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Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS) Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS)

Une vision moléculaire du vivant - A molecular vision of life The Institute de Biologie Structurale is a research centre, possesses cutting edge facilities and hosts visiting scientists and students. It develops new methodologies for integrative structural biology. Its teams are interested in the molecular mechanisms involved in interactions between host cells and pathogens, in redox and energy conversion complexes, in intrinsically disordered proteins and membrane proteins. The IBS is a mixed research unit, jointly operated by CEA, CNRS and Université Joseph Fourier, located in Grenoble, France.

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Université Grenoble Alpes Université Grenoble Alpes

[Automatic translation follows] Grenoble Alpes University: the united forces of higher education. and #search for Grenoble and Valence sites Grenoble Alpes University is one of the major universities in France. It brings together 60,000 students including 9,000 international students and 7,500 staff on several campuses in the metropolitan areas of Grenoble and Valence mainly, and stands out through the multidisciplinarity of its training and its scientific research. The national research organizations CEA, CNRS, Inria and Inserm, and the CHU Grenoble Alpes are associated even more closely with the University of Grenoble Alpes to develop a common policy in research and …

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InnovaXN InnovaXN

A new COFUND programme providing exceptional training for PhD students at two of Europe's research infrastructures Supported by an H2020 MSCA COFUND Programme, 40 PhD students will study a wide variety of subjects driven by industrial challenges, focussed on exploiting the advanced characterisation techniques of the large-scale European facilities in Grenoble, the ESRF and ILL, in collaboration with Industry and Academic partners https://www.innovaxn.eu/ https://twitter.com/innovaxneu research, innovation, development, synchrotrons, neutrons, and PhD

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First time ever on-demand atomic layer advanced manufacturing on Earth and beyond… ATLANT 3D Nanosystems developed the first-ever atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology that enables materials, devices and micro system development and manufacturing with atomic precision and more than 450 different materials. Our vision is to enable on-demand next-generation microelectronics manufacturing atom by atom on Earth and beyond. We support industry and academia with development services, prototyping and manufacturing, equipment development and sales. Nanotechnology, Additive manufacturing, rapid nanoprototyping, MEMS, Nanostructures, 3D printing, semiconductor, advanced materials, and ALD

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Biotechnology powering plastic and textile circularity Carbios SA is a green chemistry company that focuses on discovering and developing enzymatic bioprocesses applied to plastic and textile polymers. The Company creates a new generation of fully biodegradable plastics with a controlled lifespan, a process enabling infinite biorecycling of plastic waste (PET) and a new biological pathway for the production of competitive biosourced polymers. Cleantech, Chimie Verte, Bioplasturgie, Biodégradation, Biorecyclage, Bioproduction, Economie circulaire, Innovation, and Enzymes

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SOMFY Projects SOMFY Projects

Dynamic shading technology for comfort, wellbeing and productivity, optimized energy efficiency and carbon managment. Somfy Projects is part of the Somfy Group and is dedicated to commercial projects. We offer daylight management using dynamic shading technology to balance the wellbeing and productivity of building occupants and energy efficiency and sustainability. Our locally based expert project teams have the capacity to help you from project inception to completion, and beyond, with the expertise to design, supply, deliver, support and maintain all aspects of dynamic solar shading… basically, we’re here to help! No matter which shape or form, Somfy can provide the …

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RS2E is a leading French research network on batteries and supercapacitors. Co-ordinated by Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon and Prof. Patrice Simon, 15 industrial partners, 17 French research labs and 3 applied research centres are working together to achieve better research and technology transfer. RS2E is a public initiative of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). chemistry, materials science, batteries, supercapacitors, electrolytes, solid-state chemistry, chemical modeling, and sodium-ion batteries

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INFRARED DETECTORS BRING YOUR THERMAL CAMERAS TO LIFE LYNRED and its subsidiary US-based LYNRED USA are global leaders in designing and manufacturing high quality infrared technologies for aerospace, defense and commercial markets. Their vast portfolio of infrared detectors covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum from near to very far infrared. The Group’s products are at the center of multiple military programs and applications. Its IR detectors are the key component of many top brands in commercial thermal imaging equipment sold across Europe, Asia and North America. The organization is the leading European manufacturer for IR detectors deployed in space. Infrared detectors, …

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Quantum Detectors Ltd. Quantum Detectors Ltd.

Direct electron detectors & readout systems, driven by you. Quantum Detectors is a cutting edge technology company, developing and building detectors and electronics for world leading laboratories and universities world wide. We work with a number of universities and facilities to commercialise their technology, such as CERN, Diamond Light Source, STFC Daresbury and RAL and the University of Glasgow. Synchrotron Detectors, Scientific Instrumentation, Timing and Measurement Systems, and Electron Microscope Detectors

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Big Science. Big Impact. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy. Scientists and engineers at ORNL conduct basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the nation's leadership in key areas of science; increase the availability of clean, abundant energy; restore and protect the environment; and contribute to national security. ORNL also performs other work for the Department of Energy, including isotope production, information management, and technical program management, and provides research and technical assistance to other organizations. computing, biosciences, reactors, science, nuclear energy, neutron science, chemistry, …

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Institut Fresnel Institut Fresnel

Optics & Photonics The Fresnel Institute is host to approximately 195 persons dedicated to research in the fields of photonics, electromagnetism, signal and image analysis. The majority of its permanent members are associated with institutions of higher learning in Marseille (Aix Marseille University, Ecole Centrale...) where they conduct courses in optics, photonics, signal/image analysis, statistical physics, telecommunications, electronics… The Institute is composed of 14 teams who study meta-materials, photonic crystals, laser damaging, light scattering, image analysis, statistical optics, bio-photonics, non-linear microscopy, micro-wave imaging, high resolution imagery, optical filtering, multi-layer coatings fabrication technologies, processing of multidimensional signals, plasmonics, biometry, … Optique, …

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Outstanding virtual events MEETYOO virtual event solutions are designed for connection. Our events look different, with outstanding designs that inspire engagement. We take the stress out of organizing events with our 100% managed service model, a rock-solid platform, and no annual commitment. From employee communications to marketing programs to traditional tradeshows and conferences, we help our customers produce outstanding webinars and virtual events. Founded in 1999, MEETYOO is based in Berlin, with offices in Mannheim, New York, and California. Leading brands and organizations in more than 80 countries trust MEETYOO, including SAP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, L'Oréal, Mercedes-Benz, HP, …

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IMDEA Networks Institute IMDEA Networks Institute

Research institute on computer & communication networks engaged in cutting-edge fundamental science & technology WE ARE HIRING! Visit our Careers pages at www.networks.imdea.org/careers for more info. ABOUT US IMDEA Networks Institute is a networking research institute whose multinational team is engaged in cutting-edge fundamental science. As a growing, English-speaking institute located in Madrid, Spain, IMDEA Networks offers a unique opportunity for pioneering scientists to develop their ideas. IMDEA Networks is establishing itself internationally at the forefront in the “development of future network technologies and has already incorporated highly-reputed scientists. Our researchers share the potential to shape the future of networking …

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IMRA Europe S.A.S. IMRA Europe S.A.S.

challenge toward the future IMRA Europe is an independent research and development firm dedicated to the alliance of technology and sustainable development. We belong to the network of AISIN Group, the world’s 3rd largest supplier of automotive components. IMRA Europe is a world leader in Research & Development of new technologies mainly but non only for the automotive industry. We conduct research to overcome today’s technological challenges and develop breakthrough technologies which turn innovative ideas into the solutions our future generations will rely on. Our 2 research centers are located in France and in United Kingdom. Activity: IMRA is a …

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Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

Education and research are the foundations for our future. The promotion of education, science and research by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) represents an important contribution to securing our country's prosperity.

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ESFRI - European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures ESFRI - European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

The strategic instrument to develop the scientific integration of Europe and to strengthen its international outreach. ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, is a strategic instrument to develop the scientific integration of Europe and to strengthen its international outreach. The competitive and open access to high quality Research Infrastructures supports and benchmarks the quality of the activities of European scientists, and attracts the best researchers from around the world. ESFRI operates at the forefront of European and global science policy and contributes to its development translating political objectives into concrete advice for RI in Europe.

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Invest In Grenoble Alpes Invest In Grenoble Alpes

Invest in Grenoble Alpes is the inward investment team for Greater Grenoble. We promote the Greater Grenoble area’s assets internationally and support French and foreign companies to successfully develop their business. Grenoble Alpes has top expertise in healthcare (medical technologies, biotechnologies), digital technologies (IT, micro and nanoelectronics), energy (hydrogen, smart grids, batteries), cleantechs and mechanical industry. You want to: - Set up set up a presence in France : sales, technical, administrative office, R&D center, production site, etc. - Find industrial and/or R&D partners - Invest into innovative start-ups or SMEs - Create connections and collaborate with our ecosystem stakeholders …

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Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) Germany Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) Germany

The Federal Foreign Office represents Germany’s interests to the world. It promotes international exchange and offers protection and assistance to Germans abroad.With its offices in Berlin and Bonn and a network of around 230 missions abroad, the Federal Foreign Office maintains Germany’s relations with other countries as well as with international and supra-national organisations. This work concerns much more than just political contacts among governments and parliaments. Because Germany and German society are enmeshed in ever-growing international networks, the Federal Foreign Office promotes intensive interaction and exchange with the world in the fields of business, culture, science and technology, the …

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Lightsources.org Lightsources.org

A platform for the light source user community: one voice for the brightest science. A worldwide voice for the light source user community. Lightsources.org is a platform where nearly 30 light source facilities are featured with their scientific highlights, their vacancies and also their events. #LightSourceScience

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UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR) UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)

A global leader in risk, disaster reduction and emergency response education, research and knowledge exchange The UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR) is one of the few academic departments in the UK specialising in disaster risk reduction. With an established portfolio of postgraduate degree programmes and a new undergraduate BSc in Global Humanitarian Studies, the IRDR welcomes students from across the globe. In addition to teaching, our staff undertake a wide range of research, and the Institute hosts two research centres: the Centre for Digital Public Health in Emergencies and the Centre for Gender and Disaster. Our extensive …

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TBI - Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, Bio & Chemical Engineering TBI - Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, Bio & Chemical Engineering

[Automatic translation follows] UMR INRAE ​​792 and UMR CNRS / INSA Toulouse 5504. At the interface between life sciences and process sciences. Toulouse Biotechnology Institute (TBI ex LISBP), Bio&Chemical Engineering, located on the campus of the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse (INSA) combines fundamental and applied research in biotechnologies and processes. Multi-supervisory (INSA, CNRS, INRAE), combining scientific excellence with economic and societal relevance, the laboratory with a staff of more than 320 people brings together multi- and interdisciplinary skills in Life Sciences and Engineering Sciences. Through the science fronts that the unit addresses and its excellent level results, …

