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Velotric Velotric

Building A Better Ride. Velotric builds e-bikes to rekindle the joy of riding a bicycle, powered by Velopower, our proprietary drive system designed to encourage spontaneous exploration and spark adventure. So you can remember why you learned to ride in the first place: because it’s fun. Ebike

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

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Mathisse Dalstein Mathisse Dalstein

[Automatic translation follows] Creation of pieces of furniture, sculptures and collaborative actions in a creative, aesthetic and ethical approach. Design and production of pieces of furniture, sculptures, installations and collaborative actions in a creative, aesthetic and ethical approach.

Type: SMB Activities: arttech

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Atelier Vitraux Imbert Atelier Vitraux Imbert

[Automatic translation follows] Light is created in your home! Creation of civil and religious restoration of stained glass windows in antique glass, glass slabs for interior decoration and historical monuments. The work of restoring and renovating the stained glass windows of monuments is the specialty and art of a master glassmaker. The art of glass must be focused on curves, geometry, colors and light. These are the intrinsic qualities of stained glass restoration. Discover below some references of restored stained glass windows, restorations of old stained glass windows or contemporary stained glass windows. Creation, restoration Stained glass art

Type: SMB Activities: arttech

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terre d'Oc terre d'Oc

[Automatic translation follows] For you, from Haute Provence to the whole world, women passionate and committed to creating the best teas. For you, from Haute Provence to the whole world, passionate and committed women exchange and meet to create the best teas. From one region to another, from Asia to Africa, women cultivate tea plants and pick spring buds by hand according to ancestral traditions, others travel the foothills of the mountains to unearth the new harvests in the best organic gardens or legendary plantations. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Mediterranean, in Provence, some imagine and compose delicate …

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech cosmetics Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Marketing agency focused on Horse Industry. Since 2012, we support large companies or SMEs in France and Europe, to help them define their objectives, develop their marketing strategies and implement concrete actions. Our specialization in equine industry allows us to truly understand your expectations and those of your customers while respecting the requirements of a complex market. Filière équine, Marketing, Stratégie, Management, and Communication

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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BCO CONSEIL Stratégie Energétique BCO CONSEIL Stratégie Energétique

[Automatic translation follows] 🌎 Industry and Energy Transition Consulting Contact Benoît COMFAITS: Tel: BCO CONSEIL is an independent strategic consulting firm in industrial strategy and energy transition. Dedicated to companies and Institutions, the Firm has skills in: ✳️ Strategy (industrial, growth, energy transition), ✳️ ENR (hydrogen, biogas, wind), ✳️ Energy law, environmental law, European Union law, ✳️ Marketing & Communication. Whether you are a small business, a large group or a community, our method, based on field actions, allows us to adapt our responses to your specific needs. Our team is able to support your projects, from research …

Type: SMB Activities: greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Marie Morin France Marie Morin France

[Automatic translation follows] A book of family recipes for gourmet desserts prepared in the heart of Brittany. Marie Morin France is a family-run, artisanal business specializing in the manufacture of high-end yogurts and desserts inspired by “homemade” recipes. Yogurt & premium desserts and artisanal know-how

Type: SMB Activities: foodtech

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Fresh Street Art Paris Fresh Street Art Paris

[Automatic translation follows] Event agency specializing in team building and street art and graffiti orders for businesses The Fresh Street Art Tour consists of Team Building and introductory workshops on street art and graffiti accompanied by an experienced artist. The Fresh Street Art Tour is also a fun and innovative way to rediscover our environment by developing your artistic curiosity. Team Building, Arts, Activities, Outings, Team Bounding, Works Council, and CE

Type: Media

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BTP Expo Amiens BTP Expo Amiens

[Automatic translation follows] Construction at the service of the territory! Infinity & The FFB - Fédération du BTP Somme will meet you on October 5, 2024 at Mégacité to participate in the third edition of BTP EXPO! Our goal: to bring together all building and public works professionals so that they can meet to discuss and choose innovative products and solutions to build the projects of today and tomorrow together!

Type: Event

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DNA Script DNA Script

Transforming how molecular biology translates to human health, personalized medicine and synthetic biology DNA Script was created to revolutionize DNA synthesis with enzymes. Our core R&D efforts have produced innovations in enzyme engineering, surface and nucleotide chemistries, and instrumentation. The integration of these innovations has resulted in SYNTAXTM️, the world’s first benchtop DNA printer powered by enzymatic technology. With continued advancement and innovation, we believe DNA Script’s enzymatic DNA synthesis technology is poised to become the engine of genomics research and personalized medicine. Synthetic Biology, Biotechnology, DNA synthesis, Sciences, Research, Development, Start-up, and Technology

Tags: FrenchTech120 FrenchTech2030 Type: Startup Activities: biotech deeptech Technologies: Synthetic Biology

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DEFI-Écologique DEFI-Écologique

[Automatic translation follows] Skills ecosystem: the strength of a collective at the service of your environmental approach! Institutional, individual or professional: calling on DEFI-Écologique means ensuring a coherent, innovative and scrupulous sustainable development approach. Ecology is a cross-disciplinary field that does not only concern wildlife, flora or environmental professionals. It concerns the entirety of civil society! DEFI-Écologique is in agreement with this observation: we maintain a very broad scope of action, both in the skills that we put at your service and in the actions that we carry out on our own. Our multidisciplinary skills allow us to respond to …

Type: Startup Activities: cleantech greentech manufacturing Technologies: Decarbonization

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High Perfomance weeding solutions IC GREEN offers its robotic solutions for autonomous, selective and zero-phyto weeding to landscape professionals, ground managers and communities.

Type: Startup Activities: greentech Technologies: Robotics

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Picxel Picxel

[Automatic translation follows] Excel expert: creation of dashboards, forecasts, monitoring or management tools, Excel / VBA training. Excel Expert: creation of personalized dashboards based on quotes, forecasts, monitoring or management tools, beginner, advanced and expert Excel VBA training.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics

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Company specialised in the design of turnkey software solutions for the Digital & Pay TV market [CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM] Founded in 2017, Twise is a company specialised in the design and development of secured solutions for the digital Pay-TV market, mostly for products such as CI Plus Conditional Access Module (USB and PCMCIA form factors). Our team of over 13 highly experienced engineers are building software components for industrials eager to benefit from a pre-certified turn-key solution, with an efficient time to market. Based on a solid knowledge of this business and its main players (TV & Chipset …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services manufacturing Technologies: SaaS

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Vertuose Vertuose

[Automatic translation follows] Marketing & sustainable innovation We support you in your projects to make your structure more sustainable and resilient around 3 axes: - Circularity - Decarbonization - Responsible Marketing We implement a 4-step methodology: Awareness => Diagnosis => Reflection => Transformation Do you want to know more about our services? Get personalized support? Contact us on 06 18 79 42 89 responsible marketing, sustainable economic models, sustainable development, circular economy, training, facilitation, and decarbonization

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting greentech martech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Parrot Traveler Parrot Traveler

Unique, local and environmentally responsible : Travel Differently with Parrot Traveler ! Unique, local and environmentally responsible : Travel Differently with Parrot Traveler Our editorial team sniffs out for you the best deals and the best addresses that deserve to be better known. But we absolutely favour quality over quantity! You won’t get any unpleasant surprises with us .The information we publish in our guide is authentic ,honest and updated regularly. Download Parrot Traveler now for good advice and the real secrets that only the true connoisseurs know about.. shhh.! =========== Parrot Traveler est un guide touristique sous forme d'application …

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech

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Falcktory Falcktory

[Automatic translation follows] Press relations agency Trend spotter, creates good ideas Fashion - Decoration - Well-being - Lifestyle “Provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time!” » In a world where information circulates at an unmeasurable speed and where journalists are no longer the only masters on board, Falcktory places itself in the line of new communication agencies which have understood that press relations have become in just a few years a job where you have to be on all fronts! Each client is unique and has their own views, Falcktory takes the time to know …

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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Emiland Emiland

Slides with a purpose. I created my first presentation, for a local skatepark project, at the age of 14. I have never stopped since then. At the end of my studies, I decided to start my own business, specialized in visual communication and presentation design. I offer slide production, training and conferences for those who love persuasive and effective presentations. I have become a huge fan of typography, colors and images. Today, I love to put them together to create slides and try to make people say wow. Sometimes, I also produce animated videos or some graphic design. All things …

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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[Automatic translation follows] Online ordering, reservation and Click&Collect solution. Clycky is a multi-platform e-commerce solution that combines Click & Collect, Click & Delivery, Click to Order, online reservation and digital menu via QR code. On the application you will find the best caterers, restaurants, clubs, bars and private beaches. Clycky introduces new ways of taking orders and paying online. You can order by click and collect from surrounding caterers and restaurants or order and pay on site directly from your table in a bar, restaurant, club or private beach by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. - Available …

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

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Jabuzze Jabuzze

[Automatic translation follows] Do we drink or buzz? Community management, monitoring, e-reputation, website, natural referencing... #elleabuzzent Jabuzze supports you in defining your web strategy and optimizing your presence on the Internet, particularly on social networks: - Analysis of presence on the Internet (referencing, social networks, e-reputation, etc.) - Development of web strategies (recommendations, objectives, planning, etc.) - Monitoring, e-reputation (brand, competitors, sector, etc.) - Creation and implementation of tools (websites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, blog, etc.) - Community animation (content creation, competitions, partnerships, moderation, reporting, analyses, etc.) - Drafting of community charters... Are you an advertiser or communications agency? Jabuzze …

Type: Startup Activities: martech e-reputation Technologies: Bio sourced materials

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Melina Druga Melina Druga

Contemporary Fiction | Historical Fiction | Nonfiction Books Metalhead creator of The Rock Star's Wife series. Follow for behind the scenes content, writing updates, teasers, music, book promos, and more. creative writing, formatting manuscripts, cover design, creative nonfiction, fiction writing, research, copy editing and proofreading, graphic design, blog writing, author, ebooks, and publishing

Type: Media

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The Woodland Wife The Woodland Wife

A UK based lifestyle blog and Instagram Influencer, inspired by family, wild nature and simplicity. For thoughtful and sustainable living, visit my blog. - Slow Living. - Ethical and Mindful Living - Writer - Based in the UK I fully support UK made products and companies, as well as supporting products and companies that demonstrate the highest possible environmental and ethical standards. I am incredibly selective about the material that appears on my blog, so I will only ever share something that I feel my readers and followers would be interested in. WHO HAVE I WORKED WITH? The Woodland Wife …

Type: Media

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dcart dcart

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce

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ARD is the consultancy of Dr. Anthony Finn. It provides strategic consultancy to philanthropy, grant-makers and the voluntary sector. The strategic consultancy provided is in a number of areas: portfolio management/investment management; fund design; business planning for NGOs; facilitation, and social research in such fields as: migration; youth; social exclusion; development; post-conflict; media literacy; and health and wellbeing

Type: Media

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Startup Europe News is a collaborative Media Alliance contributing to the objective of the European Commission to develop strong local entrepreneurial leadership, cultivate adequate resources and strengthen connections and partnerships among European Startups, businesses, artists, and community leaders. innovation

Type: Public Activities: legaltech

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La fabrique à communs des Tiers-lieux La fabrique à communs des Tiers-lieux

[Automatic translation follows] Support the emergence of useful commons for Third Places Third places are spaces to reinvent our relationship to access to resources, tools and services. This requires a reinvention of our relationship to work and cooperation. The Third Places Commons Factory is committed to supporting the emergence and consolidation of initiatives that demonstrate that it is possible. We support cooperation between different ecosystems contributing to the emergence of useful commons in third places. We seek to gradually build a common culture, tools and services that will remain when public money is no longer there to finance positions. This …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: IT Services

