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Artiste SportiveArtiste Sportive

Beautiful sports illustrations and gift for sports fans! Prints, mugs, totebags & other gifts at www.artistesportive.com Hi! My name is Camille, I am a graphic designer and illustrator at Projetpao. I love sports and I started this shop because I wanted to create beautiful sport arts gifts for sports fans. Pop in my online store www.artistesportive.com ! I want to create beautiful illustrations for anyone who practises football, tennis, basketball, boxing, judo, rugby, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, running, muay thai, golf, cycling, skiing ... sport, sport prints, sport gift, sport mug, sport tote bag, sport coach, sport clubs, etsy shop, artiste, …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: entertainment Sporting Goods Manufacturing

Groupe BALASGroupe BALAS

[Automatic translation follows] "Let's share together the passion to preserve the past and build the future" BALAS GROUP: PRESERVING THE PAST AND BUILDING THE FUTURE BALAS is an independent family group of 800 employees, leader in Ile-de-France in fluids, energy and heritage renovation, which operates in works and services throughout the life cycle of the building. Four entities form the BALAS Group, and two specialties are historic in plumbing and roofing. The strength of the Group is its human capital and its own business skills: engineering, production, off-site prefabrication are integrated, offering unparalleled responsiveness and control of construction sites. The …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: constructiontech Construction

Bright CitiesBright Cities

Bright Cities is a disruptive platform for diagnosing your city’s roadmap to become a smarter city everyday. How can we help become smarter and brighter cities in the world? Bright Cities is a disruptive platform for diagnosing your city’s roadmap to become a smart city each day. DIAGNOSE Through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence our exclusive Smart City Assessment helps cities identify problems and potentialities. DESIGN With worldwide benchmark and tailor made solutions you discover cutting edge city ad ons that perfect fit your city’s profile and budget. DELIVER A step by step roadmap so your city can become smarter …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: Smart City IT Services and IT Consulting

Cerfrance BrocéliandeCerfrance Brocéliande

[Automatic translation follows] Accounting and consulting firm Cerfrance Brocéliande is the leading player in the field of Accounting Consulting and Expertise for companies in Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan and their managers. She is registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants of Brittany. accounting, chartered accountancy, consulting, business creation, business transfer, legal, taxation, heritage, environment, and employers and payroll

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: fintech Accounting


[Automatic translation follows] The unit for accelerating agro-innovative projects in the Cher department, GEORGIA, accompanies you! GEORGIA is a partnership between the Cher Chamber of Agriculture, the Cher Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Crédit Agricole Center Loire. Its objective is to accelerate the implementation and optimize the success of agricultural and agri-food projects creating added value in the Cher department.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Employed Activities: e-commerce Farming


[Automatic translation follows] Olfactory stimulation workshops to reclaim your sensory environment and better anchor yourself in your daily life Ressentive is a company that places the sense of smell at the center of these actions. It offers fun sensory workshops that will give you a unique and immersive experience to awaken the senses, strengthen group cohesion or even stimulate cognitive functions! stimulation of smell, sensory experience, team building, early childhood sensory stimulation, and cognitive stimulation

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: Business Consulting and Services


[Automatic translation follows] Daniel Fournier Business Strategies Inc. / CX Management / Sales-Marketing Management and Strategies Let's create your most memorable brand experience together! Consulting in client-oriented business strategies Daniel Fournier Business Strategies Inc. Rigorous methodology and omnichannel approach, structured and personalized in CX, offered to companies in order to increase their sales, their market shares and their profitability. No ready-made solutions! Specialized sectors: Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Restaurants, Hospitality, Events and Web. The services offered are: Integrated X Strategies (CX-UX-EX), Omnichannel Strategic Plan, CX Audits, customer mapping, mystery shoppers, Customer surveys - focus group - interview, CX indicators and …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: Consulting Business Consulting and Services

Old Page (Not to be Referred)Old Page (Not to be Referred)

Creating a Circular Economy with Agricultural Waste Led by Veterans! Renewable Energy Biomass Supply Chain Management, Bio-Energy Solutions, O&M of Boilers, BOT Model Boiler Operations, Premiium Consultation in Biomass Assessment Studies, Bio-Energy Projects Consultation, Green Plantation Drives, Creating Village Level Entreprenuers, and Keynote Speakers in National and International Forums

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: cleantech greentech Oil and Gas

GrowBiz Scotland - rural enterprise supportGrowBiz Scotland - rural enterprise support

