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[Automatic translation follows] B2B media on innovation and trends in communication, marketing and media. INfluencia • Insights + Innovations + Inspirations. Referent B2B media on innovation and trends in the communication market, aimed at advertising, marketing & media players. Daily newsletter | website Influencia.net | Quarterly review (print and digital). media specialized in trends, consumers, media, publicity, advertising, marketing, brands, brands, and communication

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Book and Periodical Publishing


The main French CG/VFX/Animation/XR website. The main French CG/VFX/Animation/XR website. Computer Graphics, Animation, Visual FX, and Digital art

Type: Media Public Company Activities: IT Services and IT Consulting

KONOV'​, l'ingéniosité dans l'actionKONOV'​, l'ingéniosité dans l'action

[Automatic translation follows] Mobilizing collective intelligence to strengthen companies' capacities for innovation and transformation Faced with performance issues that involve structuring and optimizing processes, companies face major challenges in maintaining their capacity for innovation. Capacity that is also complex to structure because it must respond to both present and future challenges. Wanting to instil a culture of innovation also means confronting silos, aligning and engaging teams in the face of uncertainty. Collective intelligence and co-construction therefore occupy a central place in innovation. But after this observation, which is widely accepted today, what can be done? There is obviously no miracle …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Self-Owned Activities: Research Services

Datanumia, EDF GroupDatanumia, EDF Group

Our values: Commitment, Trust, Curiosity Datanumia, a subsidiary specialising in the optimisation and management of energy consumption, resulting from the merger between Netseenergy and EDEV Téléservices (Edelia). #Data #Digital #IA Management des consommations énergétiques

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting


[Automatic translation follows] Since January 1, 2022, Hadopi (2009-2021) and the Superior Audiovisual Council (1989-2021) have become the Arch, the audiovisual and digital communication regulator. This new independent public authority (API) is in particular to defend creation and its actors, to allow public access to a pluralist audiovisual offer, respectful of rights and freedoms and to participate in the development of a safer internet.

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


[Automatic translation follows] In charge of communication and innovation of the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux A mixed economy company, Issy Media was founded in 1989. It manages, in particular, the communication actions of the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux, which holds 57 % of its share capital.From the municipal newspaper to the Facebook page and to the city's Twitter account, including press relations, the organization of events (conferences, association forum, art market, etc.), display and production of documentsCommunication (brochures, invitation cards, etc.), Issy Media is also in charge of the development strategy of new digital services and participates in this respect in European …

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: IT Services and IT Consulting

Éditions Animées & BlinkBookÉditions Animées & BlinkBook

[Automatic translation follows] Innovative projects & amp;interactive mixing paper, 3D animations and new technologies Animated editions created the cartoon notebook.A book to read, color, transform into cartoon with the Blinkbook application.With a few bestsellers and beautiful licenses: the little prince or the Smurfs, the application generated more than 8 million cartoons. Our creation studio develops tailor -made innovative projects for museums, monuments or brands.Our customers: Dior, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, the Center Pompidou, the Reunion of National Museums, Havas, La Poste, Aéroports de Paris…

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: martech Book and Periodical Publishing

TechShop - Ateliers Leroy MerlinTechShop - Ateliers Leroy Merlin

[Automatic translation follows] Innovate, prototyper and develop in "makers" mode Create, manufacture, share // a place and a community to carry out your projects - Techshop - Ateliers Leroy Merlin is the fruit of a partnership between Leroy Merlin and Techshop, a startup created in 2006 in Silicon Valley by Jim Newton, an inventor, entrepreneur and handyman.He then imagined a place which, like a gym club, would allow access to professional machines and equipment in the form of a subscription. Textile, CNC, Metal, Wood, 3D printing, Design Thinking, Coworking, Space privatization, Open Innovation, and Prototyping

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: proptech Design Services

LBMG WorklabsLBMG Worklabs

[Automatic translation follows] Imagine the work of tomorrow An architect of the work of tomorrow, LBMG Worklabs designs original, intelligent and collaborative solutions to improve the quality of life at work and the efficiency of organizations. Since 2010, companies and communities trust us for three unique expertise in France: • Innovate in the organization of work (telework, mobility, collaborative, etc.) • Develop smart workspaces (coworking, telecentres, flexdesk, etc.) • Offer “à la carte” access to a flexible office network with the range of neo-nomad services. TeleTravail, organizational innovation, new offices, co-design, managerial innovation, third lieux, coworking, fablab, advice, mobility solutions, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: proptech Consulting Business Consulting and Services


