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Fab City Foundation Fab City Foundation

We're taking cities from Product-In, Trash-Out to Data-In, Data-Out with the productive power of their citizens. Fab City started as a challenge for a city to produce (almost) everything it consumes. The provocation has grown into a global movement, which is facilitated by the Fab City Foundation, a Network of 41 cities and a Collective of experts. The Fab City Foundation supports the Fab City global initiative through the development of projects and educational programs that are focused on building the capacity of cities and their communities. Based in e-Estonia, the Foundation is location independent and supports distributed programs and …

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Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI)

Built a network of 64000 partners in 175 countries. #34 Top NGOs in the world. Completed our mission in December 2019. We did it! We created the Movement we had always hoped to create for the financial inclusion and financial education of young people. 70 countries have changed policies. 175 countries took part in Global Money Week in which over 40 million children and youth were reached, and 63,000 organizations have been involved. In ten short years we disrupted the financial ecoystem and created a new status quo, earning us a place as #34 in the top NGOs of the …

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Association québécoise des technologies Association québécoise des technologies

[Automatic translation follows] The essential business network for Quebec tech SMEs The Association québécoise des technologies (AQT) contributes, at the provincial level, to the promotion of innovative SMEs in the information and communications technologies (ICT) industry, as a sectoral representative. It supports CEOs and their management teams by providing them with a real toolbox for the development of their business. A non-profit, self-funded organization, the AQT today represents the largest ICT business network in Quebec with 500 member and affiliated companies, offering local and international networking opportunities, development, comparative analysis and sharing of experiences. . Real levers for success! Information …

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----Association for the Development of Research and Innovation of Quebec---- Accompany. Assemble. Transform. The Association for the Development of Research and Innovation of Quebec (ADRIQ) and its Technology and Innovation Consulting Network (RCTi) lead an ecosystem of companies and institutions dedicated to research and innovation. . It is a unique and influential grouping that fosters partnerships and collaborations to accelerate commercialization. The ADRIQ addresses the main concerns and conveys the opportunities for these research and innovation players in order to bring together favorable conditions conducive to their success. More information here: Juridique, Droit des agents de marque de commerce, …

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Open Law, le droit ouvert Open Law, le droit ouvert

[Automatic translation follows] Digital at the service of law, law at the service of digital Developed as part of the opening of French legal data, in partnership with DILA, the ETALAB mission, NUMA and the OPEN WORLD FORUM, the “Open Law, open law” association was launched in October 2014. On the occasion of the presentation of the DILA prize, in the presence of Mr. Thierry Mandon Secretary of State for State Reform and Simplification, to the Prime Minister, the community came together during various co-creation events. Successful and unprecedented, this collaboration between the public and private sector enabled the submission …

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Cercle Montesquieu Cercle Montesquieu

[Automatic translation follows] For a greater place for law in our society and our economy. The Cercle Montesquieu is an association which brings together major legal professionals in business (legal directors, general secretaries, etc.) whose main missions are to: - Promote the legal director and his position. - Promote professional and friendly exchanges between legal directors. - Be recognized as a reference point for business law. - Contribute to the training of tomorrow's legal directors. Follow the Cercle Montesquieu news! Legal Directors, Professional Network, and Corporate Law

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Congrès des notaires de France Congrès des notaires de France

[Automatic translation follows] Space for reflection and proposals for the notarial profession for 130 years. ASSOCIATION CONGRES NOTAIRES DE FRANCE, A NOTARIAL BODY AT THE SERVICE OF THE GENERAL INTEREST An institution whose purpose is to produce an annual legal reflection of general interest resulting from notarial practice, in daily contact with citizens. Each year, the concrete results of this research work are delivered to society in several forms: • A substantial, widely distributed work, which takes stock of the law applicable to the chosen theme, considered a mine of legal information on societal themes. • A series of proposals …

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Société d'Economie Politique et Sociale de Lyon (SEPL) Société d'Economie Politique et Sociale de Lyon (SEPL)

[Automatic translation follows] Institution of reflection created in 1866 for the economic and social development of the greater Lyon region. Agitator of ideas, think thank, lobby or circle of reflection, all these qualifiers characterize the activities of the Société d'Economie Politique et Sociale de Lyon (SEPL) which, for more than 150 years, has continually brought together major personalities from the economic, academic or political world, around major issues for local development.