Supporting business & enterprise in rural Scotland. GrowBiz is based in Perthshire and provides a community-based enterprise support service for rural businesses throughout Scotland. Over twelve years, GrowBiz has developed a unique approach to community-based support for rural enterprise - and is cited as a model of ‘best practice’ by the European Network for Rural Development. GrowBiz has increased its support for rural enterprises in Scotland during the Covid-19 crisis, by offering more phone and online advice sessions, and a range of online learning and networking opportunities. These are open to any small or micro-business or social enterprise across rural …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Employed Activities: fintech Professional Training and Coaching

Imaginaries LabImaginaries Lab

We're a design research studio creating tools to support people's imagining—new ways to understand, and new ways to live We're a design research studio creating tools to support people's imagining— new ways to understand, and new ways to live.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Employed Activities: Design Services


coparion is a venture capital fund for young, German technology companies. The capital is provided by ERP Special Fund, KfW Capital and European Investment Bank. We accelerate growth: We help young technology companies achieve swift and sustained growth. With a fund sitze of EUR 275 million we have the means to do so. We are your partner : We support entrepreneurial vision with our know-how, but without intervening in daily business operations. Thanks to our long-standing experience in venture capital and in building companies, we discern potentials and open up new perspectives. We have the substance, tenacity and creativity required …

Type: Incubators & VCs Self-Employed Activities: Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals

LuxUnplugged PodcastLuxUnplugged Podcast

Unique insights into the Luxembourg business, space and sustainability ecosystems with Thierry, Adrien & Claudia. A podcast offering unique insights into Luxembourg. People from Luxembourg are quite familiar with the country’s discreet approach when it comes to blowing its own trumpet at the global scale. To many outsiders, Luxembourg is just a regional economic powerhouse without any world impact. This podcast is here to shed light on Luxembourg’s global influence. Our hosts, Thierry, Adrien and Claudia, get together with key influencers shaping Luxembourg in business, politics and climate related issues. Media, Podcast, Luxembourg, Business in Luxembourg, Marketing Services, Audio, and …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media


Social Media for Space At Spaceside we have a passion for social media and we have a passion for space. We are the only agency working exclusively on the crossroads of these two exciting worlds. Spaceside helps space organisations use the power of social media to engage curious audiences in space exploration, for outreach, for event promotion or for marketing. Spaceside is the company of Remco Timmermans, working in an international network of space content marketing professionals. Spaceside was formerly known as Seventy Media and moved to Estonia in 2021 to continue to best serve its European clients after Brexit.

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

Jasmine Glasheen & AssociatesJasmine Glasheen & Associates

A team of seasoned content strategists, writers, and big-picture thinkers that create compelling and innovative copy. Instead of just building sales, modern brands need the ability to build relationships with prospective customers. Targeted content is the key to unlocking customers hearts, minds, and wallets; but all too often, company leaders are confused about how to create and execute a strong content strategy. That's where we come in. Jasmine Glasheen & Associates is a team of seasoned content strategists, writers, and big-picture thinkers that create compelling and innovative copy that gets measurable results. contentcreation, writing, editing, socialmedia, millenials, fashion, trends, retail, …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Writing and Editing


[Automatic translation follows] the nutrition blog to learn how to eat better without sacrificing food pleasure DocteurBonneBouffe.com is a nutrition blog created in May 2013 with the aim of teaching everyone the basics of nutrition in a fun and accessible way, having fun around a subject that fascinates us all - “good food” – and, finally, give visibility to small “good food entrepreneurs” via a category dedicated to them. health, dietetics, nutrition, entrepreneurship, gastronomy, and cooking

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Writing and Editing


ensemble notre passion #Auto #Moto #Sport #Media #Business #Fashion #Tech #Gaming #Racing #Driving met le turbo DESIGN[MOTEUR] est une plateforme en ligne au sujet de l’actualité du monde de la performance automotive orienté designers, motoristes, business, de la tech et du lifestyle underground. Comme un blog auto, mais avec des posts by D[M] à la place d’article… tels des dossiers préparés avec passion, entre 2k et 5k mots illustrés d’images haute définitions, sur un site adapté grand écrans et sur mobile. Chacun partage son savoir-faire et sa passion… #auto #moto #sport #media #business #fashion #tech #gaming #racing #driving #lifestyle #custom …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Technologies: Games


