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Antropia ESSECAntropia ESSEC

[Automatic translation follows] Social Business Accelerator - support at key stages in the development of high-impact projects! Created in 2008 by ESSEC, Antropia is the first socially innovative business accelerator launched by a business school in France. Faced with social, societal and environmental challenges, we believe that entrepreneurs provide effective and innovative responses. These entrepreneurs of tomorrow can generate systemic changes and open the way to a new society where economic logic and social logic no longer oppose each other. Our mission is to catalyze and encourage the emergence and development of innovative, sustainable social enterprises with a strong social …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Education Administration Programs


[Automatic translation follows] A reference player in pensions with 57 million insured persons: points system, distribution for more than 75 years A major operator of a point-based pension system, Agirc-Arrco pays pensions to 13 million people, receives contributions employees and employers of 1.7 million companies, 2.6 million individual employers and manages the points accounts of 44 million people who have not yet liquidated their pension rights. A benchmark player in retirement, Agirc-Arrco serves 57 million policyholders throughout their lives. It undertakes to provide them with a global, clear and immediate vision of their pension rights, of the impact of their …

Type: Public Nonprofit Activities: Insurance

Crédit CoopératifCrédit Coopératif

Une autre banque est possible Crédit Coopératif is a diversified banking group, which offers a wide range of banking products and services, especially to businesses and organisations, in the different sectors in which it is involved. It finds its origins in the Social Economy movement of the late 19th century that led to the creation of today's large mutual banking groups. Owned by its clients, also called "sociétaires"​, Crédit Coopératif is a co-operative bank, which is an active member of the Social Economy for more than one hundred years. It assists and accompanies the creation and development of co-operatives, mutual …

Type: Large company Privately Held Activities: Banking


[Automatic translation follows] Dare to be leaders differently The CJD is a movement of young leaders, representative of the economic fabric and who defend the idea of responsible liberalism. It is also a place where young leaders come to break their isolation, train and progress. Present throughout the territory through more than 100 establishments, the CJD is representative of French companies, in terms of sectors of activity and size.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: edtech Non-profit Organizations


[Automatic translation follows] UniHA is a cooperative of hospital buyers. 1st French public purchaser in the field of health. UniHA is the largest cooperative of public hospital buyers. - Created in 2005 on the initiative of 67 French University Hospitals, UniHA now has more than 1,000 member public health establishments. - With more than 5.6 billion euros in purchases per year, UniHA is positioned as the 1st French public purchaser in the field of health. - In 2021, its members will record 199 million savings on purchases, an unparalleled purchasing performance. €1 invested in UniHA therefore brings in an average …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: healthtech Hospitals and Health Care

GrandLyon HabitatGrandLyon Habitat

[Automatic translation follows] Live well in your city sustainably GrandLyon Habitat is an OPH (Office Public de l'Habitat) which manages nearly 26,000 housing units in the 59 municipalities of the Lyon Metropolis. GrandLyon Habitat is a responsible builder and manager, a pioneer in sustainable development. GrandLyon Habitat is made up of 6 regional agencies, an emergency response service, an integrated customer relations centre, 600 employees who work daily to provide low-income people with affordable, sustainable housing and local support. Our missions: - Respond to everyone's request according to their life course: allocation of housing, home care for the elderly or …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: proptech constructiontech Real Estate

Réseau CocagneRéseau Cocagne

[Automatic translation follows] please see web site/please consult the website

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: Consulting Non-profit Organizations


You save the world. Assoconnect takes care of the rest. Nonprofits are heroes. They are innovative, hardworking and deserve the best tools out there. This is why we created AssoConnect: an all-in-one nonprofit software to help nonprofits focus less on admin, and more on their impact. With all the tools you need in one place, you spend less time double-checking figures, copy & pasting, & using tools that are not adapted to fit nonprofit's particular needs. Today, AssoConnect helps 15,000 nonprofits around the world, of all sizes and sectors. Main features: CRM, Membership Management, Online Payment, Communication, Website Builder, Event …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: fintech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: RPA SaaS


Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Information Services Technologies: Data Analytics

INPI FranceINPI France

[Automatic translation follows] We are the house of innovators. INPI: The innovators' house We are a public establishment, fully self -funded, placed under the supervision of the ministry in charge of industrial property, at the heart of the innovation approach for French companies. Beyond the deposits of titles (patents, brands, drawings and models), we act for economic development by actions to raise awareness and enhance innovation, whatever its form. Our core business is to allow everyone to transform innovation into value. An economic value An effective innovation strategy allows any business to increase its turnover, gain market share, benefit from …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


