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Nazara Technologies LimitedNazara Technologies Limited

Nazara Technologies Limited is a well established Mobile Gaming Company with our HQ's in India and Offices in Dubai, Africa & Singapore. Nazara is a strong team of 250 people based out of India & Dubai. We specialize in bringing branded properties to mobile consumers in the most effective way, maximizing revenues as well as promoting brands. Nazara Is India's largest mobile entertainment platform with over 100 million monthly active users. Our network includes Nodwin Gaming (India's #1 ESports Company), Nextwave Multimedia (Makers of WCC - The World's #1 Cricket Game Franchise), SportsKeeda (India's #1 ESports content Destination), Halaplay (Fantasy …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: Games Computer Games Technologies: Games

Mobile Premier League (MPL)Mobile Premier League (MPL)

India's biggest mobile Esports platform! Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the world’s leading mobile eSports platform that allows users to participate in free as well as paid competitions across 60+ games in multiple categories, including fantasy sports, sports games, puzzle, casual and board games. Founded in 2018, MPL hosts hundreds of millions of tournaments a month and is trusted by over 90 million registered users across Asia, Europe, and North America. To learn more about MPL, please visit www.mpl.live.

Type: Large company Privately Held Activities: Games Software Development Technologies: Games VR

StratX ExLStratX ExL

Experiential learning initiatives that build the capabilities of leaders in order to transform the entire organization. StratX ExL believes that investment in building capabilities should have a significant return through business impact. We achieve this by partnering with our customers to understand their desired business outcomes and expertly design and deliver engaging customized learning solutions. StratX ExL's expertise in program facilitation and business simulation technology delivers powerful experiential learning. Our memorable approach develops individual competencies and fosters collective momentum for maximum business impact. We have a rich 30-year history of partnering with Fortune Global 500 firms in the bio-pharmaceutical, business-to-business …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: edtech Consulting Games martech Business Consulting and Services Technologies: Games


Founded in 1999, JeuxVideoPC.com turned into a company in 2004. It had more than 100,000 daily readers and almost 10 employees (journalists, developers...) when it was sold to Bestofmedia Group in 2006. In 2007, JeuxVideoPC.com opened up to consoles and became Tom's Games. Growing by 240% in one year, Tom's Games became France's #2 online video games press website in 2008 with 2,6 million unique monthly visitors (NNR). It was bought out by M6 Web in 2012. video games and publishing

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: Games Technology, Information and Internet


Complete Game Server Configuration Platform Complete Game Server Configuration Platform

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer and Network Security


The power to design, build, and launch 3D & 2D mobile games without coding. Buildbox is the world's first software that allows anyone to create amazing games regardless of technical skill. Due to its unique user interface, making games becomes a fluid process that doesn't require any scripting, programming or software design experience. computer software, software, video games, game development, game engine, app development, and apps

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games IT Services Software Development

SC30 Inc.SC30 Inc.

RUIN THE GAME™ SC30 Inc. is the off-court presence of the two-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champion, Stephen Curry, across brand partnerships, media, investments and philanthropy. With a focus of aligning purpose and profit, SC30 Inc. exists to ruin the game across all aspects of their business, delivering unparalleled products, experiences, content and opportunities. Launched in 2018, the six-time NBA All-Star and founder set out to expand his footprint and impact beyond the game of basketball. Already an emerging figure in Silicon Valley, the athlete’s brand touts a number of direct investments in innovative consumer and enterprise technology companies, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Spectator Sports

Games Jobs Direct - Video Games Job BoardGames Jobs Direct - Video Games Job Board

The leading independent global job board for the video games industry. GamesJobsDirect.com is a leading independent job board for the video games industry and resource for games talent worldwide. Game studios advertising games jobs on GamesJobsDirect benefit from our cost-efficient and effective services which increase the visibility of their vacancies, raise job application rates and promote their brand – resulting in more direct hires. As a games industry job seeker you will have access to a broad range of games industry job opportunities with studios around the world. GamesJobsDirect.com is accessible to all within the industry – large studios, indie …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: HRtech Games Computer Games Technologies: Games Data Analytics


We built Aave Protocol, an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol. Aave (fun fact: the name is taken from the Finnish word for "ghost") is a decentralized, open-source, and non-custodial liquidity protocol on Ethereum. Depositors earn interest by providing liquidity to liquidity pools, while borrowers can obtain liquidity by tapping into these pools with variable and stable interest rate options. Aave Protocol is unique in that it tokenizes deposits as aTokens, which accrue interest in real time. It also features access to Flash loans and Credit Delegation as uncollateralized borrowing options. Blockchain, Ethereum, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Finance, Technology, Payments, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: fintech IT Services Games IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency


The rental marketplace for electronics www.tryatec.com TRYATEC is the UK's first peer-to peer tech marketplace for renting the latest gadgets, such as drones, VR/AR gear and professional cameras. Gadget owners can safely lend out gadgets and earn on average £1200 per month. On the other hand, users can experience great gadgets for a small rental fee. TRYATEC promotes on-demand access to technology, by using the principles of the sharing and the experience economies. By keeping up with the latest technological trends, offering maximum convenience and affordability, TRYATEC changes the customer journey for technology. Want to get more information? Partner with …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Drones Games Computers and Electronics Manufacturing Technologies: Drones VR


The leading VR/AR fitness company making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone. FitXR is the leading developer of VR/AR fitness apps. Passionately dedicated to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone, FitXR has built the world’s first virtual fitness club, merging immersive VR with unparalleled total body workouts designed by top fitness experts. As the only VR fitness app that provides a truly engaging, multiplayer experience with constantly refreshed content, studios, classes and music, FitXR transports players to a virtual fitness space where they can meet new people and work out together all from the comfort of their …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Wellness and Fitness Services


Active exercise game that gets you moving! Rehaboo! is an activity games studio. We develop exercise games based on physical therapy to promote health via real life activities. physiotherapy, human resources, rehabilitation, power break, gamification, and digital health

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games healthtech HRtech Wellness and Fitness Services Technologies: Games

Veikkaus OyVeikkaus Oy

[Automatic translation follows] Let's make impressive work - one side of joy Pretty impressive game company Joy lives in each of us.We bring joy and protect it through games.We want to keep playing Finns on the side of joy.In this work, responsibility guides all our activities.We want to be a pioneer in the gaming industry and a pioneer in responsible player experience. Well -being is a matter of heart for us.It is important that it is nice to come to work every day.We have versatile and extensive employment benefits.We offer impressive work tasks in a developing work community where you …

Type: Startup Public Company Activities: Games Gambling Facilities and Casinos

Small Giant GamesSmall Giant Games

Small Giant Games is one of the fastest-growing mobile game companies in the world. We believe that small, skilled and independent teams can accomplish gigantic things. Our brand new office is located right in the center of Helsinki, and hosts our awesome, international team of 50+ people. Our latest game, Empires & Puzzles, has some of the best metrics in the industry. We are always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team. Whether you have years of experience, or you’re enthusiastic, smart, and quick to learn – we’d love to hear from you! Small Giant Games joined …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games


The future of consumer robotics. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/surrogate The real-time robotics and gaming platform. robotics and consumer electronics

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games Technologies: Games

Shipyard GamesShipyard Games

Shipyard Games is a mobile gaming studio founded in 2017. We're backed by Supercell, the best game maker in the world. Our office is located in Finland, in the beautiful city of Helsinki that is home to some of the top talent in gaming. Mobile Games

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games Technologies: Games

Mubik Entertainment Ltd.Mubik Entertainment Ltd.