[Automatic translation follows] DataXcentric is an innovative and offbeat WebTV dedicated to the world of data and the datacenter. DataXcentric is an innovative and offbeat WebTV devoted to the world of the datacenter. It aims to create valuable content and bring a fresh perspective to the data center and its related topics such as Big Data, Cloud and Data Protection. Our partners and stakeholders reveal to us the challenges and solutions for companies to use efficiently and intelligently the data that continues to accumulate over the years. Visit our site for more videos on these topics: http://www.dataxcentric.tv/

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Book and Periodical Publishing Technologies: Data Analytics IoT


The 1st French-based independent media dedicated to cosmetics CosmeticOBS is a website of continuous information, specialized in cosmetic products, for professionals. Its content, published in French and English, focuses on regulatory changes (in Europe and worldwide...), ingredients, reports of major events in the sector (congresses, trade shows...), market trends. It is primarily intended for manufacturers, Responsible Persons, formulators, prescribers, consulting firms... and more broadly for all market players in the cosmetics industry. Its readers are generally regulatory managers, quality managers, heads of companies of all sizes, control authorities, consultants, academics... In addition to its website and daily newsletters, CosmeticOBS publishes …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media


[Automatic translation follows] Strategic and digital communication Global and Digital Communication Areas of intervention : - Study - Strategy - Operational support - Teaching - Web content - Project management For : - Launch an offer - Strengthen its activity - Understand the digital challenges of his sector - Control your online presence Listening to you 📨 contact@commemelley.com Twitter watch: http://bit.ly/2CDvnZi Communication, Digital Communication, Strategic Watch, Business Strategy, Project Management, Benchmark, Webcontent, Social Media, Public Relations, Content Management, Data Analysis, Webmarketing, Marketing Automation, Startup, Events, SEO, SEA, SMO, Community Management, Writing , Video project, Press relations, Editorial line, Communication strategy, …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: Consulting martech e-reputation Public Relations and Communications Services


Agence de communication web et print mulltimodal et innovante Agence de communication web et print multimodale et innovante. Spécialisée dans le marketing et le web marketing. internet, communication, publicite, marketing, application mobile, web, imprimerie, commerce de detail, commerce, site web, entreprise, circuit court, business, technologie, creation de site interne, e-commerce, e-marketing, ntic, creation d'entreprise, informatique, and conseil

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Advertising Services

Coldway TechnologiesColdway Technologies

[Automatic translation follows] The Cold of the Future is already available! Created in 2001, COLDWAY is a French company at the origin of a major innovation in the production of cold and heat: finally making possible the storage of industrial cold and its use on demand, without external energy supply, by any place and in any circumstance, whatever the power sought. The originality of this invention, patented internationally, lies in an autonomous process, i.e. without continuous use of external energy, mobile and reusable, without time limit and without the use of consumables. Thanks to its skills in refrigeration systems and …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: IT Services Industrial Machinery Manufacturing


[Automatic translation follows] The Positive Curiosity webmagazine! COCY - The webmagazine of Positive Curiosity! Digital Natives proud of our generation and its creative effervescence, our mission since 2015 has been to offer a daily dose of benevolence as well as an optimistic alternative to the consumption of information. By highlighting the dynamic, cultural and innovative projects that are born every day around us, we are betting on promoting Positive Curiosity to Parisians in search of discoveries! MEDIA and EVENT

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media


[Automatic translation follows] The movement of all French mobility entrepreneurs The National Council of Automobile Professions represents the 5th economic branch of France with 150,000 local businesses and 500,000 jobs that cannot be relocated. The CNPA defends the general interest of automotive services by leading a sector dynamic and developing a forward-looking approach on themes common to all mobility professions such as economic activity, employment, new technologies /digital solutions, sustainable development and the circular economy. automotive, services, foresight, mobility, and commerce

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Employed Activities: transporttech Civic and Social Organizations

Studio CP ▲ Studio CP ▲

[Automatic translation follows] Production of impactful videos for finance professionals ▲ Club Patrimoine is a 100% digital media broadcasting the news of the financial markets and its actors through audiovisual content produced in our Parisian studio. Present on all communication channels thanks to a website, a Linkedin and Instagram page as well as a daily newsletter, the Club Patrimoine team strives to find you the most relevant financial news. This news enriches every day, deals with topics related to investment, investments, real estate, sustainable finance, the stock market, market fluctuations, ... Our field of action: interviews, podcasts, reports, fairs, round …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