[Automatic translation follows] Adie is a great French association that defends the idea that everyone can undertake. ADIE is a non -profit association of law 1901. Thanks to a network of antennas developed throughout the territory, Adie Finance and supports business creators who do not have access to bank credit and more particularlyjob seekers and RSA beneficiaries. Aid for business creation, entrepreneurship, association law 1901, solidarity finance, NGO, support, institution, financing, social and solidarity economy, and training

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations


[Automatic translation follows] Association for the defense and representation of people with disabilities and their relatives The Association of Paralyzed in France (APF), created in 1933 and recognized as a public utility, is a national associative movement of defense and representation of people with motor or multiple disabilities and their families which brings together 24,500 members, 30 000 users, 25,000 volunteers and 13,500 employees. With a unique project of general interest "for an inclusive company! ", The APF acts for equal rights, citizenship, social participation and the free choice of the lifestyle of people with disabilities and their families. The …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

Habitat et HumanismeHabitat et Humanisme

[Automatic translation follows] Act for the accommodation and integration of people in difficulty 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻 For over 36 years, to respond to the exclusion and isolation of people in difficulty, Habitat and Humanism acts in favor of housing, integration and recreation of social ties. 🧰 Resolutely turned towards innovation, the movement has developed economic tools with a social vocation, to finance and carry out its action. Habitat and humanism has given itself the mission: ✔️ to allow people with low resources, precarious because of their social situation, their age, their disability or their health, to access a habitat solution adapted to …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations Technologies: IoT

Ville de PontarlierVille de Pontarlier

[Automatic translation follows] Haut-Doubs capital Pontarlier, the third municipality of the Doubs department, called "Capital of Haut Doubs", Pontarlier, halfway between Besançon and Lausanne, is today, with its 837 meters above sea level, the highest city in France after Briançon. The city, strong of its 18,409 inhabitants, shows an economic attractiveness and a certain dynamism, measured in particular by the establishment of companies and the richness of an associative life relying on 569 associations (cultural, Sports, social, leisure, various). The borough of which it is the heart extends over 5,000 hectares of fir and spruce forests. It is divided into …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration

VALHORIZON- Accèlérateur de particules solidaires !VALHORIZON- Accèlérateur de particules solidaires !

[Automatic translation follows] A global offer of services to the inhabitants!Social centers crèches & amp;Leisure Employment Course Incubator Conciergerie Valhorizon accelerator of solidarity particles, Is a group of 11 social enterprises Developer of family services, residents of the territory Supported on the solidarity economy A global offer of services to residents: children, young people, families ... Valhorizon actively participates in the development of employment for the territory. Leisure, early childhood animation, territorial pole of economic cooperation, integration and employment, integration, incubator, concierge, coworking, and extracurricular

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations


Le média digital inclusif depuis 2012 As a French recruitment agency, Talentéo sources disabled candidates, helps you fit them in your teams and appear as a key handicap-friendly company more than just pretending you are. Talentéo is the first actor in the Human Resources ecosystem to understand that in order to take disabled employees onboard, social media is a tool that cannot be neglected. Indeed, the new tools do not change the recruitment approach. Our process is still based on a clever and efficient sourcing, simple interactions, suited evaluations and an appropriate integration in the team. But our team thinks …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: HRtech Online Audio and Video Media

Territoires zéro chômeur de longue duréeTerritoires zéro chômeur de longue durée

[Automatic translation follows] It is together that we will make a job a right! The “Territories zero long -term territorial territories” project was focused for its start -up phase by ATD Fourth World in partnership with Secours Catholique, Emmaüs France, the Civic Pact and the Federation of Solidarity Actors with, from the start, a Shared will that the operational conduct of this project can then be carried by an ad-hoc organization. The association “Territories zero unemployed of long -term” was thus created on October 7, 2016 to take over from the action and demonstrate that it is possible on the …

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: fintech Government Administration

