• Value proposition

    Strengthening food processing industry to raise product value, increase sales, and boost investments.

    With strong tradition in agricultural production and excellent geographical position, Serbia has great potential to improve its processing industry and increase product value as well.

    USAID Competitive Economy Project is a six-year activity that aims to strengthen the processing industry to increase sales in export and domestic markets.

    The Project strives to include all relevant stakeholders in implementation so systemic support clusters are created. This approach is designed to also provide sustainability and replication of Project efforts to other sectors in the industry.

    The primary sectors the Project will work in are fruits and vegetables processing industries, considering their high-competitiveness potential in export markets, which are the primary drivers for growth.

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1 Jul 2022

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Open Philanthropy announced a $45 million award to USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) through its Regranting Challenge. With this award, the Agency will be able to expand DIV’s current grantmaking capabilities, and identify and scale cost-effective development innovations that can make a difference in countries where USAID works.

This support recognizes DIV’s strong track record and commitment to investing in innovative programming that is backed by evidence and will enable USAID to launch a new category of DIV grants aimed at scaling proven innovations through a “Stage 4 Initiative.” Learn more:

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USAID is on a mission to make it EASIER and more EFFECTIVE for the private sector to partner with us, so collectively we can achieve development-positive impact. Read more about PSE Modernize, and consider how engagement with USAID fits into your commercial and #ESG objectives. See how:

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BLOG: It’s all about the numbers. 🔢 The last blog in our three-part series on “How to Write a USAID Proposal” delves into the cost proposal portion of your USAID application or proposal. Learn tips on how to strengthen your submission! 


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NEW REPORT: USAID’s Global Water and Development highlights key successes and challenges on the path towards a water-secure world in the past year. 

Despite the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, worsening climate challenges, and conflicts new and old, USAID exceeded goals to reach 15 million people with access to sustainable water and 8 million people with access to sanitation. Under the new U.S. Global Water Strategy, USAID will continue our efforts to protect our water resources and drive equitable and resilient water and sanitation access for all. 

#water #development #strategy #WASH #USAID

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JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Take a look at the links to see if you qualify. Application submission dates vary by job.

🔹 West Africa Regional Program Representative:

🔹 USPSC Democratic Elections and Political Processes Advisor:

🔹 USPSC JRS Design & Outreach Mechanism: Advisor

🔹 USPSC Local Governance Advisor:

🔹 USPSC Digital Technology and Civic Activism (DCTA) Advisor:

🔹 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Accessibility (DEIA) Advisor position in the bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning: