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    Solvent-free tank lining, Emergency rescue and Safety Cover, Industrial Rope Access, Weld and Joint Seam Monitoring

    Abfad Limited, established in 1996, are experts at providing solutions to industry problems. Based in the North East of England, we develop innovative solutions to the challenges faced by companies.

    Abfad provide services in several areas:

    IRATA approved rope access services such as inspection, repair/maintenance, blasting and coating, along with many other rope access services. Abfad Ltd supply rope access personnel with the ability to perform work to the required specification. Abfad’s safety supervisors are trained to the highest standards and will ensure risk assessments and method statements are provided and implemented for all work tasks.

    Emergency rescue and safety cover for other people working at height or within confined spaces, tunnels, tanks or silos.

    Magnetic positioning aid for stability on ropes whilst performing required tasks such as blasting, spraying, welding, inspection. Abfad’s Magnet System also has a great number of applications in a wide range of industries outside of rope access.

    Solvent free single skin tank lining to provide an internal single skin within the storage tank which encapsulates the steel and prevents corrosion taking place within the tank.

    Fuelavc® double skin tank lining system with class 1 vacuum pressure leak detection monitoring for above and below ground tanks of any size. Fuelvac® provides two levels of protection in storage tanks, it protects the steel from corrosion due to the protective solvent free coatings and the unique nature of the vacuum system, and also provides 24/7 leak detection monitoring of the tank.

    PIPEVAC® pipeline protection protects from external corrosion as pipework is held in a vacuum, thereby preventing the conditions in which corrosion can occur. PIPEVAC® also allows for complete monitoring of the pipeline and easy locating should a problem occur.

    IRATA approved rope access services, Solvent free double skin tank lining with vacuum leak detection, Emergency rescue and safety cover, Solvent free single skin tank lining, Pipeline corrosion prevention and monitoring systems, and Magnetic Positioning Systems

  • Rope access specialists, solvent-free tank lining, double skin tank lining

    Solvent-free tank lining, Fuelvac solvent-free double skin tank lining system. IRATA approved rope access services. Pipevac pipeline protection system providing corrosion monitored pipelines. Magnet System for rope access specialists to aid in positioning on difficult locations and whilst performing mechanical work.

  • https://www.abfad.co.uk/
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