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Société des Neurosciences Société des Neurosciences

[Automatic translation follows] Our mission: to promote the development of research in Neuroscience. Coordinator of #BrainWeek The Society of Neurosciences is a non-profit scientific association, governed by the law of 1901. Her goal is - to promote the development of research in all areas of neuroscience. - to encourage interactions between researchers from all backgrounds. - to contribute to the animation and development of scientific activity, the dissemination of scientific knowledge within the framework of education, the training of young researchers and public information. The Neuroscience Society supports young researchers by awarding them a certain number of Prizes. Every year, …

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Cédants et Repreneurs d'Affaires Cédants et Repreneurs d'Affaires

Agir pour le repreneuriat Management consultancy of merger and acquisition of small companies, advising buyer and seller, non profit organization with 70 offices all over France. Conferences, seminars, organizing bi-monthly working groups of potential buyers, assisting sellers in preparing the companies for divestment, selection of potential buyers according to the determined criteria. Transmission d'entreprise, Accompagnement dans la démarche de cession d'entreprise, Accompagnement dans la démarche de reprise d'entreprise, Repreneuriat, Mentoring, PME, and TPE

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Villes de France Villes de France

[Automatic translation follows] Pluralist association of elected officials that brings together #cities of 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants and their groups Villes de France is a pluralist association of elected officials which brings together towns with 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants and their groupings in the national territory, together which is the living environment for almost half of the French population (30 million inhabitants). ). Since 2022, Gil Avérous, mayor of Châteauroux, president of Châteauroux Métropole, has been president of Villes de France and Jean-François Debat, mayor of Bourg-en-Bresse, president of the CA of Grand Bourg Agglomération, is its deputy president. Local …

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Régions de France Régions de France

[Automatic translation follows] News from our 18 Regions and Territorial Communities, mainland and overseas Since 1998, Régions de France has brought together the Regions and regional authorities of mainland France and Overseas Territories. A network of influence made up of very high-level experts, Regions of France builds, nourishes, supports, disseminates and enriches the regional political project. Transpartisan, this project is that of a truly decentralized France serving our fellow citizens. It covers all regional policies in their 3 dimensions: development of human capital, economic and ecological dynamics, cohesion of local territories. Regions of France acts at national and European level …

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Real Estech Real Estech

[Automatic translation follows] Real Estech has several objectives but only one goal: To bring out real estate start-ups. At the crossroads of several disciplines, real estate has not yet experienced the great general disruption underway in other sectors. The current synergy of groups of innovators may well change this more quickly than we imagine.

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Notaires au Cœur des Familles Notaires au Cœur des Familles

[Automatic translation follows] Protect your loved ones with the advice of a notary expert in family law. The national network of notaries specializing in family law. Our objective: to make family law accessible to as many people as possible while continuing to strengthen our expertise family, notary, notaries, real estate, and law

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Les Scop Grand Est Les Scop Grand Est

[Automatic translation follows] #GoodInMyScop The Union Régionale des SCOP Grand Est has a rich experience of nearly 40 years in the creation and monitoring of cooperative enterprises. The members of our team are recognized as true multidisciplinary experts to support all types of cooperative projects. Beyond the accompaniment, we network the cooperatives of the territory, making possible the creation of a synergy and the sharing of experiences between them. Business creation, Business transfer to employees, Business takeover by employees, Business transformation, Legal expertise, Financial tools, Employee training, Social economy, Advice, Cooperative, SCOP, and SCIC

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J'aime les Startups J'aime les Startups

[Automatic translation follows] Discover the best of French startups and tips for setting up your company! Why “”? Passionate about creation, business and entrepreneurship, we opened this site in January 2012 to promote startups in France and promote exchanges between project leaders, potential investors and all connoisseurs who can express themselves freely here. . Analyze everything, dissect everything, from the business model to CSS. As it should be, we will talk here about everything that makes up the life of a startup: the initial idea and the business model, innovation and creativity, benchmarks and the development plan, but also the …

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IMA - Innovation Makers Alliance IMA - Innovation Makers Alliance

