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Resonance ConsultingResonance Consulting

Resonance is a branding and communication consultancy, with senior-level, cross-sectoral experience of working on some of the best global and Indian brands. The partners bring extensive work experience with leading ad agencies such as JWT, McCann-Erickson, DDB Mudra, FCB-Ulka, Grey Worldwide and Publicis, working for a wide spectrum of clients – across FMCG, tech, lifestyle, durables, services and the social sector. Working in a hierarchy-free, hands-on manner, at Resonance we seamlessly blend strategy and creative, besides collaborating with the best-in-class associates to deliver integrated solutions. Ours is a story of repeat buying and long-term relationships. Our services: • Insight Mining …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: martech Advertising Services Technologies: Data Analytics

ESB NetworksESB Networks

Serving all electricity customers. A subsidiary within ESB Group, we are ESB Networks. We are the licensed operators of the electricity distribution system in the Republic of Ireland, this includes all distribution stations, overhead electricity lines, poles and underground cables. We are responsible for building, operating and maintaining these to serve all 2.3 million electricity customers across the country safely and efficiently. We facilitate the competitive electricity market. As meter operator, we install, maintain and read the meters of all electricity customers and provide this information to suppliers. We have invested over six billion euro in the electricity network over …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: cleantech greentech Utilities

Association médiagraphAssociation médiagraph

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture

Dassault AviationDassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is a French aerospace company that shapes the future by designing and building military aircraft, business jets and space systems. Leader on the New Generation Fighter developed within the joint European program FCAS (Future Combat Air System) Designer and manufacturer of the Rafale multirole fighter, capable of handling all types of missions for both air forces and naval air arms Designer of the nEUROn combat drone, built by a European partnership Designer and manufacturer of the Falcon family of business jets, recognized for their handling qualities, operational flexibility, low fuel consumption and innovative solutions Designer and manufacturer of …

Type: Large company Public Company Activities: Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing Technologies: Drones

Ministère de la DéfenseMinistère de la Défense

[Automatic translation follows] Official account of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. In the era of globalization, notions of security and conflict have evolved. This observation imposes strategic reorientations in the use of means of defense within and outside our country. Defense and national security strategy is currently defined through five major strategic functions: knowing and anticipating, preventing, deterring, protecting, intervening. In this context, the role of the Ministry of Defense is to ensure the protection of French territory, population and interests. It also responds to other missions within the framework of international (NATO) or regional (Defence Europe) agreements and …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


Code the world Zenika is an IT consulting firm with 550 employees that help companies in their digital transformation. The company has offices in France, Canada, Singapore and now in Morocco. As a link between the organic and digital worlds, our expertise begins with an interface and ends with data storage and exploitation, in agile, devops and secure mode. Sharing, transparency and conviviality are values that belong to Zenika, so it is natural that our community is strongly committed to open source and sustainable digital. Java/JEE consulting, training and development, Web, Mobilité, IoT, DevOps, Craftsmanship, Agilité, Sécurité, Transformation numérique, and …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: IT Services transporttech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

GEPS TechnoGEPS Techno

The Innovation Lab for the blue economy GEPS Techno is an innovative company,which designs and develops electric production technologies from renewable maritime power. Protected by international patents, these technologies are marketed as either exclusive or non exclusive licence agreements to manufacturing companies able to sell, fabricate and commission the final products. We can also carry out advisory and technical visits, to assist customers implement developed solutions and thus optimise and adapt the final installation as necessary. Renewable Energy, Engineering, Marine Renewable Energy, and Project Management

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: cleantech greentech Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing

Bureaux And CoBureaux And Co

[Automatic translation follows] Work with those who inspire you! Welcome to offices & amp; co, creator of workspaces and fun, warm, collaborative places of life so that everyone can work alongside those who inspire them. Domiciliation, office rental, flexible contracts, grouping of self -employed, purchases of optimized equipment, simplification of procedures, proximity, real estate platform manager, profitability of vacantes, and coworking

