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Type: Media


[Automatic translation follows] 🏆 National competition for innovative projects on the theme of mobility ⚡ 2021 - 5th edition 📢 #AgitezVotreMobility! 💡 What is Auvermoov? Auvermoov is a competition aimed at rewarding innovative projects on the theme of mobility. It was launched in 2016 at the initiative of the SMTC (Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun de l'Agglomération Clermontoise). The competition is structured around meetings, during which the registered projects present their solution to the general public, professionals or students. 💬 How does Auvermoov work? First, we are looking for start-ups or companies likely to meet the competition criteria. Once …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: transporttech Government Relations Services

Lava JugLava Jug

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Software Development

Conseil départemental de l'AllierConseil départemental de l'Allier

[Automatic translation follows] Located in the Auvergne region, the Allier department offers a unique living environment, both dynamic and preserved. Only 3h30 from Paris and 2h30 from Lyon, the Allier is distinguished by the brilliance of its natural spaces, the richness of its cultural heritage, the magnificence of its tourist sites and the multitude of outdoor activities and leisure activities.

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration

Catapulte - Incubateur rural et innovantCatapulte - Incubateur rural et innovant

[Automatic translation follows] Cantalien incubator looking for project leaders Catapulte is an incubator for innovative and ambitious companies located in Aurillac in the center-south of France. Structured around a non-profit and general interest association, supported by personalities and experts from the economic world, Catapulte was launched in 2017 and already supports 5 projects: e-commerce, e-learning, drones, e -trade and agro-food. We are supported by several private partners and public authorities, and have our premises at the Village d'Entreprises d'Aurillac, 14 avenue du Garric, 15000 AURILLAC. Do you have a startup creation project? why not come and discuss it with us …

Type: Incubators & VCs NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

Human BoosterHuman Booster

[Automatic translation follows] Convert your codes! Become Digital Native? It's possible with HB Human Booster is a 100% nomadic digital school connected to the needs of tomorrow's world that wants to offer everyone the opportunity to reveal their potential through digital. Faced with the boom in digital professions on the job market, our school offers training programs in line with the immediate expectations of recruiters. For several months, our learners follow and participate in the courses given daily by their trainers. Making each individual an actor in their digital transformation to train efficient and autonomous professionals is the whole HB …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: HRtech Professional Training and Coaching


Precision Farming, easy and connected ! MyEasyFarm is a french AgTech startup focused on Precision Farming. MyEasyFarm platform collects, manages, transfers and analyses Agricultural Data from many sources (fields, satellites, drones, Ag machines, weather, IoT sensors) to reduce products usage and enhance crop cycles. MyEasyFarm provides a platform for Food actors (Farmers, Cooperatives, Agro-Industries) to measure and reduce CO2 emission/storage in Agriculture by changing crop cycle practices. FMIS, AGTech, ISOBUS, and CARBON

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: agritech Farming Technologies: New Materials

Preda, l'innovation au service de tousPreda, l'innovation au service de tous

[Automatic translation follows] Our solutions combine the best of human expertise, technology and content. We develop solutions that combine the best of human expertise, technology and content to reduce risks, increase prevention and transform your processes. HR, QSE, AND HSE

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: HRtech IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting

Dawex - Data Exchange TechnologyDawex - Data Exchange Technology

In today’s economy where data has become a product of unlimited potential, with its own value, and a source of new revenue streams, Dawex technology allows organizations to create new ecosystems around data exchange platforms that meet regulatory requirements and address traceability and security challenges. Dawex is the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub to orchestrate the sourcing, the distribution and the exchange of data. Awarded Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2020, Dawex is an active member of Gaia-X. Created in 2015, Dawex is headquartered in France, expanding business operations to Europe, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services privacytech IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: IoT


[Automatic translation follows] SaaS Studio for Startups SaaS Studio for Startups - As a growth partner, you are supported and secures your investment produced during the most critical years of your existence, the first. - So that like our customers, you have a product that seduces its users and can bootstrap or funds easily. - We create quality products together that users recommend, faster than other graces to our unique Highsaas methodology but not only ... Looking forward to talking about it together.

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Consulting Software Development


[Automatic translation follows] For lovers of freedom who want to take care of them, take care of the environment, cultivate their difference! The French Nomad table art brand, Monbento® has been booming since its creation. It develops in France, in Europe and in the rest of the world. The reasons for such success? Practical, innovative and trendy products but also carrying a true philosophy of life. The context of creation Kinesitherapist masseuse by trade and passionate about Japanese culture, Emilie Creuzieux discovers bento thanks to a design project of her spouse. Alternative to restaurants and dietetic solution, the Japanese small …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: retail Retail


[Automatic translation follows] Digital attractiveness agency Created in 2013, Reoviz is a digital attractiveness agency. Our mission is to boost your content and highlight your skills, your specificities, your talents, using all our know-how in the field of immersive technologies and new interaction modes (3D, virtual reality, augmented reality). Our priorities: Offer you useful solutions (the Waouh effect is good, but it only lasts a time) and simple to use (a techno that makes things more complicated, is not a solution). We thus offer turnkey or tailor-made solutions to our customers, integrating smart and innovative technologies. virtual reality, augmented reality, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Software Development Technologies: VR


[Automatic translation follows] Sosh is the 100% connected brand of Orange, designed to meet the expectations of autonomous consumers, used to taking advantage of the Internet to find "good deals". Sosh offers mobile plans from 4 € 99 per month and all-in-one packages (mobile + internet + fixed) from € 29.99/month (Livebox included, in ADSL and fiber version), without commitmentand at web price. The brand launched in 2011 brings together 3,500,000 million customers at the end of 2017 and benefits from the quality of orange networks.The customer relationship is provided by a team dedicated to a hundred people with customer …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: telecommunications Telecommunications

Invers Invers

[Automatic translation follows] Sustainable protein Converse is a young French company, based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, which develops a circular production model for a new source of protein for animal feed thanks to insect farming. Our model: We raise and valorize flour worms (tenebrio molitor larvae) according to an innovative and circular production model. The workshops are installed directly on the farm in an interconnected network of farmers. By developing this innovative sector, we create a more responsible and resilient model thanks to a dynamic ecosystem, more respectful of the environment and the living. Product in Auvergne: Flour worms are …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: foodtech Food and Beverage Manufacturing


[Automatic translation follows] Related between installed doctors, health establishments & amp;Substitutes (all specialties: France - Dom Tom) Docndoc is a medical recruitment and replacement platform throughout France. The principle is simple: installed doctors looking for a replacement, and replacement doctor, register for free www.docndoc.fr Docndoc makes you match according to your geographic and specialty dates. The service is open to all medical specialties, to all doctors working in a hospital or office. The start-up was created by Dr. Karila-Cohen, radiologist in Paris. Medical replacement, recruitment, medical, doctors, esanté, ehealth, start-up, entrepreneur, medical desert, France, replacement, and digital

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: healthtech HRtech entrepreneurship Software Development

INPI FranceINPI France

[Automatic translation follows] We are the house of innovators. INPI: The innovators' house We are a public establishment, fully self -funded, placed under the supervision of the ministry in charge of industrial property, at the heart of the innovation approach for French companies. Beyond the deposits of titles (patents, brands, drawings and models), we act for economic development by actions to raise awareness and enhance innovation, whatever its form. Our core business is to allow everyone to transform innovation into value. An economic value An effective innovation strategy allows any business to increase its turnover, gain market share, benefit from …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration

Orchestre dAuvergneOrchestre dAuvergne

Type: SMB Activities: healthtech

Réseau Entreprendre AlsaceRéseau Entreprendre Alsace

[Automatic translation follows] "To create jobs, let's create employers" André Mulliez Network Entreprendre supports new managers, creators or business buyers, at all stages of the life of a business: at start -up, in the development phase, in times of strong growth.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

Habitat et HumanismeHabitat et Humanisme

[Automatic translation follows] Act for the accommodation and integration of people in difficulty 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻 For over 36 years, to respond to the exclusion and isolation of people in difficulty, Habitat and Humanism acts in favor of housing, integration and recreation of social ties. 🧰 Resolutely turned towards innovation, the movement has developed economic tools with a social vocation, to finance and carry out its action. Habitat and humanism has given itself the mission: ✔️ to allow people with low resources, precarious because of their social situation, their age, their disability or their health, to access a habitat solution adapted to …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations Technologies: IoT


TEDxClermont is a volunteer initiative to highlight ideas worth spreading. Think of TEDx as an awesome dinner party with amazing people, stunning food, brilliant speakers, inspirational videos and mind-blowing conversation. Attending a TEDx event might change your life, at least change your min! > The main TEDxClermont conference happens once a year at a preeminent venue in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France. > Several smaller evening sessions called TEDxClermontSalons gather a smaller audience every quarter around a theme. > In 2020, TEDxClermont joined the COUNTDOWN to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. > TEDxClermont also organizes …

Type: Event Nonprofit Activities: Think Tanks

Mon Drive LocalMon Drive Local

[Automatic translation follows] My local drive helps you consume better on a daily basis!We bring together more than 70 producers in your region, and offer their products on an e-commerce site (www.mondrivelocal.fr). Once your order is placed, you can come and get it back as a relay point or have your home delivered! Simplicity and practicality to eat fresh quality products! Fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, salted grocery store, sweet grocery store, drinks, and hygiene products

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: retail Retail

Axandus, l'accélérateur industrielAxandus, l'accélérateur industriel

[Automatic translation follows] Specialized in supporting industrialization projects and the development of innovative technologies Axandus is an industrial accelerator specializing in the support of innovative start-ups specializing in on-board technologies and mecatronics. The Axandus teams make their know-how available to these young companies and bring their design, prototyping, sourcing and large-scale production solutions. Axandus is an independent structure from the EFI Automotive group, an automotive supplier since 1936. Since 2017, Axandus has also been associated with Sercel company specializing in soil analysis and petrochemical trades. For more information: www.axandus.com About EFI Automotive: www.efiautomotive.com About Sercel Group: www.sercel.com Start UPS, Mécatronique, …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Industry 4.0 transporttech Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Technologies: A.I. - Image Processing IoT

Startup SesameStartup Sesame

Startup Sesame is the global network of Tech events. Startup Sesame is the global network of Tech events; composed of specialists in the fields of innovation and business events. We help innovation companies (Bayer, Siemens, Société Générale...), public entities (Bpifrance, Commission Européenne, Hanoi...), organizers (Comexposium, VivaTech, Dépêche Events…) and investors (Atomico, Microsoft Ventures, Wayra...) build better events and acquire the best deal flow for their programs and projects.

Type: Event Partnership Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

Siècle DigitalSiècle Digital

[Automatic translation follows] The subjects inherent in digital should not be understood only by those who master them. Century Digital is an information site focused on digital, founded in 2013. It shares international news as fundraising on many subjects inherent in the digital world.More than a blog, digital century, it is above all a bias for the sharing of knowledge and its accessibility.Because the subjects inherent in digital should not be understood only by those who master them. Digital Marketing, Technology, Trends/Studies, and Advertising

Type: Media NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Privately Held Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

Ready For IT Ready For IT

[Automatic translation follows] The essential one to one event for companies engaged in digital transition and security. Ready for the essential one to one event for companies engaged in digital transition and security. Meeting 23 & amp;May 24, 2023 in Monaco. It, cloud, data, and cybersecurity

Type: Event Self-Owned Activities: Events Services Technologies: Cybersecurity

Présidence de la RépubliquePrésidence de la République

[Automatic translation follows] The President of the French Republic embodies state authority.He is the head of state in France, the head of the armies and the guarantor of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic.Since May 14, 2017, the President of the French Republic has been Emmanuel Macron. The president has been elected by direct universal suffrage since 1965 for a 5 -year term.Its role is to ensure the normal functioning of the public authorities and the continuity of the state.He is also the guarantor of national independence, the integrity of the territory and the respect of the treaties.