[Automatic translation follows] Our programs and solutions reduce waste and waste by 20 to 60% depending on the professional sectors.#Antigaspi #RSE www.eqosphere.com Biodechets, packaging, banal industrial waste, food and non -food surplus of professional and public actors ... EQOSPER programs and solutions reduce waste and waste by 20 to 60% according to the professional activity sectors. The offer of services and the support of Eqosphere as well as your commitment has a positive and environmental impact: waste decreases, waste is reduced and transformed into resources.

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: cleantech greentech Environmental Services Technologies: Data Analytics Sensors


[Automatic translation follows] Lunii specializes in audio fictions designed for the cognitive development of small and large Aware of the effects of the overexposure to screens and convinced by the force of the imagination, Lunii specializes in audio fictions designed for the cognitive development of little and large. Lunii offers an audio exploration universe to get to know each other, take care of yourself, awaken others, the world and promote sharing. Thus, the Lunii stories factory allows children aged 3-8 to compose and listen to fictions, a storyteller that accompanies the child on a daily basis, without waves, without screen …

Type: Media Startup Self-Owned Activities: edtech Entertainment Providers

Lima TechnologyLima Technology

The first Cloud that respects your privacy. Lima is a smart device that stays in your home and sends you securely your files where and when you need them. It’s like the Cloud, except your files are stored at your place. And you don’t have to pay every month. Or give up on your privacy. It’s your own personal Cloud. Personal Cloud

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Software Development


[Automatic translation follows] Educavox, the media of @Tectors of the School On educavox.fr, you can read articles discussing education, digital, governance ... You will find examples of practices in class or in extracurricular context, mood tickets, substantive articles on ... we, thesociety.Educavox is a box filled with materials ... for reflection.We wish you a good time. On this LinkedIn page, we share elements of our watch, initiatives, and ... poetry. Education, digital, governance, teachers, students, institutions, school, co -education, educational continuity, educational continuum, local authorities, culture, and scientific culture

Type: Startup Nonprofit Activities: edtech Online Audio and Video Media

Qu'est-ce qu'on fait ?! (Qqf.fr)Qu'est-ce qu'on fait ?! (Qqf.fr)

[Automatic translation follows] Understand better to act more! Qqf is the incitement to action to meet the great contemporary challenges! QQF is a media that answers this question that tapped us in the face of the major planetary issues of today and tomorrow.Environment, food, consumption, health, treatment of animals, societal issues ... subjects of which we talk a lot but that we, citizens, often pain to synthesize, to understand and above all to link to our daily life to act in a concrete way. Journalism of solution, media, ecology, social and solidarity economy, infographic, society, responsible consumption, environment, solutions, innovations, …

Type: Startup Self-Owned Activities: cleantech greentech healthtech Online Audio and Video Media

Big FernandBig Fernand

Arrêtez de glander, Rejoignez nos Ateliers 💪🍔🇫🇷 #bigfernand STOP EATING BURGERS ! EAT HAMBURGES ! This is the challenge set by Steve Burggraf, Alexandre Auriac and Guillaume Pagliano in 2012, when they opened their first Atelier du Hamburgé in Paris, at 55 rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière. Five years later, they’ve won their challenge! Big Fernand is today the leader of good and fast food. At the origin of this success is the Hamburgé, an audaciously revisited version of the hamburger as a quality product made exclusively of meticulously chosen French ingredients. The extra talent: it is served in 45 seconds in …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: foodtech Restaurants


[Automatic translation follows] Crowdfunding in renewable energies Lendopolis is a crowdfunding platform that allows VSEs/SMEs of + 2 years to borrow funds from individuals. Companies compensate individuals by interest from 5% to 12% per year depending on the time of reimbursement of loans and their risk note set by the Lendopolis financial expert team. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @lendopolis

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: fintech Financial Services

ARTE CreativeARTE Creative

Type: SMB Activities: civictech Civic and Social Organizations

UN Women FranceUN Women France

[Automatic translation follows] Together, let's make gender equality a reality. Association (law 1901) approved in France by the international organization UN Women aimed at promoting programs for women/man equality and the empowerment of women and to contribute to the mobilization of resources and support in favor of programs and actionsUN Women in the world.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Non-profit Organizations

Un Bout des MédiasUn Bout des Médias

[Automatic translation follows] Information is a public good.Defend the independence of the media, contribute to the end of the world! Information is a public good.Defend the independence of the media, become a reader-citizen, contribute to the media! https://unboutdumonde.org

Type: Media Nonprofit Activities: Media Production

Théâtre de VanvesThéâtre de Vanves

[Automatic translation follows] National Interest Scene Art and creation for dance and contemporary scriptures Théâtre de Vanves is based out of 12 rue Sadi Carnot, Vanves, France.

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: entertainment Performing Arts


The world of work is rapidly evolving. Future business success will belong to those who transform the skills and talents of their workforce with agility and purpose. That’s why, at Talentsoft, our mission is to unlock the potential of every single employee, transforming your organization in the process.

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: HRtech Software Development Technologies: RPA

Sporty PeppersSporty Peppers

[Automatic translation follows] At Sporty Peppers, we pise the sports practice through the game! At Sporty Peppers, we spice up 🌶️ Sports practice through the game 🌶️! What type of game? 💥The sports video game 💥 where the body is the controller !! Do you want to enrich your events, your Teambuilding, your employee gifts, you want to mobilize your community, unite your teams and create interaction between employees? Sporty Peppers offers fun and sports activities online, easy to set up whatever the size of your organization. ?? You are the leader, HRD, HAPPYNESS Manager, project chief (FE) of the …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: Games Entertainment Providers


[Automatic translation follows] Pioneer company of the positive impact, labeled B Corp, Sparknews accelerates the ecological and social transition Pioneer of the positive impact since 2011 and labeled B Corp, Sparknews has chosen to bring out new stories to speed up the environmental and social transition. This requires a deep transformation - a cultural transformation - of all the actors of society. Sparknews therefore develops an activity at 2 scales: The cultural transformation of the general public By raising awareness among the great challenges of the ecological and social transition those who participate in shaping our imaginations: the media, the …

Type: Media Self-Owned Activities: Information Services

Silex IDSilex ID

[Automatic translation follows] Flint ID deciphers the future: we offer an innovative media platform for monitoring, trend analysis and decryption of the world of tomorrow. We are a team five working with around thirty journalists, graphic designers, and editors. To adapt to the need of our users, these decrypts are delivered in different formats as they are online, blasted by emails via our different newsletters, video, events or in print via a magazine (in newsstands, quarterly) and a Newspaper (monthly). By joining the Silex ID club, you will be able to access all our formats: the online (the different formats …

Type: Media Partnership Activities: Book and Periodical Publishing Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Robotics VR

Sciences et AvenirSciences et Avenir

[Automatic translation follows] From the infinitely to the infinitely large and the big bang to future generations, the best of scientific news The reference of scientific news on the web. Subscribe to receive advice for your health, the latest innovations and technologies, and inspiring solutions for a better future! Here, the emoji 🚀 does speak of space exploration 😉 written press, popularization scientific, space, health, nutrition, nature, animals, technologies, archeology, and fundamental sciences

Type: Media Public Company Activities: Newspaper Publishing

Humans MatterHumans Matter

[Automatic translation follows] International Cognitive Design Company #Paris #Lyon #Grenoble #Toulouse #hongkong #Newyork #phiadelphie Humans Matter is an international cognitive design company that has more than 100 employees. The company has been manufacturing lasting impacts on humans and its environment for over 20 years to support transitions in the fields of health, education and labor. It is present in 3 countries (France, United States, China) and has 4 offices in France (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and Toulouse). Cognitive design, HR transformation, strategy, e-learning, cognitive training, cognitive engineering, learning management, change management, HR evaluation, digital innovation, assessment, coaching, game design, training advice, …

Type: SMB Self-Owned Activities: biotech deeptech edtech IT Services Design Services


