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A leading online marketplace for extraordinary design. 1stDibs is a leading online marketplace for connecting design lovers with highly coveted sellers and makers of vintage, antique and contemporary furniture, home décor, art, jewelry, watches and fashion. Online Marketplace, Vintage and Antique, New and Custom, Ecommerce, Home Furnishings, Fine Art, Fine Jewelry, Home Decor, Watches, Vintage Fashion, Estate Jewelry, Interior Design Trade, and Architecture Trade

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: e-commerce Technology, Information and Internet


Information is power - if you have the right tools. Alexa's suite of intuitive analytics products transforms data into meaningful insights that lead to competitive advantage for your company. At Alexa, we focus exclusively on delivering the richest and most meaningful analytics tools for our customers. Our obsession is to empower customers through compelling and actionable insights that drive measurable results for their business. At Alexa, we believe strongly in substance over style, which means you can count on getting the exact insights you need without having to navigate through extraneous content to get the information you need right now. …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet


Evolving recruitment using AI, blockchain, enhanced feedback and financial incentives Job.com is reinventing recruitment for companies and candidates. We are in the midst of the New Recruitment revolution with decentralization and transparency at the forefront of our movement. Built on the blockchain and powered by smart contracts, Job.com is disrupting a 20-year-old industry by slashing costs for employers, rewarding candidates who get hired. How? This is where it gets fun. Instead of paying the industry average hiring fee of 20%, our employers pay just 7% of a candidate's annual salary. And guess where 5 of those 7% go? To the …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: HRtech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency A.I. - Others


[Automatic translation follows] Audible.fr, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a company with a start-up sensibility where writers, publishers, developers and marketers collaborate to promote digital emulation. We are the premier provider of audiobooks and related works - from spoken word and comedy to audio editions of magazine and newspaper articles. Our employees come from all over the world: UK, USA, Germany, France, New Zealand, South Africa. Audible's greatest asset is its commitment to advancing digital, advancing customer experiences, and hiring talented people from all walks of life to join our cause. audiobook, audiobook, download, e-commerce

Type: Media Public Company Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


Students are our priority! eCampus.com is a premier online retailer of new, used and electronic textbooks for sale or rent, study materials and book buyback services. The website launched on July 2nd, 1999, the birthday of an original investor of the company, Dave Thomas of Wendy’s and pioneered selling used textbooks online. Unlike other dot-com companies at the time, eCampus.com’s executive team brought with them invaluable experience in their industry. The company has repeatedly found success in their ability to be agile and innovative adapting to the ever-changing market. eCampus.com’s mission is to set online bookstore industry standards for savings, …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: fintech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: New Materials


Moz offers robust data, accessible training and easy-to-use tools to help SEOs. Join us at MozCon: www.moz.com/mozcon Marketing Analytics Software for SEO, Links, and Brand • A Vibrant Online Marketing Community • Resources for Learning Inbound Marketing Moz develops inbound marketing software, provides robust APIs for link data, and hosts the web's most vibrant community of online marketers. Here at Moz, we believe in better marketing: optimizing your site so it can be found on the web, being responsive through social media, joining relevant conversations about your industry, and creating content that people love. We build tools like Moz Pro …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet


Shaping Europe's digital future The IONIQ Group is an internationally active platform-builder with the mission of shaping Europe’s digital future. In pursuing this goal, IONIQ has proceeded industry by industry: in 2011, IONIQ started with the data and advertising market, building internationally successful companies like Zeotap in the process. From 2014 on, IONIQ developed Europe’s leading fintech platform, finleap. Since 2017, IONIQ is driving the digitalization of healthcare with its digital health platform Heartbeat Labs. To date, IONIQ Group has built more than 20 companies with over 1,200 employees in more than 10 locations globally. IONIQ Group was founded in …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet


Grow your business through customer happiness | UX, Customer-Centricity, Customer Experience Optimisation AGConsult is a Belgium-based company of web usability experts and information architects. We improve the conversion and usability of your website or intranet based on user research and facts. Corporate clients include: Yoast, Suzuki, Toyota Material Handling, Telenet, TUI Belgium, Daikin Europe, Bridgestone, Microsoft, Sony, Atlas Copco... Non profit and government clients include: Red Cross, Flemish Government, European University Institute, Infrax, Belgium Federal Government, King Baudouin Foundation, ... Usability, Information architecture, User research, Gebruikersonderzoek, Informatiearchitectuur, Website strategy, Website strategie, Conversion Optimisation, Customer Experience Optimisation, and Customer-Centricity