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: proptech Real Estate


All-in-one participative platform to facilitate productive and efficient team workshops wherever you are. Pioneering in collaborative solutions & the future of work, Klaxoon introduces the world’s first all-in-one workshop platform. The Workshop Platform consists of an unmatched set of solutions that enables team to get things done. Run efficient workshops from anywhere, while accelerating collaboration, fostering success, and moving forward as a team. This platform brings together disparate functions into one cohesive platform to support today’s hybrid work including: a virtual whiteboard, surveys, memos, communications tools, information sharing features, automated reporting, and built-in video conferencing. Launched in 2015, Klaxoon is …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: edtech IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting


[Automatic translation follows] Reading accessible to dys The pleasure of reading accessible to dys At Mobidys, we facilitate reading for dys and tendons to make the pleasure of reading accessible to all. We adapt existing works in “Frog” books: books in audio, digital or paper format, adapted to dys audiences. Our books are interactive and customizable, enriched cognitively, using a multitude of reading tools. Dyslexia is a dysfunction of reading learning processes, affecting 1 to 2 children per class. Reading becomes a real ordeal, at school as at home. Faced with the difficulties that accumulate, the child can lose self …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: edtech Book and Periodical Publishing

Terra InnovaTerra Innova

[Automatic translation follows] Agroecological valuation of site lands - we are reborn our environment thanks to your excavated lands! Agronomic and environmental valuation of construction lands *** Valuation of cuttings: Environmental, technical, logistics and town planning engineering for the creation of agricultural valuation sites *** hedges on slope *** Reconstitution of fertile soils by the valuation of clays, sands and site silts *** Urban wasteland renaturation *** Urban agriculture *** Creation of fertile and resilient ecosystems Environment, valuation of cuttings, ecological engineering, plant engineering, improvement in water quality, agronomy, engineering, recreation of ecosystems, agroecology, permaculture, circular economy, phytoremédioation, planting of …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: civictech cleantech agritech greentech Environmental Services Technologies: New Materials


[Automatic translation follows] Tampons, towels and bio cotton-cotton shots delivered to your home! Finally !A brand of healthy, effective and generous hygienic protections: organic pads, organic hygienic towels, panties, menstrual cuts and organic-slips protectors. For each JHO box purchased, products will be given to women in need in France and abroad. Healthy rules, does that speak to you?Meet on www.jhho.fr!

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: retail Retail

Fonto de vivo - ORISA®Fonto de vivo - ORISA®

[Automatic translation follows] Durable and repairable water purification solutions for humanitarian aid and life in autonomy 🌍 Water for all 💦 Fonto de Vivo - A company with social and ecological impact. We develop water purification solutions to respond to the social and ecological challenges of humanity. We have designed the innovative, sustainable and autonomous water purifier Orisa®.It purifies surface water and thus gives access to purified water in favor of health, autonomy and dignity of the 2.2 billion people which each year are exposed to water diseases. Ultrafiltration, innovation, cleantech, water, humanitarian, NGO, emergencies, purification, water, membranes, CSR, filtration, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: cleantech greentech Water management International Trade and Development


Cardiovascular Health Innovator #medtech #healthtech #digitalhealth #esante #hcsmeufr Axelife's mission is to improve cardiovascular prevention and quality of life through clinically validated medical devices and innovative algorithms at the service of healthcare professionals and patients. Axelife markets an innovative medical device, pOpmetre, clinically validated and recommended by scientific societies, which predicts in a few seconds the cardiovascular risk for patients There are now 33 scientific publications on pOpmetre in the fields of pulse wave velocity and vascular aging, central aortic pressure as well as PAD.

