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Mactac EuropeMactac Europe

Do Your Magic! For fifty years, Mactac has built upon its reputation as a performance-driven innovator in the pressure sensitive industry. Mactac's roots can be traced back to the 1940s, when an entrepreneur by the name of Burt Morgan began manufacturing medical and masking tapes. Over the next decade, he began embracing a boarder vision. He teamed up with Greg Bemis, Sr., head of the Minneapolis-based Bemis Bag Company, to partner on a new pressure sensitive venture. with Bemis'​ faith and financial backing, Morgan Adhesive Company was officially incorporated in January of 1959. Mactac was born. The European plant was …

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Virox Technologies Inc.Virox Technologies Inc.

Our mission is to equip the entire spectrum of global markets that are concerned with infection control with state-of-the-art antimicrobial technology in the war against germs. Our company is dedicated to the development, optimization, and adaptation of a fundamentally new approach to this challenge. An approach which has been validated and endorsed by the scientific community and which has been adopted by the market leaders in a broad range of industries. We believe that there is no longer the need to compromise on efficacy, personal safety or environmental integrity. By harnessing the cleaning and disinfecting powers of our formulas, Virox …

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Life ScientificLife Scientific

Pioneers in generic crop protection, offering real choice to farmers. At Life Scientific, we specialise in the development and registration of generic (‘off-patent) crop protection products. Together with our partner InVivo, France’s largest co-op group, we are continuously expanding our R&D pipeline to support our global growth. Our goal is to give our customers better options to meet their plant protection needs. We can do this by being first to market with an off-patent alternative, or by designing innovative versions of current off-patents. Our goal is to be the most successful innovator of crop protection products ever. Everything we do …

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Blendwell ChemicalsBlendwell Chemicals

Superior cleaning products that you can trust. We are registered and approved and offer great value for money. Blendwell Chemicals is a cleaning chemical manufacturer. We have been making cleaning products for over 20 years and have diversified our products to include HACCP compliant (food safe) cleaning products as well as eco-friendly chemicals. Our factory is ISO 9001 approved and Halaal. We offer a large range of cleaning product. We also offers services to support resellers which include training and product branding. Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer, Toll/ Private Label Manufacturer, HACCP Cleaning Chemicals, and Green Cleaning Products

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Air Liquide Italia Produzione S.r.l.Air Liquide Italia Produzione S.r.l.

[Automatic translation follows] World leader in gases, technologies and services for industry

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Welcome to the Post Pollution Future It’s not a debate. There’s no two sides. A post-pollution world is inevitable. Humans will either be part of it, or the planet will go on without us. In other words, it’s defossilize or die. But where others see a dire choice, LanzaTech sees a trillion-dollar opportunity. The good news is after 15 years, north of a thousand patents, and millions of hours of pioneering scientific inquiry, LanzaTech has invented a technology big enough to meet the moment. One that transforms pollution into profit, and ensures that humans continue to prosper far into the …

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Carnot PolyNatCarnot PolyNat

[Automatic translation follows] Innovate with companies for the bio-based materials of tomorrow Eight Grenoble research centers are involved in the “PolyNat” Carnot institute dedicated to the eco-production of high-performance and innovative bio-based materials. PolyNat is interested in the development and development of functional materials with high added value, either "hybrid" (partly derived from fossil and natural resources), or entirely "biosourced", taking advantage of the self-assembly of elementary bricks constituting plant matter (glycopolymers, nanocrystals, cellulosic fibres), at micro- and nanometric scales. Biobased polymers, Chemistry, Eco-design, Functional materials, Nano- and micro-scopic scales, Self-assembly of glycopolymers, Nano-organization of glycopolymers, Cellulose nanocrystals and Microfibrils, …

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Axyntis GroupAxyntis Group

[Automatic translation follows] Active for your Synthesis An intermediate-size fine chemicals company, the Axyntis group preserves and develops, in five industrial territories, unique human, technical and technological resources that contribute to the defense of French industrial sovereignty in strategic sectors such as of health. The Axyntis group is: 5 listed factories (Seveso) located in 5 industrial regions/territories, 450 permanent employees; A vocation as a leader through its industrial capacities located in France: 700 m3 of reaction volumes; The development and production of active molecules for global and innovative partners

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Privately Held Activities: Chemical Manufacturing Technologies: Digital Synthetic Biology/CRISPR

Aromalyse - Chemistry Analysis ExpertAromalyse - Chemistry Analysis Expert

[Automatic translation follows] Your problem is our technical challenge! Aromalyse is a tailor-made service laboratory in analytical chemistry. Our mission? Investigate and solve ever more technical problems of our customers thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly qualified chemists. Our team always pushes back the limits of chemistry to allow you to develop products adapted to the expectations of your consumers and to control their quality. Your problem is our technical challenge! Find us on our website: www.aromalyse.com Or contact us: contact@aromalyse.com - 03 80 48 24 80 Analytical skills, Hygiene, safety, environment, Laboratory skills, Tailor-made analyses, Quality …

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ACTIVATION conjuguer Chimie et Technologies pour réduire l'empreinte environnementale des procédésACTIVATION conjuguer Chimie et Technologies pour réduire l'empreinte environnementale des procédés

[Automatic translation follows] Service company created in 2003 specializing in R&D of innovative synthesis processes by catalysis and continuous flow ACTIVATION is a company specializing in the research and development of innovative reaction conditions in fine chemistry. We innovate for the performance and sustainability of your processes in three areas: new reactions, new technologies and renewable raw materials (biosourced).

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Sumi Agro Europe LimitedSumi Agro Europe Limited

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Innovative materials for a sustainable world. Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema designs materials to address the ever-growing demand for innovative and sustainable materials, driven by the challenges of new energies, new technologies, the depletion of resources, mobility, and increasing urbanization. High performance materials, Industrial specialties, and Coating solutions

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Hydrogen Powder Power - for off-grid applications and long-term storage. Hydrogen Powder Power - zero emission Electriq Fuel is inert, safe, energy efficient, easy to transport, recyclable and with superior energy density

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Hexigone InhibitorsHexigone Inhibitors

Sustainable, smart and highly effective corrosion inhibitors. Hexigone Inhibitors manufactures ‘chemically intelligent’ corrosion inhibitors. Intelli-ion® AX1 completely replaces or co-blends with heavy metal, phosphate and toxic chromates with cost-effect, high performance, sustainable anti-corrosive additives. The corrosion inhibiting technology – Intelli-ion – protects in a unique way by using intelligent micro reservoirs that make the coatings responsive to the environment, triggering the release of the inhibitor ‘on demand.’ Intell-ion is also offered as a drop in replacement to current formulations – making it an economically sound chrome-free alternative, both in the manufacturing process and by protecting end products for longer. corrosion …

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LCC [Liverpool ChiroChem]LCC [Liverpool ChiroChem]

Bring new compounds to market faster, better, and easier. Liverpool ChiroChem is an international, chemical technology innovator, on a mission to accelerate the discovery and development of high-quality drugs. LCC was established in Liverpool, United Kingdom, in June 2014. The company has developed a suite of synthetic methodologies that have been used to produce thousands of novel, multifunctional 3D fragments/scaffolds/BB’s to support NCE discovery & development (e.g. Fragments, DEL, VLS, Bifunctional Linkers). LCC is continuously expanding its 3D chemical space and has recently developed its 3Discovery Virtual Library, designed based on its proprietary scaffolds and supported by a Parallel Synthesis …

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Germany´s most popular lubricant brand With around 4,000 items, LIQUI MOLY offers a global, uniquely broad range of automotive chemicals: Motor oils and additives, greases and pastes, sprays and car care, glues and sealants. Founded in 1957, LIQUI MOLY develops and produces exclusively in Germany. There it is the undisputed market leader for additives and is repeatedly voted the best oil brand. The company sells its products in 150 countries. Motorenöle, Additive, Autopflege, and Serviceprodukte

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Mactac North AmericaMactac North America

Solutions That Stick Mactac is an industry leader of pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions for several industries, including Graphics, Roll Label, Sheets, Medical Adhesives and Industrial Tapes. Founded on personal service, technical support, quality assurance, custom capabilities and supply chain efficiency, Mactac is dedicated to providing superior quality to its customers. Headquartered in Stow, Ohio. Learn more about our products by visiting www.mactac.com. Medical Adhesives, Labeling, Industrial Tapes, Specialty / Applications Development, Wide-format Graphics, Roll Labelstock, Sheet Labelstock, Narrow format sheets, pressure sensitive labels, pressure sensitive graphics, technical tapes, construction tapes, and mounting and bonding adhesives

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BioFunctional Chemistry LabBioFunctional Chemistry Lab

Wagner Group, #UMR7199, University of Strasbourg, France #bioconjugation #ADC #invivochemistry #SingleCellOmic Wagner Group UMR7199 (CAMB, Laboratoire de Conception et Application de Molécules Bioactives) University of Strasbourg, France #bioconjugation #ADC #invivochemistry #SingleCellOmic Bioconjugation, ADC, in vivo Chemistry, Single Cell Omic, and Chemistry