Pôle d'Intelligence LogistiquePôle d'Intelligence Logistique

[Automatic translation follows] The network creating logistics connections in Rhône-Alpes Based in North Isère, at the heart of the first French terrestrial logistics platform, the logistical intelligence center is an essential associative network unifying professionals in the sector. Our objectives: improve the competitiveness and performance of companies, promote logistics and its know-how, develop employment in the territory and improve working conditions, commit a concrete engaging in sustainable development and imagine the logistics of tomorrow. 140 members 110 companies and 30 partners (employment, training, communities ...) 500 professionals More than 500 logistics professionals who participate in working groups 80 meetings per …

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: transporttech Truck Transportation


[Automatic translation follows] Serfim, start-up for over 140 years. Serfim is an independent group comprising 10 branches, 40 companies, and 2400 employees.It has a turnover of 410 million euros and offers its private, public and semi-public customers, a wide range of activities for over 142 years. Specialized in public works (energy, water, works of art, road, industry), environmental trades (depollution, recycling, renewable energy), T.I.C.And real estate, our companies share the same innovative spirit. Environment and public works services, Environment, T.I.C, Real Estate, Industry, Depollution, Enérgie, Water, Art, Road, Recycling, and Enr

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: Environmental Services


[Automatic translation follows] Support for the improvement of the quality of life of people in the different situations of life Psykolab supports companies and communities who wish to contribute to the quality of life of their beneficiaries, by forming them, advising and supporting their needs and concerns of society. Advice, training, support, innovation, cities and territories, nudge, relationship to the public, and ecological impact

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Privately Held Activities: Business Consulting and Services

Plateau UrbainPlateau Urbain

[Automatic translation follows] Cooperative at the service of VI [ll] e in common Plateau Urbain is a cooperative of collective interest proposing to play the role of interface between owners and project leaders by means of calls for candidates, to revive vacant buildings and support associative, entrepreneurial and cultural projects. A win-win logic Occupcing premises at the cost of charges allows users to concentrate their means and investment efforts on the development of their activities. Ultimately, Urban Plateau intends to federate the current reflections on the recycling of buildings and short circuits, to allow holders to access an offer of …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: Architecture and Planning Technologies: New Materials

Pangloss LabsPangloss Labs

Giving you access to a world of possibilities Non-profit association. We help local entrepreneurs to create and innovate and to gather in eco-fablab, creative space, hackerspace, tiers-lieu, digital, design, professional training, open source, open business models, open innovation, creative commons and free licences. We contribute to local organic growth. We advocate energy efficiency, slow mobility, healthy food, upcycling and local products on every occasion. eco-fablab, sharing, circular, collaborative, functionality economy, nutrition, open innovation, crowdfunding, education, open source, artificial intelligence, universal design, internet of things, open access & data, art, design thinking, coworking, and woodlab

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Professional Training and Coaching


[Automatic translation follows] The media of the social and solidarity economy and impact companies: newsletter, videos, podcasts, round tables ... Mediatico is a company of the social and solidarity economy, which has published since 2013 the information site "mediatico.fr": this online media intends to restore meaning to the economy by showing the actors of the Social and solidarity economy, the circular economy, positive finance and responsible companies, with the aim of showing that other economic models are possible. In addition to a weekly newsletter and monthly events, Mediatico allows you to discover a community of actors that give meaning to …

Type: Media Partnership Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

Ma Ville VerteMa Ville Verte

[Automatic translation follows] He pushes more things in a garden that we have sown ... My green city is specialized in the establishment of vegetable gardens in an urban environment and offers the design, the realization as well as the animation of gardens in order to raise awareness of the cultivation of fresh fruit and vegetables but also in order to create places ofexchanges and sharing. For each project that is entrusted to us, we provide tailor-made solutions, from design to maintenance and animation of gardens, while placing humans at the heart of our concerns. Urban agriculture, landscaping, training and …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: constructiontech Smart City Farming

Fabrique d'Objets LibresFabrique d'Objets Libres

[Automatic translation follows] The free object factory is an associative fab-lab (law 1901) created in March 2012. What is a fab-lab? A fab-lab is a digital creation space open to everyone allowing everyone to discover, invent, make. What do we offer? A real citizen manufacturing laboratory, the factory of free objects provides its members with rapidly controlled tools and prototyping machines. It allows everyone to design and locally manufacture “free objects” from secondary raw materials. It is a collaborative multidisciplinary platform that combines profiles (technicians, computer scientists, engineers, scientists, tinkers, creators ...) and generations in order to bring together all …

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting


[Automatic translation follows] Collaborative platform for sharing garden uses Clic & Amp; Garden connects individuals, producers, communities, businesses to develop the sharing of gardens, the exchange of harvests and access to a multitude of garden for all. Our ambition: to increase the supply of nature in the city (by more effectively valuing the available areas) to participate in the development of urban agriculture, to improve the quality of life of city dwellers and to reduce food waste.

