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[Automatic translation follows] The free legal monitoring site by Lextenso. Follow all the news from a legal perspective! is the free legal monitoring site from the Lextenso editorial staff. Follow all the legal news in civil, administrative, tax, constitutional, real estate law... The reference site for lawyers, jurists and notaries.

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Construction21 - France Construction21 - France

[Automatic translation follows] The information and meeting network for professionals in the sustainable construction and city sector The first European portal for construction and sustainable development professionals, Construction 21 is an open collaborative platform, available to French players to make their know-how and actions visible in France and Europe. This tool of general interest thus contributes to the dissemination of best practices in construction and sustainable development. Funded by the European Union and actively supported by France GBC, Construction21 is available in 7 languages ​​(French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Lithuanian and Romanian). All concerned!!! Whether you are Architects, Project Owners, …

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[Automatic translation follows] Consultor is an online information site, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The strategy consulting media read by 100,000 students, consultants and clients each month: news, surveys, job offers, preparation for interviews... strategy consulting, consulting, management consulting, and Journalism

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Petit Web Petit Web

[Automatic translation follows] Monday's digitally inspired shot. Petit Web publishes a newsletter (La Lettre de Petit Web) associated with an information site on interactive marketing which voluntarily only appears once a week. We could have enriched ourselves by starting daily, but we are saturated with information and we think that the 45,000 professionals who receive the newsletter are like us. A key word: practical, unique, internationally open and impertinent information. Petit Club is a professional meeting club dedicated to interactive marketing. Choice of topics, speakers, preparation: here again, we want our members not to waste their time. Petit Club is …

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BFM Business BFM Business

[Automatic translation follows] First economic and financial information channel in France. BFM Business TV is the leading economic and financial news channel in France. It is distinguished by programming centered on the search for expertise. Programs on economic news have established themselves as economic news events. “Good Morning Business” for example, offers on its guest set the latest innovations, editorials and information on underlying trends. BFM Business TV is also available live on our website as well as on an application dedicated to it. Tech, Stock Market, Economy, Real Estate, Business, Automobile, and High-Tech

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Le Figaro Le Figaro

[Automatic translation follows] The culture of freedom since 1826. Le Figaro, the culture of freedom since 1826, 1st general daily newspaper and 1st most consulted information site in France. With an audience of more than 9 million unique visitors (source: Médiamétrie/NetRatings), the site is characterized by the quality and depth of its content, the result of the complementarity between its paper editorial (daily and magazines) and its web editorial; by its Internet 2.0 uses and the importance of video which has become a central element of the content offering. also bases its development on the synergies built with the …

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L'Express L'Express

[Automatic translation follows] On the good side of information L'Express has been a leading media brand since 1953: a weekly, a website, applications, podcasts, newsletters... and soon masterclasses, events and other projects! The L'Express Group is today an editorial team of more than 70 journalists, guarantors of reliable and quality information as well as a rapidly growing team of digital experts, serving new modes of consumption of the information. Express Studio is the Group's commercial entity which, with its partners, creates innovative communications solutions to reach senior executives and opinion leaders. Alain Weill, founder of the NextRadioTV Group (RMC, BFM …

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Le Connecteur Le Connecteur

[Automatic translation follows] The media of innovation that highlights the people of Auvergne who are shaping our future! 💡 Le Connector is an association acting for the development and promotion of Auvergne initiatives. Its ambition is twofold: - Inspire: show what is possible, show that entrepreneurship is accessible, - Pollinate: decompartmentalize, encourage exchanges. Innovation, Territory, Events, Media, Brand content, Open Innovation, and Connection

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Business Immo Business Immo

[Automatic translation follows] France's premier real estate information and database portal Business Immo. Business Immo is an information group dedicated to professionals in the real estate industry. Expertise, exclusivity, transparency: With more than 20 years of experience and nearly 99,000 articles on its site, Business Immo delivers ever more exclusive information to its subscribers, also a guarantee of market transparency. Business Immo has been part of CoStar Group since April 2022. CoStar has been the trusted partner of all players in the real estate industry including brokers, owners, and institutional investors for 37 years thanks to information, analytics and marketplaces. …

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Finance Mag Finance Mag

[Automatic translation follows] The media for those who shape the finance of tomorrow. Enlighten | Decode | Embody | Federate The world of finance is transforming, professionals need specialized monitoring to keep themselves informed. The technological, regulatory and social changes in the sector must be deciphered and embodied by experts. Finance Mag captures trends, detects innovations and analyzes market prospects. The floor is given to experts who are working to transform the world of finance. Finance Mag relies on the strength of its contributors, partners and journalists to offer its readers accessible, relevant, innovative information available in several formats: - …

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La Tribune La Tribune

[Automatic translation follows] Share the economy. Associating the expertise of a historical title to the agility of digital, the Tribune has operated for several years its transformation, deploying at the heart of the uses of its audience: website, digital daily, mobile applications, social networks, butAlso a field presence to animate its audience via the organization of 80 events per year.Its territorial anchor makes the tribune the economic media of metropolises with editions in regions and Africa with the African gallery, fueling an editorial line focused on the real economy (innovation, digital, territories ...) and enhance thecompanies that boost their ecosystem.

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Societe.Tech Societe.Tech

[Automatic translation follows] News #Startups #Entrepreneurs #SaaS Software Societe.Tech is an online media dedicated to news about startups, entrepreneurs, and SaaS software / Cloud applications. We publish: - Annuaire-Startups.Pro: database of more than 50,000 French Tech startups - Software.Pro: compare more than 10,000 SaaS software for businesses & professionals - post all your job offers for free #IT #Digital #Digital Startup news, Startup directory, Web job offers, Web training, SaaS software comparison, and SaaS software news

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Financial Times Financial Times

About the Financial Times The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business news organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. The FT has a record paying readership of one million, three-quarters of which are digital subscriptions. It is part of Nikkei Inc., which provides a broad range of information, news and services for the global business community. Learn more about the FT, including announcements and career opportunities, at Subscribe at One of the world’s leading business news organisations

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Startup Info is the leading entrepreneurs and innovation magazine devoted to shed light on the booming startup ecosystem is the first collaborative magazine dedicated to the promotion of startups with more than 200 000 unique visitors per month. We also organise competitions and application calls that have already attracted 12000+ startups from 58 countries and more than 150 000 online public votes. OUR OBJECTIVES : ● Put major business groups in contact with startups necessary for their transformation via application calls ● Make startups known to the innovative startup ecosystem, journalists, investors and early adopters Our website : …

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L'Atelier BNP Paribas L'Atelier BNP Paribas

#immersive #foresight at the intersection of technological and societal change. L'Atelier BNP Paribas - Making sense of tomorrow, today ( We are a foresight company. We identify future market opportunities and challenges in digital and virtual domains through research, analysis, and exploratory fiction. Our work considers the challenges and opportunities that will emerge when new technology transforms society. We explore the space where the real and virtual environments converge. We are part of BNP Paribas Group. Prospective, Influence, Open Innovation, Foresight, Research, and Virtual Economy

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Village des Notaires et des Experts du patrimoine Village des Notaires et des Experts du patrimoine

[Automatic translation follows] Reference site for information and exchange on legal engineering and wealth management subjects For more than 10 years, LEGI TEAM, a key media player for legal professionals ( has published the site and the Journal du Village des Notaires. Since the creation of the Notaries Village, we have pursued two objectives: observing and leading the community of notarial professions and their partners and participating in the dissemination of legal culture, by offering reliable and accessible information. The range of legal and heritage engineering services is growing every day; we follow its evolution. In 2022, the Notaries …

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Lextenso Notaire Lextenso Notaire

[Automatic translation follows] Follow all the news dedicated to notaries! Lextenso supports notary professionals with the magazines Defrénois, Flash, the Tax Guide, works, training and legal services (legal notices & legal formalities)

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[Automatic translation follows] Essential legal magazine, Law & Patrimoine offers cross-disciplinary and expert treatment of property law. Essential legal magazine, Law & Patrimoine offers a cross-disciplinary and expert treatment of property law while taking an interest in the latest news from the various players in this sector: Interprofessional news seen from the side of heritage advice players A substantive case handled in a multidisciplinary manner Practical studies, assembly and consultations Case law and legislative news deciphered by the best experts It deals with all matters having an impact on assets and enabling their optimization (taxation, inheritance and matrimonial regimes, real …

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Les Affaires Les Affaires

[Automatic translation follows] Business mobilizes the business community, connects it and helps it grow. Welcome to the LinkedIn page of Lesaffaires! Les Affairs is the only media to contribute to the business, professional and financial success of anyone doing business in Quebec or who is closely interested in it, by offering the best business journalism, new platforms to facilitate business development , and practical content for management and personal finances. Lesaffaires, a property of TC Media, produces the newspaper Lesaffaires and its website, Événements Lesaffaires as well as the personal finance magazine Lesaffaires Plus. Read and follow us here: …

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Le Petit Juriste Le Petit Juriste

[Automatic translation follows] Le Petit Juriste invites you to the Forum des Carrières Juridiques, the great job fair for legal professionals, on Thursday March 28, 2024 at the Carrousel du Louvre! The Legal Careers Forum is organized by Décideurs Juridiques and Le Monde du Droit in partnership with the Paris Bar, the AFJE and the Cercle Montesquieu. law, student, university, tax, public, private, and social

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LegalNews LegalNews

[Automatic translation follows] The monitoring service for legal professionals LegalNews is a Ficade Group company. LegalNews offers the following services: - Monitoring services with the publication of 8 legal news reference portals intended for: - Lawyers, - Corporate and community/administration lawyers, - Notaries, - Accountants, - Administrators and legal representatives... - Tailor-made services to meet specific needs: - Production of content according to specific requests, - Integration of news information flows within our clients' internet portals, - Generation of HTML or PDF newsletters with the graphic charter of clients (groups, associations, federations, unions, etc.), - Emailing newsletters to members (monitoring …

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Village de la Justice Village de la Justice

[Automatic translation follows] The 1st media for the legal professions - Subscribe to this page to follow our news! 1st site for the legal community: Lawyers, jurists, tax specialists, notaries, paralegals... find news, monitoring, services, career information and recruitment there. 1,600,000 readers on average per month! (2023 figures)

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Le Monde du Droit Le Monde du Droit

[Automatic translation follows] The legal professions magazine Updated daily, Le Monde du Droit is the preferred magazine for legal decision-makers. Exclusive interviews, decryptions from the best specialists, all the latest news from companies, firms and institutions, as well as complete legal monitoring in different legal themes. Many services are also offered: directory of business lawyers, section partnerships (display your expertise on Le Monde du Droit), creation of TV shows broadcast on 4Change (Interviews, talkshows, columns, etc.), promotion of your different actions (deals, appointments, studies, organization of events, publication of contributions, awards, creation of your firm, etc.) law, lawyers, business, business, …

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Décideurs Magazine Décideurs Magazine

[Automatic translation follows] News from players in the business world Decision Makers Magazine. Analyze, decide, transform. Media, Strategy, Finance, Law, Business, Innovation, Human Resources, Business, Lawyers, and Decision Makers

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Netokracija Netokracija

Balkan’s leading digital media company covering stories about startups, digital marketing and technology. Netokracija is Balkan’s leading digital media company for startups, digital marketing and technology folks, providing insightful content to its strong online community. With offices in both Zagreb and Belgrade, the company has worked with numerous clients in financial, telco, FMCG, tourism and health industry. Running brands/conferences such as Ladies of New Business, OMGcommerce and #DigitalnaKarijera while providing its readers with the latest news in digital industries. Blogging, Live blogging, Technology journalism, Covering events, Video production, Content creation, and Organizing conferences

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EU-Startups EU-Startups is the leading online magazine about startups in Europe. Also check out our annual EU-Startups Summit! Menlo Media is the parent company of, the leading online publication about startups in Europe. In addition, Menlo Media organizes the annual EU-Startups Summit and focuses on and related projects.

