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Whizz Whizz

We provide delivery drivers and businesses with a hassle-free transportation solution At Whizz, we are on a mission to revolutionize the transportation industry for delivery drivers. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to access reliable and convenient mobility solutions, regardless of their financial or credit history. That's why we offer a range of vehicle ownership and financing options that are designed to democratize access and drive success for our customers. Whether a driver is just starting out in the delivery industry or is looking to upgrade their current vehicle, we are here to help them achieve their goals and …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Christensen Group Insurance Christensen Group Insurance

Better tomorrows start with thoughtful todays. Sometimes, a secure tomorrow requires a bit of imagination. Over the better part of a century, we've learned where to get to creative and where to play the numbers. Our independence allows us to leverage this specialized knowledge to get ahead of your risks and plan for the future you envision. Once we understand the nuances of your story we can bend the ear of our carriers to design and refine a solution that will deliver for you, your business, and the employees who make your success possible. Business Insurance, Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits, …

Type: SMB Activities: insurtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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ProBVision ProBVision

A mission to improve man ⇔ machine coexistence The mission of ProBVision is to significantly improve human lives by building optimal, robust and scalable Artificial intelligence technologies. Our aim is to build technology solutions that can see, learn and contribute based on a presented set of activities through images, videos and data from other sensors. Our AI data analytics technology is built on proprietary computer vision and state of art deep learning systems and is made available to customers through easily usable and well tested APIs.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services healthtech Technologies: A.I. Cybersecurity

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Dynamic Networks Group Dynamic Networks Group

Providing IT managed services, support and consultancy for a wide range of businesses across many different verticals. Dynamic Networks Group is a national award-winning Managed Service Provider with its headquarters in Leeds. We provide Managed Cloud Services; Unified Communications; Security & Compliance Services and Network & Infrastructure Services for both Public Sector and Private sector businesses. Our key differentiator is our proactive, no-nonsense approach to business, creating and adding improved business value for our Customers. Our unrivalled pedigree for delivering end-to-end solutions for our Customers is backed by our in-house Customer Engagement Team providing 24/7 SLA driven proactive Service Desk …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] FIRE PREVENTION SAFETY B&C Formation is a true center of excellence for safety, security, fire and electrical accreditation training, contributing through the quality of its actions to the development of the security sector in France. B&C Formation is also an Apprenticeship Training Unit (UFA) in the field of private security. We provide advice and expertise for the implementation of training sessions adapted to different types of clients: institutions, private companies and individuals.

Type: SMB Activities: edtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] A reliable and responsive security partner, Escort Sécurité protects you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day throughout France. Escort Security ESCORT SÉCURITÉ operates in the various areas of private security. In a logic of constant adaptation, it relies on a perfect knowledge of its sector of competence: the security of goods and people. Created in November 2002, ESCORT SECURITE was approved by the National Council for Prevention and Security Activities (CNAPS) to practice in the various areas of private security such as: surveillance, guarding, intervention, security service, events, fire , logistics... Combining new technologies and …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] As a skills developer, we offer our services to companies, employees and job seekers. A major player in professional training in Occitanie, ADRAR Formation develops your skills and deploys real services to companies, employees and people looking for work. ADRAR Training is an integrated approach to serving your professions with a wide range of training. A diversified educational approach with intra, inter, distance or mixed or work-study training as well as active and stimulating teaching methods. For trainees, prior to training, we offer support for career guidance and the development of a suitable training course. During our …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Profileo Profileo

Libérez la puissance de PrestaShop Created in 2003, Profileo has a mission that has not changed: understanding (Profile) to optimize the performance of e-commerce sites (E0 - ecommerce optimization). Making e-commerce sites perform is the mission of Profileo’s 34 employees with 4 pillars: Host: Flexible, fast, reliable and secure hosting platform. Secure: Monitor and protect your online business comprehensively. Detect: Improve the performance of your eshop Accelerate: Ready-to-use solutions to boost your business and boost growth Several notable dates: From 2003 to 2008: creation and support of e-commerce sites via tailor-made and proprietary development. In 2008: birth of PrestaShop and …

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Régate - Coopératives d'entrepreneurs Régate - Coopératives d'entrepreneurs

[Automatic translation follows] We offer any project leader the opportunity to test and develop their activity in a secure and secure environment! 👍 👉 Since 1999, Régate has allowed you to experiment, realize and develop your business project. Joining our cooperatives means benefiting from real FIELD LEARNING, a status that gives you security and services to facilitate the launch of your activity. 📌 In a concrete and human way, we carry a motto: we can “Learn to undertake”. By taking advantage of the contributions of peers, training workshops, coaches and individual follow-ups, everyone can find their own rhythm and balance. …

Type: SMB Activities: edtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] Departmental solidarity, drinking water! For 45 years, Eau du Morbihan has worked for united and shared management of the resource, and ensures the security of drinking water services. Since January 1, 2020, it has exercised the Production and Transport of drinking water skills in all 196 municipalities in its territory. The exercise of the Drinking Water Distribution skill is à la carte and left to the choice of its members.

Type: SMB Activities: greentech Water management cleantech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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World leading manufacturer of advanced lightning protection systems We daily In-novate and engineer the best products and services to protect people and structures against lightning. INDELEC is a family-owned group of performance-driven SME, dedicated to lightning risk management as well as safety at height. Since 1955, the Group has maintained its production process in France and built up a network of regional subsidiaries offering a complete range of products and services. INDELEC also expanded quickly on Export markets: 75% of the equipment it manufactures is exported to qualified partners in more than 80 countries. INDELEC Group holds leading market positions …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Mutua MAZ Mutua MAZ

[Automatic translation follows] Mutual collaborator with Social Security number 11. The current Mutua MAZ is the product of the merger of several regional entities that have been configured in recent years as a Mutual with scope and action throughout the country, placing it among the largest mutuals in the sector. Starting from the means and resources of the aforementioned mutual societies, an expansion was developed with the opening of offices and medical facilities in all autonomous communities and cities, having thereby achieved the objective of consolidating an entity with national coverage and scope. This origin, being the result of the …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] Anti-slip and Floor Accessibility Solutions Proople is: - Products made in France of which you are certain of the quality and which respect the standards. Because we are all fragile and our environment is potentially dangerous, we develop products to make public spaces accessible and protect you from the risk of falls. - 40 years of “made in France” know-how. Our factories in France have production lines designed in-house to control the formulation and manufacturing processes, guaranteeing the best performance. Our selection of materials that comply with REACH regulations, as well as permanent monitoring of our production …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing Technologies: Cybersecurity

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PayTop PayTop

Money services : Money transfer, multi currencies card, currencies delivery. ⬇️ Discover our corporate website ⬇️ PayTop is an innovative, integrated and independent payment services business that is positioned as a mobile and web-based payment account operator. PayTop is approved by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Régulation de la de la Banque de France) and focuses on building innovating offers based on French regulation on a day-to-day basis, thus guaranteeing greater security for its clients as well as a long term trusted relationship. PayTop also has a multi service permit with a European passport. After money transfers, …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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AN21 AN21

[Automatic translation follows] The 21st century Digital Academy opens its doors to the digital world Digital Academy of the 21st century, AN21, is a computer science school which trains, in 2 years post-baccalaureate, experts from the sector in the specialties of cybersecurity, machine learning, data science and ERP management. AN21 allows you to transform a passion into expertise via a resolutely innovative pedagogy, organized by projects. We deliver a Bac+5 Expert title, approved Level 1 by the State at the level of the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP). The training is provided on the Toulouse campus. AN21 gives priority …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech IT Services Technologies: A.I. - Machine Learning Cybersecurity A.I.

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Merox Merox

DNS Security & DMARC Implement DMARC and many other protocols. Strengthen your DNS security posture, improve deliverability, reduce phishing, stop identity fraud... and much more. Mentioned by Gartner. Made in France, Europe. cybersecurity, cybersecurite, dmarc, dns, bimi, bec, business email compromise, tls, dnssec, dkim, spf, email security, and dns security

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] Companion to your dematerialization 💻 SenDOC is a young company dedicated to guiding its clients in the management of their document flows. Our values: flexibility, listening and responsiveness for tailor-made support in the digital transition. SenDOC adapts to the activity, the environment and the size of your company, to provide you with more flexibility thanks to solutions: - Electronic Document Management (EDM) - outsourcing the sending of your documents (electronic or paper) All in a highly secure industrial environment allowing the management, monitoring and archiving of your documents with probative value. Our experts are at your service: …

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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LAZAR SOFT Distribution LAZAR SOFT Distribution

[Automatic translation follows] Empowering Security Access a new business dimension! In addition to saving precious time in their implementation, the SaaS products selected are designed for Customers, which means that they are easy to access and highly efficient, giving you the time you need to develop your business. Cybersecurity, Security, Cloud, MSP, ISV, EDR, XDR, Bitdefender, Securden, NinjaRMM, GDPR, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, RMM, Remote Monitoring Management, Password Management, Software Distribution, and Distribution

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity SaaS

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End Game or Spart Game Our alchemy makes Spartearth® and our teams the first social and technological ESN in the universe. Our model is based around the human, excellence and performance. We are ready for glory, and you? Infrastructures, IA, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Consulting, Cloud transformation, DATA, Innovation, Technology, and ESN

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity Data Analytics

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We are specialists in protecting sensitive information More than a technological solution, we are a strategic decision for organizations. Our mission is to redefine the relationship between enterprises and cyber-security and the user experience in the process of authentication and access to technology assets. We deliver robust, multi-layered solutions, with advanced technology and focus on preventing security issues, protecting government and corporate information. We ensure secure communication between people (H2H), between machines (M2M), and between people and machines (H2M) with end-to-end encryption. We prevent: - Data breaches - Financial losses - Impact on productivity - Intrusion in IoT devices - …

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech IT Services Technologies: IoT Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] Locksight is a human-sized structure specializing in the field of cybersecurity. Locksight combines functional and technical expertise to support and provide services with high added value throughout the life cycle of its clients' information systems. Locksight offers a 360° cybersecurity vision thanks to new generation technologies and a transversal structure, allowing teams to intervene at all stages of the project with an efficient and pragmatic approach. We are here to help you best meet your cybersecurity needs.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Akidaia Akidaia

Offline identification Secure & Control access anywhere. No network needed. No stored data. 100% GDPR compliant. Green. Simple. More informations: // +33(0)4 93 41 52 11

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Vade Vade

Vade protects your people and your business from destructive phishing, ransomware, and spear phishing attacks. Vade is a leading cybersecurity firm specializing in AI-driven threat detection and response solutions for Microsoft collaboration suite, with a focus on serving Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and their Managed Service Providers (MSPs). With a global presence across eight locations, including the United States, France, Japan, Canada, and Israel, Vade's flagship product, Vade for Microsoft 365, seamlessly provides supplementary cybersecurity services for Microsoft’s collaboration suite. The company’s best-in-class security solutions integrate robust AI-driven protection and automated threat remediation, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced administrative …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. Cybersecurity

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Radiant Logic Radiant Logic

Radiant Logic, the identity data experts, helps organizations turn identity data into a strategic asset that drives automated governance, enhanced security, and operational efficiency. Our RadiantOne Identity Data Platform removes complexity as a roadblock to identity-first strategies by creating an authoritative data source for real-time, context-aware controls. We provide visibility and actionable insights to intelligently detect and remediate risk using AI/ML-powered identity analytics. With RadiantOne, organizations are able to tap into the wealth of information across the infrastructure, combining context and analytics to deploy governance that works for the most advanced use cases. It’s a radically simple approach. Learn more …

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech Technologies: Cybersecurity Data Analytics A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning

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Nestor Nestor

[Automatic translation follows] Exchange information in real time, share files and manage campaigns easily and securely. At Nestor, we have developed an intelligent business collaboration solution that makes it easier to communicate with your customers. With our solution, you can exchange information in real time, share files and manage campaigns with ease. Our user-friendly, personalized interface provides an exceptional user experience, while our commitment to data security and compliance gives you complete peace of mind. In short, Nestor is your trusted professional communications partner, helping you achieve your goals faster and more effectively than ever before. Legaltech, Legal, Software, GDPR, …

Type: Startup Activities: legaltech privacytech Technologies: Cybersecurity SaaS

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Elyware | Italian Cyber Security Excellence Elyware | Italian Cyber Security Excellence

Empowering Innovation through Mobile Development Solutions. Elyware s.r.l, the owner of Forsure app, offers a powerful password and file manager app that is designed with user privacy and security in mind. With Forsure, you can easily store and manage all your passwords, files, and sensitive information in one place, knowing that your data is encrypted and secured. Unlike other password managers that rely on servers to synchronize data, Forsure uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your data is only decrypted on your device, without ever passing through a server. This makes Forsure one of the most secure password managers available. …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity A.I.

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Proteus Switchgear Proteus Switchgear

British manufacturer - specialising in the production of industrial and domestic switchgear For over thirty-five years, Proteus Switchgear has been at the forefront of British manufacturing - specialising in the production of industrial and domestic switchgear with full circuit protection, working proficiently to supply a full and varied product range.