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


[Automatic translation follows] Think Global! Oxygen is an independent communication consulting agency, specializing in press relations and digital communication. Created in 1999 by journalists with the ambition of providing more innovation, professionalism and methodology to the trade of press relations, Oxygen is today supporting more than 100 customers in the development of their notoriety in France and international. The origin of Oxygen: journalists Oxygen is above all a story. That of journalists, tired of receiving information unrelated to their areas of expertise and the subjects processed. However, in terms of communication, raw information is nothing. To be optimally treated by …

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Public Relations and Communications Services


42tea: a perfect tea to your taste! 42tea (for tea, to tea) present its exclusive process in order to optimise the flavours of tea. With an oenological approach applied to the universe of tea, 42tea guarantees the best possible tasting experience simply by using a smartphone application that communicates with our connected object : the “forty to tea cube” Connected Object, Tea, Internet of Things, Object connecté, and Thé

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: IoT


[Automatic translation follows] Put virtuosity in your recruitments! Discover the strategic advice offer, training & amp; outsourcing #rmstouch HR innovation players, recruitment & amp; EMPLOYER BRAND We offer strategic advice, training, outsourcing and events. Passionate, we have created #rmsnews the 1st media dedicated to recruitment as well as #RMSCONF The reference event of the Talent Acquisition ecosystem. Our activities : TO TRANSMIT - Training in strategic recruitment, sourcing and social media for HR & AMP; Recruiters. - Professional integration training for students, Career Centers / Baip in schools and universities. - Recruitment strategy advice and employer brand - outsourcing & …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: HRtech Media Human Resources Services Technologies: Data Analytics Games

L'Institut Paris RegionL'Institut Paris Region

[Automatic translation follows] Ex IAU Ile-de-France Digital Transition, Climate Change, Urban Resilience, Smart Mobility, Innovative Ecosystems, Sustainable Development, collaborative Economy, Biodiversity, Urban Agriculture… In A Fast-Change World, The 200 Experts of the Institut Paris Region Explore All Dimensions of Regional and Metropolitan Life toHelp Local Decision-Makers Improve The Quality of Life and Plan for the Future.Our Agency Works for the Paris Region’s Authorities and Other Cities Worldwide. Town planning, transport, mobility, environment, biodiversity, energy, climate, waste, economy, demography, housing, safety, prevention, health, sport, planning, governance, heritage, and landscape

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Research Services

Les Pépites TechLes Pépites Tech

[Automatic translation follows] Discover French startups every day and vote for the most creative and innovative of them. Participatory watch community on the best new tech and web startups.We publish unpublished nuggets of French Tech every day in short format without editorial. New Products, Start-ups, Tech, French Tech, and Product Development

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

ISlean consultingISlean consulting

[Automatic translation follows] Consulting office in strategy and transformation in the digital age Islean Consulting is a strategy consulting firm, Lean Management and organization of information systems. Islean Consulting supports managers and business managers or if to define and set up productive organizations, mainly in the fields where information systems are at the heart of value production. Islean Consulting is organized to quickly mobilize according to needs, its own teams and skilled expert companies and partners, sharing the same values. Islean Consulting is committed to its customers, from design to the realization of projects, and effective obtaining of the results …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: Consulting Business Consulting and Services

Grande Ecole du NumériqueGrande Ecole du Numérique

[Automatic translation follows] Digital talent accelerator The large digital school is a network of 500 training courses in digital professions whose ambition is to meet the needs of employers in digital skills and to promote the inclusion of people far from employment and training. Digital transition, social inclusion, economic development, digital training, Gen label, digital talents, digital skills, Gen network, digital talent recruiters, priming subsidy, and labeling Gen

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


[Automatic translation follows] The definition of UX-CO: User Experience Consulting. UX-CO is a Quebec company specializing in user-centered design and service design: user experience. Our vocation is to help, advise, support organizations and businesses in the design and optimization of web, software and mobile interfaces in order to design a positive and coherent user experience. We work at several stages: usability, optimization, recommendation, design, analysis, content strategy. Information design, design and correction ergonomics, information architecture, advice, analysis and recommendation report, user research, user tests, service design, ergonomic audits, and heuristic and expert analyzes