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: deeptech healthtech Medical Equipment Manufacturing

NDMAC SystemsNDMAC Systems

The Connected Bar

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: deeptech IT Services and IT Consulting


[Automatic translation follows] #Territoiredigital by ipgarde | Measure to decide better | Digital performance | Training, advice, support Since April 2018, #teritoritoiredigital has been the digital department of Ipgarde. With a rich and diversified experience, we intervene with managers and companies to support them in their control, the development and optimization of their digital presence. We build your digital territory. It is unique. Combination of websites, presence in social networks, high value -added tools, online advice, change and change management, optimization of the customer journey ... Your space for expression and relationship is alive. It takes into account your aspirations, …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Robotics Data Analytics

INPI FranceINPI France

[Automatic translation follows] We are the house of innovators. INPI: The innovators' house We are a public establishment, fully self -funded, placed under the supervision of the ministry in charge of industrial property, at the heart of the innovation approach for French companies. Beyond the deposits of titles (patents, brands, drawings and models), we act for economic development by actions to raise awareness and enhance innovation, whatever its form. Our core business is to allow everyone to transform innovation into value. An economic value An effective innovation strategy allows any business to increase its turnover, gain market share, benefit from …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration

Club Commerce Connecté de Digital AquitaineClub Commerce Connecté de Digital Aquitaine

[Automatic translation follows] The customer is connected, the trade must also be Created on February 11, 2015 in Digital Aquitaine, the regional digital center, the Club Commerce Connected brings together all the players (suppliers and users) interested in the development and appropriation of retail oriented digital solutions (online sale, connected store , client relations, etc.). The CCC is led by François Luc Moraud of the Digital Aquitaine association, with a steering committee chaired by David Eymé, vice-president of Digital Aquitaine representing the Club Commerce Connected. The main missions of the Club Commerce is to contribute to the visibility of its …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations


[Automatic translation follows] Major actor of the Deeptech investment in the region Go Capital is an independent management company managing investment funds in priming capital and venture capital for more than 200 M € and intervening in innovative technological companies based in the West and Center of France. Go Capital has already funded more than 100 innovative companies since its creation. Innovative companies financing, fundraising, priming funds, FPCI, and financing innovation

Type: Incubators & VCs Self-Employed Activities: Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals

In ExtensoIn Extenso

[Automatic translation follows] A clear vision of accountant Created in 1991 in Extenso is one of the leaders in accounting expertise in France. With a network of 250 locations on France, in Extenso offers business leaders, craftsmen, traders, liberal professions and association managers a local service covering all the accounting, administrative, legal, tax and social aspects of their organization. A multidisciplinary firm, in Extenso also offers services in terms of merger acquisition (in extenso finances & amp; transmissions), tourism consultancy consultancy (in extenso tourism culture hotel), wealth management (in extenso heritage), advice to advice Innovative organizations (IN EXTENSO Innovation Growth) …

Type: Large company Self-Owned Activities: Consulting Accounting


[Automatic translation follows] #Nijirecrute #conseil #design #ux #ui #Content #Technology #Salesforce #drupal #java #J2EE #Data #Cybersecurity #Privacy Niji, we deliver your ambition Niji is a consulting, design and technological implementation company, at the service of the digital transformation of companies from all economic sectors. Niji has been supporting a very large number of diversified large groups since 2001, ETI and SMEs in the acceleration and success of their digital transfer, at the service of their strategy, their multi -channel distribution and their internal functioning. From idea to reality, Niji associates in the same chain of value advice in digital strategy, …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: Consulting IT Services and IT Consulting

Réseau Entreprendre AlsaceRéseau Entreprendre Alsace

[Automatic translation follows] "To create jobs, let's create employers" André Mulliez Network Entreprendre supports new managers, creators or business buyers, at all stages of the life of a business: at start -up, in the development phase, in times of strong growth.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

YNOV CampusYNOV Campus

Learn to succeed Digital is now transversal. Business demand is booming. 80,000 jobs would not be filled for lack of suitable profiles. 85% of the professions by 2030 do not yet exist. The next generation will be above all digital and perfectly adapted to a changing world. For ten years YNOV has been training students in search of a professional diploma in digital and creative industries. A course adapted to each profile: Our students can adapt their course and choose their specialty among 19 bachelors and 28 masters: IT | Marketing & Digital Communication | Creation & Design | 2D, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: edtech Higher Education


A Xenotherapy platform with embedded technology that renovates immunological treatments XENOTHERA is a biotechnology company based 1 rue Vauban 44000 Nantes, France.