Type: SMB Activities: manufacturing Industry 4.0 Technologies: Cybersecurity

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J.P. Schwartz, Inc. J.P. Schwartz, Inc.

Experts in Country Club I.T. .P. Schwartz, Inc. provides reliable, intelligent, on budget, I.T. services and solutions to Private and Public Country Clubs as well as small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, and government entities. EdTech Fusion has been in business for just under 7 years and previously was known as J.P. Schwartz, Inc.. Over this time we have developed many partnerships and resources to serve the needs of our clients in a wide variety of industries. Our most prominent service offering is providing a full service, robust, all inclusive solution to the education market. Being able to bring this …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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VistaCare VistaCare

VistaCare was established in greater Halifax in 2003 to solve technology challenges for today's businesses and organizations. We are committed to providing clients with the most advanced and powerful communications and security solutions available, handling all stages of a project. A great company to work with and for, VistaCare is led by individuals with a common vision of enabling connectivity and building relationships. VistaCare has grown to be a premier communications contractor coast to coast in Canada and have expanded into the US marketplace. VistaCare's Turnkey services and solutions are multifaceted ensuring our customers projects are delivered on time and …

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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GLOBALNET® | Bitrix24 CRM | GoTo | Diji | TurkOpen | Software+Services “You are TRUST with GLOBALNET” GLOBALNET® |Bitrix24 CRM |GoTo LastPass |Diji |Cloud Hosting |E-Mail |Web |Domain |Digital Marketing |SSL Security |Turk Open Source |Software+Services GLOBAL CRM CLOUD DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES BUSINESS SOLUTIONS & SERVICES TURKOPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - Custom Software & Portal Development (PHP, Java, Python, MySQL, Postgresql) Bitrix24 CRM, BPM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS - API Integration SoftWare Services (ERP Logo, Uyumsoft, MikroYazılım, Paraşüt) GoTo LogMeIn REMOTE WORKING, REMOTE SUPPORT - LogMeIn Rescue, Central, Pro, Resolve, GoToMyPC - GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining LastPass Identity and Access Security Web …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services martech Technologies: SaaS Cybersecurity A.I. Generative A.I.

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LUNA Innovations LUNA Innovations

Luna Innovations Incorporated (NASDAQ: LUNA) is a leader in optical technology, committed to serving its customers with unique capabilities in high-performance, fiber-optic-based sensing, measurement, testing and control products for the aerospace, transportation, infrastructure, security, process control, communications, silicon photonics, defense, and automotive industries, among others. Enabling the future with fiber, Luna’s business model is designed to accelerate the process of bringing new and innovative technologies to market. strain and temperature sensing, test and measurement, research and development, lasers, fiber optic sensing, fiber optic test and measurement, polarization, non-destructive test, fiber coils, delay lines, terahertz gauging, terahertz imaging, interrogators, fiber …

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech manufacturing Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Mini-Circuits Mini-Circuits

The World's Preferred Supplier of RF/Microwave Products Mini-Circuits makes the building blocks that shape the wireless world. From communications networks and critical national security systems to life-saving diagnostic imaging, quantum computing and much more, we support the world’s most innovative companies in building a faster, smarter, more connected future with the power of RF, microwave and millimeter wave technology. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with design, manufacturing and sales locations in 30+ countries, we’re a diverse, rapid-growth corporation that hasn’t outgrown what it means to treat our team members, customers, suppliers and partners like family. 20,000+ customers prefer Mini-Circuits for the …

Type: SMB Activities: manufacturing Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Mimaki USA, Inc. Mimaki USA, Inc.

Innovator of digital wide format printers to serve the Sign Graphics, Textile & Apparel, Industrial and 3D markets. Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, industrial and textile/apparel markets. Mimaki develops the complete product range for each group; hardware, software, and the associated consumable items, such as inks and cutting blades. Mimaki excels in offering innovative, high quality and extremely reliable products, based upon its aqueous, solvent and UV-curable inkjet technology. In order to meet a wide range of applications in the market, Mimaki pursues the development of advanced on-demand digital printing …

Type: SMB Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Webel Fujisoft Vara CoE Webel Fujisoft Vara CoE

We train professionals & offer services in Industry 4.0 Tech-Data Science, Additive Mfg & CAD, Cyber Sec, Embedded & IoT An initiative of the Government of West Bengal, the Centre of Excellence in Industry 4.0 is being developed by Webel, Fujisoft Inc, and Vara Technology. The CoE brings together graduate students, professionals, start-ups, corporate, technology providers and government to radically transform skill development as well foster innovation. It is located in Rajarhat, Kolkata, India.

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT Cybersecurity Data Analytics 3D Printing

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Kochhar & Co. Kochhar & Co.

Advocates & Legal Consultants With more than 200 lawyers, Kochhar & Co. is one of the leading and largest corporate law firms in India ("Firm”). Kochhar & Co. enjoys the distinction of being the only law firm with a full-service presence in the six (7) prominent cities of India namely: New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and three (3) overseas offices: Dubai, UAE ; Chicago, USA and Singapore. The Firm offers a wide range of legal services in Corporate & Commercial Laws, Dispute Resolution, Tax (Direct & Indirect) and Intellectual Property (IPR) and specializes in representing major foreign …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Netsystem Netsystem

[Automatic translation follows] make IT clear ® Netsystem is a consulting company in information systems strategy and digital transformation. We offer our expertise around 2 service offerings: 1) Digital trust - Cyber: Audit, Risk Analysis and Management, Security Plan, Awareness, Phishing, ISO 27001 certification, PRA, PCA, awareness, NIS2 - Privacy: Audit, Training, support for GDPR compliance - Shared service center: external DPO, external CISO. 2) Digital transformation - Business expertise: > AMOA, Audit, Consulting, Bench, PMO, Change > IT due diligence, IT vendor due diligence, Carve-Out, PMI, Cyber ​​due diligence, Tech due diligence - Technological expertise: > Cloud, Telecom, IoT, …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Mutuelle des Motards Mutuelle des Motards

[Automatic translation follows] Specialist in the protection of drivers of motorized 2 and 3-wheelers. Activism, prevention and security. #insurance Coming from the FFMC Movement, the Mutuelle des Motards has its roots in the defense and protection of motorcyclists, but also in mutualist values. Solidarity, democracy, the primacy of man over money are the basis of its functioning. Find out how the commitment and investment of the Mutual's volunteers, employees and administrators have made it possible to build the benchmark insurer for the protection of motorized 2- and 3-wheel drivers. Motorcycles, scooters, scooters, bicycles... Keep two wheels ahead and always protect …

Type: SMB Activities: insurtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Morpheans Morpheans

Security & Electronic design Company. Security Advice. Security & Electronic design Company. Security Advice.

