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    3D Printing Progress is hosted by IDTechEx. We track emerging technologies, some of which will have profound benefits on society, others may fizzle and fade! We help our clients learn about these technologies and how they can benefit.

  • 3D Printing Progress by IDTechEx

    This free daily journal provides updates on the latest industry developments and IDTechEx research on 3D printing from desktop and prototype to industrial-scale applications.

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3D Printing Progress 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Bringing 3D Printing to the Moon with Laser and AI: Scientists are planning a flight to the Moon to melt lunar dust with laser radiation. In the Moonrise project, the research team wants to explore the question of how we can use lasers to build landing sites, roads or buildings out of lunar dust in the future.

3D Printing Progress 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Xerox Elem Additive and US Navy Deploy First Metal 3D Printer at Sea: Xerox Elem Additive Solutions today announced that an ElemX liquid metal printer was recently installed on board USS Essex (LHD 2), making it the first metal additive manufacturing machine deployed on a US Naval vessel.

3D Printing Progress 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Hasbro 3D Prints Your Face on Action Figures: Hasbro has announced Hasbro Selfie Series figures—a groundbreaking endeavor to use 3D printing to manufacture personalized action figures at scale. For the first time, fans will be able to scan their face with a smart device and have a custom-made look-a-like action figure delivered to their door.

3D Printing Nickel Single Crystals Using Laser Additive Manufacturing: Researchers have succeeded in fabricating a nickel single crystal with only a very few crystalline defects by irradiating nickel powder with a large-radius, flat-top laser beam (i.e., a laser beam whose intensity is uniform across a cross-section of the beam). This technique may be used to fabricate a wide variety of single-crystalline materials, including heat-resistant materials for jet engines and gas turbines.

Cutting-Edge Cleft Surgery Training Tool to Debut in UK: 3D printed simulator, developed by Simulare Medical, a division of Smile Train, will lead to safer, higher-quality surgery for every child living with cleft lip and palate

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