[Automatic translation follows] French Group of Innovation Departments, Independent of Suppliers The Innovation Makers Alliance is the first French grouping of Innovation Departments of large groups, ETIs, and French administrations. The IMA helps accelerate innovative projects and bring together collective intelligence in favor of Technological Innovation. Created in June 2015, the IMA brings together more than 7,300 strategic and operational managers of technological and digital innovation (Innovation Officers, CDOs, Business Departments, DSI/CTOs/CIOs, R&D Departments) from more than 105 Major Groups and Administrations , to unite and develop innovative initiatives. IMA subjects are Emerging Technologies and Emerging Uses (Artificial Intelligence, Metavers/VR/AR/MR, …

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Handicap_fr Handicap_fr

[Automatic translation follows], information and services, from disability to autonomy! Our engagement: - Inform all people affected by the disability - Promote the employment of disabled people through its digital fairs and its employment section. - Contribute to the full recognition of people with disabilities as citizens The site was opened on September 2, 2002. Disability, Technical Assistance, Employment, Information, Diversity, and Autonomy

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Grand Est Numérique Grand Est Numérique

[Automatic translation follows] Gather, reflect, promote, develop, connect The association Grand Est Numérique (GEN) is a non-profit association (law 1908) created on January 24, 2013 by 12 entrepreneurs. In 2017, more than 200 members (entrepreneurs, executives, employees, students, companies, associations, communities) had already joined them, as well as several permanent employees. Our action covers the Grand Est region (Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine) and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our head office is located in Metz. Missions: speak with one voice, have an entity representative of the sector to promote and encourage the acceleration of the digital ecosystem, and be active with …

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Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild

Head and Neck Expertise. Created in 1905 in the 19th district of Paris, the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation Hospital is a private health institution of collective interest (ESPIC) specialized in all pathologies of the head and neck for adults and children. This university hospital offers excellent care at a conventional rate (non-profit) and treats nearly 300,000 patients every year. Providing the continuum of care, research and training, the Rothschild Foundation Hospital pilots 125 clinical research studies each year, publishes nearly 300 scientific articles and trains nearly 700 students. The services of the Rothschild Foundation Hospital regularly appear at the top …

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Fondation Valentin Haüy Fondation Valentin Haüy

[Automatic translation follows] All entrepreneurs of a better future for the visually impaired! A foundation created in 2012 by the Valentin Haüy Association, its objective is to raise funds from patrons and philanthropists to contribute to its mission towards the blind and visually impaired. Recognized as being of public utility by decree of the Ministry of the Interior dated July 27, 2012, Valentin Haüy - Foundation serving the blind and visually impaired has been active since January 1, 2013. It is authorized to receive donations and legacies. It is also a Foundation that houses foundations and endowment funds related to …

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ANEM - Association Nationale des Elus de la Montagne ANEM - Association Nationale des Elus de la Montagne

[Automatic translation follows] The National Association of Mountain Elected Officials brings together elected officials from all levels of local authority (mayors, community, departmental, regional councilors, deputies and senators) with mountain areas on their territory. It defends economic, social, cultural, environmental and legal interests through legislative and regulatory provisions. It leads to a permanent dialogue with public authorities to take into consideration the specificity of the mountain.

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[Automatic translation follows] The AFJE, French Association of Corporate Lawyers, is the professional organization of corporate lawyers in France. Its flagship mission for more than 50 years has been the promotion of the profession of corporate lawyer and legal departments. With more than 7,000 members, the AFJE counts in its network more than 2% of 28% of corporate lawyers in France. Join the AFJE network!

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Association des Petites Villes de France Association des Petites Villes de France

[Automatic translation follows] Raising the voice of small town mayors The Association of Small Towns of France has brought together small towns of 2,500 to 25,000 inhabitants since 1990, to promote their specific role in regional planning. Today it has nearly 1,200 members, present in all departments of mainland France and overseas.