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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#MaSolutionIT avec Olisys & Olihost #MaSolutionIT avec Olisys & Olihost

[Automatic translation follows] Your tailor-made cybersecurity launched in 24 hours for a protected IS in our own secure data centers in France 👉 Discover #MyITSolution with Olisys & Olihost Responsible Digital & Sovereign serving ETIs/VSEs/SMEs A major player in the integration of 360° digital solutions in Hauts-de-France, MaSolutionIT has created, in more than 30 years, a real collaboration with companies and institutions in the region. ​Resolutely oriented Consulting & Service, MaSolutionIT aims to be the preferred partner of VSE/SMEs in terms of collaborative solutions, cybersecurity, mobility & connectivity, French cloud hosting, back up & Web development. 👉 “Business” IT solutions …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Manaps Manaps

[Automatic translation follows] IT Peace of Mind Provider. Simplicity, Efficiency, Proactivity Manaps' mission is to bring IT peace of mind to the organizations it supports. To achieve this, we have made commitments for ourselves and for our customers: Keep it simple: we look for the clearest way of doing and saying things. Be effective: we favor solutions that resolve problems sustainably. Be proactive: we always prefer prevention rather than cure. Our outsourcing services, complete management of your IT, are aimed at VSEs, SMEs, communities and associations to offer them the simplicity and peace of mind of a proactive and efficient …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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maltem Paris maltem Paris

[Automatic translation follows] Think, Build, Share For 20 years, maltem has enabled organizations to achieve their objectives through various services ranging from strategy to operations. maltem was founded in 2001 by Jean-Luc Clamen and Pascal Mennesson. The group covers a wide range of digital skills: Consulting, Data Factory, Agile Technology, Design Experience, and Cyber ​​Security with specific expertise in the fields of banking/insurance, energy, and media. maltem has extensive experience in IT through its subsidiary Omnilog and its delivery centers located around the world. The group brings together 1,100 employees in 12 countries, for a turnover of 100 million euros. …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

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Part of Accenture We are a true product of innovation. Created 20 years ago to meet the new demand for outsourcing and more recently cloud computing solutions, we have an optimistic and dynamic view of technology and its proven benefits for the way we work, collaborate and live. In this ever-changing world, the strategic transformation of businesses cannot be achieved without the development, management and security of a powerful and personalized digital infrastructure. While invisible to all, it is undeniable that an optimal digital infrastructure has become indispensable to the growth and survival of businesses and organizations. DevOps, Cloud, Managed …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Les Filles et Les Garçons de la Tech Les Filles et Les Garçons de la Tech

[Automatic translation follows] Digital services company with a solidarity mission. Give meaning to your daily life, join us! Girls & Les Garçons de la Tech is simple, it’s joyful and it’s serious! We respond to your challenges and support you in reducing the operating costs of your information system, modernizing applications and infrastructures to finally get rid of legacy while securing your application delivery chain. Without forgetting the transformation of your organizations. But it is with our humanist vision of the economy that we make our employees and our customers proud. Tech and solidarity activism? This is our winning combination …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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INFORSUD Technologies INFORSUD Technologies

[Automatic translation follows] We support our clients, SMEs, ETIs and Occitanie communities, in the optimization and performance of their IS. As an IT service provider, we have been supporting our SME, mid-sized and local authority clients to manage, secure and transform their Information Systems for over 35 years. Our objective: To implement, but above all to assist and facilitate the maintenance in operational conditions of your Information System. Operating from its 3 sites in Toulouse, Albi and Rodez, Inforsud Technologies supports you in your various IT projects: Implementation and maintenance of your management solutions (Payroll and HR, Sales Management, CRM, …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity SaaS

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Nameshield Group Nameshield Group

Online Asset Security NAMESHIELD GUARANTEES HIGH AVAILABILITY OF YOUR STRATEGIC ONLINE SERVICES AND ENSURES THE MONITORING AND DEFENCE OF YOUR DOMAIN NAMES. With nearly 30 years of experience at the service of its customers and partners, Nameshield is the French provider of reference for domain names management, security and associated services. . Recognized by its peers, Nameshield evolves in the heart of the cybersecurity ecosystem and anticipates the current and future challenges of companies and administrations. Founded in 1994, Nameshield is the first French registrar to be certified ISO 27001. As a sovereign registrar, Nameshield maintains its societal commitment by …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Exaqtworld is a French group that designs, manufactures and sells innovative and patented technological solutions specially for the retail sector (fashion, eyewear, leather goods, etc.). Exaqtworld has its own European production factory (in Hungary) which manufactures the innovative solutions designed at the very heart of its R&D department, offering an excellent COST/INNOVATION/REACTIVITY ratio

Type: SMB Activities: fashtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] AKTEA is committed to working alongside you in the transformation of your information system. Since 2005, we have specialized in security, infrastructure and unified communications. We support private and public sector companies in the transformation of their information systems. Our engineers are certified on all of the solutions we offer. We guarantee deployment and support followed by optimized and personalized support. AKTEA operates in the greater South-West and has national coverage, thanks to its commitment to the economic interest group RED IT. We are experiencing a human adventure that places collective intelligence and skills at the heart …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Kappalys Kappalys

[Automatic translation follows] Cloud & Managed Service Provider Kappalys is a player with high added value in the private and public Cloud. As a Cloud Managed Services Provider (CMSP), we use all of our skills to orchestrate a converged infrastructure to serve our customers. Kappalys technical resources are exclusively located on French territory. The KAPPALYS offer: ACCOMMODATION AND ROOMING Hosting solutions adapted to your needs MANAGEMENT Tailor-made managed services DATA MINING An architecture that enhances your data BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Expertise and analysis of your data to help you make decisions and plan ahead Hosting, Colocation, Cloud, Managed Services, Cybersecurity, and …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] The passion of our teams serving our partners. ACTIVUS Group is 4 agencies, 5 professions, 6 technological offers for 95 employees. We are a Toulouse consulting and software publishing group that accelerates the digital transformation of its clients. We are present in Toulouse, Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. Today we offer our customers and employees comprehensive expertise and experience through know-how in: - Software publishing, - Advice, - Training, - R&D -Hybrid Cloud. Technical know-how that ACTIVUS Group deploys in its preferred areas: - AI, - Big Data, - Digital transformation, - Development of digital applications, - Architectures …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Cybersecurity