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Framatome Framatome

Framatome is an international leader in nuclear energy recognized for its innovative, digital and value added solutions for the global nuclear fleet. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability and performance, the company designs, services and installs components, fuel, and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants. Its more than 18,000 employees work every day to help Framatome’s customers supply ever cleaner, safer and more economical low-carbon energy. Nuclear Energy - Reactors & Services, Nuclear Energy - Front End, Energie nucléaire, Nuclear Energy, Defense, and Healthcare

Type: Large company

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CNRS Prévention du risque chimique CNRS Prévention du risque chimique

[Automatic translation follows] Scientific and technical support to the CNRS and the chemistry sector. Advice, expertise, communication, training. CNRS – Chemical Risk Prevention is a structure of the Institute of Chemistry of the National Center for Scientific Research. It provides scientific and technical support to the CNRS and the chemistry sector. Its objectives are the protection of human health from dangerous products and chemical safety. Its activities meet the needs of the scientific community, prevention stakeholders, public organizations, manufacturers and the general public. It is located in the scientific and technological center of Paris-Saclay. Chemical risk prevention, Advice, Training, and …

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Diamond Light Source Diamond Light Source

The UK's National Synchrotron Light Source Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron science facility, located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire. By accelerating electrons to near light-speed, Diamond generates brilliant beams of light from infra-red to X-rays which are used for academic and industry research and development across a range of scientific disciplines including structural biology, physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, earth and environmental sciences. 🕔 This account is monitored 9-5 weekdays synchrotron, research, science, software, engineering, and electron microscopy

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MAX IV Laboratory MAX IV Laboratory

Swedish national facility providing researchers with bright X-rays to make the invisible visible MAX IV Laboratory is a national synchrotron laboratory for research performed usingn X-rays. MAX IV Laboratory has operated successfully for more than 30 years and is currently commissioning and operating the new MAX IV synchrotron facility in Lund. Up to 3 000 scientists from Sweden and the rest of the world will come to the MAX IV Laboratory every year to use the x-rays and do research in areas such as physics, chemistry, geology, engineering, medicine, materials science, structural biology and nanotechnology. The MAX IV facility, the …

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MINATEC Entreprises MINATEC Entreprises

[Automatic translation follows] Here the companies of tomorrow are born Created in 2003 in Grenoble, at the heart of the micro and nanotechnology innovation campus, MINATEC Entreprises is an industrial development platform. Its mission consists of managing the activity and operation of high-tech buildings (BHT1, BHT2, BHT3). With 20 years of experience, MINATEC Entreprises supports start-ups and innovative companies to custom fit out offices, laboratories, clean/white rooms. MINATEC Entreprises welcomes companies and start-ups as part of collaborative projects with public research laboratories, R&D levels of large groups, SMEs-SMI-ETIs, CEA partners. MINATEC Entreprises is a mixed economy company with a board …

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PAC-G Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble PAC-G Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble

Serving Industry and accelerating your R&D The PAC-G provides outstanding non-destructive characterisation for micro and nano-electronics materials, from wafers to packaged electronic devices and systems, using the brightest synchrotron X-rays and the most intense source of neutrons in the world, supported by state-of-the-art facilities at the CEA. We provide proprietary client services, as well as being open to collaborative programmes and partnerships (e.g. Horizon2020 projects). Created in 2012, the Platform for Advanced Characterisation-Grenoble (PAC-G) is in the heart of one of the main clusters for micro and nano-electronics in Europe. PAC-G members are the European Synchrotron (ESRF), the Institut Laue-Langevin …

Type: Startup Activities: nanotech deeptech Technologies: Data Analytics Semiconductors

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Open For Science CERIC is a distributed research infrastructure integrating and providing open access to some of the most advanced analytical facilities in Central and Eastern Europe to help science and industry advance in all fields of materials, biomaterials and nanotechnology. It enables the delivery of innovative solutions to societal challenges in the fields of energy, health, food, cultural heritage and more. If you are a scientist willing to experiment multi-technique research in the fields of Nanotechnology, Materials and Biomaterials Science, submit your proposal at CERIC next call! If you are a company willing to develop your technology or you …

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BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health. www.bd.com BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world and is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. The company supports the heroes on the frontlines of health care by developing innovative technology, services and solutions that help advance both clinical therapy for patients and clinical process for health care providers. BD and its 65,000 employees have a passion and commitment to help improve patient outcomes, improve the safety and efficiency of clinicians’ …

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[Automatic translation follows] Science for health Created in 1964, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) is a public scientific and technological establishment, placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Health. Its researchers aim to study all diseases, from the most frequent to the rarest, through their biological, medical and population health research work. Inserm, health researcher since 1964 With a 2013 budget of €927 million, Inserm supports nearly 300 laboratories spread across France. All of its 1,200 teams bring together nearly 15,000 researchers, engineers, technicians, managers, university …

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[Automatic translation follows] Serving innovative companies. France Innovation represents and promotes French innovative companies. France Innovation is a professional association which brings together private research and technological development providers, companies offering innovative products, processes or services and those involved in innovation consulting and support. R&D, Innovation, Technological solution, Engineering, Industry, Technology, CIR, CII, Valorization, Technology transfer, Research Tax Credit, and Innovation Tax Credit