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Ocean Globe Race - Official Ocean Globe Race - Official

50th Anniversary Fully Crewed around the world yacht Race, in the spirit of the first 1973 Whitbread Race. The Ocean Globe Race (OGR) is a fully crewed retro race in the spirit of the 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race. It marks the the 50th anniversary of the original event. Any sailor remember the Whitbread ! A time when adventurous sailors put together their own fun campaigns, skippers and crew made all decisions and where the simple fleet was evenly matched. A time when budget played a small part, technology was minimal and humans dared to achieve. Well, it's time …

Type: Event

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Next In Music Next In Music

Next In Music is a consulting agency associating music, strategy and innovation to help all music industry professionals to thrive in this challenging but exciting market: managers, labels, promoters, venues, startups and why not artists! We can help you: > Uncover opportunities in your line of business and unearth previously unidentified needs > Learn from your users / clients / visitors > Identify and validate potential solutions to solve your business challenges > Test these solutions through MVPs / prototypes Please reach out for any questions and to discuss your needs further. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter …

Type: Media

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Newflux Newflux

[Automatic translation follows] Design news told by enthusiasts. Newflux daily publishes tools, methods or videos useful to designers. Our goal is to make UX design methodologies accessible to as many people as possible and to keep the most experienced informed of new developments. Through our various articles and events, we want to share and discover new design approaches. The site operates today thanks to a team which consists mainly of professional UX designers and not specialized writers. In addition, Newflux always wants to remain very open and maintain a discussion thread with its community, which is why we are going …

Type: Media

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NathalieTachetCommunication NathalieTachetCommunication

[Automatic translation follows] Social media trainer & Social Media Manager, I help companies communicate effectively on networks. I help restaurateurs, merchants and artisans communicate effectively on social networks. How ? Thanks to tailor-made training that meets their specific needs. Which network to choose, how to organize, how to create content, how to plan? Thanks to a complete program, I teach you how to manage your business communication on social networks in a calm and sustainable manner. The advantages of digital training? Increase notoriety, Build customer loyalty, Establish a connection with prospects, Increase visibility, Increase turnover. Editorial strategy, Web …

Type: Media

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MJY Consulting Services MJY Consulting Services

[Automatic translation follows] Human Resources_Marketing_Project Management_Work Psychology Making work psychology and its applications better known to as many people as possible is the vocation of MJY Consulting Services. Since 2013, we have worked jointly with business decision-makers, employment specialists and psychologists (mostly independent) with the aim of ensuring everyone's job satisfaction. We work with both individuals and work organizations: - Professional support We support individuals in thinking about and implementing their professional projects (professional guidance, project management, etc.) - Human Resources / Marketing / Quality quickly at work MJY Consulting Services supports your operational teams. The objective is to give …

Type: SMB Activities: HRtech

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MIX Coworking MIX Coworking

[Automatic translation follows] Take life on the MIX side! Two welcoming work spaces in Tassin. Your place to meet and collaborate. MIX is a coworking, a professional and collaborative work space, located in the west of Lyon in the center of Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, a stone's throw from the clock! There you can find an office to work in, a friendly space, 3 meeting rooms and a meeting room available for rental. But much more than an office, you will be able to meet a community, develop your network, enrich your skills, and boost your business! Taking life on the MIX side …

Type: SMB Activities: proptech

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Mindset Avocats Mindset Avocats

[Automatic translation follows] Your solution? Our problem Network of lawyers at the Paris Bar

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: legaltech

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MG Artisan Coiffeur MG Artisan Coiffeur

[Automatic translation follows] MG Artisan Coiffeur is a professional hairdressing salon in Montargis. Benefit from quality service and absolute relaxation. Hairdressing, Cosmetics, Beauty products, L'Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Hair prosthetist, and Beauty salon

Type: SMB Activities: cosmetics

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Mégara / Berceau magique Mégara / Berceau magique

[Automatic translation follows] Parenting expert since 2003! The site was founded in 2004 by Charlotte Dubost, a young mother who, at the time, could not find everything she needed for her baby online. Today, more than 20,000 products from 250 brands are sold, making the site one of the leaders in its sector. From sales to logistics, including IT and marketing, 35 employees work daily to continue the development of the company. E-commerce, Childcare articles and Parenting expert

Type: SMB Activities: e-commerce

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Maison Nouvelle Studio© Maison Nouvelle Studio©

[Design centric] Creative Studio Est. 2015 — Paris, Fr Maison Nouvelle is a [Design Centric] Creative Studio, based in Paris and founded in 2015 by Alexandre Poulanges and Thomas Roffé. Maison Nouvelle has imagined campaigns, established Art Directions, created and designed Brands, visual identities, activations alongside clients from various industries: Retail, Entertainment, Mobility, Media... Branding, Art Direction, Strategy, Campaigns, and Creative Consultancy

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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L'Octopus journal L'Octopus journal

[Automatic translation follows] Monthly scientific popularization by and for students of Paris Diderot University Monthly scientific popularization by and for students of Paris Diderot University, a multidisciplinary journal which gives carte blanche to the creativity and expression of its editors. Each month, we choose a theme and we present it in all the nuances that make up our team: physicists, biologists, geologists, geographers... It is open to the participation of any student from Paris Diderot University who would like, at their tour, share their passions and interests. The Octopus is a project of the Boite à Médias (BAM) association, supported …

Type: Media

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[Automatic translation follows] AUSTRALIAGAD Elected “Independent Communications Group of the Year 2023”

Type: SMB Activities: martech

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Les Artisans du Changement Les Artisans du Changement

[Automatic translation follows] Talent cluster in the Greater West to support the transition of Organizations The collective “Les Artisans du Changement” brings together companies, talents and individuals based in Pays de la Loire and South Brittany, who through their offer, their services or their actions contribute to the transformation of companies and organizations. The Artisans of Change recognize themselves in humanist approaches that put people at the heart of the issues in organizations. Through their approaches and actions, they promote the spread of good practices and a positive vision of change in the service of people and organizations. Change makers …

