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UiPath UiPath

Committed to accelerating human achievement🚀 by delivering a powerful #AI-enhanced end-to-end #automation platform. Welcome 😊. We are UiPath and we believe in using the transformative power of automation and AI to liberate the boundless potential of people and accelerate human achievement. Today, we’re pushing our boundaries beyond Robotic Process Automation, delivering the world's most powerful and easy-to-use AI-Powered Business Automation Platform. We encourage the best minds to contribute and create the next leap in AI-powered automation. Together we can up-level people to create and consume automations that make the world a better place for everyone, everywhere. Based in New York …

Type: Large company

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Adformatie Adformatie

[Automatic translation follows] Marketing, Media, Creation and Communication. That is Adformation. MARKET LEADER IN MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS EXPENSES Adfo Group is the partner for those who want to do business with the marketing & communication professional. This multimedia platform, with strong brands such as Adformatie, Marketing Online and Communicatie, has the largest qualitative reach among marcom professionals in the Netherlands. Thanks to the various multimedia channels, there are various possibilities for each advertiser to achieve your objectives. Advertising, Marketing, Media, Communication, and Creation

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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Stijlmeesters Stijlmeesters

[Automatic translation follows] Content & Communication. With a passion for innovation, change and sustainability. Stijlmeesters, founded in 1994, provides complete communication processes: from concept development to media planning and all resulting communication expressions. But you can also contact us for 'separate' products such as journalistic productions, commercial texts, design, websites and other online communication processes. With various specialists on permanent staff and in our network, we provide products and services in the field of offline and online media. We have experience in developing editorial formulas, magazines, outdoor advertising campaigns, but also various types of apps and social media campaigns. In …

Type: Media

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SPARK Campus SPARK Campus

[Automatic translation follows] SPARK is the campus for the design, construction and technology sector where we work on a future-proof living environment. At SPARK Campus, the activities focus on doing, learning and innovating for a future-proof living environment. Innovation, Knowledge sharing, Community, Durability, Education, Research, makerslab, makerspace, 3d printing, workshop, open source, Fieldlab, and Network

Type: Incubators & VCs

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Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is Europe’s leading educator for entrepreneurial competences​. Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is the leading centre for entrepreneurship in Europe. Fueled by our belief that entrepreneurship is the primary driver for innovation, we strive to embed entrepreneurship in the DNA of people by applying the knowledge and network of Erasmus University Rotterdam, a university founded by entrepreneurs more than 100 years ago. With our four full professors and 35+ academic trainers on entrepreneurship, we offer actionable executive entrepreneurship training and innovation programmes to corporates, and well as to starting entrepreneurs. Every year we teach 3.000 students the …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: entrepreneurship

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Telenor IoT Telenor IoT

Telenor IoT is the portfolio of IoT solutions from Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators. Telenor IoT is the portfolio of IoT solutions from Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators. With more than 20 years’ experience of providing global IoT connectivity, cloud services and expert support to companies of all sizes, Telenor is one of the world’s most advanced IoT solution providers. Telenor IoT manages international IoT deployments for global customers in some 200 countries and today operates more than 17 million connected devices to enterprises such as Volvo, Scania, Hitachi, Verisure Securitas Direct …

Type: Corporate subsidiary Technologies: IoT

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Rethink Technology Research Rethink Technology Research

Forecasting technology markets, whether they are growing or shrinking. Rethink Research is an expert in the technology, wireless, video and energy, and prides itself on telling you the news you need to hear, not the news you want to hear. It offers consulting, advisory services, research papers, webinars plus three weekly research services. We are perhaps best known for our long-form articles produced for our weekly research services, Wireless Watch (wireless networks, cellular, operators and spectrum), Faultline Online Reporter (video networks, OTT, pay TV and broadband) and Rethink Energy (disruption in renewables.) Producing pragmatic, untarnished technology forecasts and in-depth research …

Type: Media

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ICAI - Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence ICAI - Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence

Research & Innovation in AI The Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) is a national initiative focused on joint technology development between academia, industry and government in the area of artificial intelligence. The Netherlands has the talent, the world-class research and the longstanding tradition in AI education to be one of the world’s top ranked countries in terms of innovation power. ICAI brings these positive forces together in a unique national initiative. ICAI’s innovation strategy is organized around industry labs, these are multi-year strategic collaborations with a focus on technology and talent development. ICAI will create innovative AI-applications, distribute AI-knowledge …

Type: Incubators & VCs

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YES!Delft YES!Delft

We are building tomorrow’s leading companies. At YES!Delft, we are building tomorrow's leading tech firms. We do this by providing full-lifecycle support to our startups, creating connections between talented people and disruptive ideas, and face global challenges, together. A little bit of story: YES!Delft opened the doors to its first location in 2005 as one of the first tech incubators in the Netherlands - next to the campus of the Delft University of Technology. Today, we support and empower tech entrepreneurs to bring their disruptive tech innovation to the market as fast and as best as possible. Over the years …

Type: Incubators & VCs NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

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Kontali Shrimp Kontali Shrimp

Kontali Shrimp is your global reference on the shrimp industry. Kontali is a global reference on aquaculture and seafood providing data and analyses covering large parts of global aquaculture and fisheries. With a focus on the shrimp industry, we strive to understand our customers’ needs, to provide relevant and correct insights, and to deliver the best possible foundation for decision-makers in all parts of the value chain. With our insights and intelligence, we aim to increase the transparency across the supply chain and encourage smart and informed decisions. Kontali publishes weekly shrimp farmgate price updates and monthly trade analyses for …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Global leader in AI-powered cybersecurity and device intelligence solutions for network providers and their subscribers CUJO AI is the global leader of cutting-edge cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions that enable network operators globally to improve the digital life protection of their customers in and outside the home. By pioneering AI-powered cybersecurity and empowering a growing ecosystem of OEM partners, CUJO AI helps major ISPs around the world to protect their subscribers. Mobile and fixed network operators use our holistic capabilities to improve their customer value proposition, monetize their networks, and reduce operating complexity and costs. The CUJO AI Platform powers …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT Cybersecurity Data Analytics SaaS A.I. - Machine Learning A.I.

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bunq bunq

We are bunq, bank of The Free. We're here to create a bank that helps our users save time, money and the environment. We are bunq, bank of The Free. We’re here to break free from the status quo, and create a bank with our users in mind. Giving them the freedom to live life on their own terms. We built our own financial system from the ground up, and with the launch of our app in 2015, reinvented banking as you know it. And that’s just the beginning! We work around the clock to create fintech innovations that simply …

Type: Startup Activities: fintech

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EclecticIQ EclecticIQ

Stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats and outmaneuver your adversaries with Intelligence at the core™ of your defenses. EclecticIQ is a global provider of threat intelligence technology and services. The most targeted organizations in the world – including governments and large enterprises – use our platform to automate intelligence management at scale and accelerate collaboration across security teams. With our open and extensible cybersecurity platform and ecosystem, they are able to stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats and outmaneuver adversaries by embedding Intelligence at the core™ of their cyberdefenses. Founded in 2014, EclecticIQ is a leading European cybersecurity vendor operating …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Aventeon Aventeon

Logistics.ONE – the power of mobility boosting your supply chain! The power of mobility boosting your supply chain! With proper guidance to drivers of transport and installation processes as a basis, our Logistics.ONE software realizes reliable communication of up-to-date and complete information to all stakeholders in your transport process. Leads to cost savings and higher customer satisfaction. Suitable for any process, helping you fulfil all your clients' specific requirements and wishes. transport, logistics, mobile solution, mobile computer, boordcomputer, truck drivers, barcode scanning, mobility, process optimalisation, support White Glove Logistics, chauffeursapp, #Digitalisierung, LastMile, LetzteMeile, driverapp, software, chauffeur, and software

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech Technologies: SaaS

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Vlocity, a Salesforce Company Vlocity, a Salesforce Company

THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE! PLEASE FOLLOW SALESFORCE INDUSTRIES. Vlocity, a Salesforce Company, is a leading provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software, driving digital transformation for the world’s largest companies. A three-time Forbes Cloud 100 winner (2017, 2018, 2019), Vlocity is an “industry cloud” pioneer built on the Salesforce platform, the world’s #1 CRM provider. Vlocity increases sales, service and marketing agility, operational efficiency, digital adoption and simplicity at a faster time to value across the enterprise. Committed to innovation, customer success and a values-led culture, Vlocity serves customers including the world’s leading companies in Communications, Media & …

Type: Startup Activities: insurtech Technologies: SaaS

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Prosper Arbeidsdeskundig Advies Prosper Arbeidsdeskundig Advies

[Automatic translation follows] The world of absenteeism and reintegration is not always easy and clear. There is a lot of regulation and you have to take a lot of things into account as an employee or employer. The people at Prosper Occupational Advice will guide you through the world of people, work and income. Our professionals think along with you about: • Investigate track 1 and 2 in case of long-term disability • work (dis)ability • absenteeism • sustainable employability • prevention • social Security • laws and regulations Our working method is pragmatic, practical and realistic. We pay attention …

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

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NL-ix NL-ix

We interconnect Networks, Datacenters, Applications & Cloud 20 years ago we started NL-ix and decided to not only connect the main datacenters in the large hubs but also bring our IX to the doorstep of regional datacenters. By doing so, we offered smaller and medium-sized networks easy access to our Peering platform, and this gave birth to our distributed Internet Exchange. We quickly recognized that our customer’s Interconnection needs to be stretched beyond Public Peering only and developed a complete portfolio of Interconnection services, enabling us to not only offer Peering but also partial & full Transit as well as …

Type: SMB Activities: telecommunications IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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RAI Amsterdam RAI Amsterdam

Europe's most vibrant event venue that brings people together in the physical and virtual worlds. Let's connect. Let's (re-)connect and talk about your business. We are eager to help you and looking forward to facilitate and host your event in Amsterdam. The most compact metropolis in the world! Since our first exhibition in 1895, we have grown into a leading international exhibition and conference organisation. We’ve been uniting different worlds, people and markets for more than a century, both at home and abroad. Today we welcome more than 500 national and international conferences, exhibitions and other events, and more than …

Type: Event

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Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag

[Automatic translation follows] Collaboration makes you stronger Welcome to the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Region (MRDH). The MRDH is a powerful regional network organization in which 21 municipalities work together to strengthen the economic business climate and improve the accessibility of the region. They do this to give the residents of the region a better future. #innovateeconomy To renew the economic business climate, the 21 collaborating municipalities are committed to future-proof jobs, increasing productivity and creating sufficient space for economic activities in the right place. #improveaccessibility In a vital economy, the economic heart must continue to beat. Residents, visitors and …

Type: Public Activities: cleantech greentech

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Ahold Delhaize Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize is one of the world’s largest food retail groups, a leader in both supermarkets and eCommerce and a company at the forefront of sustainable retailing. Our family of great local brands provides an omnichannel offering to more than 55 million customers each week in Europe, the United States and Indonesia. Our brands operate more than 7,452 grocery and specialty stores as well as online delivery and pickup. Together, we help people eat well, save time and live better. Ahold Delhaize’s 413,000 associates make all this possible. We encourage associates to develop to their full potential, gain new skills …

Type: Large company Activities: foodtech

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The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets

Laat markten goed werken voor mensen en bedrijven The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) is an independent authority that creates opportunities and options for businesses and consumers alike. Consumers may contact the ACM for free information and advice. For example, you may run into problems with a company. You can report your problems to consumer information desk ConsuWijzer . ConsuWijzer will advise you on how you can solve those problems. Based on that advice, you will know what your rights are, and how you can exercise them. If it turns out that, based on your …

Type: Public

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FTTH Council Europe FTTH Council Europe

Full fibre for a digital and sustainable Europe. The FTTH Council Europe is an industry association with a mission to advance ubiquitous full fibre-based connectivity to the whole of Europe. Fibre is the future-proof, climate-friendly infrastructure that enables an unparalleled fixed and wireless experience as well as new innovative digital technologies and services, empowering a leading Digital Society in Europe. This is a crucial prerequisite for safeguarding Europe’s global competitiveness while playing a leading global role in sustainability. Our vision is that fibre connectivity will transform and enhance the way we live, do business and interact, connecting everyone and everything, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

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Brainport Eindhoven Brainport Eindhoven

Home of pioneers. Together we work on solutions to make the world better. Brainport Eindhoven is a world-class top technology region. High tech and design are combined with an advanced high-end manufacturing industry and entrepreneurship. Close collaboration and sharing knowledge are part of our DNA and characterise the open innovation culture which makes Brainport smart and strong. By quickly anticipating to rapid world-wide changes and continuously connecting to new people, we create new opportunities. For everyone. This attracts talent and enterprises from all over the world. Entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments form a unique business climate in which we compete …

Type: Incubators & VCs

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Pakhuis de Zwijger Pakhuis de Zwijger

Independent institute in Amsterdam for creation and social innovation. Pakhuis de Zwijger is the independent institute in Amsterdam for social innovation & creation. As a progressive driver of urban change, we produce impact projects, creative content and over more than 600 live programs per year concerning themes on the creative industry, sustainability, diversity, economy and democracy. Pakhuis de Zwijger is a platform that is all about inspiring discussions, connections, creativity, bottom-up initiatives and innovation. The magic does not only happen on stage; the discussions and unexpected connections that follow are key for building the PDZ platform with new partnerships, festivals, …

Type: Event

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Eurofiber France Eurofiber France

[Automatic translation follows] Eurofiber is a leading digital infrastructure provider active since 2000. Lifeline for the digital society. Eurofiber has been a leading open digital infrastructure provider since 2000. Using its own fiber optic network and data centers, Eurofiber provides intelligent, open and scalable cloud computing and connectivity solutions to businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Eurofiber offers total connectivity for the Smart Society, providing connectivity for all FTTx solutions with its fiber optic network of over 60,000 km in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Eurofiber lays the foundations of the digital society, which is why the company has …

Type: Incubators & VCs

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Popwork Popwork

The smart assistant for team leaders At Popwork, we believe it’s time to put an end to bad management. Our solution is to support managers and their teams with a simple digital solution for great 1:1 meetings, feedback and OKRs. We provide companies with real-time dashboard with insights on their employees’ mood, workload and management practices to build a positive and efficient management culture. 👉 Try Popwork for free with your team: https://pop.work/

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT

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Le Vif Le Vif

[Automatic translation follows] Dare to doubt. A generalist magazine, Le Vif covers all areas of current affairs, from politics to society, including the economy, sport, science, new technologies, culture, and this, both on the Belgian level and internationally. Le Vif's will is to keep calm, check the facts and give new points of view a chance. Why do we always have to fight to affirm our convictions? What's wrong with doubt? This is why Le Vif exists. Be smart, dare to doubt.

Type: Media

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NautaDutilh NautaDutilh

Adaptive Thinking since 1724. Written in our DNA. Writing our future. NautaDutilh is one of the largest international law firms in the Benelux with some 400 lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisers at offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Luxembourg, New York and Rotterdam. What has kept us relevant ever since our founding in 1724 is adaptive thinking. This subtle art is all about learning how to think instead of being taught what to think. It allows us to deal with change, learn from new situations and think on our feet when solving problems on behalf of our clients. Curious? …

Type: Large company

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Logistiek.nl Logistiek.nl

[Automatic translation follows] The platform for logistics professionals in the Netherlands With a community of over 30,000 professionals, Logistiek is the multimedia platform for logistics in the Netherlands. Logistics focuses on the themes of Smart Warehousing, Logistics Services, Logistics Labor Market, Chain Cooperation, Logistics Hotspots and E-fulfillment. The focus in everything Logistics brings to content is on offering support in making investment decisions.

Type: Media

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Circle Economy Circle Economy

We empower businesses, cities and nations with practical and scalable solutions to put the circular economy into action. We are a global impact organisation with an international team of passionate experts based in Amsterdam. We empower businesses, cities and nations with practical and scalable solutions to put the circular economy into action. Our vision is an economic system that ensures all people and the planet can thrive. Our goal is to double global circularity by 2032. circular economy, industrial ecology, business models, innovation, climate change, sustainability, research, knowledge, design thinking, sharing economy, blue economy, and consulting

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: civictech cleantech greentech

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Energiepodium.nl Energiepodium.nl

[Automatic translation follows] Energiepodium.nl brings opinion, interviews, news and background information about the energy transition Energiepodium.nl brings opinion, interviews, news and background information about the energy transition. The portal is an initiative of gas trading company GasTerra and offers a platform for dialogue about the energy transition, with the aim of improving the quality of the discussion. Core values ​​are respect, nuance, factuality and the search for perspective. We encourage vigorous discussion. We play the ball, not the man. We ask columnists to determine their own choice of subject and points of view within the core values. Interviewees are given …

Type: Media

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DIVD Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure DIVD Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure

We aim to make the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities. We aim to make the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities we find in digital systems to the people who can fix them. We have a global reach, but do it Dutch style: open, honest, collaborative and for free. We scan from AS: 50.559, IP:

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

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Mediafin Mediafin

Mediafin is a joint venture of Rossel and Roularta Media Group. The company was established in 2005 as an umbrella organisation for the respective publishers of De Tijd (°1968) and L'Echo (°1881). Mediafin houses the titles De Tijd, L’Echo, their respective websites and the magazines Netto/Mon Argent and Sabato. The Mediafin titles reach the most influential and most affluent audience in Belgium with over 300.000 readers every day: entrepreneurs, managers and investors, decision makers with considerable spending power. Mediafin is een joint venture van Roularta Media Group en Rossel. Het bedrijf werd in 2005 opgericht als koepel boven de uitgevers …

Type: Media Activities: IT Services

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Signify Signify

Signify is a world leader in protecting athletes and individuals from online abuse using AI and open-source data. Signify is a world leader in protecting athletes and individuals from online abuse. We also use AI and open-source data to better understand what fans, consumers and the public think and really care about. Our tech and insights guide organisations to communicate more effectively with those who matter most to them. We help clients create more impactful digital marketing and save them money in the process. We also help identify the most relevant brands, media outlets and influencers to align with to …

Type: Startup Activities: martech IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Machine Learning Data Analytics

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Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum (NCSC-NL) Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum (NCSC-NL)

[Automatic translation follows] Together we make the Netherlands digitally safe. The NCSC is working on a digitally safe Netherlands. The digital infrastructure is vital: for payment transactions, clean water from the tap and to keep your feet dry. We identify and explain risks and trends. We connect parties, knowledge and information. We prevent social disruption and limit damage. With our research, analyzes and products we provide immediate action perspectives. In the event of a crisis, we are available 24/7. We don't do it alone. By working together we add value in all these areas. In this way, we are gradually …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Pegamento Pegamento

[Automatic translation follows] Innovation in contact Pegamento is a specialist in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) and focuses on optimizing customer interactions so that they are smarter, in less time but of high quality and with more personal attention. are carried out for the customer. Contextually correct information is essential. Your employees often have to struggle through a forest of applications and processes to fulfill what the customer sees as a simple task. Properly automating customer processes saves time and increases customer satisfaction. As a market leader in RPA, we …

Type: Startup Activities: uxtech Technologies: Robotics A.I.

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Iprova Iprova

Bringing the inventive power of the world’s information to you Iprova is pioneering a data driven approach to innovation which is transforming the way physical science inventions are created. Our technology harnesses the real-time inventive power of the world’s information. As a result commercially relevant breakthrough inventions may be created with unprecedented speed, agility and efficiency. We enable our clients to set up their own data-driven invention labs, or can provide inventions on demand. The inventions created with our data-driven invention technology help define next generation products and services, growing our clients top line revenues. “Iprova has demonstrated that their …

Type: Startup Activities: deeptech Technologies: A.I. Data Analytics A.I. - Machine Learning

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Starmind Starmind

Set your enterprise knowledge free Starmindis the only AI-powered, real-time, organization-wide Expertise Directory built for the enterprise, with an integrated Q&A functionality. Global R&D teams, sales organizations, and service desks use Starmindto identify and access undocumented knowledge in real-time, accelerating business outcomes. Starmind transforms the way the world works by freeing expert knowledge for everyone. Artificial Intelligence Augmented Intelligence Human-Centric AI Knowledge collaboration Efficient collaboration Connecting Breaking silos Reduce search time Increase knowledge retention Speed up onboarding Reduce support tickets and Connected knowledge

Type: Startup Activities: HRtech Technologies: A.I.

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SettleMint SettleMint

The Blockchain Transformation Company SettleMint is the Blockchain Transformation Company that connects the dots between people, processes and technology to accelerate value creation with blockchain. It enables enterprises to easily and rapidly build and integrate blockchain applications, while empowering teams with the skills, knowledge, methodologies, guidance and ongoing support they need. Blockchain, Blockchain Academy, B2B, Entreprise blockchain, Web 3.0, DApp, Low Code Development, Defi, NFT, BPaaS, Web 3 Development, Platform as a service, Web3, and Blockchain Transformation

Type: SMB Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

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NelsonHall NelsonHall

TRANSFORM THROUGH INSIGHT Founded in 1998, NelsonHall is the industry's leading BPO and outsourcing analyst firm. Our disciplined evidence-based methodology facilitates accurate decision-making through timely access to current and objective marketplace information. We work closely with our clients to create a value based relationship based on our unrivalled outsourcing knowledge to act as a trusted advisor, providing answers and making business sense of the complexity and challenges faced by both service buyers and service providers within the global outsourcing market. Industry Insight Database, Key Vendor Assessments, IT Outsourcing, BPO Market Development, Customer Management Services, Healthcare & Insurance Sourcing, Banking Sourcing, …

Type: SMB Startup Activities: Consulting HRtech IT Services Technologies: A.I. Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Data Analytics IoT RPA

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HumbleBuildings HumbleBuildings

[Automatic translation follows] Software driven inspections & real estate advice 🏙🌐🌱 A 'Humble' building is the result of a different vision of real estate. A vision that is based on knowledge and facts and that makes smart use of intelligent software. Everything we do revolves around creating or maintaining a healthy, smart and efficient building. Even now that the world is changing rapidly and our organization is showing strong growth. We strive for quality and we go for the best result! We do the creations and services we provide with passion, respect and we want every person to feel safe …

Type: Startup Activities: proptech Technologies: IoT

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hello energy hello energy

Helping real estate companies create energy-positive buildings with our SaaS solution. hello energy is a leading SaaS solution for sustainability and portfolio managers in real estate companies, creating positive environmental impact. We collect, validate and enrich sustainability data from all kinds of sources worldwide. We connect real estate owners and tenants to each other with insights, stories, and challenges. We engage stakeholders to trigger behavioural change and create energy positive buildings. sustainability, real estate, energy, data, visualisation, activation, engagement, behavioral change, BREEAM, GRESB, WELL, alignment, sustainablerealestate, proptech, ESG, and corporate responsibility

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech proptech Technologies: SaaS

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MICHELIN Connected Fleet MICHELIN Connected Fleet

MICHELIN Connected Fleet (advances) services and solutions are designed to provide the tools and information fleet operators and managers need to easily manage their fleets on a daily basis and transform their operational efficiency. More than a supplier, we work as a true partner and accompany you with recommendations, based on your data, so that you can reduce your costs, improve your productivity, ensure the safety of your drivers and manage sustainable fleets. Telematics & Software Services, Vehicle Management, Vehicle Tracking, Driver Behaviour, Driver Performance Management, Real Time Fleet & Asset Tracking, Safety, Savings, Service excellence, Sustainability, Fuel efficiency, Driver …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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ShoppingTomorrow - Thuiswinkel.org ShoppingTomorrow - Thuiswinkel.org

ShoppingTomorrow: thé unique community in digital commerce ShoppingTomorrow is the innovation engine and source of inspiration in digital commerce and is an initiative of Thuiswinkel.org. In this annual program, over 500 digital commerce professionals research the most important trends and developments within their field. ShoppingTomorrow brings the best retailers and brands, tech companies, consulting firms and scientists together in an active and engaged community. Collaboration, inspiration and direction for digital commerce are central are central to this exclusive and progressive program for and by the market.

Type: Media

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FutureNet World FutureNet World

Delivering high-level content & networking focused on AI & Automation to the telecoms industry across the globe. FutureNet is built with passion and creativity and will deliver unique content that intersects technology and strategy. We will explore the latest technology trends as service providers rethink business models in the new digital world and discover how they can tap into the next wave of growth and opportunity. NETWORK AUTOMATION AND AI Today, cloud and IoT are causing service providers to handle data on an unprecedented scale which is putting enormous pressure on the network. AI offers a real opportunity to address …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I.

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OrangeValley OrangeValley

Data Driven Digital Marketing OrangeValley stands for achieving groundbreaking results for our clients. We achieve groundbreaking results thanks to our years of online marketing experience, the expertise of our consultants and our vision on digital marketing. As a leading data driven marketing agency, we are highly regarded in our field and we are in the Emerce Top 5 every year. We grow with the fast-growing online market and therefore continuously invest in the growth of our consultants. The proven approach of OrangValley is based on our maturity model, various methods and tooling. We are happy to share our knowledge through …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

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GSMA M360 Series GSMA M360 Series

A platform cultivating regional engagement through topics that impact the mobile industry GSMA Mobile 360 Series presents a conference platform cultivating regional engagement through topics that are impacting the mobile industry on both a localised and global scale. Senior executives in mobile and adjacent industry verticals come to learn and discuss in detail their challenges and successes as well as network with peers.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Brainport Industries Brainport Industries

YOUR HIGH TECH OPEN SUPPLY NETWORK Brainport Industries designs, develops & manufactures, leading advanced, precise, and intelligent high tech equipment for the semiconductor, analytical, medical, printing and pv market.. Brainport Industries was established so suppliers can join forces to strengthen the professional character and competitive position of the high-tech supply chain. As partners, suppliers can contribute to the continuity and growth of the high-tech industry and work toward achieving the ambitions set out in Brainport 2020. Brainport Industries provides a fertile ground and a solid structure for collaborative projects whether they are related to technology, markets or people. It's an …

Type: Incubators & VCs

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Het Financieele Dagblad Het Financieele Dagblad

[Automatic translation follows] Whoever follows, leads. Follow FD. Het Financieele Dagblad is the source of news and inspiration for businesses in the Netherlands. The FD gives financial and economic meaning to developments that are relevant to today's and tomorrow's leaders, both professionally and privately. The FD has grown into a multimedia brand and reaches the news consumer through the use of print, online and events at any time of the day, seven days a week. Het Financieele Dagblad is part of the FD Mediagroep. With the brands Het Financieele Dagblad, BNR Nieuwsradio, Fondsnieuws, ESB, Energeia, PensioenPro and Company.info, FD Mediagroep …

Type: Media

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Tempo-Team Tempo-Team

[Automatic translation follows] Job satisfaction is the most important reason for wanting to work for a company and to stay longer. We bet on that! We help to increase your pleasure in your workplace. It's that simple. Because if you enjoy going to work more, it increases your productivity, creativity and reduces absenteeism! WOW! To help you on your way, we share all our knowledge that we gain from research and by collaborating with experts in this field. We see it as our challenge to make every working day a little more fun. Where you meet new people, learn something …

Type: Large company

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Amdocs Amdocs

We help those who build the future to make it amazing. We help those who build the future to make it amazing. In an era where new technologies are born every minute, and the demand for meaningful digital experiences has never been so intense, we unlock our customers’ innovative potential, empowering them to transform their boldest ideas into reality, and make billions of people feel like VIPs. Our 31,000 employees around the globe are here to accelerate our customers’ migration to the cloud, differentiate in the 5G era, digitalize and automate their operations, and provide end users with the next-generation …

Type: Large company

33 3 14 35,813
Parallel Wireless Parallel Wireless

REIMAGINE Your Network. REIMAGINE Your Economics. At Parallel Wireless, we believe that software has the power to unleash amazing opportunities for the world. We disrupt the ways wireless networks are built and operated. We are reimagining how hardware, software and the cloud work together to change deployment economics for our customers. Our ALL G O-RAN software platform forms an open, secure and intelligent RAN architecture to deliver wireless connectivity, so all people can be connected whenever, wherever, and however they choose. We are engaged with over 50 global MNOs and have been recognized with over 74 industry awards. At the …

Type: Large company Activities: IT Services telecommunications Technologies: 5G Wireless

14 0 10 615
Mergermarket Mergermarket

Your M&A Future. Today. Mergermarket blends market-leading human insights, advanced machine learning and 30+ years of Dealogic data to deliver the earliest possible signals of potential M&A opportunities, deals, threats and challenges. Using Mergermarket our clients gain a clear strategic vision, reduce risks, and seize growth opportunities, ultimately to outpace their competitors. Additionally, our extensive network and community ecosystem foster insider connections and promote knowledge-sharing, helping users stay up to speed. Our clients trust Mergermarket’s proven track record in guiding them to success throughout their M&A journey. M&A predictive intelligence, Private equity, and M&A trends and analysis

Type: SMB Activities: fintech Technologies: Data Analytics

27 7 18 279
ScaleUpNation ScaleUpNation

We empower innovative ventures to scale their impact. At ScaleUpNation we are on a mission to significantly increase the number of impact-oriented scale-ups in the world. The urgent challenges that our society is facing create an opportunity for new enterprises to deliver innovative products and business concepts that combine planet, people and profit. We know that only those that scale can move the impact needle. That’s why we join those ambitious teams on the ground. Through carefully crafted interventions and tools, we help them make the transition to full-scale professional – every step of the way. Envisioning a great businesses …

Type: Incubators & VCs

19 1 19 36
Triangulum Project Triangulum Project

The Three Point Project - Demonstrate. Disseminate. Replicate. Funded by the EU's H2020 R&I Programme The three point project Triangulum is one of currently 14 European Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse Projects, set to demonstrate, disseminate and replicate solutions and frameworks for Europe’s future smart cites. The Lighthouse Cities Manchester (UK), Eindhoven (NL) and Stavanger (NO) serve as testbeds for innovative projects focusing on sustainable mobility, energy, ICT and business opportunities. The project consortium combines interdisciplinary experience and expertise of 22 partners from industry, research and municipalities who share the same objective and commitment to develop and implement smart solutions …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: transporttech

2 1 1 2
Telecats Telecats

We are Telecats, over 25 years in customer contact, bringing speech technology to optimize your customer service. Telecats is an innovative AI and technology provider, specialized in smart voice technologies in the field of customer engagement. Leveraging best-in-class VOIP, development, machine learning and language capabilities, Telecats supports major European brands to unleash the power of the voice of their customers. For over 25 years, Telecats has shown a strong dedication to ensuring innovative customer contact solutions with speech technology and artificial intelligence. Telecats is part of Webhelp since 2017 and plays a key role in the Group’s strategic investments in …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: A.I. A.I. - Natural Language Processing Generative A.I.

3 2 1 40
RCR Wireless News RCR Wireless News

Intelligence on all things wireless RCR Wireless News engages and informs readers with breaking stories, analysis, and invaluable industry insight, while connecting technology companies with their industries, their customers and talent using its portfolio of publications, websites and events. We excel at bringing daily coverage on LTE, 5G, VoLTE, test and measurement, RF testing, PIM testing, mobile carriers, small cells, heterogeneous networks, NFV, SDN, wireless infrastructure, DAS, telecom software, cloud computing, big data analytics, densification, mobile backhaul and BSS OSS. Find all of our coverage at http://www.rcrwireless.com Wireless, mobility, LTE, 5G, telecom, broadband, VoLTE, test and measurement, RF testing, PIM …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services telecommunications Technologies: Data Analytics Wireless

36 3 32 10
Gemeente Eindhoven Gemeente Eindhoven

[Automatic translation follows] Eindhoven is the heart of Brainport Eindhoven. And special because of the combination of technology, design and knowledge. Imagination, creativity and decisiveness go hand in hand here. This means that the city is always moving and buzzing with energy. Like a magnet attracts talents, students, companies and expats. And wants to move forward and show himself to the world. At the same time, Eindhoven wants to remain what it already is: a city where all residents enjoy living. Our 2,000 colleagues work on this with great energy every day. Together with our partners. We create Eindhoven together. …

Type: Public

13 3 4 2,490
Hanzehogeschool Groningen / Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen Hanzehogeschool Groningen / Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

share your talent. move the world. Officieel account | Als kennisinstelling bieden we onderwijs en doen we praktijkgericht onderzoek | #hanze | share your talent. move the world. Education, Research, Knowledge, and Services

Type: Large company

6 2 0 4,622
nlgroeit nlgroeit

[Automatic translation follows] Are you ready for your next growth step? nlgroeit was launched on January 13, 2016: a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Economic Affairs, NLevator and the Chamber of Commerce. The objective of this initiative is to increase the growth potential of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands. entrepreneurship, growth, business events, mentor, entrepreneurship, and matchmaking

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: e-commerce

5 1 2 141
Heracles Almelo Heracles Almelo

[Automatic translation follows] Amuses, connects and develops. Heracles was founded in 1903 and is one of the oldest football clubs in the Netherlands. It is a club with a rich history that includes various national championships. In 1974 there was a split between the amateur and paid departments of Heracles. Since July 1998 the club has been called Heracles Almelo. The club's home stadium, Erve Asito, has a capacity of more than twelve thousand spectators. Heracles Almelo has a large and permanent group of companies that make professional football possible in Almelo through sponsorship. More than 450 companies are already …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment

1 0 0 130
Arrow ECS France Arrow ECS France

[Automatic translation follows] Arrow ECS specializes in the distribution of infrastructure solutions and services in the areas of enterprise servers, storage, software and virtualization for IT professionals. Arrow ECS supports more than 2,500 integrators, publishers, engineering companies and resellers in France in the design and sale of infrastructure solutions, relying on supplier partnerships with the biggest world leaders and a range of innovative services. In France, Arrow ECS is present with 3 agencies: - Ile de France (Courbevoie La Défense-European Headquarters) - Rhône-Alpes (Lyon) - Center-west (Nantes) Unified Communications, Infrastructure Software, Management Tools, Networks and Security, Servers and Storage, and …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