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: Consulting

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CEA Tech CEA Tech

From research to industry At CEA Tech we feel strongly that technology research is a crucial component of both innovation and value creation. It is this belief that has driven our successful technology development activities over the past 50 years. CEA Tech is the CEA’s (the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission) technology research unit. CEA Tech’s three labs—Leti, Liten, and List—develop a broad portfolio of technologies for ICTs, energy, and healthcare. CEA Tech leverages a unique innovation-driven culture and unrivalled expertise to develop and disseminate new technologies for industry, effectively bridging the gap between the worlds of research …

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European Powder Metallurgy Association European Powder Metallurgy Association

Working to Develop, Promote and Represent all aspects of the European Powder Metallurgy Industry and associated sectors. The EPMA was formed in Brussels in 1989; the European Powder Metallurgy Association has three key missions – • Promoting PM Technology • Representing the European PM Industry • Developing the PM Future The EPMA serves all types of member organisations, from component producers, metal powder manufacturers, equipment producers through to end-users, research centres, universities and individuals who have an interest in Powder Metallurgy. Organises Euro PM Congress & Exhibition, Collaborative Projects, European Projects, Seminars, Webinars, Chemical regulation, Industry Benchmark, Networking, Trainings, Membership …

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SIMAP, Grenoble SIMAP, Grenoble

SIMaP is the Materials and Processes Science and Engineering Laboratory. It is a joint Research Unit (UMR 5266) of CNRS and Grenoble INP within the Grenoble Alpes University . It has over 230 people, including research scientists and research lecturers, engineers, technicians, administrative staff, PhDs and postdoctoral research workers. All of these physicists, material and fluid mechanics specialists and chemists study the preparation, forming, assembly and properties of materials for structural and functional applications (energy, microelectronics, etc.). They combine experimentation and modelling from atomic level to full process scale, based on experimental preparation and characterisation facilities. All staff takes an …

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For almost 30 years, Soitec has been on the cutting edge of innovation in the field of semiconductor materials. Through its advanced technologies and proven industrial expertise, Soitec has shown itself to be the world leader in silicon-on-insulator substrates. Its products are used by the world’s largest electronic component manufacturers to make better-performing chips which consume less energy. Soitec materials are at the core of many electronic systems and improve consumers’ day-to-day experience with smartphones, tablets, computers, and IT servers. The company's semiconductor materials also enhance electronic systems used in connected cars, the Internet of Things, industrial and medical equipments. …

Type: Large company Technologies: Semiconductors

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The Faraday Institution The Faraday Institution

Powering Britain's Battery Revolution The Faraday Institution is the UK’s independent institute for electrochemical energy storage research, skills development, market analysis, and early-stage commercialisation. It brings together 500+ researchers from 25+ UK universities and industry partners on projects with commercial potential that will reduce battery cost, weight, and volume; improve performance and reliability, and develop whole-life strategies including recycling and reuse. The Faraday Institution community is a broad group and comprises people and organisations active in the UK electrochemical energy storage sector, including academia – whether directly funded by the Faraday Institution or not – industry, and government. We encourage …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: cleantech greentech

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Synchrotron SOLEIL Synchrotron SOLEIL

The French national synchrotron radiation source SOLEIL is a third generation synchrotron located at the Saclay plateau, in the heart of an environment of very high scientific level. It is open to users and researchers from various scientific fields who use the most powerful techniques to access the geometry of the material, as well as its chemical, magnetic and electrical properties. Both a research laboratory and a very advanced scientific tool, serving thousands of users, SOLEIL has also a double vocation: To provide the most efficient experimental facilities in the world and to develop a leading internal research in synchrotron …

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech Technologies: New Materials

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Building peace in the minds of women and men UNESCO - the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was founded on 16 November 1945. For this specialized United Nations agency, it is not enough to build classrooms in devastated countries or to publish scientific breakthroughs. Education, Social and Natural Science, Culture and Communication are the means to a far more ambitious goal : to build peace in the minds of women and men. Education, Science, Culture, United Nations, Communication, Social Sciences, Humanities, Sustainable Development, and Peace building

Type: Large company Activities: entertainment

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Scientific Consultancy - Catalysis, Energy, Pharma, Automotive Helping businesses across sectors to develop and improve their products and processes. Finden apply the most appropriate and leading methods for the clients problems. As well as offering conventional measurement and analysis our clients can obtain take advantage of unique measurement services capable of giving unprecedented insight into their systems. We work with clients on a one-to-one basis and assign experts from a pool of exceptional technicians and researchers to meet the needs of the project. We provide timely measurement services to order or advise on and implement measurement strategies for short or …

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Science and Technology Facilities Council The Science and Technology Facilities Council is keeping the UK at the forefront of international science and tackling some of the most significant challenges facing society such as meeting our future energy needs, monitoring and understanding climate change, and global security. The Council has a broad science portfolio and works with the academic and industrial communities to share its expertise in materials science, space and ground-based astronomy technologies, laser science, microelectronics, wafer scale manufacturing, particle and nuclear physics, alternative energy production, radio communications and radar. STFC has 5 main UK sites: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), …

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Royal Society of Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry

Here to give every mind in the chemical sciences resources, connections & inspiration to shape the future of chemistry. The Royal Society of Chemistry’s purpose is to advance excellence in the chemical sciences – to improve the lives of people around the world now and in the future. We are the professional body for chemists in the UK, and an internationally renowned publisher of high quality chemical science knowledge. We support and represent more than 50,000 members and an international community. If you work with or love chemistry, we are here to support you – for the benefit of science …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: deeptech edtech

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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI Paul Scherrer Institut PSI

Wir schaffen Wissen – heute für morgen The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI develops, builds and operates large, complex research facilities and makes them available to the national and international research community. The institute's own key research priorities are in the fields of future technologies, energy and climate, health innovation and fundamentals of nature. PSI is committed to the training of future generations. Therefore, about one quarter of our staff are post-docs, post-graduates or apprentices. Altogether, PSI employs 2200 people, thus being the largest research institute in Switzerland. The annual budget amounts to approximately CHF 400 million. PSI is part of …

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Mezcalito Mezcalito

[Automatic translation follows] Digital manufacture since 2006 Mezcalito is a web agency founded in August 2006 and based in Grenoble. Our jobs : - the creation of tailor-made websites and mobile applications - web server hosting Our particularities: - cooperative and participative society (SCOP) and engaged (societal responsibility) - a long-lasting, trained team that listens to our customers Among the 350 customers who use Mezcalito are: - sports players (Twinner, Intersport, Go Sport, Sport 2000 Mondovélo, etc.) - Tourism stakeholders (Serre Chevalier Tourist Office, Alpe d'Huez ski lifts) And other specialist e-retailers such as 2 Alpes Sport Emotion (mountain equipment), …

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce IT Services martech

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Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) Institut Jean Lamour (IJL)

L'Institut Jean Lamour est un laboratoire de recherche publique en science des matériaux The Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) is a fundamental and applied research laboratory specialized in materials and processes science and engineering. It regroups around 550 people within a joint research unit of the CNRS and the Université de Lorraine. Its research activities cover : materials, metallurgy, plasmas, surfaces, nanomaterials and electronics. Its main site is located in Nancy, in the East of France and it also has premises in Metz and Epinal. Recherche sur les matériaux

Type: Public

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GIANT Innovation Campus GIANT Innovation Campus

Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies : a World-class innovation campus in Grenoble, France. In Grenoble, at the heart of the French Alps, the GIANT partnership is forging dynamic new links between research and industry to foster the technological breakthroughs of the future. The aim of the GIANT alliance, is to respond to major challenges confronting our society today, such as: Communication technologies Renewable energies and environmental problems Bioscience and healthcare Energy, Information, and Healthcare

Type: Public

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The Decoding of Matter Welcome to DESY! Here you will find an international and interdisciplinary working environment with more than 3000 DESYans working in a variety of occupational fields - including science, IT, economics and engineering, administration and technology. The research center DESY offers a variety of demanding scientific and non-scientific jobs with diverse career opportunities as well as a broad training program. Become part of our research world! We are growing with each passing day and we have a lot in mind. Our long-term goal is clearly defined: the decoding of matter! #KeyEnablers We are one of the world's …

Type: Large company

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DECTRIS develops and manufactures X-ray and electron cameras to spark scientific breakthroughs around the world. DECTRIS develops and manufactures the most accurate X-ray and electron cameras to spark scientific breakthroughs around the world. While photographic cameras capture visible light, DECTRIS cameras count individual X-ray photons and electrons. DECTRIS is the global market leader at synchrotrons, and our efficient detector systems help scientists achieve high-quality results also in their own laboratories. DECTRIS electron detectors create unique opportunities in materials science, and we offer novel solutions for medical applications. We support researchers everywhere from our offices in Switzerland and the United States. …

Type: Startup Activities: manufacturing Technologies: New Materials

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Imagine working in a place like nowhere else on Earth. CERN. Take part! CERN is a truly unique organisation. A genuine collaboration between countries, universities, and scientists, driven not by profit margins, but by a commitment to create and share knowledge. People here are part of immense scientific discoveries, answering some of life’s most complex questions and pushing the boundaries of understanding. Experts from every field come here to share in this ambition and the nature of this collaborative, international community creates a genuine atmosphere of trust. People are free to work creatively and to trust in, and rely on, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

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Green Grenoble 2022 Green Grenoble 2022

[Automatic translation follows] Together, let's amplify the transitions. The title of European Green Capital is awarded each year by the European Union to cities that demonstrate strong commitments in terms of environmental, social and economic transitions. Won by the @VilledeGrenoble and its partners, @GrenobleAlpesMetropole and the @Départementdel'Isère, for 2022, this title is recognition for the exemplary nature of the territory on these issues. Embark on an exceptional year and you too, help to amplify the transitions! 🔹 Find our # on social media! #DONCJAGIS #EUGreenCapital #GreenGrenoble2022

Type: Public

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Y.SPOT : Grenoble Open Innovation Center Dream. Design. Do​ Y.SPOT COMES INTO ITS OWN AS A WORLD-CLASS OPEN INNOVATION CENTER Y.SPOT is a community of companies, startups, research institutes, and stakeholders in government and the arts. It is a place for cooperation on the grand challenges of today and tomorrow.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

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IRT Nanoelec (EN) IRT Nanoelec (EN)

We bring out disruptive R&D, education & training to make the microelectronics sector more competive IRT Nanoelec runs multi-partner R&D dissemination and human capital development programs to make the microelectronics sector more competitive. IRT Nanolec is a consortium of 20 members from the private and public sectors. The aim of IRT Nanoelec members is to work together to carry out research and development programs to help businesses create value and grow. Information and communication technologies professionals work in the fram of Nanoelec for the digital transition, energy transition and secure connected systems fields. Dissemination & Human capital Nanolec provides also …

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Bring a New Dimension to Your R&D Novitom is an independent service company specializing in materials characterization and product testing based on the use of advanced imaging and micro-analysis techniques, especially in the field of X-rays. As a pioneering service provider around synchrotron technology, we use high-performance 2D/3D/4D non-destructive tools and develop specific measurement and analysis protocols, as well as innovative software, to meet our customers' needs in terms of quality, deadlines and flexibility. Reactive and dynamic, we operate in various sectors of activity with our multidisciplinary team of experts. Our customers include major industrial companies and research institutes. Recherche …

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech Technologies: New Materials

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Symetrie Symetrie

Your hexapod solution Symetrie designs and realizes high precision positioning & motion systems. Symetrie is a specialist of the hexapod technology, parallel kinematics structure with 6 degrees of freedom. Thanks to its strong expertise and experience Symetrie delivers the most suitable solutions to its customers, either standard products with shorter lead time and more affordable costs or customized engineered systems. Hexapods, Metrology, Precision positioning, Motion simulators, Swell simulation, Parallel robotics, and Robotics

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech Technologies: Robotics

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Bridging the gap between highly advanced synchrotron-based X-ray analytics and R&D demand We are a company facilitating access to non-destructive X-ray based analytics at the highest sensitivities and spatial resolutions. Bridging the gap between highly advanced laboratory and synchrotron-based analytics and R&D demand, we offer not just consulting services but a comprehensive all-round package. Through us, you gain access to state-of-the-art X-ray sources for the highly sensitive assessment of material composition in both 1D and 2D. You also benefit from our strong partnership and extensive experience with synchrotron radiation facilities such as the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) - one …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech Technologies: Data Analytics

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ALBA Synchrotron ALBA Synchrotron

Synchrotron light source for discovering the secrets of energy, biomedicine, environment, nanomaterials and many more ALBA is the only synchrotron light source in Spain. It is a complex of electron accelerators to produce synchrotron light, which allows visualization of the atomic structure of matter as well as the study of its properties. ALBA is in operation since May 2012 and has 10 beamlines which are able to perform experiments in different scientific fields: physics, chemistry, life sciences, materials science, cultural heritage, biology, nanotechnology,... Three new beamlines are in construction. This scientific infrastructure produces about 6.000 hours of beamtime per year …

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MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB)

Research institute dedicated to understanding important biological processes at the molecular level. The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology is one of the world's leading research institutes. Our scientists are working to advance understanding of biological processes at the molecular level - providing the knowledge needed to solve key problems in human health. The LMB is responsible for many pioneering techniques, such as methods for determining the three-dimensional structures of proteins and other macromolecules, the sequencing of DNA and the development of monoclonal antibodies. Our scientists tackle difficult, long-term research problems. At the same time they are encouraged to exploit their …

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Iconovo AB Iconovo AB

We bring inhalation expertise to your business ICONOVO AB is developing proprietary inhalation products for licensing. We have long experience and track record in the development of dry powder inhalers and offer a comprehensive range of devices to our clients. Our selection of device concepts for dry powder inhalation include a reservoir inhaler, a pre-metered inhaler, a capsule based inhaler and a single dose disposable inhaler. We can also provide formulation development, performance testing, documentation and a complete supply-chain. Device development, DPI, and Inhalation

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European Network of Research Infrastructures & Industry for Collaboration. The ENRIITC [ɪnˈrɪʧ] project aims to build a permanent pan-European network of Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs and ICOs) and enable industry to become a full partner of research infrastructures whether it is as a user, a supplier, or a co-creator. In other words, ENRIITC supports the establishment of strategic, cross-border partnerships between industry and research infrastructures.

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European XFEL European XFEL

Enlightening Science The European X-ray Free Electron Laser (European XFEL) is an international X-ray research laser facility located in the German federal states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. A scientific user facility, the European XFEL generates high-intensity X-ray laser pulses for researchers across the world. The European XFEL is managed by a nonprofit company, European XFEL GmbH, and is supported by 12 member states: Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Research, Photon Science, Materials Science, Ultrafast Chemistry, Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Molecular Imaging, Time-Resolved Spectroscopy, Research Infrastructure, High Energy Density Science, Engineering, Big …

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Cell Press Cell Press

Science that inspires Cell Press publishes over 50 scientific journals across the life, physical, earth, and health sciences, both independently and in partnership with scientific societies. Our story began over 45 years ago with the journal Cell and a commitment to publishing exciting biology. Today, we are bringing our editorial excellence, commitment to innovation, unparalleled reach and visibility, and passion for advocacy to all areas of scientific exploration as we work to publish and share science that inspires. To learn more, visit www.cell.com/about. Publishing, Biomedical Journals, Life Science Journals, and Research Reviews

Type: SMB Activities: deeptech biotech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

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Fraunhofer IKTS Fraunhofer IKTS

Rough condition? Tough ceramics! Multiscale R&D for industry from starting materials to systems. We conduct applied research on high-performance ceramics. The institute‘s three sites in Dresden and Hermsdorf (Thuringia), Germany, collectively represent Europe‘s largest R&D institute dedicated to the study of ceramics. Profound know-how in materials sciences, manufacturing technologies, systems integration as well as materials and process analysis positions Fraunhofer IKTS to link different technological worlds for developing customized solutions. These solutions are used in the fields of mechanical and automotive engineering, energy, environmental and process engineering, materials and process analysis, materials and processes, bio- and medical technology, optics as …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: deeptech Industry 4.0

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Building a better future for everyone. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative was founded in 2015 to help solve some of society’s toughest challenges — from eradicating disease and improving education, to addressing the needs of our communities. Through collaboration, providing resources and building technology, our mission is to help build a more inclusive, just and healthy future for everyone. We engage directly in the communities we serve because no one understands how to address our society’s challenges better than those who live them everyday. These partners help us identify problems and opportunities, learn fast and iterate toward our audacious goals for …

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IREC - Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya IREC - Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya

Shaping energy for a sustainable future IREC is the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, a CERCA institute. Its mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of our society implementing industrial competitiveness, generating scientific knowledge and building technology around energy related issues. IREC works on Applied Research (aimed at generating knowledge within groups of the Institute, with an intermediate-term or long-term goal in mind), and on Technology Research (focused on collaboration with Industry to create new technical solutions to bring science and technology to the innovation). The Institute’s position is defined by the balance and interaction between these two approaches. …

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Publications Office of the European Union Publications Office of the European Union

Follow this page for news about the EU Publications Office and its numerous online services on op.europa.eu The Publications Office of the European Union is the publishing house of the institutions, agencies and other bodies of the European Union. It provides free access to European law and to the publications of the European Union. It is based in Luxembourg and employs over 600 staff. Official EU publications (EU Bookshop), Research results (CORDIS), Public procurement (TED), Open data (EU Open Data Portal), Metadata (Metadata registry), EU law, Summaries of EU legislation, #EUlawLite, and European Languages

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National Physical Laboratory (NPL) National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Creating impact from science and engineering. NPL is the UK’s National Metrology Institute, providing the measurement capability that underpins the UK's prosperity and quality of life. From new antibiotics to tackle resistance and more effective cancer treatments, to secure quantum communications and superfast 5G, technological advances must be built on a foundation of reliable measurement to succeed. Building on over a century’s worth of expertise, our science, engineering and technology provides this foundation. We save lives, protect the environment and enable citizens to feel safe and secure, as well as support international trade and commercial innovation. As a national laboratory, …

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Developing breakthrough technologies for science and society ATTRACT is a pioneering initiative bringing together Europe's fundamental research and industrial communities to lead the next generation of detection and imaging technologies. Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, the project aims to help revamp Europe’s economy and improve people’s lives by creating products, services, companies and jobs.

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EUROfusion EUROfusion

The EUROfusion consortium conducts R&D to realise fusion energy in accordance with the European fusion roadmap. The EUROfusion consortium conducts research and development to realise fusion energy in accordance with the European fusion roadmap. Nuclear fusion research and development, Supporting fusion education, and European organisation

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Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft / Helmholtz Association Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft / Helmholtz Association

Together we create progress to master the great challenges of humankind. #science #challenges The Helmholtz Association is Germany's largest scientific research organization. The Helmholtz Association performs cutting-edge research which contributes substantially to solving the grand challenges of science, society and industry. The Helmholtz Association is a community of 19 scientific-technical and biological-medical research centers. These centers have been commissioned with pursuing long-term research goals on behalf of the state and society. The Association strives to gain insights and knowledge so that it can help to preserve and improve the foundations of human life. It does so by identifying and working …

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National Institute for Nuclear Physics: a community of 6000 people exploring the secrets of matter and the universe. The INFN - the National Institute of Nuclear Physics - is an organization in Italy dedicated to the study of the fundamental constituents of matter, and conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear, and astroparticle physics. Fundamental research in these areas requires the use of cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation, which the INFN develops both in its own laboratories and in collaboration with the world of industry. These activities are conducted in close collaboration with the academic world. research …

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Siemens Energy Siemens Energy

We are 93,000 employees determined to be part of the world’s most valued energy technology company. We are #TeamPurple. Siemens Energy is one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. The company works with its customers and partners on energy systems for the future, thus supporting the transition to a more sustainable world. With its portfolio of products, solutions and services, Siemens Energy covers almost the entire energy value chain – from power generation and transmission to storage. The portfolio includes conventional and renewable energy technology, such as gas and steam turbines, hybrid power plants operated with hydrogen, and power …

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European Research Council (ERC) European Research Council (ERC)

The ERC funds top researchers in Europe, of any nationality, helping them pursue great ideas at frontiers of knowledge. Set up in 2007 by the European Union, the European Research Council (ERC) aims to stimulate scientific excellence in Europe by encouraging competition for funding between the very best, creative researchers of any nationality and age from anywhere in the world. As part of Horizon 2020, the EU programme for research and innovation for 2014 to 2020, the ERC has a total budget of over €13 billion. The ERC has an 'investigator-driven'​, 'bottom-up'​ approach, which allows researchers to identify new opportunities …

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Rijksmuseum Rijksmuseum

Een reis door de Nederlandse geschiedenis, van de middeleeuwen tot de 20ste eeuw en van Rembrandt tot Mondriaan The Rijksmuseum manages a number of internationally renowned collections in the field of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards, as well as important collections of European and Asian artworks. The museum’s objectives are to conserve these collections, to study them and add to them, and to make them accessible to as wide an audience as possible, both nationally and internationally. Art, History, 17th Century, Asian Art, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, 16th Century, Middle Ages, Rembrandt, The Netherlands, …

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European Spallation Source ERIC European Spallation Source ERIC

A collaboration of European nations to build the world's most powerful neutron source advancing science for generations. The European Spallation Source, or ESS, is state-of-the-art science facility being built in Lund, Sweden by a collaboration of 13 European nations. Almost like a giant microscope, ESS will allow scientists to use neutrons to look deep inside objects to see where the atoms are and what they are doing. This can help them design new materials which could lead to better batteries, greener plastics or stronger engineering materials. Or, it could help life science researchers develop new vaccines or more effective medicines. …

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Brookhaven National Laboratory Brookhaven National Laboratory

Delivering discovery science and transformative technology to power and secure the nation’s future. Brookhaven National Laboratory delivers discovery science and transformative technology to power and secure the nation’s future. Primarily supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science, Brookhaven is a multidisciplinary laboratory with seven Nobel Prize-winning discoveries, 36 R&D 100 Awards, and more than 70 years of pioneering research. Our 2,500-plus staff members lead and support diverse research teams that address the DOE mission to ensure the nation's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions. Brookhaven’s …

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BSBF2022 soon BSBF2024 BSBF2022 soon BSBF2024

#BigScienceBusinessForum Europe's one-stop shop for stakeholders of #BigScience | NEXT: #BSBF2024 #Trieste #BSBF Join our LinkedIn group for participants, exhibitors, sponsors and others interested in BSBF2022 to stay updated at BIG SCIENCE www.linkedin.com/groups/13688517/ Big Science Business Forum 2020 (BSBF2020) will be the first one-stop shop for European businesses and other stakeholders to learn about Europe’s Big Science organisations’ future investments and procurements worth billions of euros. This will help create a better market for Big Science in Europe. BSBF2020 is hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (www.ciencia.gob.es | @CienciaGob) and the Spanish Innovation Agency CDTI (www.cdti.es …

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Falling Walls Foundation Falling Walls Foundation

Falling Walls fosters discussion on research and innovation and promotes the latest scientific findings. Falling Walls is the unique global hub connecting science, business and society. We shape the future of humanity by impact-oriented ideas and discoveries, driven by our shared dedication for creating breakthroughs across borders and disciplines. As a vessel for the world-changing spirit of 1989 in and beyond Berlin, we are on a relentless pursuit to find out: Which are the next walls to fall in science and society? Look forward to the annual Falling Walls Science Summit from 7–9 November in Berlin, free livestream available on …

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LinkedIn LinkedIn

Welcome to a world of career opportunities, advice, inspiration and community. Find your [in]. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 850 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. The company has a diversified business model with revenue coming from Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Sales Solutions and Premium Subscriptions products. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, LinkedIn has offices across the globe. Online Professional Network, Jobs, People Search, Company Search, Address Book, Advertising, Professional Identity, Group Collaboration, and Recruiting

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American Chemical Society American Chemical Society

Improving all people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry. The American Chemical Society is a congressionally chartered independent membership organization that represents professionals at all degree levels and in all fields of the chemical sciences. With more than 150,000 members, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society and one of the world’s leading sources of authoritative scientific information. A nonprofit organization, ACS is at the forefront of the evolving chemistry enterprise and the premier professional home for chemists, chemical engineers and related professions around the globe. ACS is dynamic and visionary, committed to “Improving all people’s lives through the …

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Venice International University Venice International University

Venice International University (VIU) is a consortium of 20 universities across the globe. We coordinate, support, and organize joint academic and research activities among the member universities, and through partnerships and funded projects. The VIU campus is on the island of San Servolo, Venice, Italy. The mission of VIU is to foster cooperation among VIU member institutions while facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas, by developing, promoting and organising joint academic, research and training/capacity-building programmes. VIU thereby contributes to, and is an integral part of the internationalisation strategies of the member organisations. Universities today must play a strategic role …

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Fostering FAIR Data Practices in Europe Over the past decade, infrastructure has become the indispensable backbone of science. e-infrastructures, research infrastructures, data infrastructures and other facilities, big and small; local, national and international; centralized or distributed; disciplinary and cross- or multi-disciplinary; consisting of computer networks, machines, grids, clouds, data centres, knowledge and expertise providers, methodological and standards groups, data-scientists and other data experts, e-science engineers, and so on. Now the time has come to fit these components and bring the people into an overarching commons, which the European Open Science Cloud aims to provide. The FAIRsFAIR project addresses, in a …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

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R.W.O Regionale Woning Ontruiming R.W.O Regionale Woning Ontruiming

The world's leading outlet for scientific news, commentary, and cutting-edge research. Founded in 1880 on $10,000 of seed money from the American inventor Thomas Edison, Science has grown to become the world's leading outlet for scientific news, commentary, and cutting-edge research, with the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general-science journal. Through its print and online incarnations, Science reaches an estimated worldwide readership of more than one million. In content, too, the journal is truly international in scope; some 35 to 40 percent of the corresponding authors on its papers are based outside the United States. Its articles consistently rank …

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ARaymond Network ARaymond Network

ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS | FASTENING SOLUTIONS At ARaymond we draw from long-term expertise to tackle assembly challenges and create sustainable solutions for fastening, fluid connection, and integration. Our mission is to increase assembly efficiency and quality for our customers worldwide. We partner with our customers from the very first stages of the design process to come up with value-creating assembly solutions for battery pack architecture, high-voltage management, and thermal management. Our expertise encompasses design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing, positioning us to support you throughout your project. ARaymond is best known as a supplier to the automotive industry. However, we also innovate …

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Nature Portfolio Nature Portfolio

Springer Nature publishes journals, databases and online products and services across the life, physical and applied sciences and, most recently, clinical medicine. Content encompasses daily news from award-winning journalists, expert opinion and practical methodology, and more high impact research and reviews than any science publisher. Over 70 journals are published, some in association with prestigious academic societies. Nature Portfolio provides news content through Nature News. Scientific career information and free job postings are offered on Naturejobs. Nature was first published in 1869. Springer Nature has its principal offices in London, New York and Tokyo with offices in offices in Basingstoke, …

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