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Technologies: Decarbonization

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Le Kursaal - Palais des Congrès de Dunkerque Le Kursaal - Palais des Congrès de Dunkerque

[Automatic translation follows] Located in the heart of an exceptional geographical location, the Dunkerque Convention Center provides your event with a feeling of space and a unique setting: committee rooms with a view of the sea, reception rooms with private access from the sea wall sea ​​view, interior terrace offering a magnificent panorama of the North Sea... Equipped with a scalable structure, the Palais des Congrès de Dunkerque constitutes an ideal setting for hosting any type of event in excellent conditions. Our 15,000 m2 of usable space is available to you and adapts to each of your needs to create …

Type: Event

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[Automatic translation follows] A family business at your side in carrying out your projects Lefeuvre Immobilier has been an independent family business since 1986. 🤝 Based in the Great West, we specialize in real estate services for individuals and businesses. 🏡 With their expertise and local knowledge, our teams support you in your various real estate projects: ✅ Trustee (Habitat & Tertiary) ✅ Purchase and sale of property (Old & New) ✅ Rental management ✅ Rental ✅ Shared housing solutions (Young professionals & Seniors) ✅ MyProximity to manage your residence and accommodation with ease Today, more than 200 employees support …

Type: SMB Activities: proptech

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[Automatic translation follows] Automobile and mobility law lawyers LE DALL AVOCATS is a team of lawyers entirely dedicated to your car and your driving license. The common denominator of the firm's files: a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a motorized vehicle traveling on a road open or not to traffic... Led by Jean-Baptiste le Dall, one of the pioneers of automobile law, the firm's team of lawyers and jurists provide both advice and litigation. The firm defends its clients before all jurisdictions in the territory. Whether it is a police hearing or a correctional summons, an appearance upon admission of …

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech

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L'avertY L'avertY

[Automatic translation follows] React, think, act. Web, local and participatory media in the Grenoble metropolis, L'avertY offers readers the opportunity to choose the next media topics which will be covered by a professional journalist. The media offers total independence thanks to its 100% donation and subscription model via its Tipeee page available by clicking on the “register” button above. If this project is important to you, support it!

Type: Media

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Lab212 Collective Lab212 Collective

Lab212 is an interdisciplinary art collective. BIOGRAPHY Lab212 was founded in 2008, by a group of friends who all graduated in Interactive Design at the School of Visual Art les Gobelins in Paris. In 2015, they are Ambassadors representing the artistic field at the Assises de la Jeune Création, for the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. MEMBERS Jonathan Blanchet, Juliette Champain, François Chay, Cyril Diagne, Erik Escoffier, Nicolas Guichard, Béatrice Lartigue, Tobias Muthesius & Pierre Thirion. STATEMENT Using new media, the collective creates installations which explore our perceptions of space and sound. These pieces, in which the visitor becomes …

Type: Media

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Château de Cheverny Château de Cheverny

[Automatic translation follows] Experience the Grand Siècle in the Loire Valley! Welcome to Château de Cheverny in the Loire Valley! Inhabited by the same family for more than 6 centuries, the Château de Cheverny, its gardens, its labyrinth and its 3D Tintin exhibition will make you spend an unforgettable day with family or friends. The Castle is open to visitors 365 days a year. Free parking _______________________________________ Welcome to the Château de Cheverny in the Loire valley Inhabited by the same family for over 6 centuries, the Château de Cheverny, its gardens, its labyrinth and its 3D Tintin exhibition will …

Type: Event

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[Automatic translation follows] Law firm dedicated to business life and new legal challenges Altes Avocats is an independent and modern firm, dedicated to business life and new legal challenges. public law, contracts, competition, distribution, town planning, development, renewable energies, environment, industrial environment, construction, corporate law, risks, insurance, conflict resolution, new technologies, intellectual property, and circular economy

Type: SMB Activities: legaltech Technologies: Decarbonization

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John Nollet Paris John Nollet Paris

[Automatic translation follows] “What I love above all is when the woman I’m doing suddenly changes the way she looks at herself”​ It was in 2009 that the famous hairdresser and hair designer John Nollet founded his own House: John Nollet Paris. The values ​​are imbued with the artist's signature: the art of tousling, the precision of hairstyles, as well as exclusive tailor-made services with his “Hair room service” concept. His cabins are developing in Paris, Courchevel and Saint-Barthélemy where John Nollet seduces women through his unique collections of hair accessories. Today, he divides his time between photo studios, film …

Type: SMB Activities: Luxury fashtech

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JMS Prod JMS Prod

[Automatic translation follows] JMS Prod is the production company of economic journalist Jean-Marc Sylvestre. The company, launched in 2010, works around three areas. -Web publishing with Le Blog de Jean-Marc Sylvestre, Atlantico Business and various economic information newsletters. -Audiovisual production with, in particular, the BFM Business Sagas: a series of documentaries tracing the history and challenges of the largest French companies. -Jean-Marc Sylvestre's conferences around major themes: crisis exit scenarios, digital issues, public opinion's understanding of technical progress and globalization. Audiovisual Production and Web Publishing

Type: Media

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Le Cannabiste Le Cannabiste

Un média qui vous veut du bien. The best fashion of the Cannabis magazine in France today.

Type: Media

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The Future Is Now ! The aim of the ERAA robotics association is the promotion and knowledge of robotics and related sciences, notably electronics, mechatronics, mechanics, computer science and the Internet of Things. The association proposes to organize or participate in experimental scientific and technical activities; These actions can be carried out in partnership with scientific and technical culture structures; a preferred format is that of national and / or international competitions such as the French Robotics Cup. robotique

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: deeptech Technologies: Robotics

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Mgib Mgib

[Automatic translation follows] Space designer for mixed, logistics and industrial buildings. Together in the co-creation, transformation and evolution of your layout. Mgib is here to support you in 2 aspects: - Project management of business premises: Our job consists of arranging office and storage spaces. Maximum exploitation of land space through structures is necessary in order not to increase your real estate costs. - Management of your logistics layout: We check the conformity of your structures by carrying out curative maintenance on your racks. We also carry out prevention on the use of your pallet racks. #Storage, #Warehousing, #Quality, #Prevention, …

Type: SMB Activities: constructiontech

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Onbezorgd Bezorgd B.V. Onbezorgd Bezorgd B.V.