We support companies to set up distributed organizations and cooperative practices to enable them to be fully resilients Resiliences is a cooperative and a community that explores radically new organizational models and participates in their emergence and dissemination. The fruit of professional and personal trajectories that cross and fertilize each other in a collective framework, Resiliences is based on the concrete and real experiences of pioneering organizations that have deliberately chosen to take this step aside. Our project is to support others, in line with the maturity of their leaders, by embodying on a daily basis what we stand for. …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: Consulting Business Consulting and Services

Regards sur le NumériqueRegards sur le Numérique

[Automatic translation follows] The media that explores digital confidence with Microsoft Laboratory of ideas, reflections and experiments of Microsoft France, RSLN crosses points of view and perspectives on new challenges - cultural, economic, societal - of the digital world. Go to www.rslnmag.fr to not miss anything in digital news!

Type: Media Public Company Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

Radio NéoRadio Néo

[Automatic translation follows] Radio Néo is an FM radio and a webradio which aims to offer a different musical program, open to new artists on the French scene or from the French -speaking space. When traditional media focuses on a handful of very exposed names, and that the Internet offers a multitude without offering real choice, Radio Neo opts for musical diversity and the development of artists.Preferring the passion for music for formatting, Radio Neo does not limit its programming to a "style" or a particular target. Radio and Discoveries

Type: SMB Nonprofit Activities: entertainment Broadcast Media Production and Distribution


[Automatic translation follows] Photomaton is a brand of Me Group (www.me-group.com).Photomaton is the French leader in the photographic cabins market and is distributed by Me Group France. Automatic distribution

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: IT Services Consumer Services

OPLINEPRIZE INTERNATIONAL - Prix d'art contemporain onlineOPLINEPRIZE INTERNATIONAL - Prix d'art contemporain online

[Automatic translation follows] #OP21 #OPLINEPRIZE2021 #INTERNATIONAL #Artchallengeonline #ContempORYART #NeWedition #letsmoretogether #OPLINEPRIZE INTERNATIONAL - 1st prize for contemporary art & amp;New media: digital, prestigious, innovative, fun, free. For its 12 years #oplineprize will celebrate digital creativity in the presence of all of its commissioners, invited for the occasion, leading personalities who make up its sponsorship committee, exceptional partners, without forgetting, of course, artists, confirmed as emerging, which are the raison d'être of this unique price. The highlighting of female creation by the choice of selected artists to participate in the price. Vote for your favorite artist from 03/10 to 15/11/20 on: …

Type: Event Nonprofit Activities: Artists and Writers


[Automatic translation follows] Space for imagination The horizon is infinite, each trip calls for another. MODONS is a creative ecosystem merging artistic direction, realization, photography and journalism. The space is immense, the field of possibilities too. Together, we explore new universes of creation.In pictures, sounds, music, words, we are gathered to tell a story ...

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Media Production


[Automatic translation follows] Private higher education group specializing in communication, journalism, digital, production, luxury, sport ... French leader in private higher education and continuing education in communication, digital and media professions, MediaSchool is present in France (Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Nice, Rennes, Reims, Angoulême, Montpellier) and International (Brussels, London, Barcelona, ​​Mérida). It brings together 45 schools offering training in the field of communication (ECS), journalism (IEJ), digital (supdeweb), audiovisual production (supDeprod), luxury (Paris School of Luxury, Crea Luxe), from the Sport (Paris School of Sports), the School of Ecological and Solidarity Transition (Green Management School) and Trade (La Business School). …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: Media martech traveltech Higher Education

Fox & SheepFox & Sheep

We are a Studio in Berlin and develop high quality apps for kids at the age of 2-8 years. Fox & Sheep develops and publishes kids apps worldwide. We love to develop the best apps for kids out there and help parents to guide their children through the digital world. Besides developing our own apps we are constantly looking for great apps that children and parents will love and for illustrators that want to bring their ideas to life with us. Apps for Kids

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Online Audio and Video Media

JV - jeuxvideo.comJV - jeuxvideo.com

The leading french media about gaming JV - jeuxvideo.com is the N°1 media publisher in France dedicated to video games, with 6.5 million unique visitors each month (Médiamétrie/NetRatings, Internet Global, December 2021).