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting


Download Hardbacon and take control of your finances! Hardbacon is on a mission to turn investing in the stock market a simple and profitable process for everyone. Our mobile app do it by syncing with online brokerages, analyzing its users’ portfolio and providing them with the data and tools they need to become better self-directed investors. But Hardbacon is much more than an app. On Hardbacon.ca, we help Canadians pick robo-advisors and brokerages (among other financial services) through our easy-to-use comparators. We also educate Canadians about investment through various initiatives such as an online course, an online magazine, a newsletter …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: fintech Software Development

AOD MarketingAOD Marketing

We help ambitious businesses grow online. AOD is a digital marketing agency that helps ambitious businesses grow online. Founded in 2009, we were there when it began, have adapted to what it’s become and will continue adapting to what it will be. Through the implementation of sophisticated and targeted campaigns, AOD has generated millions in revenue for clients such as Ardene, Smartwool, Moose Knuckles, Brault & Martineau, Assurances Desjardins, LaPresse.ca, Cirque du Soleil and other well-recognized international brands. AOD's multi-faceted approach builds brand visibility via SEO, SEM and display ads, relying on data to effectively leverage each one of your …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet


Ask-PAM exist to empower Concierges. Our Mission is to unearth and connect Concierges and Lifestyle Managers from around the world. The ultimate goal being to create a new range of opportunities in order to transform the Concierge Industry through Technology and Human Connections. If that means creating the future of Concierge Service and Hospitality, we want you to be part of it. Join the global Concierge community and start sharing works, wins, tips, and challenges or simply ask for help and support one another. Ask PAM was founded in 2015 by Pamela Alfred, a top concierge with more than 8 …

Type: Startup Public Company Activities: traveltech Hospitality

Metaverse ConceptMetaverse Concept

[Automatic translation follows] Metaversse Concept creative of an interactive, immersive, collaborative and customizable virtual universe platform.An innovative 3D solution to view today's achievements, concepts and methodologies of tomorrow.Measure, assess, test, simulate and decide the choices of the future of the company, industry, architecture, design and town planning.

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: VR Data Analytics

Ingenious ThingsIngenious Things

[Automatic translation follows] We make Smarter Objects We innovate, designations and develop connected objects to offer new innovative services. Recognized experts in LPWA (Low Power Wide Area Networks - AKA Sigfox / Lorawan) technologies we identify the capacities of new IoT technologies to respond in an innovative way to the issues of our customers. Our solutions are available in "Ship & Amp; Play" mode where can be integrated into the products of our customers who wish to take advantage of our LPWA expertise. IoT and Cloud Computing

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Industry 4.0


Entreprise 🇫🇷 L’innovation technologique est notre fer de lance. Nous croyons aux technologies et à leurs possibilités Conquer the future through blockchain. We aim at developing innovative solutions. DomRaider is the bridge between the world of assets and the potential of open-source blockchain. Our vision: the advent of blockchain technologies is about to revolutionize the world and DomRaider intends to become a key player in this historic turning point. DomRaider has 3 brands right now: * Auctionity: decentralized Auctions in Real-Time thanks to blockchain * DomRaider Token (DRT) * Youdot: raise your visibility in real time thanks to expired domain …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

France ActiveFrance Active

Le mouvement des #EntrepreneursEngagés. Conseil, financement et connexion. France Active is a non-profit organisation with the goal of facilitating access to enterprise setup through access to bank credit. It also helps existing structures consolidate jobs through various financial tools.