Type: Incubators & VCs Privately Held Activities: Biotechnology Research


[Automatic translation follows] Acquisition • Transformation • Data A cool and concrete webmarketing event in Nantes to talk about acquisition, transformation & amp;Data. Meeting on April 1, 2022 at the Palace (Graslin district)!

Type: Event Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

Tech Open AirTech Open Air

TOA is a community for tech professionals looking for knowledge exchange and collaboration. TOA is a community for tech professionals looking for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Our mission is to help people and organisations become futureproof. We connect, grow and inspire technology professionals through media, experiences and educational programs. Technology is transforming the way we work, live and relate. Everyone shall have the knowledge and network to seize the opportunities ahead. Events, Content, Technology, Art, Science, Music, Politics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Startups, Investment, Thought Leadership, entrepreneurship, learning, investing, Venture Capital, angel investing, and inspiration

Type: Event Startup Privately Held Activities: deeptech entertainment E-Learning Providers


[Automatic translation follows] Atlangames, cluster of professionals in the video game sector in the West. Atlangames is the only European group of expert companies in the fields of serious gaming and social gaming. More than 200 customers, ranging from the video game industry to the general public, passing for communities and ministries. Over 30 production games, on 8 different platforms and technologies. Companies entirely based on innovation (game engines and advanced technologies in the state of the art). In 2010, Atlangames federated more than 40 people for more than 1.5 million euros in turnover. Atlangames is the Only European Business …

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: Games Computer Games


Eisox commercialise une solution dédiée aux pros qui diminue la consommation énergétique des bâtiments. A French startup based in the R&D cluster of IoT, Angers. Eïsox’s unique intelligent radiator thermostatic valve allows you to save energy with ease, wherever you are, without sacrificing the comfort of a warm home. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Eïsox system will also enable you to access additional services to increase your comfort and safety. To achieve maximum compatibility, Eïsox has also developed the world’s first universal adapter that can be installed on all radiators equipped with old thermostatic valves. The Eïsox solution is targeting …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: cleantech constructiontech greentech Smart City Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing

Humaid by AVC & AprèsHumaid by AVC & Après

[Automatic translation follows] www.humaid.fr Humaid The first associative platform dedicated to people with disabilities. It allows everyone (individual and businesses) to directly support a person with disabilities who is unable to face their essential needs linked to their disability (care, therapy, suitable equipment, accommodation or accommodation or housing or of a vehicle) which is not supported by the reimbursement systems. Humaid works hand in hand with associations, communities and health professionals to certify viable projects to donors. By guaranteeing the use of funds (they are directly paid to the service provider, never to the beneficiary), Humid offers donors an experience …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: civictech fintech healthtech consumer services Individual and Family Services

Clever CloudClever Cloud

Iterate Faster: be agile, stay secure. Write Code. We run it. Create features, we publish it. Design great software, we make it safe. Clever Cloud exists for one purpose: helping people and companies to deliver software and services faster. We also focus on true sustainability: we want to make sure that once you app is deployed, it stays up, no matter what (high traffic, security udpates, DDoS , application failure, hardware issues and so on…). From small projects to big corporates, we aim to deliver a great hosting and deployment expericence. We aim to help you to bring back full …

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting


The world of work is rapidly evolving. Future business success will belong to those who transform the skills and talents of their workforce with agility and purpose. That’s why, at Talentsoft, our mission is to unlock the potential of every single employee, transforming your organization in the process.