Mubik Entertainment Ltd. is a new music technology startup that springs its energy from the magical power of melodies and musical textures. Our aim is to help everyone to discover the world of music in a new way and discover their inner artist by providing various gaming apps and tools. The Mubik Musical Puzzle is the first one of them. A new innovative game that helps you dive into the world of music by first solving the hidden song and then amusing yourself by playing the song in a simple manner with a special Mubik instrument within the game. Mubik …

Type: Startup Public Company Activities: entertainment Games Entertainment Providers Technologies: Games

Mainframe IndustriesMainframe Industries

Having secured two rounds of funding, we’re growing the team to deliver on our vision of a Cloud-native MMO. Join us! We are an independent, venture-backed game developer with veterans from places like CCP, Next Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, and Remedy. We are assembling a world-class team to build a cloud-native MMO: a social sandbox, accessible on any screen and offering new ways of playing with our friends. We have studios in Helsinki, Reykjavík and Paris. We support both remote and in-office work, following one simple rule: work where you are most productive! Join us now and impact the game …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games Technologies: Games


Learning Is Fun Again! Gamelearn is a fast-growing startup that is redefining the rules when it comes to skill development. We were the first pioneers to transform skill training courses into video games. More than 300,000 professionals from large corporations (Apple, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Heineken, etc...) have already played their way to success with our game-based learning platform. Our game-based learning methodology helps professionals reach their full potential and impact business performance with these three elements: -Attract with high-quality and applicable content -Engage with gamification and storytelling -Teach with simulations and personalized feedback Check out our catalog of training video games …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: edtech Games E-Learning Providers Technologies: Games


[Automatic translation follows] Codigames is a social video game development startup for mobile platforms. Videogames for mobile and marketing video games on mobile platforms

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games

Starloop StudiosStarloop Studios

One-Stop Studio for End-to-End Gaming Solutions Starloop Studios, a Magic Media company, is a full-cycle game development studio located in Spain. We take pride in delivering incredible games for publishers, developers, world-class brands and private companies. Since inception in February 2011, we produced more than 100 games in the market, with more than 100 million downloads in all platforms and counting. We are in a mission to be a revenue multiplier to our clients without creating huge overheads for their internal studios. Our games are built to perform at world-class levels! Starloop Studios is part of Magic Media. The Magic …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games Technologies: Games VR


[Automatic translation follows] Technological creatives We are Lagahe! An agency of technological creatives. Different. Singular. Only. We love what we do and love to mix the differentiation of creativity and the functionality of technology, to develop 360 degree creative communication strategies that manage to surprise and fall in love with your audience. Our process To achieve the success of a business it is necessary to design, execute and analyze a communication strategy that connects with your target audience. In this we are specialists! Do you want to know how we do it? First step Creative strategy Consumers have become demanding …

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: martech e-commerce Games manufacturing Design Services Technologies: Data Analytics Games

Sons of a Bit Entertainment, S.L.Sons of a Bit Entertainment, S.L.

We are Entertainment Our company has been born with the vocation of developing carefully designed videogames and taking care down to the smallest details. Our symbol of identity is “Back to Basics”. One of our principal goals is to guarantee the quality of the software, reaching the maximum stability and fluidity in all our games. Following an engineering workflow, we want to reduce bugs and ensure consistency so as to improve the experience of the player. Our first project is IslaBomba, which the perfect match of action, puzzles and platform games and it will make you use your mind and …

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: Games Computer Games

Cubus GamesCubus Games

Gamified Interactive Experiences Cubus Games is a creative studio (aka alchemy lab) based in Igualada/Barcelona. It is formed by a team of gamebook crafters and software developers (aka digital artisans). We create some sort of narrative video games for Entertainment and exciting adventures around Cultural Heritage & Tourism, Education, Social Impact… and beyond. We help museums, castles, foundations, schools, enterprises, etc. to engage with their public/students/customers through interactive experiences that contain immersive storytelling, gamification and technology (aka magical potions). Gamebooks, Storytelling, Apps, Games, Mobile, and Gamification

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: Games Computer Games


[Automatic translation follows] Take power on social networks! Created in December 2011, SO-Buzz is part of a social networks' simplification and optimization approach for businesses. The SO-Buzz platform makes it possible to energize and qualify its users by means of viral applications.Concentrated on Facebook which dominates the social media market, it must evolve towards all communication channels. Social networks, Facebook, Viral Marketing, Social CRM, Multichannel Marketing, Facebook, Social Media, Competition, Twitter, Social Gaming, Facebook App Development, Chatbot, Facebook Advent Calendar, Digital Transformation, Employee Advocacy, Gamification, CollaboratorAmbassador, Snapchat, and Instagram

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: martech Games IT Services Advertising Services Technologies: Data Analytics Games A.I. - Natural Language Processing


Are you game to level up? • Opopoï is a company dedicated to facilitate innovation using games. Founded in 2015, the company answers to a key challenge: to engage people in the innovation processes. • Innovation is a growth key factor, which, to fully works, needs the participation of the largest possible audience. However, some individual don’t fully engage themselves in these initiatives, judging the approach too complex, repulsive or simplistic for them. In these situations games represents a strong engagement technique. Nevertheless, dedicated means (material, facilitation, training, etc.) are still rare and unknown or even poorly reliable (lack of …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Consulting Games Business Consulting and Services


[Automatic translation follows] With the Foxie application, go to (re) discovery of tourist, heritage and historic monuments sites Foxie, the mobile app that combines #jeuxdepiste, #visites, #geocatching and the chrono of #ESCAPEGAME Visit released, discover cunning! Tourism, history, mobile application, track games, treasure hunts, escape games, and tourist animation

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Games IT Services traveltech Computer Games


Mobile tools to create real life escape games Gaming & culture

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games IT Services Software Development


French enterprise that facilitates social and professional inclusion by boosting social skills and emotional learning. Emoface is a French enterprise that facilitates social and professional inclusion by boosting social skills and emotional learning. Autisme, Applications, Recherche scientifique, Intelligence Artificielle, UX Design, and Ergonomie

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Software Development

Oh BiBiOh BiBi

Join the team that's changing the game! Located in beautiful Paris, France, Oh BiBi wants to capture big gaming experiences, compress them and extract them in their purest form to make the best mobile games out there! Working with us, you'll enjoy autonomy, big responsibilities, and the ability to reshape the mobile gaming world! And all this without crunch or micromanagement. What are you waiting for? https://jobs.ohbibi.com/ Video games, Mobile, Art, Free-to-play, Social Gaming, and Developers

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Games Computer Games Technologies: Games


Be Top, Be Happy, Be Topi ! 🦊 TOPI GAMES is a wholesale company based out of 9 RUE PASTEUR, NOGENT SUR MARNE, France.

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Games Wholesale Technologies: Games


International Esports Company involved in Consulting, Investments, Talent Management, Events, Innovative venues STAKRN Group is a leading esports business company based in the South of France with an international portfolio. Our core services are : 1. Strategic consulting (for non-endemic brands, sports clubs, startups, investors, cities...) 2. Esports business events organization (conferences, business day, etc.): + 20 events organized the last 2 years for some metropoles and event organizers 3. Esports talent management: we represent some of the best pro-gamers and sport athletes 4. Esports & entertainment venue design: we support property developers and investors to imagine the uses of …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Games


Largest Social Gaming Platform in India Social Gaming Platform for Next Billion Users Mobile Games

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games Technologies: Games


[Automatic translation follows] Make the city center love Citypeps is a unifying platform for local shops in terms of digital marketing. The services offered by Citypeps are designed at the scale of a city and not on the scale of an individual trade. The objective is to revitalize cities from cities by attracting more visitors and increasing the average customer basket. To do this, Citypeps revolves around 2 main components: (i) offer a collaborative digital marketing toolbox intended for local shops and local shops. These tools have been specially designed for their needs and adapted to their operation and budget. …

Type: Startup Activities: Games Advertising Services


Type: Startup Activities: Games Broadcast Media Production and Distribution

Mars GamesMars Games

[Automatic translation follows] The company Mars Games publishes online games sites that are offset with what can be found on the Internet. The first in the range, the Back Météo site, allows you to bet on the weather via commercial lotteries operations, earn points and convert them to gifts.This site is therefore based on the principle of the casual gaming and widens the field of application of the traditional online bet. Video games, casual gaming, and bet online

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Entertainment Providers Technologies: Games

Arkham Studio - Agence de GamificationArkham Studio - Agence de Gamification

In Game We Trust ! Arkham Studio is a generalist gamification agency. We support you in solving issues related to management, training, human resources, events or even marketing. Our transversal skills allow us to offer tailor-made solutions to respond consistently to your projects. Entrusting your projects to Arkham Studio means working together to bring out the solutions necessary for your digital strategy. It means associating you with a team of creatives, technicians and project managers whose sole objective is to guide you and meet your expectations in order to achieve your goals. Communication audiovisuelle, Tournages, Photographie, Post-production, Web, Community Management, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games martech Advertising Services Technologies: VR

Honikou GamesHonikou Games

A memorable gaming experience created by players for players! A French independent studio, fountain of creativity gathering a team of passionate people with distinct skills. Video games created and developed by gamers for gamers. Millions of players have downloaded and played Kraken Land, Bumper.io, Touch the wall... New challenge in development: Warchief, a strategy game on PC! Video games, Video Game Development, Video Game Production, Video Game Design, Level Design, Programming, Online Programming, and 3D Art

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Computer Games


[Automatic translation follows] Launch digital interactive marketing campaigns online or in cross -scoscanal physics. Socialshaker is a SaaS solution that accelerates the creation of interactive marketing campaigns, and to manage their launch in cross channels, in order to meet the strategic objectives of brands. Our customers use it in particular to retain, attract, or recruit their audiences, while collecting precious data. Optimize your costs and launch your operation in a few clicks on mobile, tablet, website, on your social networks, or even via email campaigns (Facebook tabs, Embed on web page, microsite). Facebook Applications, Social Media Marketing, Commitment, CRM, Marketing …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Games Advertising Services Technologies: Data Analytics SaaS


Digital, Sourcing, Marketing, Connectors, AB Testing, Recommandation, UX, Social Media, E-mail Targeting, ROI, Positioning, Marketplace, E-commerce, Retail, Gamification, Outsourcing, Content, SEA Optimization, Real Time Negociation, Network, Digital Explorer, and Facilitators

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: uxtech martech e-commerce Games Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Data Analytics Games


Next-Gen haptics for automotive ! Hap2U designs and develops a patented technology to enhance experiences in the digital world by integrating the sense of touch in tactile devices. A new, haptic universe is now possible with the world’s thinnest and most reliable haptic technology, using materials and manufacturing processes well-known in the semiconductor industry. Founded in 2015, hap2U has built on several years of research and development, with seven global patents in hardware and software based on the science of haptics. The team, based in Grenoble, France, brings complementary expertise in material science, haptics, acoustics, embedded systems, electronics, software development, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: uxtech Games IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Embedded Systems Semiconductors New Materials Games Data Analytics Sensors

The Goosebumps FactoryThe Goosebumps Factory

XR Experiences for Mass audiences Are you struggling to combine Virtual & Augmented Reality with massive & viral engagement? Check us out and get in touch! We extend V&AR beyond the individual experience sphere and deliver shared and share-able immersive and interactive Experiences. Our XRVenue Software Platform transforms Out-of-Home Venues into exclusive Attraction Spaces, involving both players and spectators, for unique and shared experiences. No operators, no complex wearables, fully scalable! Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Real Time Rendering, Game Engines, Displays & Projection, SaaS, Immersive Environments, eSport, and Apps

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Software Development Technologies: VR Data Analytics IoT Games


Borderless talent sourcing There is a shortage of more than 50,000 developers in France today. A recruitment agency costs a minimum of €12,000. For a startup or an IT services company it is impossible to find the time to manage this internally. At yurise, we have a solution. We have found and pre-qualified hundreds of talents abroad ready to come to France to meet new challenges. By automating each step of our sourcing process, we have succeeded in reducing our costs while accelerating the process. We are able to offer high level profiles for a quarter of the cost of …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: HRtech Games Staffing and Recruiting Technologies: Games