Type: Incubators & VCs Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations


[Automatic translation follows] Ecomnews, your 100% connected economic media in the south of France Ecomnews is the digital economic information platform in real time in the South of France, preserving journalistic quality, the analysis of territories and local investigation. This platform thanks to the Internet and social networks is a real modern communication tool at the service of information and regional economic and institutional actors. Ecomnews processes information and economic news from the south of France (Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi Pyrénées, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, Aquitaine Poitou Charente Limousin). Ecomnews makes it possible to promote and develop the information and …

Type: Media Partnership Activities: Online Audio and Video Media Technologies: Data Analytics


Phygital Thinking Why systematically make new objects called "connected"​ whereas it would be enough to connect and make "speak"​ those that already exist? This is the challenge faced by the innovative young start-up Yesitis. Thus Yesitis has chosen to position itself on various sectors of activity which encounter problems of size in order to connect existing objects as on the sector of luxury, health, agroalimentary, aeronautics, Wine and music with his Revive project. Yesitis offers all the necessary services to fight fraud, improve customer relations, increase traceability and industrial efficiency. Yesitis is a young company with a global ambition that …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: NFC Wireless IoT Data Analytics Sensors


[Automatic translation follows] Management of digitalized bike fleets for communities, businesses and tourism. Click. Pedal. The idea germinates in the minds of two people in 2016, Eric Boucomont and Julien Coinchon, in the forties, of different professional horizons. In 2018 a new person joined the Koboo adventure, Nicolas Roussel CEO and partner of the company. Koboo for whom and how and why? - For your tourist sites (amusement parks, hotels, campsites) - Allows a valuation of your spaces and your local heritage as well as the infrastructures linked to the bicycle - for your short or long events Innovation is …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: traveltech healthtech transporttech Travel Arrangements


[Automatic translation follows] N ° 1 of the Click & Amp; Book of leisure in France. Woom.fr, specialist in leisure booking on the Internet in France. 45 covered cities, 900+ leisure providers (adventure, well-being, children). In 9 major cities, Woom.fr adopts an innovative positioning, offering its users a format combining a local leisure e-shop (canoeing, paragliding, massages, etc.) and a web-magazine culture and leisure, daily renewed. Services for leisure, leisure, mobile application, and full nature application

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: IT Services traveltech Travel Arrangements


[Automatic translation follows] Remove me from a doubt Feelae is the iOS and Android application that allows all French people to be able to chat with a general practitioner anywhere, anytime, in less than 5 minutes thanks to the videoconference. ➡️ iOS https://buff.ly/2vilaka ➡️ Android https://buff.ly/2vhzsur e-health, care, teleccess, general practitioner, and medical advice

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: healthtech Wellness and Fitness Services

YesWeHack ⠵YesWeHack ⠵

Global Bug Bounty & VDP Platform Founded in 2015, YesWeHack is the #1 European Bug Bounty & VDP Platform. YesWeHack offers companies an innovative approach to cybersecurity with Bug Bounty (pay-per-vulnerability discovered), connecting more than 40,000 cybersecurity experts (ethical hackers) across 170 countries with organisations to secure their exposed scopes and reporting vulnerabilities in their websites, mobile apps, infrastructure and connected devices. YesWeHack runs private (invitation based only) programs and public programs for hundreds of organisations worldwide in compliance with the strictest European regulations. In addition to the Bug Bounty platform, YesWeHack also offers: a creation and management solution for …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Computer and Network Security Technologies: Cybersecurity IoT


[Automatic translation follows] Eat in the office as at the restaurant! * Treat yourself to the office as at the restaurant! Reinvent your lunch break with Miamz’'A! No more redundant and not very tasty meals in business. Make room for quality cuisine from the best local restaurants. * 1 start-up, 3 offers, millions of flavors! - Miamz'Y Day, the weekly gourmet meeting! A delivery once a week in a company allowing employees to meet around a quality meal prepared by a local restaurateur. Miamz'y Day is the lunch break where well -being and conviviality are in order! - Miamz'Y Business …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] COPARK offers different technological parking optimization solutions for companies and SEMs. Copark for work - internal parking optimization solution for companies. COPARK offers different technological parking optimization solutions including its latest COPARK for work: ✓ Analysis of the parking occupancy rate ✓ Management and release of attributed parking spaces ✓ Reservations of occasional places ... ✓ Consultation and cancellation of reservations ✓ Opening the barrier from the phone (optional) Optimize the management of your parking lot thanks to our SaaS solution. Parking, car, smartcity, parking, B2B, and Saas

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Smart City transporttech IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting