermediaries. The products are grown, manufactured or processed on French territory and ensure local employment. market place, short circuit, French manufacturing, food, and crafts

Type: Startup Activities: retail Technologies: SaaS

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Groupe Carrément Fleurs Groupe Carrément Fleurs

[Automatic translation follows] The Carrément Vous bouquet Founded in Agen in 2006 by Chantal and Bruno Pain, Carrément Fleurs is an innovative concept offering, in one place, self-service cut flowers and original floral arrangements, imagined by the florist teams. The pooling of services and an effective partnership policy led by the head of the network make it possible to offer partners particularly attractive membership conditions and fees on average half as high as other brands in the sector. Location is essential at Carrément Fleurs. The brand is not looking to open points of sale in the heart of cities but …

Type: Startup Activities: retail

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Terres de Café Terres de Café

Roasted with Goodness ! Terres de Café offers the widest range of specialty coffees in Europe with more than 30 exclusive coffees, in bean form or ground, pure origin or blended, according to 4 permanent ranges. Specialty coffees are the best batches of coffee from farms or local cooperatives. They are fully traceable (botanical variety, region, plot) and respect demanding processing methods. This guarantees exceptional quality in the cup. At Terres de Café, roasting is 100% performed in France. Torréfacteur, Thé, Café, Machines à expresso, Café de specialité, Barista, Slow Coffee, Coffee Roaster, Specialty Coffee, Coffee, Tea, B2B Vendor, and …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services retail

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Thoonsen Trading - Shop Technology Thoonsen Trading - Shop Technology

Systèmes antivol et aménagement pour votre magasin Thoonsen is a French EAS manufacturer, leader of anti-theft tags in France with a worldwide network of +30 distributors. We are 100% focused on innovation and we bring new loss-prevention solutions to our prestigious customers like Auchan, E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Les Mousquetaires, Casino, Les Galeries Lafayette and more. Our innovative hard tags enable retailers to protect products that were impossible to secure until now. Worldwide patents garantee the uniqueness of our products and we keep innovating in order to help retailers reduce shrinkage. Our company of 40 employees has been operating since 2004 and …

Type: SMB Activities: retail Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] The child and his space Daillot International, Vosges, France

Type: SMB Activities: retail kidtech

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Trevor Sorbie Trevor Sorbie

We believe in Personalised Artistry. An award-winning hair salon brand with locations in the UK, Dubai & China. We believe in making the ordinary extraordinary. As editors of artistic taste, we believe every guest deserves to look as beautiful as they are. Our Artistry - Pushing the boundaries of creativity. This is what Trevor Sorbie is all about. As editors of artistic taste, our Art Team lead the way in creating beautiful, avant-garde work that is shown and revered throughout the world and industry. Our team are often sort after for shows and editorial shoots with big players in the …

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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Tokyu Hands Inc. Tokyu Hands Inc.

Tokyu Hands Inc. is a retail company based out of Shibuya, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

Type: SMB Activities: retail

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