Clement RENAUT, PhotographeClement RENAUT, Photographe

[Automatic translation follows] Wedding - Portrait - Lifestyle Corporate - Joy of living I am deeply convinced that we will run too fast and miss many of the important moments in our lives. Photography allows us to stop time and freeze moments for eternity. This is the photographer's burden. Succeed in capturing these fleeting moments this happiness so that your children and grandchildren can relive them tomorrow through our images in your photo albums. Whatever the event, private or professional, I capture life, speeches, laughter, tears, and everything that matters. My images are the witnesses of everything you will see …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Photography


[Automatic translation follows] Advocacy association aiming to improve the diagnosis and treatment of chronic Lyme disease. Advocacy association aiming to improve the management of all forms of tick-borne diseases (VTD), including Lyme disease. Health and Health

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Employed Activities: healthtech Civic and Social Organizations

Cancéropôle Nord-OuestCancéropôle Nord-Ouest

[Automatic translation follows] Accelerating cancer research and innovation The Cancéropôle Nord-Ouest (CNO), born of the Cancer Plan 1 in 2003, mobilizes against cancer an interregion which includes Hauts-de-France and Normandy. It corresponds to a population pool of nearly 10 million inhabitants (17% of the French population), who are more often struck and die more often than elsewhere in France from cancer. This interregion has a potential bringing together nearly 63 labeled research teams (INSERM, CNRS, Universities) collaborating with 49 clinical departments and hospital laboratories around the unifying term "From tumor screening to therapeutic innovation". Since August 28, 2008, Cancéropôle Nord-Ouest …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Employed Activities: deeptech Research Services

Brain MagazineBrain Magazine

[Automatic translation follows] Brain was founded on the Internet in the summer of 2007. Its seriousness, humor and editorial choices quickly established it as the reference magazine for the French cultural avant-garde. A cultural magazine with a musical focus, both sharp and funny, Brain delivers a modern and original look at its time. Combining journalistic requirements and freedom of your editorial, it responds to a real “railway” involving daily publication of reports, interviews and news. Brain thus sticks as closely as possible to new French and international trends. Smart magazine. Follow us also on: twitter: twitter.com/brainmagazine insta: instagram.com/brainmagazine Journalism and …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media


[Automatic translation follows] Imagine your communication actions, create the strategy and the tools to make them visible! Communication, we love it! Our strength ? Listening to you, you propose creative solutions, put in place tools adapted to your challenges with a good dose of involvement and responsiveness. Benefit from our experience of the PRINT and WEB universe to imagine your communication campaign with the appropriate media. Bleupiment, Digital & marketing in lyon has been supporting companies, key accounts and communities with a presence in France for more than 15 years. Our team is made up of enthusiasts from former communication …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: IT Services Advertising Services


[Automatic translation follows] Created in 2013, Bienheureusement is an online magazine about physical, mental and emotional health. It covers topics relating to personal development, positive parenting, well-being and all the latest news in the field. Personal development, Health, Coaching, Event organization, Stress management, and parenting

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media Technologies: Affective Computing

Avocats PicovschiAvocats Picovschi

[Automatic translation follows] A name, a passion, values The law firm Avocats Picovschi, has been offering for 30 years of expertise in many sectors of activity to lead you to success, both by assisting you and by managing your litigation, thanks to the legal advice of its committed lawyers, who listen of its customers and complementary areas of expertise. The intervention of Avocats Picovschi is recognized by the specialized press thanks to its extreme competence and its innovative solutions to grow its influence both nationally and internationally to support the activity of SMEs and large companies, in addition to consolidate …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: legaltech Law Practice

Avec Mon CaféAvec Mon Café

[Automatic translation follows] The newsletter that develops your #startup Weekly newsletter on building, growing for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Subscribe now. newsletter, monitoring, digital, and entrepreneur

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

Assises de l'économie de la merAssises de l'économie de la mer

[Automatic translation follows] See you in Lille Métropole on November 8 and 9, 2022 #AEM2022 MEET ON 8 AND 9 NOVEMBER 2022 IN DUNKERQUE/LILLE METROPOLE With 1,500 participants in 2019, the Assises de l'économie de la mer confirmed their status as the main annual meeting of the French maritime community. This recognition and this success have gradually been affirmed since 2005, the year in which the “Assises” was born. Over the first fifteen editions of this major maritime meeting, two Presidents of the Republic, four Prime Ministers, a President of the National Assembly and around twenty Ministers in office have …

Type: Event Self-Employed Activities: Events Services


[Automatic translation follows] Uncompromising information in Occitania Weekly political news in #Occitanie: uncompromising investigations in an impertinent and satirical tone! On sale every Wednesday in #Hérault.

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Newspaper Publishing

Assises de la Pêche et des Produits de la MerAssises de la Pêche et des Produits de la Mer

[Automatic translation follows] Main annual meeting of public and private decision-makers in the sector in La Rochelle, the 22 & September 23, 2022. Every year since 2010, the Assises de la pêche et des produits de la mer bring together all the players in the fishing industry, from production to distribution and processing. For two days, hundreds of decision-makers from the public and private sectors meet to address the issues that concern them, share their experiences and contribute their vision. Quickly becoming the major annual meeting of the sector, the event, organized by le marin, Produits de la Mer, Cultures …

Type: Event Self-Employed Activities: Fisheries

Mairie de Verrières-le-Buisson Mairie de Verrières-le-Buisson

[Automatic translation follows] Verrières-le-Buisson, located in Essonne, has nearly 16,000 inhabitants. About ten kilometers south-south-west of Paris, Verrières-le-Buisson claims its exceptional living environment. The town of Verrières-le-Buisson is located in the Essonne department and is a member of the Paris-Saclay Agglomeration Community. The city has nearly 16,000 inhabitants. Nestled in the hollow of the hills, between the Bièvre flowing to the south in the last meanders of its "green valley" and the state forest (Bois de Verrières) located to the west on a plateau and its slopes, Verrières is a set of squares, parks, streets and green and flowery alleys. …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Employed Activities: cleantech Government Relations Services

Alterela Business DevelopmentAlterela Business Development

[Automatic translation follows] Support and training in Business Development Since 2012, I have been supporting and training entrepreneurs, small businesses, students and groups in Business Development IRL and Digital, in Charente-Maritime and everywhere in France. What are my services? * Individual: - Structure diagnosis: exchanges, understanding and analysis - Development support: co-management, strategy, commercial approach, innovation, communication and organization tools, digital transition - Support for Social Networks: familiarization with tools, parameters, editorial line, publication calendar, community, engagement, analysis of indicators, advertising and boosts * Collectives: - Trainings * Social Networks: initiation, improvement, advanced * Basic web marketing * Marketing and …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: martech Advertising Services

Al-Kanz (Hidaya Group)Al-Kanz (Hidaya Group)

[Automatic translation follows] Halal is not a commodity Al-Kanz is a professional blog which aims to meet the need for information of a new generation of consumers, on a growing niche and whose prospects are gigantic: the Muslim consumer market. The editorial line revolves around three criteria: - ethics in terms of consumption: that dictated by the canons of halal - entrepreneurship: act without waiting for everything to fall from the sky, undertake to innovate and meet the new needs of Muslims, create wealth to bring to maturity a community that suffers first from its complexes and outdated conceptions - …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Analytical Solutions for Health Products 💊💉 Expert in microbiology and physico-chemistry, Albhades has been supporting the health product industries (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics), chemical and food industries since 2001. Its analytical capabilities combined with its consulting service offer a global solution to the needs of development and validation of methods, validation of processes and quality control of raw materials, finished products and packaging. Its multiple combination of expertise positions Albhades on a complete analytical offer including inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, NMR analyses, microbiology, cell biology, mechanical tests, stability studies and toxicology. Its strength lies in the personalized …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: IT Services Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Agence FloricomAgence Floricom

[Automatic translation follows] The agency that makes your ideas flourish! We believe in creativity, authenticity and efficiency for impactful and flourishing communication. Based in Auvergne, Cantal and Puy-de-Dôme, the Floricom agency is a creative and original global communication agency, specializing in the creation of print and digital communication tools. We work with dynamism and enthusiasm for the success of your projects. Our ability to adapt allows us to meet the varied demands of our customers, from the study of needs to project management to the development of web and print communication tools. The heterogeneity of our customers allows us to …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: martech Public Relations and Communications Services


Actualités, comparatifs, tests, dossiers et guides des meilleures innovations. Sur Meilleure-Innovation.com, découvrez l'actualité de l'innovation technologique. Internet of Things, Objets connectés, innovation, media, and high tech

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Writing and Editing


[Automatic translation follows] Premium micro mobility solutions for everyone. We Are Mobility. Micro Mobility is the world's leading scooter company and inventor of the modern scooter. With its headquarters based in Switzerland (Zurich), Micro Mobility is present in more than 80 countries around the world. In France we offer top-of-the-range products for the whole family with unequaled robustness and longevity.

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: transporttech Retail

WTF Health WTF Health

Talking to the 'who's who'​ of #healthtech and #healthcare innovation. WTF Health - 'What's the Future, Health?'​ gives you a glimpse of the future of healthcare by introducing you to the people who are going to change it. Learn more at www.wtf.health. Jessica DaMassa, the emerging ‘It girl’ of health tech interviewing, chats it up with the ‘who’s who’ of the health innovation set on WTF Health. You’ll meet the health tech startups, VC investors, innovators, and accelerators pushing bleeding edge tech and disruptive solutions into healthcare …and the insurance companies, pharmas, and hospital systems working to shepherd these new …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: healthtech Hospitals and Health Care Technologies: A.I. - Others VR


Spend TIME with Mr. A Tutoring. Instruction. Mentoring. Enrichment. TIME. ​ Writing an essay in English? Figuring out the best way to follow up with someone? We infuse industry experience into educational services to help students "Excel in academics, and beyond." All you need to know is how to spend time. Spend TIME with Mr. A Tutoring, Homework Help, Teaching, Enrichment Programs, Business Network Building, Sustainable Development, Career Development, Mentoring, Clean Tech, Classes, Instruction, Microsoft Excel, Alternative Fuels, and Renewable Energy

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: edtech cleantech greentech HRtech Education Administration Programs

Patient Journey LabPatient Journey Lab

[Automatic translation follows] Helps healthcare facilities improve the patient and caregiver experience. Change management with design thinking. Patient Journey Lab helps healthcare organizations to: 1. Improve the patient experience 2. Design the digital landscape cost-effectively 3. Improve the quality and coordination of communication channels and content creation by means of - Mapping the patient journey - Optimizing the patient experience with a multidisciplinary team, with as many of our own employees as possible, who organize the interaction moments - The development and use of digital solutions, such as an (improved website) or the use of a smart chatbot. - To …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: healthtech Hospitals and Health Care Technologies: A.I. - Natural Language Processing

OurDream Community ManagementOurDream Community Management

[Automatic translation follows] Expertise = Interim and community management. We help you with all your online and social media issues! Specialism = leadership, community management and online visibility OurDream Community Management is a company that, in addition to (interim) management, supports your company to become visible and popular online on various social media platforms together with (all) employees. OurDream Community Management provides advice, transfers knowledge 'on the job'​ and guides employees. Jolanda and her team help with strategy and webcare in line with the objectives of your organization. Goal; realizing the online ambition of the client. And also increase online …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: martech Consulting Business Consulting and Services


BRIA is a London-based materials innovation agency aiming to transform the way fashion is designed and manufactured. At the Brooke Roberts Innovation Agency (BRIA), we create materials-tech collaborations, products and installations with brands from both the fashion and technology sectors on projects requiring an in-depth knowledge of both areas. We also have expertise in pioneering, developing and prototyping new sustainable materials and processes for use in fashion and other industries. Our innovations also include new "smart"​ materials for fashion brands who are looking to add cutting-edge materials and/or "wearables"​ to their existing product categories. We innovate technology-led solutions to match …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: fashtech cleantech greentech Retail Apparel and Fashion Technologies: New Materials Data Analytics IoT

Futuring Lab Futuring Lab

[Automatic translation follows] An accelerator for learning, co-construction and production of reflections on the future The foresight platform is the result of the meeting between two firms with complementary expertise: Futuring Lab and Gerpa (Prospective Resources Group) because we wanted to renew the approach to foresight by offering a unique tool. It makes it possible to involve a large number of participants over very short periods of time (1/2 day). This mobilization of collective intelligence will allow you to change scale (several working groups simultaneously) while promoting creativity, the co-construction of knowledge and decision-making. Each platform offers optimized data processing …

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: IT Services Business Consulting and Services Technologies: Wireless

Axilis "Your Team Group"​Axilis "Your Team Group"​

Printing & Dematerialization Experts - Axilis has been an expert in the digital transformation of companies for more than 15 years. Discover our different solutions.

Type: Startup Self-Employed Activities: IT Services Software Development


[Automatic translation follows] People are full of human resources For Humando, people are full of human resources. For more than 26 years, we have been opening up the world of work to those who are excluded from it to make performance rhyme with differences, social clauses with skills and recruitment with diversity. As a committed player in employment and training, we offer three effective and united solutions to bring together the skills needs of companies and the potential of unique candidates: - Temporary integration work with its Humando Insertion offer - Recruitment, training and advice on human resources with its …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Startup Self-Employed Activities: HRtech Human Resources Services