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Groupe SDTechGroupe SDTech

[Automatic translation follows] Our expertise, shaping and characterizing fine powders 7 out of 10 products are made from powders. For more than 20 years, the SDTech Group has devoted all its efforts to shaping and characterizing fine powders. Minerals, plants, polymers, ceramics, or even composites, we combine our knowledge of materials with our skills in processes to support you in the design and optimization of your products. In the strictest confidentiality and with the greatest reactivity, the SDTech Group imagines and develops innovative solutions to anticipate your needs in terms of custom processing, analysis, R&D, training and consulting. Through our …

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Quality is not expensive since mediocrity is overpriced LABORATOIRES LABEMA is a chemicals Company specialized in the development and manufacture of liquid corrosion inhibitors devoted to water based formulations. Corrosion inhibitors, Water based formulations, Bio-based additives, Paints and coatings, Temporary protection, Sustainability, Antifreeze and coolants, Flash-rust, Corrosion testing, and Chimie

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La Chimie inspirée de l'Avenir / Chemistry inspired by the future Salveco® is an innovative industrial laboratory, specialised in plant-based chemistry, formulating and producing cleaning and disinfecting products. Today the Salveco® solution exclusively made from renewable and safe resources is recognized by its customers and also by the European Commission being as effective as the well-known polluting products, and benefits from all the advantages thanks to its 100% biodegradable and healthy formulation Our business is focused on the areas in B-to-B (profesional markets like hotels, restaurants, catering, medical and public institutions, automotive or aviation sectors ... ) and B-to-C ( …

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Peptide Chemistry company for design, synthesis, stability studies and chemical optimisation (SAR studies)- CIR agrement PEPTIDES, PEPTIDE LIBRARIES AND PROTEINS Innovative chemistry for therapeutic, diagnostic and cosmetic applications GENEPEP is a CRO company (with CIR agreement) focused on peptide synthesis & services : - Tools for nanoparticles & surface functionalization - Custom synthesis of peptides, proteins & peptide libraries - Catalog of toxins, peptides & pseudopeptides - Design & synthesis for SAR studies (optimisation of solubility, stability, efficacy,...) - Stability & solubility tests - Partner of European programs, ANR, FUI etc...

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Your R&D Partner - Designer of Functional Polymers & Materials SPECIFIC POLYMERS (www.specificpolymers.fr, 2003, Castries, FRANCE) is a SME with 13 employees acting as R&D service provider and scale up producer in the field of functional monomers & polymers with high specificity. The company was created to meet the need of international high tech industrial groups in terms of specifically designed monomers, oligomers and polymers. The main goal of the innovative product developed by SPECIFIC POLYMERS is, in close collaboration with the customers, to validate proof of concepts. In other words, SPECIFIC POLYMERS propose R&D services for academic laboratories and …

Type: SMB Self-Owned Activities: Industry 4.0 Chemical Manufacturing

Aqdot LimitedAqdot Limited

The Supramolecular Chemistry Company Aqdot is a Cambridge (UK)-based supramolecular chemistry company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products. The Aqdot Solutions part of the business works in partnership with customers to understand their challenges and develop solutions utilising the unique AqBit technology. This has the team working in areas from air filtering in transportation to delivery of therapeutics for cancer. In parallel the Aqdot Products part of the company has recently launched its own brands AqStar™ M1 and Oderase to date. Again, working with partners either on a distribution basis, or offering the …

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Sol-Gel Materials & Applications SGMA offers practical, sustainable solutions addressing today’s accelerating global plastic problem. The company is led by CEO Dr Fanya Ismail, whose innovative advanced materials research began at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). SGMA’s pioneering work has won recognition and funding from the United Kingdom's innovation agency, Innovate UK. Dr Ismail is supported by an experienced executive, scientific and commercial team. SGMA has established non-executive governance under Chairman Stephen Scruton, former Head of Research at HSBC, and non-executive director Michael Hughes, UK and Ireland President of Schneider Electric. SGMA’s clean technology platform …

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Absolute Insulation Enersens is a leading innovative company specializing in silica aerogel products. We develop and market high performance aerogel-based insulation materials. We aim to become the leader in these high performance materials to enable our customers and partners to achieve their own goals around global trends in energy efficiency, sustainability, electric mobility and clean energy. Our Skogar® products solve the thermal runaway problems of batteries for any type of electric vehicle or electric mobility. Their performance and finesse also make it possible to solve many challenges in the field of thermal management and protection for microelectronics. Our Kwark® products …

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Less is More Flow Chemistry empowered by Artificial Intelligence Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alysophil_fr chemistry, artificial intelligence, and industry

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Votre laboratoire de physico-chimie CALNESIS is a company emerging from the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand, which offers to industries a wide range of services in the field of experimental thermodynamics, with an expertise in calorimetry. The objective of CALNESIS is to assist its clients in their experimental procedures according to their needs of physicochemical properties. For that, CALNESIS implements the equipment and the expertise to offer services of measurements, studies, developments and trainings. The domain of speciality of CALNESIS is the calorimetry. Its skills include particularly the development of technics or innovative protocols answering specific problems (corrosive or toxic …

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[Automatic translation follows] No more oils, use Afuludine! AFULUDINE is a young company located in Dole in the Jura (39).It is the fruit of the collaboration of three entities: the FEMTO ST (UMR CNRS), UTINAM (University of Burgundy Franche-Comté) and the company Aperam.We offer innovative and non-oil lubrication solutions from university research. Our lubricants are guaranteed without oil and toxic additives.All our products are certified by independent laboratories as being respectful of the user and the environment.You can therefore use our lubricants with confidence. AFULUDINE offers 100% French lubricating products.We create, formulate and prepare our products exclusively in France.Trusting AFULUDINE …

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With SUDFLUOR tame the tiger of chemistry ! Specialized in Fluorine industry, SUDFLUOR tame the tiger of chemistry for you. Founded in 2013, we are address the market of Aerospace & aeronautic, semiconductors & photovoltaics, energy, fine chemicals ; we have an important interest with environment via cleantech innovations. fluoration directe, traitement de surface, synthèse de fluorures inorganiques, analyse et caractérisation de matériaux, Fluorures de métaux réfractaires, fluoride, direct fluorination, surface treatment, coating, and fluoroproduct

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Beyond resin, innovation for life. ResiCare develops and markets high-performance resins dedicated to industrial applications. These resins are unique and made without formaldehyde, isocyanate or resorcinol. With a long experience in resin formulation, we support our customers with their transition to an industry that is more respectful of people and the environment. While solving HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) issues, ResiCare develops resins which take into account their ecosystem. We offer custom-made resins to improve your product performance with a minimum impact on the process. ResiCare simplifies the integration of its technology for its customers, while conducting a thorough study …

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Proton VenturesProton Ventures

Empowering green ammonia and energy solutions Proton Ventures is a leading partner for producing, storing and transporting of ammonia in a way that is safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. We design and implement projects by offering engineering, procurement and construction services. producing ammonia, transporting of ammonia, storing ammonia, Nfuel, mini-ammonia, engineering, procurement services, construction services, and power2ammonia

Type: SMB Privately Held Activities: constructiontech Chemical Manufacturing

Toray Carbon Fibers EuropeToray Carbon Fibers Europe

Innovation by Chemistry Part of the Worldwide group Toray Industries, Toray CFE has an extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing of Torayca ® carbon fibers. Over the various years, Toray CFE has sought to broaden its product range to offer, with the distribution of carbon fibers manufactured by Toray in Japan and the USA, the most complete range of the European market. Our technology, after a long proven expertise and a guarantee of very high quality, allowed us to position ourselves as one of the major partners of different manufacturers and industry players in the aviation field. An important part …

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The invisible technology that keeps products fresher for longer! Micro-Fresh® is an award-winning invisible technology that contains natural active ingredients that blocks the growth of harmful and odour causing bacteria to keep products fresher for longer. It can be applied to almost any product during the manufacturing process. Micro-Fresh® supports footwear, textile, hospitality, health care, sportswear, and children’s sectors globally. Our Partners include; adidas, John Lewis, Next, M&S, Primark, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Clarks Australia. Our technology preserves treated products and prolongs life leading to less landfill, eliminating the need for single use plastics stickers or silica gel packets fulfilling …

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[Automatic translation follows] Monitoring of real -time chemical elements for industrial applications Analytical laser Laser Technology The vocation of IUMTEK is to design real -time chemical analyzers in Industrial sites, based on LIBS technology. Our start-up is made up of an experienced multidisciplinary team. The company was co -founded with the CEA investment and is the responsibility of the valuation sector of the CEA Saclay Energy Management. This collaboration is expressed by the exploitation of patents and a framework agreement of R & AMP; D. After two years of incubation @incuballiance, Iumtek integrates the Accelair Accelair start-up accelerator from the …