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: HRtech Software Development Technologies: RPA


[Automatic translation follows] We design, develop and improve your Webapps and mobile apps. 25 DEVS, designers and product managers at the service of startups and scale-ups!We develop your Webapps, mobile apps and Apis.And ¼ of the team develops our own video games 🎮 Video game, unity3D, web, mobile, react, view.js, and node.js

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: IT Services Games Technology, Information and Internet

Axandus, l'accélérateur industrielAxandus, l'accélérateur industriel

[Automatic translation follows] Specialized in supporting industrialization projects and the development of innovative technologies Axandus is an industrial accelerator specializing in the support of innovative start-ups specializing in on-board technologies and mecatronics. The Axandus teams make their know-how available to these young companies and bring their design, prototyping, sourcing and large-scale production solutions. Axandus is an independent structure from the EFI Automotive group, an automotive supplier since 1936. Since 2017, Axandus has also been associated with Sercel company specializing in soil analysis and petrochemical trades. For more information: www.axandus.com About EFI Automotive: www.efiautomotive.com About Sercel Group: www.sercel.com Start UPS, Mécatronique, …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Industry 4.0 transporttech Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Technologies: A.I. - Image Processing IoT

The Green Place To BeThe Green Place To Be

[Automatic translation follows] The Green Place To Be is a collaborative B2B dynamic carried by offbeat and committed entrepreneurs. Our mission ?Detect, structure, test and finance responsible and innovative business projects. Our ambition ?Make Nantes the dry tip of the Green Business Compass

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: fintech Environmental Services


[Automatic translation follows] Silver Economy and Ageing Well Portal Silvereco.fr/silvereco.org is the portal of the Silver Economy and well-old. Founded and led by Jérôme Pigniez https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeromepigniez/ The objective of the portal is to inform, and to allow manufacturers and service providers to present their innovations in the field ofbetter. Silver Economy

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: IT Services and IT Consulting


[Automatic translation follows] The 100% pro feature / 18,19,20 October 2023 The Artibat fair is the crossroads of exchanges and business of construction and public works professionals. For almost 30 years, Artibat has gathered every two years in Rennes, more than 1,000 leading exhibitors in their field and nearly 40,000 professional visitors in constant standby on market innovations and industrial solutions

Type: Event Nonprofit Activities: Construction


[Automatic translation follows] We are trying to change the world #wat2ctw Young girls -18 years old are the people most affected by sexual violence and despite this, they are still not at the heart of awareness campaigns. As a result, 15/25 year olds remain the most ill -informed population on these issues. In France hundreds of associations campaign against violence against women. Each of them specializes on a specific mission and/or reception. These competent and public utility structures are unfortunately little known to the general public. The help and support they offer and exempt (legal, medical, emergency accommodation, etc.) remain …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

Présidence de la RépubliquePrésidence de la République

[Automatic translation follows] The President of the French Republic embodies state authority.He is the head of state in France, the head of the armies and the guarantor of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic.Since May 14, 2017, the President of the French Republic has been Emmanuel Macron. The president has been elected by direct universal suffrage since 1965 for a 5 -year term.Its role is to ensure the normal functioning of the public authorities and the continuity of the state.He is also the guarantor of national independence, the integrity of the territory and the respect of the treaties.

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


[Automatic translation follows] Full Center is a Construction Company Based Out of 165 rue du Hocquet (L.L), La Louvière, Belgium.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: Construction


[Automatic translation follows] Think Global! Oxygen is an independent communication consulting agency, specializing in press relations and digital communication. Created in 1999 by journalists with the ambition of providing more innovation, professionalism and methodology to the trade of press relations, Oxygen is today supporting more than 100 customers in the development of their notoriety in France and international. The origin of Oxygen: journalists Oxygen is above all a story. That of journalists, tired of receiving information unrelated to their areas of expertise and the subjects processed. However, in terms of communication, raw information is nothing. To be optimally treated by …

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Public Relations and Communications Services


[Automatic translation follows] Your ally Solutions Climate Novabuild, your climate solutions ally Born in 2003 on the initiative of research centers, the Civil Engineering Pole Ecoconstruction (PGCE) was labeled competitiveness pole from 2005 to 2010. Become Novabuild in 2012, it is positioned both as a cluster of the construction in the country of the Loire and resource center for sustainable construction, in the dynamics created by the Grenelle de l'Environnement. "Accelerator of transitions" in its 2017-2020 roadmap, Novabuild is now the ally CLIMATE SOLUTIONS OF CONSTRUCTION, Planning and real estate in Pays de la Loire ". B & amp; Tp …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Construction