[Automatic translation follows] Delivers quality to you! National courier network Cooperation between couriers to reduce empty kilometers, reduce CO2 emissions per package and thus reduce the cost of shipping by courier, without this being at the expense of the carrier. In addition, companies can offer the shipments online free of charge, after which the courier will contact him. No more searching for a courier, the courier comes to you! (Inter)national parcel distribution, Pallet transport, Urgent transport, Fine-meshed distribution, Route distribution (overnight), Intercontinental shipping, Time deliveries, Overnight B2B, and Overnight B2C

Type: Startup Activities: delivery transporttech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Lowtek Games Lowtek Games

Making dyslexia friendly games and tools Bridging The Gap Between Books And Screens. Lowtek Games creates dyslexia-friendly games and tools for new and old systems. retro, games, accessibility, dyslexia, and kickstarter

Type: Startup Activities: Games Technologies: SaaS

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Lisa Portengen Lisa Portengen

[Automatic translation follows] Speaker and speakers coach

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech Technologies: IoT

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Tour de Tietema Tour de Tietema

[Automatic translation follows] Together we will turn the cycling world upside down! Follow us for the latest updates. After challenges in the Tour, the road to the Tour of Flanders and the Giro di Tietema, we are taking on a new challenge: we are going to live as a professional and see how far we can get. The ultimate goal? Becoming a professional cyclist. This is Tour de Tietema Cycling Team and together we will continue to turn the cycling world upside down!

Type: Startup Activities: transporttech

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Saving Grains Saving Grains

We upcycle #SpentGrain from selected craft breweries in #Bangalore to make some "Good Flour". At Saving Grains we are building a community centred approach to upcycle spent grain! ⚠️An average microbrewery uses 200 kg of grain to brew 1,000 litres of beer. There are at least 64 microbreweries in Bangalore city alone. In the early stages of the brewing process, once the grain is "mashed" it's usually discarded by most breweries; in some cases it is used as cattle feed, but there is no system to capture this waste streams. ⚠️In our cities many so called "nutritious" food products are …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech Technologies: Decarbonization

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Ouidou Nord  - Synbioz Ouidou Nord - Synbioz

Nous construisons des solutions web & mobiles, une itération à la fois. Synbioz specializes in mobile and Web application development. From bringing your ideas to life to marketing your project, we help you every step of the way to develop the perfect web solution and its mobile version for your business. Experts on multiple platforms, we also develop iPhone, Android and Mac applications.We provide training in our core areas of expertise: Ruby and Ruby On Rails Development. Our business is based on the innovative principles of Agile development: rigor, user-centered, timeliness, transparency, quality and flexibility. We use a wonderfully powerful …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

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Eklos Eklos

[Automatic translation follows] Global communications agency. We seek to create astonishment and reveal the values ​​carried by your brand to meet all your creative needs (print, web, video & space). communications agency, global communications agency, digital communications agency, web agency, space planning agency, web marketing agency, social media strategy, and brand identity creation

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting

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[Automatic translation follows] Patented, self-contained & connected Visaal, patented autonomous urinary device & connected. In a world where digital is experiencing significant growth, VISAAL strives to offer a connected product combining comfort, autonomy and hygiene for its customers. Founded in 2017, VISAAL is a product from the company Kahines Concept whose goal is to help medically treated people better cope with their loss of permanent or partial mobility thanks to technology. The objective of the start-up is based on three principles: Support, Improve, Help. Indeed, VISAAL now offers you a connected portable urinary device offering impeccable hygienic conditions as well …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech deeptech Technologies: IoT

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Dans les pas d’Alexandre - Voyages Virtuels Dans les pas d’Alexandre - Voyages Virtuels

[Automatic translation follows] Guided virtual trips and meetings in EHPADs, senior residences, hospitals, IME, FAM, MAS, associations, companies. I offer the possibility of going on a trip to people with reduced mobility, to places that have become inaccessible, thanks to my travel sessions, using virtual reality technology. During the sessions, travelers are guided in my real presence, in complete safety. Following the immersions, the group of travelers (1 to 10 people) shares their emotions, sensations, memories, and their desires for future trips. Goals: -> fight against illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease, boredom, depression, apathy, isolation... -> improve the mental well-being, …

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech silvertech healthtech Technologies: VR

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SITIA Robotique SITIA Robotique

[Automatic translation follows] Applied innovation SITIA is a Nantes industrial SME expert in engineering since 1986

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Biodiversit'up Biodiversit'up

[Automatic translation follows] Cohabiting with wildlife through environmental consulting The mission of Biodiversit'up is to put wild life back at the heart of human life because to protect, we must understand and to understand, we must discover... All without disturbing these living beings who only aspire to tranquility thanks to new technologies. Thanks to environmental consulting carried out with companies, communities and educational establishments, “wildlife plans” are put in place with the installation of nest boxes and roosts based on a previously carried out audit; all with awareness and information for all stakeholders. The objective is to support French wildlife …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech cleantech

16 0 16 1
Les Petits Outils de la Commande Publique Les Petits Outils de la Commande Publique

[Automatic translation follows] Sharing of everyday IT and office tools for better management of public purchases. 💻 Welcome to the page dedicated to Small Public Order Tools! 💻 This page aims to encourage the sharing of IT tools specific to public procurement and thus improve the day-to-day management of the public buyer's missions. 🎯 Targeted tools are small tools (office, on the internet, etc.) which provide added value for a very specific task of the buyer (writing, pointing out folds, analysis of offers, notifications, etc.), all while remaining easy to use by ordinary people and therefore not requiring in-depth training. …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

