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[Automatic translation follows] Stories, investigations and impact Faced with the so-called "neutrality" of a press in which we no longer recognize ourselves, StreetPress has chosen to take a look. Go into the field and talk about society, to change it too.

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

La CroixLa Croix

[Automatic translation follows] And tomorrow will be just as surprising Subscribe to this page to discover the contents of the newspaper La Croix. Title of the Bayard group, we are a national daily newspaper of general information. We take a human and Christian look at current events. To subscribe: https://www.la-croix.com/abonnement Journalism, Media, Online press, Written press, Internet, Video, Ethics, news, news, podcasts, information, journalist, media, and news

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Newspaper Publishing


[Automatic translation follows] RTL Relive Together RTL is a French private national generalist radio station located at 56, avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly-sur-Seine and broadcast in France. The RTL Radio Pole is also made up of two music stations, Fun Radio and RTL2, stations of the M6 ​​group.

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Broadcast Media Production and Distribution

20 Minutes France20 Minutes France

[Automatic translation follows] Created in 2002, 20 Minutes is an independent news publisher owned equally by the SIPA-Ouest-France group, publisher of the leading French paid daily, and by the Rossel Group, the leading Belgian French-speaking press group. It is the only major French media independent of any financial, industrial or commercial group. Its audience brings together 20 million readers per month, more than 80% of which on digital media. Mobilized in the fight against false information, the editorial staff of 20 Minutes obtained the labeling of the very restricted IFCN Network. In 2011, the company published an ethical and deontological …

Type: Media Public Company Activities: Newspaper Publishing

Alternatives EconomiquesAlternatives Economiques

[Automatic translation follows] Give yourself another look at the news, subscribe! Give yourself another look at the news, subscribe! News, Information, Economy, Politics, Europe, Globalization, Education, Work, Employment, Pensions, Family, Solidarity, Health, Environment, Sustainable Development, SSE, International, and Geopolitics

Type: Media Partnership Activities: Newspaper Publishing

France CultureFrance Culture

[Automatic translation follows] France Culture, The Spirit of Openness A player in cultural life and media on the move, France Culture increasingly disseminates the pluralism of ideas, the wealth of knowledge and the proliferation of creations. Newspapers, news coverage, debate magazines, knowledge, cultural and heritage news, fiction, documentaries: France Culture offers its programs in various formats and on all media. Radio, digital antennas, Papers magazine, public events and co-editions, so much access to the content of France Culture, for the greatest number in phase with all uses. media, culture, heritage, knowledge, ideas, creation, information, news, debates, knowledge, fiction, documentary, digital, …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Broadcast Media Production and Distribution


[Automatic translation follows] Discover, rate and share works (Films, Series, Music, Books, Comics) through cultural word of mouth. SensCritique is the site of cultural word-of-mouth with 5M unique visitors per month. Films, books, video games, comics, series and music, find your next favorite. Discover, Rate, List, criticize, and share your opinions!

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: entertainment Games Technology, Information and Internet

Europe Jacques DelorsEurope Jacques Delors

Brussels-based European think tank inspired by the legacy and vision of Jacques Delors. Brussels-based think tank inspired by the legacy and vision of former European Commission President Jacques Delors. Established in 2020, Europe Jacques Delors represents the activities of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris (1996) and the Jacques Delors Centre in Berlin (2014) vis-à-vis the European Institutions. Europe Jacques Delors provides expertise in support of a socially just green transition through research, publications, and events, thereby actively participating in the debate on the European Green Deal. #ThinkingEurope

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: International Affairs


Improving economic policy Bruegel is the European think tank specializing in economics. Our mission is to contribute to the quality of economic policy making in Europe through open, fact-based and policy-relevant research, analysis and discussion. Established in 2005, Bruegel is independent and non-doctrinal. We are committed to impartiality, openness and excellence. Bruegel’s membership includes EU Member State governments, international corporations and institutions. Sign up for our weekly updates at http://www.bruegel.org/newsletter/. Bruegel ranked #1 best think tank in the Western Europe, #1 top international economics think tank and #2 best think tank in the world (US and non-US) in the 2020 …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Think Tanks

Soil AssociationSoil Association

Soil Association is the charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world The Soil Association Charity was formed in 1946 to pioneer a better world – one where we can all farm, eat and live healthily in balance with the environment. Today, we’re still dedicated to making positive change happen through our charity. We’re farming, growing, buying, cooking and eating. We’re campaigning, lobbying and certifying. We’re running research programmes that pave the way for change. And we’re inspiring millions of people to take their own step towards a sustainable future. Through …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: foodtech Non-profit Organizations

University of GenevaUniversity of Geneva

The Academy of Geneva was officially founded in 1559 by two eminent Reformers, Jean Calvin and Théodore de Bèze, and was then renamed University of Geneva (UNIGE) in 1873. For the last four and a half centuries, the Alma mater has attracted students and researchers to Geneva from all over the world. Composed of nine faculties, – Science, Medicine, Humanities, Economics and Management, Social Sciences, Law, Theology, Psychology and Educational Sciences, and Translation and Interpreting –, the UNIGE also boasts several interfaculty centres, and offers a programme in Environmental Studies. Located at the heart of international Geneva, the UNIGE has …

Type: Large company NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: deeptech Research Services

Blue like an Orange Sustainable CapitalBlue like an Orange Sustainable Capital

Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital seeks opportunities to lend to companies and projects that deliver both strong risk-adjusted returns and positive social impact in support of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital focuses on sustainable infrastructure, agribusiness, healthcare, education and access to finance. Investors in our firm and/or advisors in our advisory committee include Ray Chambers (former Chairman of Wesray Capital), Henri de Castries (former Chairman and CEO of AXA and Chairman Europe and Special Advisor of General Atlantic), Emmanuel Faber (Chairman and CEO of Danone), Paul Polman (former CEO of Unilever) and Alejandro …

Type: Incubators & VCs Partnership Activities: Financial Services


A courageous collective unleashing business to achieve our Global Goals IMAGINE is a for-benefit organisation that mobilises business leaders around tackling runaway climate change and global inequality. Founded by Paul Polman, Valerie Keller, Jeff Seabright and Kees Kruythoff, we help courageous c-suites transform their companies and use their powers for good. We build courageous collectives of CEOs to drive change across their industries. No incremental CSR here. We're about systems transformation, at speed.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: cleantech Civic and Social Organizations

Sycomore Asset ManagementSycomore Asset Management

Responsible Investment Company. We believe in Human Capital. Founded in 2001, Sycomore Asset Management is specialised in listed investments and driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to delivering long-term returns by identifying the levers enabling a company to generate sustainable value. Our expertise draws on a fieldwork approach and a proprietary corporate fundamental analysis model, which includes financial and extra-financial criteria. Our investment team focuses on assessing the overall performance of a company with respect to its stakeholders: shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, civil society and the environment. Since 2015, we have expanded our range of SRI funds …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: fintech Financial Services

Les Greniers d'AbondanceLes Greniers d'Abondance

[Automatic translation follows] Supporting territories in the transformation of their food system. 🌾 Les Greniers d'Abondance is an association whose objective is to study the vulnerability of current food systems in the face of future disturbances, and to reflect on means of action to cushion shocks. We want to raise awareness among citizens and elected officials about this issue, disseminate information and best practices, and participate in the construction of resilience policies.

