• SAFYBI - Asociación Argentina de Farmacia y Bioquímica Industrial

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    Asociación Argentina de Farmacia y Bioquímica Industrial

    The Asociación Argentina de Farmacia y Bioquímica Industrial (SAFYBI), is an entity that nucleates pharmaceutical and biochemical professionals who work in the pharmaceutical, biochemical, pharmochemical, medical, cosmetic, food, veterinary and annex industries, as well as Of the hospital environment. More than 900 professionals and companies are currently part of the institution as active members, students, partners and partner institutions.

    Created on October 12th, 1952, its founded from the concern of a group of pharmacists and biochemists, who felt the need to join efforts in order to achieve a series of common objectives inherent in this branch of the pharmaceutical industry, to feel represented by an association that encouraged the technical-scientific interests of its professionals and that simultaneously offered a permanent training.

    Thus SAFYBI was born, with the aim of promoting the development and training of pharmacists and biochemists, with solid knowledge and sufficient experience to successfully face the complex problems of the industry. To achieve these goals it organizes conferences, videoconferences, courses, symposia, workshops and periodical publications.

    If you want more information about us or if you want to become a member of SAFYBI please send us an email: info@safybi.org

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