0 0 0 N/A
HJS-consultant HJS-consultant

[Automatic translation follows] I help organizations become better places to work. I help organizations become better places to work. What's better than asking the people concerned? what they need for their well-being? With American tools I measure the culture of an organization to propose targeted improvements. They were developed by Mr. Richard Barret and have been in service for over two decades and have proven their reliability and exceptional power in thousands of organizations. They are based on values, that is, on what is really important to people, whether internally (leaders and staff) or externally (customer, future employees, etc.). They …

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting Technologies: Data Analytics

1 1 0 1
Sit&Eat La buvette digitale Sit&Eat La buvette digitale

[Automatic translation follows] The digital refreshment bar for sports clubs and performance halls dedicated to spectators, fans and supporters. Sit&Eat is a digital solution allowing online ordering and payment (from your smartphone) of catering offers during an event bringing together the public. Delivery can be made: - instead (e.g.: at your seat, in the stands during a match) - at a collection point (click&collect principle). Sit&Eat offers an innovative service with new uses: - Limit groupings at refreshment bars and reduce waiting time (especially at half-time of sporting events), - Secure financial flows, - Bring new visibility to the partners …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

3 3 0 2

[Automatic translation follows] B2G manufacturer of speed reducers, Transition accelerator! B2G designs, manufactures, repairs and improves all your speed reducers

Type: Startup Activities: Industry 4.0 manufacturing

7 1 7 5
ITJump Education ITJump Education

[Automatic translation follows] Responsible EdTech education that prepares the FrechTech talents of tomorrow. ITJump Education offers programming and digital art workshops and courses from a responsible digital perspective for children aged 7 to 14. 🤸‍♀🤸 🚀The specific methodology favors learning computational thinking as a transversal skill, the development of children's critical thinking and 360° digital vision. 🏄🏽‍♂️🌱The values ​​transmitted are linked to responsible digital creativity, the protection of minors in the digital world by giving them the keys to success, the prevention of MSDs among young people, the protection of the environment , to resilience. 🎯The objective is to make …

Type: Startup Activities: edtech Technologies: Cybersecurity

5 2 5 3
Wine Wander® Wine Wander®

[Automatic translation follows] Specialist in world wines Unique concept store in the Pau area and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques! After spending 2 years in the vineyards of Europe and elsewhere, we came back with lots of discoveries to share with you! Sharing and adventure are at your disposal. Tasting workshops, special evenings, one of the largest offerings of wines in the world in the Pau region awaits you! Ready to board? SHOP: 150 references of wines from around the world, 60 references of spirits from around the world and around fifteen beers. WINE BAR: Independent distributor of wines by the glass, spirits, …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech traveltech

1 1 0 2
PNP Drones PNP Drones

[Automatic translation follows] Take to the skies: order your aerial shots by drone Drone photography services for marketing and/or technical purposes. PNP Drones offers a range of possibilities ranging from photo sets to edited video, and even panoramas. Services include mandatory insurance as well as requests for flight authorization from the air/military authorities.

Type: Startup Activities: Drones spacetech martech Technologies: Drones

1 1 1 N/A
Lyghton Lyghton

[Automatic translation follows] Your digital lighting... Lyghton is your digital lighting... Two independents, two skills (Graphic Design and Video Production), one mission... the success of your project. GRAPHIC DESIGNER and VIDEAST

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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LNB Consulting LNB Consulting

Our satisfaction : To have found the best solution accordin to your needs and your way of working. Project management on your computing science projects. Help in defining and deploying your needs and solutions. Informatique, Digitalisation, Management, Système d'information, Développement logiciel, Agile, and Optimisation des procédures

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Consulting

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TchaTcha TchaTcha

[Automatic translation follows] The FREE evening carpooling app, find a SAM nearby and get home safely! Were you out and consumed alcohol? Find a nearby sober driver on Tchatcha to take you home safely. Drunk driving is responsible for 1/3 of fatal accidents in France. It causes more than 1000 deaths and thousands of injuries per year Today, when you have consumed alcohol, it is often difficult to find simple and quick alternatives to getting back behind the wheel, especially if you live in a peri-urban or rural area. The TchaTcha application is THE solution: it allows you to return …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

3 2 1 6
Agence MKF Agence MKF

[Automatic translation follows] Together, let's achieve your goals 🌋 Communication agency & marketing 💜 • +100 partner customers • A 100% dedicated team social networks, photo, video, graphic creations, and website

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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[Automatic translation follows] Treatment of complex and refractory industrial effluents AQUALYSE treats your effluents by electrochemistry. Advantages of effluent treatment using electrochemistry: - Less sensitivity to variations in loads and pollutants. - Bactericidal effect due to the electric field. - Sanitization and decontamination of water. - Better effectiveness on very fine colloidal pollutants. - Allows the treatment of several dissolved compounds such as nitrites, sulphites, cyanides, chromates, fluorides, phosphorus and nitrogen by oxidation and reduction. - Very effective on heavy metals, hydrocarbons and pesticides. Treats hard COD, the least degradable materials. Makes it easier: - downstream biological treatments, - reuse …

Type: Startup Activities: greentech manufacturing Technologies: New Materials

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Primitive Factory Primitive Factory

Primitive Factory is an independant studio specialized in game and mobile application development, based in the Paris region, France. Jeux Mobiles, Applications Mobiles, Game Design, and Développement

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Games

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Arthur*F Arthur*F

[Automatic translation follows] Method, Rigor and Good Humor A specialist in digital transformation focused on marketing data, I have a complete vision, from strategy to execution. My know-how is based on my ability to make strategic decisions and leadership that promotes innovation and collective intelligence. Constant curiosity allows me to anticipate challenges and seize tactical opportunities. Digital Marketing, management of complex projects, Multifunctional team leadership, Operational management, Digital Strategy, Strategic recommendations, Audit & recommendations, Marketing performance, Operational efficiency, Organizational effectiveness, Web marketing strategy, GDPR, Analytics, and Cybersecurity