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Gibraltaz Gibraltaz

[Automatic translation follows] Digital, social and solidarity engineering An engineering and services company, GIBRALTAZ supports companies in all sectors of activity and territories in all their digital-related issues. Appreciated for its attentiveness and proximity, the GIBRALTAZ multidisciplinary team conceives, designs, develops and maintains a variety of high-performance tailor-made digital services: online configurator of tailor-made industrial parts, ERP, CRM, management tools, software building blocks and connectors. ... His three objectives? 1. dematerialize, standardize, make reliable, accelerate, optimize processes - commercial, production, management, etc. 2. allow its customers - companies, associations, territories - to access easy-to-use management tools, adapted to their real …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Ingénieurs du numérique - Inspiring your digital future TELECOM Nancy, School of Engineering in Information Technology is a public school of engineering of University of Lorraine, created in 1990. It delivers a Master's degree in Information Science and Technology. It is an associate school of Institut Mines-Telecom. School of Engineering, Information Technology, Enterprise Information Systems, Network Systems and Services, Software Engineering, Embedded Software, Big Data, and Cyber Security

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity Data Analytics Embedded Systems

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Texlock GmbH Texlock GmbH

light. beautiful. secure. light. beautiful. secure. - that's how a bicycle lock should be. With the flexibility of a rope, and the strength of a hardened metal chain, tex-lock is a design focused bicycle lock brand. Founded in 2016 in Leipzig Germany; the co-founders Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand are bicycle enthusiasts, designers and product developers by vocation and passion. Equipped with textile know-how and dissatisfied with the existing bicycle lock solutions, they developed the brilliant idea: a bicycle lock made of textile. textile Sicherungssysteme, Technische Textilien, Design, Fahrradindustrie, Bike industry, technical textiles, and Bicycle security

Type: Startup Activities: fashtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Tessian Tessian

Cloud Email Security that intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss Tessian was acquired by Proofpoint. View the press release: To see what’s new, visit Tessian is a leading cloud email security platform that intelligently protects organizations against advanced threats and data loss on email, while coaching people about security threats in-the-moment. Using machine learning and behavioral data science, Tessian automatically stops threats that evade legacy Secure Email Gateways, including advanced phishing attacks, business email compromise, accidental data loss and insider threats. Tessian’s intelligent approach not only strengthens email security but also builds smarter security …

Type: SMB Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. - Machine Learning Cybersecurity A.I. Data Analytics

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Tera Technology Group Tera Technology Group

At Tera Technology, we put our customers first. Our mission is to provide professional IT solutions to help your organization be more effective. We provide both off- and on-site service, and we’re dedicated to eliminating computer downtime. All our work is guaranteed. Our employees are Microsoft certified and have a wide range of experience with industry-specific software. We take pride in our “out-of-the-box” solutions. MANAGED SERVICES We help maximize the performance of your technology—with a guaranteed level of service—while controlling costs. Our goal is to detect situations and fix them before they become problems. Services include: - Remote monitoring to …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Team8 Team8

Global venture group that builds and invests in companies in cyber, AI, fintech, and digital health. Team8 is a global venture group with deep domain expertise that creates companies and invests in companies specializing in enterprise technologies, cyber, AI, fintech and digital health. Leveraging an in-house, multi-disciplinary team of company-builders integrated with a dedicated community of C-level executives and thought leaders, Team8’s model is designed to outline big problems, ideate solutions, and help accelerate success through technology, market fit and talent acquisition. Team8’s leadership team represents serial entrepreneurs, industry pioneers and the former leadership of Israel’s elite tech and intelligence …

Type: Incubators & VCs Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. Cybersecurity

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TaliwareTM TaliwareTM

The next wave of cardiac ECG biometrics is here, where the unique rhythm of your heart is your biometric password. The Biombeat, a Patent Award-winning biometric technology by Taliware delivers true touchless login and location-based authentication using the unique rhythm of your heart as password. internet of things, identity management, authentication, geolocation, wearables, and security

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services regtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Spanugo Spanugo

Spanugo is a world-leading company providing Cybersecurity Posture Assurance for the enterprise hybrid cloud. It accomplishes this by automating all aspects of Risk, Cybersecurity and Compliance assurance, including automating resource discovery, configuration management, and security best practices. Spanugo provides a unified single pane of glass view with comprehensive fine-grained visibility for all resources spanning the on-premises data center infrastructure, such as VM’s and physical machines, network elements and applications along with multi-cloud based infrastructure resources such as AWS/Azure Cloud accounts and services, cloud virtual machines and cloud-native applications. Spanugo’s agent-less architecture enables friction-less deployment in the enterprise hybrid cloud with …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Solink Solink

Solink helps you find and solve problems that affect your business'​ daily operations and security. Solink is a subscription-based software that connects your camera footage with your POS data to give you the insight you need to increase your profits, reduce theft, and help you reclaim your time. Solink reviews all of your POS transactions and pairs them with the corresponding real-time video, creating a dashboard of searchable moments. These moments allow you to filter by specific incidents like movement in a room, particular purchases, and unusual staff behavior. Solink is a Wesley Clover company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario with …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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SocialProof Security SocialProof Security

Defend against cyber criminals with engaging security awareness videos, training, talks, and pentesting. Defend against cyber criminals with engaging security awareness and social engineering prevention videos, training, talks and penetration testing.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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SecurityWeek SecurityWeek

Leading Source of Cybersecurity News, Insights and Expert Analysis. Industry-leading events portfolio SecurityWeek helps cybersecurity professionals do their jobs better by providing timely news, information, analysis and insights from experts in the trenches. Created by industry professionals and a seasoned news team, SecurityWeek produces actionable content and a portfolio of industry-leading events to help cybersecurity professionals around the globe defend their organizations from increasingly complex cyber threats. ( cybersecurity, news, events, IT security, conferences, cyberdefense, and SCADA

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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SDxCentral SDxCentral

The leading provider of B2B technology news for IT infrastructure leaders. #cloud #cybersecurity #sdwan #5G #edge SDxCentral is an independent B2B media company covering the technology infrastructure market. Subscribe: software defined networking, network virtualization, network functions virtualization, software defined data center, cloud networking, digital media, SaaS, Advertising, news, Lead Generation, B2B, 5G, IoT, Mobile Edge Computing, Containers, Cloud, Security, and SD-WAN

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: 5G Cybersecurity IoT SaaS

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Financial risk management, markets, investing and regulation news. Newsletters here: The inside scoop on financial risk management, markets, investing and regulation, from Subscribe to our newsletters: Risk Management, Derivatives, Regulation, and Investing

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Red Goat Cyber Security LLP Red Goat Cyber Security LLP