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Ouest-France Ouest-France

[Automatic translation follows] 🗞Ouest-France, 1st French daily newspaper! Every day, more than 600,000 copies in Normandy, Brittany & Pays de la Loire OUEST-FRANCE Company Founder of the Editorial Committee François Régis Hutin Chairman of the Board Louis Échelard - Publication Director Association status: Since the extraordinary general meeting of April 9, 1990, S.A. Ouest-France has depended on a non-profit association under the 1901 law, the “Association for the Support of the Principles of Humanist Democracy”, chaired by Jacques Duquesne. Implementation: 58 editorial offices in the 14 departments in Brittany, Lower Normandy and Pays de la Loire, as well as in …

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Le journal du Grand Paris Le journal du Grand Paris

[Automatic translation follows] The media for planning, mobility, the economy, institutions and employment in Ile-de-France The newspaper of Greater Paris and Ile-de-France, Businesses – Territories – Innovation – Decarbonation, independent media for economic monitoring of businesses in Ile-de-France. The media for businesses, economic development, innovation and planning in the Ile-de-France region. Analysis of the challenges of the Greater Paris metropolis: transport, housing, public markets, construction, etc. Independent media, business intelligence, and Greater Paris planning

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Education, Community, and Tools to help startups launch faster. is the world's largest startup platform. We help over one million startup companies find customers, funding, mentors, and world-class education. Our platform is a family of five products:, Clarity, Fundable, Launchrock, and Zirtual. Education, Mentors, Funding, Customers, Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Marketing, and Launch

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France FinTech France FinTech

[Automatic translation follows] The professional association of French fintech, insurtech and regtech. Since its creation in 2015, France FinTech has been able to bring together French entrepreneurs in the sector and stakeholders to build a dynamic and efficient ecosystem. A leading player, France FinTech is the only initiative to speak out for innovative finance entrepreneurs. A true standard bearer of a talented French team, France FinTech has been able to build a real brand, a guarantee of excellence, expertise and the expression of innovation. France FinTech wants to be open to any initiative to support the fintech sector in France …

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FoodTech Dijon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté FoodTech Dijon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

[Automatic translation follows] Promote and support the emergence and development of innovative solutions from farm to fork. Major challenges today concern food. How to help people eat better is a real problem, as is knowing how to feed the population in 2050. Thus, the FoodTech network aims to promote food based on the triptych of pleasure, responsibility and accessibility. For us, digital technology, new technologies and, more broadly, innovation are remarkable ways of moving towards this vision by contributing to the agricultural and food transitions, and the evolution of practices. Our mission: to promote and support the emergence and development …

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Le Journal des Entreprises Le Journal des Entreprises

[Automatic translation follows] The regional economy The Business Journal is... - the first national network of regional economic newspapers, present in the heart of major French economic metropolises with editions spread across 9 regions - daily newsletters - special issues and company rankings - B2B events with Le Journal des Entreprises - Events: Subscription contact Azur number: 0810 500 301 Managing Director, Publication Director: Bruno Dussourt Editorial director: Philippe Flamand Sales and Development Director: Valérie Asti Strategy and diversification director: Emmanuelle Bouron 🔔 If you don't want to miss any of the posts on this page, follow us! Print …

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Virgin Virgin

At Virgin, we’re all about creating unique customer experiences, challenging the status quo and championing people and the planet. For five decades, in five business sectors and on five continents, our purpose is to change business for good. The home of Virgin is Virgin Management – supporting the Branson family and the growth of the Virgin brand by developing and nurturing valuable Virgin businesses around the world. Virgin Management works alongside all the different Virgin companies and their teams around the world. We have interests spanning travel & leisure, health & wellness, music & entertainment, telecoms & media, financial services …

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Crunchbase Crunchbase

Find and close deals with all-in-one prospecting solutions powered by the leader in private-company data. Crunchbase is the leading provider of private-company prospecting and research solutions. 75 million users—including salespeople, entrepreneurs, investors, and market researchers—use Crunchbase to prospect for new business opportunities. And companies all over the world rely on us to power their applications, making over 6 billion calls to our API each year.

