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Spie batignolles Spie batignolles

[Automatic translation follows] Our difference? Our independence and our unique state of mind which favors trust and the collective. In our projects, this state of mind encourages everyone to take initiative and autonomy. In our management, he places proximity, listening and solidarity at the heart of our relationships. Spie Batignolles is a major player in construction, infrastructure and services, recognized in France and internationally for its expertise and its different vision of the profession. Thanks to its culture of listening and its sense of dialogue, the complementarity of its expertise, its privileged relationships with its customers and partners, the permanent …

Sectors: Construction Real Estate

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Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

[Automatic translation follows] Official page of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. The Regional Council makes up the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region with the Regional Economic, Social and Environmental Council. Its regional assembly has 183 regional councilors, a permanent commission and sectoral commissions. Business, Professional training, Youth, Transport, Ecological transition, Europe, and Land use planning

Sectors: National and local authorities

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VINCI Immobilier VINCI Immobilier

[Automatic translation follows] Your trust commits us for the long term VINCI Immobilier, a subsidiary of the VINCI group, is the first national developer to commit to achieving Zero Net Artificialization (ZAN), from 2030, 20 years ahead of the objectives set by the Climate and Resilience law. A leading player in urban recycling, VINCI Immobilier operates mainly in already urbanized or already artificialized areas throughout the country, in the two main sectors of the market: residential real estate (housing and managed residences) and corporate real estate. (offices, hotels, businesses), aimed at investors, institutions and individuals. VINCI Immobilier also provides its …

Sectors: Real Estate

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Nexity Nexity

[Automatic translation follows] Present throughout the country, Nexity defines itself as an urban operator serving urban regeneration and the new needs of territories and its customers. Drawing on our dual expertise as a developer-developer and developer-operator, the Group deploys a multi-product territorial offering to meet all the needs of our customers, individuals, businesses, institutions and communities. Historically committed to access to housing for all and a leader in the decarbonization of our sector, we are mobilizing for affordable and sustainable real estate, both new and renovated. Our purpose ‘life together’ reflects our commitment to creating sustainable spaces, neighborhoods and cities …

Sectors: Real Estate

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