Training, Crisis Exercises and Consultancy Services Red Goat Cyber Security provides cyber crisis exercises and consultancy services along with awareness training and insider threat program development for organisations around the world. social engineering, Cyber Security, Training, Keynote Speaker, Exercising, Wargaming, cyber crisis exercising, and cyber security training

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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RangeForce RangeForce

Empowering cyber readiness for teams. Achieve true cyber readiness with the leading blue team training for SOC teams. Assess, refine, and validate skills needed to defend your organization against current cybersecurity threats. Cyber Security, Security Attack, Defense & Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Security Monitoring, Incident Response, Security Simulations, Skills Assessment & Development, datasecurity, cybersecurity, infosecurity, webapplicationsecurity, Cyber Training, SOC team training, Cyber range, blue team , cyber upskilling, and cyber readiness

Type: Startup Activities: Games IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Protect4S (a SecurityBridge company) Protect4S (a SecurityBridge company)

SAP Security Automation and Continuous Protection | Now a part of SecurityBridge Protect4S has joined forces with SecurityBridge to provide greater SAP Security. Join us on our new journey by following SecurityBridge! ​ Press Release: ​ SecurityBridge Website: Protect4S builds SAP Platform Security software that enables SAP customers to continuously improve their SAP cybersecurity through automation and simplicity of use. Our mission is to make our SAP cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable to everyone because we want to make the world a bit safer. To achieve this, we work closely with SAP service partners around the world …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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PrivKey LLC PrivKey LLC

CYBERSECURITY, DISTRIBUTED LEDGER, & SMART CONTRACT TECHNOLOGY Provide advice support for solution construction, implementation and systems integration, delivering high quality systems related to blockchain, cybersecurity and virtual infrastructure in response to varying business requirements. cybersecurity, blockchain, and (DLT) Distributed Ledger Technology

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Cybersecurity

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Previder Previder

Previder is een managed service provider. Vanuit twee locaties in Nederland leveren we het gehele IT-fundament. Previder is the largest Dutch-based and owned datacenter company. Our two new carrier-neutral TIER 3+ datacenters are perfectly located in a low-cost region between the largest Internet Exchanges in the world: AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and DE-CIX (Frankfurt), with direct fiber connections to both. Previder was founded in 1995. Over the years, the company has built up an excellent track record in the internet industry. Large companies and government organisations are among its clients. Besides colocation, Previder offers a broad range of cloud services and end-user …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Pindrop Pindrop

Security, Identity & Intelligence On Every Voice Pindrop® solutions are leading the way to the future of voice by establishing the standard for security, identity, and trust for every voice interaction. Pindrop solutions protect some of the biggest banks, insurers, and retailers in the world using patented technology that extracts an unrivaled amount of intelligence from every call encountered. Pindrop solutions help detect fraudsters and authenticate callers, reducing fraud and operational costs, while improving customer experience and protecting brand reputation. Pindrop solutions have been implemented in 8 of the top 10 US banks and 5 of the top 7 US …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Hive Hive

secure, sustainable cloud storage and computing Secure, sustainable cloud storage and computing for individuals and businesses. hiveDisk: secure, sustainable storage hiveCompute: scalable, sustainable computing

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Proton Proton

Proton provides free encrypted email, calendar, drive, password manager, and VPN services. Building a better Internet. At Proton, we believe that a better world begins with privacy, and our mission is at the heart of everything we do. Proton is a community-first organization, created through a public crowdfunding campaign, and built with community input. To this day, Proton's only source of revenue is subscriptions from users. Our ecosystem of easy-to-user and open-source tools includes: ✉️ Proton Mail: ads-free encrypted inbox to keep your communications private 🌐 Proton VPN: fast & secure VPN to unblock content and browse securely 🗓️ Proton …

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Payflow (YC S21) Payflow (YC S21)

[Automatic translation follows] We believe in happy companies. We bring financial well-being to your team. Become a Great Place to Work. Our mission is to bring financial well-being to all workers, thus allowing them to increase their motivation and productivity at work. We want to improve the way we charge and change lives. We are partners with your company: our Payflow, Learnflow and Saveflow solutions allow you to improve the employee experience, enhance your employer brand, retain talent and become a better place to work. All this without generating administrative burden, with super simple processes and the safest technology. - …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Liminal Liminal

Market intelligence and strategy firm focused on digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity Liminal is a global market intelligence and strategic advisory firm specializing in digital identity, financial crime and compliance, and IT security technology solutions across industries while catering to the private equity and venture capital community. Founded in 2016, Liminal offers strategic and analytical services supporting executive decision-making at all product and business lifecycle stages. We advise some of the world’s most prominent business leaders, investors, and policymakers on building, acquiring, and investing in the next generation of solutions and technologies. We provide access to proprietary data and analysis, …

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech constructiontech fintech Media Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Noovle Noovle

The Nexus of Forces Noovle, within the TIM Group, aims to become the leader for Italian cloud services. The company has been created leveraging TIM’s experience in ICT services, data centers infrastructure, specialised skills of an important Google cloud partner in Italy (Noovle Srl) and a team of international cloud experts. TIM data centers located throughout the country, created with the most advanced technologies and security standards, are now part of Noovle offerings. The company is able to provide products, services and tailored made solutions in a secure cloud space to private businesses of all sizes and public administration, using …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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MyData-TRUST - Data Protection & Privacy for Life Sciences MyData-TRUST - Data Protection & Privacy for Life Sciences

When Data Protection meets Life Sciences MyData-TRUST supports Life Sciences Industry in leveraging compliance related to Data Protection & Privacy. MyData-TRUST is composed of a multi-disciplinary team including data privacy lawyers, IT security specialists and life sciences experts. We merge these skills and create a unique combination of skills and knowledge to efficiently address the client needs. MyData-Trust offers professional consulting services to assess the compliance of existing and new data processing activities and to setup corrective actions plan. MyData-TRUST has developed end-to-end solutions to guarantee the patients privacy and the compliance with Regulation in improving and streamlining critical study …

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech Technologies: Data Analytics Cybersecurity

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Experis España Experis España

[Automatic translation follows] Experis is a global benchmark in the selection of IT professionals, and technological consulting for the implementation of projects and managed services. It has three areas of specialization: Business Transformation, Cloud & Infrastructure, and Enterprise Applications. As digital transformation develops and the shortage of tech profiles becomes more acute, Experis can provide talent that combines the technical capabilities and soft skills necessary to ensure the success of any organization. In addition, through Experis Academy, it works with a large group of technical schools and universities to launch training programs that allow talent to develop with the skills …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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M3 Security Systems Ltd M3 Security Systems Ltd