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Jet Metal TechnologiesJet Metal Technologies

[Automatic translation follows] Provider of the Spraying Metallization Technology Jet Metal Technologies offers simple, innovative and ecological solutions of metallic coatings for decoration, conductivity, electromagnetic armor, surface hardness, anticorrosion, and all other features.The Jet Metal ™ process applies to any type of material. Metallization

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: deeptech Chemical Manufacturing Technologies: New Materials


[Automatic translation follows] Act positively on consumer's health Specialized for 14 years in the development of tailor-made solutions by microencapsulation, Creathes is responsible for being met innovation and market. We propose a global approach to R & AMP; D to industrialization through the formulation of microcapsules in finished products or the manufacture of cosmetic and food ingredients. Our expertise is multisectoral, diversity is present on a daily basis in our projects relating to the areas of cosmetics, food, agriculture, chemistry or even health. We are developing new generations of powders, dispersions, pellets, gels or even balls ... At the service …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: agritech healthtech Chemical Manufacturing Technologies: New Materials

IGM ResinsIGM Resins

Energy Curing Raw Material And Technical Solution Provider IGM Resins is a leading manufacturer and supplier of photoinitiators, oligomers, monomers, additives and other customized specialties to the Energy Curing industry globally. As the only manufacturer and supplier 100% dedicated to energy curing, IGM Resins is investing heavily to grow with this dynamic market sector. We are consistently expanding our capabilities in R&D, product development and manufacturing to provide class leading products and services to our customers and to partner with them in developing the next generation of photoinitiators and other key UV raw materials. Polymeric PI solutions, 100% UV industry …

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The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of tires. It operates through the following segments: Tires, Multiple Business (MB), Alliance Tire Group (ATG), and Others. The Tires segment provides tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, light trucks, construction and mining equipment, industrial vehicles, aluminum alloy wheels, and peripheral products. The MB segment offers conveyor belts, rubber plates, marine fenders, oil spill containment booms, marine hoses, rubber molded products, air springs, highway joints, rubber support, water-repellent materials, anti-seismic laminated rubber sheets for buildings, water-proof materials, sound and vibration proof materials, adhesives, and sealants. The ATG segment …

Type: SMB Public Company Activities: constructiontech Chemical Manufacturing Technologies: New Materials


Since 1984 the ecological paint for the well-being and health of the environments in which we live and work. We have a goal: to improve life with color while respecting the environment around us. We believe in the power of harmonious thinking. In the idea that color and matter are fundamental tools to make the space around us more beautiful, to transform the environment in which each of us spends his life. We are looking for new finishes, new solutions, new creative ways every day. We do it according to the principles of production ethics and environmental sustainability inspired by …

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Natura House S.p.A.Natura House S.p.A.

[Automatic translation follows] We are not a fashion, since 1970 we have been Substance Since 1970, we have been producing truly natural cosmetics, phytotherapeutic products and food supplements, which we sell in over 60 countries around the world. Natura House is an Italian leading company for the production of Natural cosmetic and food supplements for private label. We are specialized in functional cosmetic, baby care, oral care, hair care and any type of cometics. In food supplements we can produce capsules, tables and liquid products. natural cosmetics, phytotherapeutic products, food supplements, and wellness for those who do sport

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[Automatic translation follows] We Capture What Moves MANE is one of the worldwide leaders in the fragrance and flavor design industry. By nature, we are very sensitive to the new trends that build desire and emotions. At MANE, We Capture What Moves. MANE is one of the leaders in the perfume and flavor industry. We detect and identify the olfactory and taste trends of tomorrow by creating timeless fragrances. Fragrance and Flavor Design Industry - Creator and Producer of Perfume and Flavors

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[Automatic translation follows] Experts in #plant #biorefinery, engineering of #innovative #processes, #extraction, #shaping, #production, #scale-up EXTRACTIS is a service provider specializing in the field of extraction, fractionation and chemistry of plant biomass for the development of new innovative products/processes. 2 main activities: Research and Development under contract with processes adapted to the markets and in phase with the problems and constraints of our customers on all types of vegetable raw materials, co-products or fractions using in particular innovative technologies (Ultrasound, membrane Electrodialysis, reactive extrusion, subcritical water, etc. Transfer and shaping: the service platform dedicated to the design of turnkey projects …

Type: SMB Self-Employed Activities: deeptech biotech Chemical Manufacturing Technologies: New Materials