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech uxtech Technology, Information and Internet

Infostud grupaInfostud grupa

We lead 10 internet businesses dealing with automobiles, employment, real estate and insurance. Infostud Group is one of the major internet companies in Serbia. We lead nine internet businesses dealing with automobiles, education, employment, real estate and insurance. Infostud sites www.poslovi.infostud.com and www.polovniautomobili.com are leaders on the employment and automobiles markets. Our head office is in Subotica and we have two branch offices in Belgrade. Minority shareholder of Infostud Group is Alma Media from Finland. In addition to our efforts for strengthening our Group, the economic development of Serbia is very important to us. That is why we organize many …

Type: Incubators & VCs Partnership Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


Innovative cloud-based platform built for high performance capital raising. DealMaker is transforming the capital markets; dubbed the “Shopify of the Capital Markets”, they are an unapologetically ambitious Canadian startup, who in 4 short years has taken major market share in the US, powering leading-edge companies manage large, digital capital raises. By allowing companies to raise from their communities and customers, Dealmaker is disrupting the private equity markets and democratizing access to capital. With DealMaker, an issuer has the ability to embed an invest now button directly into their website and marketing materials - unlocking capacity and access to data through …

Type: Incubators & VCs Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

AfterCollege, Inc.AfterCollege, Inc.

Discover entry-level jobs and internships AfterCollege is an online professional platform that connects college grads, faculty, alumni and employers through customized career networks at colleges and professional associations. AfterCollege powers the largest number of career networks on the internet, using its patented process to deliver thousands of exclusive opportunities to students and alumni. Its proprietary platform and job distribution technology translate into relevant job content for job seekers and significant savings in cost per hire for employers. AfterCollege’s unique approach is patented under U.S. Patent Number 7,213,019. college students, alumni, gen y, recruiting, advertising, career, networking, and research

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: HRtech Technology, Information and Internet


AddThis is the leading provider of behavioral audience data and website marketing tools. We help brands build more authentic customer relationships through insight, activation and personalization products powered by the AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform. AddThis Ai processes the real-time interest and intent data from 1.9B monthly uniques across 15M global domains. Our extraordinary reach, combined with world-class data science and seamless integration across the marketing ecosystem, gives marketers and advertisers unprecedented transparency into target audiences and enhances their ability to deliver effective personalized experiences across paid and owned media. AddThis is currently ranked #1 in the US by comScore …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Data Analytics A.I. - Others


Joomla makes your digital vision a reality Joomla, The CMS Trusted By Millions for their Websites Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Joomla is the mobile-ready and user-friendly way to build your website. Choose from thousands of features and designs. Joomla is free and open source. Joomla is an open source project and is freely available to anyone. Our mission is to provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration. content management system, open source, web application, joomla framework, and mobile websites

Type: SMB Nonprofit Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet


Boost engagement & conversions with AI-driven website personalization Reactful leveraging powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help companies engage and convert customers on the web in real time. Website visitors leave a trail of digital body language. Reactful’s AI monitors these gestures, swipes, scrolls, and clicks in real-time to determine whether they’re engaged, confused or hesitant. Reactful then immediately responds with personalized notifications, guidance, and other visual elements to match their behavior. What’s more, Reactful is built to better understand visitor intention over time and automatically provide recommendations to improve website performance. All of this is possible without …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: A.I. - Machine Learning RPA


[Automatic translation follows] The professional social network of the Corsican community! To create human links and generate opportunities Communiti is the professional network of the Corsican community. We connect Corsica to its Diaspora with two main strategic objectives in mind: - give young Corsican students the opportunity to connect to the Diaspora and find international internships or student exchanges. - allow members of the network to find jobs in Corsica and to apply with a single click. This new way of cooperating leads to building bridges between local public institutions, associations and businesses. #Collective #Intelligence #Open #Innovation Our ecosystem: 1) …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Data Analytics