M3 Security Systems Ltd supply and install Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and Fire Detection Systems. M3 Security Systems have been protecting homes and businesses for over 15 years. We offer tailor-made, Security Systems, using the latest technology. We have established an enviable reputation for superior customer service across the South of England. Intruder alarms, CCTV Systems, Access control, Fire Detection Systems

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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[Automatic translation follows] Lima Expresa, subsidiary of VINCI Highways. We operate the Yellow Line expressway and the Vía de Evitamiento. LIMA EXPRESA is a company that has been part of VINCI Highways, a subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, since December 2016. We work for positive mobility that connects our clients and users and improves the quality of life of the citizens of Lima. We have a concession granted by the Municipality of Lima in 2009, which contemplates: • 16 km of the Vía de Evitamiento, from Trébol de Javier Prado to Ovalo Habich. • 9 km of the Yellow Line expressway, …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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LABA - IT Training Center LABA - IT Training Center

Dedicated Towards Perfection in ICT “LABA – Dedicated To Perfection in ICT” LABA established in 2009 is the most advanced IT training service provider in Nepal. The training center offers blended IT learning solutions comprising Classroom training, Onsite training and e-learning directly from the global vendors. We are privileged to be listed in top 100 ICT solutions provider in the world according to 2014 Red Herring Global award (, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies, startups and entrepreneurs from across the globe.. The center has currently 5000 + Square feet of space with …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Kudelski Security Kudelski Security

Intelligent Cybersecurity | Follow us on Twitter @KudelskiSec Kudelski Security is a premier cybersecurity solutions provider, working with the most security-conscious organizations in Europe and across the United States. Our long-term approach to client partnerships enables us to continuously evaluate their security posture to design and deliver solutions to reduce business risk, maintain compliance and increase overall security effectiveness. For more information about capabilities including consulting, technology, managed security services or custom innovation, visit: Managed security services and solutions, security incident response, threat monitoring, risk assessment and compliance, penetration testing, device security evaluation, identity and access management, security compliance …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Mi Legado Digital Mi Legado Digital

[Automatic translation follows] We provide security and peace of mind to users who transmit their wishes to us about their presence on the network. Mi Legado Digital is an expanding InsurTech and RegTech company, a national reference in Spain and in collaboration with the largest insurance companies. Supported by a large technological and innovative infrastructure, we provide a comprehensive response to the new social needs associated with the Internet and all our interaction with it. Dedicated to the processing of digital data, we guarantee the protection of such fundamental rights as health, honor, image, privacy, online reputation, forgetfulness and the …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Krowdthink Ltd Krowdthink Ltd

Defining a privacy respectful business model for digital engagement in places Krowdthink develops the Krowd - the first Personal Network, connecting people in places (without tracking or knowing location), answering two questions; Who's here and what's happening? We layer in services for venue owners to offer their visitors safety through direct connection to security, or to report cleanliness or maintenance worries by linking directly to operations and facilities management. Mobile Apps, Privacy, Social networking, eventtech, GDPR, facilities Management, Crowd Safety, Security, and CyberSecurity

Type: Startup Activities: privacytech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Kisi Kisi

For companies looking to modernize their approach to physical security, Kisi offers simplicity and security as a service Kisi develops cloud technology to build security systems that use a combination of sensors and mobile devices to manage facilities. Designed for commercial and enterprise applications, the Kisi system provides an added layer of control and enhanced experience at all access points of the facility. Access Control, Access Management, Keyless Office Entry, Office Technology, Smart Office, Employee Productivity, Real Estate Technology, Proptech, and Flexible Office

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services proptech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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JustProtect JustProtect

A SaaS platform that helps simplify the process of distributing and responding to internal and 3rd party assessments The connective tissue between cybersecurity and the business. JustProtect introduces a level of clarity for non-cybersecurity stakeholders leading to increased confidence, better investment decisions and more accurate regulatory filings. Cybersecurity, SaaS, Assessments, Business intelligence, Automation, and Decision making

Type: Startup Activities: regtech Technologies: Cybersecurity SaaS

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Intezer Intezer

Leave the SOC grunt work to technology. Keep noise, false positives, and alerts from overwhelming your security team. Leave the SOC grunt work to Intezer. Automatically triage alerts 24/7, respond faster, and cut out noise & false positives. Try free: Malware Analysis, Threat Detection, Incident Response, Cybersecurity, Malware Classification, Threat Hunting, DFIR, Memory Forensics, Digital Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Security Operations, Memory Analysis, Attribution, Threat Research, Threat Intelligence, YARA, Disk Image Forensics, File Scanning, URL Scanning, Sandboxing, Attribution, Memory Dump Scanning, Alert Triage, and SOC Automation

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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IngeniArs S.r.l. IngeniArs S.r.l.

Innovative high-tech electronic and informatics systems for Space, Healthcare, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence IngeniArs was founded in 2014 as innovative start-up and University of Pisa spin-off company, from the long experience of our co-founders in the area of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering advanced research. We are specialized in design and development of innovative high-tech electronic/informatics systems mainly in the domains of Aerospace, Telemedicine, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to our consolidated experience in the fields of electronic and computer engineering, we are able to manage the full lifecycle of electronics, microelectronics, embedded systems, smart sensors, web application and services, …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech IT Services Technologies: A.I. Cybersecurity Embedded Systems Sensors

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Helm Solutions, Inc. Helm Solutions, Inc.

HELM Solutions, Inc. is a global cyber security and technology firm that provides legal and compliance solutions to government and the enterprise. The Helm platform is a web-based compliance-as-a-service solution that partners with regulators around the world to provide companies of all sizes with the tools and visibility necessary to conduct instant and comprehensive compliance gap analyses into their cyber security and technology operations. As gaps are identified between regulatory requirements and a company’s cyber security or technology operations (i.e. IT Tools, Business Operations, Architecture, and Policy / Standards / Controls Libraries), our platform then refers those customers to the …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech IT Services privacytech regtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Hacker House Hacker House

All computers are Broken. Let us show you how to secure them. Hacker House is the global portal for skills training, security services, cyber arms, and defense products. We train individuals and organizations to be self-sufficient in all things cyber security. Hacker House is a team of computer hackers seeking innovation within the information security industry. Hacker House provides offensive security solutions so you can understand the real-world risks that impact on your business. Hacker House teaches you what hackers can learn about your business and systems so that preventative solutions to protect your assets can be applied. Hacker House's …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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The leading risk management and insurance marketplace focused on the short-term rentals industry. GUARDHOG Tech is the leading risk management and insurance marketplace focused on the short-term rentals industry. We provide a one-stop-shop offering a unique 360-degree approach to trust and safety, offering a range of cost-effective solutions incorporating ID verification, guest screening, insurance, and property certification. insurance, Sharing economy insurance, HostCover, StuffCover, and verification

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Nucleaus Nucleaus

NucleausTM is an application security platform that continuously monitors your code repositories #SAST #spellcheckforcode NucleausTM continuously monitors your code repositories and reports back vulnerabilities and dependencies before that code causes risks. Offering a consistent platform process with minimal learning curve, simple to use interface, remediation strategy reports and NIST conformance status, NucleausTM enables transparency and risk management to code repositories. Security as a Service, Application Security Programs, Application Security Testing, Application Security, and Web Application Security

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Global-e Datacenter BV Global-e Datacenter BV

An optimally equipped, sustainable and secure colocation for your ICT servers? Global-e Datacenter BV is a modern carrier-neutral datacenter located in the south of the Netherlands (Rijen). Your data is safely stored in our datacenters. We are centrally located to the cities of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Eindhoven. We focus on high availability, reliability and security. Our state of the art datacenters meet all high standards. If you choose to connect to Global-e Datacenter, you will have a direct connection between your office, our datacenter, the Internet and the cloud. Through the network of Global-e Datacenter you have quick access to …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services telecommunications Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Futurae Technologies AG Futurae Technologies AG

Future-proof, end user-centric authentication #2FA #MFA #SCA #Cybersecurity #Privacy #Usability #Transactions Empowering secure futures, Futurae pioneers innovative authentication, transaction and fraud prevention for a safer digital world Our mission is to increase the security of users online. We know that authentication and transaction confirmation can add value beyond a mere security guarantee. Our platform delivers that promise across industries: flawless customer experiences, real-time decision making, fraud prevention and customers insights analysis. Cybersecurity, IT Security, Usability, 2FA, Customer Journey, Customer Experience, Multifactor Authentication, MFA, Authentication, SCA, Human-Centric, Two-Factor Authentication, risk-based assessment, Adaptive Authentication, Context-based Authentication, Passwordless, WebAuthN, and fraud prevention

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services uxtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Fintonic Fintonic

We get you the loan you need and help you have more money. With more than a million users, over 70 employees, and more than 12 years in the market. Google Award for the best Finance app and many more accolades that make us proud. And always true to our philosophy: to be by the user's side at all times so they can get the loan they need and to help them have more money with interest-bearing accounts, investments, saving on insurance, avoiding fees... WE LOOK FOR THE LOAN THAT SUITS YOU The best financing with your FinScore: the index …

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech fintech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Keylu Keylu

Helping you take a proactive approach to life planning; organising and storing your information in a safe place Keylu is an online platform that helps you to capture and securely store everything that is important in your life. Whether you need some help in removing the chaos of managing your digital footprint (personal, legal, or financial documents), or want to ensure that your precious memories and moments are never lost. By creating a Keylu account, not only will you make your online life much easier, but you will make a huge difference to the lives of your loved ones, should …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Vistalworks Vistalworks

Software tools and enforcement intelligence to detect harmful content and illicit goods traded online. Unlock the Power of Vistalworks' Cutting-Edge Data Technology for Enhanced Public Safety At Vistalworks, we empower law enforcement, regulators, and border forces to safeguard the well-being of UK citizens by preventing dangerous illicit goods from infiltrating borders and the legitimate supply chain.. Our advanced data technology is designed to detect and intercept drugs, weapons, chemicals, banned and smuggled items, as well as dangerous counterfeits thriving in the online marketplace. Key Highlights of Our Services: Unprecedented Detection Capabilities: State-of-the-art software and machine learning models provide unparalleled capabilities …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity SaaS

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Acklio Acklio

Reconciles Interoperability, Security & Energy-Efficiency in IoT #SCHC #Compression #DLMS #LoRaWAN #NBIoT #LTEM #Sigfox Expert in communication protocols, Acklio innovates on the Internet of Things market with a software suite bringing significant benefits for interoperability, security and energy efficiency of IoT deployments. Acklio's co-founders pioneered a technology that brings the ability to transport IP-based applications to the new constrained networks of the IoT. This mechanism, called SCHC for "Static Context Header Compression", was published as an IETF standard in 2020. * RFC 8724: SCHC Generic Framework for LPWAN * RFC 9011: SCHC over LoRaWAN * RFC 8824: SCHC for CoAP …

Type: Startup Activities: smart home telecommunications Technologies: IoT Sensors Cybersecurity 5G

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mirSense mirSense

Laser is smart mirSense is a French high tech company specialized in QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser) based solutions addressing the defense and industry/environment markets. The mirSense offer splits into three product lines : - uniMir: DFB Lasers (for spectroscopy) - powerMir: high power Lasers (for defense and security) - multiSense: OEM Laser gas analyser (for industry/environment) mirSense patented QCL technologies bridge the gap between high performance, miniaturization and cost effectiveness. QCL gas analyser, QCL laser, Quantum cascade laser, High power QCL, Photoacoustic spectrometer, QCL analyser, and High power laser

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech nanotech manufacturing Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Coopetic Coopetic

[Automatic translation follows] Cooperative of activities and entrepreneurs dedicated to the communication, audiovisual, web & media. Coopetic is a Cooperative of Activities and Entrepreneurs (CAE) dedicated to the communication, web and audiovisual professions. Coopetic is a company with Scop status whose particularity is to offer employee status to any person who wants to create an activity without registering as a company. For project leaders, attached to the status of employee and the security it provides, the CAE provides a suitable response: it allows them to undertake independently while benefiting from the advantages of employment. Entrepreneurship, Audiovisual, NICT, Media, and Communication

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Olnica Olnica

Secure Track & Trace System - Protect your brand with Olnica We Are Brand Protection Experts. Olnica delivers the world’s first end-to-end Secure Track & Trace System that combines innovative molecular taggants with cutting-edge digital and cloud-based technology. We use our proprietary, invisible taggant to make counterfeit visible, all the way along your value chain. What we can see, we can solve. We safeguard intellectual property, guarantee authenticity and traceability of products and materials, and protect your brand from counterfeiters.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

13 2 9 11

[Automatic translation follows] Cybersecurity: Your Business Attack-Proof Benefit from cyber protection services from major companies • carried out at the scale of SMEs and ETIs, • adapted to your availability and reduced technical resources, • integrable whatever your cyber maturity. #DIAGNOSTIC #PENTEST #SOC #QRF Risk Management, Intrusion Detection, SaaS, MSSP, Managed Security, Security Operation Center, Pentest, and Quick Response Force

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Scarabe Scarabe

[Automatic translation follows] Sale of tactical and airsoft equipment Security, Audit, and Information Protection

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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