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: SaaS

2 1 1 1

[Automatic translation follows] Prad's Com is a communication agency specialized in PR, Digital Communication and Influence "Artisans" of press relations and social media, we ensure that our clients appear in the most read magazines, the most visited websites, the radio stations listened to and the programs watched. Alongside traditional media, we target key blogs and social and influencer networks. . . . . . . . . . . Media & influence to promote the expertise of our clients to the right target. Actions to develop the brand awareness of major accounts, restaurants, independent brands, companies, etc. . . . …

Type: Startup Activities: traveltech Consulting foodtech

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Little Wing - Conseil en communication Little Wing - Conseil en communication

[Automatic translation follows] The consulting firm for committed leaders The Little Wing agency was born from the conviction that communication must be able to intelligently combine meaning and experience to reach its audiences. > MEANING, through the development of a vision and a strategy to respond with relevance and precision to various communication issues. > EXPERIENCE, by activating all the levers necessary to bring your messages to life: advertising and publishing, events and field operations, digital presence and media relations. Sustainable transformation, Executive advice, CSR advice, Press relations, Crisis communication, Governance, Project support, Internal and managerial communication, and Events

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: Decarbonization

6 0 5 25
Doggywalk Doggywalk

[Automatic translation follows] You have a dog? Quickly download the Doggywalk mobile application! Doggywalk is a mobile application intended for all dog owners in France, Switzerland and Belgium. It connects them so that they can walk together, via geolocation. The application then transforms the "chore" of the walk into a real convivial moment since the walks are more pleasant for the owners, who can interact, but also for the dogs, who then play together. How does it work ? You can download Doggywalk for free via the Apple Store or the Play store whether you are in France, Switzerland or …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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MyMajorHome MyMajorHome

[Automatic translation follows] The butler 2.0 of your home Participatory security and concierge service serving the residents of the building and their homes. Concierge, Security, Administration, Automation, Connection, Butler, and Personal Assistant

Type: Startup Activities: consumer services Technologies: Cybersecurity

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Bright Mercury Bright Mercury

[Automatic translation follows] Typography, branding, design. Passionate designer, dedicated to excellence and the success of my clients. I provide creative direction, branding and marketing consulting services & communication. I create personalized solutions to meet each need in an innovative way. Go take a peek at to see what I can do. Artistic Direction, Social Networks, Graphic Design, Identity, Brand Strategy, Communication, Creative Direction, Advertising, and Marketing

Type: Startup Activities: martech

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Level Up Translation Level Up Translation

Level Up Translation was founded in 2011. We rely on the years of gaming XP and millions of words translated by our veteran game translators to deliver video game localization and translation services of the highest quality. Our team of freelancers has been collectively involved in several AAA and major indie games and counts years of experience at various positions of the video game industry, which gives us an acute understanding of the localization process and helps us adapt to any project for any platform. Our human-sized and close-knit organization allows us to keep our costs low, our work quality …

Type: Media Startup Activities: Games Technologies: SaaS

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Save&Care Save&Care

[Automatic translation follows] The committed beauty e-shop that brings together professionals and responsible consumers ♻️ The committed beauty e-shop that brings together professionals and responsible consumers ♻️ Circular economy, Fight against waste, Tech for good, Act for impact, Parapharmacy, Responsible beauty, and Well-being

Type: Startup Activities: e-commerce cosmetics greentech

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Ecoidees SAS Ecoidees SAS

[Automatic translation follows] Ecoidees SAS

Type: Startup Activities: greentech

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Planet-score Planet-score

[Automatic translation follows] Let's take care of the planet by doing our daily shopping, thanks to a label guaranteed without greenwashing. Food has a significant impact on the environment, and it is possible to improve things and even make a positive contribution to the health of the planet. Do you want to take concrete action, but you lack information? Supported by a large collective of civil society (including UFC-Que Choisir and numerous NGOs), the Planet-score reflects the environmental value of food according to a scientific, demanding and independent methodology which integrates all environmental aspects, without taboo and without greenwashing. The …

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech cleantech greentech Technologies: Decarbonization

4 1 3 5
CTer&co CTer&co

[Automatic translation follows] Public Relations, Media and Influencer Consulting Agency Our mission is to create opportunities for our clients - businesses, communities, economic structures - to speak out, bring them greater visibility and notoriety, and preserve their image.

Type: Startup Activities: Consulting

18 1 17 7
Innocress Innocress

[Automatic translation follows] SUPERCRESS 5: YOUR 100% WATERCRESS FOOD SUPPLEMENT THE NATURAL REINFORCEMENT OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Picardy start-up that focuses on watercress for therapeutic use. Despite its nutritional value, watercress cultivation is declining in France. To relaunch it, Innocress began producing a powder concentrating its therapeutic virtues as a food supplement.

Type: Startup Activities: foodtech Technologies: Bio sourced materials Synthetic Biology

10 4 7 2
Orgasoftware Orgasoftware

[Automatic translation follows] Management software in SaaS mode for supplier relations and employee representations A French player in digitalization since 2015, Orgasoftware publishes high-performance SaaS software adapted to support companies in optimizing their processes and internal dynamics: 👉 Orgasourcing is an SRM solution that optimizes supplier relationship management for purchasing departments: 👉 Organetwork is an innovative organization chart that simplifies the representation of your structure and strengthens internal dynamics: The Orgasoftware team offers adapted and personalized support according to the challenges of each of its clients. Software edition, Organization chart, Trombinoscope, Subcontractor management, Purchasing collaboration, Supplier relations, SRM, …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: SaaS

6 0 6 5
3dpop trophées 3dpop trophées

[Automatic translation follows] Custom trophy designer We custom design the trophies for your event using 3D printing. With the use of a biosourced material based on corn starch, we try as much as possible to be part of an eco-responsible approach. We bring you a touch of innovation and dynamism that will be consistent with your communication operations. 3D printing, Marketing Solutions, and Event Communication

Type: Startup Activities: martech Technologies: 3D Printing Bio sourced materials

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El Gamificator El Gamificator

[Automatic translation follows] Discover the new book: El Gamificator helps businesses create web and mobile applications that retain and engage users for the long term. El Gamificator participates in the design of user experiences (UX) in many areas: - Health - Change management - Education & Training - Community apps - Connected objects - Entertainment and media - ... El Gamificator is an agency specializing in gamification, the use of game mechanics to change behavior and drive change. It aims to create engaging experiences for the company's employees and consumers.