Maia MaterMaia Mater

A 3-year #bootcamp for first-time (doers) entrepreneurs 💦🔪🙌

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: edtech Professional Training & Coaching


[Automatic translation follows] Fiitli, corporate sport!(Acquisition of Fiitli by Windoo in Sept. 2021) Fitli was intended to support business in setting up sport! Acquisition of Fiitli by Windoo in September 2021. Well-being, sport, health, professional, and audit

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: healthtech Spectator Sports


[Automatic translation follows] Company specializing in the outsourcing of GNU/Linux servers, in devops and in free software advice. Aukfood, is a Vendée service company specializing in the integration of free software and the outsourcing of Linux servers. We highlight the respect and sovereignty of the data of our customers by hosting it and the outsourcing on datacenter in France respecting European legislation. We orient our customers to free and independent alternatives for companies aims for proprietary solutions, in line with their needs. Our software, systems and devops specialists allow us to complete our customers in a complete way in their …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Software Development


Weesurf provides outdoor sports fans with WEATHER FORECAST FOR WAVES, WIND and TIDE, with a valued user experience Weesurf is a surf app that marine weather forecast for the waves, the wind and the tide, with an enhanced user experience. Weesurf is addressed to all water sports enthusiasts, whatever your level. Weesurf is an app easy to use, that allows you to compare spots, to know the best time and the best place to go surfing, all around the world. ⭐️ OUR COMMITMENTS ⭐️ 🌊 Marine weather forecast for the waves, the wind and the tide 💎 Reliable data ❤️ …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: traveltech Spectator Sports Technologies: Data Analytics


[Automatic translation follows] Mobile and digital agency at the service of your performance BE APP is a Nantes company specializing in the development of smartphones applications for small and medium -sized businesses. It accompanies the transition to mobility on three aspects: mobile strategy, ergonomics and development. Mobile application, web application, mobile development, web development, IoT, UX, UI, business digitalization, mobile marketing, design, start-up, industry, retail, media, smart cities, and e-health

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: uxtech Smart City healthtech Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Think - do - transmit Makeme is an event consultancy and production agency specializing in the Makers*movement. After having launched ten editions of Maker Faire and gathered more than 2,000 makers, we are enjoying today from a unique community that allows us to offer the best of the Makers community. At Makeme, we think that using digital tools is good, understanding them is better. This is why we offer events and workshops to understand that digital is not magical and that it is better to be an actor than a simple consumer. Our slogan ? Think - …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: martech Events Services


[Automatic translation follows] The leading agency in influencer marketing and brand content with more than 1000 campaigns carried out in Europe and in the US. The leading agency in influencer marketing and brand content with more than 1000 campaigns carried out in France and worldwide, and more than 500M € from Media Value generated for our customers, from the startup to the CAC 40 group. OUR SERVICES Whatever your sector: textiles, industry, real estate, education, health, we support you to enhance your business and your know-how. ● Influence marketing ● Media and digital marketing amplification ● Internal and external corporate …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: martech Advertising Services

Le PériscopLe Périscop

[Automatic translation follows] A crew of professionals, a talent cooperative. Develop your business, the Periscop takes care of the rest! The Periscop is an innovative concept: an entrepreneurs cooperative. Become a team member of the Periscop! Are you entrepreneurs? The Periscop offers you legal, social, accounting and fiscal accommodation for your activity. Advice and economic support on the development of your activity and on your cash. Internal training: commercial, sale and communication ... Entertainment, mornings, crew meetings and briefings Network synergies, skills grouping, business centers ... You are professional and you are looking for professions, skills? The Periscop is a …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: Professional Training and Coaching


[Automatic translation follows] _icilundi federates initiatives & amp;talented actors in innovation, to live your professional life well in Nantes _icilundi brings together cannon initiatives and talented actors in innovation, to facilitate and live every stage of his professional life in Nantes.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Privately Held Activities: Strategic Management Services