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: cleantech greentech Environmental Services

La Fabrique - Mobilier, Art et ScénoLa Fabrique - Mobilier, Art et Scéno

[Automatic translation follows] Local, collegial and social cabinet La Fabrique is a 12th century cabinery, collaborative and solidarity local, created in 2008. We produce arrangements, furniture and artists with a strong environmental requirement.At La Fabrique opposite, you can also come and make your furniture with your hands, in DIY leisure or in Teambuilding seminar. Today we are 24 people in Lyon and our turnover amounted in 2017 at 1,850,000 €

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: arttech Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing

Live for GoodLive for Good

[Automatic translation follows] Entrepreneurship in the heart Inequalities, waste, aging of the population, mobility, access to education ... so many social issues. And so many ruptures to be operated by all economic and social actors! Starting with a new generation of young people from all walks of life ready to innovate. Our mission ? Accompany them in their adventure with extraordinary potential! Through our 3 programs, we bring out innovative solutions, which create a large -scale social impact. Generation Impact: A program designed to inspire young people and help them change the world thanks to a 6 -month mentoring, awareness …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Startup Nonprofit Activities: civictech Civic and Social Organizations Technologies: Games

Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)

The Youth are the future: let's work with them! LP4Y’s vision is that young adults facing extreme poverty (living with less than $1,5 per day) and victims of exclusion (out of school, living in the streets, former prisoners, differently able, young mothers…) are capable of becoming great entrepreneurs if someone gives them words of support , place to grow, smiles and trust. Excluded Youth lack connections with the decent world and access to a network. LP4Y creates a professionalizing framework to promote the personal development of the Youth and their lasting integration into the world of decent work. All actors …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Non-profit Organizations

La Formidable ArmadaLa Formidable Armada

[Automatic translation follows] Imagine new stories for our places of life, activate cooperation. The formidable armada is a design design agency who is interested in the city of tomorrow, with the tools the creativity and innovation. Invested since 2017 with the actors of the city factory, it wishes to implement innovative projects with high use value. The formidable armada puts the use of the user at the heart of any project approach thus valuing his word and qualifying his lifestyles for adapted and sustainable solutions. It adopts the methodology and the state of mind of "design thinking" to overall support …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: Smart City Design Services


[Automatic translation follows] The strength of difference. Change the gaze of companies and society on disability. With almost 100% of employees with disabilities, Handishare benefits from the status of adapted business (EA). As such, it allows its customers to reduce their handicap contribution (law of September 5, 2018). Handishare offers assistance missions to business support functions, with strong expertise in human resources and purchases. Its tailor -made services concern in particular the following areas: - Human resources (sourcing and pre -qualification of candidates, management of the training plan, etc.) - Information systems (non -regression tests, receipt, TMA, etc.) - Purchases …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: HRtech IT Services and IT Consulting

Groupe SERLGroupe SERL

[Automatic translation follows] Agile expert & amp; innovative | Reliable operator & amp; benevolent | Advisor involved & amp; pragmatic | Investor committed & amp; Responsible The SERL group has been developing cities and districts since 1957: Urban development and renewal - construction of public and private buildings - business parks with business services - land and real estate engineering. Local communities or private organizations, the Serl group puts all its skills at your service to guarantee the success of your projects. The SERL group is above all the guarantee of recognized operational professionalism and expanded know-how on projects of …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Architecture and Planning

One Heart CommunicationOne Heart Communication

One Heart, c’est le groupe qui accompagne les acteurs du changement pour valoriser l’engagement. Our Purpose Broadcast all the initiatives of responsible actors (organizations, firms, individuals) through our social media, One Heart (www.oneheart.fr) and develop within our agency both products and services to maximise the social impact of these initiatives, encourage social innovation and action, turning users into implicated actors. Our Know-How ➜ Make social initiatives visible, accessible and easy to understand ➜ Promote initiatives and enable mobilisation ➜ Provide a suite of digital tools & services to the industry ➜ Connect actors sharing a same cause www.oneheart.fr Communication digitale, …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: martech fintech IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting


[Automatic translation follows] Give a little, more often 🤝 Microdon is an ESUS and B-CORP certified startup which offers companies concerned with their social responsibility (CSR) innovative solutions to facilitate joint-business engagement in business.These participative mobilization and patronage tools contribute to federating the company and its stakeholders (customers, employees) around a joint project and thus make solidarity engagement a real lever for overall business in business. Mécénat, solidarity mobilization, donation engineering, fundraising, commitment, solidarity, HR, retail, time donation, donation on salary, donation in cash, distribution brand, fundraising, and solidarity

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: civictech fintech HRtech Fundraising

Lili smartLili smart

Editeur de logiciels innovants en santé pour les personnes fragiles et leurs aidants Lili Smart is the first app dedicated to families accompanying a dependent close parent. It makes their daily life easier and allow them to look over the loved serenely. Designed with families, associations and professionals, Lili smart was been developped to meet 3 needs: • Anticipate risky situations and protect, • Stimulate and help autonomy, • Organize and communicate between caregivers. Our solution is composed by 3 elements: • An app dedicated to family caregivers to stimulate, be alerted in case of behavior changes, shared data, communicate …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: healthtech consumer services Wellness and Fitness Services


[Automatic translation follows] Communication that stings 🐝 Frelonbleu is a human -sized communication agency convinced that expertise is not incompatible with simplicity and common sense.We favor proximity and exchange to understand your offer, your customers and the culture of your business before letting our creativity buzz. 📍 Lyon: 04 78 08 47 49 📍 Dax: 05 58 91 71 42 Marketing, communication and graphic design strategy, digital marketing, inbound marketing, inbound Sales, and training

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Advertising Services

FERS - Donner des ailes à nos enfantsFERS - Donner des ailes à nos enfants

[Automatic translation follows] Foundation recognized as a public utility since 1993 The irons is a foundation of public utility, which promotes partnerships between the school and the players in the territory to prepare the future of children.Companies, communities and associations open their doors to them, and co-construct, in partnership with National Education, educational programs and tools that allow them to better understand contemporary trades and challenges. When I am great, I will be ..., Discovery of business school, Lyon metropolitan area, Orientation awareness, City of Lyon, National Education, Equality of Boges, Foundation, and Educational Cités

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Primary and Secondary Education


[Automatic translation follows] Recruitment firm made in lyon Facility Recruitment is the firm 🦁 Made in Lyon 🦁 specialist in trade, finance and support functions. Very established and involved in the Rhodanian economic and social fabric, we support many customers of all sizes (VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, large groups).We intervene in particular in the sectors of trade and distribution, automobile, real estate, services, advice and digital. Our pricing policy?You only pay if you recruit! You want to know more about our methodology or on our pricing policy, call us on 04 72 53 17 93 or leave us your contact details …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: HRtech Staffing and Recruiting


[Automatic translation follows] "Culture the desire to act" E-Graine is a world citizenship education movement created in 2006. Today we are forced to question our development model: we will no longer be able to live tomorrow as we live today.In a context of a global crisis (ecological, economic, identity, political, social ...), our community federates around the idea that pedagogy and the development of critical mind are the engines of the construction of asolidarity and responsible world. We are thus participating in the United Nations Sustainable Development (SDG) objectives and, more broadly, in ecological, social and human transition dynamics which …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

Fondation Nicolas HulotFondation Nicolas Hulot

[Automatic translation follows] Since its creation in 1990, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man has been responsible for modifying individual and collective behavior to preserve our planet.Recognized of public utility, the Foundation implements all the means at its disposal to initiate a new form of society based on the awareness of the interdependence of humans and all living

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture SMB Nonprofit Activities: Consulting Non-profit Organizations

Direction générale du TrésorDirection générale du Trésor

[Automatic translation follows] Advise the government and act at the service of an innovative and inclusive economy, for sustainable growth. The Directorate General of the Treasury is at the service of the French Minister in charge of the economy to propose and conduct under its authority the actions of France's economic policy and defend it in Europe and in the world. Missions: • The development of economic forecasts and the Council on economic policies and public policies in the financial, social and sectoral fields. • The regulation of the financing of the economy and institutions involved in insurance, bank and …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration Technologies: Data Analytics