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: IoT

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Leeve Leeve

Leeve, the app to match with international people nearby. Make new friends, practice languages! #languagesdifferently Because traveling is living accountable experiences, because all the meetings we did during a trip changed us. Because those experiences make us discover new opportunities. It was, therefore, necessary to allow everyone to live and relive these experiences to infinity, by proposing rich and multicultural opportunities for meetings and exchange. Leeve is the new social integration mobile application allowing this. Leeve simplifies international meetings, regardless of language, culture or the country in which we are. It's not just a nice experience. Available on iPhone and …

Type: Startup Activities: entertainment

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IndieNation | Helping companies hiring techs Talent 🦄 IndieNation | Helping companies hiring techs Talent 🦄

International Community of Freelancers 🌍 Nous accompagnons les startups, scale-up et PME dans leurs recrutements de profils techs rares (web, mobile, data, devops, product, cybersécurité, blockchain, web3, agilité...), en France et à l'international. web development, data, devops, cybersecurity, blockchain, product, web3, recrutement, and cybersécurité

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Cybersecurity

11 2 10 1
vitis (ex-videofutur) vitis (ex-videofutur)

Acteur innovant des “autoroutes du divertissement”, VITIS propose une offre Fibre FTTH sous la marque VIDEOFUTUR. Vitis is FVNO (Fiber Virtual Network Operator) provider of Broadband and content services. Late 2015, we launched our triple-play offer LA FIBRE videofutur in order to cover the French open access Fiber network (Réseaux d'Initiative Publique). Our Corporate baseline is therefore "Entertainment Highways for all"​ and our Brand "Videofutur"​ is very well know in France. Our strategy is to grow our subscriber base through both B2C digital distribution & partnership with Alternative Fiber Operators in particular in France (Zeop, Ozone, Alsatis, Nordnet), Switzerland (Netplus), …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment Technologies: SaaS

2 0 0 82

[Automatic translation follows] My free courses: Growth Hacking, marketing automation... is one of the leading marketing blogs in France. Every day receive advice and tips to develop your sales and retain your customers. also has numerous eBooks as well as video training. marketing, web marketing, emarketing, and marketing advice

Type: SMB Activities: martech

30 6 16 3
Atothis Atothis

[Automatic translation follows] Expert in research and analysis Due to the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, Atothis has been appointed to distribute PrimerDesign's Coronavirus COVID-19-CE-IVD PCR test to professionals and meet the needs on French territory. Founded in 2020, the company Atothis, formerly Quick Tag, provides professionals with quick and easy-to-use solutions. Faced with health, ecological and animal welfare issues, Atothis wishes to respond to the problems encountered by the various players in the world of health and aquaculture with rapid and efficient diagnostic tools. For this purpose, Atothis is in partnership with Primerdesign biotechnology from the Novacyt group, which develops …

Type: Startup Activities: healthtech Technologies: Data Analytics

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Le Trèfle Le Trèfle

[Automatic translation follows] Le Trèfle is an evolving space for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and fast-growing start-ups. The space was designed to make work fluid, collaborative and efficient. Coworking positions coexist with private offices to develop team spirit, social connections, open-mindedness and sharing of experience. Le Trèfle provides you with two traditional meeting rooms, but also an informal space to brainstorm and bring out your ideas, and meeting boxes to promote a friendly and effervescent working environment. Our offices are fully equipped with a pedestal, storage cabinet, chair and internet access. Le Trèfle also offers a relaxation area to relax and take …

Type: Startup Activities: proptech

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FlowerSEP FlowerSEP

[Automatic translation follows] FlowerSEP, a young innovative company that is growing well. The experience of the team members allows you to benefit from the best advice. Specialized in a specific sector of industrial activity, the women and men of FlowerSEP provide you with exchanges with a contact who knows your profession. The creativity and efficiency of FlowerSEP convinced the CEA. Your business, too, has every interest in benefiting from technological innovation. Information, advice? To learn more about FlowerSEP solutions and to find out how to improve your separation process, contact FlowerSEP today. The bee's only performance lies in small details: …

Type: Startup Activities: IT Services

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Nation Data Center Nation Data Center

[Automatic translation follows] Sovereign | Local | Environmentally friendly A subsidiary of the Altarea Group, leader in the transformation of low-carbon cities, Nation Data Center is an eco-responsible French hosting provider. Committed, we are building and operating a network of 12 data centers throughout France by 2030. Pioneers in terms of energy efficiency, our data centers are designed and operated in a carbon-free manner and meet the most demanding quality standards: connectivity, high performance, high security and high availability. Close to our customers and your challenges, our expert teams are fully mobilized to develop tailor-made responses and daily support.

Type: Corporate subsidiary Activities: IT Services Technologies: Data Analytics Cybersecurity

9 1 8 14

[Automatic translation follows] Audiovisual production and website creation Created 10 years ago, Opinews is a digital agency specializing in audiovisual production, the production of live and interactive events, the creation of video content, and the development of websites or dedicated platforms for digital events. LIVE AND INTERACTIVE EVENTS We travel with our team and film in multi-camera mode with live production. We can film on your premises or find the right location for you to hold your event, or offer you TV sets. We create multiplexes, involving people remotely live. We also offer a webinar system with live production, with …

Type: SMB Activities: entertainment Technologies: SaaS

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