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[Automatic translation follows] The M6 ​​Group has been patiently built through a succession of great stories... The major asset of the M6 ​​Group: transversality. Innovation, boldness and proximity remain the keys to its strategy and, consequently, to its success. Created in 1987 around the M6 ​​channel, the Métropole Télévision Group has become over the years a powerful multimedia group, offering a wide range of programs, products and services available on the most diverse media: television, Internet, mobile telephone. .. The second commercial channel on the market, M6's offering is complemented by W9, the leading DTT channel, and recently 6ter, "television …

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Groupe TF1 Groupe TF1

[Automatic translation follows] Welcome to a world of content The TF1 group is a global player in the production, editing and distribution of content. Through its content, its ambition is to inspire society positively. The TF1 group organizes its activities in several additional poles: • The Broadcast pole with 5 clear channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Films series, LCI), 4 thematic channels (Ushuaia TV, TV history, Breizh TV, Club series), 2 content platforms on demand (MyTF1, Tfou max), and the TF1 advertising. • The production center with Newen, which brings together 9 studios in France and internationally. • The digital …

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Maddyness Maddyness

[Automatic translation follows] Launched almost a decade ago, today Maddyness is the go-to magazine for entrepreneurs, startups and innovators. Bringing together more than 1,000,000 monthly readers, Maddyness has become the reference in the startup ecosystem since 2012. 💡 Maddyness is essential for players in finance, media, new technologies and innovation in France. Want to know more ? Join the favorite media of French entrepreneurs 🔥 Startup, Support, Finance, Foresight, Innovation, Business, Startups, Technologies, Digital Economy, IoT, FoodTech, Magazine, FrenchTech, AssurTech, FinTech, LegalTech, Entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurship

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Wydden Wydden

Formation Marketing Digital & Growth pour les Entrepreneurs. 🚀 Wydden (ex 10001startups) est un centre de formation au marketing digital. À travers nos contenus et nos formations, nous accompagnons les entrepreneurs et l’ensemble des organisations à mieux comprendre et innover dans un environnement en pleine transformation digitale. Wydden (Clydes SAS) est un organisme de formation référencé DATADOCK sous le numéro 763409165 34 start-up, entrepreneuriat, formation, and growth marketing

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La French Tech La French Tech

La French Tech désigne tous les acteurs de l’écosystème de start-up françaises, soutenu par la Mission French Tech. 🇫🇷 La French Tech est la marque déployée par l’Etat français qui représente l’écosystème de 25 000 start-up français et de tous les acteurs qui gravitent autour (fonds d’investissement, associations, acteurs publiques, etc.), soutenu par la Mission French Tech (administration rattachée à la Direction Générale des Entreprises, au sein du ministère de l’Economie, des Finances et de la Souveraineté industrielle et numérique). Elle a pour mission d’accompagner le développement de l’écosystème French Tech, mouvement français des start-up technologiques innovantes, dans la lignée …

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Vivendi Vivendi

Vivendi brings together an exceptional array of talent in any form of artistic expression and industry professionals providing creative and emotionally-engaging entertainment to audiences around the globe. We work closely together to foster culture in all its diversity. We help to share knowledge and actively defend the values of equality and inclusion through all our activities. We make a meaningful difference to brands. Vivendi is home to some of the most prestigious brands in television and cinema, communication, publishing, magazines, videogames, live entertainment and distribution platforms.

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SiliconVelay SiliconVelay

Une marque cofondée par Samuel Chardon & Jean-Michel Brunet. Une marque cofondée par Samuel Chardon & Jean-Michel Brunet. marketing territorial and communication digitale

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