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: foodtech Civic and Social Organizations


The future of audience engagement is now. We love the internet, and the colorful characters and interesting conversations that make up its diverse communities. Disqus exists to facilitate discussion and help publishers succeed in building loyal audiences on the open web. We reach more than 2 billion visitors every month, and our industry-leading audience development tools are used by over 4 million websites. Originally founded in 2007 by CEO Daniel Ha and CTO Jason Yan, Disqus is changing the way publishers and readers interact. comments, discussions, blogs, publishing, user interaction, customer engagement, content discovery, native advertising, advertising, engineering, software development, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech IT Services Software Development


[Automatic translation follows] Carpooling... Like taking the bus! Ecov deploys and operates carpooling lines for daily journeys. With 1.3 people per car on average, free seats are a major collective asset. At ecov, we have only one ambition: to make the car a form of public transport by co-constructing the first local public carpooling service. To do this, we provide communities and businesses with turnkey solutions for connected carpooling stops. Ecov is also a social and solidarity economy start-up, created in 2014 and approved as a Solidarity Company of Social Utility and recognized as a Young Innovative Company. carpooling, connected …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: transporttech Truck Transportation Technologies: IoT


Brut. is a global media company that creates short-form video content for audiences around the world. With offices on two continents, Brut. publishes content daily in three languages and across eight social platforms generating over 1,5B views a month.

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Online Audio and Video Media

planet A®planet A®

#AgricultureIsTheKey World initiative - #Planet_A #agriculture for a shared world #AgricultureIsTheKey Notre mission est de permettre la création d’un nouveau projet global, politique et sociétal. A la fois think et do tank, nous proposons de promouvoir les initiatives agricoles impactantes et de : - Décaler le regard de l’Agriculture pour décloisonner les approches et les acteurs, - Susciter l’engagement de toutes les parties prenantes, - Et étendre la fonction de l’Agriculture comme solution pour la société civile (filières, énergie, organisation politique…). Rejoindre planet A®, c’est devenir acteur de la solution et souhaiter réfléchir, questionner, produire et diffuser de la connaissance …

Type: Media Startup Nonprofit Activities: agritech cleantech greentech Farming

Conservation InternationalConservation International

Since 1987, we have been fighting to protect nature for people. Conservation International protects nature for the benefit of humanity. Through science, policy, fieldwork and finance, we spotlight and secure the most important places in nature for the climate, for biodiversity and for people. With offices in 30 countries and projects in more than 100 countries, Conservation International partners with governments, companies, civil society, Indigenous peoples and local communities to help people and nature thrive together. Our Vision: We imagine a healthy, prosperous world in which societies are forever committed to caring for and valuing nature, for the long-term benefit …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: cleantech greentech Non-profit Organizations

Stanley Center for Peace and SecurityStanley Center for Peace and Security

We partner with people and orgs to drive global progress on climate change, nuclear weapons and mass violence/atrocities The Stanley Center for Peace and Security partners with people, organizations, and the greater global community to drive policy progress in three issue areas—mitigating climate change, avoiding the use of nuclear weapons, and preventing mass violence and atrocities. On Twitter @StanleyConnect Global Governance, Multilateralism, Human Protection, Climate Change, Nuclear Security, and Peacebuilding

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: cleantech IT Services International Affairs

BL évolutionBL évolution

[Automatic translation follows] BL Evolution is the 1st solidarity company with CSR, SDG, Innovation, Energy, Climate and Biodiversity expertise. Advice and support in CSR and Sustainable Development strategy. Empowering your company is a long process based on a continuous improvement approach. Corporate Social Responsibility must become the true pillar of the company so that it can have a truly sustainable and relevant development, whether in economic, social or environmental terms. This continuous improvement approach can be represented by a cycle of progress, a real virtuous circle for the company and comprising 4 key stages: - The definition of a strategy …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: cleantech Consulting greentech Business Consulting and Services

Agora EnergiewendeAgora Energiewende

We develop scientifically sound, politically feasible ways to ensure the success of the energy transition. Agora Energiewende develops scientifically sound, politically feasible ways to ensure the success of the energy transition – in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. The organization works independently of economic and partisan interests. Its only commitment is to climate action. power sector, think tanks, energy transition, energy, electricity sector, climate change, flexibility, power grid, renewable energy, energy security, energy efficiency, industry, policy, germany, european union, france, latin america, south america, and asia

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: cleantech greentech Think Tanks

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and EnergyWuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

The Wuppertal Institute is a leading international think tank for sustainability research focused on impacts and practical application. Since it was founded in 1991, the Wuppertal Institute’s core mission has been to contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. One particular focus is on showcasing and actively helping to shape transformation processes for a climate-friendly and resource-efficient world. To this end, the work of the Institute’s scientists includes researching and developing practical guidelines and strategies to support business, politics and society – at a local level, in Germany, in Europe and all around the world. Climate, Changing Cities, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: cleantech greentech Research Services

Association Française pour les Nations UniesAssociation Française pour les Nations Unies

[Automatic translation follows] The French Association for the United Nations promotes UN values ​​in France and brings together friends of the AFNU. The French Association for the United Nations aims to promote its action in France and to federate its friends, in particular those from civil society, the political world, diplomacy, the media, research, the army and the company. Learn more The following four missions constitute the pillars of AFNU's action over the coming years: ​ Promoting the United Nations and multilateralism especially among younger generations Federate associations working in the field of the United Nations as well as diplomats, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: entertainment Research Services

PIK - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact ResearchPIK - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Advancing the scientific frontier and contributing solutions for a safe and just climate future. At PIK, researchers in the natural and social sciences from all over the world work closely together to study global change and its impacts on ecological, economic and social systems. Researchers examine the earth system's capacity for withstanding human interventions and devise strategies and options for a sustainable development of humankind and nature. Interdisciplinary and solution-oriented approaches are a distinctive characteristic of the institute. Climate Research, Science, Earth System Analysis, Climate Resilience, Planetary Boundaries, Transformation Pathways, Complexity Science, Climate Change, Tipping Points, Global Warming, Energy, Decarbonization, …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: cleantech greentech Research Services

La Voix du NordLa Voix du Nord

[Automatic translation follows] Together, write the New History of the North. With 24 editions in the Nord - Pas-de-Calais region, La Voix du Nord offers you, every day, all the regional and local news, continuously, on its website www.lavoixdunord.fr. Your journal can be viewed from your computer, tablet or smartphone 24/7. Also download our application, available on tablet, iPhone and Android. MEDIA, communication, and pqr

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: IT Services Newspaper Publishing

Evidence SantéEvidence Santé

[Automatic translation follows] The consulting & communication agency specializing in nutrition, health, food safety and the environment! Evidence Santé is a communication agency specializing in nutrition, health, food safety and the environment. > Idea generator 💡 > Trendsetter 🔎 > Health Message Maker 📝 💻 https://www.hl-network.com/ 🌐 https://twitter.com/AtlanticHealth Nutrition, Health, Environment, Communication, Consulting, and Food Safety

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: cleantech greentech healthtech Wellness and Fitness Services


[Automatic translation follows] From the awakening of the senses to the awakening of consciences CANOPSIA is an agency facilitating reconnection with nature offering #pasdecôté® whose DNA is sylvotherapy. Programs that aim to put nature at the heart of the challenges of the company and the management teams (leadership development, reflection on an eco-responsible business, preservation of the common good, health of the company's human capital, etc.) . Varied and personalized courses, individual or collective, which allow you to recharge the emotional, physical and mental batteries. A time of immersion in nature to better reconnect with oneself, the environment and others. …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: healthtech Wellness and Fitness Services


The world's platform for change. Change.org is the world’s largest tech platform for people-powered, social change. More than half a billion people across more than 196 countries use our technology-driven petition and campaign tools to speak up on issues they’re passionate about. Approximately 70,000 petitions are created and supported on our platform every month, with 1.7 million new people joining our global network of users every week. People on Change.org have powered tens of thousands of campaign victories worldwide, and more are winning every week. Every day, our users collaborate to organize on local, national and global issues; hold corporations …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: civictech martech Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] The support platform for healthcare professionals. Paid tele-expertise for the coordination of care. Interconnection of healthcare professionals at the service of patients www.postelo.fr e-health and teleexpertise

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: healthtech Software Development

European Economic and Social CommitteeEuropean Economic and Social Committee

We are the #EUCivilSociety assembly, giving a voice to NGO's, employers and worker's associations across the EU. We are a consultative body that represents Europe's socio-occupational interest groups and other civil society organisations and gives them a forum to express their points of view on EU issues. Our 326 members work on a wide range of issues, and their 'opinions' on EU laws and proposals advise the other insitutions, namely the European Parliament, Council and Commission. European Union, Advisory body of the European Union, Organised Civil Society, Energy & Transport, Information Society, Institutional Reform, Consumers, Social Affairs, Enterprises and Industry, …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Government Administration


[Automatic translation follows]

Type: Media Activities: Book and Periodical Publishing


[Automatic translation follows]

Type: SMB Activities: Consulting Business Consulting and Services

Institut de l'Elevage (idele)Institut de l'Elevage (idele)

[Automatic translation follows] Committed to meeting the needs of #CeuxQuiFont and their sectors Knowledge builder, for the competitiveness of herbivore farms and their sectors. The vocation of the Institut de l'Élevage is to improve the competitiveness of herbivore farms and their sectors. Its work provides technical solutions to cattle, sheep, goat and horse breeders and to economic players in the sectors. One of the challenges is also to provide answers to societal questions. A research and development body, the Livestock Institute is at the convergence of research and consulting The Institut de l'Élevage works in the following areas of expertise: …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: deeptech Ranching


[Automatic translation follows] A TV channel and a news site With its digital offer cnews.fr and its mobile applications, CNEWS is accessible all the time throughout the territory. This digital offer offers all the news in real time, an in-depth decryption of information with a resolutely visual, graphic approach that makes its use simple and intuitive.

Type: Media Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Media Production


[Automatic translation follows] We donate knowledge! With 3.9 billion euros in foundation capital and a total funding volume of around 150 million euros per year, the non-profit Volkswagen Foundation based in Hanover is the largest private science sponsor in Germany and one of the largest foundations in Europe. It was founded in 1961 by the Federal Republic of Germany and the state of Lower Saxony. Despite its name, it is not a corporate foundation, the foundation bodies are autonomous and independent in their decisions. impulses for science With around 100 employees, we promote science and technology in research and teaching. …

Type: Media Nonprofit Activities: Financial Services


[Automatic translation follows]

Type: SMB Activities: retail Retail

Look Sharp PRLook Sharp PR

[Automatic translation follows] Tailor-made press and public relations for transition actors Look Sharp is enriched by the encounter between different personalities. From skills and associated experiences emerges a common vision of the communication professions: proactive, relevant and committed. Look Sharp is a start-up with the experience of large agencies. Our approach is motivated by a desire to serve the interests of our clients through campaigns designed to bring them closer to their audiences. The agency is distinguished by its global approach based on the business objectives of its clients. From there, we provide our advice, and can go from content …

Type: SMB Self-Owned Activities: cleantech Consulting greentech Public Relations and Communications Services

Armateurs de FranceArmateurs de France

[Automatic translation follows] The professional organization of French transport and maritime services companies. Professional union whose aim is to defend the interests of member French shipowners. The different poles, economic, financial, marine expertise, legal, tax, social, communication, pool their skills and their energy in order to carry out the strategies of 2011. These are mainly the protection of the environment, the competitiveness economic benefits for shipowners, the social upgrading of the R.IF. and the overhaul of national maritime legislation. French maritime transport and services

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: greentech Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage


Pour une #science actrice d’un futur durable, le #partenariat scientifique équitable avec les pays en #développement IRD is a French public research institute working for the development of Southern countries, reporting to the Ministries responsible for research and overseas development. IRD is managing for more than sixty years research, consultancy and capacity building activities in Africa, the Mediterranean basin, Asia, Latin America and French overseas territories. IRD researchers address major development challenges regarding environment, sustainable development of living resources, social studies and health. https://youtu.be/MtuGHK6ogR0 🎬 http://lemag.ird.fr/frlUOL Research

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Research Services


[Automatic translation follows]

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Activities: Civic and Social Organizations

open landeopen lande

[Automatic translation follows] Support companies, organizations and territories in their ecological transformation #regeneration Repair the Earth Environment, Events, Ecology, Impact, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Training, Biodiversity, Climate, Seminars, Agroecology, Low Tech, consulting, innovation, inspiration, and carbon footprint

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: cleantech Environmental Services

Terre de LiensTerre de Liens

[Automatic translation follows] Together, let's grow farms! Preserving agricultural land, simplifying the journey of farmers looking to settle, and developing organic and peasant farming: these are the commitments that mobilize Terre de Liens all over France. This initiative is based on an innovative associative and civic dynamic that recreates the link between farmers and citizens: savings and donations from the public make it possible to acquire agricultural land and preserve farms through generations. These places are then offered for rent to farmers for production that promotes biodiversity and respect for the soil. Beyond that, Terre de Liens mobilizes public opinion …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: cleantech greentech Non-profit Organizations


[Automatic translation follows] Sustainable Development Resource Center Since 2001, the Resource Center for Sustainable Development (Cerdd) has been providing tools and supporting players in the region towards new models of society and encouraging them to contribute to economic, social and ecological transitions. Its action, geared primarily towards local decision-makers and relay actors, is available in different areas: > Sustainable development and transition management > New economic models and rev3 > Climate change and energy > Sustainable food and environmental health Modes of action > Approach SD and climate issues in a global way > Promote the decompartmentalization of actors > …

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Environmental Services

Agreenium Agreenium

French Alliance for Training and Research in Agriculture, Food, Environment and Global Heath Agreenium, the French Alliance for Training and Research in Agriculture, Food, Environment and Global Heath agriculture et forêts, alimentation, santé et bien-être animal, territoires et environnement, agro-écologie, agriculture numérique, enseignement supérieur et recherche agricoles, communauté agreenium, agreen U, climat, and santé publique

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Higher Education


[Automatic translation follows] Magazine online. News analysis and commentary site. Slate is a generalist online media that deals with subjects concerning France, culture, high-tech, the world of the Internet, international... You can also follow us on: facebook.com/slatefrance twitter.com/slateen instagram.com/SlateFrance Internet, France, Politics, Culture, Economy, Media, International, and Life

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Software Development


Le média podcast qui raconte le monde de demain. Binge Audio, le média podcast qui raconte le monde de demain. podcast, média, studio, and audio

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Online Audio and Video Media

La Lettre de L'ExpansionLa Lettre de L'Expansion

[Automatic translation follows] Exclusive and confidential: the benchmark for demanding decision-makers. A weekly from the WanSquare group. La Lettre de l'Expansion is a French weekly magazine, in the form of a confidential letter distributed every Monday morning to its subscribers. The journalists of La Lettre de l'Expansion produce 8 pages each week with often exclusive content, and always rich in value for all those who want to be the first informed of the ups and downs of the political and business world. In August 2018, Pierre Dumazeau became Editor-in-Chief of La Lettre de l'Expansion and the title was renewed with: …

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Writing and Editing

Lumo FranceLumo France

[Automatic translation follows] Mobilize your money in the service of the ecological emergency. French fintech founded in 2012, and integrated into the Societe Generale group in 2018, Lumo is the reference transactional platform for the financing of large-scale projects in response to the ecological emergency. It offers investment solutions to individuals and businesses to participate in the financing of projects with a positive impact. Since its creation, Lumo has brought together a community of 15,000 Lumonauts who have participated in more than 100 collections in France, for a total amount of 10 million euros. This commitment has enabled the production …

Type: Incubators & VCs Partnership Activities: Financial Services