CPME du RhôneCPME du Rhône

[Automatic translation follows] The CPME (Confederation of SMEs) represents, accompanies and brings together all entrepreneurs The CGPME of the Rhône: 3,500 SMEs and VSEs member and 25 professional branches. Insurance as much as a certainty for the powerful engines of excellence, that of never facing the problems of your entrepreneurial daily! Our missions: Support you in your daily life as an entrepreneur, inform yourself and bring you together, represent you to make your voice heard, train to strengthen the skills of your businesses, support you internationally, claim to make your voice heard. 340 agents, 600 business leaders supported and accompanied …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations


Your reading comfort completely personalized for your digital documents and text on web pages Innovative software platform to help those with reading challenges like dyslexia and poor vision to adapt text on websites and in documents to their personalized comfort. Editeur de solutions innovantes pour les troubles de la lecture

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet

CAPSA ContainerCAPSA Container

[Automatic translation follows] Build tomorrow, with you. Capsa Container, an industrial company created in 2013, is positioned as a editor of modular solutions.This start-up located in Meyzieu (Rhône) thinks and realizes multiple projects involving maritime containers Thanks to our integrated design office, our company responds to all your technical issues, in the construction, industry and event sectors. Imagined as a laboratory of innovations and technologies CAPSA is defined as an industrial start -up.Innovation, industry & amp;Logistics: are the expertise deployed by our teams at the service of your projects mobilizing its workshop and its engineers to make CAPSA a reference …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: constructiontech Industry 4.0 Industrial Machinery Manufacturing


[Automatic translation follows] Take your bike to the urban rhythm! Addbike is a young Lyon company who seeks to revolutionize the culture of cycling in an urban environment. It offers innovative products to cycle a credible alternative to other means of transport for everyday trips of all. Our first product, the Addbike, is a pendulum chassis with two -wheelers that come to settle in place of the front wheel of a classic bicycle, thus transforming it into an urban scooter quickly and reversibly. On the addbike easily attach modules suitable for each use. The addbike and the various modules will …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: transporttech Recreational Facilities


[Automatic translation follows] The race for change! Let us share our professional network with those who do not have them: precariousness does not prevent skills! → Recruiters, bet on professional inclusion and offer a job to Linkedout candidates. → Individuals, massively share the CVs of these candidates, capable and motivated to work. Linkedout is a program of the Entourage association. _____________ Linkedout is a project led by the Entourage association, which allows support for the most precarious people or in a situation of exclusion for a return to employment. LinkedIn supports the mission and the values ​​conveyed by this system, …

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: HRtech Civic and Social Organizations

Planète OUI Planète OUI

[Automatic translation follows] 100 % renewable supplier and energy manager.

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: cleantech greentech Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing


[Automatic translation follows] The booster of your business development Capidev is the specialist with PMI, SMEs and ETIs in business development, in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. Are you a business manager, and need an external and objective expert look to boost your business? CAPIDEV, composed of experts experts in business development and themselves business leaders, pragmatic, and operational, bring you expertise, sharing of experiences, networks .... We intervene by your side: 1 - Your strategic reflection 2 - Your values ​​proposals 3 - Your development strategy 4 - All sellers 5 - Implementation of the action plan and operational …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: Consulting martech Business Consulting and Services

Association Française des AidantsAssociation Française des Aidants

[Automatic translation follows] Since its creation in 2003, the French association of caregivers has campaigned for the recognition of the role and place of caregivers in society. It directs and supports caregivers locally in particular via the animation of the national caregiver network of caregivers® and the establishment of caregivers' health workshops, provides training on questions related to support for caregivers and teams Professionals, disseminates information, develops partnerships and participates in the construction of tools to better understand the expectations and needs of caregivers. To find its actions closest to you: www.aidants.fr You can follow us on our social networks: …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

ALEC Lyon - Agence Locale de l'Énergie et du Climat de la Métropole de LyonALEC Lyon - Agence Locale de l'Énergie et du Climat de la Métropole de Lyon

[Automatic translation follows] Energy transition guide for the territory of the Metropolis of Lyon Founded in 2000, Alec Lyon is a non -profit association bringing together more than thirty member legal persons working in a sustainable development. This is for communities, individuals and building professionals. Our missions: - support change (profession of animator), by information, awareness, training, education and communication; - Provide technical and methodological support (profession of advisor): advice around energy in building and development and helps to set up territorial procedures in favor of energy transition (climate plan, agenda 21, etc.) . The Alec Lyon carries the Rhône-Métropole …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Environmental Services