[Automatic translation follows] The market place connected to your local merchants and craftsmen. Commerces de France was born: - from the need to support local retail players in winning over their audiences; - the desire to promote the sales of those who contribute to the very dynamism of towns and villages in France; - the desire to provide a quality of service to an active, mobile and hyper-connected clientele; - the desire to be as close as possible to vulnerable people to facilitate the exercise of their right to consumption; - the desire to be united, committed and responsible, as …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

Clerc & NetClerc & Net

[Automatic translation follows] Web design and solutions in Montélimar WEB DESIGN and WEB DEVELOPMENT: DESIGN AND REALIZATION OF INTERNET SITES Located in Montélimar in the Drôme, we specialize in consulting and creating websites and projects related to NTIC Mission Our approach is based on a quality charter which guarantees you an effective, optimized and long-lasting tool for your communication on the Internet. Simple and neat graphics, refined and optimized programming, adapted referencing, hosting and domain names reserved for the sake of transparency. Your website will be a quality work tool. Website Design, Website Development, Website Hosting, Website Design, Web Design, …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Thanks to a simple and intuitive platform, you manage and securely share your resources with your elected peers from small and medium-sized towns in France, you face major challenges in managing your public service mission: • On time where public finances are strained, the needs for local services are only increasing • “Dispossessing” pooling schemes do not, in your view, represent the future of local public service • You are at the head of a fleet of equipment and sometimes underutilized real estate; and you also have expensive external rental needs • Understaffed agents, lack of reliable …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Partnership Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] The Norman digital agency specializing in sport & agri-food. Digital agency created in 2005 composed of a multidisciplinary and complementary team. Understanding the need is responding with the right solution. From assistance in drafting your specifications to post-production support, CINS offers a wide range of important services. CINS is positioned in particular in the sports business (for 14 years) and the food industry for which it has developed significant skills, expertise and experience. For these businesses, we support our clients in their global digital transformation. Website design, Hosting, Graphic charter, Visual identity, SEO, E-Mailing, LED animation, social …

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Data Analytics


[Automatic translation follows] Chambé-Carnet is a non-profit association under the 1901 law. Its purpose is to organize meetings and web conferences in Savoie on a principle of networking (networking, exchange of ideas and contacts between participants) The objective of Chambé-Carnet is to promote the web in Savoie , to make our two departments dynamic, innovative and innovative territories in the digital field. We want to bring together web players, to allow them to meet, discuss, … We seek to connect resources and skills, offer web players the opportunity to work and innovate together. It is also a matter of making …

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

CESP (Centre d'Etude des Supports de Publicité)CESP (Centre d'Etude des Supports de Publicité)

[Automatic translation follows] Audit - Certification - Consulting The CESP (Center for the Study of Advertising Supports) is the interprofessional organization of advertising players involved in the study of media audiences: advertisers, agencies and the media. A veritable laboratory of ideas and exchanges, the CESP, at the service of its members and with their support, audits and certifies audience studies and media research. The CESP also positions itself as a consulting organization and brings its expertise to many works related to the media and the development of new techniques and tools, in France and internationally. Audit, Media Audience Research, and …

Type: Media Nonprofit Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

Brioude InternetBrioude Internet

[Automatic translation follows] Work with a friendly & passionate team to gain visibility, increase your contacts and boost your turnover 🚀 "Results now and for a long time"! WebMarketing Agency: SEO , SEA since 1998. * Leader in France in SEO * More than 800 clients * 40 people We own tools to evaluate website , keywords positions We are in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Brioude referencing, paid referencing, smo , analytics, e-commerce, online advertising, internet, adwords, seo, sea, mobile web, natural referencing, web marketing, digital marketing, social media, social networks, and web

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] French leader in the private sale of DIY 🛠, gardening 🌱 and home improvement 🛋 👉 www.bricoprive.com The greatest DIY stories start on Brico Privé. Created in 2012 in Toulouse by Julien Boué and Marc Leverger, Bricoprive.com is the first site specializing in home improvement (brico, car, garden, house). In just 8 years of activity, there are more than 10 million members registered on the site and no less than 160 employees. Members of Brico Privé, seasoned do-it-yourselfers and project-builders benefit from reductions of up to -80% on the biggest brands (Bosch Professional, Einhell, Grohe, etc.). Would …

Type: Event Partnership Activities: e-commerce Marketplace Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Tech, Pop culture and tips, since 2006. High Tech, Geek culture and Video Games, since 2006. MEDIA, TECH, and VIDEO GAMES

Type: Media Partnership Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Your digital innovation agency - Today is already tomorrow! The Awelty website creation company based in Amiens, presents its news and its know-how in website creation, referencing, communication, DTP design, web design/CSS and web development. We also present our website publishing activity (AgendaCulturel.fr, wuro and e-monsite.com), as well as our references in website creation and DTP design (flyers, brochures, posters, etc.). website creation

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

Atelier EdisonAtelier Edison

[Automatic translation follows] Web agency in Vichy: creation of websites and online communication solutions. L'Atelier Edison is a web agency located in Vichy. She is specialized in communication around the web, and more particularly on: the creation of websites, e-commerce, e-marketing, referencing and custom development. When we talk about Thomas Edison, we immediately find ourselves immersed in a universe of creativity and imagination. As part of this line, Atelier Edison wishes to put its love and know-how of the web at your service. Based on the latest technological innovations, its craftsmen make digital pieces that will make your communication unique, …

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Ascomedia is a web agency specializing in the design and development of web solutions (websites, medical devices, web applications, etc.), mainly in the field of health. We carry out your tailor-made projects thanks to the skills of our team of developers, graphic designers and integrators. Website, Medical Devices, Web Applications, Business Solutions, E-health Projects, SEO / SEO, and Web Hosting

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet

asb digitalasb digital

[Automatic translation follows] Let's build and develop the digital strategy and the levers necessary for your business development ASB-DIGITAL is a team of digital experts at the service of your business development in Lyon. We support our clients in the creation and management of their digital strategy. Website, e-commerce, intra/extranet, natural referencing, adwords referencing campaign, display and social network strategy, we develop the levers of your business development. We are THE local partner of our customers, VSEs-SMEs, start-ups and ETIs. We stand out from the market by our desire to create a solid support with all our customers by setting …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: e-commerce IT Services Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] The ARDTA., commonly called the Agency of the Territories of Auvergne, has the mission of welcoming new populations on the Auvergne territory. Auvergnelife is the brand under which all its services are offered. Auvergnelife is not just a name, but also and above all a team ready to support all those who wish to change their lives and settle in Auvergne! Discover our website http://www.auvergnelife.tv welcome and support

Type: Public Government Agency Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] appiway is a one-of-a-kind startup studio. Based at Euratechnologies, we support ambitious project leaders, from their idea to product/market fit. Passion for the profession is our raison d'être, our DNA... Geek, experienced, hyper-connected, each member of the appiway team is a specialist in their field. Our track record speaks for itself: Visiotalent, Ouistock, Dejbox, Anybuddy, Heroes Jobs, etc. We have, and continue to support many talented entrepreneurs to give them every chance to propel their startup.

Type: Incubators & VCs Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

Anthemis - Netcomm DevAnthemis - Netcomm Dev

[Automatic translation follows] Web agency at the service of professionals, webmarketing Lyon - Bron web agency specializing in the design of internet projects of all kinds: - Merchant website, Marketplace or simple presentation of activity - Group extranet - Development of mobile apps Webmarketing support in order to allow the development of your notoriety, your visibility (SEO, Adwords, emailing campaigns, social network...). Website creation, Merchant website creation, Extranet development, Webmarketing, Internet hosting, Emailing, Mobile app, and Mobile application development

Type: SMB Self-Owned Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet

Alpes Actu ConseilAlpes Actu Conseil

[Automatic translation follows] The best of technology for you. Alpes Actu Conseil web agency in Thonon since 1995. Alpes Actu Conseil web agency in Thonon, exists since 1995. To date, we have carried out several hundred web projects all very different from each other. At Alpes Actu Conseil, we have implemented a very specific working methodology to respond effectively and quickly to your request. Technologies, know-how and practices are constantly changing, but we have always known how to take these developments into account, to give our customers a head start on the competition. digital communication, web, communication, and digital strategies

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet

Al-Kanz (Hidaya Group)Al-Kanz (Hidaya Group)

[Automatic translation follows] Halal is not a commodity Al-Kanz is a professional blog whose vocation is to meet the information needs of a new generation of consumers, on a growing niche and whose prospects are gigantic: the Muslim consumers. The editorial line revolves around three criteria: - ethics in terms of consumption: that dictated by the canons of halal - entrepreneurial spirit: act without waiting for everything to fall from the sky, undertake to innovate and meet the new needs of Muslims, create wealth to bring to maturity a community that suffers primarily from its complexes and outdated conceptions - …

Type: Media Self-Employed Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

Agence web Annecy - Agence digitale MDNAgence web Annecy - Agence digitale MDN

[Automatic translation follows] MDN, Web agency specialized in website creation, e-commerce, web development and webmarketing in Annecy! Maison du Net is a web agency, located in Annecy in Haute-Savoie, specializing in web marketing and the creation of websites. ⛰️ For more than 15 years we have been supporting our customers by offering them: - Tailor-made websites - E-commerce sites - Web marketing - Mobile applications - Domain name hosting and management - Business applications and intranet We help you with your digital strategy and improve your visibility on the internet to create a digital experience that reflects your image. 📝 …

Type: SMB Partnership Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet

Agence Pan !Agence Pan !

[Automatic translation follows] Audacity intravenously. Otherwise we also create websites and digital strategies. Created in 2011, Pan! is an interactive agency that designs websites with a strong personality and digital strategies, for all small and very large companies. Its employees are all passionate and are part of the digital generation. 9 people*, 28 years old on average, the agency hasn't stopped growing since its creation. Bang ! it is a strong brand image. Based in Strasbourg 1h30 from Paris, our achievements have allowed us to work on national projects. Bang ! it is experimentation, audacity, clearing the ground, recognized know-how. …

Type: Media Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

Agence GDAAgence GDA

[Automatic translation follows] Web agency specializing in construction for 17 years. Hosting, website creation, webmarketing, SEO... Cimb@t is a web agency specializing in building trades. An effective website is the combination of various services that we provide: - prior professional reflection - faultless technical implementation - graphics adapted to your image - disconcertingly easy back-offices - efficient referencing on keywords - successful webmarketing launches And always, the unfailing availability of a dedicated team. Webmarketing, SEO, Social Networks, website creation, e-commerce, and web development

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet

AFUP NantesAFUP Nantes

Type: SMB Nonprofit Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Adosis, your digital agency at the gates of Lyon and Beaujolais, supports you in setting up, monitoring and running attractive, robust and long-lasting websites. Experts in eBusiness, we offer you our Simple, Efficient and Scalable e-commerce solution based on OpenSource tools: Osmose. Drawing on our experience, we also offer tailor-made WebMarketing services to boost your presence on the Internet. REFERENCES ----------- Showcase sites: EuroSono, Groupe Pige, Luance Online sales: LesFacteurs, Aquilair, Bullessence, CLFLabo, Nobilis... Mini-sites: Atari/Infogrames, Codemasters (Colin Mac Rae , Toca Race Driver 2-3, Club Football, Roger Lemerre...), Digital Bros (PalacepourChiens, Cooking Mama 3...) WebMarketing: Accor …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet

Axess AdcomAxess Adcom

[Automatic translation follows] Digital marketing consulting agency that supports brands in the deployment of their digital performance 🚀 Adcom is a digital marketing consulting agency, it supports companies in the definition and implementation of impactful and efficient strategies for their business. Adcom is an agency of the AXESS group Adcom joined the Axess group in July 2021. Axess is a business-oriented digital company, a player in the digital transformation of companies and administrations. The Group is present in the areas of software publishing, cloud computing and digital infrastructure management, value-added services and consulting. Natural referencing, Mediaplanning, Analytics & Data, Market …

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] The site of all the news of the imagination! Actusf.com is a news site on imaginary literature that has existed since March 2000. Every day we offer news, files and interviews on the worlds of science fiction, fantasy and fantasy. Also find thousands of conferences to listen to online and our podcast It's more than SF, hosted by Lloyd Chéry. We have two other literary news websites, Bepolar.fr (on thrillers) and Mespremiereslectures.fr (on children's literature), as well as the Emaginaire digital bookstore. Actusf is also a paper and digital publishing house (Editions Actusf).

Type: Media Partnership Activities: Technology, Information and Internet

321founded - Corporate Venture Builder321founded - Corporate Venture Builder

We are entrepreneurs building game-changing businesses with major companies. 321founded is a Corporates Ventures Builder. We build new ventures. With major corporations. From idea to awesome execution.

Type: Incubators & VCs Privately Held Activities: Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Games

E-nov CampusE-nov Campus

Type: Incubators & VCs Activities: Technology, Information and Internet


[Automatic translation follows] Webiaprod is a digital agency for consulting, website creation, applications and SEO. Webiaprod is a digital agency for consulting, website creation, applications and referencing. With a UX / UI pole & dedicated Webdesign. website, application, webmarketing, seo, sea, smo, design, ux, ui, wordpress, prestashop, and symphony

Type: SMB Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet


High performance social media & digital consulting firm helping organizations create successful online experiences. Welcome to a new way to build digitally interactive businesses like never before. Welcome to Iffort, a high performance social media and digital consulting firm helping entrepreneurs & business units to create successful online experiences. - By heart and by action :) socialmedia, web, internet, internetmarketing, cms, social media marketing, enterprise 2.0, web2.0 development, and research

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Data Analytics


Zefo (www.gozefo.com) is an eCommerce platform committed to giving buyers and sellers an absolutely hassle free used goods shopping experience. Unlike most options out there, you can sell on Zefo within minutes and get cash upfront for your products. As a buyer, you get a transparent eCommerce experience at incredible value for your money. We are a young team working on creating trust and convenience in a highly inefficient market. We have raised over USD $6M from Tier 1 investors including Sequoia Capital, Helion Ventures and Beenext. Check us out at www.gozefo.com!

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: e-commerce fintech Technology, Information and Internet


World's Largest Event Discovery & Promotion Platform! 10times is the world's largest aggregator of business events. Tradeshows or Conferences, you name an event and we have it listed. Browse events, roam around and go crazy @10times. We drive massive B2B traffic from across the globe on this single freakishly amazing platform. We are a team of young, innovative and crazy individuals aiming to revolutionize the event industry! We speed up visitor registrations & stall bookings for the Organizers & give them access to 3mn+ monthly users on our unique platform. Started in January 2014, we are in the process of …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: martech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: RPA


We are building the next generation crypto platform to connect the world with the future of finance. Trodl is the next-generation crypto platform connecting the world with the future of finance. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cryptocurrency News, Bitcoin News, Ethereum News, Coin Market Capitalization, XRP News, and Cryptocurrency Performance Analysis

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: fintech Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

Urban LadderUrban Ladder

India's leading furniture and home decor destination. Recognized as Great Place to Work-Certified™. CREATING A NEW STORY In 2012, we started Urban Ladder with a vision - to make a million homes beautiful. Back then, our catalogue featured just 35 designs, but to our customers they signified infinite possibilities. The same table, the same chair was used completely differently by different people. This told us something. People like their homes to be unique. Today, we realise we’re here not just to sell well-designed products. We’re here to help you create spaces that mirror who you are. Our new brand identity …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: e-commerce Technology, Information and Internet Technologies: IoT

Hapramp StudioHapramp Studio

Building the future of the creator economy, GoSocial.io We started Hapramp in 2018 with a mission to empower creators. We believe if we build solutions that enable people to take control of their data, earn a fair fraction from its monetary value, and make a living off their passion -- it’ll change the lives of billions. Currently, we are focused on building GoSocial. And we are looking for engineers, problem solvers, and creators to get along with us on this journey. Around the Internet: Twitter: https://twitter.com/hapramp AngelList: https://angel.co/hapramp Blog: https://medium.com/hapramp CrunchBase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/hapramp F6S: https://www.f6s.com/hapramp Contact: hi@hapramp.com Hapramp Studio Pvt. Ltd. …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: IT Services Technology, Information and Internet


Enabling eCommerce stores to build world class mobile app with integrated features to attract more customers. Powering mCommerce for your brands, Appmaker builds beautiful, native Android & iOS mobile apps with zero coding. With 1000+ happy customers spread across 35 countries, Appmaker helps you boost your conversion and stands out from the competition. Appmaker helps businesses build loyal customers, reduce cart abandonment, increase customer engagement, and skyrocket sales. Top-notch features: Native Android & iOS mobile apps Gripping push notifications Real Time synchronization Insightful app analytics Deep linking Specialties: For WooCommerce Mobile App - https://appmaker.xyz/woocommerce For WordPress Mobile App - https://appmaker.xyz/wordpress …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: e-commerce IT Services Technology, Information and Internet