Type: Startup Activities: Games Online Audio and Video Media

Magasins générauxMagasins généraux

[Automatic translation follows] Creation center founded by BETC by the Ourcq Canal in Pantin - Grand Paris General stores are a creation center founded by BETC. Born in an industrial building in the thirties on the edge of the Ourcq Canal in Pantin, they participated in the energy and emergence of Greater Paris. Initiators of meetings, they bring together several actors of creation - residents and guests - who contribute to programming. - Experience new models for culture General stores develop original cultural content, formless limit-seasons, festivals, exhibitions, residences, meetings, workshops, performance, concerts, evenings, off-the-world programs and editions-with creators of …

Type: Event Partnership Activities: Museums, Historical Sites, and Zoos

L'Onde Théâtre Centre d'artL'Onde Théâtre Centre d'art

[Automatic translation follows] The Center d'Art Théâtre offers the public to approach all the artistic expressions of today and to establish an essential link between these genres. By choosing multidisciplinarity (theater, dance, contemporary art, circus, music) with a strong accent on creation, the wave also undertakes to do everything to allow as many people as possible access to 'art. Particularly alive on stage and in the gallery (nearly 120 performances and 3 exhibitions each season, in creation or dissemination), the wave is also very active in terms of conference cycles on contemporary art, theater and dance , workshops of artistic …

Type: SMB Nonprofit Activities: arttech entertainment Performing Arts

L'Institut Paris RegionL'Institut Paris Region

[Automatic translation follows] Ex IAU Ile-de-France Digital Transition, Climate Change, Urban Resilience, Smart Mobility, Innovative Ecosystems, Sustainable Development, collaborative Economy, Biodiversity, Urban Agriculture… In A Fast-Change World, The 200 Experts of the Institut Paris Region Explore All Dimensions of Regional and Metropolitan Life toHelp Local Decision-Makers Improve The Quality of Life and Plan for the Future.Our Agency Works for the Paris Region’s Authorities and Other Cities Worldwide. Town planning, transport, mobility, environment, biodiversity, energy, climate, waste, economy, demography, housing, safety, prevention, health, sport, planning, governance, heritage, and landscape

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Research Services

Le GénérateurLe Générateur

[Automatic translation follows] Unique place of art and performance of 600m² 100m from Paris 13 In 2006, the generator opens its 600m² space in the heart of the Historic Gentilly district to dedicate it to all contemporary expressions, particularly visual arts and performance. Anne Dreyfus, dancer and choreographer and Bernard Bousquet, plastic artist, seize this former cinema, "Le Gaîté-Palace", and with the active complicity of the City of Gentilly, launch in record time the start of an adventure Ambitious and daring artistic to which the public will respond with enthusiasm. Seventeen years later, the balance sheet is eloquent: 16 white …

Type: Event Nonprofit Activities: Performing Arts

L'Echo des ArenesL'Echo des Arenes

[Automatic translation follows] The web media of societal issues |Understand today to challenge tomorrow! The echo of the arenas is a free TV media website that combines proximity information and experts aimed at enhancing, disseminating audiovisual and editorial content echoing the news as well as to major societal, socio-economic issuesand prospective. Theme addressed: law, justice, health, geopolitics, digital, enterprise, management, education, Europe, politics, culture and media, sport business ... "Understanding today to challenge tomorrow" is the challenge that we suggest that you take up together. Media web, societal issues, webtv, prospective, digital, health, sport business, societal, politics, media, Europe, geopolitics, …

Type: Media NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

La Koncepterie La Koncepterie

[Automatic translation follows] Fabrik with committed experiences! Konptie, Kézako? Fabrik with events that awakens curiosities on social subjects! It is dedicated to businesses and this committed, inspired local communities and actors in the social and solidarity passionate economy! OUR ENGAGEMENTS : 1) Foster the Courd Cour We collaborate with a network of Kopains Pro, local and committed: all motivated to go to Aktion so that your event is Kanon! 2) Support associations Beneficiary or service provider: we never miss an opportunity to integrate the Assos into our Akedions! To them visibility, one day volunteers, the development of their skills or …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Privately Held Activities: Events Services

Labex Arts-H2H - Laboratoire d'excellence des arts et médiations humainesLabex Arts-H2H - Laboratoire d'excellence des arts et médiations humaines

[Automatic translation follows] The laboratory of excellence of human arts and mediations (Labex Arts-H2H) explores the new links between the arts and techniques, sciences and their anchoring in reality, physical space and space of digital data, forms artistic and their mediation. By placing experimentation at the center of his research on art and mediations, he prepares the technological advances of tomorrow and accompanies the changes in humans of the 21st century. The Labex Arts-H2H crosses and confronts several disciplinary fields: plastic arts, music, theater, cinema, dance, photography, digital arts, information and communication sciences, literature, Philosophy, linguistics, psychology, cognitive sciences, the …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Artists and Writers

Insula orchestraInsula orchestra

[Automatic translation follows] Orchestra on period instruments founded in 2012 by Laurence Equilbey.In residence at the Seine Musicale. Founded in 2012 by Laurence Equilbey thanks to the support of the Hauts-de-Seine department, Insula Orchestra inaugurated in April 2017 the Seine Musicale.The orchestra is in charge of part of the 1,150 -seat auditorium programming, in which it is in residence on Seguin Island. Vintage live show and instruments

Type: SMB Nonprofit Activities: entertainment Performing Arts

Institut de la SociodynamiqueInstitut de la Sociodynamique

[Automatic translation follows] +1750 participants in the managerial innovation campus The Institute of Sociodynamics (ISD) is an association of general interest. It was created in 2014 following the "Le Temps des Men" event held in January 2013 in tribute to Jean-Christian Fauvet, the founder of social. Indeed, this manifestation has spontaneously aroused the enthusiasm of more than 600 people. She gathered personalities, managers, executives, men and women representing the world of businesses, unions, sport, public sector, teaching, who wanted to testify to the contributions of sociodynamics to their journey of life, enthusiasm renewed on February 5, 2015 during the second …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Business Consulting and Services


[Automatic translation follows] So that the digital revolution leaves no young people aside! A program of the Network Companies for the City Innov'Avenir is a national program for professional integration and digital inclusion of the Association Les Entreprises for the Cité, powered by the Investment Programs for the Future (PIA) in January 2016. Today, in a context of digital revolution, the mastery of culture, codes, skills and digital uses more and more conditions the success of the social and professional integration of each. The generation called "native digital" has a much more unequal mastery and knowledge of digital technology than …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

Impact AIImpact AI

Think & Do Tank #AI #ethics #France Impact AI is a think & do tank that brings together different stakeholders: companies, private or public entities, research institutes and educational partners interested in AI. Their common goal is to deal with the ethical and societal challenges of AI and support innovative projects with positive impact in the future. AI, éthique, and responsible AI

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Non-profit Organizations

Grande Ecole du NumériqueGrande Ecole du Numérique

[Automatic translation follows] Digital talent accelerator The large digital school is a network of 500 training courses in digital professions whose ambition is to meet the needs of employers in digital skills and to promote the inclusion of people far from employment and training. Digital transition, social inclusion, economic development, digital training, Gen label, digital talents, digital skills, Gen network, digital talent recruiters, priming subsidy, and labeling Gen

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


E4, the conscientiousness security system A.I.MERGENCE is a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Robotics. Created in 2015, it is currently developing an Intelligent and autonomous cobot which secures and protects both premises and employees. Its main research focus in this field is biomimicry (includes technologies and human inventions inspired by living beings and nature). Intelligence artificielle, Robotique autonome, and Bureau d'études

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Technologies: Robotics Embedded Systems A.I. - Others IoT Drones VR

Carbone 4Carbone 4

Cabinet de conseil spécialisé sur la stratégie bas-carbone et l'adaptation au changement climatique. Founded by Alain Grandjean and Jean-Marc Jancovici, Carbone 4 is a leading independent consulting firm, specialized in energy transition, that offers its expertise to private or public players. Convinced that anticipation of the constraints of climate change is the best option, Carbone 4 assists its clients to help them transform these constraints into a tremendous innovation accelerator, a commercial differentiator and a motivation for teams.

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: cleantech greentech Business Consulting and Services