LCPO - Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères OrganiquesLCPO - Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques

Follow us on Twitter : @LCPO_Bordeaux The laboratory is a joint research unit (UMR5629) of the University of Bordeaux, CNRS, and Bordeaux National Polytechnic Institute. The LCPO is located on two sites, one at the ENSCBP, one at the B8 building of the campus of the University of Bordeaux. LCPO employs around 120 people, among which 7 CNRS researchers, 18 assistant, associate, and full professors of the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux National Polytechnic Institute, 15 administrative and scientific staff members, and around 80 PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and visitors. Polymers, Chemistry, Biopolymers, Polymerization catalysis, Self-assembly, and Polymer electronic materials

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Educational Activities: Chemical Manufacturing


[Automatic translation follows] Federation of Paints, Inks, Glues, Adhesives, Sealants, Colors, Wood Preservation Industries. FIPEC represents the industries of paints, coatings, varnishes, printing inks, colors for art, leisure and education, glues, adhesives and mastics, products for the preservation of wood, through its 5 national unions: AFCALE: Association of Color Manufacturers for art, leisure and education AFEI: Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers AFICAM: French Association of Glue, Adhesive and Sealant Industries SIPEV: National Union of the Paint, Coating and Varnish Industries SPB: National Union of Wood Preservation Industries Professional Organization

Type: NGO, Think-tanks, Ed, & Culture Nonprofit Activities: Chemical Manufacturing


Passion & Smart Processes Novasep is a leading provider of services in the field of molecule production and purification for the life science industries, based on an unrivalled pool of specialized and differentiating technologies, and on fully committed teams. > Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) providing solutions for: - Small molecule APIs & intermediates for Pharmaceutical Innovators - Natural based products and biomolecules (e.g. ADCs, omega-3…) for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic Ingredients - Small molecule active ingredients and advanced intermediates for Agrochemicals & Fine Chemicals. We are a world leader in a number of technologies including industrial chromatography, hazardous & …

Type: Large company Privately Held Activities: Industry 4.0 Chemical Manufacturing Technologies: Synthetic Biology/CRISPR

InnuScience UKInnuScience UK

Nature Powered The InnuScience UK range of professional cleaning products cover the needs of the most prestigious public sectors, education, restaurants, hotels, stations, airports, healthcare and retail contracts, and include: Cleaners and degreasers Maintenance products Industrial cleaners Odour eliminators Laundry products Floor care As an ethical company, we live and breathe our values, focusing on reliability, innovation, results, diversity, respect and environmental consciousness. Our biotechnological and sustainable cleaning products are safer for humans and the environment, reducing health & safety risks and improving CSR without compromising on results. Commercial eco cleaning products, Retail eco cleaning products, Biotechnology based cleaning products, …

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: healthtech Chemical Manufacturing


Natural protection for a better life Founded in 2009 and based in Toulouse (France), Pylote is committed to green industrial mineral and ceramic chemistry. Pylote conceives and products innovative unique green mineral microspheres that can be integrated into numerous consumers’ products, through an exclusive in-house manufacturing process. Pylote’s industrial innovative technologies have a major competitive advantage as they make the end products smarter, by giving new and specific attributes to materials, with no change to the existing manufacturing process. Through a complete industrial offer and a licensed commercial model, Pylote brings added value to its clients, who are present in …

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: Industry 4.0 Chemical Manufacturing Technologies: New Materials


Proteins Structures Got Easier With Crystallophores Emerged from academic research, POLYVALAN (IBS & ENS Lyon Spin-off company) is a young innovative company founded in December 2016 dedicated to structural biology. POLYVALAN competitive edge is its unique chemical approach allowing significant gain of effectiveness, time and/or precision for protein structure determination that allows an optimal use of the existing large equipments. structural biology, protein crystallization, crystallization screening, nucleating agent, phasing agent, crystallophore, structure determination, X-ray crystallography, and drug design

Type: Startup Privately Held Activities: biotech deeptech Chemical Manufacturing


Innovation using ferrofluids Our liquid tube technology is born from the french public efforts from the university of Strasbourg and allows us to transport liquids... using liquids thus opening new prospects in continuous flow manufacturing of chemicals where solids (catalysts or crystals formed in situ) tend to clog the channels of continuous flow reactors leading in periods of production standstill. Qfluidics has developed the very first non-clogging continuous flow reactor to perfectly handle any type of solids, thus paving a new avenue towards sustainable continuous flow chemistry.

Type: Startup Partnership Activities: biotech deeptech Chemical Manufacturing