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    Learn to Code the Human Way

    Launch Academy trains software developers and launches careers through our 18-week course.

    Our students, who we lovingly call “Launchers”, gain job-ready skills through our approach to education. We give them the tools to dig deeper in any area of the stack after graduation.

    Before the program starts, Launchers complete 150-180 hours of interactive pre-learning where they learn the fundamentals of programming. Once on campus, we teach our students what they need to become professional, full-stack software developers. Over the last 7 years, we have refined a structured learning path that enables Launchers to learn with a challenge-based approach where Launchers collaborate via pair programming and small group work.

    Our instructional philosophy, emphasizing Test Driven Development (TDD), pair programming and Agile Methodologies, aims to recreate the environment of a software development team and has successfully trained 750+ aspiring developers into effective contributors that can code from day one.

    job placement, post graduation support, javascript education, software development training, ReactJS, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, React Native, coding bootcamp, and full stack development training

  • Launch Academy: A Boston coding bootcamp and code school in Massachusetts. | Launch Academy

    Launch Academy: A Boston coding bootcamp and code school in Massachusetts. | Launch Academy

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