Happy DevHappy Dev

[Automatic translation follows] The large network of independent at the service of your digital projects. Custom teams for each project! Happy Dev is a network of 500+ self -employed workers specializing in digital technology (developers, designers, UX, SEO, SEA, project managers, graphic designers, marketing, editors, etc.).We compose tailor -made teams for each project.A captain, project manager ensures the smooth running of the project and the quality of the work provided. The members are distributed within small local collectives throughout France. We believe in this: www.happy-dev.fr/Manifeste The governance of the structure is open to members who wish to get involved and …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Games Technology, Information and Internet

Milky Tea StudiosMilky Tea Studios

Milky Tea design and develop video games for PC and Console platforms. We are based in Liverpool, UK. Milky Tea is a UK based Game Development and Animation Production Studio. Established in Liverpool in 2005, the studio designs, develops and publishes its own intellectual property as well as offering “work for hire” game development and animation services. The studio has created digital content for some of the globes biggest brands including NFL, Sony, Kraft, Bose and Toyota. The studio is renowned for its work in the UK on the Lloyds TSB ‘for the journey’ adverting campaign between 2007 -2013. In …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: entertainment Games Computer Games

Dino BurbidgeDino Burbidge

I'm the guy you probably want to know during a zombie apocalypse. Mostly creative, innovation, technology and things on fire. Views are my own etc.

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech Consulting entertainment Games martech

England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Inspiring a generation to say 'Cricket is a game for me' The England and Wales Cricket Board is the national governing body for all cricket in England and Wales, supporting the game at every level - from grassroots to professional. We have over 300 staff around the country and work closely with first class counties, county cricket boards and others to promote the game as widely as possible. ECB is working in partnership to deliver Cricket Unleashed, a five year framework for the game, aimed at getting a bat and ball into more hands and introducing more people to the …

Type: SMB Nonprofit Activities: Games Spectator Sports Technologies: Games


We aim to make the world's best racing games Codemasters is a world-leading video games developer and publisher with a proud heritage of over 30 years in the industry. With headquarters in Southam, Warwickshire, Codemasters also has studios in Birmingham, Cheshire and London as well as Kuala Lumpur and Pune, India. With the acquisition of Slightly Mad Studios in 2019, our headcount has increased to c.850 global full-time staff. We specialise in racing games and are the proud owner of the DiRT, GRID and F1® series of video game franchises. Adding Slightly Mad Studios to the family we are proud …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: Games Computer Games


Shaping the future of work through next generation consulting, engagement and learning. We provide award winning, state of the art programmes with unique Digital Transformation, Learning and Engagement tools that are changing the game. We work with our clients to radically shift the way change is delivered, putting people at the heart of digital transformation. Our clients are global, so we are global. Graphic Recording, Visual Scribing, Corporate Film, Executive Coaching, Elearning, Reportage, Learning, Capability Building, Communication, Apps, Decision Making Tools, Innovation, Infographics, Rich Pictures, Design Thinking, Engagement, Transformation, Collaboration, Digital Transformation, Tools for digital transformation, Next Generation Learning , …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: Consulting edtech Games Business Consulting and Services Technologies: Games VR


The world's first technology that rewards better drivers Lightfoot, based in Exeter, Devon, is dedicated to making the world's vehicles cleaner, greener and more efficient. Using real-time, in-car verbal and visual guidance, Lightfoot has proven itself in tens of thousands of vehicles to rapidly and sustainably change the way people drive to help them save fuel, reduce harmful emissions and significantly lower their chances of having an accident. As well as the fuel savings, lower risk of accidents and improved environmental impact, users also get to compete for prizes, rewards and incentives as well as monitoring their performances online via …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: transporttech Games insurtech Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Technologies: IoT Games