21 4 16 335
Tribe of Noise Tribe of Noise

Royalty free music service for business. Works with Sonos. Free 2-week trial, no credit card required. The award-winning music community Tribe of Noise connects talented musicians and composers online with businesses around the world in need for great, all rights included, music. Today, Tribe of Noise represents roughly 30,000 artists from 190 countries. Our two business models: (1) PRO; one-stop-shop music licensing shop for media professionals (2) InstoreMusicService (IMS); background music service for leisure & retail What's in it for our clients? 24/7 access to pre-cleared, pre-priced quality music for professional use. What's in it for the artists? Individual artists …

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment

4 0 3 10
Smartup Cities Smartup Cities

Smart waste management solutions 🌱 Smart Waste Management Solutions For Office And Public Spaces We help cities and businesses advance their net zero emissions goals by implementing sustainable waste management solutions and practices. Design and manufacturing of recycling bins for cities and companies aiming at zero waste operations. #SmartCity #IoT #SmartWaste #RaceToZero #Sustainability #Environment #SDG Smart City, Environment, Smart Waste, Waste Management, IoT, Sustainability, and Zero Waste

Type: Startup Activities: Smart City cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization IoT

2 0 1 1
DroneTalks.online DroneTalks.online

The platform to inform and educate! DroneTalks is an online platform created to spread ideas and educate professionals in the drone industry ecosystem. Our educational content empowers people of every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the drone industry and the innovative ideas within it. It’s on this platform that we also have the opportunity to host experienced professionals in our interview series who take this chance to share their knowledge on emerging technologies, regulatory changes and insider updates, among other topics. We also provide growing organisations with a number of different products and services, which range …

Type: Startup Activities: Drones spacetech Technologies: Drones

7 0 6 10

Here at Beerwulf, we believe that beer is not just a beverage - it’s a community. From big brands to your local brewery, our team in Amsterdam is dedicated to bringing your favourite beers to your door. Through our beer taps and kegs, you can experience pub-quality pours from the comfort of home. Active in 10 markets, we have a truly international team who bring a wealth of experience and beery passion to every day. Interested in joining the pack? Make sure to check our vacancies on LinkedIn! In addition to providing our customers with fresh pints all over Europe, …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech

2 0 0 88
Teyi Teyi

Teyi is a consulting company that helps build the bridge between large companies and startups. Teyi was founded in October 2014 with the intentions to support mature startups to succeed with their internationalisation. We are targeting startups that has proven themselves in their local market with paying customers. Taking the next steps to go global is a very crucial period for a startup and this is often where they fail. Many large companies today are at risk of being outperformed by new companies with agile and innovative ways of working. They could benefit tremendously from working closely together with the …

Type: Incubators & VCs

5 0 4 3
Rapid TV News Rapid TV News

The premier online daily news service for the television industry. Rapid TV News is an online daily news service for the television industry. The international team of journalists report on all aspects of broadcast technology and media industry developments. Publishes 24/7 globall coverage and editions. news broadcast industry, satellite, tv technology, broadcast delivery, iptv, and digital television

Type: Media

21 1 21 3
ProgrammableWeb ProgrammableWeb

ProgrammableWeb is known as the world's leading source of news and information about Internet-based APIs. As the world's leading source of news and information about Internet-based application programming interfaces, ProgrammableWeb.com is known as the Web's defacto journal of the API economy. Since it was founded in 2005 when companies like Google and Flickr first unleashed their APIs onto the Web, ProgrammableWeb has been chronicling the daily evolution of the global API economy while amassing the Web's most relied-on directory when it comes to discovering and searching for APIs. ProgrammableWeb is also the most widely-cited source of data when it comes …

Type: Media

30 2 27 9
Picnic Technologies Picnic Technologies

Tech's answer to groceries 🥑 🥐🍎 At Picnic, we’re revolutionizing the way people buy groceries. Our affordable and sustainable service is made possible by our passionate people, cutting-edge technology, efficient planning, and, of course, our fleet of iconic electric vehicles! It’s why our customer base is growing rapidly across the Netherlands, Germany, and France. One of the things that makes Picnic different is that we handle almost everything in-house: forecasting, developing our first automated warehouse and new electric Picnic vehicles, internal and customer-facing applications—the list goes on. It gives us more freedom when it comes to trying out new and …

Type: Large company

18 8 0 3,563
OVG Real Estate OVG Real Estate

Follow us on EDGE Technologies to stay up to date! https://www.linkedin.com/company/edgetechnologies OVG Real Estate is a fast-growing, global, real estate development company headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and New York. We are currently in the middle of transforming ourselves from a real estate developer into a real estate technology company. Our ultimate goal is to become the leading brand in the business. It is our core purpose to use technology to connect people and create healthy and sustainable environments. Real Estate, Sustainability, Development, Redevelopment, Investment Management, and Asset Management

Type: Incubators & VCs

16 4 10 24
PC INpact PC INpact

[Automatic translation follows] PC INpact is a French site opened on May 5, 2003 which deals mainly with IT but also with new technologies in general, in the form of daily articles and files, as well as broader subjects always relating to IT or new technologies. It is managed by the PC INpact press SARL and has a constantly evolving community of more than 150,000 members[1].

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services

51 14 31 7
Agdatahub Agdatahub

Trusted third-party data intermediary for the agricultural sector. Agdatahub is the trusted third-party data intermediary dedicated to the agricultural sector with its Agritrust digital identity and API-Agro data exchange solutions. In support of these solutions, Agdatahub provides operational consulting services related to data (project management, technologies, marketing) to support agricultural and agri-food industry players in the use of digital technologies. Data, Stratégie digitale, Dataviz, Développement, Web, Application mobile, and Agriculture numérique

Type: SMB Activities: agritech IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

13 5 10 15
Ookla Ookla

Connectivity insights for the modern era Better data leads to better networks. Ookla® provides solutions for both crowdsourced and controlled network testing, along with comprehensive global insights on network conditions, QoS, QoE, and consumer experience. Ookla's headquarters are based in Seattle, USA with additional offices around the world. Speedtest, Internet, Telecommunications, Connectivity, Downdetector, Connected Experience, Connected Services, Online Monitoring, QoS, QoE, Network Performance, Network Quality, Network Coverage, Telco, Network Intelligence, 5G, Mobile, Fixed Broadband, Test & Measurement, and Consumer Experience

Type: Startup Activities: telecommunications Technologies: 5G

15 6 8 326
EvoSwitch EvoSwitch

EvoSwitch is a leading provider of carrier-neutral data center colocation services with a focus on security, compliance, hyper-connectivity, and flexibility. EvoSwitch offers connectivity to the world's leading content and network providers with data center locations in the internet's major global hubs. It is EvoSwitch's mission to provide our customers high value services at reasonable prices with top notch customer service. Data Center, Cloud, Internet Exchange, IXP, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, Housing, Carrier Neutral, Sustainability, Security, Colocation, Business Continuity, Connectivity, Scalability, Risk Mitigation, Hybrid IT, and On-Premise