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Association des maires de France et des présidents d'intercommunalité Association des maires de France et des présidents d'intercommunalité

[Automatic translation follows] The AMF stands alongside mayors and intercommunal presidents to respect local freedoms. A force of proposal and representation Created in 1907, recognized as being of public utility since 1933, the AMF works alongside mayors and intercommunity presidents, respecting the values ​​and principles that have prevailed since its creation: defense of local freedoms, concrete support and permanent to elected officials in daily management, loyal but demanding partnership with the State to always better preserve the interests of communities and their groups. Nearly 35,000 mayors and presidents of EPCI are now members. Strong legitimacy The history of the AMF …

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ACE - Avocats, Ensemble ACE - Avocats, Ensemble

[Automatic translation follows] Defend our profession & undertake our destiny! Created in 1992, the Association of Business Lawyers represents the entire French business bar, bringing together business consulting firms of all sizes, French and international. With its technical commissions operating in all areas of law, its international section and its young lawyers section (ACE-JA), the ACE has elected representatives in all institutions and technical organizations representative of the profession (Conseil national bars, orders, CARPA, etc.). She was thus able to promote her innovative ideas, effectively contributing to forging the modern legal profession and preparing for its future. The ACE has …

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Assemblée des Départements de France Assemblée des Départements de France

[Automatic translation follows] Created in 1946, the Assembly of the Departments of France (ADF) is a pluralist association which brings together the Presidents of the 102 member communities, including 95 Departments and 7 local authorities with departmental powers. The ADF fulfills five major missions: ‣represent the Departments to national and European public authorities; ‣constitute a resource center for the Departments; ‣offer a place for the exchange of experiences and good practices for elected officials and departmental technicians; ‣be a place for the confrontation of ideas and the development of common positions on major national issues; ‣valorize the role and action …

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Intercommunalités de France Intercommunalités de France

Intercommunalités de France est la fédération nationale des élus de l'intercommunalité "Intercommunalités de France" is a national association of local authorities created in 1989. AdCF represents 1000 groupings of territorial authorities, including 235 metropolitean and urban areas. These groupings of local authorities gather 80% of the French population. "Intercommunalités de France" is their spokesman with national public authorities (French Government and Parliament) and contributes to the debates on French territorial organization and exercise of the decentralized public policies : spatial planning, economic development, housing, public transport and mobilities, waste management... Collectivités locales, Politiques publiques, Urbanisme, Finances locales, Développement économique territorial, …

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Association des Maires Ruraux de France - AMRF Association des Maires Ruraux de France - AMRF

[Automatic translation follows] The Association of Rural Mayors of France brings together, informs and represents the mayors of municipalities with less than 3,500 inhabitants throughout France. The AMRF is committed on a daily basis at the local and national level to defend and promote the specific issues of rurality. Created in 1971, the AMRF brings together nearly 10,000 rural mayors, grouped in a friendly and supportive network of departmental associations, in complete independence from the authorities and political parties. Its motto: “Mayors serving mayors”. In just a few years, the AMRF has established itself as the specific representative of the …

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Alsace Digitale Alsace Digitale

[Automatic translation follows] Alsace Digitale is an association under local law which aims to facilitate the emergence of innovative projects in the field of the digital economy in the Alsace region. It tends to promote the coworking of freelancers, entrepreneurs, artistic platforms, alternative places, competitiveness clusters, innovation support structures, specialized research laboratories, schools and universities. Our values: openness, transparency, ethics, European, sharing, participation, involvement. The association deploys its activity within La Plage Digitale, a Tiers Lieu open to all: small businesses, auto-entrepreneurs, designers, graphic designers, artists, etc., can benefit from a space to work and associated common services.

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Agefiph Agefiph

[Automatic translation follows] Open employment to people with disabilities At the service of people with disabilities and private companies, Agefiph's mission is to promote the integration, maintenance and professional development of people with disabilities in private sector companies. Agefiph is the preferred contact for all private companies, whatever their size, wishing to develop a policy of openness to disabilities. We support their actions aimed at recruiting, maintaining and developing people with disabilities. > Agefiph informs, advises and supports companies > Agefiph facilitates the development of cooperation >Agefiph provides financial aid and services > Agefiph raises awareness, fights against prejudice and …

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[Automatic translation follows] Acting together for responsible growth. MEDEF is the leading network of entrepreneurs in France. It defends and promotes companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity. A privileged interlocutor of decision-makers and public authorities In complete transparency, MEDEF conducts permanent lobbying action with all decision-makers at local, regional, national and European level, in order to make the business point of view heard and lighten its fiscal and regulatory burden: reform of business tax, apprenticeship, the transfer of business, mutual agreement… An essential partner in social dialogue Authorized by law to negotiate on behalf of all …

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[Automatic translation follows] The Social and Solidarity Economy, an economy that makes sense The Regional Chamber of the Social and Solidarity Economy (CRESS) is a representative and transversal association which aims to bring together the actors of the social and solidarity economy of the Grand Est Region: associations, cooperatives, mutual societies, foundations , social enterprises. The CRESS's missions are to represent the ESS to public authorities and private partners, to promote and develop the ESS, to support projects and to train volunteer association leaders. or ESS, associations, solidarity, cooperatives, mutuals, economic development, foundations, democracy, and cooperation

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inovallée inovallée

[Automatic translation follows] Grenoble Alpes Technopole inovallée is a technology park with 380 companies and 12,000 jobs, a center of excellence in digital technologies, located in the municipalities of Meylan and Montbonnot, near Grenoble. Led by an association of business leaders at the service of business leaders, inovallée supports its leaders on a daily basis to develop their activity and create jobs in its territory. With more than 25 services for companies and employees, more than 200 professional events organized each year, and two incubators that host around thirty start-ups, inovallée is a key player in the Grenoble innovation community. …

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[Automatic translation follows] Let's make sense of the economy At the service of the territory since 1998, GAIA aims to support and give the means to act to those who carry out initiatives in favor of a local and meaningful economy in Isère. We offer complete and personalized solutions for individual projects, socially useful, innovative collective projects and territorial projects: financing, support, training, connection and territorial cooperation. Our association relies on a team of 16 employees and more than 70 volunteers. The Association: - represents the France Active and Initiative France networks - carries the local support system - carries …

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french proptech french proptech

[Automatic translation follows] The movement of French Proptech startups The French PropTech is a movement that brings together tech and innovation players who seek to reinvent the city, a city centered on people and uses. A city where it is good to live, work and play. A city where you feel “good”. Our conviction is that digital technology will make it possible to imagine a city by and for users while meeting the challenges of an ever more complex city: vertical development / constant change in uses / heterogeneous communities / environmental impacts. Yes, the innovations represented within French Proptech …

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IEFP - La finance pour tous IEFP - La finance pour tous

[Automatic translation follows] The educational site on money and finance The site is published by the Institute for Public Financial Education (IEFP), a general interest association, eligible for sponsorship and approved by the Ministry of National Education. The IEFP was created to help everyone acquire the basic knowledge necessary to: • Feel more comfortable with financial matters; • Understand the economic challenges of the world in which we live; • Make decisions that concern us with full knowledge of the facts. Our goals As part of its educational and informative vocation, the Institute has set itself four priorities: • …

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Lab OuiSharexChronos Lab OuiSharexChronos

[Automatic translation follows] Exploring New Urban & Amp;Community Lifestyles.Support cities & amp;#Territoires in their service innovation approaches.#Masn #Millelieux #capnum #Datacity

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Le Club des juristes Le Club des juristes

[Automatic translation follows] First French legal think tank. A living and particularly changing matter, the law is omnipresent in political, economic and social debate. Created in 2007, the Club des juristes is an independent forum for debates and legal proposals. It brings together professionals from various backgrounds around the law. Magistrates, lawyers, notaries, professors and company representatives, together carry out a prospective reflection on the most salient legal problems. The leading French legal think tank, the Club des juristes was formed around two major objectives: - Encourage legal debate and innovate - Strengthen the place of law in public debate …

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La French Tech Clermont Auvergne La French Tech Clermont Auvergne

La French Tech Clermont Auvergne is an association of entrepreneurs, organizations and local government bodies who support entrepreneurship & innovation. The association leads La French Tech initiative launched by the French State, on the Auvergne region. Its main missions are to: - Federate and animate the entire entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem within the territory; - Develop the necessary tools for the growth of startups and scaleups, and support them in their growth phase; - Develop the local and international visibility of young businesses of the territory.

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Greenpeace Greenpeace

Global campaigning network with 25 independent national/regional entities, and a coordinating entity, GP International. Greenpeace is comprised of 25 independent national/regional organisations in over 55 countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, as well as a co-ordinating body, Greenpeace International. We work directly with communities on the frontlines as they protect the environments they call home. Greenpeace is an equal opportunity employer with a longstanding commitment of providing a work environment that respects the dignity and worth of each individual. We recognise and value the benefits and strengths that diversity brings to our employees and the whole …

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