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

5 0 1 6

We leverage the power of markets to create better jobs, better incomes, a better environment & gender equality for all. IDH drives sustainability from niche to norm; by convening companies, civil society organizations, governments and others in public-private partnerships. Together with partners, IDH designs, co-funds and prototypes new economically viable approaches to realize green & inclusive growth at scale. Our approaches are designed to drive sustainability in commodity sectors and sourcing areas, while delivering impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. IDH is supported by multiple European governments, and we work together with 735 partners around the world, including 275 private …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Startup Activities: cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

11 2 5 572
Upskill Upskill

Upskill is now a part of TeamViewer! For more information access: www.teamviewer.com Wearables, Logistics Software, Smart Glasses, Field Services Management Software, Augmented Reality, Remote Expert, Internet of Things, Vision Picking, Manufacturing Software, and Workforce Management

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT VR

9 1 5 29
SoftAtHome SoftAtHome

We make the home smarter. SoftAtHome is an independent software provider with six different solutions for broadband (Connect'ON), Wi-Fi (Wifi'ON), Security (Secure'ON), Smart Home (Things'ON), video (Watch'ON), analytics and QoE monitoring (Eyes'ON). The company's products are deployed by Telecom and Broadcast operators in over 25 million home networks and millions of mobile devices. The company, owned by operators, has more than 300 employees, mainly software engineers committed to open source communities such as prpl or RDK. SoftAtHome's hybrid products uniquely leverage the best from Cloud-based software components and software embedded in multiple mobile and fixed devices. Telecommunications, Home Gateways, Broadcast, …

Type: Startup Activities: constructiontech smart home Technologies: Wireless 5G A.I. IoT Sensors

7 2 3 271

When sponsorship decisions are made, IEG is there to deliver a measurable impact. IEG is the premier global consultancy in partnership strategy, evaluation and measurement for leading sponsors and rightsholders. IEG helps brand and property clients navigate the complex universe of sponsorship and engagement marketing to optimize the value of brand partnerships for all stakeholders: sponsor, rightsholder and audience. Founded in 1982, IEG pioneered thought-leadership in sponsorship and invented the industry’s gold standard for sponsorship valuation. The company’s creative approach, combined with analytics, data and the deep experience of its team, helps clients make informed strategic decisions that maximize return. …

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technologies: Data Analytics

11 3 9 310
Openbaar Ministerie Openbaar Ministerie

[Automatic translation follows] People who are suspected of committing a criminal offense will have to deal with the Public Prosecution Service (OM). The Public Prosecution Service is the only body in the Netherlands that can bring suspects before the criminal court. The Public Prosecution Service ensures that criminal offenses are detected and prosecuted. This is done in collaboration with the police and other investigative services. The public prosecutor is leading the investigation. The Public Prosecution Service also has the task of ensuring that the judge's verdict is carried out; fines must be paid, prison sentences served and community service properly …

Type: Public

8 1 0 4,150
The CareWatch - the wearable that you want to wear for its "looks"​ - not only for its features. The CareWatch - the wearable that you want to wear for its "looks"​ - not only for its features.

Our primary design goals are to create something that people want to wear to increase the effectiveness of monitoring. . We provide patiented centered care solutions; connecting patients with doctors, families, and carers. Our goal is to make healthcare smarter; smarter is less human intervention if IT can deliver the same or better information, have your own Patient Dossier (EMR/EPD) and being able to connect devices that monitor your wellbeing. Smarter healtcare is also about connected people; we provide a fashionable looking wearable that detects a fall - and when a person falls, real-time, relevant information, to all the people …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech IT Services Technologies: IoT

6 0 6 1
Marcam Engineering GmbH Marcam Engineering GmbH

Marcam Engineering Marcam Engineering is a software company specialised on the development of professional software solutions for Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Experience Marcam Engineering was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA), which has been intensely involved with Rapid Technologies as a pioneer since 1989. We own more than 20 years of experience in developing CAD/CAM software as well as practice on using Rapid Technologies, which covers all techniques like 3D printing, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing. Location Marcam Engineering is located in the technology park of the University of Bremen in Germany. …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: 3D Printing

23 3 0 2
CPLS - Creative & Professional Language Specialists CPLS - Creative & Professional Language Specialists

Quality at speed! CPLS | Creative & Professional Language Services Creative Professional Language Specialists (CPLS) is much more than a translation agency. Our services extend beyond Dutch-English (and English-Dutch) translations to editing, copywriting and conference reporting. We focus on the areas of technology and innovation, with clients ranging from automotive to health and from software to hardware. Our small, professional team provides support to businesses, public authorities, research institutions and universities throughout the Netherlands, with a European and even global dimension - quality at speed. Copy-editing, Copywriting, Creative writing, Conference reporting, Translation, Magazine articles, Dutch to English, English to Dutch, …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

25 0 25 2
PRé Sustainability PRé Sustainability

Environmental insights to help you drive change. | Consulting, SimaPro software, training. At PRé, we help companies turn sustainability strategy into action, through fact-based consulting services, training and software solutions based on life cycle thinking. Organizations reach out to us to measure, improve and communicate their sustainability performance. With our assistance, you will be able to develop effective strategies and integrate sustainability in your supply chain, product development or organization. Sustainability is a team effort. PRé and our flagship product SimaPro aim to play a pivotal role in creating a vibrant ecosystem that connects different worlds, systems, people and companies …

Type: SMB Activities: greentech cleantech Technologies: SaaS

11 0 11 83
Sustainable Brand Index™ Sustainable Brand Index™

Europe's largest independent brand study on sustainability. Est 2011. We provide insights to build sustainable brands. Sustainable Brand Index™ measures and analyses how sustainability affects branding, communication and business development. With the help of 80 000 consumers across 8 countries, the study measures and analyses nearly 1 600 brands across 36 industries on sustainability. sustainability, branding, communication, strategy, and sustainable business

Type: Startup Activities: martech cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

2 1 1 1
Digi International Digi International

High-performance, high-reliability wireless solutions to help you design, build and deliver LTE and 5G deployments fast. Digi International (Digi) is a leading global provider of mission-critical and business-critical machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services. We help our customers create next generation connected products and deploy and manage critical communications infrastructures in demanding environments. Our embedded modules and off-the-shelf routers, gateways and network products are designed for relentless reliability and deliver unquestioned performance and security. Our cloud-based software and professional services help customers put their connected products and assets to work across a broad range of …

Type: Startup Activities: telecommunications Technologies: IoT 5G Wireless

5 0 5 5
Moyee Coffee Moyee Coffee

We are the first FairChain coffee in the world: radically good specialty coffee. Right now, 85% of the total value of coffee disappears in the pockets of a handful of multinationals, who we call Big Coffee. This means the farmer stays behind with only 15% of the value. Value, to which nothing has been ‘added’ – only 2% is profit! We may be entrepreneurs, but this imbalance isn’t justifiable! So: that’s why Moyee exists. We aren’t against Fairtrade, but we take it a step further. By applying a FairChain business approach we are restoring the balance in the supply chain. …

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

25 3 20 35
PyrOil Group PyrOil Group

[Automatic translation follows] The world suffers from an enormous surplus of waste. Plastic ends up in the sea where it is crushed and spread by waves. Sea animals eat this, it destroys the environment. The microscopic plastic particles end up in the food chain. PyrOil has developed a technique to convert plastic into oil on a large scale. Based on our vision of people and the environment, we have a mission: PyrOil cleans up the world and helps people move forward! Recycle and Clean Technology

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech

5 1 3 1
MyTweetAlerts MyTweetAlerts

It is like Google Alerts but for Twitter MyTweetAlerts is a new service founded on the idea that there should be a better way to search Twitter. Our sophisticated but simple platform allows you to easily set up and deliver custom alerts to your inbox, saving you time and maximizing your efficiency on Twitter. Whether you are looking to find new sales leads, job prospects, or just want to stay on top of your business or industry, MyTweetAlerts is the Twitter Alert system designed to meet your needs. Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, and Business Development

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

198 210 4 140
Coolrec Coolrec

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech

3 1 1 16
DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

We help advance the DevOps industry through networking, information-sharing, awards, learning, and certification. DASA is the world's largest DevOps and Agile association, fostering dialogue, debate, and collaboration amongst leading industry professionals and organizations. With a network of 300+ partner organizations, DASA helps define, inform, and advance the DevOps industry through networking, information-sharing, awards, lifelong learning, and certification. www.devopsagileskills.org DevOps, Agile, DASA DevOps Practitioner, DevOps qualification program, DevOps Certification, Certified DevOps engineer, DevOps certification exam, DevOps training, Product Owner, Leadership, Education, DevOps Training, DevOps Leader , DevOps Coach, and DevOps Fundamentals

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

3 0 3 64
DataCore Software DataCore Software

The Authority on Software-Defined Storage DataCore Software is focused on delivering enterprise-class data storage solutions to solve some of the most pressing IT challenges impacting today’s organizations. DataCore’s Software-Defined Storage portfolio helps maximize the value across IT investments by improving data access and protection while reducing costs – onsite, across sites, and in the cloud. Break free from vendor lock-in and future-proof your infrastructure to prepare for the demands of tomorrow. Ensure high-performing, highly available, and cost-effective access to your data where you choose to place it. With 20 years of deep data storage expertise, DataCore’s value has been proven …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: SaaS

13 2 9 303
Dialogic Dialogic

Enabling Agility. A leading cloud-optimized solutions provider for real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure. Enabling agility for service providers, enterprise, and application developers around the globe. 48 of the world’s top 50 mobile operators, and nearly 3,000 application developers rely on Dialogic to build and deploy on agile networks. For more information on Dialogic and the communications solutions built on Dialogic® technology, visit www.dialogic.com and https://www.dialogic.com/en/solutions Connect further with us: https://twitter.com/Dialogic https://www.facebook.com/DialogicInc https://plus.google.com/u/0/+dialogic http://www.youtube.com/user/dialogiccorp Telecom Equipment and Software, Media Servers, Session Border Controllers, Optimization, Network Congestion Solutions, Application Development, UC for Sevice Providers, Network Infrastructure Solutions, Video Gateways, and Contact …

Type: SMB Activities: telecommunications Technologies: SaaS

10 0 7 391
Keen Venture Partners Keen Venture Partners

The radically human venture capital firm Keen Venture Partners is a radically human venture capital firm that backs exceptional founders across Europe from Seed to Series B.

Type: Incubators & VCs

5 1 5 11
Vitesse Arnhem Vitesse Arnhem

[Automatic translation follows] Vitesse is the football club that always fights for the highest possible achievement with a winning mentality. Vitesse is committed with heart and soul to offering a recognizable football experience and club culture. In good and bad times. We do this for (potential) football fans from all walks of life, regional businesses, local government and social organizations that focus on getting people moving, with an emphasis on youth. Vitesse provides fun, a sense of solidarity and connection in Arnhem and the region. We do this by actively looking for connections with people based on genuine interest. By …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment

2 0 0 171
Sportinnovator Sportinnovator

[Automatic translation follows] The sports innovation network of the Netherlands On behalf of Minister Schippers of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Sports Top Team has drawn up the Sports Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2015-2020. The agenda formulates the ambition to increase the return on knowledge and innovation in sports: for sports but also for science, economy and society. To achieve this, the Sportinnovator program has been set up in which coherent program lines are implemented. The aim of Sportinnovator is to stimulate cooperation between business, science, sport and government for new innovations in sport. You can also follow us on …

Type: Public

2 0 2 14
YouTube YouTube

Like and Subscribe YouTube is a team-oriented, creative workplace where every single employee has a voice in the choices we make and the features we implement. We work together in small teams to design, develop, and roll out key features and products in very short time frames. Which means something you write today could be seen by millions of viewers tomorrow. And even though we’re a part of Google and enjoy all of the corporate perks, it still feels like you’re working at a startup. YouTube is headquartered in San Bruno, California, 12 miles south of San Francisco. We also …

Type: Large company Activities: IT Services

146 69 88 4
hardwear.io - Hardware Security Conference and Training hardwear.io - Hardware Security Conference and Training

Secure Your #Hardware #hardwaresecurity #hw_io hardwear.io Security Conference is a platform for hardware and security community where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware hardware security, firmware Security, IOT security , Integrated Circuits, Hardware Pen-testing, Satellite Systems, Embedded Systems, Smart Devices, Telecom Hardware, Industrial Control Systems, SCADA Systems , and Hardware Reversing

Type: Event

18 0 17 14
Airties Airties

We are #wifintelligence. We are Airties. Airties is a leading provider of managed Wi-Fi solutions to operators around the globe. The Smart Wi-Fi portfolio from Airties includes Airties Edge, smart Wi-Fi software for gateways; Airties Cloud, a cloud-based management platform and its companion app, Airties Vision; and Wi-Fi mesh extenders. Operators turn to Airties for the design, implementation, and ongoing optimization of their customers’ broadband experience. Airties’ customers include AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Singtel, Sky, Telia, Telstra, Vodafone, and many others. More information is available at www.airties.com. WI-FI, Access Points, Mesh, Remote Management, Cloud Software, In-Home Wi-Fi, Network Management, Wi-Fi Services, …

Type: SMB Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT

10 0 3 437
Threatpost Threatpost

Threatpost is the first stop for fast-breaking security news, conversations and analysis from around the world. Follow Threatpost to stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity news: Twitter: @Threatpost Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Threatpost/ Cybersecurity, Privacy, Vulnerabilities, and Breaches

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services privacytech Technologies: Cybersecurity

11 2 4 4